A “Lost” Fact in the “Rathergate” Mess — Part 1

What seems like a long, long time ago Dan Rather was a very powerful force in American journalism.  He not only was the anchorman of the CBS Evening News, he was also the face of the network’s renowned news division — the “Tiffany” network of bigger-than-life legends like Ed Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Eric Sevareid, Mike Wallace and many, many others.

That was then.  Now Dan Rather is suing the network that employed him for 44 years, asking for $70 million dollars in damages.  Technically, the lawsuit is about a dry legal issue — breach of contract.  But it is also about something much more personal to Rather:  his legacy.  It is a lawsuit, fundamentally, about saving Dan Rather’s reputation.

That reputation took a turn for the worse back in 2004.  As has been widely reported, just 55 days before a very close presidential election, Dan Rather and his producer Mary Mapes put a story on the weekday edition of 60 Minutes that brought on the media equivalent of World War III.  There were accusations that Rather, Mapes, and maybe the entire CBS News Division had set out to deliberately destroy George W. Bush and get John Kerry elected President of the United States – a charge everyone at CBS vehemently denies.

The story was about how the young George Bush got preferential treatment during the Vietnam War; how he wangled his way into the Texas Air National Guard back in the 1960s to avoid service in Vietnam;  and how he was able to do it because his father was a big-shot, a United States Congressman from Houston. The story portrayed the Bush as a slacker. Others have said it portrayed him as a “cowardly draft dodger.”

And to bolster their story, Rather and Mapes got their hands on “never-before-seen” documents (as Rather put it in his story) that supposedly backed up their months (and in Mapes’ case, years) of reporting.  But in no time flat the documents came under attack, mainly by conservatives on the web who examined the typeface of the memos and concluded they were fakes.

CBS News management aggressively defended the story in general and the documents in particular – until they didn’t. After about two weeks, CBS threw in the towel and said it could no longer stand by the story.  Rather, who had been vigorously defending his story, reluctantly went on the air and admitted the documents could not be authenticated.  Later he would say he was forced to do it.

In the aftermath of the fiasco, CBS established an outside panel to look into the matter.  In January of 2005 the panel issued a report which concluded the news division failed to establish that the documents were legitimate and not bogus. Mapes was fired.  A vice president and two producers were forced to resign.  And Dan Rather was a dead man walking.

He had already lost his job as anchorman of the evening news but was allowed to stay on the weekday edition of 60 Minutes, which his story had sent on a glide path to oblivion.  And when that show died an inglorious death Rather went over to the Sunday edition of 60 Minutes. But that wouldn’t last long, either.  When his contract ran out CBS yanked him off the show, but made him an offer he decided to refuse:  Rather would get an office and an assistant and he could report stories for any CBS News broadcast that called on him – if any CBS News broadcast ever chose to call on him.  CBS offered Rather $250,000 a year, according to my sources, who say he wanted a million.  When he didn’t get it, he quit.  According to Rather, he was pushed out the door by the head of CBS, Leslie Moonves.

In 2007, Rather filed his $70 million lawsuit against his old company saying he wasn’t allowed to defend his story because the top management of CBS’ parent company, Viacom, wanted to appease the Bush Administration and protect its business interests.

Until now, the controversy over the Rather/Mapes story has centered almost entirely on one issue:  the legitimacy of the documents – a very important issue, indeed.  But it turns out that there was another very important issue, one that goes to the very heart of what the story was about – and one that has gone virtually unnoticed.   This is it:  Mary Mapes knew before she put the story on the air that George W. Bush, the alleged slacker, had in fact volunteered to go to Vietnam.

Who says?  The outside panel CBS brought into to get to the bottom of the so-called “Rathergate” mess says. I recently re-examined the panel’s report after a source, Deep Throat style, told me to “Go to page 130.”  When I did, here’s the startling piece of information I found:

Mapes had information prior to the airing of the September 8 [2004] Segment that President Bush, while in the TexANG [Texas Air National Guard] did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.  For example, a flight instructor who served in the TexANG with Lieutenant Bush advised Mapes in 1999 that Lieutenant Bush “did want to go to Vietnam but others went first.”  Similarly, several others advised Mapes in 1999, and again in 2004 before September 8, that Lieutenant Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam but did not have enough flight hours to qualify.

This information, despite the fact that it has been available since the CBS report came out four years ago, has remained a secret to almost everybody both in and out of the media — one lonely fact in a 234- page report loaded with thousands of facts, and overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the documents.

I made an online check and discovered that while a few websites noted the CBS finding, the story got no ink (that I could find) on the news pages of any big mainstream paper.  I did manage to find two opinion pieces about the CBS mess – one in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the other in the Miami Herald — that briefly, and only in passing, mentioned the “Bush volunteered” angle. But that was it!  A check of network newscasts turned up nothing. And when I questioned two journalists with intimate knowledge of the story, both said Mapes never shared her information with them.

For the record:  George W. Bush has always maintained that he joined the National Guard not to avoid service in Vietnam but because he wanted to be a fighter pilot. He has openly acknowledged that he did not want to be drafted and serve in the infantry, and says he signed up for the Guard knowing full well he would have to spend almost two years in flight training and another four years in part-time service.

It is also true, however, that in his 1968 application to join the Texas Air National Guard Bush was asked if he wanted to go overseas and he checked the box that said “do not volunteer.”  But as the Washington Post reported on July 28, 1999:  “Bush said in an interview that he did not recall checking the box. Two weeks later, his office provided a statement from a former, state-level Air Guard personnel officer, asserting that since Bush ‘was applying for a specific position with the 147th Fighter Group, it would have been inappropriate for him to have volunteered for an overseas assignment and he probably was so advised by the military personnel clerk assisting him in completing the form.’”  He later told the Post:  “Had my unit been called up, I’d have gone . . . to Vietnam.  I was prepared to go.”

However the complexities and seeming contradictions are interpreted, if Bush at any point had volunteered to fly combat missions in Vietnam – as the CBS investigation unequivocally states — how then could he have been a slacker?  The clear answer is that he could not – unless, of course, he volunteered to go to Vietnam knowing full well he wouldn’t be taken.  But if that was the case Mapes would have had an obligation to report both that he volunteered and then produce a credible witness to say it was a sham.  She did neither.

Mapes, a well-known liberal at CBS News, has always contended that she had no agenda, that she was not out to get President Bush.  But if she knew that George Bush had volunteered for service in Vietnam – as the CBS outside panel clearly concludes — she obviously had an obligation to share that with her viewers.

Now the question is, did she share what she knew with her correspondent, Dan Rather.  Or to put it another way:  What did Rather know — and when did he know it?  The answers may come out at trial, if his case against CBS goes that far.  At the moment, neither side appears anxious to settle.

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  • Anonymous

    Mr Goldberg, I just heard you saying that it is ok to call someone retarded on megans fox program, How would you know, have you ever been the recipiant of those remarks. I had a “retarded” brother and my mother and father went thru hell all of their lives because of it. other people who have not been thru the agony have no idea of how much you suffer. They assume because you have a child with a problem something is wrong with you also. they stare, and point and make fun of you and your child. Its bad enough that you have all the work and responsiblilty of a special needs child, but other people who have not been so blessed, make you look like a fool, like you did this on purpose. Believe me when I say, its not fun and the word retarded is slung around all the time by everyone., who are too stupid to be at all the least bit sensitive to others. So the next time you feel like insulting an unfortunate group of people. think before engaging your mouth. Normally I like you and you are right on the money, but in this case you are very wrong and no we are not out here agreeing with your supposition that those of us who have sufferedd think it is some joke. CMM

    • Anonymous

      Retarded just means slowed down…

  • Gerry Rothman

    Would you comment on why this story from Israel re the dedication of a memorial to the victims og 9/11 has not appeared in any mainstream publication or TV outlet?


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    If we don’t come together, we may be doomed.

    If not you then- whom? If not today- then when?

  • hammer_blue

    I just registered to join your forums and everything was fine till I actually tried to sign in. the red writing said that the account was inactive and that is pretty good to just now sign up and immediately be inactivated.

    Thanks Bernie you are a pal


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  • Ken Moore

    Mr. Goldberg: You don’t think the protestors were a cross section, so Hannity and Beck are liars. The cross section thing is an opinion. I was in D.C. I also like to think of us as a cross section. Tune in Maddow or Oberman if you want real lies after lies after lies. Hannity and Beck don’t just set out to lie like you implied. Maddow and Oberman do. Why didn’t you say that? The president lies. Joe wilson was right. Why didn’t you say that? Your arguement was very, very weak!! This battle with the left is very difficult because their ideas are built on lies. For instance, they say socialized health care will actually cost less. It will cost more!! They know it will cost more. The whole idea that humans cause global warming is a lie and they know it. Yet it is their gospel. They will fight you to the death over it. We have to have the Hannitys and the Becks because they expose them for what they are– with the truth!!

  • Linda Wheeler

    During O’Reilly’s discussion about the difference between commentators and journalists: it was hinted that the Glenn Beck show does not tell the whole truth. Can you elaborate on this? As a jounalist, where are deceptions that we should be aware of as concerned citizens watching his show?

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    GOOD news Bernie & the RW won’t talk about…

    Stocks spike to 1-year highs
    Economic optimism helps Wall Street extend gains, with the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P hitting the highest points since fall ’08.

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Stocks gained Wednesday, pushing Wall Street to its highest level in a year, with a rise in industrial production and a spike in commodity prices and equities fueling the advance.

    The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) gained 108 points or 1.1%, according to early tallies, closing at the highest point since Oct. 6, 2008. The S&P 500 (SPX) index rose 14 points or 1.4% and closed at its highest point since Oct. 3 of last year. The Nasdaq composite (COMP) rose 27 points or 1.3% and was on track to close at its highest point since Sept. 26, 2008.

    Stocks ended Tuesday’s session at the highest point in nearly a year after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the recession is very likely over although the job market will still struggle. The upbeat economic sentiment stretched over into Wednesday’s session and was helped along by the day’s economic news.


    • Nosmo King

      Willy Burns, how does it feel to explore your inner idiot?

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Right Wing applies broad brush tactics to ACORN but…would never consider the same treatment for their friends in the clergy.

    If the same outrage was directed at the ‘faith based community’, we’d have witnessed the end of the Faith Based Initiatives some time ago.

    Funny how a white boy preacher can bugger a kid, or do meth and engage in homosexual conduct, or seduce a parishioner and destroy a marriage, or just flat out steal their church into bankruptcy and “all is forgiven”, but let a couple of black women talk to a phony pimp and his girl, offer a little bad tax evasion advice, and Congress itself has to act against the organization.

    But, no, no, there’s no racism here. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here. All the restraint that the Dems have shown about investigating the Bush Gang, and the righties are going to jump all over for an SP for ACORN. Shameless

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Bernie, Just hold much does FoxNews pay you to be Bill O’Reilly’s monkey?

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    robert a. wood says:
    September 16, 2009 at 2:23 pm
    Joe Wison is a hero! He has the guts to tell the truth. Obama IS a liar.

    Obama lied about what?

    • Nosmo King

      Willy Burns, The question should be; what has Obama not lied about?

    • David Jay

      Obama lied when he stated that illegal immigrants would not be afforded health care under his grandiose plan. We all know this to be a big lie. He is a liberal and it is their (liberals) forte to allow illegal immigrants the same opportunities that are only supposed to be allowed to citizens. So, therefore he is a liar.
      p.s. I am from Illinois where he claims to be from and he fought for illegal immigrants to have the same rights as citizens to include the ability to apply and receive state funded health care.

  • robert a. wood

    Joe Wison is a hero! He has the guts to tell the truth. Obama IS a liar.

  • Frank Banks

    Bernie, I agree with you that the main stream media is no more. It is now the OLD STREAM media just like the main street became when the by pass was built. We now call it OLD MAIN STREET.

  • kirk jones

    Mr. Goldberg– I’d like to nominate another moniker for the “main-stream” media: “left-wing fundamenalists.” They insist upon a literal, word-for-word interpretation of their political Bible, and denounce and demean as heretics and partisans anyone who doesn’t agree.

    • kirk jones

      apologies for the redundancy–my computer mis-behaved and I thought the first message didn’t go through

    • Siti

      Posted on Superb! Generally I never read whole acrtiles but the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.

  • kirk jones

    Mr. Goldberg
    I’ve enjoyed your Fox News commentaries and I’d like to suggest a new moniker for the so-called “mainstream media.” For years I’ve referred to these people as “left wing fundamentalmists.’ Or simply, “fundamentalists.” After-all, they refuse to accept any thinking or belief that isn’t precisely and literally spelled out in their political Bible.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Elizabeth

    Bernie, you said what I have been saying for months. Why are we calling it the mainstream media when it lacks credibility and has become irrelevant to rational and well informed Americans. Anyone with even half a brain stopped listening to their propaganda of “America is the villain” message long ago. The term “has been” media would be more accurate.

    • RobertFB

      …but what if it IS the villain???

  • http://none,unfortunately Marshall Miller

    Dear Bernie
    Good idea to get rid of “mainstream media.” How about lamestream leftwing instead ?
    I always enjoy your writing. When I see you on the screen I stay there. I never watch network news and feel better without that garbage. I’ve never watched even one minute of Katie News. Does MSNBC stand for Media Spin from the National Barack Channel ?
    Best Wishes
    Marshall Mller
    Lilburn, Georgia

  • bigfisherman

    Bernie, you are the greatest!! I enjoy you on fox, even though it’s hard to get a word in with Bill O. – You are working for us and we thank you!!!

  • Constance

    Bernie, I think another good name for the former MSM would be What’sLeftMedia. Since they’ve lost most of their viewers to Fox, they are What’s Left, and “Left” is What they are. Just a thought.

  • Jennifer

    I attended a Town Hall meeting in Tinton Falls NJ on 9/12/09. Let me first say that I was accused by the crowd of being a Fox listener– Like that’s a bad thing~

    Rush Holt started his speech by saying– “Americans are dying younger, living sicker lives and paying more for health care than ever before”– WHERE IS HE GETTING HIS STATISTICS from???????? Is he right??? I don’t think so!!!!!!!

