Today, July 4th, I Am Declaring …

Editor’s Note: This is a non-member column (open to all). 

I watched every minute of both nights of the Democratic Presidential Debates and I owe each of the candidates a great big thank you.  Thank you, Democratic candidates, for reminding me why I left your party and became a Republican.

That transition happened a long time ago when Democrats were merely over the top tax-and-spend liberals. Those were the good old days.

Now, progressives have hijacked the bus and are driving it over the cliff.

We’re a polarized nation and the progressives aren’t doing anything to bring us closer together. Not with their open hostility to business, to success; not when they minimize our progress on race and still talk about America as a racist country; not when they shamelessly pander to the greed of voters by offering them all sorts of “free” stuff that would bankrupt the country; and not when they readily admit that they want to fundamentally change this country.

Bill di Blasio, the progressive mayor of New York who’s running for president, actually said that, “There is plenty of money in this world, and there’s plenty of money in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands. Democrats have to fix that.”

Karl Marx would be proud.

We need a break.  We need a new way to look at our problems.  We need a visionary.  We need someone who has the capacity to heal our wounds. We desperately need someone who is … different.

And so, I’ve chosen this great day, July 4th, the day we commemorate our independence, to make an important announcement.  Today I am proud to declare that I am endorsing … wait for it! … Marianne Williamson for president.

OK, I admit, until the debate I had no idea who she was or what she was doing on the stage.  I thought maybe she was somebody’s girlfriend who didn’t want to watch the show from the green room.

Then she spoke, and I swooned. So did another conservative commentator, Jim Geraghty of National Review.

“I wonder if non-Republicans felt about Donald Trump in 2016 the way I, and it seems quite a few other conservatives, feel about Marianne Williamson,” he wrote.“Marianne, you beautiful lunatic. Every time you spoke, I didn’t know whether you were going to do a rain dance, cast a hex, or hold a séance. On those rare moments you got a chance to talk, I leaned forward because I had no idea what kind of absolute insanity was going to come out of your mouth. It was as riveting as a hostage situation. She contends Americans have chronic illnesses because of ‘chemical policies,’ she wonders where the rest of the field has been for decades (er, in public office), and her first call will be to the prime minister of New Zealand, and she wants to harness the power of love for political purposes. In many ways, she is exactly the candidate that today’s Democratic party deserves.”

Exactly, right?

And if not Marianne, who?

Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? Bernie can’t say the word “billionaire” without spitting on anyone in the same zip code. And Ms. Warren was a great disappointment because while several other candidates proudly made their case in their native language, Spanish, Ms. Warren didn’t utter a single word in Cherokee.

Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? The Hickenlooper guy? Sure if all you want is a … politician.

So, Marianne Williamson, the author of “A Return to Love” and many other self-help books, is the obvious choice.

And I can’t wait for the big debate – the one between her and Donald Trump.  I wouldn’t miss that if I were in a coma.

This is the woman who wrote, “Each of us has a unique part to play in the healing of the world.” That was in her book, “The Law of Divine Compensation: Mastering the Metaphysics of Abundance.”

All I can say is …  WOW!

And she’s the woman who said, “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.”

How good things really are? Try telling that to your fellow Dems running for president who talk as if we’re in the midst of the Great Depression.

And how about this from Ms. Williamson: “We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present.”

Serious question:  Would you rather have her as the Democratic nominee or Eric Swalwell, the guy who’s entire platform consists of, “Joe Biden is old and I’m not old.”

At the debate, Marianne will walk over to Donald and put love beads around his neck before gently placing a white lily in his orange hair.

And Mr. Trump will respond with, “You’re not my type, besides you’re a loser and a maniac” before declaring that because she never served in public office she’s unfit to be president.

It could be the first presidential debate on pay per view.  Please God, let it happen.


Tomorrow I’ll host the usual Friday Q & A session in this space.  And Monday morning my next column will go up … about Liberals Who Hate Free Speech.