Channeling Will Rogers

Because it’s been about 80 years since Will Rogers died in a plane crash, there are a lot of people who never heard of him even though he had been a major attraction in vaudeville, a movie star and a homespun columnist given to such observations as “The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.”

But, to be fair, as wise as he was, Mr. Rogers never heard of ObamaCare. It’s also worth noting that when he uttered his most famous line, “I never met a man I didn’t like,” he had never met Barack Obama.

When he was a senator and the Republicans were in the majority, Obama, along with his liberal colleagues, Biden, Reid and Feinstein, insisted that if the GOP employed the nuclear option, meaning they would be able to make judicial appointments with just a simple majority of 51votes rather than a super majority of 60, it would be the act of tyrants and would knock the earth off its axis.

It seems that while the rest of us were worried about Iran obtaining and using a nuclear bomb, we made the mistake of taking our eyes off Harry Reid. I used to refer to the majority leader of the Senate as “the Mortician” because of the phony funereal tones he invariably adopts in his public pronouncements. Now it has become an even more appropriate nickname because of the way he’s gone about burying the rights of the minority members in the U.S. Senate.

Back in 2005, Sen. Obama said, putting words in George Bush’s mouth, “I’m going to interpret it this way or that way, however I like.” He went on: “This is part of the theory of George Bush, that he can make laws as he goes along. I disagree with that. I taught the Constitution for 10 years. I believe in the Constitution. I will obey the Constitution.”

The only thing I ever heard Obama say about the Constitution was that, like the Civil Rights movement, it fell short because it didn’t deal with the redistribution of wealth. But, then, Obama has changed his mind about a lot of things since moving into the White House. He decided, for instance, that the Patriot Act isn’t nearly as fascistic as he insisted it was when Bush was sitting in the Oval Office; that ObamaCare was so flexible that, on his mere say-so, businesses and unions were exempt from paying the same taxes as the rest of us; and that it’s not even slightly unpatriotic to raise the national debt from nine trillion dollars to 17 trillion dollars in five years, although he sure thought it was traitorous when the Republicans raised it from six trillion to nine trillion in eight years.

Recently, Obama hosted a sit-down with several of his fans in the media, so they could best decide how to put lipstick on the pig known as the Affordable Care Act. Just a few of the boobs he invited were Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton and Juan Williams. That’s some brain trust. Those guys don’t have a single working brain between them. I can only assume that Larry, Moe and Curly couldn’t make it to the meeting because they were busy elsewhere, poking each other in the eye.

But that’s what happens when you’re a narcissistic egotist who insists on being the smartest guy in the room. At some point, the other guys have to be so dumb they drool when they speak, and the room has to shrink all the way down to a closet.

Until everyone finally caught on to the fact that he lied and lied in order to shove ObamaCare down our throats, it was enough for his flunkies in the media to carry his water. But now that even the New York Times is beginning to catch on, it’s become a matter of bailing water to keep this administration afloat. But Obama is as water-logged as the Titanic, and not even Juan Williams has a bucket that large.

It’s worth noting that for over three years, while the Democrats danced around the Maypole, singing the praises of socialized medicine, it was known as “ObamaCare.” But, during the past few months, as we began discovering just how toxic it was, even Obama began calling his signature piece of legislation — the thing that Joe (“Potty Mouth”) Biden once bragged was “a f—ing big deal” — the “Affordable Care Act.”

But at the rate this thing is going south, don’t be too surprised if you wake up one day and find the New York Times and the sock puppets at MSNBC referring to it as BushCare.

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