Eunuchs & Evildoers

Whenever I see Obama deliver a speech, I have a visceral reaction unlike anything I’ve ever experienced without having first eaten something I should have left on my plate. It isn’t his politics, alone, that brings on the gag reflex; it’s the fact that he lies compulsively and then never acknowledges his lies when the facts inevitably show him to be lying.

For instance, when pushing the Affordable Care Act, he swore that it would save the typical family $2,500 and that if they chose to, they would be able to hang on to their doctor. As we now discover, those were blatant whoppers. On the other hand, how is it that anyone could actually believe that medical coverage could be extended to 30 million additional people and it would cost less?

As to the identity of those 30 million tragic souls, Obama never identified them. I did. They were illegal aliens and young people who preferred spending their money on drugs, booze and entertainment. In other words, they were some of the folks who populated Obama’s base.

The plain fact of the matter is that Barack Obama has waged class warfare ever since he was elected to the Illinois legislature. It is what the redistribution of wealth is all about. As it was envisioned and has been carried out by Obama, it takes from the middle class and gives to the poor. Marx and Lenin would be so proud.

It seems like every time you turn around, you hear about some school suspending a little kid for pretending a stick or his finger is a gun. You also hear about schools banning baseballs and footballs from the playground, further feminizing young boys. While they’re at it, they demonize competition and enforce a language code that makes English both anemic and basically dishonest.

The intended purpose of this female-imposed agenda is the transformation of American males into eunuchs. It’s a war that’s been waged by the members of NOW and their liberal cohorts for the past 40 years. It’s a war that is prolonged every time some gasbag like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton pats herself on the back for breaking through the glass ceiling, pretending that we exist in an Islamic society where women have no rights and no opportunities.

Although America began life in miraculous fashion, the likes of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Hamilton, serving as midwives, it is fast becoming the land of the craven and the home of the freeloader. The list of our vices is now even longer than our virtues. It has become commonplace for homosexuality to be seen as an acceptable life style. Fifty million abortions have taken place since Roe v. Wade, and most of us don’t even bat an eye.

Welfare and disability are gamed by millions of able-bodied people who feel they’re entitled to live off the efforts of others. Hordes of viewers tune in to TV talk shows and have their hearts touched by celebrities who brag about overcoming addictions to booze and drugs, and never bother asking why their pampered idols didn’t simply avoid the well-known pitfalls in the first place.

Illegitimacy is encouraged; the media promotes Marxism; wealthy actors promote the danger of global warming while flying in private jets; bureaucrats argue for higher taxes while failing to pay their own; the president closes military monuments and refuses to pay death benefits to military families while he plays golf on military bases; and the vice-president deals with the government shutdown by taking his grandkids to vacation at Camp David.

Although candidate Obama vowed to bring us all together, he and his henchmen take every opportunity to demonize Republicans, labeling them arsonists, extortionists, traitors and murderers. Well, you know what they say – if the shoe fits, throw it at the other guy.

When Muslim terrorist Abu Anas Al-Liby was captured, the first thing I heard was that this administration planned to try him in a criminal court, that the death penalty would not be on the table, and, rather than squeeze him for essential information, he would be allowed to lawyer-up after a one week boat ride to the U.S. Frankly, when it comes to national security, I’d feel a lot better if Moe, Larry and Curly, were on the job.

Speaking of big dopes, when it comes to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one might leap to the conclusion that Alzheimer’s had kicked in if not for the fact that she was just as dippy at 40 as she is at 80. In arguing for the extension of affirmative action in the case brought before the Supreme Court by the state of Michigan, Ginsburg said that racial considerations had to be taken into account in order to compensate for the political powerlessness of blacks. I suppose it’s just possible that she has failed to notice that the current president and attorney general, along with two of the past four secretaries of state, have been black.

If anyone feels politically powerless in America today and could desperately use some of that affirmative action, it’s conservatives.

As that old wag Plato once observed: “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.”

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Name That Tax Increase

obama-whisperingThe weather channel made a unilateral decision this season to start naming winter storms.  The large snowstorms called Nemo and Plato are recent examples of this.  Their argument is that this is a better way to communicate about an upcoming storm and track the destruction, such as has been used for hurricanes for decades.  Some may think that this is silly and unnecessary.  If this helps communicate the impending doom and devastation of a Hurricane or Winter Storm then what is the harm?

We can take a lesson from this rather than scoff at it.  If naming dangerous devastating events is helpful from a communication standpoint, why can’t it be used to warn about the upcoming damage of a proposed tax increase?  Or track its devastation after the fact as we sort through the wreckage that raising taxes causes.  The estimated cost of Hurricane Sandy was over $50 billion.  The cost for Katrina was over $100 billion.  Meanwhile the devastating cost of the January Obama tax increase is $650 billion over the next ten years.  The cost to the economy is so harmful that it’s like a hurricane every year forever!  Since he is so proud of it, a good name for this demoralizing tax increase should be “Tax Storm Barack”.

The news media should track the destruction from “Tax Storm Barack”, much like they would a hurricane.  The tax increase primarily was directed at the wealthy, such as business owners.  These wealthy are similar to the people who live closest to the coast in a hurricane, in that, they are only the first hit by the storm.  Coverage of the effects could be interviews with unemployed people who remained unemployed, since businesses never hired them after the tax increase.  Maybe they could visit yacht manufacturers and talk about the reduction in orders, or turn cameras on a Mercedes showroom where a salesman is asked about his prospects of making his quota this month.  Maybe there is a pro golfer who has laid-off a secretary who can be interviewed.  There should be a large on-screen banner that is labeled “Tax Storm Barack Devastation!”.  They would also have to do follow-ups every month, because the damage keeps hitting as long as the tax increase is in place.

The President wants to increase taxes to avoid the March 1st sequester, so the media needs to start warning about the upcoming storm.  This naming idea needs to have a mechanism to warn about the impending doom.  Along the lines of naming a Tropical Depression, perhaps Tax Depression could be used.  This could also act as a warning that an actual Depression could ensue if the warnings are not heeded.  Since we need to use a different name for each Tax Storm, why not use Harry (for the Senate majority leader) for this one.  Stories could start to be written now about “Tax Depression Harry”, so the citizens could be mobilized to ward off the storm.  If the Republicans fail to hold the line, it will naturally turn into “Tax Storm Harry”.  Names should be simple enough to line up based on seniority in the Democratic leadership, so Nancy could be next.  Maybe there could be some honorary titles like Al or Bill, so older Democrats don’t miss out on the dishonor.  Democrats never run out of tax increase ideas, so there will be plenty of naming of Depressions and Storms opportunities to go around.

Don’t react to the naming of winter storms by thinking it is unnecessary or silly.  Learn from what it tells us about how to communicate to the American people.  This technique can be used to educate the public about the devastating ideas the Democratic Party has for our country.  If this technique can help explain that tax increases are bad, it will be a start.