    This is a big wake up call for me– I really didn’t think our senators and rep’s were so out of touch with the American people !! But they are!!

    I was outraged by his bare faced lies all in an effort to deliver his preset “speech” to ram gov’t health care down our throats even though the majority of Americans are happy with their current insurance. He admits this but then went on to say with gov’t health care it will be more effective, cost less-really nothing at all and be very high quality patient care. He is out of his mind!!

    I am a true believer in The Founding Father’s ideals for this country and it was so outrageous how Holt went on with his gibberous comments about how tens of millions of Americans do not have health care now (not true!! ) & how our Social Security system is good shape, and how the Gov’t Health Care proposal will “save” us money and how he is involved in a bill that would recover carbon emissions and he would then collect the carbon emissions in a big balloon and stick it under the ocean floor somewhere— This will only cost us a billion dollars & how “He” wants to save the planet from global warming–He also flat out said that doctors are currently cheating the system getting paid by ordering unnecessary tests on their patients. And then went onto say Capitalism is the reason for the failure of the health care system as we know it today. He likes Socialism. Share the wealth around. Take it from the rich (who happen to work very hard for their income) and give it to the poor (people who don’t work very hard to support themselves). He thinks that the era where the most wealthy morally owe it to the poor (who can’t afford health care, or just don’t want it) the commitment of health care even if a bill has to be passed to mandate this. This guy is out of his mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He also addressed the question of abortion being paid for by the proposed gov’t health care – his answer to this question was to say that 40% of abortions are now covered by private insurance companies anyway. IS THIS OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! Other than medical necessity due to life threatening illness to the mother would I predict that an abortion would ever be paid for by a person’s private insurance. This statistic is a LIE!!!!– All Rush Holt did was lie!!!

    His format for this so called “town hall meeting” was to submit questions into a box and then the mayor of the town of Tinton Falls would then pick the questions at random and read the questions to Holt for an answer. Holt never once answered any question — not one. He had a set agenda and basically just read a preplanned speech in response to the questions.

    I questioned him in person at the end as he was walking out and put it to him that I was very dissatisfied with his lack of answering any questions on point. Like the questions that were repeated to him asking, how will we pay for the gov’t health plan? and how will you get doctors to participate? and what qualifications will these doctors have?- will they be US trained or come from a 3rd world country where health care and quality of life is so much less than our great nation’s?–and why is the gov’t health plan allowing illegals to participate?– He stopped me and said he had answered all of these questions but I was just not listening to him during his responses (That I was making such a disturbance trying to interrupt him)— He said he had answered all of these questions to the best of his ability– I then replied , “well then respectfully you don’t have the ability to answer these questions because you did not even attempt to do so.

    When I answered out of turn during his carefully pre-planned speech, the mainly democratic audience tried to shut me up and the few others who were also obviously opposed to gov’t health care as well. Holt had the local police come down the isle and stand by our row in an effort to intimidate us to shut up and yet the police just kept letting the Dem’s clap away~ laughing and giddy at everything this guy said– which was all a bunch of BS!!

    What happened to my 1st amendment right– you know Freedom of Speech??

    It was like being spoken to by a dictator-shut up-sit back- listen -clap in agreement with the speaker or risk being intimidated & thrown out & arrested by the police– IS this my America??????????

    Rush Holt is the BIGGEST liar I have ever seen-other than Obama—saying the gov’t health plan would not cost any more than what it costs to run the health care system now for 2 months currently–???–what does this even mean?? He also said that Tort Reform would not make a miniscule difference in reforming our current health care system. He said that frivolous lawsuits, if eliminated, would not make a difference in saving costs for our health care system now. Where is he getting his information from???? From NO WHERE!!!!!!!??????

    He also said that Medicare today is run 97% efficient. How does one respond to this statement?

    In closing this town hall meeting was a very bad scene–(Un-American) — Rush Holt is living in Fantasy Land –where there is an insurance store (as he tells the tale)– A store in Neverland that will allow the average American to pick your own health plan. And if you pick the gov’t plan it will be practically free– and you can keep your doctor and will live longer, happier and with more money saved. Hearing this garbage made it a clear indication that Obama won and he will get what “HE” wants– not what we want or is right or good for this country-sounds like a dictator to me!!!!!–

    People in the crowd kept saying to me “We won– Obama Won!!!– get over it and gov’t health care is going through. They were saying to me, “Your side lost– get over it!”

    I was obviously viewed as a heckler but what I really am is an American, who feels like all my rights are being stripped away. I am not embarrassed to say I have no moral obligation to ensure that a certain amount of uninsured people in this country get health care. No one is denied medical treatment irrespective of your health care status now. Just because a certain number of Americans are uninsured and many choose to be so, should not be the impetus to change the entire US health care system especially since the majority of Americans are “happy” with their current health care. Do we really want to live in this country where we are FORCED to buy health care? What will the gov’t force us to do next? –Join a civilian army perhaps?

    But how do we stop this from going through????????? –God Help Us!!

    • RobertFB

      You obviously haven’t been in the position of needing health care you can’t pay for, have you? I know people with non insurance and are out of work or disabled (but too emotionally wrecked to undertake the 2+ year process of securing disability) who haven’t seen an MD in years and years, and can’t get chronic conditions addressed because they’re not yet life-threatening critical.

      Don’t you get that if you and your employer don’t have to pay inflated insurance premiums, you’ll have more than enough to pay the added taxes and come out ahead under a government-sponsored plan (especially single payer)? No one is suggesting ther wouldn’t be a tax increase. But that would be more than compensated for by the elimination of insurance premiums. Especially once the 30+% differential between the insurance companies’ premium intake v. benefits paid is shaved off. Medicare’s is only about 2%.

  • willdo

    Can’t call the irrelevant “old press” “elite” press.
    considering: . elite or elites = A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual…………………… Clearly inconsistent concepts
    Even worse than mainstream press

  • Bob Brickner

    Bernie…..now watching you Monday night on Bill O’Reilly. I’ve been to many 100,000 people football games and this Capitol event was much, much larger. I was there and it was great At least 200,000 folks their and Bill’s sources are flawed. This got much bigger than anyone expected and the folks from all over the country were great and well behaved.

    Keep up the good work!

    Bob Brickner from Fairfax Station, Virginia

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Subject: Obama’s statement about keeping your health plan NOT TRUE

    President Obama says, “If you like your health care plan you can keep it.”
    This statement is not true.

    When health care reform passes you will no longer be able to buy the kind of health insurance you have now.
    For example, if the plan you have now excludes coverage for preexisting conditions, that will go away.
    If they have a cap on what they will pay out if you are really sick, that will go away.
    If they want to drop you when you are sick or raise your rates so you can’t afford it, that will go away as well.
    You will no longer be denied life saving procedures by insurance company death panels like you have now.

    So when Obama says that you can keep your health plan, don’t believe him. He’s lying to you.
    He’s going to force you to get a better plan for less money whether you like it or not.


  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Lt. George W Bush Texas Air National Guard record
    Lt. Col. Killian Memorandum for Record, 8/1/72: “…suspended from flight status due to failure to perform to USAF/TexANG standards and failure to meet annual physical examination (Flight) as ordered…Officer has made no attempt to meet his training certification or flight physical.”

    (grounded.gif ) – Bush’s suspension from flying; “Reason for Suspension” Failure to accomplish annual medical examination.” (9/29/72; confirming verbal orders of 8/1/72) (James Bath is also suspended on this same document.)

    Too scared, too drunk, or too snorted up?
    It was only a simple physical after all.

  • Leland

    Great research Bernie. Is the report the outside panel produced available to the public? Maybe even online somewhere?

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    People, Of course, STILL missing from your beloved Bush’ records…

    Bush’s last DD-214

    Records from the Flight Inquiry Board convened after Bush was suspended as a pilot

    Any evidence of Bush’s reclassification into another AFSC after suspension as a pilot

    Air Force Form 142 (Aviation Service Audit Worksheet)

    Any photos of George Bush in a military uniform after 1972

    Anything at all from any Alabama unit with Bush’s name on it

    Any copies of form 44a from the Alabama National Guard certifying attendance

    Anything proving service by Bush between May 1972 and May 1973

    HMMM…guess that shows what Bush really is….

    • Ardy2009

      Well we do know one thing Bush is not. The type of person who would let someone drown while they went home to sleep and then have a nice breakfast. Never bothering to call anyone except their advisors.

      Or promise no new taxes for 95% of the people during the election and then immediatley raise excise taxes once in office. Just wait for the other tax hikes being discussed. Don’t believe me….fine. We will see who’s right. Or say England and France have healthcare model we should model…..

      Thought this would interest you:

      In England, hospitals spent less on breakfast, lunch and an evening meal than the £2.12 a day allocated for food by the prison service. One spent just £1.

      Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb said: ‘It’s incredible that so many hospitals are failing to serve healthy meals. If prisons can serve good food then so can hospitals.

      You will notice I actually provided a name you can google to verify fact. Unlike yourself I do not post data that cannot be verified with actual evidence.

      What about France you say:

      Since World War II , the French system has been grounded in the philosophy that everyone should have access to health care. That doesn’t mean everyone is treated equally. There are those who are more educated or higher socio-economic groups that use more specialty care and probably have access to better quality care, but everyone has access to the minimum.”

      HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Debating a child is more challenging. You lib wacko’s are a waste of time and effort. Wait, that took no effort at all. You lefist nutroots are a silly bunch.

      The liberal nutroots go BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Sheep waiting for slaughter….

      It took Castro a violent revolution to implement communism. All it taking here is some Democrat with a few ubiquitous catch phrases to reel in the idiot’s and slackers.

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        Ardy2009 says:
        Well we do know one thing Bush is not. The type of person who would let someone drown while they went home to sleep and then have a nice breakfast.>>

        Oh but, His father G.H.W. Bush did! George Jr. never got the opportunity to do anything, except warm bar stools, in Texas & Alabama!

    • Global Cooler

      Billy Boy, I’m answering this ’cause I have some time to kill and you are such an easy target, and the rest of the posters take great pleasure in reading your moronic rantings. So let’s see how you blubber your way through this response to your repeat of Democrat Underground/Daily KOS blogs from 2004 that you posted above:

      “People, Of course, STILL missing from your beloved Bush’ records…

      Bush’s last DD-214 : CORRECT! Guard members don’t get DD-214s (except for Title 10 active duty tours) – they get NGB Form 22 – and it’s there if you actually look rather than mouth off.

      Records from the Flight Inquiry Board convened after Bush was suspended as a pilot THERE AREN’T ANY – because that is a commander’s perogative and very costly. And they are called Flying Evaluation Boards, not Flight Inquiry Boards.

      Any evidence of Bush’s reclassification into another AFSC after suspension as a pilot : LOOK AGAIN – THERE IS ONE to a 9000 series admin position to clear the pilot position on the manning document.

      Air Force Form 142 (Aviation Service Audit Worksheet) NOT A GUARD FORM. A separate sheet called a RIP is used for service, along with an annual report of duty days. They’re all in his records if you’d just shut up and read them.

      Any photos of George Bush in a military uniform after 1972 PROBABLY NOT..So what. Who besides John Kerry runs around having people take pictures of himself?

      Anything at all from any Alabama unit with Bush’s name on it SO LET”S RIP UP THAT DENTAL EXAM SHEET that was in the Washington Post and other pubs.

      Any copies of form 44a from the Alabama National Guard certifying attendance NONE AT ALL _ The Guard uses NG Form 105, not AF Form 44a, which the AF and AF Reserves use. Didn’t know that, did ya?

      Anything proving service by Bush between May 1972 and May 1973 YEP – Right there on the pay records released in 2000 and again in 2004.

      Now, Billy Boy, fearsome Naval Aviator and combat hero, would you please show us your DD-214 to prove your service, and all your combat medals and in-theater service ribbons?
      And keep up your posts – they are quite entertaining.

      • Bill White

        Jeff “Global Cooler” Gannon, Earth to GC – you are replying to a post penned by “Wil Burns” – not “Bill White”. It’s unfortunate that you are letting your sarcasm and slurs go to waste like this. Public displays of your ineptitude can only trigger more self-loathing.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Billionaires for Wealthcare


    Teabaggers getting punked….. PRICELESS! Too bad they are too stupid to realize that they are being made fun of, not supported…

  • http://randyjet@aol.com Randy Erb

    As one who is the same age as you, I would like to know HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF THE DRAFT? I see NO mention of military service anywhere in any reference to your life. Absent such notice, I will have to class you among the no so brave CHICKENHAWKS!

    • Ardy2009

      Let it go man!!! It’s over. Your obsession is rather creepy. You and your comrades need critical medical attention. My prescription: read the The Constitution of the United states and call me in the morning.

      This may help also:

      Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

      Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, or it’s related disorder, Bush-Derangement-Disorder, BDS, is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). Repetitive behaviors such as, parroting Micheal Moore documentaries. Deifying thoughtless monsters who have no regard for human life. The last and final stage of the disorder is electing officials who they feel will support and dictate every aspect of their life. The diesise

    • Ardy2009

      sorry need to re-post….

      Let it go man!!! It’s over. Your obsession is rather creepy. You and your comrades need critical medical attention. My prescription: read the The Constitution of the United states and call me in the morning.

      This may help also:

      Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

      Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, or it’s related disorder, Bush-Derangement-Disorder, BDS, is an anxiety disorder and is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts (obsessions) and/or repetitive behaviors (compulsions). Repetitive behaviors such as, parroting Micheal Moore documentaries. Deifying thoughtless monsters who have no regard for human life. The last and final stage of the disorder is electing officials who they feel will support and dictate every aspect of their life.

      The disorder can also be identified by taking away all Government support. The patient will slowly go into a fetal position while chanting “Yes We Can” or “Change”. Doctors need to be careful treating these individuals. The Doctor should not ask the patient to explain what they mean when they say “Yes We Can”. The patient will become non-responsive and will begin mumbling “9/11 was an inside job”. If this occurs immediately give the patient access to the Huffington Post. Micheal Moore Documentaries will work, but caution should be taken not to expose people with an IQ higher than 70 to his movies. If exposed, a person with a IQ higher than 70 will start laughing uncontrollably and may fall to the ground gasping for air and may die od asphyxiation.

