“Planet of the Apes” and “I’m From The Government…”

Every so often the Palestinians pick a fight with Israel for the sole purpose of provoking the Israelis to retaliate. Once, thanks to the terrorists sticking women and children in target zones, the civilian casualties pile up, the world, led by the U.S., can be counted upon to condemn the Israelis for over-reacting and to then bestow billions of dollars on the provocateurs. That in turn provides the scumbags with the money with which to purchase more missiles and more concrete with which to construct tunnels into Israel.

You never notice anyone pointing out that Germany suffered far more casualties during WWII than America did because it would be so obviously pointless. For one thing, Germany started it. For another thing, if the numbers had been reversed, it would have meant the Nazis had won the war.

Whenever these conflicts between the Jews and the Muslims break out, you can bank on the fact that the media will claim that Israel is out to commit genocide. It is widely accepted that European and, to a lesser extent, American journalists and entertainment figures are anti-Semitic. In some quarters, it’s nearly a prerequisite. As bad as that is, they also feel it essential to leave their powers of logic and reason out in the cold. I mean, when Israel is accused of committing genocide against the Palestinians, wouldn’t you think someone at NBC, ABC or the NY Times might pipe up to say: “Israel is a nuclear power with a modern military equipped with jets and tanks. If they were really out to eliminate those people whose own charter calls for the extermination of Israel, don’t you think that after three weeks, they would have killed more than a thousand Palestinians?”

Here in America, you have a Congress filled with Jewish Democrats, and yet not one of them confronts Obama over his tying funds for Central American immigrants to a bill that calls for us to help Israel purchase replacements for the Iron Dome defense system. It’s the system, by the way, that has prevented most of the 20,000 Palestinian missiles from landing, missiles that, had they landed, would have resulted in civilian fatalities that would have dwarfed what the Palestinians have experienced.

The sharp-eyed among you would have noticed that I haven’t mentioned Hamas. That is because I no longer differentiate between the terrorist organization and those who elected and continue to support them.

One so often hears about the Israeli occupation of Gaza, especially on college campuses and in newsrooms, but does anyone really believe that if such an occupation actually existed, the Palestinians could continue to fire all those rockets and dig all those damn tunnels with such impunity?

A friend of mine wrote to say he couldn’t figure out why Jewish supporters of Israel such as Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, continue to support the current administration. After all, on their best days, Obama and John Kerry claim to see a moral equivalence between Israel and its Arab and Muslim enemies, and, on their more candid days, clearly side with the riffraff who continue referring to America as the Big Satan.

The fact remains that so far as most Jewish liberals are concerned, the continued existence of Israel has a lower priority than same-sex marriages, open borders, abortions on demand, legalized drugs, gun control, unions, climate change and an ever-expanding federal government.

Another area where this administration is clearly out of sync with the majority of Americans is illegal immigration. Obama constantly refers to something called “comprehensive immigration reform.” But inasmuch as neither he nor congressional Democrats ever propose legislation that calls for an extension of the wall, along with armed border agents patrolling the Rio Grande, it makes about as much sense as trying to contain water in a sieve. It’s reminiscent of the days when Obama used to describe his energy policy as “all of the above,” while excluding oil, coal and nuclear power, from the list.

When it comes to promoting what amounts to open borders, the liberals are constantly telling us that we need all those unskilled, illiterate, Hispanics to do the work Americans won’t do. It’s as if they’re pretending that every American is carting around a Ph.D in advanced calculus and can’t possibly be expected to do manual labor. I contend that this country is rife with unskilled native-born illiterates who just happen to prefer collecting welfare to working.

I’m willing to predict that if you boot all those able-bodied loafers off the dole, they will suddenly discover that they’re only too happy to bus tables, flip burgers and put up drywall.

