Don’t Tell Me What To Do

It seem every time I turn around, someone is telling me what to do.  I’m supposed to use some sort of “clear” detergent for my clothes; a particular type of soap for my dishes; PETA tries to tell me what to wear and what not to eat; Michelle Obama is telling what to eat and how much I should exercise; the government is telling me what kind of light bulbs I have to use; local governments are telling me what I should use to carry my groceries; the fed is requiring me to buy health insurance; if I was an employer, they’d tell me what health insurance I have to provide to my employees regardless of my conscience; and, there’s, of course, Mr. President telling me what I should drive.  Well, when I become a Tibetan monk and practice self-immolation, maybe then I’ll buy a Chevy Volt.  Until then, I’ll stick with my gas-guzzler.

Well, being the obstinate Brooklyn gal I am, I’ll go kicking and screaming before I adhere to any of this nonsense.  Yes, I eat well and exercise daily but not because Mrs. Obama is telling me to.  I don’t wear a fur coat because it doesn’t get that cold here but I do have two fur scarves that I love.  I do use reusable bags for my groceries not because my local government is in the midst of banning plastic bags but because I liked the idea of getting $.05 off my bill for using them.  I use “clear” detergents not because they’re good for the environment because I’ve got a nose like a bloodhound and I’m very particular about how my clothes smell after washing them.  I carry health insurance not because the government is trying to force me to buy it, but because it’s a smart thing to do.  Well, light bulbs… we’re not going to have much choice about those pretty soon.  But I’m not going to like it even though they will save me money.

All this came to mind while I was watching Bill O’Reilly interview the Director of Public Citizens’ Energy Program, Tyson Slocum.  Of course he’s got his little talking points about how the government should spend billions of more dollars on “green” technology and alternative energy sources.

Mr. Slocum begins the interview with the bold statement, “We have to start with the notion that we will never have cheap gas again” and then proceeded from there based on his false premise.

Mr. Slocum, if we accept your notion that we’ll never have cheap gas again, it’s because our President won’t allow drilling, he refused to permit the Keystone pipeline from Canada and the EPA has a stranglehold on the construction of new refineries, just to name a few.

No matter how O’Reilly tried to question him on why the government rather than private companies should be involved with all this, Mr. Slocum was unable to point to one successful government venture into alternative energy.  He didn’t have an argument when faced with the fact that wind farms here in thePacific Northwest – built with government subsidies and maintained with tax credits – are now getting paid to shut down because of an oversupply of renewable power.   How does that make any sense?

I’ve written on more than one occasion about the Fisker Karma$100,000 automobile which isn’t quite on the scale of the Solyndra debacle but it still involves a whole lot of taxpayer money.  Well, the 4-wheeled fiasco broke down after Consumer Reports bought the car but before it could even do its testing and reviewing.

I don’t like anyone telling me what to do and I sure as hell don’t like the government doing it.  Stay the hell out of my garage, my shopping cart, my kitchen and my closet!

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.


Fox Movietone News logoWhen I was a kid, next to the cartoon, one of my favorite things at the movies was the weekly newsreel. In fact, unless the cartoon starred Tom and Jerry, I often enjoyed the newsreel more.

For those too young to remember, in the days before TV, these 10-minute films generally included some politician, usually FDR or Harry Truman, giving a speech or tossing out the first ball at an All Star Game; celebrities showing up for a movie premiere; bathing beauties water-skiing in Florida; highlights from an Army-Navy football game; an exhibition of trick bowling or pool shooting by Andy Varipapa or Willie Hoppe, respectively; and, on their birthday, an update on the status of the Dionne Quintuplets of Canada. At its conclusion, we would all be urged to buy War Bonds or, once WWII ended, to contribute to the March of Dimes in order to stamp out infantile paralysis.

Something else I recall from those long-ago movie-going days is how often movies had priests in feature roles. Just a short list of the major stars who took their turn wearing a turnaround collar were Bing Crosby, Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy, Barry Fitzgerald, Montgomery Clift and Pat O’Brien. Some wag once observed that in those days, Jewish movie moguls told American Protestants how to be better Catholics.

Because my parents started taking me to the movies when I was just three or four, it was inevitable that I would sometimes draw the wrong messages from the newsreels. On one occasion which has become family legend, although I don’t recall it, my folks looked outside our Pine Grove Avenue apartment in Chicago and saw me doing the goosestep on the sidewalk. One or both of them ran out and grabbed me before the neighbors saw me and decided that we weren’t really Jewish, but were actually members of the Nazi Bund. I guess while watching newsreels, I had decided that it was a very amusing way to walk.

It’s hard to imagine now, when, between TV and the Internet, we get our news 24/7, that there was a time when newspapers, Time, Life, and such producers of newsreels as Hearst Metrotone, Pathe News and Fox Movietone , were all we had. In a way, I miss those times. These days, the bad news bombards us so relentlessly, there’s barely time to catch our breath.

For instance, when the rapes, murders, anti-Semitic posters and drug use, at the Occupy Wall Street events were called to the attention of Rep. Maxine Waters, she said, “That’s life and it happens.” She felt that even mentioning such matters “is a distraction from the mission of calling attention to the unfairness of the system.” I’m trying to recall if she ever said similar things about the Tea Party movement, which has a similar mission, but one they manage to conduct without the rapes, murders, drugs and anti-Semitism.

