Rand Paul, I’m Talking To You!

Isolationists are always insisting that America can’t be the world’s policeman; what they don’t tell you is who should be. After all, even the most liberal pinheaded pacifist wouldn’t dare suggest this is a safe world. So who gets the job? The U.N.?!

There are two reasons that’s a lousy idea. The first is that the U.N. is incapable of keeping the peace even on a grammar school playground. Hell, they can’t even wipe out the few hundred members of Boko Haram, a name which apparently translates to “Western education is a sin,” but should conclude with “but kidnapping 300 Christian girls is a virtue in the eyes of Allah.”

The second reason is that all the worst foxes are already inside the big glass henhouse, and one of the very worst, Russia, sits on the Security Council and therefore has veto power.

I could add that this is an organization that has made a practice of condemning Israel on a regular basis for the past several decades, but never even censures China, Cuba, Iran, Pakistan or the Palestinians.

To get an honest picture of the U.N. and the world media, all you have to do, as my friend Donald Melquist suggests, is compare the reaction to Israel’s killing a thousand Arabs in Gaza in order to stem the firing of missiles and the burrowing of tunnels, to the fact that in nearby Syria, Assad has been responsible for the deaths of over 150,000 of his own people.

When civilian deaths, however justified, can be laid at the feet of the Israelis, we have cries of moral outrage from every corner of the globe and front page denouncements in the New York Times. When it comes to Assad, a butcher who has used poison gas to murder his political opponents, you can hear a pin drop. It’s a deathly silence, except, of course, for the screams of the dying.

As I see it, the problem isn’t with the U.S. serving as the world’s policeman, but that, unfortunately, in Obama we have a cop who prefers golfing and giving speeches to keeping the peace.

The most astonishing thing about modern times is that followers of Islam have declared a jihad on the West, but it is a war that the West refuses to acknowledge. Instead of taking on our common foe, Russia, Europe and America, all dither around, stepping on each other’s toes like the Three Stooges.

Instead of accepting that when they bomb train stations, pizza parlors, theaters and consulates, they mean business, the West pretends that it’s only a tiny group of zealots. Of course it was only a tiny group of zealots who overthrew Czar Nicholas, took over the Weimar Republic or, for that matter, sent King George III packing. Instead, we either go to war in order to defend one gang of Islamists from another or we bow and scrape, for fear that we may have bruised the feelings of some Muslim in Dearborn, Michigan, by pointing out that virtually every act of terror committed since 1979 has been accompanied by a cry of “Allahu Akbar!”

Every time I see one of those well-dressed lizards from CAIR showing up on TV claiming that Islam is as benevolent as the Shriners, I find myself wondering if we would have ever gone to war with the Nazis if Hitler had merely claimed to be spreading a religion known as Nazism and was not really out to conquer the world.

I hate to admit it, but when the three Central American presidents met with Obama and they blamed the drug cartels plaguing their nations on us, they were right. If millions of Americans hadn’t chosen to dedicate their lives to heroin, cocaine and marijuana, the drug cartels would be out of business by this weekend. I know it suits our vision of ourselves to blame farmers in Afghanistan for growing poppies or Latino thugs in L.A. for peddling the stuff, but if it weren’t for all those good solid Americans who can’t bear the thought of facing life if they can’t sniff, smoke or shoot some sort of crap into their bodies, addiction would just be a word in the dictionary.

A friend of mine suggested that a step in the right direction would be to decriminalize all drugs. I don’t think that’s any kind of solution. What I would really like to see happen is for people and especially judges to stop calling drug addiction a disease. A disease is something that happens to you, it’s not something you choose to go out and buy in an alley or on a street corner. And surely I can’t be the only person who is sick and tired of people breaking the law while under the self-induced influence and who then, instead of going to jail, get to enter rehab.
I know that some Republicans are concerned that in recent polls, Hillary Clinton has a 54% approval rating, and that in imaginary races against certain potential opponents, she’s running 10-12% ahead of them. I say we Republicans have nothing to fear but fear itself.

For one thing, her numbers have been falling for months, ever since we saw Hillary being Hillary on her book tour, talking about being flat broke in 2001 just before she and Bill scooped up $150 million in book deals and speaking fees, and boasting about how her reset button with Russia was a piece of brilliant diplomacy.

For another thing, when people are voting in fantasy face-offs two years before one side has even nominated a candidate, the results are meaningless. Keep in mind that once 2016 rolls around, the RNC will begin running TV spots in which night after night, we’ll all see Hillary, glaring through her Coke-bottle glasses, and barking “What difference, at this point, does it make who murdered four Americans in Benghazi?” I’m already salivating.

