The Other Politicization of Mollie Tibbetts’ Murder

Ricochet’s Bethany Mandel wrote a good, thoughtful piece the other day on the inclination of partisans to immediately politicize certain types of tragedies — the latest example being the murder of Mollie Tibbetts, after the revelation that her suspected killer was in this country illegally.

As Mandel points out, such circumstances elevate what would typically be considered a local crime story to a politically-hot national story, compelling vocal players from both sides of the immigration debate to jockey for position.

We see a similar call to arms in the wake of mass-shootings, in regard to gun control. And unfortunately, what’s often lost in such battles is sensitivity to the pain felt by the families of the victims.

Mandel writes the following:

“I can’t help but think about Mollie’s parents today, and the awful fraternity of families they have joined. Mollie’s parents, like those killed in Sandy Hook and Parkland, and the parents of Seth Rich have experienced the most excruciating loss imaginable, the violent murder of their child, and then watched that child’s death politicized and turned into conspiracy theories and political volleyballs.”

Her point is something everyone should consider, even those who have legitimate reasons for believing that their political stances, had they been implemented into law, could have spared the victim(s).

What makes the Tibbetts story somewhat unique is that it was immediately met with a second tier of politicization, due to the timing of when news of her fate broke. It all unfolded last Tuesday, just as two former close associates of President Trump — Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen — were being convicted of (in Cohen’s case it was a plea deal) multiple serious crimes.

Bizarrely but perhaps not unsurprisingly, this led to a number of political pundits converging these completely unrelated (and very different) stories into a larger narrative, with the clear intent to trivialize the story they found less accommodating to their political sensibilities.

On the Right, commentators suggested that because no one was killed in the cases of Manafort and Cohen, Americans shouldn’t deem their legal woes (and their potential to harm President Trump) to be worthy of public interest. This sentiment was expressed rather vehemently on Fox News’s The Five (before being carried over to the network’s prime-time shows).

“In terms of what is important, I think no one at the Trump rally tonight will give a damn about Manafort or Cohen, but [the Tibbetts case] will probably be fresh in their minds,” Greg Gutfeld said. He later added, “I know that Cohen isn’t squeaky clean. I know Manafort isn’t squeaky clean. Hell, I know Trump isn’t squeaky clean. That’s filler for local radio.”

Gutfeld went on to dismiss the media attention Manafort and Cohen were receiving as attempts to “reverse an election.”

Dagen McDowell said that people would be talking about the Tibbetts case and illegal immigration over the dinner table that night, “rather than two bad white collar criminals.”

“I just can’t believe we’re talking about this,” Dan Bongino complained, referring to the coverage of Manafort and Cohen. He described the Cohen story as a “taxi cab confession” and dismissed Manafort’s conviction as meaningless. “I mean, this is incredible,” he added.

Some on the Left portrayed coverage of the Tibbetts murder as little more than a conservative-media distraction from Manafort and Cohen. Referring to the two former Trump associates, frequent MSNBC guest, Christina Greer, reflected those sentiments.

“I’m sure we’ll hear what [Trump] has to say about this at his rally,” said Greer, “but Fox News is talking about a girl in Iowa and not this, right?”

Juan Williams made a similar point, chiding the producers of yesterday’s The Five (along with his co-hosts) for leading the show with the Tibbetts story.

“In Trump’s case he’s using this to distract and deceive people,” said Williams. “In terms of the big news of the day which is about the Michael Cohen plea deal, about Paul Manafort being convicted. At this point you have the president’s personal lawyer, his campaign chairman, his national security advisor — all convicted felons. And oh no… Instead, we want to talk about a murder. Well there are lots of murders in America. There’s a lower rate of violent crime among illegal immigrants and immigrants than there is among native-born Americans. But guess what, there are some people who say, Let’s not talk about Trump because it’s bad news for Trump.

While Williams made a valid point about media-conservatives not wanting to focus on bad news for Trump (one of the points I made above), the idea of the Tibbetts murder not warranting at least a few days of national coverage is just as flawed as the logic used by some of Williams’ co-hosts.

