Another Reason Liberals Make Me Laugh

Neither side has cornered the market on hypocrisy.  The conservative kind embarrasses me, because that’s my team and I can’t defend it. The liberal variety, on the other hand, makes me laugh — at them, not with them.

Remember the suburban New York newspaper, the Journal News – the paper that printed the names and addresses of area residents with gun permits?  Well, the Journal News got a lot of flak for their anti-gun stunt, a lot of phone calls and emails that the paper found threatening.

So what did the Journal News do in the face of so much criticism?  It hired security guards to protect its offices and its employees.  Security guards … with guns.

Get it?  The journalists at the newspaper believe that guns are bad if they protect you … but they’re good if they protect the people at the Journal News – even though they don’t like guns.

Then there’s President Obama.  After the terrible tragedy at Newtown he was asked if having armed guards in schools was a good idea.

“I am skeptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools,” he said. “And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem.”

So he’s not keen on guns in schools to protect somebody else’s kids, but perfectly fine with guns in schools protecting his kids — which is exactly how it works since his daughters not only have armed Secret Service agents watching out for their safety … but the school his daughters attend also has armed guards on duty to protect the children.  But that makes sense, I guess, because special kids go to that school.

And finally, we have Al Gore, a textbook liberal who thinks the rich need to pay their “fair share.”  Except for one liberal:  Al Gore.

As you know by now Mr. Gore sold his stake in Current TV to al Jazeera for somewhere between $70 and $100 million.  But he wanted to close the deal by midnight on December 31, 2012 – to avoid the higher tax rates that went into effect on January 1.

As the philosopher Jane Addams so elegantly put it:  “The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of myself.”