“The High Cost Of Cheap Labor” and “Talking Turkey About Turkey”

The only reason that Ronald Reagan signed the first amnesty bill back in 1986 wasn’t really because the Democratic Congress promised to build a fence at the border. After all, he’d been around when the Democrats reneged on the promise made to Nixon that if he agreed to pull the troops out of Vietnam, they would continue to arm and fund the South Vietnamese. He did, and naturally they didn’t.

The real reason Reagan signed the amnesty bill is because American business always wants the cheapest labor it can get its hands on. In the short term, it probably looks like a good deal all around. After all, the price of labor is always passed along to the consumer. However, in the long run it’s a bad deal because most of those people are low wage earners, and the American citizen is eventually going to be stuck with the tab for their housing, health care, food stamps, schooling and, far too often, incarceration. In the end, we’re all a lot better off paying an extra few cents for a head of lettuce or a few extra bucks for a meal.

But as bad as low-cost labor has been for America, I dare say it’s even worse in Europe, where the interlopers tend to be Muslims, a group of people notorious for their refusal to acclimate, to accept the laws, let alone the culture and traditions of the nations they contaminate. They are the reason that virtually every capital city on the Continent has been turned into a pig sty. In London, rarely a week goes by when the Muslims aren’t demonstrating in the streets, displaying their contempt for their host nation and everything she has come to represent, including freedom, the arts and religious tolerance.

America, which used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, has morphed into a place where political correctness has turned most people into whimpering cowards. In spite of the First Amendment, most TV pundits were afraid to even mention that Trayvon Martin was a drug-dealing six-footer or that 300-pound Michael Brown was a thief and a bully who just happened to be high on marijuana when he confronted Officer Darren Wilson.

These days, we aren’t even supposed to hold the mothers and occasional fathers of criminals even partially responsible for the end result. On the contrary, we’re expected to treat the parents of teenage thugs with the same respect and deference that we bestow on the parents of military warriors who forfeit their lives for their country.

But, then, for the past 13 years, we have had two presidents, Dumb and Dumber, insisting that Islam is a religion of peace. As hard as it was to swallow that swill from George W. Bush, it has gotten far worse under his successor. It was Obama, after all, who not only announced with a straight face that Muslims played a major role in the creation of the United States, but that they were an essential part of our space exploration program. I suppose that last point has some merit. After all, if I were a NASA scientist, I’d have a real incentive to break the bounds of gravity, knowing that I and millions of others hoped and prayed that other planets could support human life. The reason being that it would provide an opportunity to leave the one that’s home to 1.2 billion Muslims.

In the meantime, Barack Obama tries in vain to defuse public anger over his despotic decision to legislate from the Oval Office. His latest attempt took place in Chicago, where he announced yet again that our immigration policy has to be overhauled. The difference was that this time he said it wasn’t merely to accommodate multi-millions of illegal Hispanics, but because there are plenty of people from Poland and Ireland who are in this country illegally.

I used to gag every time Obama opened his mouth. Lately, though, I’ve been doing a lot more head scratching. Poland and Ireland are the basis of the problem? Was it possible that the sly puss was trying to woo members of those two major ethnic groups? Instead of demanding that the President abide by his constitutional limitations, were Irish and Polish Americans supposed to say to themselves, “Hey, if the son of a gun can prevent five million Latinos from being deported, maybe he’ll keep my uncle from being sent back to (Warsaw) (Dublin) after he gets out of jail”?

Finally, I don’t know what you call it when Barack Obama pardons a Thanksgiving turkey, but I call it professional courtesy.

Talking Turkey About Turkey

By what right is Turkey allowed to be a member of NATO? Under its current leader, Recep Erdogan, it has become more and more of a despotic Islamic nation. In recent months, it has not only denied the U.S. the use of its air force bases, but welcomed ISIS inside its borders so the terrorists could surround the Kurds and attack them from all sides. And does anyone seriously believe that Turkey would ever rush to defend any of its alleged NATO allies?

Speaking of turkeys, according to a PEW Poll, over 70% of blacks insist they are treated less fairly than whites by the police. My reaction was to wonder how the hell they know how whites are treated. I suspect that when it comes to criminals, you’d be hard pressed to find, to use Obama’s favorite word, a smidgen of difference in the way those in either group are approached and arrested.