But in preparation for the all-important 2016 presidential election, it’s not too early for me to take the pulse of the electorate.

In this, my latest poll, I am asking that you let me know which of the following Republicans (listed in alphabetical order) you would like to see carry the Republican banner into battle.
Vote for just one person and please refrain from commenting, unless it’s to pay me a compliment. So keep it short and sweet, just like me.

Jeb Bush….Ben Carson…Chris Christie….Ted Cruz….Trey Gowdy….Mike Huckabee….Bobby Jindal….Susana Martinez….Sarah Palin….Rand Paul….Mike Pence….Rick Perry….Mitt Romney….Marco Rubio….Paul Ryan….Rick Santorum….Scott Walker….(Other).

Please take a moment and let me know who you favor by submitting your vote to me at BurtPrelutsky@aol.com.

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“The Magical, Mythical, Seven Million” and “The Churchills: Ward & Winston”

We have heard Obama blathering for so long about seven million sign-ups to the Affordable Care Act being a sure sign of success that, like the audience at a magic show, we have fallen for the misdirection that is the secret of every magician’s sleight-of-hand.

To begin with, we are being asked to ignore the fact that millions who have signed up used to pay for their own health insurance before ObamaCare forced their policies to be ruled null and void. Next, we are asked to ignore the fact that a large percentage of those people being counted haven’t even made their first payment and, therefore, aren’t actually enrolled. And, finally, we are asked to overlook the fact that, initially, we were told that 40% of the new sign-ups had to be young and healthy — the so-called invincibles — the latest estimate is that the number is closer to 25%.

Still, even if we go along with their numbers, we are still left with a question that nobody connected to the current regime has answered. Namely: what’s the big frigging deal — to channel my inner Joe Biden — about seven million? When Obama, Pelosi and Reid, were shoving this humongous suppository up our collective tuchis, they insisted it was to insure the 40 million people who had no health insurance. So even if they have seven million signed up, and even if we don’t drive the point home that this law forced six million policies to be cancelled by the end of 2013, seven million only represents a mere 18% of those 40 million.

For such dismal results, it would take a moron like Obama to invalidate the patient-doctor relationship, cripple the nation’s economy, hurt small businesses and up-end a health care program that worked just fine for the overwhelming majority of Americans.

It is poetic justice that Obama not only earned Liar of the Year honors for constantly fibbing about people’s ability to retain their health insurance and their physician, while simultaneously saving $2,500-a-year, but his arrogant intransigence is likely to cost his party control of the U.S. Senate.

It was clearly unconstitutional for Obama to change the Affordable Care Act by executive fiat more than 40 times. But it was just plain dumb of them to suggest that extending the deadline for those people who were allegedly in line to sign up was the same as allowing people to vote past the official deadline if they were already in line at their polling place. What they have chosen to overlook for obvious reasons is that only one day is allotted for voting, whereas people had six months in order to enroll in ObamaCare.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is at it again. This time, they’re marshalling their demonic forces to kill a documentary, “Honor Diaries,” devoted to depicting violence against women in the Muslim world. This is violence that takes the form of female genital mutilation, so-called honor killings and the forced marriage of little girls to mature, often elderly, men.

Predictably, CAIR’s first success took place at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, where they managed to get a scheduled screening cancelled.

Because the spokesmen for CAIR are always well-dressed and well-spoken, it is easy for some people to ignore its ties to Islamic terrorist groups, such as Hamas. Whenever they decide Islam is being portrayed in a bad light, no matter how factual the portrayal happens to be, they declare it “Islamophobic.” And America’s pinheads can always be counted on to cave, justifying their abject cowardice by calling it religious tolerance.

CAIR is not the first gang of thugs to employ intimidation in order to silence honest criticism. Before America entered World War II, the German American Bund, Hitler’s spies and devotees in this country, used the same tactics against those who dared to suggest Nazi Germany wasn’t a land of peaceful shepherds and lyrical milk maids.

Iran has announced that they will be sending Hamid Aboutalebi to New York to be its ambassador to the U.N. The fact that Mr. Aboutalebi was one of those behind the hostage-taking gang of Islamic blackguards in 1979 has many people in a dither, which is perfectly understandable. But I feel they are taking their eye off the big picture. The question isn’t whether he should be allowed to take his seat at the big round table, but why are we still hosting and subsidizing such a vile bunch of schmucks.

