Buckle Up For A Bumpy Ride

Anyone who believes that the GOP will have a newly chastened Obama to deal with in 2015 must be living in one of those states where marijuana was recently legalized. After all, the same guy who referred to the 2010 midterms as a shellacking for the Democrats dismissed the even more impressive 2014 drubbing with a shrug and “The Republicans had a good night.”

As for the two-thirds of registered who didn’t bother voting, Obama said, “I hear you.” At first, that struck me as truly bizarre.  He hears what people who aren’t talking are saying? But then I took a look at those ears of his and decided that, like our dog Angel, who apparently has the ability to hear the mailman even when he’s three houses away, Obama’s jug handles aren’t merely decorative.

Furthermore, he let us know that his idea of compromise was for the Republicans to tell him which of his bills and policies they were ready to support. Compromise should be the last thing on the minds of Boehner and McConnell. After all, they just received a mandate that dwarfs the one Obama boasted he had after winning a squeaker in 2012. And in 2009, lest we forget, the Great Compromiser took his rightful place at the top of the list of Bad Losers. Or as one of my readers, Algirdas Carneckis, put it, “I would love to be there to hear John McCain tell Obama: ‘We won, you lost.’”

One lesson I assume the Democrats learned after Mark Udall in Colorado and Wendy Davis in Texas got thumped is that the phony GOP War on Women is officially over and, happily, its last two victims were those who waged it incessantly.

Fortunately, the GOP ran gaffe-free campaigns. The only wrong note that I was aware of was an email signed by Sarah Palin, seeking contributions to help Rob Maness win the Senate race in Louisiana. It arrived the day after Maness received 14% of the vote, running a distant third to Landrieu and Cassidy.

On the other hand, Tea Party favorites Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, all did themselves proud, campaigning far and wide for Republicans of every persuasion.

I also received an email from a friend of mine, letting me know that I should rejoice because 33% of my fellow Jews actually voted for Republican candidates. It seems that in midterms, we average just 26% and that 2014 marked a 30 year high. That sound you hear is me pounding my head against a wall.

If I were John Boehner or Mitch McConnell, I would urge House and Senate Republicans to pass every bill on their wish list along to the White House. Give America a chance to see Obama in action, vetoing legislation that calls for finally closing the border; drilling for oil on federal land; building the Keystone pipeline; cutting corporate taxes; deconstructing the Affordable Care Act; whittling the EPA down to a manageable size; getting the federal government out of the education racket; and bulking up the military and using it to actually win any war in which we have a legitimate reason to be engaged.

Obama has spent four years damning the House Republicans as obstructionists, claiming they’re the reason nothing got done. Now that he can no longer use Harry Reid as his own personal goalie, making sure that legislation he dislikes never reaches the Senate floor, let alone his desk, even the dumbest liberals will get a gander at what true obstructionism looks like.

If Obama carries through on his threat to make illegal Latinos legal, House Republicans can retaliate by cutting funding for the Democratic base’s pet projects, and they should start with Planned Parenthood and the National Endowment of the Arts. In fact, they should do that even if Obama backs off on his threat.

I know that the Democrats keep trying to convince us that open borders are the main concern of Hispanics. I don’t believe it. Their chief concern is the economy, and additional cheap labor only serves to undercut their earning power.

After all, Mexico is nearby. If they miss their relatives so damn much, they can always go down and visit them.

The folks who really champion illegal aliens are Latino politicians who are looking to inflate their influence; the Catholic Church, which seeks to fill its pews and collection plates; and the folks –Democrats and Republicans, alike – who own hotels, restaurants and large farms, and want a steady flow of cheap labor.

Those who have a vested interest in keeping the borders porous portray those of us who argue that a sovereign nation either maintains control of immigration or it is no longer a sovereign nation as racists. Their contention is that we simply hate Mexicans and Central Americans and wouldn’t be at all concerned if the illegal aliens were all from Sweden. Well, the fact is that we now have upwards of 20 million illegal Hispanics in America. To give you a better sense of that number, if every person living in the Nordic nations – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway — packed up today and moved, lock, stock and leverpastej, to America, the total number would only be 25 million.