With the November elections less than 90 days away, it’s not too soon to remind people that whether you favor the Tea Party, the GOP establishment or the Libertarian wing of the party, you have a lot more in common with each other than you have with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and their congressional enablers. If you don’t get out and vote for whichever candidates have an R after their name, I say you forfeit your right to gripe about the awful direction in which America is headed.

“I’m From The Government”

Ronald Reagan once observed that “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” were the nine scariest words an American could hear. But he said that about 30 years ago. With all that has transpired since then, particularly over the past six years, what an American hears when confronted by a federal bureaucrat, whether representing the IRS, the EPA, the NSA or the FBI is “I’m from the government and I’m here to (snoop), (take your money), (take your land), (take your cattle), (take your liberty), (take your religion) and/or (take your birthright).”

Speaking of the IRS, the Heritage Foundation recently came up with a graph proving that along with all their other lies, one of the biggest concocted by the Democrats is the one about the rich not paying their fair share when it comes to income taxes. It seems that the top one percent of income earners suck up 17% of the money, but pay a whopping 37% of the taxes!

The top 2-5% rake in 15% of the dough, but pay 22% of the total taxes. It’s only when you get to the top 5-10% that things begin to even out; those folks take in 11% and pay out 12%. The top 10-25% earn 23% and pay out 17%. Those who fall into the top 25-50% earn 21%, but pay only 10% of the tax. Finally, the bottom 50% earn 12%, but kick in a measly two percent. These numbers must be a real eye-opener to those naïve souls who don’t believe that socialism is alive and well in America.

Democratic politicians don’t have a monopoly when it comes to hypocrisy, but sometimes it sure seems that way. For instance the governor of Maryland, Democrat Martin O’Malley, has been one of the loudest voices in the left-wing chorus calling for the U.S. to provide a home to the thousands of Central American youngsters flooding across our border. A show of hands, please — is anyone really surprised that when O’Malley pleads for America to roll out the welcome mat, it turns out he means anywhere but Maryland?

Thanks to Obama’s dithering over Iran, Syria, Gaza, Iraq and Ukraine, the world has rarely been such a dangerous place. And yet he claims it is as tranquil as the Garden of Eden. On the home front, he and his criminal cohort, Eric Holder, continue to ignore scandals involving the IRS, the VA, the EPA and Benghazi, all the while trying to fend off those seeking answers and looking to punish the guilty, by referring to ongoing investigations. Apparently, when these two schmucks refer to “ongoing,” they really mean “endless” and “phony.”

Another popular lie that’s been circulating ever since a bi-sexual freak named Alfred Kinsey, who conducted the most unscientific survey since Margaret Mead bid adieu to Samoa, insisted that about 10% of Americans were homosexual.

Recently, a government survey that, unlike Kinsey, did not overly rely on responses from prostitutes, prisoners and pedophiles, found that 96.6% of Americans are straight, 1.6% are gay or lesbian and 0.7% are bisexual. Apparently 1.1% decided it was nobody’s damn business.

Predictably, a spokesperson for the Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender group (LGBT) cried foul! He, she or it, insisted that the numbers were much higher, but that lots of people simply refuse to be honest. Oh, really? When every movie, TV show and magazine, conveys the message that being lesbian, gay, bi, a tranny or having sexual relations with farm animals is cool, I suspect that some of the straight respondents – especially those in Hollywood and the media – lied in order to further their careers.

Some years ago, conservatives were being called the Silent Majority. These days, I think those whose sexual practices so titillated Dr. Kinsey should be referred to as the Noisy Minority.

Finally, during his last State of the Union address, Barack Obama said he would legislate with his pen and his phone. Led by Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats immediately rose to give Obama, the man who had just vowed to castrate Congress, a rousing ovation. That having been the case, how dare any House Democrat run for re-election? Why should anyone go to the bother of voting for them? Why should anyone pay them a salary or a pension? For that matter, why should anyone pay good money to provide them with office space and a staff?

After all, a rubberstamp only costs a couple of bucks, it doesn’t require a staff and it fits very comfortably into one of Obama’s desk drawers.