The U.N. is filled with the likes of this miserable Muslim terrorist. The only two things its members ever do is accuse Israel of committing crimes against humanity and deliver bogus jeremiads about global warming, whose main purpose is to turn America into a third world nation.

Just in case you were wondering who Obama has in mind when he speaks so glowingly about the international community, without whose participation we can never move against Syria or Iran, and who, he feels, are deserving of the last word when it comes to our Second Amendment, the Internet and the environment, the airhead is referring to the likes of China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Indonesia, Pakistan, Laos, Afghanistan, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Turkey.

These are not nations with whom we should be sitting down, seeking either their counsel or their approval. They simply do not belong in a gathering of civilized nations. Frankly, where they belong is in a textbook devoted to toxicology.

The Churchills: Ward & Winston

In my book, “67 Conservatives You Should Meet Before You Die,” one of the questions I asked of all my subjects, who ranged, alphabetically, from Ablow, Keith, a prominent psychiatrist, to Zucker, David, a famous screenwriter-director, was which eight people who had ever lived, they would invite to a dinner party.

Being conservatives, it wasn’t too surprising that two people who would never have to pay for another meal if they ever showed up ready to tie on the old feedbag, were Jesus Christ and Winston Churchill.

I have a feeling that if I had, God forbid, interviewed liberals, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and even the phony Indian, Ward Churchill, would have wound up with a lot of meal tickets. Although perhaps by this time, Ward might have to give up his seat to make way for that other phony Indian, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, at the big pow-wow.

Still, I think that when trying to get a handle on the distinctions between Democrats and Republicans, you won’t go wrong if you compare how those in either group feels about the two Churchills, as does the regard in which the two groups hold, say, Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton or, for that matter, God and Barack Obama.

Speaking of he who has managed to yank the title of Worst President in U.S. History from the grasp of Jimmy Carter, the one thing you have to admire about him is that he’s never content to rest on his withered laurels. Instead, we get to watch him go public with his predictions in the NCAA basketball tournament while Vladimir Putin rolls his tanks into the Crimea and his Russian cohorts tweet insults in America’s direction. Obama certainly gives “March Madness” a whole new meaning.

Frankly, it was something of an eye-opener for me. In past years, when he made his tournament selections, I assumed he was tossing a bone to his base – the young and stupid, which sounds like the name of a soap opera. But this year, because of what the Russian bear has been up to, he has convinced me that in what passes for his mind, a college basketball competition really is more important than the fact the world is perched on the precipice of what could be World War III.

As for what’s happening in Eastern Europe, a friend sent me the following: “The U.N. Security Council is deeply concerned with the situation in Ukraine. The reason being that so far, no possible reason to blame Israel has been found.”

Even if I were to bang my head on something, knock myself out and wake up thinking I was a Democrat, I’d like to think I would question how it is that Barack Obama can keep taking multi-million dollar vacations, only to come back in time to lecture his guests at $35,000-a-plate fund-raisers about the horrors of income inequality.

When you get right down to it, if poor people didn’t exist, the Democrats would have had to invent them. In that respect, as well as others, they resemble drug dealers who are constantly turning dummies into addicts.

Finally, I don’t often send emails to people I don’t actually know unless they write to me first. So, although radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt is a subject in my book, “67 Conservatives You Should Meet Before You Die,” I’ve never met him. We conducted the interview via email.

But the other day, after listening to his show and one of his usual pleas for charitable donations, I sent him the following message:

“Dear Mr. Hewitt: You are obviously a good man, but these food drives you regularly conduct seem to be pointless because there is never an end to them. Has it ever occurred to you that instead of constantly trying to provide food for the needy around the world who can’t feed their own children, you might consider promoting birth control?

“On one of the spots, I recall you mentioned a woman who had six children she couldn’t feed. I understand that the children already exist, but the fact remains that there are Americans who might like to have six children or two or even one, but don’t because they know they won’t be able to support them.

“I hate the idea of children starving in Haiti and Guatemala or anywhere else on earth, but your food drives put me in mind of the line from the Bible about the difference between giving someone a fish and teaching that person to fish. You don’t even try telling them how to bait a hook.

“I’m not trying to get you to stop what you’re doing, but you’re not really addressing the main issue if you don’t at the same time get serious about the major cause of the problem. And that doesn’t happen to be the generosity or lack of generosity of your listening audience, but the irresponsibility of people in Third World countries who choose to place their own desire to have or at least make babies over the wretched lives they’ve doomed those babies to endure. Regards, Burt.”