On Twitter, SooperMexican effectively summed up the situation:


Both stories warrant coverage, and neither story has anything to do with the other. Comparing and contrasting the two, for the sake of minimizing one of them, is pure politics. And with a situation as personally agonizing as the Tibbetts murder, the young victim’s family doesn’t need a second level of politicization to have to deal with right now.

One is assuredly hard enough.

“Our Constitutional Scowler” and “Kim Jong-Un, Movie Critic

I think it’s high time the media stopped referring to Barack Obama as a constitutional scholar. Judging by the contempt he has displayed towards our most sacred document, he is better described as a constitutional scowler. I am probably being overly generous, but I think a case can be made that over the past six years, Obama has ignored or acted in violation of at least eight Amendments, the first, second, fourth, sixth, seventh, tenth, fourteenth and fifteenth.

The reason I spend so much time denigrating liberals isn’t simply because it’s so much fun, but because I sincerely believe they are working overtime to destroy America. To maintain a polite silence in the face of it is my idea of moral cowardice.

For instance, Obama and his hand maidens in Congress have long maintained that Gitmo must be shuttered because it is used as a recruiting tool by Islamic terrorists, although they themselves refrain from referring to our existential enemies in such clear terms. However, they didn’t hesitate when it came to releasing a partisan report that tarred the CIA. One may agree or disagree with what the CIA did in defense of the country, but both sides acknowledge that the techniques ceased five years ago.

Therefore, the report will have little or no effect aside from leading to countless hours of handwringing by the self-righteous likes of John McCain, Juan Williams and George Will, and endangering the lives of those engaged in intelligence gathering on behalf of our nation.

It seems that Sen. Feinstein was deeply troubled that the CIA apparently spied on her Senate intelligence committee, and determined it was a violation of the separation of powers. Inasmuch as she and her liberal colleagues then went on to release a damning report on the Agency, one can see that the CIA had good reason to fear and distrust the committee. That was especially so when we learned that the senators never bothered interviewing anyone connected either in the past or currently to the Agency.

However, when, in clear violation of his enumerated powers, Obama legislates with his pen and his phone from the Oval Office, the sanctimonious Mrs. Feinstein doesn’t utter a single word in defense of the Constitution she has sworn to defend and protect.

I keep hearing that America longs for a Congress that works in a bi-partisanship fashion, but I don’t believe it. Liberals have no desire to see Democrats compromising with Republicans, and conservatives certainly have no wish to see Republicans compromising with Democrats. As I see it, the only people who call for bi-partisanship are the know-nothings who have so little understanding of the major issues that they think that it is only mulishness that keeps members of the two parties from joining hands and singing a few choruses of “Kumbaya.”

When one party is convinced that the federal government should control everything from education and health care to the environment and the economy, and the other party thinks the single greatest threat to our freedom and liberty is that very same central government, which is basically that which existed with such disastrous results in the Soviet Union, bi-partisanship is merely another word for treason.

In other news, the liberal media is beside itself over an alleged epidemic of rape taking place on college campuses. They keep referring to a poll that suggested that one in five coeds is sexually assaulted. What they don’t do is make it clear that the poll, which only had a 40% participation rate, was limited to two campuses and included such “assaults” as compliments, ogling and kissing.

I’m not going to suggest it’s not possible that under certain circumstances, all of these things can be mildly distasteful — although I must confess I’ve never felt personally assaulted by a compliment — but they hardly constitute rape, and by including them, the feminists trivialize a despicable crime that, frankly, I would make a capital offense.

Far from supporting the poll that indicated 20% of coeds are being raped, government statistics claim the rate is about .6%, which translates to six coeds in a thousand being victimized by campus rapists, not 200!

In news from the Orient, I have heard that most of the prescription drugs we use in America are being produced in China. Keep in mind those clodhoppers can’t even manufacture non-toxic dog food. Knowing they’re probably responsible for my rheumatoid arthritis pills is enough to make my blood run cold. Still, I think I’d prefer to suffer from terminally chilly blood than have to trust a product made in China to warm it up.

On the other hand, I owe North Korea a shout-out for hacking the computers at Sony Pictures. Otherwise, I’d never know that in an ill-advised email, a well-known producer called Angelina Jolie not only a mediocre actress, which I already knew, but a spoiled brat, which I merely suspected.

I also found out that even those Hollywood elitists who line up to attend Obama’s $35,000 fund-raisers can’t resist making racist jokes about him when they think nobody’s around.

