“Can America Be Saved?” and “Footballs: Political & Pigskin”

I believe it is essential that the GOP take back control of the Senate in November because it would help limit the damage that Obama can do to this nation in his final two years. But I’m not sure that’s enough. If you doff your rose-colored glasses, it’s awfully hard to see a lot of silver linings.

Once you get past our gallant past and the promise of our divinely-inspired Constitution, what do you see? What I see are a million abortions a year. I see the foolishness of same-sex marriages and I see states tripping over themselves in their rush to legalize brain-deadening drugs. I see the filth and decadence of our popular culture. I see journalists who have rejected objectivity and assumed the role of propagandists for the Left. I see our leaders promoting a racial divide that ignores black violence, black illegitimacy rates and the morphing of black thugs into Muslim terrorists, while accusing the entire white race of bigotry.

Furthermore, I see an education system, once the envy of the world, moving away from instruction in favor of indoctrination, and colleges that continue to offer degrees in such clownish pursuits as Black, Hispanic and Lesbian Studies. I see parents flaunting their vanity by insisting that even the dullest of their offspring squander years and a potful of money getting degrees that neither make them any smarter nor help them earn a post-graduate living.

In the meantime, they move back to their parents’ basements, demonstrate with Occupy Wall Street slackers, and whine about the injustice of capitalism, while thousands of jobs for welders, mechanics and plumbers, go begging.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, we continue to keep our borders porous because those in one party want Hispanic votes and an increased number of union members and those in the other party lust for cheap labor. And for reasons I can’t begin to grasp, neither party wants us to get out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S.

To this day, I don’t understand why we ever decide to defend one group of Muslims from another group of Muslims. I understand attacking them whenever they appear to be a risk to America or Israel, but not on behalf of anyone but ourselves. These people are not our friends; they are swamp creatures. What’s more, all they ever do during these conflicts is offer to hold our coat while we do their fighting and dying for them.

I recently saw a cartoon of Obama trying to explain the seating arrangements at an Anti-ISIL gathering to a maître d’: “Just make sure you don’t put any enemy-of-my-enemies next to any friend-of-my-friend’s-enemies-enemy.”

Recently, a man in London at a rare non-Islamic demonstration was seen carrying a sign that read “We would boycott Palestinian goods, but they don’t make anything.” That’s not entirely true. They make trouble and, what’s more, it’s their major export.

These days, we can’t even trust our scientists to tell us the truth. Take global warming, for instance. I am not a climatologist. I don’t spend my time measuring glaciers, taking the ocean’s temperature or interviewing polar bears. My particular strength is sniffing out hypocrisy and bullshit.

So when I hear so-called experts defending global warming as “settled science” or “scientific consensus,” I know I’m standing downwind from a stockyard. Science is rarely or ever settled unless we’re referring to things that have been measured and proven, such as the law of gravity or the theory of relativity. As for consensus, science is not proven by taking a vote, especially not when by measurement, there has been no discernible warming for the past 17 years!

Therefore, when it comes to siding with one group of experts or another, I ask myself which group is receiving academic honors and government grants. Which side is being hired by universities and being granted tenure? And which side keeps trying to provide facts in spite of facing ridicule and the loss of employment while being labeled “climate-deniers,” likening them to Holocaust-deniers and “Truthers” by the likes of Al Gore, Barack Obama and Harry Reid, who have a vested political and financial interest in promoting the hoax.

Possibly the surest sign that America is in decline is that the country twice elected Barack Hussein Obama to be its commander-in-chief. The chump hasn’t the know-how to be a crossing guard, but we gave him the same two terms we once gave George Washington and Ronald Reagan. As I said just prior to the 2012 election, I thought America could probably survive eight years of Obama, but I wasn’t so sure it could survive an electorate that would grant him a second term.

I keep hearing people tell me that Obama is bright. But how bright can he be when, reminiscent of Bill Clinton’s inability to define “is,” this turkey can’t define “war” or recognize “Islamic terrorism,” which he keeps referring to as “workplace violence” or as criminal activity on a par with knocking over a 7-11.

Both Obama and Kerry seem to think that if we don’t send ground forces into Iraq and Syria, and only rely on planes and bombs, it’s not really a war. However, during WWII, Germany never successfully invaded England. Instead, they relied on the Luftwaffe and their V-2 missiles. I suspect the English believed they were engaged in a war even if there were no Nazi boots on the ground.

A minute after announcing the beheading of an American, Obama ran off to the links. Then, when he was chastised for his insensitivity, he said he should have anticipated “the optics.” That statement not only confirmed once again how unfit he is for the office he holds, but exposes what a group of toadies and incompetents he has surrounded himself with that not one of them – not Valerie Jarrett, Josh Earnest, David Plouffe or even Michelle –advised him to skip golf on that day of national shock and mourning.

Richard Nixon once wrote a memoir called “Six Crises,” in which he detailed half a dozen memorable events in which he played a role, including the Alger Hiss case and his debate with Nikita Khrushchev. George W. Bush wrote a memoir called “Decision Points” in which he related how he came to make a dozen of his most important decisions related to 9/11, the invasion of Iraq and the war on terrorism.

