How to Become a Racist at Age 76

This is a story that’s the opposite of your typical coming of age in terms of racism.  We often hear about stories of people who were born or raised as a racist, and come to learn that there is no reason to harbor such hate.  These are sometimes rural people who did not have much education, or exposure to those of a different race.  Typically, these are feel good stories about someone seeing they are wrong and changing their ways.  There are not too many people who go through their life loving all races equally, and at a late age succumb and convert to racism.  John McCain has arrived at age 76 living such a life, only now to apparently become a racist.

The reason that we know John McCain is racist is that important and respected people have told us that his objection to the possible nomination of Susan Rice (current Ambassador to the UN) to the post of Secretary of State proves he is racist.  Mr. McCain along with other Senators has raised concerns about Ms. Rice due to her statements after four Americans were killed in Libya.  Ms. Rice appeared on 5 Sunday news shows on behalf of the Obama administration five days after the Consulate in Libya was attacked, and mislead the public about the cause of the attack.  Mr. McCain claims that this is important because she either knew she was lying or should have known she was lying.  Countless pundits, hosts on MSNBC, and the Congressional Black Caucus have accused Mr. McCain of being a racist, because he has stated that Ms. Rice is unfit for office.

John McCain has been in the public eye since 1973 when he returned from Viet Nam after being tortured as a POW.  He has served in elective office since 1982, and run for office 9 times including twice for president.  He enthusiastically supported 2 different nominees for Secretary of State who were black in Colin Powell & Condoleezza Rice.  In 1991 his wife returned from Bangladeshi with a three month old baby from Mother Teresa’s orphanage, they adopted this baby of color, and she is their daughter Bridget.  Somehow through all of this public scrutiny and acts of colorblindness, we have all somehow missed that John McCain is a racist.  Maybe this is that rare case of late life conversion to racism.

Perhaps it is possible that you don’t become a racist at 76 with zero history of harboring these thoughts of hate.  Maybe Mr. McCain deserves the benefit of the doubt that his problem with Ms. Rice is what he says it is.  You can say he is overreacting, judging to harshly, or even putting too much weight on one statement, but shouldn’t there be a track record of questionable behavior before you can accuse someone of being a racist?  What is it about today’s political environment that allows this to occur nearly unchallenged?

How do you become a racist at age 76?  Ask a Democrat to tell the truth.