So far, I’ve not heard back. But just in case those of you who haven’t yet delved into “67 Conservatives” were wondering, the eight people Hewitt would like to dine with are Jesus Christ, Julius Caesar, Augustine, Augustus, Disraeli, Churchill, Washington and Lincoln.

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“Life In These United States” and “A Disaster of Biblical Proportions”

Barack Obama says more dumb things in a day than some people say in a lifetime. For instance, regarding the shutdown, he said: “The House Republicans are holding the government hostage.” I know that Obama isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and that he has only a passing relationship with the Constitution, but someone should tell him that the House is a part of the government, no matter how he feels about it. So, were we to take him at his word — always a bad idea! — the House Republicans would be guilty of holding themselves hostage.

One always hears that the president, whoever he may be, commands the bully pulpit, but only under Obama has it been changed into something that could better be called the bully’s pulpit.

I, for one, am getting sick and tired of hearing Obama constantly going on about the needy. In Obama’s case, he is forever referring to them when he’s pushing the Affordable Care Act. For three years, he’s been telling us one whopper after another about this god-awful piece of legislation cobbled together by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi (think Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant, Igor).

He told us that if we liked our doctor and our health insurance, we could hang on to both. He also told us that ObamaCare would not only insure an additional 30 million people, but it would save the average family $2,500. Not even Bernie Madoff would have ever expected anyone to swallow a lie that big. But, as they proved last November, most American voters have very large gullets and no more brains than a herd of sheep.

It is true that the cost of health care will go down for some because of government subsidies. But those subsidies don’t come out of Obama’s pocket, they come out of yours if you pay taxes. So not only will you be paying more for your own health care, but you will be paying for millions of people who will show their appreciation for your generosity by continuing to elect Democrats who will continue to bribe them with your money. What a deal!

The sorry truth of the matter is that most of the neediest people in America are actually the greediest. Just the other day, I was standing in line with my wife at a fast food joint. The two guys in front of us, both of whom wore their pants below their butts, kept comparing wads of twenty dollar bills. I could only assume they made the money mowing lawns. However, when they bought their burgers, they used one of their food stamp credit cards.

The next day, I was at the drug store buying batteries. Again, I had a young fool ahead of me using one of those cards to pay for his purchases. The sad fact, though, is that he had a bigger fool standing behind him than I had standing in front of me. After all, I had helped pay his tab, he hadn’t paid mine.

Obama is now trying to pressure the Supreme Court to put a limit on what people can contribute to political candidates. He spoke of the democratic ideal being tainted by wealthy radical elements. Funny how that didn’t seem to bother him when he still had elections to win. Can we all say George Soros? You can’t get much wealthier or more radical than that old Hungarian commie who learned all about the redistribution of wealth when he helped the Nazis confiscate Jewish property in Budapest.

I have to fess up to a mistake I’ve made more than once. For the past year, I’ve been ruing the fact that Mitt Romney received fewer votes in 2012 than John McCain did in 2008. I must have seen numbers prior to the final tabulation. In any case, I don’t like to spread a falsehood if I can help it. While it’s true that Obama’s own numbers dropped about 3.5 million between 2008 and 2012, Romney did garner roughly a million more votes than McCain.

That reminds me, people, especially Republicans, keep wringing their hands and telling us that we might as well disband as a party because young people, single women, blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians and the mass media, all despise the GOP. And although I am not well-suited to play Pollyanna, the fact remains that Obama did lose those 3.5 million votes in his second election, something no two-termer had ever done in the past. In addition, whereas in 2009, the Democrats had super majorities in the House and the Senate, four years later they have five fewer Senate seats, have lost control of the House, and, what’s more, the lion’s share of governors are now Republicans. If anyone should be hitting the panic button, it’s the Democrats. And whether or not, they ever get the glitches out of those damn computers, ObamaCare is shaping up to be the disaster the Republicans all said it would be when Obama jammed it through Congress without a single Republican vote.

In case you hadn’t heard, Carrick High School in Pittsburgh decided to have a Trayvon Martin theme day as part of school spirit week. Some parents were upset when they got the news that their kids were being encouraged to wear hoodies on Trayvon Martin Wednesday. I’m assuming they will be even angrier when they hear the kids will be encouraged to sell drugs and steal from each other’s lockers on Trayvon Martin Thursday and Friday.