We keep hearing we shouldn’t shut down our borders, even though every other nation on earth regards protecting its homeland as its first order of business, and that these Hispanics are all hard-working and wish to pay their own way. But the fact is they don’t; most of them depend entirely or in great part on the largesse of American taxpayers for their health care, their schooling and their welfare checks. Even if you ignore the numbers who are involved in crime, there is still a perception in their ranks that America is one big juicy piñata.

Finally it is time to report the results of the latest Prelutsky poll, which asked respondents whether they identify themselves as Tea Party or Republican.

I heard from 141 readers, 129 of whom called themselves Republicans; a dozen, Tea Partiers. It should be said that at least 40 of the 129 had kind words to say about the Tea Party. The general feeling, at least from those who let me know they are true conservatives, was that the Tea Party serves to keep the GOP from veering too far away from basic constitutional principles.

The main objection, one I happen to share, was that those in the Tea Party too often appear to despise Republican moderates more than they do Progressives, and instead of following the sterling example of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee, and displaying a united front on Election Day, often seem willing to stay home and allow Democrats free rein to destroy America.

As I see it, if you’re unwilling to settle for what you regard as the lesser of two evils, you are, it seems pretty clear, encouraging the greater.

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Raw Sewage

It has been 50 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated and, as a result, he and his untimely death have naturally received a huge amount of media attention. The problem, as I see it, is that the entire city of Dallas, Texas, continues to be tarred all these years later. For one thing, his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was born in New Orleans. For another thing, what makes Dallas a pariah when no such labeling is attached to Memphis, where Martin Luther King was killed, or Los Angeles, the scene of Robert Kennedy’s murder?

The females who support Planned Parenthood, it seems to me, are either mutants or space aliens. How else to explain the fact they experience the same joy in an abortion that normal women find in the birth of an infant? Except for the way these faux females dress, they are very similar to the Arab and Muslim women who are in rapture when one of their offspring explodes a suicide bomb.

It recently occurred to me that it might be time to create a list of political comparatives. To get the ball rolling, I submit “as articulate as Nancy Pelosi,” “as civil as Alec Baldwin,” “as photogenic as (Henry Waxman) (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz),” as sane as Sean Penn” or “as truthful as Barack Obama.”

Speaking of which, there was a great deal of speculation as to why Obama snubbed the event celebrating the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s delivering the Gettysburg Address. Some people were astounded, particularly in light of the fact that Obama has played up the Illinois connection to the 16th President, going so far as to be twice sworn into office on Lincoln’s own Bible.

I happen to believe that for once he was being totally transparent. After all, he has always done his best to avoid showing up at venues unless they were packed with college students, union members, welfare recipients or factories owned by his major campaign bundlers. When he showed up in St. Louis for an All Star game a few years ago, he even went so far as to be driven onto the field seated next to hometown legend Stan Musial in order to ward off the boo-birds.

So it figures that now, when he has been proven to be a serial liar, he’s not about to show up anywhere he was likely be heckled or where thousands of average Americans just might channel their inner Joe Wilson and holler “You lie!” at this pathetic excuse for a human being, let alone a President.

In case you’ve been wondering why Democrats are always so anxious to raise the minimum wage, it’s not just because it plays well with their base, making them look compassionate even though the reality is that each increase means fewer jobs for the unskilled; it’s also because union contracts often contain riders that are tied to the minimum wage and automatically kick in, forcing employers to hike their pay. So any time you hear a union leader bloviating about worker solidarity, the appropriate response is to hit him with a crowbar.

The inevitable failure of the Affordable Care Act was obvious to anyone who ever saw the Soviet Union in action. Joseph Stalin was always announcing massive five-year plans, but whether they dealt with agriculture, construction or industrial productivity, the one thing you could always count on was abject failure. That’s because government bureaucrats are invariably incompetent. No amount of Stalinist speeches or NY Times propagandistic editorials could conceal the fact that the despot’s various commissars had no idea how to plant or harvest wheat, erect apartment buildings or build tractors. All they knew how to do was to announce quotas, lie about meeting them, and compete for favor with other petty officials.