If Barack Obama ever gets around to writing his own presidential memoir, I assume it will deal with the 18 toughest rounds of golf he played during his time in office.

Footballs: Political & Pigskin

Much, I’d say too much, has been made of the incident in the elevator involving Ray Rice and his then-fiancée. I believe that most of us agree that men should not slug women and women should not spit on men. But in a world where men are being beheaded and women are being stoned, whipped and sold into sexual slavery, I think we should all get a grip.

In the wake of the incident NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stood a good chance of losing his job. As I sit here, the question hasn’t yet been answered and, unless you’re a friend or relative of Mr. Goodell’s, it will be of no concern to you.

Perhaps it’s because I have no interest in football that the only thing that made me sit up and take notice was when a spokesperson for the league said, “The NFL will do everything in its power to restore honor and integrity to the country’s most lucrative and popular pastime.” There’s no getting around the fact that Americans, by and large, love their football, but “honor” and “integrity”? This is a sport, let us never forget, that welcomed Michael Vick, a convicted torturer and killer of dogs, back into its ranks. Whether we’re talking about football at the college or professional level, “honor” and “integrity” are two words that are as out of place as they’d be in a candid `discussion of American politics.

Speaking of politics, as some of you already know, I greatly admire Dr. Ben Carson’s surgical skills. But I fail to see how his career has prepared him to be the Commander-in-Chief. Although I understand that we all have reason to question career politicians, I no more want another amateur in the Oval Office than I do in an operating room.

I have already raised my objection to Dr. Carson based on his lukewarm defense of the Second Amendment and his fulsome praise of Jesse Jackson, hailing the race-baiting corporate extortionist as a great leader of the civil rights movement, but I have only recently discovered that he supports affirmative action. That’s perfectly understandable because he has acknowledged being a beneficiary of the policy. But he is 62 years old, meaning that he benefited from it four decades ago. To suggest that even 50 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, it should be necessary to offer black students advantages over everyone else smacks of reverse racism.

As of this August, Dr. Carson’s PAC had raised eight million dollars. My question is what happens to the dough if he decides not to run or if he simply drops out of the race if he fares badly in Iowa or New Hampshire? Somehow, I doubt if the unused portion will be returned to the donors. So who the heck gets it?

As I have admitted in the past, I am not religious, probably because I wasn’t raised in a religious household. Still, I don’t get why so many people are proud to boast they’re atheists. To me, it appears that these nincompoops have signed up for a religion based on nothing more than their own disbelief.

I mean, how can one devote so much of one’s time to denying the existence of something one insists isn’t real? After all, people like the late Christopher Hitchens don’t go around debating whether the Easter Bunny lays chocolate eggs.

What I do know is that if I devoted my life to denying that God exists and mocking those who believe in Him, I’d be having serious second thoughts on my death bed. For when it comes to knowing who’s been naughty and who’s been nice, one has to assume Santa Claus is no competition for God.

When a reporter asked Obama if it wasn’t true that the only reason he had postponed announcing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens until after the midterm elections was because Senate Democrats had begged him to hold off, giving them at least a shot at being re-elected, Obama denied it. However, being Obama, he couldn’t help tipping his hand by saying “And I’m being honest now…” One, people accustomed to telling the truth don’t feel compelled to assure others they’re not lying. Two, that pesky little “now,” suggests that, subconsciously at least, he was signaling that everything he had said previously was absolute rubbish.

What is amazing about Obama is that even though he has spent even more time lying to the American people than he has playing golf, he is no better at lying today than he was in 2008. One can only hope that at least his golf game has improved.

As an example of what a politician should be, consider Ted Cruz. Recently, he agreed to address an organization called the Defense of Christians. It seems that several Christian leaders from Syria and Lebanon, who had voiced support for Bashar Assad and Hezbollah and had made some virulently anti-Semitic remarks, were in attendance.

Apparently the organizers of the event assumed that Sen. Cruz would temper his remarks and shy away from speaking about the Jew hatred that festers equally among Christians and Muslims in the Middle East.

Instead, Cruz told the audience that those who hate Israel also hate America, and those who hate Jews also hate Christians, and that anyone who hates Israel and the Jewish people is not following the teachings of Christ.

He went on to say that Christians in the Middle East have no better friend than Israel, and that it’s the one nation where Christians can pursue their faith free of persecution. His words were greeted with a chorus of boos.

Before leaving the stage, the Texas senator told the creeps that “if you will not stand with Israel, if you will not stand with the Jews, I will not stand with you.”

Can you, in your wildest fantasy, imagine Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton venturing into such a venue and stating a position with such moral clarity?

Obama, as we all recall, bowed and scraped to Islam in his 2009 Cairo speech and Mrs. Clinton showed her own true colors when she scolded a congressional committee, insisting that it made no difference who attacked our consulate in Benghazi and massacred four gallant Americans.

The most disturbing aspect of the response to Sen. Cruz wasn’t the booing from the Middle Eastern contingent, but the fact that so few American Christians in the auditorium were willing to confront the bigots in their midst by at least applauding the senator’s remarks.

Far too often, conservatives try to pass off their reluctance to stand up to bullies as simply good manners. But it’s not worth the effort because absolutely no one is fooled. Even on a school playground, no eight-year-old has ever confused cowardice with civility.

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