A Different War on Women

There’s been a lot of talk lately, from Hillary Clinton and her loyal allies both in and out of the media, about what a woman-hating crude and vulgar jerk Donald Trump is. Let’s face it: Donald brings a lot of this on himself.

When you refer to women as “fat,” “pig,” “Miss Piggy,” and “slob,” to cite just a few of Donald’s terms of endearment — and when you brag – unknowingly on a hot mic — about grabbing and kissing beautiful women against their will because you’re a “star” and can get away with it, you’re not going to win any awards from the National Organization for Women.

It’s a good thing that Donald Trump is a man who “cherishes women.” No need to take my word for it. Just ask him.

The best defense Trump can make for himself – besides that he’s guilty of nothing more than “locker room talk” –  is that if you would just think about it, you’d see that he doesn’t single out women for his attacks; he’s crude and vulgar to men too – especially if their name is Marco, Ted or Jeb.

But as bad as Donald is, there is a certain amount of stomach-turning hypocrisy when it comes to his supposed misogyny. In case you didn’t know, there is such a thing as a Liberal War on Women.

In 1991, when a self-proclaimed rock groupie named Connie Hamzy said Bill Clinton propositioned her at a hotel in Little Rock in the 1980s, a story he was happy to brush off, Hillary didn’t see it that way. “We have to destroy her story,” she said.

How do we know this? Did some right wing Hillary hater make the claim? No. The quote comes in a book called All Too Human – by Clinton family pal George Stephanopoulos who was communications director in Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign.

When Gennifer Flowers claimed she had an affair with Bill Clinton – an allegation he long denied – Hillary trashed Flowers as “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t have much of a resume to fall back on” and told Esquire magazine in 1992 that if she had an opportunity to cross-examine Flowers, “I mean, I would crucify her.”

Why not? Flowers was a liar, right? No, again. Six years later, Bill Clinton changed his story and admitted he did have a sexual affair with Jennifer Flowers.

Then there’s the case of Paula Jones who was a low level Arkansas state employee when Bill Clinton was governor. She says (in a statement made under penalty of perjury) that the governor summoned her to his hotel room in Little Rock during a conference, and after allegedly putting his hand on her leg and moving it upward, “Mr. Clinton then walked over to the sofa, lowered his trousers and underwear, exposed” himself and made a lewd suggestion.

This prompted a response from another Clinton loyalist, James Carville, who said: “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find.”

This was not simply an attempt to de-legitimize Paula Jones. It was a cruel attempt to humiliate her.

As for Hillary, who portrays herself as a champion of women, she wasn’t about to let a bunch of “bimbos” derail her husband’s presidential aspirations. According to the Washington Post, “When Bill Clinton launched a presidential run in 1991, his wife and senior staff considered how to deal with what came to be known as “bimbo eruptions.”

Then, after he became president and got involved with another young woman, this time an intern in the White House, Hillary dismissed the intern, Monica Lewinsky, as a ““narcissistic loony toon” – this according to a very close friend of Hillary, who made the notation in her diary.

There’s more. Much more. But this isn’t simply about ancient history. It’s about what’s going on right now.

Right after the recent town hall presidential debate, Joy Behar, one of the chatterboxes on “The View” who sometimes thinks she’s a political scientist, called some of the women who had consensual sex with Bill Clinton “tramps.” With feminist friends like this, who needs enemies? A day later, Behar said, sorry, it was just an attempt at humor. Sure!

And then Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, another Clinton supporter, went on a liberal radio show and described Bill Clinton’s accusers – the ones who attended the debate as guests of Donald Trump — as “middle aged-looking women” who were “not looking their best, perhaps looking much better, you know, 40 years ago.”

I thought liberals were the ones who lecture us about how we shouldn’t judge women by their looks; that that was sexist. But apparently sexism is okay if the women in the crosshairs represent an inconvenient obstacle on Hillary Clinton’s road to the Oval Office.

As for Donald Trump, when he tells us how much he cherishes women, most of us just roll our eyes. We know what he really is. When Hillary and her surrogates tell us she’s an advocate for women, we’re supposed to take them seriously. But when it suits their political interests, these sensitive liberals will ruthlessly smear anyone – including any woman — who gets in their way. It’s not hard to do when you think of them as bimbos.