Like Shooting Sitting Ducks

Because I’m a conservative, it figures that I am going to be highly skeptical of anything Barack Obama or his sock puppet, Jay Carney, says, but are there any liberals who still believe a word they utter? For instance, when those two guys claim that everything Republicans do and say is based solely on partisan politics, surely there must be at least a few Democrats in or out of Congress whose gut response is, “Hey, look who’s talking.”

Listening to Obama and Carney whine about the other side being blinded by partisan politics would be like hearing Al Capone and old Joe Kennedy complain that people weren’t obeying the Prohibition ban on liquor consumption.

Inasmuch as Obama has been the most divisive president since Lincoln, when has he ever done anything that hasn’t played to his base? Whether it was opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, pushing through the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote or telling the Republicans in Congress to sit down and shut up, when has Obama ever done or said anything that didn’t reek of left-wing partisanship?

When House Republicans offered over 80 amendments to ObamaCare, Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow a vote on any of them. When it came to so-called comprehensive immigration reform, an issue about which some Republicans are willing to compromise, Obama passed the Dream Act by executive fiat. To me, the amazing thing is that someone as bright as Marco Rubio let the Democrats play him the same way they played Reagan, when they conned The Gipper into signing the amnesty bill nearly 30 years ago. At least back then, the Democrats promised to build the wall at the southern border. By neglecting to verify, Reagan opened the floodgates to unskilled and illiterate millions. But Rubio, looking like a prize chump, stepped into the trap, knowing full well that Obama would never allow the wall to be built as a pre-condition to citizenship.

Well, as someone once said, Democrats are evil, Republicans are just stupid.

Speaking of evil, is there anyone in Obama’s inner circle who isn’t a putz? The most recent addition is John Podesta, who famously referred to the Republicans in the House as “a cult worthy of Jonestown.” For those too young to remember, the cult Podesta was referring to was run by a maniac named Jim Jones. He had transported his cult from Oakland to the jungle of Guyana. For reasons too lengthy to go into, Jones ordered his 900 followers to drink grape Flavor-Aid laced with cyanide. (It has long been believed that it was Kool-Aid, which is why people often speak of left-wing zealots having drunk the Kool-Aid.)

It is those zombies to whom Podesta compared such people as Paul Ryan, Duncan Hunter, Tom Price, Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Tom Cotton and Mike Rogers. You would think if you were searching for people with grape on their breath, you’d have an easier time of it on the other side of the aisle, where the likes of Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, Charley Rangel, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Alan Grayson, Elijah Cummings and Brad Sherman, can be found roaming around, gibbering like the monkeys of Oz.

In the meantime, Obama keeps trying to coerce the insurance companies to simultaneously ignore the law and their profit margins in order to salvage the worst bill in American history. The fascinating thing about the ACA is that everything this administration does to make it more palatable only makes it worse, and will culminate in the Democrats losing the Senate and perhaps 50 seats in the House next November, by which time the exemption on the employer mandate will toss another 50 or 60 million people into the ranks of the uninsured.

Obama’s Stimulus didn’t create any shovel-ready jobs, but, unless it’s put out of its misery by a merciful Congress, ObamaCare’s death panels certainly will. For gravediggers.

This brings us to the contretemps over Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality. By way of full disclosure, I have to confess I’ve never tuned in “Duck Dynasty.” That’s not a critique of the show. I watch very little TV. Aside from baseball and an occasional old movie, I regularly tune in only four shows, all on Fox. Monday through Friday, I watch Bret Baier’s “Special Report” and Megyn Kelly’s “File”. Sunday morning, I watch Howard Kurtz’s “Media Buzz” and “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace.

In an interview with GQ, Mr. Robertson, a devout Christian, called homosexuality a sin. That was enough to get the folks in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community riled up. They protested to A&E, the network that airs “Duck Dynasty,” a series that has managed to be very successful even though I don’t watch it. A&E, with the gumption one has come to expect from those facing censure by the sexually freaky, immediately caved and promptly suspended Robertson.

We all know those on the Left are always in favor of the 1st Amendment until someone says something they don’t like. Still, one day, someone will have to explain to me what is so damn wonderful about sodomy that we all have to pretend it is something to be cherished and defended when, by any honest measure, it is a revolting act.

My own question is how is it that everyone, including Obama, feels entitled to insult and ridicule fundamentalist Christians – “those who cling to their guns and their religion” — words he has never thought to use in describing fundamentalist Muslims, but it’s treated as a hate crime if anyone even jokes about those clucks whose entire identity and sole purpose in life seems to reside below their belts.

In the meantime, our own president, who, when not vacationing on our dime, spends most of his time pushing his wildly unpopular health care bill and trying to cut the worst possible deal with the villains in Iran, remains silent when it comes to the torture and murder of Christians by Islamists in the Middle East.

Instead, it’s left up to Prince Charles to be the conscience of the world and speak out, while Obama, Merkel and the rest of the West’s gutless leaders parrot Sergeant Schultz’s mantra: “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

As royal families go, I’ll take England’s over ours any day of the week.

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