Speaking of those who should be hanging from lampposts as an example to others of their kind, in just one recent three month period, the commissars at the EPA proposed 6,000 new regulations. We know these louts never think, but do they also never sleep? That’s 67 regulations a day, including weekends. This is the same EPA that is so inept that even environmental zealots have complained that the agency’s ethanol policy is entirely responsible for destroying millions of acres of conservation land.

Although I was initially upset with John Roberts for providing the necessary vote to green light ObamaCare, I then decided that he simply hoped to avoid getting the Supreme Court entangled in yet another Roe v. Wade type controversy, assuming, as I did, that the people could easily resolve the problem a few months down the road by electing Romney.

But, now as we see Obama’s popularity plummeting like a rock and congressional Democrats behaving like rats abandoning a sinking ship, with even worse to come for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi as we get closer to the 2014 mid-term elections, I would like to personally apologize to the Chief Justice and, furthermore, suggest that Republicans honor him as Man of the Year. He has surely done more for the future of the GOP than Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, put together.

Finally, by this time, I expect you are all aware that Toronto’s mayor, Doug Ford, has admitted to misconduct involving booze, crack cocaine and prostitutes. But what you may not know is that Mayor Ford is, of all things, a conservative.

All I can say is, holy cow — can you imagine what Canadian liberals must be like?!

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Election, 2016

When it comes to the possible GOP presidential candidate three years hence, the names we hear most often are Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie. For some reason, possibly because he was part of a losing ticket in 2012, you don’t hear much about my personal favorite, Paul Ryan. What I fear most is that whoever emerges victorious from the bloodbath known as Republican primaries will resemble the survivor of a train wreck after all the other contenders have had at him with brickbats, blackjacks and broken bottles.

In the meantime, unless some catastrophic medical issue, such as a burst appendix or an inflamed ego, sidelines her, the other side will try to finish off Obama’s eight year attempt to radically transform America by lumbering us with eight years of Hillary Clinton. Although, based on her own words (“I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.”) I don’t think she has the constitutional right to serve a third term, but, apparently, in light of Obama’s election and re-election, the Constitution no longer applies when it comes to Democratic candidates.

In light of the fact that Mrs. Clinton stands an even better chance of being the candidate in 2016 than she had in 2008, it bears being reminded of who it really is that lurks behind the endless array of pantsuits and frozen smiles.

To me, she has always resembled a Gorgon. Those were the three sisters, Medusa, Stheno and Euryale, in Greek mythology who had snakes for hair, and if you looked into their eyes, you were turned to stone. And never has she been more Gorgon-like than when she appeared before the congressional committee earlier this year and, referencing the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his three courageous associates, attempted to display moral outrage by growling: “At this late date, what difference does it really make who killed them?”

But that was merely the latest of her unfortunate, but revealing, remarks. She also said: “It is a violation of human rights when babies are denied food, or drowned, or suffocated, or had their spines broken, simply because they are born girls.” How odd that in attacking China’s despicable birth policy, she was unaware that by extension she was attacking Planned Parenthood’s anti-birth policy.

Other reminders that she was an acolyte of Saul Alinsky can be found in the following Clintonisms: “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.” “It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity.” “We can’t just let business go on as usual, and that means something has to be taken away from some people.” “We have to build a political consensus, and that requires people to give up a little bit of their own in order to create this common ground.” “I certainly think the free market has failed.”

But the arrogant disregard for the values that shaped America did not begin or end with her husband’s election in 1992. As a 27-year-old, Hillary Rodman was fired from the Watergate investigation by Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat who supervised her work with the House Judiciary Committee. When asked why he gave her the boot, Zeifman said: “Because she’s a liar. She’s an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

In addition, Hillary wrote a brief “that was so fraudulent and ridiculous,” Zeifman was convinced she would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge. Imagine, Chelsea could have wound up with two disbarred lawyers sharing her Thanksgiving turkey.

It probably comes as no big surprise that a few years earlier, young Hillary Rodham decided to spend a summer interning for the Oakland law firm known as Treuhaft, Walker & Bernstein, even though its offices were 2,500 miles from Yale. Do you think the attraction might have been the fact that two of the partners were or had been members of the Communist Party, and the client rolls included a number of their fellow party members, along with draft resisters and, naturally, this being Oakland in the 70s, the Black Panther Party?

