“The High Cost Of Cheap Labor” and “Talking Turkey About Turkey”

The only reason that Ronald Reagan signed the first amnesty bill back in 1986 wasn’t really because the Democratic Congress promised to build a fence at the border. After all, he’d been around when the Democrats reneged on the promise made to Nixon that if he agreed to pull the troops out of Vietnam, they would continue to arm and fund the South Vietnamese. He did, and naturally they didn’t.

The real reason Reagan signed the amnesty bill is because American business always wants the cheapest labor it can get its hands on. In the short term, it probably looks like a good deal all around. After all, the price of labor is always passed along to the consumer. However, in the long run it’s a bad deal because most of those people are low wage earners, and the American citizen is eventually going to be stuck with the tab for their housing, health care, food stamps, schooling and, far too often, incarceration. In the end, we’re all a lot better off paying an extra few cents for a head of lettuce or a few extra bucks for a meal.

But as bad as low-cost labor has been for America, I dare say it’s even worse in Europe, where the interlopers tend to be Muslims, a group of people notorious for their refusal to acclimate, to accept the laws, let alone the culture and traditions of the nations they contaminate. They are the reason that virtually every capital city on the Continent has been turned into a pig sty. In London, rarely a week goes by when the Muslims aren’t demonstrating in the streets, displaying their contempt for their host nation and everything she has come to represent, including freedom, the arts and religious tolerance.

America, which used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave, has morphed into a place where political correctness has turned most people into whimpering cowards. In spite of the First Amendment, most TV pundits were afraid to even mention that Trayvon Martin was a drug-dealing six-footer or that 300-pound Michael Brown was a thief and a bully who just happened to be high on marijuana when he confronted Officer Darren Wilson.

These days, we aren’t even supposed to hold the mothers and occasional fathers of criminals even partially responsible for the end result. On the contrary, we’re expected to treat the parents of teenage thugs with the same respect and deference that we bestow on the parents of military warriors who forfeit their lives for their country.

But, then, for the past 13 years, we have had two presidents, Dumb and Dumber, insisting that Islam is a religion of peace. As hard as it was to swallow that swill from George W. Bush, it has gotten far worse under his successor. It was Obama, after all, who not only announced with a straight face that Muslims played a major role in the creation of the United States, but that they were an essential part of our space exploration program. I suppose that last point has some merit. After all, if I were a NASA scientist, I’d have a real incentive to break the bounds of gravity, knowing that I and millions of others hoped and prayed that other planets could support human life. The reason being that it would provide an opportunity to leave the one that’s home to 1.2 billion Muslims.

In the meantime, Barack Obama tries in vain to defuse public anger over his despotic decision to legislate from the Oval Office. His latest attempt took place in Chicago, where he announced yet again that our immigration policy has to be overhauled. The difference was that this time he said it wasn’t merely to accommodate multi-millions of illegal Hispanics, but because there are plenty of people from Poland and Ireland who are in this country illegally.

I used to gag every time Obama opened his mouth. Lately, though, I’ve been doing a lot more head scratching. Poland and Ireland are the basis of the problem? Was it possible that the sly puss was trying to woo members of those two major ethnic groups? Instead of demanding that the President abide by his constitutional limitations, were Irish and Polish Americans supposed to say to themselves, “Hey, if the son of a gun can prevent five million Latinos from being deported, maybe he’ll keep my uncle from being sent back to (Warsaw) (Dublin) after he gets out of jail”?

Finally, I don’t know what you call it when Barack Obama pardons a Thanksgiving turkey, but I call it professional courtesy.

Talking Turkey About Turkey

By what right is Turkey allowed to be a member of NATO? Under its current leader, Recep Erdogan, it has become more and more of a despotic Islamic nation. In recent months, it has not only denied the U.S. the use of its air force bases, but welcomed ISIS inside its borders so the terrorists could surround the Kurds and attack them from all sides. And does anyone seriously believe that Turkey would ever rush to defend any of its alleged NATO allies?

Speaking of turkeys, according to a PEW Poll, over 70% of blacks insist they are treated less fairly than whites by the police. My reaction was to wonder how the hell they know how whites are treated. I suspect that when it comes to criminals, you’d be hard pressed to find, to use Obama’s favorite word, a smidgen of difference in the way those in either group are approached and arrested.

