What Joe Knows

“They call me the Wanderer,
Yeah, the Wanderer
I roam around, around …”
– Dion

That should be President Biden’s theme song based upon his first press conference.  Man, was he all over the place.  I mean, here’s the deal.  Joe Biden is the most powerful person in the world and may not understand what he’s actually saying.

Item. The President told the world that he will not let migrant children “starve to death on the other side (of the border).” Well, that’s good.  It would be bad for a President to let kids die from hunger.

Mr. Biden then said: “no previous administration did that either.  Except Trump.”

Whereupon the White House press corps collectively nodded.  Not one correspondent challenged the assertion. Even though no one has ever alleged that before.  Not even The New York Times which would have been thrilled to place starving children at Donald Trump’s doorstep.

Item. Mr. Biden was asked some questions about the dangerous chaos on the southern border.  Some Border Patrol personnel believe it’s the worst situation in twenty years.  But the President says he doesn’t see a specific problem.

“There is a significant increase in the number of people coming to the border in the winter … it happens every year.”

Oh. But a stat check reveals this: in February 2021, the Border Patrol apprehended 174 percent more illegal border crossers than in February 2020 under President Trump.  Does Joe Biden even know that?  Does he realize that on the same day he blamed winter for illegal migration, six thousand foreign nationals were processed by the Border Patrol?

Item. Despite the winter rationalization, the President says he is dealing with the border “challenge” and has a solution. Kind of. “We’re going to be moving within the next week over 100,000, I mean 1,000, people out of Border Patrol into safe, secure beds, and facilities.”

Now, there have been more than 100,000 migrants apprehended each month on Joe Biden’s watch. So moving one thousand into motels will not do much.  By the way, about $82 million tax payer dollars has been allocated to shelter foreign nationals.

Summing up, President Biden isn’t going to let children starve.  He’s getting some of them rooms.  And he’s not worried because all this is a “winter thing.”

Does that make sense to you?  Do you think President Biden really knows how to deal with the disorder he has created at the southern border?

But here’s what old Joe does know.  It doesn’t matter what he says.  It doesn’t matter if he wanders when speaking, if he says crazy stuff, if he forgets his narrative in mid-sentence.  None of that matters because the press is on his side.

Yes, Joe Biden definitely knows the media is in the tank for him in every season.
Starving kids or no starving kids.