In exchange for my tax dollars, that’s the sort of stuff I want to hear from the government snoops at the National Security Agency. I mean it’s bad enough I have to depend on the damn Chinese to fill my prescriptions without also having to rely on that schmuck Kim Jong-un for my Hollywood gossip.

Kim Jong-Un, Movie Critic

I’ve had some bad months in my life, but none has been quite as gruesome as the one that Sony just endured. First, there was the leak of those embarrassing emails in which uber-producer Scott Rudin trashed Angelina Jolie, and Sony head Amy Pascal made racist comments about Obama’s taste in movies. Ms. Pascal made it even worse by then going to Al Sharpton, begging him for dispensation. Frankly, I’d fire her for that alone.

If Rudin and Pascal have one reason to envy me, it’s that I can never be embarrassed by leaked emails. You see, whenever I have a politically incorrect thought to share, I don’t waste it in an email; I work it into an article.

Anyway, as bad as the leaks were, the studio made things worse when it backed down in the face of North Korean threats. I guess Sony was afraid that Kim Jong-un was going to have his pal Dennis Rodman set off stink bombs if “The Interview” was released. Frankly, judging by earlier Seth Rogen comedies, I’m sure this one didn’t need any help when it came to stinking up movie houses.
For weeks on end, every news report claimed that North Korea was allegedly behind the hacking. Allegedly? I kept wondering who the other suspects might be. Who else might object to the chubby guy with the bad haircut being humiliated on the world’s movie screens? Luxembourg? Monaco? The Vatican? The word, itself, has become something of a joke. Simply because nobody has stood up, like on an old “Perry Mason” episode, and confessed in open court, doesn’t automatically turn the perfectly obvious into the alleged.

Considering how little it took to make Sony chicken out, we shouldn’t expect to see a comedy in which the Ayatollah Khomeini mistakenly eats a ham sandwich, thus damning his soul to the eternal flames any time soon.

Still, if I have to choose between an administration run by either Amy Pascal or Barack Obama, I’ll take Amy. As dumb as she may be, I doubt if she would explain reopening diplomatic relations with Cuba by saying that “If you keep doing the same thing for 50 years and not getting anywhere, it’s time to try something new.” After all, if Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Reagan and Bush, hadn’t realized that there should never be a time table when it comes to doing the right thing, the Soviet Union might have won the Cold War.

When asked if this détente meant that Raul Castro might soon be visiting the Obamas, Liar-in-Chief Josh Earnest didn’t say yes and he didn’t say no. Instead, he said that Castro wouldn’t be the first Communist leader who has ever set foot in the White House. And, so far as I know, he wasn’t referring to Barack Obama.

In other Washington news, the Pentagon has decided that simply because someone is a member of the Taliban doesn’t mean he’s an enemy of ours. Heck, no. Not when the EU decides that Hamas isn’t even a terrorist organization. And not when you have Obama rushing to the financial aid of a dictatorship in Cuba that is barely hanging on because its two major sponsors, Russia and Venezuela, are suffering the effects of freefalling oil prices.

Speaking of boneheads, the one person who agrees with the EU when it comes to Hamas is our own Jimmy Carter, who followed up four disastrous years in the White House by spending the next 34 years reminding us of the debt the nation owes Ronald Reagan for giving the sanctimonious creep his walking papers.

It seems that once, when asked why he believed Hamas was a group dedicated to peace even though its charter calls for wiping Israel off the face of the earth, Carter replied that when he met with its leaders, he gave them DVDs that featured pacifists like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, and they thanked him. I guess when you’re an anti-Semite with the brains of a mashed potato, it doesn’t take much to persuade you that the killers of babies and rabbis are the good guys.

It also doesn’t hurt when most of the money donated to build your presidential library was contributed by Arabs and Muslims, grateful that a former U.S. president would condemn Israel as an apartheid state, while turning a blind eye to those dedicated to murdering Christians as well as Jews.

As for Gandhi the pacifist, let the record show that he hated African blacks, was an anti-Semite and, for good measure, chose not to take sides when it came to World War II. Respect him if you like, but where I come from it takes more than wearing an adult diaper to prove you’re one of God’s nobler creatures.