      So far, there is no cure for this disorder. One possible cure is to get the patient to take responsibility for their own actions. This is a dangerous treatment because the patient is not used to thinking for themselves. Be sure a picture of Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank is available if they start crying uncontrollably.

      People with IQs higher than 70 are not affected by this disorder. But should try to be compassionate with affected individuals. They are not used to original thought or introspection. We should feel sorry for these people, it must be a burden relying on Democrat Talking Points and Micheal Moore movies for their direction in life.

  • http://randyjet@aol.com Randy Erb

    Why didn’t Bush enlist in the regular USAF if he wanted to go to Vietnam? The question answers itself with the obvious. The Guard had very little presence in Vietnam and was the best way to AVOID going. Also, if he went the regular USAF route, his political connections would not be as great an advantage. He would have had to go to OCS to get his commission, instead of it being handed to him after he got out of basic training. I find it remarkable that NOBODY wants to mention that FACT. That Bush avoided having to do what almost every officer in the USAF had to do which is OCS or ROTC or the Academy. He simply had a better way, his DADDY! I also had to laugh at the FACT that the commanding General at Lackland AFB wrote in nice letter to his daddy about how well his son would do in training. I don’t think my Mom even got a letter from him when I went in.

    • Ardy2009

      Let’s pretend it is a fact, SOOOOOO!!! WHAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!

      He broke no laws, he is no longer in office. Buddy, let go of this insane hatred and start worrying about going to the DMV for your medical needs. Just sit and wait for them to call your number.

      Bush broke no laws, Kennedy killed a women. Left the scene and went to bed. Got up and had breakfast while a women sat dead in a lake. And you guy’s deify the man.

      I guess you just can’t fix stupid………

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        But, but Andy, Bernie is trying to make Bush out to be a hero, but they wouldn’t let him!

  • http://randyjet@aol.com Randy Erb

    That Bush EVER wanted to go to Vietnam at ANY time is absurd on the face of it. His joining the Guard alone is PROOF of his desire to stay FAR away from it. He could have easily joined the Air Force and become a pilot and the USAF had LOTS of slots for people like him. He also made quite clear on his enlistment form IN WRITING that he had NO desire to even go overseas, MUCH less Vietnam! So just what do YOU don’t understand about NO?

  • exlrrp

    george Bush never volunteered for Vietnam and i have that from an unimpeachable source on that subject: George W Bush.
    In the feb 7, 2004 interview wth Tim Russert, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4179618/ Bush himself denies ever having volunteered for Vietnam:
    “…Russert: Were you favor of the war in Vietnam?

    President Bush: I supported my government. I did. And would have gone had my unit been called up, by the way.

    Russert: But you didn’t volunteer or enlist to go.

    President Bush: No, I didn’t. …’

    that means that anyone who says he did is just making it up. Who would know bettter if George W Bush volunteered for Vietnam……. than George W Bush?
    Sounds like his pilot friends were just trying to pad his resume

  • Jaynie59

    It’s been mentioned in the comments already, but I think it should be stressed how similar Bush and Kerry’s military service really was. Many, many, people still don’t know how uncannily similar Bush and Kerry were. To this day, many people not only do not know that Bush served at all, but that he actually served longer in the military than Kerry did.

    Both men came from wealthy, politically connected families. Both men used their families connections to get officer assignments in reserve units. Both men signed up for 6 year tours. Both men spent the first two years on full time active duty. Neither man fulfilled their full 6 year tours.

    John Kerry joined the Navy Reserves in 1966. After graduating from OCS he spent the first two years on a ship that patrolled the waters off Vietnam called the USS Gridley. Bush joined the Texas Air National Guard in 1968. He spent his first two years learning to fly jets. Now, you can argue all day who had the more dangerous assignment. Kerry serving as a junior officer on a ship during what was a ground and air war, or Bush volunteering as a pilot in a reserve unit that was unlikely to be sent to Vietnam. Me? I tend to give Bush credit for volunteering in 1968 at all. I’m certainly no expert on the Vietnam War or the 60’s, but there was a huge difference in the war from 1966 to 1968 and anyone faced with the draft in 1968 had to be scared shitless.

    After Kerry’s first two years were up he volunteered for Swift Boat duty. By his own admission, at the time he volunteered it was his quickest route to a promotion, meant he could actually say he “served” in Vietnam, and was one of the safest assignments he could get. The fact that its mission changed shortly after he volunteered for it, and it did become a dangerous assignment, may be why Kerry worked so hard to get those three Purple Hearts so he could get out of Vietnam. It doesn’t matter who you want to believe, the fact is that Kerry managed to get a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and three Purple Hearts in less than 4 months without ever needing anything more than a Band-aid.

    After his third Purple Heart got him sent home in 1969, Kerry spent the next few months as a driver for Navy brass in New York. He requested a change to inactive status to run for political office and his request was approved. There is no record of Kerry serving another day in uniform after 1970. So giving Kerry a generous benefit of the doubt, judging by the documents on his campaign website (which is our only source of information since he refused to sign the 180), Kerry served for about 4 years of his 6 year tour.

    George W. Bush served his first two years on full time active duty in Texas. I’m too lazy to go look up all these dates again, but at some point after that he requested a transfer to Alabama to work on the political campaign of a family friend. His request was denied but he moved to Alabama anyway. The transfer was approved and Bush did his Reserve duty in Alabama. (Bush did sign the 180 and the media went over his records with such a fine tooth comb that we know he had a dentist appointment on a Saturday in Alabama.)

    In October 1973 Bush requested early discharge to attend Harvard Business school. He had earned enough points to qualify for early discharge and his request was granted. So Bush served a little over 5 1/2 years.

    And yes, Bush did have a higher grade point average than Kerry. But that’s another story most people don’t know. Neither men were Rhodes Scholars.

  • Bixxo

    re the REAL story that George W Bush volunteered to go to Viet Nam but was turned down in favor of more experiences pilots, and CBS knew about it.
    I have it on factual evidence from a Houston lawyer that WBush never soloed, which is about as inexperienced as one can get as a so-called “pilot” as in his case. Now, that’s the REAL story that no one is talking about—WBush was not even a pilot.
    I hope Bernard Goldberg, and CBS, and Rather, and Mapes follows up on this. Gonna be touch though since nearly every record of WBush’s misspent youth have been hidden and/or destroyed, mostly while he was Governor.
    So let the truth come out—Rather was hung out to dry on a technicality (Rove’s specialty) for reporting the REAL story about the inexperienced WBush who never flew solo.

    • Charlie


      You don’t wear those wings until AFTER you solo. I suggest you get a more reliable source than your lawyer friend.

    • Global Cooler

      “I have it on factual evidence from a Houston lawyer that WBush never soloed, ”

      Please name said lawyer, his basis for that statement, and please post the “factual evidence”.

      Do you also believe the earth is flat? I know you believe it’s warming.

    • Ardy2009

      Please supply the factual evidence you claim to have seen. If not, you are just another nutroot liberal. Please get some help…..you are creeping me out with you irrational obsession. Why not dig into why Ted Kennedy left a woman to drown. He was only worried about his career and image. You obsess over someone’s flight skills yet celebrate and deify a murderer. It so sad that this country has people who put their idealism and party affiliation above human life.

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        I seem to remember that GHW Bush also, let someone drown! But, that has nothing to do about this subject!

  • http://unreligiousright.blogspot.com/ UNRR

    This post has been linked for the HOT5 Daily 8/28/2009, at The Unreligious Right

  • Kenneth Bernstein

    As I recall the incident (and your story confirms), the Outside Panel waited until well after the 2004 election to present the results of its investigation. Was the Panel influenced by CBS to delay its findings so that there would be a cloud over the President’s candidacy?

  • Tom

    This all fits for me. I don’t see the fact pointing to GW being a caowrd. I think it portrays him as someone who wanted to live up to his father’s deeds and reputation.

  • G. Doyle suggests:

    All y’all check out what pilots and instructors that flew with Bush had to say; go to http://www.valorstudios.com/wingmen/roome.htm ( the URL used to be WingmenForBush.com).

    Click on each pilots picture, and click on the titles under the large picture.

    Bush was considered an excellent pilot and a natural leader. The reason he’s never said anything is because whatever he’d say would be called a lie by bleeding-heart liberals. He’ll let history judge.


    Cowards do not volunteer to fly a F102.

    If someone was seeking an easy safe haven from operational duty during the Vietnam War, flying one of the most dangerous operational aircraft single engine combat jets ever put into service was not it. More crew died from accidents even in combat zones than were ever killed by the enemy.

    Like another commenter I was in the military and have friends who were fighter jocks. Mr Wil Burns clearly has no clue. The idea that any fighter jock would give a moments thought to the danger of combat if such a posting were offered is laughable. Most would sell their own mother if it meant the opportunity to shoot at bad guys. (I have never met a fighter jock who thought anybody could actually hit them because they all believe they are the best, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.)

    • http://randyjet@aol.com Randy Erb

      As a retired airline captain and Vietnam era Air Force vet, I have a Better question to ask. Why would Bush try and get OUT of flying? Why would he refuse to take his physical when he knew it would ground him? All real pilots I knew HATED to be grounded! Bush was NOT a real pilot at any time given his choices. Bush was certainly like NO pilot I have ever known.

  • http://www.americanprogress.org/issues/kfiles/b28200.html Dan

    Did anyone ever read the transcript from Meet The Press in 2004 where Bush said he NEVER volunteered to go to Vietnam, but he was “ready” to go! Brave words after the fact of him not going.

  • Wendell

    People like Wil talk about the Bush connections and pull and in the late 60’s there wasn’t any. Texas was a Democrat state with a Democrat Governor, State House and State Senate. The Adjutant General for the Guard is a political appointee. When W joined the Guard George H. W. Bush was a single term back bencher. He was a wealthy oilman, but certainly not the richest oilman in Texas in those days. He probably wasn’t even the richest oilman in the River Oaks section of Houston where he lived. The W detractors want to use the pull that 41 acquired after he was a congressman, after he ran the RNC, after heading the CIA, after serving as Vice President and after being President, but in 1968 Texas, the Bush family really didn’t have any.

  • Ron Kean

    I just got this link from Little Green Footballs and I’m happy to have found it. I bought and read ARROGANCE a few years ago and learned a lot!

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    And you mean if I refuse to take the physical/drug test (newly instituted at that time), I won’t have to fly anymore?

    And if I fly those F-102’s used in nam, is it possible they will ship me there for being awol?

    The Washington Post reports that Bush joined the National Guard 12 days before his student deferment would have expired, and that in spite of his low score on the pilot’s aptitude test (25, the lowest score allowed), and in spite of the waiting list that some kids spent years on, Bush was sworn in as an airman the day he applied. Indeed, so giddy was Bush’s commander, Col. Walter B. “Buck” Staudt, that he later staged a special ceremony so he could have his picture taken giving Bush the oath, instead of the captain who actually had sworn Bush in. Bush spent two years learning to fly airplanes in his home state of Texas.
    As the 2000 Presidential campaign moved along, angry veterans in Alabama claimed that George W Bush never performed any military service in that state, as stated on his campaign website. They offered a reward of $1000 (which rose to $3,500) to anyone who could prove that he had. No one came forth with any proof.
    Eight days before the election, the Boston Globe reported discrepancies between the Bush campaign’s statements regarding his military service and what records and documents showed. In 1972, the Globe reported, Bush moved from Houston to Mobile, Alabama to work on a Senate campaign. It was at this time, the Globe found, that he was suspended from flight duty for not taking his annual flight physical. Furthermore, the Globe could find no evidence that he ever performed any drills while in Alabama, or any more drills after returning to Houston.
    Bush refused to answer any questions concerning the charges. His official White House biography states, “He served as an F-102 pilot for the Texas Air National Guard before beginning his career in the oil and gas business in Midland in 1975…” but gives no further details about his military service.

    http://www.hereinreality.com/com…/ commander.html

    Where are the records for the missing time?

    • Global Cooler

      Billy Boy, take your meds.

      Drug testing in the Air Guard did not begin until the 1980’s, no matter what Eric Boehlert of Slate says. The regs did not allow testing for Guardsmen while in civilian status and not subject to UCMJ, which Guardsmen were in most days of the month. Legislation had to be passed and regulations drawn up to address this gap, and that did not happen until the ’80s.

      The “Alabama veterans” were two Eastern Airlines pilots who lost their jobs because Eastern went bankrupt after the pilot strike and George HW Bush would not give Eastern a bailout. They hated the Bush family.

      It was a $10, 000 reward, as was another award offered by draft dodger Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury). Four Alabama Guard personnel did vouch for Bush’s presence in Alabama – a flight surgeon, a safety officer, a clerk, and a dentist. But both of the awards were set up with the language “. . . subsequent to the date of this announcement. . .” which meant these four witnesses did not qualify because they came out earlier.

      You’re making a fool of yourself. Kiss your poster of Mary Mapes and go to bed.

  • Mandamus

    Funny how GW himself never said anything about this in the years since this occurred.. You’d think it would have been a simple enough thing. There seems to be little corroborating evidence. None of his commanders said anything like this, none of his friends or anyone.

    keep reaching guys.

    • slide2112

      Um, CBS internal investigation reports this. About how their own story ignored this…that is the point. These journalist tried to manipulate the election. That is the story here.

      Keep your head in he sand if you like…

    • Dave Robinson

      What do you mean Mandamus that “none of his commanders or friends said anything like this” According to Bernie’s article the CBS panel that investigated Dan Rather says on page 130:

      “For example, a flight instructor who served in the TexANG with Lieutenant Bush advised Mapes in 1999 that Lieutenant Bush “did want to go to Vietnam but others went first.” Similarly, several others advised Mapes in 1999, and again in 2004 before September 8, that Lieutenant Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam but did not have enough flight hours to qualify.”

