10 Years After 9-11

Anniversaries — even those of such tragic events as 12-7-41 and 9-11-01 — are occasions which cause us to reflect and take stock. What the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers should teach us is to be forever on the alert. Not since the days of the Redcoats have our nation’s enemies behaved like gentlemen, and it is high time that we learned that enemies often strike without warning. We should expect them to gouge our eyes and knee our groin, and if we’re not prepared to do likewise, we shall remain at the mercy of the unmerciful.

On a Sunday in 1941, America discovered that Japan was our mortal enemy, and we spent the better part of the next four years teaching them a well-deserved lesson. On the other hand, in the wake of 9-11, our leaders told us time and again that Islam was a peaceful religion. Moreover, the media tried to convince us that the Palestinians were the good guys in the conflict with Israel, that a mosque at Ground Zero would serve as a monument to good fellowship, and that it was a swell idea to elect as our president a left-wing bigot named Barack Hussein Obama.

New York Fire Fighter calls for 10 colleagues

If I read all this in a book, I’d be sure it was not only a work of fiction, but one of the goofier ones in the science fiction genre.

The fact that a mere seven years after being attacked by Muslims, we elected a guy who spent his early years in Islamic schools in Indonesia; his most formative years being raised in Hawaii by white socialists and tutored by a black communist; and his adulthood, attending a black racist church in Chicago, while hanging around with unrepentant radical terrorists, strongly suggests that America should have had its head examined.

How on earth did we elect a guy who can’t throw a baseball? For that matter, how did we elect a guy who is America’s number one celebrity but has never had a woman step forward to say she dated him in high school or college when we all know that such a person could get a couple of million bucks sharing her experiences with Diane Sawyer or the National Enquirer?

This was a guy who insisted that the problem with both the Founding Fathers and the leaders of the Civil Rights Movement was that neither group did anything about redistributing wealth. He also promised that his energy policy would not only destroy the coal industry, but send America’s energy costs soaring.

How shameless does a man have to be who spends months berating millionaires and billionaires, and then turns his 50th birthday party into a fund-raising event with tickets going for $35,000 and then spends his summer vacation with the very rich and moderately famous on Martha’s Vineyard? And let us not forget that all of this hobnobbing with the well-to-do comes on the heels of Michelle and the kids vacationing in Africa at a cost to the lowly taxpayer of $800,000.

In what was supposed to be a charming, self-deprecating, line, Obama said in 2008, after bowling a pathetic 37, “My economic plan is better than my bowling score.” But, as it turns out, he was mistaken. For one thing, his score was only an embarrassment to himself, whereas his economic policy has bankrupted the nation, increased unemployment, made us more dependent on foreign oil and cost us our triple-A credit rating.

Showing the colors

Atlanta Motor Speedway Sept. 3, 2011. (by Matt Weaver)

Shortly after being elected, he said that if his policies didn’t turn America’s economy around, he would only be a one-term president. When he made that statement, unemployment stood at 7.1%. It is now 9.1%. If this were the real world instead of the world of politics, America’s CEO would be turning in his resignation.

Instead, in a desperate attempt to keep a job that he is totally unfit to have, he engages in class and race warfare, questioning the patriotism of Republicans, Tea Party members and every other rational American who rebels against modeling our nation after Europe’s left-wing nanny states. If only Obama spent more time keeping up with the news, and less time gazing adoringly into a mirror, he would notice that Europe has fallen prey to a cancer, socialism, that is every bit as malignant and dangerous as the Soviet Union ever was.

We can only hope and pray that on the 11th anniversary of 9-11, we will be on the verge of sending the Obamas back to Chicago, a city with a world-class zoo that houses a variety of odd critters, but none quite as odd or as loathsome as Barack.

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