7 Conservative Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

As someone who writes a lot about media bias, and the increasingly sycophantic and partisan nature of network-news commentary, readers sometimes ask me where they should turn to hear meaningful analysis on important issues.

I usually direct them to a handful of shows and online news publications that I believe have credibility, but I’ve been negligent in my recommendations when it comes to one medium that should by no means be overlooked. In fact some of the best insight I’ve heard over the past year or two has come from this medium: podcasts.

As a conservative free-thinker who neither feels inclined to prop up President Trump as God’s gift to America, nor demand that he be impeached, I appreciate listening to unrushed, thoughtful conversations and debates between level-headed individuals who value principles and decency over political team-sports.

While it’s difficult to find such a thing on the news networks these days, there’s actually a fairly wide selection of Internet podcasts that fill the void. So if you sound a little like me, and you’re sick if listening to partisan hacks catering to the grievance culture, here are some podcasts that might be perfect for you:

The Remnant with Jonah Goldberg

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Fans of National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg, and his weekly G-File “news”letter, should love this weekly podcast.

With insightful guests and analysis, Goldberg delves into the news of the week, breaking it down with intellectual honesty, persistent fairness, and good humor (including some impressive pop-culture throwbacks).

No partisan talking points. No red meat. No walking on egg-shells (even with current employers). Just smart, useful commentary.

That Sethany Show

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He’s Seth Mandel of the New York Post. She’s the ever-charming Bethany Mandel of Ricochet.com. Together they’re ‘Sethany’, and their podcast is a must-listen.

Each week, the smart and witty couple discuss political and cultural issues. What makes them unique is that both are genuinely and reliably persuasive in their arguments (a rare talent). When they begin a conversation that leads to a debate, such great points are brought up on both sides that I often have trouble deciding who’s right.

They compel listeners to think, leave their comfort zones, and re-evaluate their positions. That’s a good thing, especially these days.

The Fifth Estate

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Jay Caruso and Amy Otto host this podcast, which takes a more targeted approach than some of the others.

Rather than a broad recap of recent news stories, each episode features a guest considered to be an expert in a particular arena. Sometimes that expertise is called upon to analyze a current issue, and other times it’s tapped for useful information for listeners who are interested in the guest’s line of work.

Either way, the takeaway is an informative podcast worth listening to.

The Hollywood In Toto Podcast

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Sick of all that snark from the entertainment world that’s aimed directly at conservatives? Christian Toto has your back.

The HiT journalist and podcast host describes his approach as “the right take on entertainment.” He looks at the business through a conservative lens, and interviews a number of right-leaning artists and celebrities. He also talks to left-of-center entertainers, and throws in a few questions they may have not gotten before.

Past guests on the Hollywood In Toto podcast include Bruce Campbell, John Carroll Lynch, Jeff Foxworthy, Nick Searcy, Brad Thor, and D.B. Sweeney.

Always a fun listen.

The Daily Standard

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This new podcast, hosted by Charlie Sykes, provides a 30-minute daily rundown of the top news stories, with commentary by from a rotating guest-list of Weekly Standard writers and reporters (like Stephen Hayes, John McCormack, and Jim Swift).

The format is laid-back, the takes are smart and insightful, and the episodes won’t cost too much of your time. Make sure you check it out.

Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What

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This is a fun (and sometimes food-centric) weekly podcast co-hosted by two of Fox News’s most fair and levelheaded personalities, Dana Perino and Chris Stirewalt.

The two are given a chance to discuss the latest news stories without pesky commercial breaks and their louder (and often less perceptive) television cohorts nipping at their heels. The result is a candid look at politics and culture, some lighthearted Q&As, and even some trivia.

Life As She Knows It

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Co-hosted by Kimberly Corban (a sexual assault survivor and motivational speaker) and Kirsta Rinehart (a criminal justice professional), this podcast is aimed primarily at conservative and independent women who don’t subscribe to Left’s version of what a modern feminist should be.

The topics range from serious discussions on societal issues to sitcom-worthy personal stories and pop-culture musings. You won’t make it through an episode without laughing out loud at least twice.

Hopefully you’ll all find some benefit from these podcasts. I certainly have. Happy listening!