      So we have the word of a flight instructor, as well as others. It’s amazing how Mandamus and Wil Burns make all these claims with no evidence, no sources, nothing but vague assertions and then accuse us of “reaching”. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me. Why didn’t we hear about this years before they ask? That was a major point in the article above, the news media will simply ignore anything that could justify George W Bush. That’s precisely the problem that you refuse to admit, your favorite sources of news are too corrupt to print, or air, or even look into the truth. But that’s why CBS had to fire a VP, a producer, and put Rather out to pasture, solely because they got caught by conservative bloggers who proved that the type fonts of the the CBS documents were fake. Were they caught by any of the other powerful billion dollar news media organizations that you put so much faith in? No. They were caught by conservative bloggers. The rest of the news media simply looked on with glee to see a Republican embarrassed. If you had any decency you would be the one who is embarrassed.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Or simply check the box on his admission papers that says he volunteered.

    He checked the box that said DOES NOT VOLUNTEER.

    He only inquired about it ALLEGEDLY when he knew his plane was ineligible to go.

    • More Careful Reader


      If you read the article which quotes the report, the reason the box was not checked was because he was applying to a specific guard unit and which unit was not then deployed. It goes on to say that he would have been counseled to check the box as indicated.

      If you hate Bush beyond all reason, then you believe that the documents were real and prepared using a secret copy of MS Word that was available in the early 1970’s while Bill Gates was still in school. It is irrelevant to you that the rest of the world is laughing at these CBS dupes. People who think the earth is flat aren’t lying, they really think it’s flat. Does that make them liars? No, just morons.

      If you have any experience with the military you understand that fighter jocks will sign anything so long as they can fly. Going to war only means more flying. They fight for the slots (hence the senior guys win them). If you are scared about getting hurt, you don’t go to flight school. You do choose an MOS like journalism (i.e. PFC Al Gore).

      If Mapes suppressed information from several witnesses who all told her that Bush volunteered for service isn’t that newsworthy? I guess not for those who hate Bush or think the world is flat. For the rest of the world it is a critical fact and undermines the whole nonsense that Bush was shirking his duty.

      • exlrrp

        Maybe she took Bush’s word for it instead of his friends.
        In the feb 8 2004 interview with Tim Russert, GWB himself says he didn’t volunteer for Vietnam:
        “…Russert: Were you favor of the war in Vietnam?

        President Bush: I supported my government. I did. And would have gone had my unit been called up, by the way.

        Russert: But you didn’t volunteer or enlist to go.

        President Bush: No, I didn’t. …

        What part of “No I didn’t”don’t you understand? You too, nr Goldberg! To say he did is to call GWB a liar.
        His pilot budddies were obviously trying to pad his resume for him–notice none of them saiid this under oath! Too bad Mr Goldberg didn’t read this interview before he started making false claims that GWB volunnteered for Vietnam. If Mary Mapes didn’t include Bush’s pilot buddies claims that he had, its because she got the word straight from the horse’s mouth—or some other orifice.

      • Ardy2009

        Hey, you nutroot idiot. Why do you spend your time trying to smear a president who is not even in office. He is no longer in the news.

        Fine, let’s just say you are right (you are totally wrong) but let’s pretend.

        – George Bush did not volunteer. SO WHAT, the man did not break any laws.

        – He did not show up for service. SO WHAT, the man did not break any laws. Hell, Kerry was missing for years (fact you conveniently forget)

        – He lied about his record. SO WHAT, the man did not break any laws. Hell, Clinton could not go a day without lying.

        And yet, you deify a senator who ran away from a fatal accident. Went to a hotel to sleep and never reported the accident. The man called his adviser’s while an innocent women was dead and still in the lake. Now, if Bush had done this we would have something important to discuss.

        You spew nothing but meaningless verbal garbage. You blindly parrot talking points supplied to you by left-wing sites.

        Let’s see:

        You condone a man who let a women drown because he was more worried about his career than saving a life.

        You hate and want to ruin a man who may have skipped some guard duty and took advantage of privilege,

        You have no moral compass…I do feel sorry for people like you. It must be a burden needing Government to dictate how to run your life,

    • Ardy2009

      Let’s pretend it is a fact, SOOOOOO!!! WHAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!

      He broke no laws, he is no longer in office. Buddy, let go of this insane hatred and start worrying about going to the DMV for your medical needs. Just sit and wait for them to call your number.

      Bush broke no laws, Kennedy killed a women. Left the scene and went to bed. Got up and had breakfast while a women sat dead in a lake. And you guy’s deify the man.

      I guess you just can’t fix stupid………

  • tim ellis

    My father was in the Army during WWII and never saw combat. My brother was in the Army during Vietnam, never saw combat. I was in the Navy in the 80s and 90s, guess what? Never saw combat. My family has ZERO in the way of political connections.

    The fact is the even in times of war a lot of military members do not see combat. Doesn’t diminish the fact that they volunteered for service for their country, which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of the left.

  • GregMan

    “Mapes, a well-known liberal at CBS News”

    Oh, like THAT narrows it down…

  • Mapes Book
    • Brian

      You’re missing the point, Mapes Book. The real issue is why that trainer who told Mapes in 1999 that Bush wanted to go to Vietnam was not a part of the 2004 story. Reporters are supposed to show both sides of the issue. She deliberately ignored facts that were positive towards Bush, and emphasized fraudulent documents that were negative towards Bush. That’s the scandal. And Bernie’s scoop was actually a scoop, because probably only about a dozen people read Mapes’ book.

    • Frederick Michael

      The quote from your link is:

      “Udell told me that Bush had wanted to go to Vietnam.”

      Udel’s opinion that Bush wanted to go is a far cry from Bush actually volunteering to go.


  • Dave Robinson


    Thanks for the great article and for proclaiming the lack of fair journalism in the mainstream media. The liberal bias and out right misinformation in the mainstream media became pathetically obvious during the last presidential election and continues with the never ending efforts of liberals to silence any other point of view other than their own. Maybe some liberals really have good intentions but unfortunately they are on the road to the worst kind of corruption despite whatever motivations they may have. When national news media anchors ignore the truth to promote their personal preference, they really ought to lose their jobs like Dan Rather did. Unfortunately that didn’t happen after the last election, and so called journalists turned out to be cheer leaders rather than reporters of the news.

    I believe that Bernie comes from a liberal background, and when he says that journalism is dead all reasonable people should take note and realize how much trouble our country is in. Democracy cannot survive when truth and fact are no longer disseminated. Even if Pres. Obama has nothing but the best intentions, one day we will find ourselves stuck with a corrupt President and a news media that pedals nothing other than the lies of a dictator. The book “1984” may turn out to be 2012 if people don’t wake up to the direction our country is headed, and demand fairness and honesty from our news media. The fact that the ratings of NBC are tanking may be an indication that there are still a lot of people who do care, and they want the whole story, not just a cheer leading squad for their favorite cause.

  • Kurt from CA

    Deepest condolences on your loss and thank you for your brother willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice.

  • jane from NJ

    Just 41 years ago today I lost my brother in Vietnam . Even tho’ he was born a blue baby and had corrective heart surgery [bypass’ were a thing in the future] he had surgery in 1957. And volunteered twice and was finally accepted. Did the same job that Radar did in MASH].

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Did Bernie Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly ever volunteer to go to Viet Nam? If not, why not!

    • Dave Robinson

      And what does that have to do with anything in Bernie’s article?

    • Jared Flanagan

      Will, there is a $5 fine for whinning!!!

      Great informational reporting. This is on par to the story where Dateline fixed the rivers in Washington to show the fish kill or the story against GM on the exploding trucks. We know news comes down to dollars and cents, but fixing the news, isn’t that what we call the “yellow-press!”

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Think about it people, if George Bush really wanted to go and fight in Viet Nam, with his connections, he would have been there in a New York minute. So, lets stop the nonsense!

    • Tiffany

      You seem pretty convinced about your pov, and I don’t know whether you’re a vet, (I’m not) but I have many friends in the military now and many who have been before, and they all tell me there’s a ridiculous bureaucratic element, that you can’t do anything w/o lots of red tape.

      Has it not always been so? These delays, misinfo, boxes you’re not supposed to check, etc. all sound like business as usual in the military to me.

      Remember when all the news was that enlistment was down? I had 3 friends who had difficulty even enlisting, at that time when you would think the process would be expedited, and this would happen, that would happen, this job opened up, this one is full, yadda, yadda, yadda. The list went on and on.

      Was this not true in the 60s? For example, my dad wasn’t drafted in Vietnam for a RIDICULOUS reason that made him fail a physical. Don’t things like that still happen?

      I know what I’m saying is anecdotal, b/c I don’t provide stats or anything, but thousands of anecdotes would be significant, wouldn’t they?

      And I have dozens of military friends (when you have one close one, you sort of get his buddies, too) and they all say the same. I couldn’t have met the only people who would say these things.

      So isn’t there a possibility that it happened just the way Bush supporters said it did? Why is your side’s story more likely? B/c this guy’s dad was a pol? It’s not as if he were a general.

      Can you admit there’s a chance that you don’t have this right?

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        George Bush never left the US and fought in Viet Nam! That is the relevant fact!



        • Dave Robinson

          The facts as to why Bush didn’t fly in Nam are clearly stated in the article and in the comments below and they offer witnesses to back up their claims. Burns where are you witnesses, or facts? You haven’t proved anything except how much hot air and hate you can push around.

    • Jersey Boy

      “Think about it people, if George Bush really wanted to go and fight in Viet Nam, with his connections, he would have been there in a New York minute. So, lets stop the nonsense!”

      You should reread the article (if you seek the truth and understanding, that is). Bush did not want to go into infantry; he wanted to be a pilot. That is quite understandable given that his DAD was a fighter pilot. To become one, he had to undergo training. That is what the people that were there say: he wanted to go, but did not yet qualify; others went before him.

      Now, why have you overlooked those pesky facts? Do you dislike Bush more than you like the truth?

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Any-one want to take on the Texas Air National guard AWOL and susequent desertion in war -time? If you do make sure you fill in the part about juming over 500+ applicants already in line for a TANG slot , a little trick arranged for Poppy by his friends. There was and still may-be a $10,000 cash reward for any-one who serverd with bushie after he ” went to Alabama and “transfered im” Except the commanding officer, a General “Turnipseed” denied that bushie ever showed up! That’s the desertion from TANG part!

    • TGC

      Except that”Turnipseed” didn’t deny anything. He only said that he couldn’t remember. As it turned out, he couldn’t remember much of anything else. Didn’t matter. The liberals had what they wanted and NEVER want their minds clouded with reality.

    • http://www.thegantry.net/blog Casey

      Bush was taken immediately because he was willing to join immediately. All the in-line applicants wanted deferred entry.

      Not to mention all that BS you’re shoveling has already been addressed by those who have actually served, both in the regulars & reserves. For example, one reason Bush wouldn’t have stood out in Alabama was that his new post was a non-flying one. Why? Because the aircraft he was qualified was being phased out.

      Also not to mention that reservists like Bush used a point system to record their time, not specific days or schedules, so it would be pretty damn hard to “desert.” As long he he accumulated the points, he fulfilled his obligation.

      Facts are difficult things.

      I recognize Burns’ personality type; obsessed and denying reality to the point of neurosis. His behavior is nearly exactly matched by the twits who insist that Barry Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, or NASA never landed men on the moon. They always have a “yet, but what about?” tucked away, because devout belief (and in the case of Barry, haters) trumps reality.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Norman Bishop says:
    August 26, 2009 at 5:45 pm
    Bush actually volunteered TWICE for Vietnam. The first time, he lacked enough time in the F-102 aircraft — the second time, the USAF was closing down the program.

    Ha-ha, How convienent! Really, he volunteered for nothing!

    • wildbill69

      Ok, we get the idea you don’t like GWB !!!!!!!! Must really make your day to know that no care what you (DON’T) think !!!!!!

      • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

        Come on join in , it’s all out there! Notice how no-one here is refuting ANY of it? Just sending me compliments!!!!!

        • Sharpshooter

          Wil, ol’ boy!

          Grow up.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    Just one more failed attempt by the GOP Ministry Of Propaganda to make the dark bottomless pit of the Bush Legacy look like a shining majestic mountain.

    You don’t join the air guard if you WANT to go to war.

    • seanrobins

      What a fool you are. Is it your pathetic view that anyone who wanted to become a fighter pilot during the Vietnam era was a slacker because, according to you, they never would have completed their training in time? And I suppose, in 1968 GWB would have known how much longer the Vietnam War had to play out.

      Gosh – I guess its a good thing that the cowardly John F’in Kerry won the ’04 election and W wasn’t re-elected…. Oh, waitaminute, W was re-elected, and Kerry did get himself shot in the a** with corn kernals (or whatever) to get his phoney baloney “purple heart” discharge from his 3-month-tour. (Or was that 3-hour-tour…. or was that Gilligan….)

      What a bunch of losers….

    • Jersey Boy

      “You don’t join the air guard if you WANT to go to war.”
      I don’t know whose ministry of propaganda YOU work for, but you are not doing a good job (thinking is required to create even propaganda). Bush did not want just to go to war on any conditions; he wanted to be a pilot (like his father — can you related to that? It’s just human, you know).
      You have committed here a well-known logical fallacy — pars pro toto (taking part for the whole). If Bush did not want to volunteer UNCONDITIONALLY, you claim, he then did not want to volunteer at ALL.
      WARNING: be careful in thinking about logic. If you do start thinking logically and aspire to intellectual honesty, you’ll discover “uncomfortable” facts, and those can make you a conservative. You’ll have much less of a cognitive dissonance if you continue to disregard logic and fact — good intentions are all that is necessary for a good man, aren’t they?

    • EddieD_Boston

      You really are a moron. All of your foolish claims have been proven wrong and you still rant on. Pathetic.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    One of the things that IS on the record is that at that time, only experienced F-102 pilots were being sent (as in over 1000 hours in the F-102), when Bush was still finishing up his training. Training on an aircraft that was being phased out, and one that he couldn’t even be bothered to maintain his flight status on. So yeah, small wonder that that particular little footnote didn’t make the cut for airtime.