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Like Shooting Sitting Ducks

Because I’m a conservative, it figures that I am going to be highly skeptical of anything Barack Obama or his sock puppet, Jay Carney, says, but are there any liberals who still believe a word they utter? For instance, when those two guys claim that everything Republicans do and say is based solely on partisan politics, surely there must be at least a few Democrats in or out of Congress whose gut response is, “Hey, look who’s talking.”

Listening to Obama and Carney whine about the other side being blinded by partisan politics would be like hearing Al Capone and old Joe Kennedy complain that people weren’t obeying the Prohibition ban on liquor consumption.

Inasmuch as Obama has been the most divisive president since Lincoln, when has he ever done anything that hasn’t played to his base? Whether it was opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, pushing through the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote or telling the Republicans in Congress to sit down and shut up, when has Obama ever done or said anything that didn’t reek of left-wing partisanship?

When House Republicans offered over 80 amendments to ObamaCare, Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow a vote on any of them. When it came to so-called comprehensive immigration reform, an issue about which some Republicans are willing to compromise, Obama passed the Dream Act by executive fiat. To me, the amazing thing is that someone as bright as Marco Rubio let the Democrats play him the same way they played Reagan, when they conned The Gipper into signing the amnesty bill nearly 30 years ago. At least back then, the Democrats promised to build the wall at the southern border. By neglecting to verify, Reagan opened the floodgates to unskilled and illiterate millions. But Rubio, looking like a prize chump, stepped into the trap, knowing full well that Obama would never allow the wall to be built as a pre-condition to citizenship.

Well, as someone once said, Democrats are evil, Republicans are just stupid.

Speaking of evil, is there anyone in Obama’s inner circle who isn’t a putz? The most recent addition is John Podesta, who famously referred to the Republicans in the House as “a cult worthy of Jonestown.” For those too young to remember, the cult Podesta was referring to was run by a maniac named Jim Jones. He had transported his cult from Oakland to the jungle of Guyana. For reasons too lengthy to go into, Jones ordered his 900 followers to drink grape Flavor-Aid laced with cyanide. (It has long been believed that it was Kool-Aid, which is why people often speak of left-wing zealots having drunk the Kool-Aid.)

It is those zombies to whom Podesta compared such people as Paul Ryan, Duncan Hunter, Tom Price, Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Tom Cotton and Mike Rogers. You would think if you were searching for people with grape on their breath, you’d have an easier time of it on the other side of the aisle, where the likes of Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, Charley Rangel, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Alan Grayson, Elijah Cummings and Brad Sherman, can be found roaming around, gibbering like the monkeys of Oz.

In the meantime, Obama keeps trying to coerce the insurance companies to simultaneously ignore the law and their profit margins in order to salvage the worst bill in American history. The fascinating thing about the ACA is that everything this administration does to make it more palatable only makes it worse, and will culminate in the Democrats losing the Senate and perhaps 50 seats in the House next November, by which time the exemption on the employer mandate will toss another 50 or 60 million people into the ranks of the uninsured.

Obama’s Stimulus didn’t create any shovel-ready jobs, but, unless it’s put out of its misery by a merciful Congress, ObamaCare’s death panels certainly will. For gravediggers.

This brings us to the contretemps over Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality. By way of full disclosure, I have to confess I’ve never tuned in “Duck Dynasty.” That’s not a critique of the show. I watch very little TV. Aside from baseball and an occasional old movie, I regularly tune in only four shows, all on Fox. Monday through Friday, I watch Bret Baier’s “Special Report” and Megyn Kelly’s “File”. Sunday morning, I watch Howard Kurtz’s “Media Buzz” and “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace.

In an interview with GQ, Mr. Robertson, a devout Christian, called homosexuality a sin. That was enough to get the folks in the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) community riled up. They protested to A&E, the network that airs “Duck Dynasty,” a series that has managed to be very successful even though I don’t watch it. A&E, with the gumption one has come to expect from those facing censure by the sexually freaky, immediately caved and promptly suspended Robertson.

