The Left Turns on Obama

Hell has frozen over! The far left in America is turning on their guy Barack Obama. After his speech on the oil disaster a few days ago, the crazy left Greek chorus on MSNBC hammered the president. He wasn’t specific enough; he was too weak; I don’t sense “executive command,” they wailed. You would have thought they were talking about President Bush. In fact, many of the anti-Obama criticisms echoed the Hurricane Katrina invective directed towards Mr. Bush in 2005.

Usually the far left covers for its folks and provides them excuse after excuse for their failures. But this time, generally speaking, conservatives have been more generous toward President Obama’s oil spill predicament than liberals. Fair-minded people understand that nobody on the planet knows how to plug that gushing broken pipe. As far as reacting slowly, Mr. Obama is guilty, but how many times do you slam the man for allowing BP to dictate the initial play when the oil rig collapsed? Yes, it was foolish. But Monday morning quarterbacking doesn’t really get us anywhere once that has been established.

So there has to be something more in play, and there is. Far-left policy in America is largely a coordinated effort. The point place is the Huffington Post, which has replaced as the driving force for radical left propaganda. People like John Podesta, George Soros, Arianna Huffington and lesser known leftists discuss policy agenda among themselves and then send it out to their willing accomplices in the mainstream media.

One of those accomplices is Cynthia Tucker who writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. After hearing the president’s speech, Ms. Tucker opined, “He didn’t use the moment to assert a resolute sense of command. Nor did he use it to call on Americans to make the sacrifices that will be necessary to make the transition from petroleum to cleaner fuels.”

Aha! So, it’s not really about the oil spill. It’s about global warming! Apparently, some on the far left believe President Obama is not doing his job as a warming warrior. Therein lies the genesis of the disenchantment.

The global warming crew is furious that Mr. Obama expanded ocean drilling a few months ago, and they are crazed that the cap-and-trade bill is stalled in Congress. Along with expanded entitlements for the poor, combating global warming has become a fanatical issue for those who graze in pastures owned by George Soros. If you listened to the president’s speech, it wasn’t horrendous. He put forth the case that he’s doing everything he can, and will hold BP accountable for the cleanup and for compensating Americans who are getting hurt. You may disagree with the president, but the speech certainly wasn’t a disaster.

Therefore, the hysteria displayed by far-left commentators is totally out of proportion, until you factor in the climate change angst. Very simply, his once-devoted supporters are now giving Barack Obama the cold shoulder over global warming.