Finally, I should let you know that I have received several emails from people affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project. They claim that I slandered the enterprise when I shared a report that indicated that they misspent a sizable portion of the charitable contributions they receive on things other than wounded warriors.

If the report I quoted didn’t have the numbers right, I sincerely apologize. But even the new set of numbers didn’t really change my overall opinion. I should explain that, except for the Salvation Army, I don’t entirely trust big name charities. I’m not saying they’re dishonest. What I am suggesting is that once an organization is taking in well over a hundred million dollars a year, you’ll inevitably find that it’s spending a huge amount on inflated salaries, travel, promotion and general overhead. I’m not claiming that anyone is fiddling with the funds. It just strikes me that donating to major charities is a lot like sending tax dollars to the federal government and expecting the money to be spent prudently.

Perhaps I’m naïve, but it seems to me that, like the Salvation Army, which relies mainly on volunteers, the Wounded Warrior Project could call on millions of older Americans, especially patriotic veterans, to volunteer to do a lot of the heavy lifting. It seems to me that would save millions of dollars that could then be spent exactly the way the donors intended, to serve the needs of those brave Americans who sacrificed so much on our behalf.

And now it’s time for one last poll before the end of the year. I would like to know which Fox News personality, be it a host or a regular contributor, is your favorite and who is your least favorite. Please send the two names to me as soon as possible at

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“The Midterm Miracles” and “Axes Of Evil”

Perhaps because I define myself as a optimistic pessimist or a pessimistic optimist, I was blindsided by the election results. As much time as I devoted to poring over the Senate races, I just couldn’t see how the GOP could wind up with more than 51.

Perhaps, best of all, the liberals can’t carry off their narrative, which was that they lost the Senate only because of the map. Anticipating defeat, they wanted to pretend it was simply because they happened to have so many Senate seats at risk in certain Republican-leaning states. But, thanks to God and in good part to Barack Obama, who has done so very much to destroy the Democratic brand, we even won gubernatorial races in Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts.

In the end, it wasn’t the map that defeated the Democrats, it was the American people. It was as if the Democrats went to a doctor for a physical and were told they had a terminal disease. And when they said they wanted a second opinion, the doctor told them they were also stupid.

One of my favorite races took place in Florida where Charlie Crist lost in his race for governor, meaning he can now get back to doing what he was born to do; namely work on his year-round tan and romance rich elderly widows.

But the list of great things that happened on November 4th is endless. For instance, political legacies took a thumping. In Georgia, where Sam Nunn’s daughter and Jimmy Carter’s grandson were running for the Senate and the governorship, they both lost. In Colorado, Udall lost. In Louisiana, Landrieu will lose in the December runoff. She always was going to lose, but thanks to a Tea Party candidate sucking off votes from the winner of the GOP primary, she will now be running when everyone in the state knows she will be a complete nonentity in the minority party. Even when she chaired the Senate Energy Committee, she was unable to get Obama to sign off on the Keystone pipeline, so who needs her keeping a seat warm in a GOP-controlled Senate?

Certainly among the priceless memories of the election was seeing Illinois electing a Republican governor in spite of both Obamas showing up to campaign for loser Pat Quinn, and seeing Arkansas elect a Republican governor and senator in spite of the Clintons campaigning for losers Mike Ross and Mark Pryor. As the four of them have shown in the past, their coattails are even shorter than those of Batman’s arch nemesis, the Penguin.

On Election Night, one of the highlights was listening to the various Fox News contributors, including Charles Krauthammer, Bret Baier and Steve Hayes, taking turns ridiculing Juan Williams after he insisted it wasn’t a wave election for the GOP. Come to think of it, I don’t know who took the final results the hardest – Barack Obama, Harry Reid or Juan Williams.

Speaking of Fox, I sometimes amuse myself by imagining what the Fox males would look like if, like their female colleagues, they all had to dye their hair blonde. I guarantee that even Geraldo Rivera, Alan Colmes, Juan Williams and Bob Beckel, are a lot easier to take if you can pull it off.

Although I’m sure the Democrats will try to play down the results, insisting as they have all along, in concert with the NY Times, that the elections were about nothing. But they were actually about quite a bit. For one thing, it was about stopping Obama in his tracks before he succeeded in totally destroying America. By all rights, the voters should have come to that conclusion a lot sooner – preferably when they had the option of Mitt Romney – but better late than never.

