Why I Want Biden to Lose More than I Want Trump to Win

As regular readers of my column know, I’m no fan of Donald Trump. And that’s putting it mildly.

I don’t like his chronic dishonesty. I don’t like narcissism. I don’t like his nastiness and his silly name-calling. I detest his need to constantly cause chaos, as he did with a recent tweet suggesting we should postpone the 2020 presidential election. There’s nothing about this man’s character that I like.

And I hope he wins re-election in a landslide.

Actually what I mean is that I hope the Republican candidate beats the Democratic candidate. And I wish the Republican candidate were almost anybody else. But since “almost anybody else” isn’t running, I hope Joe Biden loses more than I’m actively rooting for Donald Trump to win. If that’s akin to a distinction without a difference … so be it.

It amazes me that in a country of more than 300 million people Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the best we can come up with. If we picked two candidates out of the crowd at a Star Wars convention we wouldn’t be worse off.

It’s not exactly a bulletin that Joe Biden is a puppet candidate. I don’t think he has a clue as to what he stands for. His political team puts words in his mouth and on a good day he repeats them without forgetting what he’s talking about. Be assured that if Biden wins, Bernie Sanders and AOC will be running the show.

Biden says that if he wins he’ll be one of the most progressive presidents in U.S. history. And Bernie Sanders says Biden would be the most progressive president since FDR.

So let’s take a look at what that progressive future might mean.

For two months we’ve been witnessing chaos and destruction in Portland and other cities run by progressive Democrats, yet no one in the Democratic Party will stand up and condemn the violence as if they really mean it. They’re cowards who fear a backlash from the hard left wing of the party. Stand up against rioters and the progressives will find a primary opponent to run against you.

This is a party my father, a lifelong Democrat, wouldn’t recognize. He was a blue- collar worker who could never support today’s Democrats. They bear no resemblance to John F. Kennedy or Hubert Humphrey or Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or even Barack Obama, who was a mere liberal when he was president but now — if his partisan remarks at the funeral of John Lewis is any indication — has become a passionate progressive apparently believing that passionate progressive polices are what his party needs to win in November.

Today’s Democrats think the police are the enemy, not the rioters, who they like to call “mostly peaceful protestors.” Some Democrats have called law enforcement officers “storm troopers” and “secret agents.” When Donald Trump sent federal agents to Portland to stop the rioters from burning down the federal courthouse, the mayor of the city and the governor of Oregon were angry with the president – not the anarchists!

This is a party that invited Attorney General William Barr to a congressional hearing but wouldn’t let him respond to their non-stop onslaught of attacks. They accused him of corruption, of perjury of violating his oath and of betraying the Constitution. And when he tried to respond, they constantly interrupted to say, “I reclaim my time.”

In plain English that means we get to talk and call you names and you’re expected to shut up and take it. If that happened on the street, someone would wind up with a bloody nose.

As Andrew McCarthy put it in an essay in National Review Online: “What happened on Capitol Hill was a debacle to despair over because Democrats do not act this way because they are preternaturally rude. They act this way because their voters expect and demand that they act this way.

“It is not hard to understand, even if it is hard to accept. Democrats do not merely disagree with Donald Trump. They abhor him. Their supporters and media friends so loathe him that each ‘hearing,’ each issue, becomes a contest of who can be the most indecorous and contemptuous. Who among us can spew the most bile?”

He’s right.  It’s not only Democrats in Congress who give their party a bad name. It’s also the Democrats who cheer for their “I reclaim my time” tactics. If Hillary Clinton were a Republican (or simply even-handed) she might call them “deplorable.” And she might be right.

Pollsters often ask questions to find out if voters think the candidate cares about people like them, if the candidate shares their values.

Democrats don’t share my values and they sure don’t care about people like me. People like me don’t want our tax dollars to pay for free comprehensive healthcare for immigrants who snuck into the country and are living here illegally.

Bernie Sanders wants to give convicted felons who are still locked up in prison the right to vote. If Bernie wants it, Joe will want it too.  The puppeteer calls the shots, not the puppet.

As for free speech, it will be in serious jeopardy if Democrats win in November, especially if they make a clean sweep and take the Senate and keep control of the House. So-called hate speech could become a crime.  And they’ll decide what’s hateful and what isn’t.

If Biden and his progressive puppet masters take over, the cancel culture will be in full bloom. You think it’s bad now? Just wait!

And if Biden wins and Democrats take over the Senate, there’s at least a 50-50 chance they’ll blow up the filibuster, which means all they’ll need is a simple majority to pass whatever they want. And that’ll include making Puerto Rico a state, packing the Supreme Court with liberal Justices, passing some version of a budget busting Green New Deal and who knows what else that’s on the progressive wish list.

Republicans have their faults too, that’s for sure – but, all things considered, they’re not as bad as what the Democratic Party has become.

But if Donald Trump is going to win – and that looks like a long shot – he’ll have to do it without me. I can’t bring myself to vote for such a defective human being.

I know the argument, which I’ve heard a million times: If I don’t vote for Trump it’s the same as voting for Biden.  That may be true, but that’s Donald Trump’s doing, not mine.

And if Joe Biden wins it won’t be because of me or a few million people like me. It will be because of Donald Trump.

He is a detestable man. And I hope he wins.