    • More Careful Reader


      Aside from Bush Derangement Syndrome, how do you account for the fact that Bush volunteered for fighter jets? If Poppy was pulling the strings as you are convinced, why not pick something safe? Take a look at accident mishaps for that class of A/C and you will note that it is far more dangerous than any other MOS (possibly not EOD on a percentage). If he is the Shrub, the shirker, the coward against Kerry’s camera toting self aggrandizement, why choose to be fighter jock? Maybe it was the plain answer that they all have: service and challenge outweighing personal risk. Of course that doesn’t fit with the talking point, so BDS explains it better.

      Goldberg predicted that partisanship would blind Rather to the truth and be his downfall in his book “Bias”. This is precisely what happened. Goldberg didn’t invent this, he just spent a career observing the man and had a pretty good idea of what would happen. Drunk drivers end up getting arrested. Biased reporters end up losing site of the truth and embarassing themselves.

  • Mike Lion

    Back in 2004, before or after the election (I can’t rememember), I engaged in a back-and-forth in the pages of the Vineyard Gazette (or was it the Martha’s Vineyard Times?) with a gentleman whose name I can’t remember.

    His issue was that Bush was a slacker because he failed to show up for duty with the AFNG in Alabama in 1972. He apparently did not appear on USAF pay records for two months that summer.

    In the course of this exchange, I discovered two more unreported facts:

    1. I found a memo (on the internet) from his commanding officer-to-be in Alabama, welcoming him to the unit, but advising him that this was a non-paying position. This was like April or May 1972.

    2. I found a second memo (also on the internet) dated several months later from the USAF personnel center in Colorado. This officer advised Bush that a non-paying position could not be used to satisfy his service requirements.

    So later, Bush found another position that paid him for reading training manuals, or some such.

    Putting the two together, it is clear what happened. Bush needed to complete his requirements, so he had to find another USAF slot in Alabama. This took a couple of months, which is why he didn’t appear on USAF payrolls for a while.

    The war was winding down, BTW, and pilots were excess, which is why he could only find a makework job.

    I found this stuff on the internet, which leads me to believe that any enterprising newsman could have done so as well.


    Mike Lion

    PS I also can confirm that Bush volunteered (with other F105 pilots) for a program that would rotate them to Vietnam (and other overseas locations). Like you say, for several reasons they were not needed there.

  • j.l. talaske

    not one of you who did not serve in the U.S.military has any ‘standing’to criticize GWB’s service. i did my time ’66-’68. plus if you didn’t graduate from yale and/ or harvard and you can’t fly a fighter jet —shut up. he’s smarter than you. in fact W’s grades were better than kerry’s at yale.

  • Arn Gunnutes

    1. “He volunteered to go to Vietnam.”
    — Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot, yesterday [2/23/04], on National Public Radio

    Also, he checked a box on his enlistment forms:

    “Furthermore, when he signed up for the Guard, he checked a box saying “Do not volunteer for overseas service.”

    “No, I didn’t.”
    — President Bush, Feb. 8, responding to a question on NBC’s “Meet the Press” about whether he volunteered to go to Vietnam


    $50K reward if ANYONE can show he was on duty for the last 18 MONTHS of service.

    Also, failed to take an ORDERED physical, and was therefore GROUNDED from flight:


    To you people who support his and Cheney’s TREASON against the USA and the unnecessary deaths of 5000 US Soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis because of Bush and Cheney’s LIES,

    Have a good afterlife.

  • Massjim

    Why didn’t Mapes ever report that Kerry had signed a letter when he graduated from OCS that he would serve six years . Five years of which would be served in either active duty or ready reserve (48 drills and one two week active duty per year) he served 2.5 years active duty and never reported for his reserve commitment. This was according to Kerry’s own campaign web site. He showed the contract he signed but shows no orders to a reserve unit or to active duty for training while claiming his record is complete. Mapes and Rather were concerned about a few drills missed by Bush in his final years while ignoring the 2.5 years Kerry missed, Fair reporting?

  • NotFondOfLibs

    I find it absurd that Global Cooler thinks that because it was reported in the Richmond Times Dispatch, this means it was going to be read by everyone in the country. He says Mapes and Rather are less guilty than Goldberg and O’Reilly in this oversight, but declines to criticize the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, or any other large daily newspaper that did not have this information. The MSM, whether print or broadcast, did not say anything because they did not want to absolve George W. Bush of having offered to do his duty to the Country and were hopeful that people would still think Bush had shirked his duty. Goldberg is merely pointing out what the MSM declined to do.

    • Global Cooler

      The Washington Post and USA Today knew about it.

      The issue here is that this story is NOT an “Exclusive” report as claimed by Bernie Goldberg and never known before. It was out there in 1999 and 2004, and five minutes research would have found it. Before Goldberg made his claim, as a respectable journalist he should have fact checked it.

      Mapes story falls apart in more areas than this, because she intentionally filtered out contradictory facts and deliberately avoided known witnesses who had refuting facts.

      Someday someone on the inside will write the definitive book on Rathergate. Bernie should wait for that before he claims “exclusives”.

      • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com Bernie

        I never said I had an “Exclusive” as you falsely claim. Never. So I can only assume that you carelessly got it wrong … or simply made it up. It’s the latter that troubles me. I don’t like deleting comments from this area. But, as I’ve said before, I won’t allow this site to become a garbage dump like so many others. Honest disagreements are fine. Rabid partisanship, not fine. Be careful next time or post someplace else. Thanks.

        • Global Cooler

          Let’s get the facts out here.
          You yourself did not use the word “exclusive”. But you allowed O’Reilly to say “exclusive” at least twice during your session with him, to which you never objected. Your unwillingness to correct him on something you now say you knew was wrong is no different than Rather remaining silent when Mapes was promulgating unsubstantiated comments about Bush. “Qui tacet consentit” – silence is consent.

          Let’s go over some of the comments you made in your original article, to show that you also are guilty of some shoddy reporting, poor research, and important omissions:

          First off, you say:
          “This information, despite the fact that it has been available since the CBS report came out four years ago, has remained a secret to almost everybody both in and out of the media — one lonely fact in a 234- page report loaded with thousands of facts, and overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the documents.”

          This is grossly wrong. Nothing had “remained a secret” regarding Bush’s volunteering. It was out there in 1994 when Bush ran for governor, in 1999 in a Washington Post piece by Romano and Lardner, in a FEBRUARY 11 2004 LTTE discussion in the Washington Times and Headlined in the Richmond Times Dispatch on February 14th. Of course Mapes was going to ignore items not supportive of her agenda. But she also deliberately ignored or omitted far more damning items than these that she was well aware of. That list is too long to mention here, but I will be glad to go over them with you.

          You also created a misimpression when you imply that Bush’s volunteering was somehow countered and watered down when you state:
          “It is also true, however, that in his 1968 application to join the Texas Air National Guard Bush was asked if he wanted to go overseas and he checked the box that said “do not volunteer.””

          That form with that box on it, AF Form 125, had nothing to do with serving in Vietnam or overseas, nor was it an application to join the Texas Air Guard (he was already in at that point). It was a request to be put on active duty for 53 weeks to attend pilot training, nothing else. (A reservists has to ask to be put on active duty – he can’t be forced unless it is a Presidential callup). Since all eight pilot training bases where in the southern United States, you had to check that NO box (there was no N/A option). Your statement unfortunately gives credence to Bush-hating journalists and bloggers who constantly use this form as proof of Bush’s cowardice.

          Finally, I take umbrage at your admonition to me:
          “. . . I can only assume that you carelessly got it wrong … or simply made it up. It’s the latter that troubles me. I don’t like deleting comments from this area. But, as I’ve said before, I won’t allow this site to become a garbage dump like so many others. Honest disagreements are fine. Rabid partisanship, not fine. Be careful next time or post someplace else.”

          I will give your favorite charity $100 if you can find one statement that I made above that is in error. I find it insulting when my facts, easily substantiated if you wish to contact me, are labeled “garbage”.
          You may delete my verifiable and documentable facts if you wish, in which case you are guilty of the same sins as Mapes.

          There is a Part II coming you say. Let’s hope you actually did better research on that segment, or be prepared to delete further rebuttals from me.

  • http://www.politicaltruthandfact.com Norman Bishop

    Bush actually volunteered TWICE for Vietnam. The first time, he lacked enough time in the F-102 aircraft — the second time, the USAF was closing down the program.

    NONE of the Democrat charges regarding the Bush military career are legitimate. Having served in both the regular USAF and in the Alabama Air Guard (the same unit as Bush — but a few years earlier) I know the facts. In Alabama, Bush was in an unpaid “casual” status while working on the Red Blount Senate campaign — the squadron knew exactly where he was and he worked about a half hour from the base.

    The Guard has to accommodate civilian careers — in my case, I did the week end TV news for WSFA-TV the NBC station, so I flew Mondays and Tuesdays for example.

    Having worked for the elder Bush at the RNC, I know he would have never allowed a son of his to cut corners or not comply with what was right, versus what was wrong.

    Bush earned something in his military career that John Kerry could not earn — an Honorable Discharge.

    • Steve in VA


      Do you expect us to believe that just because you were there, served in the same ANG unit, and have personal experiance with Bush Sr., that you can just confuse the issue with facts. In the Obamanation we do not care about facts unless The Leader tells us to care about them.

  • Ken Uckledragger

    I volunteered to perform brain surgery, but they insisted on qualifications I didn’t have. Not much chance of me being allowed in the theatre, was there?

    It should also be noted that the secretary [name unrecalled] who declared she hadn’t typed the memos in question, and thus they were bogus, nevertheless stated that the CONTENTS of said memos were correct. It is a critical point that often gets overlooked by those seeking only what they wish to see.

    • Charles in small town Texas

      The secretary who didn’t type the forged memos, declared the CONTENTS were correct?? May Sir, I forge you a $100 bill, declare the CONTENTS correct, and you accept it???

      • seanrobins

        Yeah, I remember this one: False but true……

        that gets me howling every time….

  • Fredw

    I am sure there are documents showing he volunteered for service in Vietnam; I am sure they will prove to be as fake as Rathers. It was know in the first election that Bush was a draft dodger, so the report was not really news to anyone paying attention. As I remember, on of the sources debunking the Rather documents clarified his debunking with the statement that he did not remember the documents ( they may be fake ) , but that story was essentially correct none the less.

  • Jerry Soukkala

    I worked on F-102 fighters for 3 years,and all the pilots I knew were very brave. It wasn’t the safest plane to fly. I have a lot of respect for President Bush for that and many other reasons. I think the cowards are the liberals who even question that.
    Sincerely, G. A. Soukkala
    MSGT USAF Ret.

  • William Slattery

    Mr. Goldberg’s Internet search skills must be weak.

    Goldberg says the story “got no ink” in any mainstream paper. I searched on the obvious keywords “Bush volunteer Vietnam” and found this Washington Post article on as the top result.


    The article explains that, when Bush volunteered for Vietnam, he would have needed over a 1000 hours of flight to qualify. Bush had nowhere near that many hours, so he must have known it was safe to volunteer. As Goldberg himself says, the “slacker” charge still stands if Bush “volunteered to go to Vietnam knowing full well he wouldn’t be taken.”

  • Jack Davis

    Kudos to Global Cooler for his smack-down of O’Reilly’s time-wasting segment on body language. Nonsense it is, but the bimbo shilling that crap has found herself a nice little gig.

    • Dave Robinson

      Typical liberal hate with no substance, or facts, just name calling.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Bimbo? She’s a total babe!!!! Are you an ugly woman who’s jealous or a gay guy who’s even more jealous? Sorry Bernie it had to be asked.


    What she did, IMHO was morally wrong but whether I like it or not, and this is a blotch on our courts, is legally fine. Check the Jane Akers FOX case, the courts ruled it was legal for a reporter to KNOWINGLY lie to the public.

    We may expect truth and honesty in the news and from those that report the news but the courts have ruled that they don’t have to give us truth and honesty if they feel otherwise.

    • Charles in small town Texas

      It was certainly morally wrong. Considering Ms Mapes tried to sway the election of the POTUS with lies of ommision, it borders on a journalistic coup d’etat.

  • Tim Martin

    It is my understanding that George W. Bush did say he did not want to go to Viet Nam as an Infantry soldier, not that he didn’t want to go. As for reserves, my niece’s husband is sitting in Kuwait right now working as a diesel and turbine mechnic since last February. He was in the Navy for several years but they wouldn’t take him in the Naval reserves because he was too old. (33)

  • Buddy

    Found this on another web-site. Maybe someone can fact-check to see if true.
    1. Bill Clinton registers for draft on Sept. 8, 1964, accepting all contractual conditions of registering for draft.
    2. Selective Service Number 326 46 228.
    3. Bill Clinton classified 2-S on Nov. 17, 1964
    4. Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on March 20, 1968
    5. Bill Clinton ordered to report for induction on July 28, 1969
    6. Bill Clinton refuses to report and is not inducted into the military.
    7. Bill Clinton reclassified 1-D after enlisting in the United States Army Reserves on Aug. 07, 1969, under authority of Col. E. Holmes.
    8. Clinton signs enlistment papers and takes oath of enlistment.
    9. Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC, Sept. 1969.
    10. Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on Oct. 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Col. E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2)(a) registrant who has failed to report…remain liable for induction.
    11. Bill Clinton’s birth date lottery number is 311, drawn Dec. 1, 1969, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction is INELIGIBLE.
    12. Bill Clinton runs for Congress (1974) while a fugitive from justice under Public Law 90-40.
    13. Bill Clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General (1976) while a fugitive from justice.
    14. Bill Clinton receives pardon on Jan. 21, 1977, from President Carter.
    15. Bill Clinton FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States.

    • Coventry150

      Not comletely true but does contain many factual statements that are true and reveal Clinton to be far more deceitful than Bush could have ever hoped to be.


    • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

      And what does that have to do with anything in Bernie’s article?

