“A Nation of Flaws” and “Black Ninnies In The News”

We like to think of ourselves as a nation of laws, but, increasingly, it has become a meaningless term. For one thing, there is nothing great about obeying laws that are indecent. Slavery, after all, was perfectly legal for several decades in the United States, as was Jim Crow. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had just as many laws as we did. So it’s high time we quit mouthing the cliché as if it were Holy Scripture.

In recent years, the whole notion of our being a nation of laws has been turned completely on its head by the current administration. Whether the laws deal with the definition of marriage, illegal immigration, drug dealers or health care, Barack Obama and Eric Holder, have taken it entirely upon themselves to determine which laws are to be enforced and which are to be ignored.

Just recently, the House and Senate voted unanimously for a bill that would deny a visa to Iran’s choice for ambassador to the U.N., Hamid Aboutalebi, or to any other suspected terrorist. But even after signing the bill, Barack Obama announced that it wasn’t binding, that so far as he was concerned, it was merely a suggestion. But is anyone really surprised that even though all 535 members of Congress finally agreed on a piece of legislation that he then signed into law, the emperor didn’t consider it binding if, say, he decided he’d like to run up to New York City and talk about the good old days with Mr. Aboutalebi.

That brings us to Eric Holder. We all know him as the distinguished-looking, soft-spoken, Attorney General. We also know him to be a scofflaw who has already been cited for Contempt of Congress. But I only recently found out that, as an Afro-sporting radical at Columbia University in 1970, he was a leader of a group called the Student Afro-American Society (SAAS) and took part in an armed takeover of the Naval ROTC building on campus, demanding that it be converted into the Malcolm X Lounge.

The event took place one month after the arrests of 21 Black Panthers, who were charged with plotting to blow up department stores, railroad tracks, police stations and the New York Botanical Gardens. Not too surprisingly, it was a group supported by the SAAS. It certainly helps explain why Attorney General Holder refused to arrest and indict the members of the New Black Panther Party for intimidating white voters in 2008.

Although Columbia’s Dean Carl Hovde deemed the occupation of the ROTC building illegal and a serious violation of university policy, he displayed the usual lack of backbone we have come to expect of college administrators by declining to prosecute or expel the members of the mob. It’s worth noting that 10 years later, the Malcolm X Lounge became a favorite hangout for young Barack Obama.

Speaking of left-wing pinheads, you probably noticed that although Harry Reid was one of the people who decided that Major Nidal Hasan’s killing and injuring over 40 people at Fort Hood, while pledging his troth to Osama bin Laden,, was “workplace violence,” he labeled the American men and women who stood with beleaguered Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, and faced down federal agents armed with snarling dogs and automatic weapons “domestic terrorists.”

Still, I had to laugh when Reid appeared the next day on a Las Vegas TV show and actually referred to “domestic tourism” before correcting himself.

But not to be overshadowed by Sen. Reid, we had billionaire nanny Michael Bloomberg grabbing headlines by pledging $15 million to fund gun safety legislation. If he weren’t more ninny than nanny, don’t you think that Bloomberg would have simply written a check to the National Rifle Association? After all, over the years, no group has done more to promote gun safety in America.

Looking to the midterms, I have a hunch that, knowing that they can’t possibly hold on to the six Senate seats that could determine whether they retain control, the Democrats will concentrate on financing and winning just one or two. Ever since Harry Reid decided that only 51 votes were required to pass legislation– actually only 50 because of Joe Biden’s constitutional right to cast tie-breaking votes – the Democrats don’t need to hang on to all of them. It also explains why Obama has shown no desire to help those senators whose political futures are in jeopardy by signing off on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

As is usual when it comes to poll results, I didn’t take heart in the fact that a recent one disclosed that 37% of Americans believe that Obama lies most of the time, that 24% believe he lies some of the time or that 20% think he lies only once in a while. Instead, I focused on the 15% who are convinced he never tells a whopper! Who are these people? Are they all institutionalized or is there a way I could lure them into a poker game?

Or perhaps the explanation lies in a joint study by medical researchers at Harvard and Northwestern proving that smoking marijuana causes permanent brain damage. Upon learning of the report, rumor has it that Barack Obama, who was an admitted pothead in the old days, said, “Can’t prove it by me, dude.”

When asked if he disputed the study, Eric Holder said, “There’s an ongoing investigation and therefore I can’t comment,” just before eating another brownie and nodding off.

Black Ninnies In The News

Both Barack Obama and his mini-me, Eric Holder, felt the necessity of addressing the goony birds who flocked to Al Sharpton’s annual National Action Network, a confab that gives racially inclined extortionists the opportunity to get together and compare notes.

When it was Holder’s turn to bellyache at the dais, he said, “What other Attorney General has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?” He was referring to his appearance before a congressional committee a day earlier, at which Republican representatives had the temerity to wonder when he would actually produce documents relating to the IRS targeting of conservatives.

If I’d been present, I would have responded to Holder’s plaintive question by saying, “Sorry, but there’s an ongoing investigation and I’m not free to comment.” The only problem is that I might be found guilty of copyright infringement for using those twelve words he has established as his personal trademark.

Democrats always come across like amnesiacs, totally unaware of the way they’ve treated Republicans. For instance, judging only by the things liberals said about them, you would think that former A.G.s, people like Ed Meese, John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzalez, had all been child molesters. Hell, John Mitchell actually went to jail for doing far less than Eric Holder, who has been involved in scandal after scandal, starting with Operation Fast and Furious, and including the tapping of reporters’ telephones and his refusal to indict the Black Panther Party for intimidating white voters in 2008.

If Republicans dare utter an unkind word about ObamaCare, possibly the worst single piece of legislation ever foisted on the American people, the Left labels them racists, having conveniently forgotten that they called for Reagan’s impeachment and George Bush’s assassination.

Although I have been a baseball fan all my life, I have always had mixed feelings about Hank Aaron. He was a great baseball player, but I always found him a less than admirable human being. For one thing, although he broke Babe Ruth’s record for home runs hit in a career, 755-714, I always thought that he should have pointed out that whereas Ruth reached that total in 8,399 at-bats, it took Aaron 12,364 at-bats.

Now it’s not Aaron’s fault that Ruth spent his first five seasons pitching for the Red Sox, but I thought a classy guy would have pointed out that it took him an extra 4,000 plate appearances to break the record, especially since Aaron only hit more than 45 dingers once in a single season, whereas Ruth exceeded that number nine different times.

But when I really came to disrespect Aaron was when I heard him interviewed 20 or so years after he retired and he mentioned that a lot of white people had written him vile letters as he was closing in on the Bambino’s sacred record, and he had kept them all stored in his attic so he would never forget.

Well, it so happened that back in 1974, when he broke the record, I sent him a letter congratulating him on his accomplishment. Even if he wasn’t the hitter Ruth had been, there is something to be said for staying healthy, consistent and productive, for so many years.

I didn’t hear back, but I assumed he had received a ton of such laudatory letters. But, if he did, he’s never mentioned them. Instead, he has chosen to focus entirely on the hate mail from bigots that were probably scrawled in crayon.

Recently, he said he has kept the hate mail now for 40 years, no doubt to keep the flame simmering under his racism. In spite of the fact that the President of the United States and his Attorney General are black, Aaron, now 80 years old, recently stated, “There’s not a whole lot that’s changed since then. The big difference is that back then they wore hoods. Now they wear neckties and starched shirts.”

The trouble with people like Obama, Holder, Charley Rangel, Elijah Cummings, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, the crew over at the NAACP and Mr. Aaron, is that they choose to see the world through black-colored glasses.

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