It was also about the GOP learning how to come up with candidates who didn’t embarrass themselves or the Party. This time around, unlike 2012, we weren’t stuck with anyone insisting she wasn’t a witch or a couple of nincompoops who tried explaining the difference between legitimate and illegitimate rape.

After guaranteeing that Rob Maness would be the shocker of the evening by defeating both Mary Landrieu and Bill Cassidy for the Senate seat in Louisiana — and his winding up a distant third, Sarah Palin proved that allowing one’s ego to trump reality is a really dumb idea whether you’re shooting elk or trying to elect unelectable candidates.

One of the major takeaways from the elections was that even low-information voters don’t like being lied to, whether it’s Obama’s claiming we could keep our doctors and our medical insurance and that Republicans hate women or his stooges in Congress, all of whom have had their lips glued to his rump for nearly six years, suddenly claiming they couldn’t pick the schmuck out of a police lineup.

For my part, I have been euphoric ever since the 4th. Living, as I do, in California, jubilation is not an emotion I’m accustomed to experiencing in the aftermath of elections.

In spite of the fact that I don’t drink and I don’t smoke pot, I feel as if I’m floating on air. I’m not even on Cloud 9, people, I’m on Cloud 78. The truth is I can barely see Cloud 9 from this high up.


“Axes of Evil”

In New York City, yet another black convert to the Religion of Peace named Zale Thompson went after a few cops with an axe, which mirrors the way Mohammad, himself, went about converting infidels. It also suggests that Mr. Thompson might have misunderstood those two cheerleaders for Islam, George Bush and Barack Obama, and thought he was converting to the Religion of Pieces.

No doubt Obama will label the event workplace violence rather than Islamic terrorism because it was, one, violent and, two, the cops were working. It should remind us that while Obama may not be a Muslim, as some people insist, he certainly has a soft spot in his heart and his head for those who are.

It also serves as a segue to a debate I recently had with one of my readers. In one of my articles, I had written a defense of capital punishment, and he took exception to it. His initial objection was based on the fact that over the years, a number of innocent people have been executed. I argued that the number has been inflated by those who oppose capital punishment, and who feel that their morality trumps the facts. Moreover, with DNA used so often to convict or acquit, I expect miscarriages of justice are even less likely.

Lest I think he was a typical sob sister, he let me know that he believed a life behind bars was worse than an execution. I disagreed. Perhaps if a life sentence meant solitary confinement, he’d be right, but it doesn’t, so he’s wrong. Prisoners get to play basketball, work out in the gym, watch TV, read books and even engage in conjugal visits. The last I heard, Charles Manson’s friend Tex Watson had sired four little Watsons while behind bars.

He also pointed out that execution tends to be painful. I honestly don’t care about that, and see no moral reason why those who have tortured and murdered people who have done them no harm should be provided with the same painless deaths we offer to our beloved cats and dogs. Besides, those engaged in the anti-capital punishment movement are always bringing the pain factor into the argument, using the electric chair, hangman’s noose, firing squads and even the gas chamber as reasons to get rid of the practice. As a compromise measure, I am willing to let the painless Guillotine do the job for which it was invented.

I concluded by pointing out that polls indicate that a majority of people approve of capital punishment. But trial lawyers, left-wing judges and Eric Holder, have chosen to emphasize the notion that it is often poor defendants and blacks who make up a majority of those executed. That’s intended to prove the system is weighted against them, while the rest of us are supposed to ignore the inconvenient fact that those are the very people who commit most murders.

The hypocritical lawyers even try to use the fact that many defendants spend decades on Death Row, never knowing when their time will run out, as an excuse to eliminate the penalty. A more sensible solution is to limit the number of appeals to one, and insisting that the basis of the appeal involves new evidence.

I heard from another reader who agreed with my take on the so-called Noble Savage, which is that more often than not the native North American tribes were certainly savage, but rarely noble, and could literally be described as blood-thirsty, based on their cannibalistic diet.