When it comes to law-abiding people, I suspect the behavior of most cops is determined by the way people relate to them, which, I dare say, is a fairly typical human response. Like any white driver in America, I have been stopped on many occasions. Once in a while, I believed that I was entirely in the right and had not committed any vehicular sins, but I never insulted the officer, displayed contempt and, so far as I recall, never once tried to take his gun away.

Instead of devoting so much time and attention to a single incident in Ferguson, MO, wouldn’t you think that Barack Obama and Eric Holder would concentrate on black thugs who commit, on a per capita basis, eight times as many murders as whites, especially when the majority of their victims also happen to be black?

Also, why is it front page news when a white cop shoots a black person, but when it’s blacks killing, torturing and raping whites or, for that matter, other blacks, there is a news – you should excuse the expression – blackout?

Getting back to Ferguson, when you realize that there was every expectation that, one, the Grand Jury would not indict Darren Wilson; that, two, the local cops were told to back off and that the National Guard was not deployed on the streets; and that, three, everyone expected a riot to occur; why did County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch decide to release the Grand Jury’s decision after nightfall? If the governor, the local police chief and Mr. McCulloch had sat down and choreographed the arson and vandalism, they couldn’t have done more to ensure that the TV cameras would have every opportunity to record a race riot.

For years now, the Muslim world has been at war with America and the European democracies, but nobody in the civilized world will even acknowledge it. Instead, we try to cherry-pick the bad guys. We refer to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Hamas or Hezbollah, as if there is a speck of difference between them, other than what they call themselves. Partly it’s because George Bush insisted that Islam is a religion of peace, partly because Obama won’t even refer to the violence consuming the globe as having its source in the evil cult, and because the major media is dedicated to the childish belief that the only truly evil people in the world are American conservatives.

As a result, there is a religious war taking place in the world, but, with the exception of Israel, only one side is waging it or will even acknowledge it’s taking place.

In similar fashion, a race war is currently underway in America, but it is only being conducted by blacks. Only blacks are encouraged to ignore the facts about what took place in Ferguson and to pretend that a 300-pound thug was a cherubic altar boy. Only they get to insist that forensic evidence is a white plot. Only they get to pass off a scumbag like Al Sharpton as a civil rights leader with moral authority. Why is he given the key to the White House, but not, say, his white counterpart, the Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan?

It’s not enough to blame the black thugs, including Eric Holder, who descended on Ferguson with no other purpose but to inflame a bad situation and to make it worse. One must also hold the feet of the media to the flames. I’m not referring to the TV cameras that at times out-numbered the barbarians in the streets, but to a media that patronizes blacks, at least so long as they’re not Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Jason Riley or Tim Scott, in which case they’re dismissed as Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemimas and traitors to their race.

The media likes to label conservatives as racists, but that’s clearly a case of the pot smokers calling the kettle black. What else but racist would you call it when journalists not only find endless excuses for soaring rates of black crime and illegitimate births, but blame white society for the millions of black men who refuse to marry the mothers of their children or to help raise and provide for their sons and daughters?

How is it not racist to ignore the fact that in spite of billions of tax dollars having been spent in the hope of providing a ladder through education by which slum dwellers can climb out of poverty, half of young blacks fail to even bother graduating from high school?

There is no denying that racism exists in America, but nearly all of it resides in two groups: black bigots and white liberals.

On top of everything else, we are cursed with a president who any time there’s a news item about a black person who has behaved inappropriately, automatically springs to their defense, always assuming the worst about white people in general and white police officers in particular.

When I saw the tawdry assemblage that Obama invited to the White House to discuss racial issues, a gathering that included notorious race hustler Al Sharpton and Obama’s own version of Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett, it occurred to me that as groups go, even Amos ‘n’ Andy’s Mystic Knights of the Sea and Ralph Kramden’s Friendly Sons of the Raccoons had higher standards for inclusion.

Finally, just in case you don’t think I’ve mentioned enough birdbrains to achieve my daily quota, let me hasten to add Robert Redford, who believes that our great outdoors should forever remain in the pristine state in which God created it, unless of course he decides to host a film festival for his Hollywood cronies in the midst of the Rockies. Last year, 46,000 of his nearest and dearest descended on Sundance, Utah, mainly in their fossil fuel-burning private jets, to watch movies.