One can only assume there hadn’t been an opening that summer at Hillary’s first choice: the law firm of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe.

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The Problem With Being a Republican, Bonus: Connecting the Dolts

There are times when I can’t help wishing I were a Democrat. It certainly would have helped my writing career. I mean, look at the folks who make a handsome living for no other reason than that they’re liberals. I’m not even referring to politicians. Obviously, the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Henry Waxman and Barbara Boxer, would be begging at freeway off-ramps and sleeping under bridges in a logical world. But I’m talking about all those others.

For instance, look at the folks who become liberal icons. There are the folks, like Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin, who get to pass themselves off as comedians by merely making crass remarks about people such as George Bush and Sarah Palin.

Then there are those, such as Sandra Fluke, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and Lena Dunham, who have achieved heroine status by arguing that colleges should provide their students with free contraception, that abortions should be legal long after the five month deadline has come and gone, and produced a 2012 political ad that suggested that voting for Obama was the same as having sex for the first time. And Ms. Dunham was not suggesting that it might be both painful and embarrassing.

On the other hand, here am I, even after six books and nearly 1300 articles making the case for conservatism, but Rush Limbaugh has never heard of me, Drudge doesn’t include my blog with the 500 others he finds space to promote at his Report and even after spending months trying every which way I could to offer my writing services to the Romney campaign, I never even received a rejection.

What’s more, I have never been invited on Fox. Heck, if I were a liberal, I would probably have my own show on MSNBC and get to hang out with Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Al Sharpton. Okay, I grant there are worse things in life than flying below the radar.

Speaking of those who lie for a living, I keep hearing that Iran’s new president, Hassan Rhumani, is waging a charm offensive. Amazing what some people regard as charm. This is the same guy who bragged that Iran was able to con the West while continuing to enrich uranium while racing to manufacture a nuclear bomb. Now we have Assad and Putin playing us for a sucker two years after the pretender in the White House swore that Assad’s days were numbered. What he didn’t disclose, now that I think of it, was the number he had in mind.

You have to give these schmucks a certain amount of credit. After all, it can’t be as easy as it looks for Rhumani to say that Iran is an anchor of stability in the Middle East with a straight face. I’m guessing he’s been perfecting his act by watching tapes of Jay Carney.

In one of those examples of divine justice, a Sikh doctor who lives and works in Harlem, was attacked by a gang of black teenagers who broke his jaw and knocked out several of his teeth, all the while calling him “Osama.” He is known, but apparently not to everyone, as a man who has spoken and written extensively about white racism.

A reader of mine, Bill Rosenfeld, has observed that “Instead of capitalism, what we have under Obama is capitolism.”

Finally, this administration is so awful, they even have to lie when it comes to merely naming their legislation. For instance, take the Affordable Care Act. Please. As more and more people are discovering, their health insurance costs are doubling and even tripling. As for Obama’s promise that people who are happy with their insurance plans could keep them, April 1st came early.

What I’d like to know is why unions that are never shy about demonstrating their resentment — remember their trashing the state capital when Gov. Scott Walker and the legislature voted to cut collective bargaining rights for Wisconsin’s public sector union members? — but when Obama nixes the Keystone pipeline, costing thousands of union jobs, and pushes ObamaCare, which is playing havoc with the traditional 40-hour work week, they don’t even set up picket lines outside the White House.

What a bunch of partisan pansies! Can you imagine their rolling over this way if a Republican was pulling this stuff?

Jimmy Hoffa, Sr., must be spinning in his grave, wherever that happens to be, when he sees what a doofus little Jimmy, Jr., has turned out to be.


Connecting the Dolts

Charles Dickens famously opened “A Tale of Two Cities” with “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”  If I were writing an updated version, I would announce it is the worst of times.  Wherever you turn, you are confronted by journalists, politicians and just plain folks, who make you ashamed to be a member of the same species.

These days, America is divided between the useful idiots who believe everything they read in the NY Times or hear from Obama and the useless idiots they elect to fill the seats in the House and Senate.

