What’s Meant When Liberals Say “Compromise”

Barack Obama and his stooges are forever complaining that Republicans are obstructionists, unwilling to compromise and meet them halfway. What’s so irksome about these nitwits is that when they say compromise, what they really mean is unconditional surrender.

During the campaign, Obama played to the rabble that constitutes his base by promising to stick it to millionaires and billionaires. As soon as he eked through to victory, he made it clear that he regarded those making as little as $250,000 as fat cats. And because his biggest fans make a lot less than that, they were fine with his usual blend of hocus and pocus. But, then, the truth is that his disciples are so unprincipled that so long as they make $49,999.99-a-year, they would be happy to see taxes raised on everyone making more than $50,000. For left-wingers, for whom envy is a way of life, it’s never enough to soak the rich; they want to soak the richer.

Obama claims he cut a trillion dollars in spending by pretending that money that was never going to be spent fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is not going to be spent fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, voila, that constitutes a trillion dollar saving.

Now I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I’m campaigning to replace Timothy Geithner, but, frankly, I’m surprised that Obama doesn’t simply state that he has decided to spend $100 trillion building a railroad to the moon. Then, when he holds a press conference to announce the cancelation of the project, he can claim that he not only wiped out our $16 trillion national debt, but that we now have $84 trillion of found money in our rainy day account.

Speaking of the economy, have you noticed that every time the unemployment rate falls, it’s because so many people have removed themselves from the work force? Ever wonder where they went? With the space program shut down, we know it wasn’t to another planet. They went on welfare. After all, what else would explain the huge upsurge in folks collecting food stamps and disability insurance? What’s more, Obama couldn’t be happier. On the one hand, it makes it appear that more people are working and, on the other, it places an additional burden on taxpayers, hastening the day when the entire nation will go the way of Greece, Spain and California.

When people gripe about politicians, they generally have the swine in Washington in mind. But, often, you can find them in your own backyard. Here in Los Angeles, the County Board of Supervisors decided to keep paying County Assessor John Noguez his $197,000-a-year salary even though he’s in jail for accepting bribes. Some Angelinos are mystified by this seemingly bizarre decision. But it seems fairly obvious to me that his colleagues are merely trying to set a precedent for the day they wind up joining him in the hoosegow.

For those of you who might be considering whether to see Zero Dark Thirty, the movie about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, be warned that it not only runs — you should excuse the entirely inappropriate verb — over two-and-a-half hours; but that the final half hour, which is devoted to the actual event, is shot almost entirely in total darkness. And the few minutes that don’t turn the movie into a very boring radio show are shot through the green lenses of night-vision goggles.

At times, I find myself envying the bliss of liberals. Because they lack principles, they never have to worry about ignoring them in pursuit of winning elections or collecting welfare at the expense of the productive.

Because they’re never called upon to think for themselves, they never have to think twice when parroting left-wing talking points when it comes to guns. It never occurs to them that instead of trying to prevent law-abiding citizens from owning weapons with which to defend themselves and their families, they should, one, be trying to institutionalize the crazies and, two, pass legislation that would automatically add 10 or 15 years to the sentence of any criminal using a gun in the commission of a crime.

Instead, the ACLU fights tooth and nail to prevent ticking time bombs from being taken off the streets for their own safety and the safety of others; and most liberals are far more offended by guns in the hands of their neighbors than by those distributed to Mexican gangsters by Eric Holder and his goons at the Department of Justice.

Finally, it occurs to me that if felons were smart, they’d form a union. Then Democrats would never dare arrest them and put them on trial. Instead, they’d let the National Labor Relations Board arbitrate between them and their victims, with the NLRB ultimately, and predictably, ruling in favor of the union members.
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