Prostitutes, Druggies & Unwed Mothers

There is a widely-held belief in this country that there are such things as victimless crimes, but that is essentially a myth. Anything that tears at the moral fabric of society makes victims of us all. You don’t have to be an evangelical or Rick Santorum to acknowledge that prostitution and drug addiction not only destroy the lives and souls of those who indulge in the buying and selling of their bodies and the baking of their brains, but wrecks the lives of their friends and family.

I would add that the millions of children born to unwed mothers are even more destructive to society. For one thing, those who prostitute themselves and take part in the illegal drug trade are very likely to be people who grew up in just such homes. I am not ignoring the fact that these women did not give birth through some magical or miraculous process. On the contrary, I would make it a law that every time an American baby is born, the father’s name goes on the birth certificate and that he be compelled to pay child support. If the mother happens to be in doubt as to his identity, a blood test would be provided to all the likely suspects.

A recent study showed that 53% of women under the age of 30 giving birth are unwed. Among black women, the number soars to 73%. One could make a case for the fact that a great many female celebrities provide role models for these women, but the problem is that the ladies who make millions of dollars acting and singing can afford to pay nannies to raise their children. The poor schnooks who idolize these sluts tend to be ignorant and penniless, pretty much guaranteeing that their offspring will wind up equally ignorant, penniless and, more than likely, wards of the state, whether in or out of jail.

In much the same way that these young women identify with wealthy Hollywood pinheads, young male drug addicts tend to identify with irresponsible rock stars. The difference is that the young wannabes with their air guitar fantasies generally only manage to screw up their own lives, whereas the young women are placing a curse on their babies similar to those curses in the old fairy tales leveled by disgruntled old crones.

With the exception of pedophiles, there is no group responsible for more child abuse than these selfish young women and the irresponsible sperm donors they take up with.

A Boston firefighter recently took me to task because of my frequent attacks on public sector unions. Typically, he tried to pretend that there is no difference between trade unions and the sort of union he belongs to, and accused me of hypocrisy because as a TV writer, I had to join the Writers Guild of America.

I replied that the difference is that when public sector unions negotiate, they’re not dealing with an opposition looking to smack them down and bleed them dry. When the members of the WGA periodically went on strike against the producers, networks and studios, neither side wanted to give an inch because the money was coming out of their own pockets. That’s why one of our last strikes lasted nearly six months.

However, when the public sector unions negotiate, the folks on the other side of the bargaining table are politicians, who are only too happy to capitulate, knowing that in exchange for tax dollars which cost them nothing, they are buying gratitude that will show up in the form of future votes and campaign donations.

Public sector unions, as I tried to explain to the firefighter, are on a collision course with reality. Thanks to the inflated salaries and pensions spineless politicians have given them, the golden goose is already on the chopping block, just waiting for the economy to finally go bust, much like it has in Greece.

Some dire consequences are unintended, others such as allowing Civil Service employees to unionize, turning a blind eye to the soaring illegitimate birth rate or electing a community organizer to the Oval Office, are both predictable and inevitable.

©2012 Burt Prelutsky. Comments? Write!

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