“Dear Pope Francis: Shut the **** UP!” and “Ridiculing the Ridiculous”

I don’t think that most people would disagree with the statement that race relations in America were better before Barack Obama took office. Between him and the race card hustler Eric Holder, the divide hasn’t been this large in decades.

In similar fashion, I believe that Pope Francis has set back Catholic/Jewish relations. Although his recent trip to the Holy Land was trumpeted as ecumenical in nature, in reality it was about as unifying as the blade of a guillotine.

When Israel’s Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu observed that Jesus spoke Hebrew, school marm Francis piped up: “Aramaic.” To which Netanyahu, the perhaps too polite host, said, “Jesus spoke Aramaic, but he knew Hebrew.”

But as Caroline Glick, the American-born Israeli journalist wrote, “At the time of Jesus, educated Jews wrote and spoke in Aramaic, and Jesus was educated. But the language of the people was Hebrew, and when Jesus preached to them, it would have been in Hebrew.”

Ms. Glick also pointed out that the Palestinians, along with their Islamic and Western sympathizers de-Judaize Jesus and proclaim him Palestinian in order to libel the Jews and criminalize the Jewish state.

The Pope had the usual photo op at the Wailing Wall, but, less publicized in the West was the fact that he referred to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who recently united with the terrorist group known as Hamas, as a “peacekeeper.”

Francis also found the time to meet and embrace the Palestinian mufti, Sheikh Muhammed Hussein, calling him his “dear brother.” Just for the record, the Pope’s dear brother has been condemned by the U.S. and even the E.U. for his constant calls for Israel’s annihilation in the name of Allah, and for his praise of suicide bombers, claiming that their souls “tell us to follow in their path.”

This administration, after every scandal, tells us they’re conducting an investigation in order to make certain it never happens again. Then, after a couple of months, they report that the investigation concluded there was no scandal, and that it was all a pipedream concocted by the Republicans.

Well, I’ve concluded my own investigation of the last two elections, and after careful analysis, I’ve determined that we should never again elect a president for no better reason than to prove we can elect the first something or other– be it a woman, a Jew, a Mormon, an Hispanic, a homosexual, a dwarf or an albino.

In Isla Vista, where I once attended UC Santa Barbara, Elliot Rodger killed several people, not because he couldn’t find a woman to love and marry, but because he couldn’t find one or more with whom to have sex. How is it that nobody, including his movie director father, ever told him about hookers?

Whenever Obama puts America deeper in debt so that he can expand welfare, the Department of Education, the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management, he claims it’s absolutely essential. But he then cuts funding for the military, and insists that he’s providing us with a better, leaner, more efficient, national defense. So how is it that he never thinks to cut spending on all those other items and make them better, leaner and more efficient?

Shouldn’t even Democrats find it the least bit odd that when it comes to Al Qaeda, Obama is always trying to split hairs between what he calls the core group of terrorists and its affiliates, but he, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and their robots over at the IRS, somehow managed to lump all conservative groups under the Tea Party umbrella, the better to target the opposition?

I, for one, am constantly amazed that this administration keeps trying to make its scandals disappear by demanding that everyone focus, instead, on fiscal matters. But considering the hash that Obama and his pet monkeys have made of the economy, I would have thought they’d be better off suggesting that everyone stare at the sun. If the Democrats had set out to intentionally destroy America’s wealth, one would finally have reason to say they’re doing a damn fine job.

For instance, everyone knows that if you raise the minimum wage by $3-an-hour, most employers will simply decide they can sweep up the barbershop themselves or mow their own lawns. Even the world of burgers is no longer a refuge for the unskilled. McDonald’s recently announced the purchase of 7,000 automatic cashier machines.

The irony is that it is often simpleminded females who respond most favorably to the Democrats’ unending campaign to keep raising the minimum wage. We all know that some women can’t help falling for liars, cheats and scoundrels. But it’s the Democrats who use this knowledge to their political advantage. The finding of the Congressional Budget Office is that if the minimum wage is raised from $7.25 to $10.10, it will not only result in the immediate loss of 500,000 jobs, but that 285,000 of those jobs (57%) are jobs held by women. But that won’t prevent millions of them from voting for those compassionate Democrats.