In other news, future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones, who played his entire 20-year career for the Atlanta Braves, was invited to toss out the first ball of the National League Division Series. But because he had committed the mortal sin of predicting that the L.A. Dodgers would take the best of five game series in four games, none of the Atlanta players, including his former teammates, would volunteer to catch the pitch. As a result, Jones was forced to pitch to the team’s mascot, a cartoonish character with a humongous head shaped like a baseball. The kicker is that the Dodgers won the series in four games. Perhaps Atlanta should have had the mascot suit up in place of one of their overpaid punks.

Finally, wrapping up the news of the day, a prosecutor in Houston filed aggravated rape charges against a 10-year-old girl who had been spotted by a neighbor touching a four-year-old boy in what they’re referring to as “his private area.” In other words, it’s now a felony to play doctor.

I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that the charge should have been practicing medicine without a license.

A Disaster of Biblical Proportions

Over the past couple of years, I made a couple of prophecies. The first was that in spite of Obama’s threats, Bashar al-Assad would remain in power longer than Obama would. The second was that although America could probably survive another four years of Obama, I doubted if the nation could survive an electorate that would re-elect him. Nothing I’ve seen in the intervening months since last November has caused me to change my mind.

Apparently, according to polls, even if the Republican House agrees to fund everything but ObamaCare and Obama then shuts down the government in a fit of pique, the majority of voters will hold the Republicans responsible if their Social Security checks are a week late. I mean, just how dumb are we as a nation?

Everyone, including the Catholic Church, labor unions and business owners and their employees, hate ObamaCare, but the voters are ready to punish the GOP in the 2014 elections if they try to kill the damn thing.

I used to just suspect that people got the leaders they deserve. Now I know it for a fact.

Even the United Nations, which helped Al Gore create the hoax known as global warming, has finally come around to admitting that the earth is not heating up. But that’s not going to change anything at this late date. For liberal politicians, there’s simply too much money and power up for grabs by maintaining the farce. For corrupt scientists, there are simply too many grants and department chairmanships up for grabs by pretending that anything other than the sun determines temperatures on earth.

Hell, if the various hucksters could see a way to bamboozle the rest of us, they would dig up the Piltdown Man and once again display him as the Missing Link. He, too, it should be remembered was “settled science” for about 40 years.

One thing you have to say about Pope Francis is that he knows how to grab headlines. In his latest attempt to steal attention away from Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus, he announced that the Church should stop “obsessing about gay marriages, abortions and contraception.” Instead, he wants to focus on social issues. Funny but I thought those were social issues. But apparently His Holiness has a lot in common with Obama, otherwise known as His Schmoliness, and seems to think his divine mission is to oversee the redistribution of wealth.

The more I hear from Pope Francis, the more certain I am that I’ve stumbled across Hillary’s running mate in 2016.

Aaron Alexis, who murdered a dozen innocent people at the Navy Yard, claimed in the weeks before the massacre that he was hearing voices giving him orders. He was pretty sure the voices were coming out of his microwave. It made me wonder if that could help explain Obama’s bizarre behavior. But in his case, I suspect the voice he hears is that of George Soros, who merely looks like a microwave.

I find that I am already sorry that the mayor’s race in New York City didn’t go the way I was hoping. For 12 years, Michael Bloomberg provided the rest of the country with one laugh after another. I am convinced the laughs would never have stopped if only New Yorkers had seen their way clear to electing Anthony (“I’ll show you mine if you let me show you mine”) Weiner.

Instead, we have to rely on Obama to keep us chuckling. But the way the media protects this cluck, we’re not only being deprived of our laughs, but of a few straight answers. For instance, why is it that nobody has asked him why, if Assad’s use of poison gas on a thousand Syrians was a sin of biblical proportions, how it was that when George Bush attacked Saddam Hussein, who had used the same stuff to kill tens of thousands of Iranians and Iraqi Kurds, he deserved to be impeached and tried as a war criminal?

Question: What do Mel Gibson, Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton, Kenneth Branagh, Richard Chamberlain, Ian McKellen, Kevin Kline, John Gielgud, John Barrymore, Edwin Booth and Barack Obama, have in common? Answer: They have all portrayed Hamlet. But none have equaled Obama’s mastery of the role. The others, after all, merely had to memorize the lines and repeat them for a few hours. But as we’ve all seen, with his talk about red lines and his threats about the inevitable consequences, followed by his calls for congressional support, followed by his plea for the United Nations to do something, anything or nothing, he has made the role his own. This schmuck doesn’t need to parrot Shakespeare’s lines; he is Hamlet.