When it comes to law-abiding people, I suspect the behavior of most cops is determined by the way people relate to them, which, I dare say, is a fairly typical human response. Like any white driver in America, I have been stopped on many occasions. Once in a while, I believed that I was entirely in the right and had not committed any vehicular sins, but I never insulted the officer, displayed contempt and, so far as I recall, never once tried to take his gun away.

Instead of devoting so much time and attention to a single incident in Ferguson, MO, wouldn’t you think that Barack Obama and Eric Holder would concentrate on black thugs who commit, on a per capita basis, eight times as many murders as whites, especially when the majority of their victims also happen to be black?

Also, why is it front page news when a white cop shoots a black person, but when it’s blacks killing, torturing and raping whites or, for that matter, other blacks, there is a news – you should excuse the expression – blackout?

Getting back to Ferguson, when you realize that there was every expectation that, one, the Grand Jury would not indict Darren Wilson; that, two, the local cops were told to back off and that the National Guard was not deployed on the streets; and that, three, everyone expected a riot to occur; why did County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch decide to release the Grand Jury’s decision after nightfall? If the governor, the local police chief and Mr. McCulloch had sat down and choreographed the arson and vandalism, they couldn’t have done more to ensure that the TV cameras would have every opportunity to record a race riot.

For years now, the Muslim world has been at war with America and the European democracies, but nobody in the civilized world will even acknowledge it. Instead, we try to cherry-pick the bad guys. We refer to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, Hamas or Hezbollah, as if there is a speck of difference between them, other than what they call themselves. Partly it’s because George Bush insisted that Islam is a religion of peace, partly because Obama won’t even refer to the violence consuming the globe as having its source in the evil cult, and because the major media is dedicated to the childish belief that the only truly evil people in the world are American conservatives.

As a result, there is a religious war taking place in the world, but, with the exception of Israel, only one side is waging it or will even acknowledge it’s taking place.

In similar fashion, a race war is currently underway in America, but it is only being conducted by blacks. Only blacks are encouraged to ignore the facts about what took place in Ferguson and to pretend that a 300-pound thug was a cherubic altar boy. Only they get to insist that forensic evidence is a white plot. Only they get to pass off a scumbag like Al Sharpton as a civil rights leader with moral authority. Why is he given the key to the White House, but not, say, his white counterpart, the Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan?

It’s not enough to blame the black thugs, including Eric Holder, who descended on Ferguson with no other purpose but to inflame a bad situation and to make it worse. One must also hold the feet of the media to the flames. I’m not referring to the TV cameras that at times out-numbered the barbarians in the streets, but to a media that patronizes blacks, at least so long as they’re not Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Thomas Sowell, Jason Riley or Tim Scott, in which case they’re dismissed as Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemimas and traitors to their race.

The media likes to label conservatives as racists, but that’s clearly a case of the pot smokers calling the kettle black. What else but racist would you call it when journalists not only find endless excuses for soaring rates of black crime and illegitimate births, but blame white society for the millions of black men who refuse to marry the mothers of their children or to help raise and provide for their sons and daughters?

How is it not racist to ignore the fact that in spite of billions of tax dollars having been spent in the hope of providing a ladder through education by which slum dwellers can climb out of poverty, half of young blacks fail to even bother graduating from high school?

There is no denying that racism exists in America, but nearly all of it resides in two groups: black bigots and white liberals.

On top of everything else, we are cursed with a president who any time there’s a news item about a black person who has behaved inappropriately, automatically springs to their defense, always assuming the worst about white people in general and white police officers in particular.

When I saw the tawdry assemblage that Obama invited to the White House to discuss racial issues, a gathering that included notorious race hustler Al Sharpton and Obama’s own version of Rasputin, Valerie Jarrett, it occurred to me that as groups go, even Amos ‘n’ Andy’s Mystic Knights of the Sea and Ralph Kramden’s Friendly Sons of the Raccoons had higher standards for inclusion.

Finally, just in case you don’t think I’ve mentioned enough birdbrains to achieve my daily quota, let me hasten to add Robert Redford, who believes that our great outdoors should forever remain in the pristine state in which God created it, unless of course he decides to host a film festival for his Hollywood cronies in the midst of the Rockies. Last year, 46,000 of his nearest and dearest descended on Sundance, Utah, mainly in their fossil fuel-burning private jets, to watch movies.

In one of his typically self-serving, hypocritical, pronouncements, Redford recently declared, “I think the environment should be put in the category of our national security. Defense of our resources is just as important as defense abroad. Otherwise, what is there to defend?”

