Obama’s Mantra: Don’t Blame Me

You have to feel sorry for President Obama.  He gets such a bad rap.

Gas prices are high and going higher and despite what you hear from his enemies, it’s not his fault.

We’re in the midst of the weakest post-recession recovery since before World War II, and again, despite what his mindless detractors tell you, the lackluster economy nearly four years into his term isn’t his fault either.

Now we learn that the 2010 shellacking the Democrats took in Congressional races – the one where they lost the House and every dope thought it was because the voters were fed up with the president and his party’s runaway spending – well, we now learn that we were wrong, that that wasn’t his fault either.

You know whose fault it was?  Take a guess.  If you said Fox News, pat yourself on the back.

According to a new book  called Showdown, by Mother Jones journalist David Corn, President Obama told union officials in 2010 that he was “losing white males” because a lot of them watch Fox News and “hear Obama is a Muslim 24/7 and it begins to seep in.”

There’s just one problem with the president’s analysis.  It isn’t true.

After quoting from Showdown on his newscast, Fox News anchor Bret Baier said, “For the record, we found no examples of a host saying President Obama is a Muslim.”

So let’s review:  High gas prices have absolutely nothing to do with President Obama’s war on coal, or his veto of the Keystone HL pipeline, or his decision to shut down drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, for a very long time, after the BP disaster, or his opposition to drilling in Alaska, or his war on frakking, to name just a few things that aren’t his fault.

The weak economy?  Two words:  Bush’s fault.

And now that perennial Obama White House villain pops up once more, Fox News, accused of doing something it didn’t do.

For much of his life President Obama has been showered in praise.  For much of his life he’s been told that he’s the smartest guy in the room.  In school, kids were drawn to him because he was cool.  When he got older journalists slobbered all over him for the same reason … and also because he was young, liberal and black. Who among us wouldn’t believe we were wonderful, and blameless, given so much affection?

If a majority of voters in November believe that our nation’s problems aren’t Mr. Obama’s fault, but rather the dirty work of anti-Obama bogeymen all over the place, the president likely will win re-election.  But if he loses, that won’t be his fault either.  The real reason, we will be told by liberal pundits, is racism in America — not concern about Mr. Obama’s policies or his competence.  The real reason, they will tell us, is that white people could no longer tolerate a black man in the nation’s top position.  And I suspect, Mr. Obama will believe it, too.  After all, it couldn’t be his fault.