      • Dave Robinson

        The simple fact that the news media will go to any extent to embarrass a Republican or conservative, but they keep their mouths shut when there’s dirt on a liberal.

  • Steveo San Francisco

    Thanks, Mr. Goldberg for this clarification and communication. It validates what I have always thought of President Bush, the son of a WWII military hero.

    One had to be around as a young man during the Viet Nam period in order to truly appreciate potential fate including the military draft . One should underline the fact is that during those times you could volunteer or get drafted and face the possibility death in either case.

    Mapes cooked her own goose and good for her.

    I can recall when in my teens the death of President John Kennedy and Rather’s around the clock over-emotional and suspiciously opportunistic coverage of that terrible time in our country’s history. I have always been suspect of his motives thereafter.

    • Dave Robinson

      I always thought Dan Rather was disingenuous and putting on an act to try to invoke empathy from his audience. I was disappointed to see him replace Walter Cronkite. I remember the night that Bush beat Kerry, Dan Rather clearly ceased to report the news when he gave his mocking satiric diatribe description of the people of the country who voted for Bush. The implication was clear that he thought the common people of the American heart land were morons, and he also thought they were too stupid to recognize that he was mocking them.

  • http://www.bartcop.com/ Wil Burns

    On a form, that was on the internet, Bush stated he did NOT want to go to Viet Nam and he didn’t! Hell, Bush was training in an obsolete plane that was never going to be used in combat!

    ’nuff said!

    • Gregory Solman

      Asked and answered. See especially Global Cooler’s post below on point one; numerous men who actually know what they’re talking about address the F-102 issue in detail. You might consider reading the comments in the forum before reflexively reciting a Bush-haters myth.

    • Sarah

      Oooooh, you saw it on the internet, it MUST be true. That’s lame.

    • Dave Robinson

      The F-102 did see limited service in Vietnam in bomber escort and ground attack roles. It’s not surprising that a veteran jet like the F-102 would have been used for training by Air National Guard Units because it was well established, and people knew what to expect from it. The fact everybody seems to miss is that flying jet fighters is a very hazardous occupation where people die just performing routine training exercises and, note that you didn’t see Bill Clinton risking his yellow neck flying a fighter jet. The Phantom F-4 and the Thud F-105 were more routinely used in Vietnam.

  • Bill

    It’s hilarious how liberals tarred and feathered Bush because he volunteered to serve in the TANG. Overlooked is the fact that there was no evidence that Bush was trying to secure his “future political viability” as another future president admitted, in writing no less. Bill Clinton actually did “dodge” the draft and he is considered a hero to liberals, while Bush was reviled and the target of a phony “hit piece” because he actually served his country. Disgusting! Mr. Rather, for all his years as a highly paid elitist “journalist” abandon all his accumulated journalistic ethics to try to defeat a Republican whom he despised. He lost his job and reputation because he was caught. Good riddance. The world of journalisn does not need guys like Dan Rather. Being a multi-millionaire television journalist and standing in the rain with a microphone does not give Rather a lifetime tenure as a TV star. He blew it. Now he should just get a real job, quit whining and just go away!

    • Coventry150

      There is a reason why Dan Rather is so despised by peers, co-workers and former co-workers. Rather is a dishonest, double dealing, untrustworthy son of a bitch and I for one hope the judge in Rather’s so called “law suit” awards him every thing he deserves – NOTHING!!!!!!!

      • Bill

        Amen!! Dan Rather, as well as many other journalists, are great reporters when they get a story that is not political – like a hurricane, a murder mystery, or the like. However, when they venture into reporting of a political issue, often times their bias appears. Most of the time it is subtle and almost undetectible. However, Dan Rather more often than not – especially in the Bush 41 and Bush 43 years – clearly slanted his reporting to slam Bush and to bolster his critics. It was disgraceful. The maddening thing to me was when he was questioned about it repeatedly, he appeared amazed that such questions qould be asked of “Dan Rather,” the mega-journalist. “Who, ME!!!!” He always thought we were stupid. That’s what got to me the most. When he was caught red-handed in the TANG mess, he simply continued his ruse. I’m so glad he’s marginalized now – even by his old colleagues at CBS. See, Dan, we could actually get along without you every day – imagine that?

  • rearley

    Why TANG versus USAF? Whether joining TANG or USAF, all pilots had to have a sufficient number of training hours to be sent to Vietnam. Although President Bush put in far more hours than required, he still did not have enough to be sent to Vietnam in the summer of 1970 when, as part of Palace Alert, pilots could volunteer to be sent.

    Furthermore, about 2,000 (eight tactical fighter squadrons plus a tactical reconnaissance squadron) were mobilized and four tactical fighter squadrons (plus elements of the 355th Tactical Fighter Squadron) were sent to Vietnam beginning in June of 1968. Those ANG activations began in January 1968 So, when President Bush graduated, in 1968, the Texas Air National Guard was not a way to avoid being sent to Vietnam since TANG could be next.

    • Bart

      It was a way to avoid the draft and, as history shows, a good way to avoid Vietnam.

      • Global Cooler

        Joining the Navy was also a good way to avoid the draft, as John Kerry did.

        • Collins Rose

          True, but Kerry actually joined the Naval Reserve — not the Navy.

      • Bill

        Maybe Bush didn’t want to go to Nam, so what? He was the son of a well-placed father, so what? Absolutely nothing Bush did was as egregious as what Bill Clinton actually did as a draft dodging, war-protesting leftist while at Oxford, or Yale, during the same period. The war was unpopular and many parents, like mine (WWII vets) who didn’t want their sons coming hom in a body bag. Honor those who served, but for God’s sake keep things in perspective. The point is, and should remain, what kind of BS Dan Rather was involved with in an attempt to defeat a president he did not like. It’s not about Bush. Its about a biased journalist who should have known better.

  • Barbara

    If he wanted to go to VN, why join the Texas National Guard and not the USAF?

    • Gregory Solman

      Some pilots-to-be join the Guard because they feel they have a better chance of flying jets (in neither the AF or the ANG do airmen just “”decide” they are going to be pilots–it’s a gauntlet to get there). Maybe because he wanted to serve his state, too, seeing that his father was a Congressman at the time. Who knows? That’s really beside the point. The contention is not “Bush was hell bent to go to Vietnam.” The headline is the destitute failure of our leftist media to have reported the story without obvious bias.

      • Gregory Solman

        Oh, and one more thing: Being in the USAF by no means meant you were necessarily “in country.”

    • Ron

      I was in the USAF about the time Bush enlisted in the Texas ANG. If Bush had joined the USAF he would also have to be assigned to the Tactical Air Command or the Air Defense Command to fly fighters. There is was a good chance Bush could have been assigned to other commands such as SAC which flies only bombers and refueling aircraft, KC-135s. He could also have been assigned to fly cargo planes or helicopters. Those are risks he would not have had to take if he joined the ANG.

      • Gregory Solman

        Thanks for your service, Ron. I should have added above that being in the TxANG by no means meant you would not be deployed “in country,” as indeed many in the 147th were.

        But these are comments by people so distant from those who serve them, they haven’t a clue. I think they would be shocked to know that the National Guard has served in every war in the nation’s history (thus represented by our hero, George Washington) and that Guard and Ready Reserve comprise 47 percent of those fighting for us now.

    • Logical

      If you apply to the TexANG you stay in Texas for the remaining for years most likely. If you apply to the USAF then you might be anywhere in the US or world. Not that you can’t in the guard, but you tend to stay in your state more frequently.

  • Global Cooler

    A useful commentary by Goldberg on Rather and Mapes, but definitely no scoop and certainly no “EXCLUSIVE”.

    This information was out there in February 2004 in big headlines, like this:
    Richmond Times – Dispatch; Feb 13, 2004; pg. B.5;” It has all the details and the person mentioned as the source was a fellow pilot in the Houston squadron.

    Also, contrary to O’Reilly’s comment about a contradiction about Bush also signing a form that said Bush said he did not want to go to Vietnam, there was no such contradiction. See this article published a full week before the Rather/Mapes fiasco:

    ANSWERING KERRY’S QUESTION; Washington Times, August 31, 2004, which explains the “contradiction” well:

    “6. Why did Mr. Bush specifically request not to be sent overseas for duty?”

    “A non-issue. The form that this canard references is AF Form 125, Application for Extended Active Duty (EAD). It is a required form for every Air Force officer’s personnel folder. However, it does not apply to reservists and guardsman unless and until ordered to extended active duty. Most guardsmen, like Lt. Bush and me, were told by personnel clerks to check off the “not volunteer” block because it was meaningless. We had to fill out the form to go to pilot training because that year was EAD, but the all training bases were in the United States. In the Guard, you are the property of that unit and state. You aren’t going anywhere except where your unit goes.”

    Slime that they are, Rather and Mapes are less guilty about this oversight than O’Reilly and Goldberg. Rather and Mapes had an agenda, and deliberately avoided any research that would not advance their cause and studiously avoided contacting any fellow Guard pilots who would squelch the story in a sentence.

    But O’Reilly, with all his budget and research assistants and his big megaphone seemingly avoided talking about this information that was out there up to six months earlier in major publications and in the extensive blogging based on these articles. It was the major story of the day, and O’Reilly was out to lunch. O’Reilly always imagined himself above the fray then and now and considers it more important to cover “body language” nonsense and interrupting every guest with his presumptuous brilliance rather than do real investigative journalism.

    As for Bernie Goldberg – an “exclusive”? Apparently you did little research before you rushed to publish this old news as new news. A quick google would have saved you a lot of time. When you want to publish Part II, do some googling – or drop me a line. You have the email.

    • wumhenry

      Goldberg’s purported scoop is that *Mapes was told* about Bush having volunteered for ‘Nam duty *before* CBS aired the defamatory reports that she produced. Did the 2004 article in the Richmond Times mention *that* fact?? If not, Global Cooler should apologize to Bernie Goldberg.

      • Global Cooler

        The Richmond Times article was six months before Mapes show. Mapes and the the researchers she used (David Hackworth, Roger Charles, Michael Smith) were all “told” about this fact along with the rest of the world by the Richmond Times and dozens of subsequent blogs referencing it in February 2004. Mapes did most of her work on this story in August 2004. As a journalist Goldberg should have at least done two minutes of googling before claiming his exclusive. In fact, he could even be accused of plagiarizing the story from reporter Peter Bacque of the Times. That’s where the apology should go.

        • wumhenry

          Global Cooler hasn’t answered my simple yes/no question with a simple “yes” or “no,” but he answered obliquely by disclosing that the Richmond Times article was published before the show. Obviously, then, the correct answer to my question is NO, the Richmond Times article did not (and could not) report that Mapes was told of Bush’s voluntarism before CBS aired her defamatory reports. WHERE, THEN, IS YOUR APOLOGY TO MR. GOLDBERG, GLOBAL COOLER??

    • Dave Robinson

      Note: The “Big Headlines” that the person above mentions appeared on page 5 of a news paper in a more conservative area but certainly not the front page. Did this story appear any where else? Can you find it in the New York Times? Can you find it in the LA Times? If it appeared in one obscure newspaper on page 5 that doesn’t mean that it was “OUT THERE”? Come on…

      • Global Cooler

        You suffer from the same disease that Goldberg afflicts on the MSM – unless it’s in the New York Times, Washington Post, or LA Times, it didn’t happen.
        If that’s where Goldberg limits his research, he is guilty of the same narrowmindedness he accuses others of.

        And the information also appeared in National Review.

        • tim.ned

          The Richmond Times? Who Cares! The issue is about ethnical balance in reporting. The CBS investigation points out that crucial issues countering their report was left out and the question is why? The point is that a national broadcaster such as CBS has a responsibility to balance their reporting because in Minnesota we don’t get the Richmond times.

        • Dave Robinson

          One of Bernie’s points was as follows:

          “I made an online check and discovered that while a few websites noted the CBS finding, the story got no ink (that I could find) on the news pages of any big mainstream paper.”

          Note that he was talking about mainstream papers of which NY Times and LA times are about as mainstream as it gets. They didn’t cover the story because they don’t care about reporting the whole truth. They have a liberal agenda and that’s all they care about. Wouldn’t you agree to that “Global Cooler”? And wouldn’t you agree that people ought to know about the liberal bias unless the truth embarrasses you?

  • Nosmo King

    Bill White has hated the Bush family for many years. Because of failed business associations with a friend of Bush he has an ‘ax to grind’

    • Bill White


      I’m not sure where you got your information from but I do not “hate” the Bush family. I do however stand opposed to anyone and everyone who fails to fulfill their oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. The Bush family, to the extent that they have been gaming the system to achieve their own self interest, political ambitions and approbation lust; need to be called out on this. Otherwise we are every bit as complicit as those who stood idly by while Hilter ushered Germany to destruction.

  • Doug D.

    Advocate for victims – not just dogs.

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,

    If Michael Vick truly wants to make amends for his actions he should steer clear of any affiliations with animal “rights” organizations and alliances. According to the FBI, “… animal and environmental rights extremists have claimed credit for more than 1,200 criminal incidents, resulting in millions of dollars in damage and monetary loss. [I]nvestigating and preventing animal rights extremism and eco-terrorism is one of the FBI’s highest domestic terrorism priorities.”

    Many of the so-called “humane” animal organizations are the supporters and culprits for recycling unwanted, discarded pit bulls, and other potentially vicious breeds of dogs, back into our communities – often attacking, mauling and even killing innocent children. Some may call these dogs “lovable”. However the Centers for Disease Control and Merritt Clifton, editor of “Animal People”, put these dogs on the top of their list of “killer dogs”.

    If Michael Vick were serious about ending animal cruelty, he needs to campaign for strict laws governing responsible dog ownership in our communities, increased fees for owning non-spayed/non-neutered dogs that will ultimately reduce the number of abused/sheltered dogs, a prohibition of unlicensed, unregulated and untaxed backyard/garage dog breeding – a major source of abuse – and a biennial door-to-door “canvass of dogs” that would document the current dog population and rid our communities of unlicensed/unvaccinated dogs.