In one of his typically self-serving, hypocritical, pronouncements, Redford recently declared, “I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise, what is there to defend?”

A few things that occurred to me, but apparently not to Mr. Redford, include our borders, freedom, liberty, loved ones and the Constitution.

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“The Nanny Media” and “Que Sera Sera”

We all know that Obama’s federal government wants to control us from the cradle to the early grave mandated by the Affordable Care Act, but they wouldn’t have nearly so easy a time of it if it weren’t for the complicit media. As I have said in the past, if I could control the media, I’d be willing to let the Democrats control the House.

I mean, look at the fawning way the media continues to treat Hillary Clinton even after she first boasted about how impoverished she and Bill were in 2001, at least for the first two seconds after leaving the White House before $20 million in book advances took effect, and then stated that “companies and corporations don’t create jobs.” If a potential Republican presidential candidate had tried to get away with such unmitigated nonsense, the media would turn him or her into a laughingstock. They managed to do it with Sarah Palin, even though the line about being able to see Russia from her front porch was delivered by Tina Fey during a “Saturday Night Live” sketch and never by Mrs. Palin.

Speaking of Mrs. Clinton, someone sent me a cartoon depicting Hillary as the Wicked Witch of the West melting after Dorothy splashed her with a bucket of water. It could explain why the person often described as the Smartest Woman in the World has so far refrained from accepting the ice bucket challenge.

According to a recent study, the estimate of non-citizen votes in 2008 was 1.2 million, which was believed to represent 6.4%, of illegal aliens. Having taken math when it was still taught in the public schools, I was able to determine that rather than the oft-repeated 11million “living in the shadows,” the number would actually be 19 million. And, frankly, since the same 11 million figure has been kicking around for about 20 years by those looking to grant them amnesty, I expect the actual number is closer to 25 million.

Even though we know for a fact that a great many of those who have been released from Guantanamo by Bush and Obama returned to the war zone and have been killing Americans for the past several years, I have no idea why we ever bother capturing Islamic terrorists. It’s not as if when they capture our soldiers, they place them in POW camps. They don’t have POW camps. They only have mass graves. So I will support Obama’s plan to close Gitmo, but only if its inmates are sent off to their perverted Paradise and not back to the war zone.

As my readers know, I am a proponent of capital punishment, not merely for murderers, but for rapists and child molesters. My reason in those cases is revenge for the victims. But I would also execute those who were guilty of perpetrating election fraud. One reason is that I think that anyone subverting the election process deserves to die because he is attempting to disenfranchise legitimate voters of their most precious constitutionally guaranteed right. My other reason is because I believe such a punishment could actually deter those contemplating this form of villainy, whereas I’m not at all sure it works with those depraved enough to kill, rape or molest, the innocent.

I find it singularly bizarre, even for Obama, that the same Commander-in-chief who refuses to have boots on the ground in Iraq, Syria or Iran, in order to combat Islamic terrorism, has no problem sending 3,000 soldiers to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, to combat Ebola, although the former falls within their job description and the latter doesn’t.

When you hear knucklehead Ben Affleck claim that only a few bad apples are guilty of Islamic terrorism, it’s easier to take than when fellow knuckleheads like George Bush and Barack Obama spouted the same foolishness. But the irony is that super knucklehead Bill Maher got into trouble with his own demented base when he had the temerity to argue the point with Affleck.

So it was that after inviting fulltime Christian-basher Maher to be the commencement speaker at UC Berkeley, 3,000 students signed a petition uninviting him. I suppose this means that in the future, Maher will stick to insulting Christians and lay off those marvelous peace-loving Muslims.

How nutty is California? Well, Jerry Brown and his flying monkeys up in Sacramento recently set aside $9.2 million so that state universities can subsidize illegal aliens, and another $3 million with which illegal aliens can pay attorneys to assist them in fighting deportation.

