Various Crimes and Misdemeanors

In recent years, there have been several instances of female high school teachers having sex with their male students. I do not approve of such behavior, and only the most cynical among you would even think to suggest that it’s because it’s been 54 years since I graduated. Understand, I do not sanction such behavior, but it strikes me as a very long stretch when people compare it to teenage girls being seduced by their 35-year-old male teachers.

Whenever I hear about these women, my initial reaction is to wonder how they were able to stand the stench. Having been around teenage boys and having been one myself, I know that in terms of hygiene, they have far more in common with those clods squatting in Occupy Wall Street shanty towns than they do with the folks in soap and shampoo commercials.

As for their “victims,” show me a teenage boy who is traumatized by the experience and I’ll show you a young lad who was blindsided when he got a “C” in the class in spite of his extracurricular activities.

It’s my opinion that these oddball women shouldn’t go to jail, but they should have to undergo therapy in order to deal with their mental disorders and they should have their teaching credentials revoked for their lack of mature judgment. Then they can go run for Congress, where such failings are appreciated.

It occurs to me that liberals are very much like jihadists. In Islamic countries, it’s not uncommon for Muslims to be tried and executed for the crime of apostasy. An apostate is a Muslim who converts to another religion. In our own country, although the punishment isn’t as severe, it mirrors the way that liberals tar and feather black conservatives. If those on the Left had the authority of Iran’s mullahs, would anyone be terribly surprised if they condemned the likes of Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Walter Williams, Condoleezza Rice and Herman Cain, for crimes against the party?

To recognize how true that is, you merely have to acknowledge that liberals are always quick to label a black conservative an oreo, but when someone such as Barack Obama, who is literally half-and-half, comes along, the media never refers to him as any kind of cookie.

Speaking of Obama, I must confess that even though I was appalled when he was elected, it had nothing to do with his race. It had everything to do with those he had acknowledged befriending in high school, college and the Chicago political swamp — radicals, racists and scoundrels named Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Tony Rezko, Rahm Emanuel, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett and Jeremiah Wright — and a political agenda that emphasized destroying the coal industry, sending energy costs soaring and redistributing America’s wealth.

In short, faced with being stuck with a president I abhorred, I was desperate to find an upside to his victory. The only thing I could glom on to was that he seemed to have a stable family, and I hoped he and his wife would use that to benefit not only blacks, but the entire country. After all, it’s no secret that the illegitimate birth rate among blacks is 70% and even higher in such urban communities as Detroit and Philadelphia, while yet another unpleasant fact of life is that the most common denominator among criminals is that they are men and women raised in fatherless homes.

But, as is usual when anyone has high expectations of the Obamas, my hopes were quickly dashed. In three years, Barack hasn’t once addressed the problem, even though he has rarely gone 24 hours without taking Republicans to task over one stupid thing or another.

As for Michelle, on those rare occasions when she hasn’t been enjoying the high life on our dime, she’s used her own bully pulpit — with the emphasis on bully — to lecture us about what we feed our kids. With the black community in utter shambles, this Imelda Marcos-wannabe is fussing about calories, reminding us of the guy on the Titanic who was busily rearranging the deck chairs.

With the election now less than a year away, the only aspect of Obama’s presidency that I’ve approved of was his use of drones against jihadists in the Middle East. They’ve served as a pleasant change from the drones he usually relies on to fight his battles; namely, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Henry Waxman, Jay Carney and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

The scary thing is that the military drones have been so effective, it might give Obama’s re-election team some nasty ideas.

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