    Most important, Mr. Vick can also raise money for children mauled by vicious dogs so they can receive necessary medical care and plastic surgery. Instead of allying himself with so-called “humane” organizations, it would be more appropriate and humane for Mr. Vick to support the American Association of Plastic Surgeons who advocates a national prohibition of dangerous dogs – as was done in Canada, many European countries and some cities in the U.S.

    When the abundant supply of these potentially vicious dogs is curtailed, dog fighting and the cruelty associated with it will also disappear.

  • Tim Ned

    What a great post. Thanks to all of you who trained pilots and served during the Vietnam era. The truth always comes out from those who were there. Your service to our country is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

  • Bruce


    Just stick with your morals and don’t get in the gutter with the rest of the snipes!

  • Bruce

    Bill White;

    You’re full of crap!

    First, as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care whether he was a pilot or not, just the fact that he served puts him head and shoulders above 99% of the liberal goons running our country.

    Second, his father served as a combat pilot in WWII and definitely put himself in harm’s way.

    Third, a military pilot during Viet Nam, did not have to be a commissioned officer, nor did they have to be a graduate of one of the military academies. I served part of my tour in Viet Nam as a door gunner on Hueys in air recovery and rescue. Funny! Most of the pilots that I flew with were Warrant Officers, which were enlisted grade. Only CHIEF Warrant Officers are commissioned, taking the same oath as a commissioned officer! When I came back to the States, I was cross trained on B-52’s and I’m sure that some of my favorite “real pilots” with their degrees from the University of Michigan, University of PA and Embry Riddle, would be interested to hear your drivel!

    Speaking of “influence by the way, to get into one of the military academies, one needs to be recommended for acceptance. Who recommended you, trust fund boy?

    I would think that if you are a “real fighter pilot” you would not have made such a moronic slip on military history!

    By the way, to get into one of the military academies

    • Bill White

      Door-gunner Bruce, I applaud your service in Vietnam and have nothing but the utmost respect for the brave men who flew helicopters in during the war. You are absolutely right that these Army helo pilots were in large measure non-commissioned officers (NCOs).

      But you are comparing apples-to oranges here. None of what you say is relevant to the Bush Air Guard fiasco. NCO Army helicopter pilots are not able to gain admission to air guard units to fly fighter jets. The air guard is not in the business of transition training from one aircraft type to another — rotary wing to fixed wing in this case. In addition, air guard regulations subsequent to WW-II stipulate that fighter pilots be commissioned officers who have flown fighter jets on active duty.

      Finally, the reason that the criticism of George W. Bush is warranted is precisely because he did not serve his Country. He dodged the draft and wasted a lot of taxpayer resources trying to appear to be something that he is not. (We saw a repeat of this when he pulled his aircraft carrier landing “Mission Accomplished” stunt.) When the charade became unmanageable he quit before fulfilling even his non-combat commitment.

      By the way, if you locate my “trust fund” please let me know where it is as I could use the money. (I was born to middle class parents and grew up living above our family run grocery store.)

      • Global Cooler

        Billy boy, you have now made the fool of yourself.

        When you said: “The air guard is not in the business of transition training from one aircraft type to another — rotary wing to fixed wing in this case. In addition, air guard regulations subsequent to WW-II stipulate that fighter pilots be commissioned officers who have flown fighter jets on active duty. ”
        you belie your ignorance.

        The Air Guard is always transitioning pilots from one aircraft to another. It even runs conversion schools for F-16 and C-130 pilots. In fact, when Bush was in the Texas ANG unit his unit was a conversion training unit, checking out pilots in F-102 and F-101 aircraft. Bush was one of the first students after the Air Force shut down its F-102 school at Perrin AFB and turned the training over to the Air Guard.

        And there is o requirement or regulation that says “pilots be commissioned officers who have flown fighter jets on active duty”. Where do you get this nonsense? Mapes, or making it up?

        And don’t be so flippant with this “dodging the draft” crap. Everybody in the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard , and most Marines “dodged the draft” during the Vietnam era, since only the Army was drafting then (save for a few in the Marines later in the war).

        Actually, please continue to rant. You serve as a model of the ignorance of those who played along with Mapes and Rather and provide an example of exactly the type of people Rather and Mapes were playing to in their fabricated news shows. PT Barnum would have loved you.

        • Bill White

          The Air Guard did not transition non-commissioned Army helicopter pilots to fly fighter jets. The guard transitions you refer to are “in-type” from one fighter jet to a newer model fighter jet (the Texas Air Guard unit at Ellington transitioned from F-102s to F-106s to F-4s to F-16s – all of which are fighter jets), or from an older helicopter to a newer model helicopter. These are “in type” transitions – not “cross-type” from “rotary wing” to “fixed wing” as you so wrongly allege.

          The Army helicopter pilots who transitioned to fighter jets first attended officer candidate school and then entered the active duty flight training pipelines in either the Air Force or the Navy (Marine pilots could attend either). They had to earn their wings from scratch just like any other flight student. It was only after completing this rigorous training program that they could qualify for fighter jets, or any other fixed-wing aircraft for that matter. I know this from personal experience as I trained a number of these individuals as a flight instructor in the Naval Aviation training command.

          Please don’t presume to lecture an experienced military pilot on SOP. By the way, what contribution have you made to the defense of our Country?

          Please don’t presume to lecture an experienced military pilot on SOP. By the way, what contribution have you made to the defense of our Country?

  • GT

    I would say, “if you are a conservative buy a gun, If you are a liberal get a job so you can buy a gun.”

  • John F

    Bravo Bernie G, Bravo!!!!

    Marla Mapes and Dan Rather are cowards of the 1st degree. Shame on them, shame on them forever.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com Bernie

      Marla Mapes was married to Donald Trump. You mean Mary Mapes. Didn’t want Marla getting the wrong impression. Seriously, thanks for the Bravo!!!

      • Bart

        Bernie, Marla Mapes probably doesn’t exist. Marla Maples was married to Trump.

  • Rachelle Young

    How is it that he who calls himself a ‘real’ fighter pilot (Bill White above) does not know that a ‘lieutenant ‘ (Bush’s rank in the Guard) is a commissioned officer?

    • Bill White


      Fact Check — George W. Bush was not a commissioned officer at the time that he was admitted to the air guard. It was only after he had been admitted (and spared the draft) that he “validated” officer candiate school and was awarded an unprecedented (and completely undeserved) commission in the United States Air Force.

  • Bill White – (real) Fighter Pilot

    The only “deception” in this matter is the notion that George W. Bush was a “fighter pilot” at all. To become a military pilot applicants must be officers first. This means that they had to have graduated from one of our Nation’s military academies or attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) and been commissioned. In order to get a flying slot in the air guard applicants (with the possible exception of medical doctors – MDs), in addition to being commissioned officers, need to have completed Air Force or Navy flight training and served out a five-year active duty tour in either of those branches of the Armed Forces. Pilots selected to fly fighter jets have to have excelled during flight training and, for the most part, have graduated at or near the top of their class. This is because flying high performance jets requires the utmost in hand-eye coordination and spatial orientation.

    By way of contrast, at the time that he was accepted into the Air National Guard, George W. Bush was not a commissioned officer, had not been trained as a military pilot, had not graduated at or near the top of a flight training class, had not completed the requisite active duty time, and had not served in a front line fighter squadron. He had absolutely none of the perquisites needed to qualify him for consideration for a flying slot in the air guard — except for his Father’s political influence that is.

    Over half of the boys in the Country wanted to be fighter pilots after the movie Top Gun was released. But wanting something and reality are two different things for most Americans. In George W. Bush’s case, however, his wish was his father George H.W. Bush’s command. Every rule was bent, every political string was pulled, and every deception perpetrated – all at the expense of the American people.

    To have pulled off this charade, and for Bernie Goldberg to attempt to legitimize it by attacking Dan Rather’s reporting of it is unconscionable. The entire George W. Bush – “Fighter Pilot” saga is an insult to every real man who has strapped on a fighter jet and flown into harms way in defense of this great Country.

    • Texpatriate

      Mr. White: Here’s the timeline on Mr. Bush’s military service:

      May 28, 1968: Bush enlists as an Airman Basic in the 147th Fighter-Interceptor Group and is selected to attend pilot training.

      July 12, 1968: A three-member board of officers decides that Bush should get a direct commission as a second lieutenant after competing airman’s basic training.

      July 14 to Aug. 25, 1968: Bush attends six weeks of basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

      Sept. 4, 1968: Bush is commissioned a second lieutenant.

      In 1968, direct commissions were not exactly common in the services, but they weren’t rare, either. He’s got an Ivy League degree, he’s from a good family, he scores high on his qualification tests, so he gets a direct commission. Sounds right to me.

      He’s called a “fighter pilot” because the aircraft he’s flying is a fighter (as in airline pilot, bomber pilot, etc.) I think the term that you’re looking for is “combat pilot,” someone who’s flown in combat.

    • PnutGalry

      Bill the alleged fighter pilot said:
      “Every rule was bent, every political string was pulled, and every deception perpetrated – all at the expense of the American people.”

      There is no basis of fact in which you are able to support your accusations.
      What expense to the American people are you referring to?

      The story was and continues to be nothing but lies and you continue to defend it. You are pathetic.

    • sux2bu

      re: Bill White

      Bush was Lieutenant in the TANG. Last I checked, a Lieutenant is an officer.

      • my detractors

        If you choose to defend the phony and castigate the real deal there is no way that the facts of the argument are going to persuade you. By engaging in name calling instead of providing support for your support of George W. Bush, you do more to discredit yourself than anything that I can say.

        With regard to the “direct commission” argument put forth, to say that this was commonplace is an outright falsehood. The only direct commissions of which I am aware were awarded on the battlefield in the midst of war. This was a method of maintaining the command structure when all of the officers in a unit had been mowed down in combat. To allege that direct commissions were routinely awarded to college kids in 1968 “because he’s from a good family” is preposterous. As far as the expense to the American people, it cost approximately one million dollars of taxpayer money to train a military pilot at the time. These funds spent to put George W. Bush through the program were wasted, and a coveted slot in the flight training program was occupied by a non-qualified pretender who never contributed one iota to the defense of our great Nation. No legacy building attempt like the one you are engaged in will ever make a “fighter pilot” out of George W. Bush.

        • Global Cooler

          Bill – cool it.
          You are wrong.
          Until the mid-1970’s when the Air Guard set up its own commissioning program and training center in Knoxville, TN, the direct commissioning process was the standard commisioning process for pilot and navigator candidates. The US Constitution reserves to the states the commisioning of militia (National Guard) officers, who then also receive federal recognition.

          Approximately two slots were awarded to each of 93 flying units each year. Training was conducted at one of 9 AF pilot training bases.

          Please don’t embarass yourself any further talking about things you do not have a clue.

          • Bill White

            If raw recruits were taken off the street, summarily commissioned, admitted to the flight training pipeline without prequalification, and then seated in high performance fighter jets as you maintain then they must be part of an exclusive cadre and easily identified. Since I never met, flew with or trained even one such individual during my tour on active duty, it would be interesting to see the names of these fighter pilots and review their service records. Please identify these fighter pilots to support your claim.

  • TC Rider

    Everyone seems to forget that there were two segments to the 60 mintues episode that night. I was more offended by the first, less noticed segment. They had a lifetime Texas pol, a major fundraiser for Kerry, perjure previous court testimony and state that he greased the wheels for Bush.

    Needless to say, Rather never mentioned the above facts.

  • Robert

    I’ve had to listen many times to people who go on and on about how Bush obviously avoided service by joining the National Guard, and then they will complain that a lot of the men and women serving in Iraq have been pulled from the National Guard. For some reason, they don’t seem to notice the contradiction.

  • Dave from Levittown, Pa.

    Fabulous reporting, Bernie Goldberg.

  • Sean Brennan

    Great job! I enjoyed your interview on Bill O’Reilly. It will interesting to see if the media besides Fox picks up this story.

  • Sherry Chastain

    As Rather would say, this revelation would strangle a Texas frog!!!

  • N. O’Brain

    THIS is a bombshell.

  • Bruce

    Great job of continuing to expose the main stream media as frauds. There was nothing of this in my local paper this morning. Do you think it will be covered on the network morning news shows ? lol

  • Koblog

    What’s Obama’s service record?

    • hmm2009

      What’s Cheney’s?

      • src2009

        What’ s Biden’s if we are de-escalating?

      • Casey

        Secretary of Defense…..VP….State Rep to Congress

        • Texpatriate

          Guys, I was in Vietnam. It would have turned out the same if Biden, Cheney, Rumsfeld or Clinton had been there. Give it a rest.

  • Doug

    The truth is always a secondary consideration to liberals as this report shows in all too graphic terms.

  • Marco Lopez

    Thanks Bernie for exposing this. Sadly it is things like that this that makes the general public not trust the News media. Thanks for being a sane voice.

  • Terry O’Brien

    Excellent piece. I saw Bernie speak about it on Bill O’Reilly. Good job. It would be great ifn he could turn it into an op-ed and get it printed in the major newspapers.

  • BiZi

    Refreshing to know that this Peabody Award Winning Journalist just had the “Trump Card of Truth” planted right on her forehead for all to see — that CARD is called, “Go to Page 130” and it was just played by Bernard Goldberg. What say you Mr. Rather? Inquiring minds want to know?

    Accolades’ to you Mr. Goldberg, thank you for your objective reporting, honesty and integrity — qualities that Mapes and Rather no nothing of but desperately need.

  • http://makaipa.blogspot.com tioedong

    One other fact a lot of civilians overlook:

    That pilots in training die in accidents due to lack of experience.


    Scroll down to page 16.

    The aviation fatality rates among Air National Guard pilots not
    federally activated were 2.2 per 1,000 life years of exposure during 196 I)
    and 2.1 for the four-year period 1966-69. The corresponding rates in
    last year’s report were 1.6 and 3.(/, respectively

  • Pete

    RE: “President Bush is the 19th President of the United States to have served in the National Guard.” The NG is our nation’s oldest military institution, and the one most directly connected to the concept of the citizen-soldier. Among those who have served are such men as Harry Truman, who retired from the NG as a colonel.

