Fauxcahontas is Making Donald Trump Look Good

With the midterm elections right around the corner, let’s take a few minutes to re-visit some of the dire predictions Democrats have been making since Donald Trump was elected.

Topping the list was their fear that the world as we know it would end right after he took the oath of office. It hasn’t.  There’s been no nuclear war, no pact with Putin’s Russia to undermine and overthrow the institutions of the United States, no economic collapse either.

Minutes after Donald Trump won in 2016, New York Times columnist, and poster boy for Trump Derangement Syndrome, Paul Krugman wrote this:  “So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

Since that brilliant observation (from a Nobel Prize winner in economics no less), the stock market reached new heights, unemployment reached near record lows, and that global recession with no end in sight … is nowhere in sight.

Another liberal prediction was that Donald Trump would become Adolf Hitler and turn America into a fascist dictatorship.  Despite their hopes that it would actually happen so they could take over the House, the Senate and the White House, it hasn’t.  And won’t.

A third prophesy of the progressive left is that Donald Trump, who they were convinced was uncivil and unhinged, would do some really crazy stuff, like shred the First Amendment and shut down the New York Times and CNN.

Despite his needless (and dangerous) taunting of the press, despite his fake news rants, the press is alive and well and taking shots at the president every day of the week. That doesn’t happen when the leader is really an authoritarian despot.

As for uncivil and unhinged?  Ok, they’re onto something there. But compared to what?

Does President Trump look like a nut job compared, say, to Elizabeth Warren, who thinks she’s a Cherokee Indian because she has a drop of Native-American blood flowing through her 99.99 percent white European body?

I thought progressives were the ones who yelled about “culture appropriation” … who would scream “racist” if some Anglo guy wore a sombrero to a costume party or some white girl wore an Asian dress to her prom.

Who’s appropriating whose culture now, Fauxcahontas?

And as uncivil as Donald Trump so often is, is he nastier than Democrat Maxine Waters who wants her fellow lefties to harass Republicans – in public — every chance they get, “And … tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Is he more combative than Hillary Clinton who says Democrats won’t be civil until they win?  Or Eric Holder who said when they go low, “We kick ‘em”?  Or those self-righteous progressives who shout in the face of Republicans trying to walk through an airport or eat at a restaurant? Or the ones who call Justice Kavanaugh a rapist?

The point here isn’t that Donald Trump is Mr. Wonderful.  He’s not. He’s dishonest, crude, nasty and brags way too much.  And on certain days those are his good points.  But by now, the American people know about all that.  I suspect a lot of them are getting used to it – especially since those scary predictions about how he would turn America into a fascist dictatorship and start  a nuclear war look like overheated, partisan political nonsense to normal Americans.

Ironic, isn’t it that the progressives who were so worried that America would somehow “normalize” the horrible Donald Trump may be witnessing their worst fears.  And they’re the ones who helped make it happen.