Delving Into Foreign Affairs

With so many disasters befalling us domestically, it’s easy to take our eye off all the bloody nonsense taking place outside our borders. And of course let it be understood that when I speak of borders, I’m referring to a concept, nothing more than a notion, and not to anything that actually exists in the real world.

For instance, a Nazi flag has been seen flying over a mosque near the Palestinian village of Beit Omar, on the outskirts of Hebron. But that won’t stop the Jew-haters, both those inside and outside of the rat-infested U.N., from siding with the barbaric Arabs and Muslims against Israel.

That reminds me that the next president who sends the U.S. military anywhere in the world to defend one Islamic sect from another should be impeached on the spot. I am revolted by the number of young Americans who have bled and died in order to protect Muslims. I say if Allah is as great and powerful as these ignoramuses keep insisting, let Allah protect them.

I know that wimps and weasels will say we shouldn’t tar all Muslims with the same brush, arguing for tolerance and multiculturalism. To which, with all respect, I say, phooey. What exactly is it these lunkheads think is being preached in their mosques? The brotherhood of man? The equality of women? A live-and-let-live attitude towards Christians and Jews? To get a proper feel for their level of tolerance and good will, you need only check out the havoc the Ayatollah Khomeini and the mullahs have wreaked in Iran. They’re not exactly the sort of clerics you’d invite over for Sunday dinner. Give these people their head and they’ll chop off yours.

Here in the States, we have race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, all passing themselves off as clergymen. But at least they’re in the minority. And while they should be despised for promoting and justifying victimhood and racial hatred, at least they are not encouraging people like Nidal Hasan and the Tsarnaev brothers to maim and murder innocent Americans.

While on the subject of foreign vermin, why on earth do Americans continue to venture into Mexico? First, there was the ex-Marine who was tossed in one of those cesspools they try to pass off as a jail, and now we have Yanira Maldonado, the 42-year-old mother of seven, being railroaded on a trumped-up drug smuggling charge. I realize she was down there in order to attend a funeral, but I would have advised her, as I advise every other law-abiding American, to just send flowers.

Obama keeps insisting we need to spend more money on our infrastructure. In the meanwhile, the Gang of Eight insists we have to provide illegal aliens with a pathway to citizenship. It’s my contention that they already have citizenship. It just happens to be Mexican.

If they want to get me on board, I suggest they finally get cracking on building that 1,500 mile long fence. That’s the sort of infrastructure we really need, and it’s what the Democrats promised Reagan we would get if he signed the amnesty bill. Well, it’s been 27 years. I figure if anyone, including Marco Rubio, needs to wait another two or three years for us to get that fence built before we start talking about pathways, so be it.

My own suggestion is that we build it with the 350 million tax dollars we annually contribute to Mexico’s economy for no apparent reason.

China wages cyber war on U.S. businesses and our military, costing us $300 billion a year and two million jobs. They are thus guilty of both copyright theft and espionage, and, as always, Obama talks tough and does absolutely nothing to back up his words. So perhaps all the conspiracy theorists are wrong. Maybe he’s not a Muslim, after all. It could be he’s Chinese.

Finally, speaking of he who should be impeached, he recently said, referring to the war on terror: “This war, like all wars, must end.” While it would be nice to be hearing these words coming from jihadists waving a large white flag, coming from the President of the United States it’s just chilling.

Still, one can’t fault Obama when it comes to comedy. I mean, how many guys in his position could say with a straight face that we should cease drone strikes on American citizens; prevent the IRS from targeting conservatives; and shield reporters from government snooping; as if he’s just another schnook on the street, someone like me, who’s merely offering an opinion and has no real say in any of these matters?

Alas, if only we didn’t have to wait another three and a half years for that to finally be the case.