Russian Confusion

Forget about Russian collusion, it’s now all about Russian confusion.  With President Trump meeting the Russian tyrant Putin in Helsinki, the story becomes what will happen between the two countries in the future, not what has happened in the past.  Here are a few observations.

The Mueller investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign or even Donald Trump himself cooperated with Russians in subverting the 2016 election is effectively over and FBI guy Peter Strzok finished it off.

I am now branding Strzok “Reasonable Doubt” Peter.  Mueller’s criminal case hangs on providing proof of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt.  Because Strzok was involved in the investigation and, after being dismissed by Mueller for bias-laden texts, never investigated himself by the Special Counsel, doubt about the whole case has now been firmly established.  Thus “Reasonable Doubt” Peter has sunk the collusion ship.

There may be peripheral indictments but Mueller’s evidence must be incontrovertible.  The left will be deeply disappointed by the outcome.

On the policy front, President Trump does not really care about Crimea or what Putin has done in the past, he simply wants a “deal” with Russia going forward.  I’m not exactly sure what Mr. Trump is hoping for but that should soon become apparent.  An agreement about reducing nuclear weapons is certainly in play but I don’t see Putin cooperating on much else.

It should be clear to everyone that Vlad is a menace to the world and the President should certainly be aware of that.  He is trying to neutralize the martinet going forward but that is not likely to happen. It’s worth a try but Vlad is a psychotic megalomaniac.  Tough to play nice with a person like that.

Finally, Putin has already won the Russian collusion campaign.  Some of his high tech hackers have been indicted by Mueller but so what?  They will not likely be apprehended anytime soon.  Their interference in the 2016 election has succeeded in embarrassing our current president with ongoing allegations, gravely harming the FBI, creating partisan hatred among the American populace, and pretty much destroying the image of the American press as a seeker of truth.

I’d say that’s a huge overall victory for Putin the Disrupter.  Wouldn’t you?

Too bad Vlad can’t take a victory lap.  But that’s impossible.  As he will tell the world this week, he and his country did not do a thing.  Nyet.