Speaking of which, the Mexican who recently killed two sheriff deputies had been deported twice after being arrested on drug charges. The truth of the matter is that threatening to deport Hispanic criminals in lieu of jailing or shooting them is about as effective as threatening to throw Br’er Rabbit in the briar patch.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has announced that he’s not only a homosexual, but proud to be one. It’s the pride that confuses me, even though his rationale is that being gay has taught him what it’s like to be a member of a minority and has made him tougher. He even thanks God for making him a homosexual. Frankly, that strikes me as terribly naïve. As I see it, when you’re as wealthy as Mr. Cook, you can easily afford to pay other people to be tough on your behalf. For another, I suppose being short and bald in a nation where most people are neither makes me a member of a minority. But it would never enter my mind to be particularly proud of it or to consider sending God a thank-you note.

Our little dog Angel hates the mailman with a vengeance and starts barking her head off every time he slips his daily offerings through the slot in our front door. It’s as if she’s convinced he’s trying to contaminate our living space. And inasmuch as his delivery consists almost entirely of bills, flyers and letters pleading for donations to the likes of Ben Carson, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, I share her displeasure.

But the other day, I found myself listening to her bark, which sounds as if it’s being made by a dog three or four times her size, and wondering if it fools other dogs. I also wondered if dogs can tell each other’s gender by their barks, the way we can usually determine gender by our voices. I realize that if I were a congressman, I could get a study funded for about $750,000 in tax dollars to find out the answer, but I can’t and, being a conservative, I wouldn’t. But if anyone knows the answer, please send me an email.

Finally, whatever else you say about this administration, you can never accuse its members of lacking gall. Imagine someone in the inner circle of the White House actually having the chutzpah to call Bibi Netanyahu a big pile of chicken poop.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever had a more intimate relationship with the stuff than Barack Obama. And that definitely includes Colonel Sanders.

Que Sera Sera

In the words of an old tune introduced by Doris Day in “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” what will be, will be. I am writing this three days before the mid-term elections. The polls suggest that the GOP will wrest control of the Senate from Harry Reid’s sweaty grasp, but they also indicate that in several races, the Democrat is running 10-15% ahead of Obama’s approval numbers. If you were ever in doubt, this alone should convince you that millions of our fellow citizens are fatheads.

I mean, when Obama’s approval numbers range between 30 and 40%, when 60% of the nation believe America is going to hell in a hand basket, and, yet, those who have voted for Obama’s policies 97% of the time still have a good chance of being re-elected, contagion by Ebola is the least of our problems.

In one of my recent polls, I asked if the GOP would gain control of the Senate, and, if so, would it make any difference. A number of the Tea Party faithful thought we’d recapture the Senate, but it would make no difference at all, and took offense when I referred to them as misguided. Even though I pointed out that at the very least, Obama would finally be compelled to veto House bills and could no longer pretend the House was filled with “obstructionists,” and that he would be prevented from placing any more Kagans or Sotomayors on the Supreme Court, they still insisted it didn’t matter.

Now as you all know, I’m a live-and-let-live sort of guy. But when the Tea Party muddied the waters in Louisiana, where Bill Cassidy was trying to defeat three-term Sen. Mary Landrieu, by placing a second Republican candidate, Rob Maness, on the ballot, it merely ensured that Cassidy wouldn’t be able to avoid a runoff by receiving the necessary 50% of the vote.

In spite of Sarah Palin’s prediction that Maness would win the election, the reality is that Cassidy will be forced to run and win all over again in December. By that time, with control of the Senate possibly in the balance, the DNC will be able to flood the state with money and high-profile Democrats, including not only the Clintons and a gaggle of actors and rock stars, but will very likely manage to roll out the late Huey Long for a few meet-and-greet barbecues.

At times I’ve been asked if I’m not afraid of offending disenchanted Democrats and so-called Independents by never pulling my punches when it comes to ridiculing liberals, and even throwing the occasional jab at Tea Partiers. The answer is that I’m not even slightly fazed. I’m not a politician trolling for votes, so I can afford to be honest. I seek only to enlighten and amuse.

The reason I write so often is because I sincerely believe those on the Left are out to destroy America, to fundamentally change what, at most, required only a little tweaking. But even writing as often as I do, and covering a variety of items in each piece, I keep falling behind. What’s more, I suspect that would be the case even if I concentrated all my efforts to exposing Eric Holder, the vilest and most dangerous racist in America, and the toxic dump he has made of the Justice Department.

