Why the Left Should Be Left Behind

Burt PrelutskyAnyone who wonders why I despise those on the left not only for their politics, but their behavior, simply hasn’t been paying attention lately.

To begin with, we had the union bullies attempting to overturn the results of a democratic election by a show of brute force. And for what? So that public sector unions, which should never have been allowed to exist in the first place, could continue strong-arming gutless politicians into providing them, at taxpayer’s expense, with an endless gravy train.

Next, we had Rep. Peter King, chairman of the committee that was investigating the radicalization of American Muslims, being berated by several members of the Black Congressional Caucus for focusing the hearings on one particular community. That would be like complaining that a congressional committee in the early 40s was off base for investigating the Nazi Bund because its members were all Germans.

These boobs even had the gall to question why the committee wasn’t looking into the KKK. The obvious answer is because these days I have more friends on Twitter than the Klan has members, and those friends probably constitute a more realistic danger to public safety and national security.

I can assure you that these idiots wouldn’t have any problem with a congressional probe into the Tea Party. Now that’s a group they’re quite prepared to recognize as a menace to America.

Worst of all was watching Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of Rep. King’s own committee, shouting abuse at her colleagues and refusing, in spite of King’s attempts to restore order, to shut her pie hole. It was easy to see why she had recently been voted the worst boss on Capitol Hill by congressional aides. Apparently she is notorious for screaming at her staff, driving them regularly to tears with her relentless tirades and her dropping of “F” bombs.

Isn’t it odd how concerned these politicians are about harassment in every other workplace but their own? They all know who is exploiting their staff sexually and emotionally, but they maintain their silence like a bunch of Mafia goons. I swear, if we chose our 100 senators, 435 members of congress, president and vice-president, by picking names out of a hat, we’d improve our chances of getting decent people in office.

One good piece of news is that, for all intents and purposes, Obama has finally resolved to break yet another campaign promise by keeping Gitmo open for business. Rumor has it that he will mollify his base of loony leftists by changing its name to Camp Paradise or West Mecca.

Only a simpleton like Obama would have been dumb enough to have argued that the reason to shut the place down was because the jihadists were using it as a recruiting tool. Inasmuch as the world has had to deal with Islamic lunatics ever since Jimmy Carter invited the Ayatollah Khomeini to set up shop in Iran, and that even the 9/11 massacre preceded Gitmo’s becoming a repository for Islamics, it’s difficult to fathom this childish point of view.

If you think about it, you realize that everything is a recruiting tool for these escapees from the eighth century. Everything from 72 virgins and “Dancing With the Stars” to bathtubs, bacon sandwiches and Hillary Clinton’s pants suits, are recruiting tools for the Koran-toting scum buckets.

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