For those who’d say he’s not a convincing Danish prince, not a manly and commanding presence like Gibson, Burton and Barrymore, I’d hasten to remind them that at times the role has been performed by the likes of Sarah Bernhardt and Judith Anderson.

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Hell On Earth

I have always felt that when politicians clamor for work projects, instead of focusing on roads and bridges, they should be mentioning prisons. We never seem to have enough of them. As a result, felons are constantly being released before finishing their sentences.

And whereas liberals are always insisting that civilized nations shouldn’t have so many people incarcerated, the truth, as usual, is they’re wrong. So long as those behind bars are there because they’ve committed actual felonies, and aren’t there because of their political or religious beliefs, there is no ideal number or percentage of people who should be locked up. If you’re in jail, it’s proof that you’re uncivilized, not that society is.

For my part, I believe that any judge who shows leniency to murderers, rapists and pedophiles, should be removed from the bench. I also believe that any defense attorney who succeeds in springing a defendant only to see the thug go out and repeat his crime should be indicted as an accessory. Furthermore, I think parole boards should disappear. The very notion of taking time off a sentence for so-called good behavior is a perversion of justice. Time off for not robbing a bank, stealing a car or raping a child, while behind bars? Time off for making his cot or eating all his peas? Instead, the system should simply add years for misbehavior.

Age limits are another absurd part of our legal system. But we’re not alone. In India, a gang of six raped and murdered a 23-year-old woman. The first defendant was recently tried and found guilty. He received the maximum sentence, but because he’s 17, the maximum sentence was three years in a juvenile facility. Three years for rape and murder?! What’s more, the chances are he would have received a similar sentence over here.

The fashion magazines like to say that 70 is the new 60 and 60 is the new 50, but it also works in reverse. Thanks to a society that encourages young girls to enter beauty contests when they’re five years old, promotes so-called sex education classes and the distribution of condoms to junior high students, and spends more time trying to disarm hunters than young thugs, 12 and 13 is the new 30.

Someone should come out with a book titled “Foreign Policy for Dummies,” and send a copy to Barack Obama. Starting with his mea culpa on behalf of the United States in Cairo four years ago, he hasn’t done a single thing that didn’t suggest we had a rank and stupid amateur as our head of state.

Whether it was leading from behind in Libya; insisting that Israel stop building apartment houses for their citizens and to pull back to pre-1967 borders in order to facilitate phony peace talks with Arab terrorists; announcing a surge in Afghanistan while at the same time announcing a date of withdrawal; breaking our promise to Poland and the Czech Republic to provide them with a missile defense system in order to placate Russia; or announcing that if al-Assad crossed the red line by using chemical weapons on Syrians, he would suffer dire consequences, and then repeating the same threat after he had crossed it a second time, Obama has shown himself to be incapable of performing on the world stage any more competently than he does here at home. Frankly, I am still looking for a job that isn’t above his pay grade.

On top of everything else, even when he was announcing a strike on Syria, he promised it would be swift and painless — sort of like when the dentist is about to give you a shot of Novocain — and shouldn’t be interpreted as an attempt to bring about regime change.

In the two weeks he spent futzing around before he finally decided he would leave it up to Congress to take the heat, Syria had successfully moved its weaponry out of harm’s way and allegedly moved political prisoners to airports and armories, using them as human shields. God forbid we should ever attack without warning!

What I don’t see Obama doing, although I suspect it would play fairly well with everyone except, perhaps, those last few subscribers to the NY Times, would be to resign from the U.N. How many more times do we have to go, hat in hand, to those creeps asking for a united action only to have Russia or China veto it? Heck, if we quit and stopped subsidizing the U.N., we’d not only save a few bucks, but we could stop pretending that the likes of Susan Rice and Samantha Power are qualified to do anything beyond overseeing a PTA bake sale.

Finally, I heard a prominent Protestant minister on the radio last week. When the host asked him why so few evangelical pastors seemed willing to speak out on social issues, such as same sex marriages, he said that most of them are afraid of being labeled right-wingers by those on the left.

Once I understood he was being serious, I had to laugh. Assuming he knows what he’s talking about, someone should explain to those demented souls that so far as run-of-the-mill Marxists are concerned, there’s only one thing worse than being a conservative, and that’s being an evangelical.

If they don’t even know that much, perhaps I’ve stumbled upon the reason that church attendance is plummeting.

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