We all know those on the Left are always in favor of the 1st Amendment until someone says something they don’t like. Still, one day, someone will have to explain to me what is so damn wonderful about sodomy that we all have to pretend it is something to be cherished and defended when, by any honest measure, it is a revolting act.

My own question is how is it that everyone, including Obama, feels entitled to insult and ridicule fundamentalist Christians – “those who cling to their guns and their religion” — words he has never thought to use in describing fundamentalist Muslims, but it’s treated as a hate crime if anyone even jokes about those clucks whose entire identity and sole purpose in life seems to reside below their belts.

In the meantime, our own president, who, when not vacationing on our dime, spends most of his time pushing his wildly unpopular health care bill and trying to cut the worst possible deal with the villains in Iran, remains silent when it comes to the torture and murder of Christians by Islamists in the Middle East.

Instead, it’s left up to Prince Charles to be the conscience of the world and speak out, while Obama, Merkel and the rest of the West’s gutless leaders parrot Sergeant Schultz’s mantra: “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

As royal families go, I’ll take England’s over ours any day of the week.

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The Problem With Being a Republican, Bonus: Connecting the Dolts

There are times when I can’t help wishing I were a Democrat. It certainly would have helped my writing career. I mean, look at the folks who make a handsome living for no other reason than that they’re liberals. I’m not even referring to politicians. Obviously, the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Henry Waxman and Barbara Boxer, would be begging at freeway off-ramps and sleeping under bridges in a logical world. But I’m talking about all those others.

For instance, look at the folks who become liberal icons. There are the folks, like Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin, who get to pass themselves off as comedians by merely making crass remarks about people such as George Bush and Sarah Palin.

Then there are those, such as Sandra Fluke, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and Lena Dunham, who have achieved heroine status by arguing that colleges should provide their students with free contraception, that abortions should be legal long after the five month deadline has come and gone, and produced a 2012 political ad that suggested that voting for Obama was the same as having sex for the first time. And Ms. Dunham was not suggesting that it might be both painful and embarrassing.

On the other hand, here am I, even after six books and nearly 1300 articles making the case for conservatism, but Rush Limbaugh has never heard of me, Drudge doesn’t include my blog with the 500 others he finds space to promote at his Report and even after spending months trying every which way I could to offer my writing services to the Romney campaign, I never even received a rejection.

What’s more, I have never been invited on Fox. Heck, if I were a liberal, I would probably have my own show on MSNBC and get to hang out with Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton. Okay, I grant there are worse things in life than flying below the radar.

Speaking of those who lie for a living, I keep hearing that Iran’s new president, Hassan Rhumani, is waging a charm offensive. Amazing what some people regard as charm. This is the same guy who bragged that Iran was able to con the West while continuing to enrich uranium while racing to manufacture a nuclear bomb. Now we have Assad and Putin playing us for a sucker two years after the pretender in the White House swore that Assad’s days were numbered. What he didn’t disclose, now that I think of it, was the number he had in mind.

You have to give these schmucks a certain amount of credit. After all, it can’t be as easy as it looks for Rhumani to say that Iran is an anchor of stability in the Middle East with a straight face. I’m guessing he’s been perfecting his act by watching tapes of Jay Carney.

In one of those examples of divine justice, a Sikh doctor who lives and works in Harlem, was attacked by a gang of black teenagers who broke his jaw and knocked out several of his teeth, all the while calling him “Osama.” He is known, but apparently not to everyone, as a man who has spoken and written extensively about white racism.

A reader of mine, Bill Rosenfeld, has observed that “Instead of capitalism, what we have under Obama is capitolism.”

