We Miss You Billy Mays ……NOT !!!

Did you ever find yourself quietly relaxing in front of the television on a Sunday afternoon? Watching a nice soothing nature program, slowly nodding off to the narrators voice, and suddenly they cut to commercial and a bearded man is screaming his lungs out at you to get you to buy soap? You jump violently awake¬†and knock your soda all over the carpet and suddenly your panacea is ruined. I’m not saying that this exact situation has happened to me, but I have noticed for years that the volume levels on commercials are at an entirely different level than the actual programming. Most especially local cable ads. Well thankfully the congress has finally done something of worth and passed CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act).

This little gem will be on the President’s desk soon, and as long as he’s not playing hoops or a round of golf, he may actually put this baby into action and put an end to this cruel and criminal longstanding practice God willing.

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