Freedom of the Press — in America

The group Reporters Without Borders has issued a study that says freedom of the press is dropping in America.  The reason according to the organization is the growing animus towards the U.S. media by we the people.

Of course, RWB places the blame for that on Donald Trump, who openly disparages the media because it is generally hostile to him.  But while President Trump’s posture does bring scrutiny on the press, he is not the primary reason for the distrust.  The truth is the media is harming itself.

Recently, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta said on camera that many Trump supporters are not capable of seeing reality.  Mr. Acosta’s shallow insult clearly demonstrates his bias.  The man is supposed to be an objective reporter, not a sociologist.  Having a guy like that covering a President he clearly loathes is not honest journalism.  And the folks know it.

Almost everyday, reporters use anonymous sources to attack Mr. Trump.  Then they sprint on to the hate Trump cable networks or the Sunday morning shows to speculate about their “blind-sourced” stories.  That’s not reporting the facts, that’s exploiting their positions as journalists.  Most of these charlatans could not care less whether the anonymous information is true.  They just want a headline and air time.

There is plenty of freedom for the press in America.  So much so, that corruption is actually ruining the industry.