His sarcastic conclusion was “If only we could all live in peaceful harmony with nature…” To which I replied in kind: “Ah, yes, where only the animals slaughter each other, and where Mother Nature sometimes wakes up cranky and unleashes a tidal wave or an earthquake, ignites a volcano or introduces some version of the Bubonic Plague.”

Speaking of plagues, proving that she is a worthy successor to Obama, who once famously said, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build it,” Hillary Clinton told an appreciative audience of liberal loons, “Don’t let anyone tell you that businesses create jobs.”

That reminds me that someone sent out a hoax message announcing that Deanne Favre, the wife of former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, was going to be the new Packers coach. She based her qualifications on the fact that she has been married to a Hall of Fame quarterback, even though she has never played a single quarter of football. The point of the hoax was that Hillary is essentially seeking the presidency based on her own marriage license.

What else qualifies her? As First Lady, she tried and failed to push through HillaryCare. As a senator, she did nothing but manage to add an elective office to her resume. As Secretary of State, she pushed a re-set button with Russia, oversaw Obama’s military withdrawal from Iraq and was at least a co-conspirator in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and the subsequent cover up.

At least Mrs. Favre is a looker!

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Names & Gnomes in the News

It was spooky watching Nancy Pelosi on Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning news show. Because Wallace looks and sounds so much like his late father, you might have understood it if she had referred to him as Mike. Unfortunately, she called him Bill. Still, it was far worse when she indicated her support of the First Amendment. You know — the one that guarantees our right to bear arms! Chris was either too much a gentleman to correct her or he was as shocked as I that after months of showboating over guns, the minority leader of the House confused the First and Second Amendments. Perhaps, it shouldn’t be too surprising, though, when Obama, himself, holds the sacred document in such obvious contempt.

A show of hands — how many other people got their hopes up when they heard that a major religious leader was announcing his retirement, hoping it was the savior-in-chief? What a terrible letdown when we found out it was Benedict XVI and not Obama I.

I used to tell my wife that the only things I took away from Titanic were, one, the hope that I would never again see a James Cameron movie, and, two, the wish that I could one day have an employee as loyal to me as Spicer Lovejoy (David Warner) was to Cal Hockley (Billy Zane). Even after the ship hit the iceberg, Lovejoy never gave a thought to his own survival. He was being paid to hound Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio), and, by gum, hound him he did, even when he found himself waist-deep in the Atlantic.

Well, with the passage of time, I have come to realize that Lovejoy was a back-stabbing goldbrick compared to Juan Williams. As a regular Fox News viewer, I often have the misfortune to see Mr. Williams twice a day, and again as a member of Chris Wallace’s Sunday panel. And never once have I heard him utter a single unkind word about Barack Obama. Whether the topic under discussion is the national debt, taxes, Benghazi, drones, Gitmo, Iran, Syria, conservatives or unemployment, this guy not only has Obama’s back, he’s got his sides, his front and the top of his pointy head, covered. It’s as if Williams is constantly auditioning to steal Jay Carney’s job.

When you realize how ill-educated our kids are, in spite of our squandering billions of dollars, it makes me want to brain Obama with a Louisville Slugger every time he says we need to invest (raise taxes) even more for education. The fact is most teachers collect a paycheck for no other reason than that they work for the government. No other employer would put up with such incompetence and such embarrassing results.

The only group of Americans who have even less reason than our students to hold themselves in such absurdly high esteem are their teachers.

This being the season of awards, it struck me that conservatives do not win Nobel Peace Prizes, Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, Grammys or Golden Globes. They also do not win Pulitzer Prizes. In fact, if it weren’t for the occasional Country Music Award, conservatives wouldn’t have anything on their mantels but dust. Therefore, it’s high time that we started handing out our own plaques and trophies. At least that way, when we die, the obits can mention something besides Little League championships and 4-H Club blue ribbons.

As you may have read, two students had fingers severed in a tug-of-war at El Monte (CA) High School. Apparently what happens in these situations is that combatants get their hands or arms caught in the rope, and when the rope gets pulled tight, fingers, hands and even arms, are at risk.

In Minnesota, back in 2008, a girl lost four fingers. In Taiwan, in 1997, two men lost arms and 40 other people were injured in a competition involving 1,600 people.