Primary schools used to be places of learning not only one’s ABCs, but what it means to be an American and the debt we all owe to guys named Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton.  But ever since the liberals took control of the teachers unions, and the unions gained control of the schools, they’ve been turned into laboratories of social engineering where everything from busing children across town to schools miles away from home to so-called sex education classes are conducted on the little guinea pigs.

On top of all that, the government has decided it’s their job to provide the kids with breakfast, lunch and, in some cases, even dinner.  It doesn’t really take a village to raise a child; it only takes Marxists like Bill and Hillary to say it does, although you notice they didn’t allow Chelsea to be raised by some damn village.

Others have pointed out that we are all supposed to experience moral outrage because al-Assad used sarin gas to kill 1,400 Syrians, which for some reason was supposed to trump the 120,000 who had died through such conventional means as bullets and bombs.  Others have pointed out that although 300 of the victims were children, many of the same bunch that want us to involve ourselves in a civil war involving Muslims have no problem with Planned Parenthood performing 300,000 abortions every year.

Speaking of which, I expect that someday a murderer is going to stand up in court and say in his own defense, “Of course I killed him, but that was my choice.”  If he has the right jury – say 12 women from NOW – he just might beat the rap.

We keep hearing George Santayana’s line — the one about people not learning from history being doomed to repeat it — being tossed around.  Possibly because I have studied history, I never thought very much of the quip.  What history really tells us is that most people never learn anything.  As for those of us who do, we tend to be powerless against the greedy and ignorant mob because of their sheer numbers.

I also thought it was the height of hypocrisy for Lincoln to say that God must have loved the common man because he made so many of them.  But I suppose when one is seeking to win an election, it doesn’t hurt to butter up the typical voter.  I just don’t think it’s fair to blame God for all the ignoramuses.

If you want to get a clear picture of the common man, you only have to look at how hard the Democrats have to work to get those folks to vote on Election Day.  They have to do everything but get their lazy butts out of bed and give them piggyback rides down to the polling place.  The Democrats pretend that it’s the lack of photo IDs that keep the riffraff from voting.  But even when the louts are provided with food, housing and free cell phones, in return for their votes, the majority choose to stay home and watch re-runs of “Good Times.”

It used to be my feeling that if you only got to know people as individuals, you would always find a better reason to despise them than their race, religion or odd sexual proclivity.  But these days, so many blacks, Muslims and homosexuals, have adopted a position of moral superiority combined with an insufferable sense of entitlement, I no longer feel that way.

In case you missed it, because a bakery in Gresham, Oregon, refused to bake a cake celebrating a lesbian marriage, its owner, Aaron Klein, has been forced to close its doors.  Not only were the members of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community, a group that the creatures congregated at the bar in “Star Wars” would find bizarre, demonstrating outside the shop, but they were threatening to kill him and his kids.  They also threatened repercussions to the local florists and wedding planners if they continued to work with Mr. Klein.  Naturally, Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries, having nothing better to do, threatened to launch an investigation.  Not into the criminal actions of the sexual freaks, but into Mr. Klein’s refusal to ignore his religious convictions.

The irony is that the place was called Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which sounds like a place that would appeal to the LGBT crowd.  Come to think of it, perhaps they were attracted by the name in the first place, and then felt betrayed in a way they wouldn’t have been if Mr. Klein had simply called it Klein’s Bakery.

Finally, consider the fallout from ObamaCare.  Although no groups outside Obama’s inner circle fought harder to get it passed, today the Catholic Church, labor unions and Hollywood, are all lined up in opposition.  The Church discovered that tucked away in the 2,500 pages of the Affordable Care Act were words that demanded it provide contraception to its employees.  The unions discovered that the law would make hash of the traditional 40-hour workweek and encourage employers to stop providing insurance.  As for Hollywood, it found that the law would lead to a loss of thousands of jobs in the industry.

All I can say is that there’s a lot to be said for poetic justice even if it doesn’t always rhyme.