As for my relationship to the Tea Party, I happen to share their beliefs, just not their stubborn agenda. I wish everyone agreed with my politics and theirs, but I know that’s not the case. Therefore, I always say that philosophically, I’m a conservative. But, politically, I’m a Republican, which means I will always vote for the Republican candidate in a general election. And when, as in Louisiana, there are two Republicans on the same ballot, I will vote for the one I’m convinced is able to defeat the Democrat.

I even vote early by mail because I realize that at some point everybody dies, and I wouldn’t want to pass away just before Election Day and miss out on the chance to vote against the Democrats. In fact, the only drawback to being a Republican is that, unlike those on the Left, we don’t get to keep on voting long after we’ve been buried.

The fact is I used to be a Democrat. Having been raised in the home of Russian-Jewish immigrants, how could it have been otherwise? But thanks to Jimmy Carter, I finally came to my senses just as the Party took leave of its own.

We’ve gone from being a nation of, by and for the people, to one that is of, by and for, the political hacks and their multitude of hand maidens contaminating the federal bureaucracy. In particular, the folks at the EPA and the IRS would have been right at home in the old Soviet Union, dancing to Stalin’s tune.

If I had been running a GOP Senate race, I would have produced a TV ad in which the Democrat’s face would have morphed into that of Harry Reid, and then into Obama’s mug, before reverting to his own. For as Obama said on two separate occasions, no matter how much space Senate Democrats tried to put between themselves and the President, his policies were on every ballot.

Recently, Hillary Clinton told a cheering crowd of liberal dolts that “companies and corporations don’t create jobs.” And because her staff is apparently as dumb and as lazy as the slackers who comprise her base, it took them three days to get around to explaining she didn’t really mean what she said.

It’s bad enough that Mrs. Clinton made such an utterly stupid remark, but it must have been particularly galling to the folks at NBC after they’d gone to the trouble of creating a $600,000-a-year job specifically for Chelsea.

It is now three days later. It’s Election Night and I can not only breathe more easily, but my unlikeliest fantasies have been exceeded. The GOP has gained control of the Senate, no matter what happens in Virginia and Alaska, and Harry Reid, like one of Cinderella’s coachman as the clock struck midnight, has been transformed back into a mouse with a rotten personality.

The GOP has apparently picked up a dozen seats in the House and have even added to their governorships, not only defeating Charley Crist in Florida, but Jimmy Carter’s grandson in Georgia.

But, perhaps most satisfying of all, they unseated the incumbent governor in Illinois, in spite of both Obamas campaigning for Pat Quinn, and the Republicans won in Arkansas, although both Clintons figured their charisma alone could carry Mike Beebe across the finish line.

As the Clintons and the Obamas have shown repeatedly in the past, their coattails are even shorter than those of Batman’s arch nemesis, the umbrella-wielding Penguin.

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Drug Cartels & Left-Wing Cults

We are told that the thousands of Central American kids streaming into America aren’t really illegal aliens, that, instead, they’re refugees from those Central American countries where the drug cartels rule. My brainstorm is that we stop worrying about Muslims killing Muslims in the Middle East and, instead, send our military to Honduras, Salvador and Guatemala, to wipe out their gangsters. Then the kids could safely return to where they came from.

Simultaneously, we could send the National Guard into Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Newark and Washington, D.C., to clean out our own gangs. Even Rand Paul couldn’t object to employing the military to defeat our native-born enemies, and make inner-city neighborhoods safe for law-abiding citizens.

Secretary of State John (“Mr. Ed”) Kerry and his European cohorts like to pretend that they are making progress with Iran because that is what negotiators, otherwise known as eunuchs with diplomatic immunity, do. I mean, everyone knows that you don’t need plutonium for any benign use of nuclear energy. But these lunkheads are so desperate to make it appear they’re earning their salaries and all those fancy meals at five star restaurants, that they’ve mastered the art of turning a blind eye to the 800-pound Islamic gorilla defecating in the middle of the room.

In the meantime, Barack Obama announces that we live in a world that has rarely been so tranquil. But, to be fair, that is probably how it appears to someone who spends his life on uncrowded golf courses or being surrounded by adoring acolytes at $30,000-a-plate fund-raisers.