Mexico, as you may have noticed, has once again kept an American in jail on trumped-up charges. He’s an ex-Marine who wound up in Tijuana by mistake because the dummies working for the CA highway department don’t know how to put up signs anyone can read. Be that as it may, Mexico should be grateful that President Prelutsky isn’t in the White House. My attitude would be that if our southern neighbors like Marines so much, they’ll be over the moon when I send down 10,000 more to rescue their buddy and to translate” Semper Fi” into Spanish.


While watching Fox News, I often find myself fast-forwarding through those tiresome cat fights between conservatives and the likes of Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and Alan Colmes, but at least I understand the reason behind them. It’s intended to prove that Fox is indeed fair and balanced. However, whenever I see one of those slick-looking creeps from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), I find myself wondering if Fox would have welcomed a propagandist for the American Bund if this were 1943 and we were at war with the Nazis.

Recently, I saw a reasonable Muslim on Megyn Kelly’s show. He’s a doctor with a practice in Phoenix, Arizona, named Zundi Jasser. He founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. He’s worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. For one thing, he speaks honestly about the vile jihadists who populate CAIR and who attempt to put the best face on Islamic terrorism, which is similar to putting lipstick on a pig. At least it would be if little pigs went in for killing American soldiers and abducting Nigerian school girls.

For another thing, Dr. Jasser is living proof that other American Muslims aren’t really in danger of being harmed if they dare speak out against the barbarism of the worldwide Islamic movement. But I have come to believe that those very few Muslims who don’t subscribe to murdering so-called infidels (otherwise known as Christians and Jews); who oppose the oppression and genital mutilation of women; and who don’t favor the suppression of free speech and the bombings of tall buildings, school buses and pizza parlors, are the ones who are aberrant.

That is why if I were a Muslim today, I would seriously consider converting to Christianity. Why not? Here in America, there are millions of people like me who were raised by parents who were devoted to the Democratic Party and who, at least in my case, voted for Democrats until the day came when I could no longer stomach what the Party had become.

Thanks to Karl Rove’s reference to Hillary Clinton’s brain trauma of a while back, some people have begun questioning the state of her health, especially considering that she will be 69-years-old when Election Day, 2016, rolls around. Although I think there are plenty of better reasons to question her qualifications to be the Commander-in-Chief, I find it amusing that NBC decided that Jay Leno, at 64, was too old to host a late night talk show, but they’re pretty darn excited at the prospect of having someone who would be 73 at the end of her first term running the country.

As you have no doubt heard, Obama and Eric Holder have presented Get Out of Jail cards to thousands of illegal aliens who were serving sentences for murder, rape, arson and driving under the influence of drugs or booze. It tells you a lot about the two men that they would let these people loose, no doubt in hopes of garnering the voting loyalty of their friends and relatives, and a lot about Obama’s base that they’d applaud the release of these scumbags.

What I don’t get is why some people who oppose the release would like to see them deported. Deported to Mexico? What’s the point? Their rate of return is probably greater than the rate of recidivism among sex offenders. My own theory is that they let themselves be caught every time they want to visit their friends down south, but prefer to have Uncle Sam pay for the ticket.

Inasmuch as we give Mexico $800 million of our tax dollars every year for reasons I can’t begin to fathom, I would suggest that we start deducting the cost of deporting, schooling, incarcerating and offering medical care to Mexican nationals, from that annual bonanza. I have a feeling that Mexico would finally get around to building a very high wall with machine gun turrets on their side of the border.

A reader, Patrick Miano, like Dr. Jasser, a resident of Phoenix, sent me an email letting me know that Matt Damon’s lousy anti-fracking movie, “Promised Land,” of a couple of years ago was financed byAbu Dhabi Media, the state media company owned by the United Arab Emirates. You think there just might be a financial motive behind their attempt to make fracking look like an evil enterprise?

For that matter, is it possible that it’s not cultural sensitivity, but Arab and Muslim money that helps ensure that the most popular villains in our movies are rarely Arabs or Muslims, although they happen to be the people who are wreaking most of the havoc in the real world?

As a rule, Hollywood prefers to depict villainy as being committed by those who are running the CIA or a successful business or, in some cases, involved with religion. Ideally, when it comes to casting, it’s best if it’s someone who can be passed off as Eurotrash, complete with a snooty English accent like James Fox or Jeremy Irons.

Apparently, according to Leviticus 20:13, the Bible says: “If a man lies with another man, they should be stoned.” That was enough to convince one of my smart-alecky readers to suggest that when the folks in Colorado recently legalized gay marriages and marijuana, they were only following God’s command.

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