When, I ask, will the madness end? How many others need to suffer these entirely unnecessary mutilations before we get serious about finally banning ropes? Dianne Feinstein, do you hear me? Mario Cuomo, are you listening? Michael Bloomberg, are you even awake?

Members of Congress and Barack Obama — are you people so terrified of the NRA (the National Rope Association) that you’re willing to just stand by while fingers drop like flies?

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Liberal Hypocrisy

We all know that when it comes to hypocrisy, the Left holds the copyright. For instance, take Hollywood. If there are two things that those in the entertainment industry are always ready to promote, it’s public education and the sanctity of unions. In truth, however, none of them have their kids in public school. If they even thought about it, their friends and colleagues in the industry would accuse them of child abuse.

Speaking of education, I found it fascinating that in a recent poll, 93% of Chicago’s public school teachers rated themselves superior or excellent. This is in spite of 45% of students dropping out of high school. I bet Chicago’s kids wish the teachers graded them as generously as they grade themselves

As for unions, why do you think so many movies and TV shows are shot thousands of miles away from Hollywood and Vine? The obvious answer is that they pack their bags in order to keep the costs down by shooting in Canada and in right-to-work states. But, then, even Michael Moore, who passes himself off as a proud member of the proletariat, avoids hiring union members to work on his movies, thus saving more for Moore.

Pinheads like Juan Williams, aka Barack Obama’s bitch, took umbrage when Newt Gingrich suggested that food stamps provide Democrats with a convenient way to buy black votes. Liberals inevitably point out that more white people than black ones dine on the taxpayers’ dime. However, the 800-pound gorilla they choose to ignore is that while 78% of the population is white and only 12% is black, the number of whites receiving the stamps is only twice as many. In other words, if the percentage of whites was equal to the percentage of blacks, instead of 46 million people dining on the taxpayers’ dime, there would be close to 80 million freeloaders at the trough.

Last year, when the Democrats were trying, as usual, to raise taxes, they kept trying to embarrass Republicans by asking if they would agree to a deal if for every dollar in additional taxes, they, the Democrats, agreed to cut spending by $10. It was all a scam. For one thing, no self-respecting left-winger would ever actually agree to cut taxes. For another, a question I never heard asked is why if you cut spending, there’s any reason on earth to increase taxes.

Five weeks before the presidential election, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that the state’s law requiring a photo I.D. was constitutional, but that it couldn’t take effect until after November 7th. Judge Robert Simpson, just possibly Homer’s idiot brother, said it wouldn’t allow people enough time to get the photo. I wonder how long he thinks that takes. He also didn’t explain why if Pennsylvanians really cared about voting, they hadn’t taken care of business long before now, knowing, as they did, that the law had been passed and might very well take effect before the election.

This boneheaded decision merely confirms my prejudice against people who get to wear their bathrobes during working hours.

Yet another recent example took place in Massachusetts, where a judge ruled that a convicted murderer was entitled to become one with his inner woman by having the state pay roughly $40,000 for a sex change operation. On Fox, perennial ditz Lis Wiehl, yet another schlemiel with a law degree, weighed in to say she agreed with the decision because to deny him the operation would be a violation of the 8th Amendment, constituting cruel and unusual punishment. Coincidentally, that pretty much describes how I feel every time I see her pontificating on The Factor.

Mitt Romney came in for a firestorm of criticism for suggesting that 47% of Americans paid no taxes and, moreover, regarded themselves as victims. By inadvertently including those who depend exclusively on Social Security, a program into which all of us have to contribute, he slightly over-estimated that number. But that doesn’t contradict the fact that 58 million people receive more in benefits than they have ever paid in, and, moreover, I’ll wager the ingrates regard themselves as victims of the system.

It struck me recently that this administration continues to act the role of a befuddled middleman, borrowing billions of dollars from the likes of China in order to pass it along to our sworn enemies in Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. If they’re going to be that casual with our money, I suggest we follow their lead and write the IRS an IOU next April 15th.

Speaking of money, two black guys in Illinois were arrested a while back for stealing $50,000 from Team Obama’s slush fund.

Although I don’t make it a rule to defend thieves, I think it’s a gross miscarriage of justice to prosecute them. The way I see it, Willard Elam and Jessie Adams were merely taking a page out of the Obama playbook and redistributing the wealth.
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