It continues to astonish me how little coverage the media expends when the Palestinians fire rockets into Israel and how much moral outrage they muster when Israel, inevitably portrayed as the aggressor in the world press, eventually strikes back.

Inasmuch as warning civilians to evacuate buildings before a bombing also serves to alert the terrorists, these pathetic attempts by Israel to generate sympathy for their cause strike me as the height of foolishness. For one thing, the anti-Semitic American and European media will never be won over. For another, the terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank don’t wear uniforms, so, in a sense, the Palestinians are always able to maintain that even those firing missiles into Israel are civilians.

For the life of me, I have never understood why for the longest time, both Israel and the United States have refused to go into battle with the idea of winning a war and, instead, are only too happy to play for a tie.

At least Israel has never lacked for politicians who have had the ability to succinctly voice the differences between themselves and their enemies, and who also happen to speak English better than our own. It was Prime Minister Golda Meir who said that she hoped that one day “the Arabs would love their children more than they hate ours.” It was Israel’s ambassador to the U.N., Abba Eban, who, in reference to peace negotiations between the two people, pointed out that “the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.” And it is the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who recently noted that “We’re using missile defenses to protect our citizens and they’re using their citizens to protect their missiles.”

The Democrats always respond to any mention of Obama’s plummeting approval numbers by pointing out that the numbers for Congress are even worse. That’s even sillier than comparing apples to oranges, which at least are both fruits. While it’s true that most people hold Congress in contempt, they tend to like their own representative. That’s why incumbents usually win re-election. The exception to that rule is when the people feel the president is doing a particularly lousy job, which explains why the Democrats not only lost control of the House and five seats in the Senate over the past four years, but why Obama is the only two term president in American history to garner fewer votes in his second election.

At this point, Obama is so toxic that the only way the Democrats have a chance of hanging on to the Senate is to cheat this November. They always cheat, but they will be more desperate than usual to keep Harry Reid in the driver’s seat. Therefore, they will not only cheat when counting the ballots, but will also use the more sophisticated approach of running one of their own in the general elections, a fraud who will self-identify as a Tea Party favorite, hoping to fool low information Republicans into splitting their votes. So if you happen to be one of those people who don’t follow politics religiously, do us all a big favor and stay home on Election Day.

The Senate Banking Committee is actually proposing legislation to secure home loans for the high risk (read: minority) community. This was the same sort of pandering that brought on the real estate bubble and the financial collapse of 2008. But, heck, that was all of six years ago, constituting ancient history so far as Harry Reid and the minority vote-trolling Democrats are concerned.

The other day I received a joke email that stated that Chicago is famous for three things: Pizza, Gangsters and Corrupt politicians. It concluded: One thing that can be said with certainly is that Obama is definitely not a pizza.

For my part, it occurred to me that Dinesh D’Souza titled his book and movie: “America: Where Would the World Be without Her?” and that a similar book could be titled “Barack Obama: Where Would the World Be without Him?” It would be a very short book, as the obvious answer is: a whole lot better off.

Finally, you may have heard that the Selective Services System mailed out 14,000 notices to Pennsylvania men born between 1893 and 1897. When I heard about it, I naturally assumed they were being notified that their appointments at the VA were finally being scheduled. It turned out they were being ordered to register for the draft.

A while back, TV recruiting commercials were telling us that the modern Army isn’t your father’s Army. No, I guess not. Apparently it’s your great-great-grandfather’s Army!

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Scofflaws, Ne’er-Do-Wells & Liberals

I don’t think it’s coincidental that the Palestinians and Obama both use children as props. Because they both know that most normal human beings have a soft spot for kids, they don’t hesitate to use them as propaganda tools. In the case of Arabs and Muslims, they place them in harm’s way so that they can then carry their mangled little bodies through the streets in a perverted attempt to make their side appear to command the moral high ground.

Because Israelis know that the world’s left-wing, anti-Semitic, press opposes their nation’s very existence, they try to avoid collateral damage when striking back at those who are constantly firing missiles at them. They even call ahead to warn civilians to avoid certain places being targeted. It is at that point, that, more often than not, the Palestinians round up children and place them on those rooftops. I suppose that’s why it finally dawned on me why Islamics don’t eat pork: professional courtesy.