Finally, this administration is so awful, they even have to lie when it comes to merely naming their legislation. For instance, take the Affordable Care Act. Please. As more and more people are discovering, their health insurance costs are doubling and even tripling. As for Obama’s promise that people who are happy with their insurance plans could keep them, April 1st came early.

What I’d like to know is why unions that are never shy about demonstrating their resentment — remember their trashing the state capital when Gov. Scott Walker and the legislature voted to cut collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin’s public sector union members? — but when Obama nixes the Keystone pipeline, costing thousands of union jobs, and pushes ObamaCare, which is playing havoc with the traditional 40-hour work week, they don’t even set up picket lines outside the White House.

What a bunch of partisan pansies! Can you imagine their rolling over this way if a Republican was pulling this stuff?

Jimmy Hoffa, Sr., must be spinning in his grave, wherever that happens to be, when he sees what a doofus little Jimmy, Jr., has turned out to be.


Connecting the Dolts

Charles Dickens famously opened “A Tale of Two Cities” with “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  If I were writing an updated version, I would announce it is the worst of times.  Wherever you turn, you are confronted by journalists, politicians and just plain folks, who make you ashamed to be a member of the same species.

These days, America is divided between the useful idiots who believe everything they read in the NY Times or hear from Obama and the useless idiots they elect to fill the seats in the House and Senate.

Primary schools used to be places of learning not only one’s ABCs, but what it means to be an American and the debt we all owe to guys named Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton.  But ever since the liberals took control of the teachers unions, and the unions gained control of the schools, they’ve been turned into laboratories of social engineering where everything from busing children across town to schools miles away from home to so-called sex education classes are conducted on the little guinea pigs.

On top of all that, the government has decided it’s their job to provide the kids with breakfast, lunch and, in some cases, even dinner.  It doesn’t really take a village to raise a child; it only takes Marxists like Bill and Hillary to say it does, although you notice they didn’t allow Chelsea to be raised by some damn village.

Others have pointed out that we are all supposed to experience moral outrage because al-Assad used sarin gas to kill 1,400 Syrians, which for some reason was supposed to trump the 120,000 who had died through such conventional means as bullets and bombs.  Others have pointed out that although 300 of the victims were children, many of the same bunch that want us to involve ourselves in a civil war involving Muslims have no problem with Planned Parenthood performing 300,000 abortions every year.

Speaking of which, I expect that someday a murderer is going to stand up in court and say in his own defense, “Of course I killed him, but that was my choice.”  If he has the right jury – say 12 women from NOW – he just might beat the rap.

We keep hearing George Santayana’s line — the one about people not learning from history being doomed to repeat it — being tossed around.  Possibly because I have studied history, I never thought very much of the quip.  What history really tells us is that most people never learn anything.  As for those of us who do, we tend to be powerless against the greedy and ignorant mob because of their sheer numbers.

I also thought it was the height of hypocrisy for Lincoln to say that God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them.  But I suppose when one is seeking to win an election, it doesn’t hurt to butter up the typical voter.  I just don’t think it’s fair to blame God for all the ignoramuses.

If you want to get a clear picture of the common man, you only have to look at how hard the Democrats have to work to get those folks to vote on Election Day.  They have to do everything but get their lazy butts out of bed and give them piggyback rides down to the polling place.  The Democrats pretend that it’s the lack of photo IDs that keep the riffraff from voting.  But even when the louts are provided with food, housing and free cell phones, in return for their votes, the majority choose to stay home and watch re-runs of “Good Times.”

It used to be my feeling that if you only got to know people as individuals, you would always find a better reason to despise them than their race, religion or odd sexual proclivity.  But these days, so many blacks, Muslims and homosexuals, have adopted a position of moral superiority combined with an insufferable sense of entitlement, I no longer feel that way.