Tom and JerrySometimes, when tragic events such as the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, even religious people must find themselves wondering if God fell asleep at the switch. But then along comes the Keystone XL oil pipeline, and all doubts vanish. I mean, who else but God could have created such a dilemma for Obama? And what could be better than seeing Obama caught between a rock (wealthy environmental zealots) and a hard place (blue collar unions)? By kicking the oil pipeline all the way into 2013, Mr. Pass-My-Jobs-Bill-or-Else sends the message that 20,000 good-paying jobs and American energy concerns aren’t nearly as important as keeping his big money Hollywood contributors happy.

It’s not just Obama, Waters and their Washington cronies, who are in line for distemper shots. Consider PETA. Where do these people come from? I mean, nobody likes animals more than I do. But when the head of the group was a guest on Dennis Prager’s radio show, she seriously insisted that even cockroaches have rights. When Prager asked her how she felt about abortions, she said that PETA doesn’t have a position on the unborn. So, as Mr. Prager concluded, according to PETA, a cockroach has more rights than a human fetus. And these people aren’t embarrassed to be seen in public.

When Jon Corzine was running for re-election as the governor of New Jersey, Obama went there countless times to campaign for him, and Joe Biden referred to Corzine as his favorite financial expert. After Chris Christie defeated him, Corzine went on to be the CEO of MF Global, which not only went bankrupt nearly as quickly as Solyndra, but managed to misplace $1.2 billion of its investors’ money before going out of business. Makes you wonder what the “MF” stood for. And how do you manage to lose track of over a billion dollars? I mean, sometimes I forget where I put my car keys, but I’m pretty sure that even I could keep track of that large a pile of money.

Finally, am I the only person who appears to notice a strange pattern forming in our nation’s capital? It appears that nobody involved with this administration will read anything but a menu. Several Democrats who voted for the trillion dollar Stimulus admitted they hadn’t read the bill. Eric Holder confessed, after filing a federal lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration bill, that he hadn’t bothered to read the 13-page document. More recently, the Attorney General claimed he hadn’t read any of several memos his underlings had sent him regarding “Fast & Furious.”

Energy Chief Steven Chu, while defending the half billion dollars given to Solyndra, claimed he hadn’t read any of the memos his underlings had sent him, warning him that Solyndra’s chance of success weren’t half as good as that snowball that somehow found itself in Hell.

The most egregious example, though, is Barack Obama, who, rumor has it, once started reading the Constitution, but quit as soon as he saw that it didn’t deal with the redistribution of wealth.

©2011 Burt Prelutsky. Comments? Write!
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Delay Execution, But Not Abortion

A couple of stories caught my eye this week.  One was about those whacky, naked kids over at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), protesting in Seattle against fishing because fish are intelligent, sensitive animals that feel stress and pain when they are hooked or hauled up in nets.

On a more somber note, the fate of convicted murderer, Troy Davis, hung in the balance hoping that somehow, some way, he would be spared a lethal injection in Georgia for the 1989 killing of off-duty policeman, Mark MacPhail.  After twenty-two years of legal maneuvers, including a new trial granted by the U.S. Supreme Court for the first time in fifty years, he was executed on Wednesday night.

On one end you have the loons at PETA concerned about the pain fish feel and on the other you have the worldwide protests outside our embassies in Paris and London as well as here in the States, to spare a man who was lawfully convicted and afforded every appellate procedure allowed under our system of justice.  Like it or not, twenty-two years later, Mr. Davis had a tenacious group of defenders who exhausted every avenue of review on his behalf.

Among Davis’ numerous supporters were the NAACP, and, of course the ACLU.

Should that surprise any of us?  Probably not.  But while they shout at the top of their lungs about why a convicted murderer should be spared, they also vigorously oppose the rights of the millions of innocent unborn babies being aborted by the millions in this civilized country.

For example, in Atlanta where 60% of abortions are of black babies, the NAACP repudiated the Radiance Foundation’s billboard campaign with the message “The 13th Amendment Freed us, Abortion Enslaves Us”  yet openly supports Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

Even more surprising is the about-face taken by the NAACP on a bill in Georgia which would’ve made it a crime to abort a child because of its race or gender.  While the local NAACP initially endorsed the bill, it later had a change of heart.  Looks like when it comes to abortion, politics trumps race every time.

This past summer Planned Parenthood along with the ACLU opposed a state law that required women to wait three days and receive counseling before aborting the baby.

Arkansas’ “Unborn Child Pain Awareness and Prevention Act” which requires doctors to give patients seeking abortions at 20 weeks or older information on fetal pain 24 hours before the procedure was opposed by the ACLU.  It also opposed Wyoming’s law which required doctors to provide mothers with ultrasound information.

Both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood similarly opposed Alabama’s recently enacted “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.”  California’s “Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act of 2006” was also opposed by the ACLU.

The PETA loons are so concerned about the stress and pain of fish, I’d really like to know what they think about the stress and pain an unborn child feels during an abortion.

The ACLU, while supporting endless motions, petitions, writs and other legal maneuverings, requesting the judicial system to take a moment, sit back and reflect on the fate of this convicted murderer, it supports no such time for introspection when it comes to abortion– it opposes every bill which would require the mother to take a moment, sit back and reflect on the fate of her unborn child.

I don’t get it, but if you do, God bless you.