As usual, Obama, Biden and their trained monkeys in the Senate, called for restraint on the part of Israel, something they never request of Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. Frankly, inasmuch as Israel has a nuclear arsenal, I would say that every day that passes without their nuking Gaza is an example of unparalleled restraint.

Recently, we have seen how Obama has gone about using Central American children as a way to coerce the passage of legislation that he hasn’t been able to create with his pen and his phone. He entices thousands of children to come north, and when they arrive Obama labels it a humanitarian crisis and insists that Congress fork over four billion dollars to deal with the self-inflicted problem.

But it’s not for our government to roll out the red carpet for everyone who thinks they’d like to live here. On the other hand, Malia and Sasha are getting to be big girls, and we all know how parents sometimes suffer from the empty nest syndrome. So if Barack and Michelle decide they’d like to adopt 65,000 kids, it’s fine with me. But I don’t think those kids have any more right to show up, expecting to be clothed, fed and sheltered, than I would have the right to, say, sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom if I dropped by the White House uninvited.

Something that bugs me no end about the pro-illegal alien side of the debate is that they choose to ignore the fact that nobody else in America is entitled to benefit from the commission of a crime. So how is it that if the parents snuck into the country and therefore are not really “subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” their offspring are magically bestowed with the benefits of citizenship? Just because the kids didn’t personally sneak in doesn’t change a darn thing. After all, if the parents had knocked over a bank, their kids wouldn’t somehow be entitled to the loot.

Speaking of invasions, twice in the distant past, Europe has had to fight off Muslim armies. It happened in 732, at the Battle of Tours, and again in 1683, at the Battle of Vienna. Clearly, in the intervening 431 years, the followers of Islam have wised up, which is why just about every nation on the continent is infested with millions of them, with not a shot having been fired. God knows that Islam hasn’t changed for the better over the centuries. It’s Europe that’s changed for the worse.

But, for that matter, so have we. Walter Williams quoted James Madison in a recent piece, reminding us that the father of the Constitution once pointed out that “Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.” And that holds true whether the charity we’re referring to is welfare for the individual or group, farm subsidies, corporate bailouts or foreign aid. And anyone who tells you anything different is simultaneously trying to pick your pocket and trash the Constitution.

If I didn’t hate him so much, I might even feel sorry for Obama. Imagine being the president during an election year, and not one of your party’s candidates wants to be seen sharing a hamburger, let alone a stage, with you. Even the nuclear fallout at Chernobyl in 1997 wasn’t as toxic as this guy. But, then, when you think about all the rats running around in this administration, the big surprise is that Washington, D.C., hasn’t yet experienced an outbreak of bubonic plague.

I know that Costco had a change of heart about pulling Dinesh D’Souza’s book, “America: Imagine the World without Her,” off its shelves. But the turnaround only happened because so many people raised a hue and cry about it. However, the fact remains that its co-founder, and still an influential voice in the company, James Sinegal, is a major contributor to Obama and the Democrats and got to address the Democratic convention in 2012. Therefore, is it asking too much of conservatives that they avoid shopping there, and that at least in this one small way display their annoyance with liberals who take their hard-earned money and hand it over to those who despise them and oppose every single thing conservatives hold dear?

In other news from the wacky world of liberalism, the madcap ladies of NOW have placed the Little Sisters of the Poor on their list of the Dirty 100 because of the Sisters’ resistance to the abortion-causing contraceptives offered by ObamaCare. Well, it just so happens that I keep a nasty little list of my own, and NOW is very near the top of it.

Finally, a reader of mine, Roy Bahr, wrote to suggest that we bring Edward Snowden back to the U.S. and have him recover Lois Lerner’s lost emails.

Maybe I’m turning into a softy in my old age, but in exchange for that, I just might offer the arrogant schmuck immunity.

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The Leftwing Laudromat

After you’ve read this article, Burt hopes you’ll enjoy this bonus article Poll-ish Jokes.

One often hears that those who fall for liberal claptrap have been brainwashed by their teachers, the media and the Hollywood elite. The trouble with that is it’s based on the presumption that these guttersnipes have brains to begin with, when there’s no evidence at all of that being the case.