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Alchemy, Al Gore & Jazeera

People who have blind faith in science would do well to recall that during the Middle Ages, a time not all that different from our own, especially in the Middle East, not to mention Chicago, Detroit and Hollywood, there were those who regarded alchemy to be a science. They were convinced that base metals such as lead could be magically turned into precious metals such as gold. In modern times, we find remnants of those earlier pinheads in left-wing circles, where it is widely accepted that a community organizer, by virtue of winning an election, can be transformed into a savior.

When I first heard that Obama and his stooges were demanding that gun magazines be made smaller, I naturally assumed they wanted the NRA monthly to be condensed. When I discovered they actually believed that the answer to violence in America was fewer bullets, I found myself wondering if they had put Michael Bloomberg, the idiot who thinks smaller soft drink containers is the answer to obesity, in charge of the crusade.

The irony of the situation is that, thanks to the perceived threat that this administration is apparently more concerned with confiscating our weapons than it is with denying Iran the ability to wage nuclear war, Obama has done more to increase gun sales than the NRA and Eric Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious put together.

Because I have zero tolerance for blather, if I were a senator I would vote against Chuck Hagel because when Obama nominated him to be Secretary of Defense, he said he wanted to advance global freedom, decency and humanity, as “we help to make a better world for all mankind,” and I would nix John Brennan, Obama’s nominee to head up the CIA, because, on the same occasion, he said he wanted to make sure that” the CIA always reflected the liberties, the freedoms and the values we hold so dear.” I don’t want the guys heading up those two offices sounding like mushy-mouthed social workers. I realize they can’t help how they look, but I want them to at least try to sound like John Wayne, vowing to destroy anyone who gets between his thirsty cattle and the nearest water hole.

Frankly, I haven’t heard such unmitigated hooey since the 11th grade when Seymour Schwartz promised to bring about an era of world peace if only we’d elect him class president.

Recently, I sent an email to Sen. Lindsey Graham. It was one of those rare occasions when I was praising a politician. I was commending him for refusing to allow Obama and his stooges in the media to sweep the Benghazi massacre under the carpet. But instead of a polite acknowledgment, I received an email informing me that due to the volume of email he receives, he is only able to respond to inquiries from South Carolinians.

In response, I wrote: “I really do think that you and other senators should be open to comments from out-of-staters inasmuch as your decisions affect us all. In this instance, I was complimenting you. But even if I had been taking you to task, I deserved the right to make my feelings known. God knows I can’t expect a reasonable response from my own senators, Boxer and Feinstein. But I should be able to contact any one of you hundred “public servants.” It’s not as if it’s only the taxes paid by South Carolinians that go to pay your salary and the salaries of your staff.”

It’s bad enough being stiffed by left-wingers without being shunted aside by conservatives. Is it any wonder that in a recent poll, members of Congress were deemed to be less popular than root canal, head lice, colonoscopies, cockroaches and France!

But even Congress is more popular these days than Al Gore. For the past decade, the human dirigible has been piling up money and honors, everything from Oscars to Nobel Prizes, by running around like a demented Chicken Little, screaming that not only is the sky falling, but that the oceans are rising, and all because of those evil fossil fuels. And then, after refusing to even entertain an offer from Glenn Beck, he turns around and peddles his TV network to Al Jazeera, the pro-terrorist media outfit owned by the oil sheiks of Qatar. It would be like Michelle Obama, after making all of us endure her silly crusade against baked goods, agreeing to do TV commercials for Twinkies and Ho-Hos.

Compared to all the money that the Democrats waste in other areas, the half billion dollars or so that they funnel to Planned Parenthood is a drop in the bucket. But for lying about their mission and pretending that the group is anything other than a massive abortion mill, they should be put out of business. In 2011, for instance, in spite of insisting that they offer prenatal services to the poor, they referred only 2,300 women to adoption agencies, while performing 334,000 abortions. But I guess in the wacky world of liberals, an abortion is regarded as a prenatal service.

In what might be regarded as related news, some outfit calling itself the National Father’s Day Council decided that Bill Clinton was Father of the Year. It will probably come as no surprise that the 2007 honoree was none other than John Edwards. But at least Mr. Edwards earned the title the old fashioned way, by impregnating his mistress while his wife was dying of cancer.

Rumor has it that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who certainly appeared to be the early odds-on favorite, is crying “Foul!” and demanding a recount.

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