The Plan

Did you know that last year, Americans paid more taxes to the federal government than ever before?

Two reasons: the robust economy meant workers were making more money.  And the Trump tax reform law eliminated deductions for state and local taxes above $10,000.  That means people like me have to fork over more federal income tax, because we can’t write off what we pay to the state, which, in liberal places like New York and California, is a lot.

So, it was shocking to see that the new Nancy Pelosi pandemic relief bill, which passed the House on Friday, calls for eliminating the $10,000 ceiling, thus putting more money in the pockets of the affluent.

Bernie Sanders, who pays property taxes on three homes, has not said a word. That’s because the Democratic Party is heavily funded by fat cats in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Manhattan and the Hamptons, as well as other wealthy, liberal precincts.

This Bud’s for you, rich leftists.

Nancy P. gives back despite the phony rhetoric about the rich paying their “fair share.” You might ask why a sop to the wealthy is included in a virus relief package in the first place.  Or why quasi-amnesty for the undocumented is in there.  Or major assistance to companies that legally sell marijuana.  Or dozens of other things that have nothing to do with fighting the pandemic.

The answer is politics.  Ms. Pelosi is signaling the updated Democrat platform leading to the election.

The Speaker knows the new relief bill will not be passed.  Only one Republican congressman, Peter King of New York, voted for it and no GOP senators will.  But Ms. Pelosi would like her party to understand where its future lies, and especially wants her fat-cat pals to realize that they will benefit financially.

This cynical and incredibly hypercritical game is not well understood by we the people and that’s why I have written this column.  And here’s something else that is a hidden truth.

If the new pandemic bill ever did pass, the nation’s debt would increase to $28 trillion; money the USA can never fully pay.  The Democrats have no interest in slowing down the massive government spending even though the gross fiscal irresponsibility is a real threat to eventually crash the economy.

But that is exactly what the socialists and their sympathizers want.  If the private marketplace collapses, the federal government will have to take it over – completely.  Something Bernie and his bros yearn for.

We live in a country full of distractions, distortions, and dismal challenges like COVID. Many of our leaders are not interested in problem-solving and often bury their true agenda in legislation that, in the case of the Pelosi bill, runs more than a thousand pages. The folks are not going to read the thing and neither are most members of Congress and the press, so let me give you the true headline: the Pelosi bill uses the contagion danger to advance left wing power.

And now you know the rest of the story.