For instance, California, the largest and possibly the most liberal state in the Union, is like a giant laboratory for a mad man. Once it’s proven by the likes of Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsome and their cronies in Sacramento, that something absolutely, positively, doesn’t work here, a number of the other 49 states can’t wait to try it out.

For instance, the California Assembly passed a nonbinding resolution stating “No public resources will be allowed to be used for any anti-Semitic or any other intolerant agitation.” In response, CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) sent a letter claiming that HR 35 “stifles robust political debate on university campuses” and “contributes to a climate of intimidation faced by Muslim and Arab students on California campuses” when everyone knows it’s those very students who seem to have no other purpose on those campuses aside from intimidating Jewish students and shouting down speakers who happen to be either home-grown conservatives or Israeli diplomats.

Don’t expect the members of the California Assembly to stand up to CAIR, which ensures that few people connect the dots linking them to Middle East terrorist groups by using well-dressed, reasonable-sounding, English-speaking, front men on TV.

Speaking of college campuses, why aren’t Americans outraged by the fact that college tuition has increased by over 500% since the 1980s? Are the students getting a better education? Do books cost that much more? Or is it, as usual, attributable to the fact that costs invariably increase when the federal government sticks its nose in where it doesn’t belong?

When in the post-war years, thousands upon thousands of European and British scientists and engineers came to the U.S., it was referred to in their home countries as a brain drain. Now, when millions of uneducated Mexicans and Central Americans sneak across our border, it could best be described as a bean drain. Although Europe may have it worse, what with their millions of illiterate Muslims turning city after city into a cesspool, we shouldn’t be patting ourselves on the back for being so hospitable. We have been played for suckers, and by continuing to extend health care, schooling and welfare, to people who have no right to be here, we are condemning ourselves and future generations to picking up the tab for millions of uninvited freeloaders.

The fact that there is more than a single sucker born every minute here in America is borne out in Chicago, where, according to a newspaper poll, the majority of citizens sided with the striking teachers. I mean, how stupid does someone have to be to side with those who are not only making, on average, $35,000-a-year more than they are, but work shorter hours, have bigger pensions, and have gone on strike to prevent the biggest incompetents in their ranks from being fired?

If you’ve ever wondered what a conundrum is, the dictionary will tell you that it is a logical postulation that evades resolution. An example would be Barack Obama insisting time and again that he’s created 4.6 million jobs in the private sector even though the unemployment rate is higher now than when he took office.

The fact is the only jobs a president can take credit for are those in the public sector. He can, after all, hire more bureaucrats to fill all those offices in Washington, D.C. But when it comes to the private sector, all he can do is provide a healthy environment by cutting the tax rate, getting rid of the 90% of government regulations that do nothing but stifle businesses and removing the federal snout from all of the many places where it doesn’t belong.

What Obama doesn’t tell you is that the only reason that the unemployment rate is closer to 8% than 11% is because so many people have stopped looking for jobs that they’re no longer counted. So when Obama tells you what a great job he’s doing in turning around the economy, it’s a conundrum, with the emphasis on the first syllable.

What’s more, I recently saw the governor of South Dakota on TV reporting that thousands of good-paying jobs are going wanting in his state because they can’t find trained machinists and welders. In the meantime, parents are still sending their tots off to colleges where they can major in Black, Hispanic and Lesbian, studies for four years before graduating and moving back home. What’s more, liberal arts departments are still churning out all those insufferable English majors who will bore future generations of cocktail party guests nattering on about the imagery to be found in Ezra Pound’s poetry.

Finally, what too many of us on the Right lack, besides control of the schools and the mass media, is the backbone required to ridicule the other side with the same sense of impunity they display when calling us fascists, racists, homophobes and Astroturf traitors, even if they happen to be blacks, liberal Jews, unwed mothers, Muslims, Arabs, gay activists, Hollywood creeps and illegal aliens.

So long as we pretend that the sacred cows of the Left are equally sacred to us, the battle is lost and the livestock will continue to make a mess on our front lawns.
Now that you’ve read this article, Burt hopes you’ll enjoy this bonus article Poll-ish Jokes.
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