In case you missed it, because a bakery in Gresham, Oregon, refused to bake a cake celebrating a lesbian marriage, its owner, Aaron Klein, has been forced to close its doors.  Not only were the members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community, a group that the creatures congregated at the bar in “Star Wars” would find bizarre, demonstrating outside the shop, but they were threatening to kill him and his kids.  They also threatened repercussions to the local florists and wedding planners if they continued to work with Mr. Klein.  Naturally, Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, having nothing better to do, threatened to launch an investigation.  Not into the criminal actions of the sexual freaks, but into Mr. Klein’s refusal to ignore his religious convictions.

The irony is that the place was called Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which sounds like a place that would appeal to the LGBT crowd.  Come to think of it, perhaps they were attracted by the name in the first place, and then felt betrayed in a way they wouldn’t have been if Mr. Klein had simply called it Klein’s Bakery.

Finally, consider the fallout from ObamaCare.  Although no groups outside Obama’s inner circle fought harder to get it passed, today the Catholic Church, labor unions and Hollywood, are all lined up in opposition.  The Church discovered that tucked away in the 2,500 pages of the Affordable Care Act were words that demanded it provide contraception to its employees.  The unions discovered that the law would make hash of the traditional 40-hour workweek and encourage employers to stop providing insurance.  As for Hollywood, it found that the law would lead to a loss of thousands of jobs in the industry.

All I can say is that there’s a lot to be said for poetic justice even if it doesn’t always rhyme.

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The Real War on Women – Rewarded for Killing His Wife

This isn’t the first time that I’ve been outraged to read about what convicts who commit the most heinous crimes are provided in prison.  And, I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Robert Kosilek’s story is just the latest outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money.  I’m hoping all those at the DNC last week screaming about the so-called “war on women” come out against this despicable human being who killed his wife and is now being rewarded for doing so.

Robert Kosilek killed his wife and has been in prison since 1990 serving a life sentence.  He filed two lawsuits demanding he be given, at the taxpayers’ expense, a sex change operation to treat his gender dysmorphia.  Recently, U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled Kosilek was entitled to a sex change operation because it was considered a “serious medical need.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see this as a ”serious medical need.”  In my mind, “serious medical need” is something that saves you from dying.  This isn’t a life or death situation.

I read he “tried” to commit suicide while in prison and “tried” to castrate himself.  What does that mean, “he tried.”  Doesn’t sound that difficult.  What was he using?  A Play-Doh knife?  Maybe he tried to commit suicide because he felt guilty for killing his wife.  Did anyone think of that?

Kosilek’s case has become the cause célèbre for the transgender community and I can only imagine what kind of slippery slope we’re now on.  Kristina Wertz, director of policy and programs at the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco, said upon hearing the Judge’s decision, “It’s great to see a judge recognize that transition-related health care is medically necessary health care and that

transgender prisoners are entitled to the same health care that other folks who are incarcerated receive.”

I personally know transgendered people and, although they suffered emotionally during their lives before their surgery, it was never life-threatening like the need for a new kidney or the removal of a malignant tumor.  Because insurance companies don’t pay for this very expensive surgery, the people I know have actually saved up their own money to pay for their own treatment themselves.  What a novel idea.

So, once again, you have a convicted murderer getting benefits he wouldn’t receive had he been a law-abiding citizen.  Not only did Kosilek commit the ultimate crime – taking another person’s life – but in so doing, committed a crime against society as a whole.  And, now, he reaps benefits far beyond what would’ve been available to him had he not done so.

It isn’t enough that we, the taxpayers, have to pay for prisoners’ food, clothing and shelter, cable and satellite television, computer access, fitness equipment, electricity, water, gas, psychiatric and health care – all things that we as law-abiding citizens have to pay for ourselves – but we now have to pay for elective surgical procedures.  What’s next – botox injections, face lifts, boob jobs, tummy tucks?  Will we have to start paying for inmates’ Viagra?

This is a man who has done absolutely nothing positive for society and is now being rewarded.  If he’s transferred to a woman’s prison, will anyone female inmate be safe around this guy?  Yet, Ms. Wertz thinks this is great.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.