Justice Requires No Modifiers

It’s been a while now since I addressed a Rotary Club here in L.A., but I still recall taking exception to a Jewish doctor in the audience when, during the Q & A session, he spoke up on behalf of social justice. I told him that once you start using adjectives to describe justice, you are in fact removing that all important blindfold from Lady Justice’s eyes. You’re making a case for a judicial system that’s weighted in favor of, say, blacks or Hispanics, women or gays. In other words, you’re arguing for a system that is the polar opposite of justice.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Obama, Holder and the various race-hustlers who descended upon Ferguson, Missouri, were doing when they demanded “fair and impartial justice” for Michael Brown and his family, ignoring the irony involved in calling for Officer Darren Wilson’s head even before a grand jury had heard one minute of testimony in the matter.

In the Middle East, Israel has once again shown itself to be the world’s biggest stooge. Whether it’s settling in at the negotiating table, going through the motions of seeking a peaceful resolution with those whose sole purpose in life is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth; or waging war in hopes of a ceasefire, which constitutes nothing more than a temporary interruption of a permanent problem; they insist on making themselves look foolish to those of us who support Israel, while doing nothing to diminish the hatred of the world’s anti-Semites.

Speaking of anti-Semites, I’m reminded that in a recent poll, it was discovered that even after the beheading of American journalist James Foley, 16% of the French supported ISIS. And when those polled were limited to youngsters between the ages of 18 and 25, that number soared to 27%. And while it’s true that France is home to the largest percentage of Muslims in Europe, they only account for 7.5% of the population.

Here in the United States, for all the bowing and scraping that our politicians do when it comes to the followers of Islam, the Muslims constitute less than one percent of the population, I’m happy to report.

As my readers know, while I acknowledge that Ben Carson seems like a decent fellow, I see no good reason to promote a retired surgeon as a presidential candidate when we have the likes of Scott Walker, Mike Pence, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and even Mitt Romney, warming up in the bullpen.

After his recent appearances with Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly, I have even stronger objections to his candidacy. I knew that some conservatives were cool to Dr. Carson because of his lukewarm defense of the Second Amendment, but I was willing to cut him some slack on that issue because I assumed he had been witness to a great many unintentional shootings during his years in the operating room. However, when he goes on TV to debate events in Ferguson with Jesse Jackson and winds up effusively praising him as a great civil rights leader when Jackson has shown himself over the past half century to be a race-baiter, a corporate extortionist and an adulterer, I’m no longer giving Doc Carson the benefit of the doubt.

Praising Jackson as a great civil rights leader would be tantamount to the travel industry giving Adolf Hitler a shout-out for being instrumental in getting millions of Americans to visit Europe during World War II.

Obama’s trained seals at the IRS now admit, thanks to Judicial Watch, that they can retrieve Lois Lerner’s emails, but that to do so would be onerous. I think we can all agree on that if by “onerous,” they mean terribly embarrassing to the Obama administration.

When Burger King decides to move its headquarters from the U.S. to Canada in order to lower its corporate tax rate from 35% to 15%, Obama berates the company for being unpatriotic. But perhaps, as with onerous, liberals don’t quite grasp the meaning of patriotism. It doesn’t mean, as Obama’s insult would imply, being stupid. Would he also label as unpatriotic those businesses and individuals leaving California, with its 10.5% tax rate, for saner sanctuaries in Arizona and Texas?

By the way, Burger King isn’t even an American enterprise. It’s owned by a Brazilian equity company. So the “Home of the Whopper” is actually Rio de Janeiro, although I’d say the White House could justifiably lay claim to the title.

In January, Obama dismissed ISIS as the junior varsity. He compared them to kids who don L.A. Laker jerseys and think that makes them Kobe Bryant. But, lo and behold, a few months later, they’re the ones gobbling up Syria and Iraq, crucifying Christians and beheading Americans. And in the meantime, without even running it by the U.S., Egypt and the United Arab Republic bombed Libya. So who’s the schmuck with the big 0 on the back of his jersey warming the bench today?

Finally, because it’s getting harder and harder to find something to laugh about so long as Barack Obama is running the country, Harry Reid is running the Senate and Mr. Ed is running the State Department, I’ll share an email I received the other day. It was a photo of Obama speaking at a podium, announcing: “It is finally time for me to talk about the beheading. So, my fellow Americans, I now be heading to the golf course.”

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