A few things that occurred to me, but apparently not to Mr. Redford, include our borders, freedom, liberty, loved ones and the Constitution.

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Mysteries Worthy of Sherlock Holmes

Because Barack Obama repeats himself so often, I’m never sure when I see him on TV insisting that his energy policy involves “all-of-the-above” whether I’m watching one of his 2008 campaign speeches or one that he delivered yesterday afternoon. Either way, I know he’s lying.

The reason that he gets applause from an audience of college students or public sector union members is because these trained seals know that whenever he pauses in the middle of a sentence, it’s their cue to begin clapping. These dolts have no idea that “all of the above “ theoretically refers to gas, coal, oil, nuclear, solar and wind. If they actually understood that the only two options he favors are the last two, they might stop cheering long enough to wonder why he doesn’t just say so, instead of pretending that the other, more realistic options are actually on the table.

They might even wonder why he stopped the Keystone oil pipeline in its tracks, or why he insists on taking bows for oil drilling in the U.S. that’s only taking place thanks to George Bush’s long term policies. Or, for that matter, they might even question why he has done everything in his power to destroy the coal and oil industries in America, while at the same time sending two billion tax dollars to help Brazil finance their offshore drilling efforts.

In a saner world, they might even ask each other why he has funneled billions of our dollars to solar companies that, in the natural course of things, quickly go bankrupt. Then again, they might be curious why the American taxpayer had to pony up hundreds of millions of dollars so that Chevrolet could give birth to the Volt, a car that is every bit as unappealing as the Ford Edsel was in its day. In fact, the only major differences between the two automotive lemons is that the Ford Motor Company came up with the Edsel on their own dime, and that the Volt, with its $40,000 price tag, costs several times as much.

Moving on, if Staff Sgt. Robert Bales did what he is accused of having done in Afghanistan — namely massacre 16 civilians, nine of them children — he deserves to be punished. I have heard all the possible rationales for the crimes, which include a war-related brain injury, money woes, marital woes and a drinking problem, but I wouldn’t buy those excuses if those vile crimes had been committed by a civilian in Chicago or Kansas City, so I’m not going to cut him any slack just because they took place halfway around the world in Kandahar.

That being said, the notion that, as a result of the carnage, the Al Capone of Afghanistan, otherwise known as Hamid Karzai, had the gall to tell America that our soldiers weren’t to be allowed off their military bases, makes me question once again why we are propping up his corrupt regime. For good measure, this tinhorn douchebag also insisted that when Defense Secretary Panetta addressed several hundred U.S. servicemen, they had to leave their weapons at the door. Although it is still early in the year, Vegas odds makers are already making Karzai the schmuck to beat in the 2012 Chutzpah Man of the Year competition.

This is the same Hamid Karzai, by the way, who insisted that Sgt. Bales stand trial and get a taste of what passes for justice in an Afghan court, but who has not, so far as I can tell, even arrested the treacherous Afghan guards who shot seven American soldiers in the back over the past couple of months.

For my part, I would pull our troops out of Afghanistan tomorrow morning, let the Taliban deal with Karzai, and come back in the afternoon if we felt the need.

Finally, in a recent piece, I committed the sin in some readers’ eyes of paying respect to Abraham Lincoln. Even though I know that Lincoln did not fight the Civil War in order to free the slaves, but in order to preserve the Union, and that some people are still upset that he suspended habeas corpus during the conflict, I had to take exception to those who accused him of being a dictator and who likened the Civil War to our American Revolution.

The Founding Fathers did not wage war in order to free themselves from an overreaching federal government, but to free themselves from the government of a foreign power in which they had no representation. The Confederate States, on the other hand, were fully represented in Washington, D.C.

A few readers pointed out that there was nothing in the Constitution that prevented the 11 Southern states from seceding. My response was: Why would there be? After fighting the Brits in order to gain their independence, why would Washington, Madison and Adams, ever dream that 80 or so years later, half the nation would decide to go its separate way? It would be like parents leaving the house and having to remind their 12-year-old son to be sure not to remove his own appendix while they’re at the movies.

Finally, while I fully acknowledged that Lincoln was not a saint who sacrificed his own life in order to free the slaves, the South fought a war in which 620,000 Americans died for no other reason than to retain slavery. Even speaking as one who favors states’ rights and a smaller federal government, habeas corpus or no habeas corpus, that’s really not a motive I’d ever care to defend.

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