    RE” President Bush flying F-102s, it does not suprise me that he was a top-notch pilot. There’s a lot of ways to buy the farm flying those things, anyone who can do so and survive the experience has my respect.

  • Pete

    Those, usually on the political left, who question GWB’s courage, his patriotism, or his honesty over his Vietnam era service in the TX Air National Guard and his supposed refusal to go to Vietnam are overlooking some incovenient truths, to borrow Al Gore’s line… namely…

    1. Volunteering to fly high-performance jet aircraft is inherently dangerous – many would-be fighter/fighter-bomber pilots are killed in training and stateside training. It takes brass ones simply to do this, whether you fly in combat or not. Bush performed as expected, and did his duty.

    2. Aviation Guard Units served a vital role in protecting the nation’s airspace during a very tense time in the Cold War.

    3. Suppose that GWB did actually intend to avoid service in combat by choosing the air guard over the army or AD AF. So what? That’s his choice, and no one else’s – period.
    Vietnam was an unpopular war by the time GWB served, and he – thanks to his family connections – undoubtedly knew it was a meatgrinder for infantrymen over there.

    4. There’s hypocricy on this issue a mile wide; we are supposed to honor John Kerry, who did his best to avoid service in Vietnam, and only did an about-turn when he figured out he could use naval service to promote his political ambitions, or Al Gore, who holds himself up as a hardened vet despite having been in a journalist MOS during the war? – but then slam Bush, who did his duty, has never used it for political gain, and modestly thinks of himself as a man who simply did his job?

    Besides, service in the armed forces is not – nor should it be – a pre-requisite for political office in this country. Some of our best wartime Presidents were not veterans.

    • Gregory Solman

      Yes. Conspiracy theorists should confront their asinine assumption that President Bush used “connections” to get a soft landing, but somehow didn’t end up with a nice safe desk job in Van Nuys like some Hollywood actors I know (and that is not to disparage their service, either).

      Why is it so hard for leftists to accept that President Bush wanted to be a fighter pilot like his father before him, not a soldier in the infantry, and joined a squadron that might well have put him flying over Vietnam? Is that so scandalous?

  • http://www.rubegonia.net RuBegonia

    In 2005, Rather was quoted as saying “I worked as hard as I could have under the circumstances at the time. In hindsight, could have, should have, that never applies. I always think I could do a better job. You don’t get to play them over again.”

    As I write this comment, Fox News is reporting that Senator Edward ‘Ted” Kennedy has died. During his brother Bobby’s eulogy he spoke these oft-quoted words: “I dream things that never were and say why not.”

    Imaging if Kennedy had said Rather’s words first, and vice vera.

  • Fred

    In the early 70s when these memos were supposedly produced I was an Army sergeant 72F40 working a communications center and handling documents a lot like the memos every day and using the teletype and typewriter gear available in that era.

    Fast forward to 1985 and I am working on a computer science degree and my PC is a Zenith with Word 1.0 running on MS-DOS. I have used nearly every version of Word since then.

    To me, those memos look as phony as pink crayon on a brown paper bag.

  • George Wood

    Great journalism, Bernie.
    Unfortunately, the Libs own the domestic battlefields, (networks, print media, etc) but your fortitude on your site and on Fox News does not go un-noticed, and suport is growing.
    It’s an uphill battle for the likes of you.
    You could have settled for a cushy life with the network, and probably would have challenged Rather. Instead, your integrity won you over and I commend you for that.
    Back to to the topic of your piece.
    The Libs will always glorify the like of Murtha, Gore, Kerry, and Wesley Clark, while they denegrate the like of George W. Bush.
    They even crucified Oliver North and dengrated his military contribution.
    But myself, and others of my ilk, who have been there and done that; given the choice of standing with the likes of John Kerry and Wesley Clark, or alongside W and North ……… I’m with the fighter pilot and the Gunny every damn time.
    And with the Goldbergs of the world of course.

  • Ayatrollah

    How many tours of duty in Nam did Bill Clinton do?

    • Bart

      Apparently, the same number as Bernie.

      • TomB

        This now concludes the non-sequitur portion of today’s thread…

      • hmm2009

        And the same # as five-time deferment Cheney.

  • newton

    Did Mary Mapes actually think she could get away with keeping the fact of GWB’s volunteering under wraps as she brought this story on air? By omitting this, she knew she was presenting an absolutely destructive (not to mention FALSE) portrayal of the President as a younger man. Did she actually believe that NO ONE was going to find about this?!?

    Did she actually think that someone with knowledge of type sets and typewriters of that time would not know by instinct when a fake is being presented to them? It took a lawyer with knowledge of that kind of stuff (and no contact with Mapes, Rather or even GWB) to say on a Freeper forum that “[the] documents are forgeries” even before the recording tapes were stopped on that broadcast. I will not be surprised at all if Mapes had anything to do with it. Heck, it will be no shocker to me if she ordered those papers to be typed.

    Mary Mapes was fired, and justifiably so. It probably goes without saying, but… Couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal.

    Memo to Dan Rather: Don’t cry over spilled milk. It poisoned you, too. Remember? Take what you have, and nothing more. You were well on your way – willingly – to destroy the reputation of one man. Yet, in the process, you destroyed yours. No court should give you the light of day.

  • Eddie G

    For all of those who were subject to the draft during Vietnam, especially those, like me, whose draft boards were in the Houston area, the 147th Texas ANG was THE WAY to avoid the draft and Vietnam. No one who wanted to go, or was willing to go to Vietnam tried to get into the Texas ANG. And, certainly, not all of those who tried succeeded in getting in. Bush tried and did get in at the height of the war. Nothing more need be said. Really.

    I am sorry, but not particularly surprised, that you provide no actual evidence to corroborate your claim (once removed from the CBS-sponsored investigative report) that Bush wanted to go to Vietnam and actually applied to go. Where is his application for active duty? For transfer to an active branch of the service? Any contemporaneous evidence at all?

    You got out of college in 1967, and whether or not you served in the military during Vietnam is your business. But, you are certainly old enough, and wise enough (when you can suppress your emotions), to know that getting into an ANG unit was as close to perfect a way, short of cutting off a limb or putting out an eye, to get out of going to Vietnam. And, to get into the Texas ANG, especially the 147th, one had to be either very lucky or very well-connected.

    During the Rather-Bush ANG episode, I heard reports that Bush at some point may have said he was “willing to go”. It was not hidden by the “mainstream media”. That’s where I found out about it. Like one of the previous commenters, I, too, heard that he wouldn’t have been sent to Vietnam because he was trained in a plane no longer flown there.

    I have not recently read the transcript or watched the video of the Mapes-produced piece. I don’t know that “reports” of Bush’s “willingness” or “desire” to go to Vietnam were not mentioned. Presumably, you have read or watched it again recently, and you know that they were not. If Rather had said that “various officers who served with the Texas ANG during Bush’s training said that he wanted to go to Vietnam but that there exists no documentary evidence of any attempt by him to be sent there”, you would probably have found fault with that apparently fair statement of fact, too. Frankly, what Bush may or may not have said was not that relevant to the crux of the piece–that he blew off the final years of his obligation to the ANG. Notably, you provide no evidence that contradicts that evidence-supported conclusion.

    You apparently believe that the 30-35 year-old recollections by some of his contemporaries of “Bush’s desire and willingness to go to Vietnam”, which themselves don’t rise even to the level of hearsay, refute or rebut the conclusion supported by the undisputed record: that he indeed didn’t complete his duty. That makes you a True Believer, the most dangerous kind.

    • Fred

      I would dispute your undisputed record.

      • Eddie G

        By all means, dispute it. But don’t just say you dispute it.

      • Eddie G

        The undisputed record of which I speak is the documentary record that has not been questioned. Until, apparently, now. By you. What is your evidence that contradicts the record?

        • TomB

          If Bush used his connections to avoid service in Vietnam because he feared for his safety, why did he choose to fly the F-102, one of the most dangerous jets to fly at the time, instead of taking a safe desk job?

    • Gregory Solman

      I note you don’t give your name, and hide behind anonymity with your recollection of the era, escalating the charge. Now apparently EVERYONE who joined the 147th was a coward. And you repeat a well discredited lie that President Bush did not complete his service, I suspect, because you don’t understand the Guard points system based on duty days. I also gather you know nothing about the life of a fighter pilot in training, or what it takes to become jet proficient. (Here your phrase, “You got out of college in 1967, whether or not you served in the military during Vietnam was your business” is an interesting choice of words.)

      School yourself by reading Byron York, National Review:


      There you will find that in just five years then LT Bush racked up the following point totals: 253, 340, 137, 112, 56! (The minimum requirement per year was 50 points.) He was released early in his sixth year in Alabama (the records clearly prove he did show up) because F102 pilots weren’t terribly useful at the time (see post below).

      And consider your version of “birther” error: Do you think the Air National Guard cooked the books and gave Lt Bush an honorable discharge because they knew he’d someday suffer scurrilous attacks by the media and the likes of you?

      So you call Mr. Golderg a “true believer” but you swallowed the “Bush AWOL” story whole, a useful idiot of the leftist liars.

      Oh, and you missed the point: Mr. Goldberg’s piece was very specifically an act of media criticism, about the fact that Mary Mapes knew something relevant to the story she was telling, and chose not to include it.

      Apparently it was too good a story for Mapes to let facts get in the way.

      • Eddie G

        Where to begin? I don’t give my name for fear of violent reaction from right-wing zealots who, like you do above, assault the intelligence and character of anyone with whom you disagree.

        My recollection of the era is my recollection of the era, and I believe it is accurate. I certainly personally know that the TANG at Ellington was a highly sought-after means to avoid Vietnam from the mid 1960s forward. Neither then nor now do I think less of anyone who tried to get into TANG for the purpose of avoiding Vietnam. I do not think them cowards. And, certainly I do not think of other member of TANG who weren’t just avoiding Vietnam cowards. It’s curious that you make that association.

        I don’t know what you mean by “escalating the charge”. Nor do I understand your attention to my comment to Bernie about his military service, or not. It merely points out that he was alive and conscious at the relevant time, and I infer from his CV that he did not serve.

        I don’t question Bush’s grit and determination, or his bravery learning to pilot a military aircraft. On the other hand, if he wanted to fly in Vietnam there was always the active branches. But, that’s not the point. As I understand the records, the paper records, Bush’s last flight was in early 1972, he missed his required physicals, he was suspended from flying in August of 1972, and he frequently missed his required meetings during the last two years or so of his contract until his discharge. Did he accumulate the necessary points in the last two years of his contract? His defenders say he did, although some experts who examined the DOD records say he did not. Did he regularly show up when he was supposed to in the last two years? Apparently he didn’t. Neither, apparently, did he actually apply for active duty in Vietnam. But even if he had applied, if only orally and informally, that is not relevant to the issue of his subsequent no-shows.

        Bernie’s “media criticism” is, and Bush’s defenders, employing the same logic, apparently agree, that Bush’s “applying for Vietnam” prior to August 1972 was relevant to and disproved the claim that he was a slacker in late 1972, 1973 and 1974. Forgive me for not recognizing the logic of your logic. As I recall, the Mapes-Rather piece was largely about Bush’s service record in the last two years of his contract. According to the written record, it was anything but exemplary.

        • Xian Do

          **SARCASM ALERT!**

          Eddie G said:
          “Where to begin? I don’t give my name for fear of violent reaction from right-wing zealots who, like you do above, assault the intelligence and character of anyone with whom you disagree.”

          Ah yes, the tiresome canard of how you so magnanimously infiltrate this “den of evil, hate-filled Right Wing iniquity” to impart your oh-so enlightened viewpoint upon us racist, tea-bagging rednecks…yet feel the need to disguise yourself with a nom du guerre in order to protect yourself from our frighteningly violent response to your opinions.

          You must think you’re really, REALLY special kinda guy to believe any of us would waste our time trying to “violently react” to a haughty, self-important troll such as yourself.

          Well brace yourself! Here’s my “violent reaction”:

          If anything you stated above has any truth or credibility, I’m sure that Mary Mapes, Dan Rather, or any number of smarter & more important people than yourself, who sit on your side of the political spectrum, would’ve certainly brought it up by now.

          Since, however, it’s just you…

          Gee Whiz, Eddie G, are you okay? I hope that wasn’t too violent a reaction for you!

          **END SARCASM ALERT**

          • Eddie G

            Well, that’s a case of projection. It’s nom de plume,
            by the way, if it were that. And, yes, pretty violent
            for one whose only currently available weapon is a keyboard.

        • Cheese Guevara

          Eddie G: I note your standards of evidence are somewhat twisted. You begin with the equivalent of, “Everybody from 1967 knows….” and then demand hard documentary evidence to refute your assertions, which themselves are backed up by no known evidence. You also reveal a pitiful lack of knowledge about Guard and Reserve service. In my experience, missing Guard or Reserve drills is extremely common, because life intrudes. The bottom line becomes the points earned in a year, the minimum of which is 50.

          I would contrast, as well, the amount of information we have about Bush’s Guard service with the still incomplete record we have of John Kerry’s Naval Reserve Service. For example, he had an obligation to go to active Reserve drills, too, under his enlistment contract, and we have no record he ever showed up for a single one. He, too, was released early, so that must have been from family influence (his middle name is Forbes after all). But then, “everybody knows” what he was doing at the time.

          Finally, from your post you seem to be from the Houston area, which has a large SEIU presence, so I can well understand your fear of political violence, but I didn’t realize SEIU was full of right-wing zealots. Live and learn.

        • Gregory Solman

          I just gave you the point totals from President Bush’s record released by the ANG. I’ve shown you that on a six year 300 point commitment LT Bush amassed nearly 900 points in only his first five years of service, and served five months and change in his sixth year to boot before he was released with an honorable discharge. There is a link to an article that explains President Bush’s service record in great detail and with dispassionate lucidity. I urge the open minded to read it. Apparently Eddie G. prefers his version of history.

          I didn’t watch the 60 Minutes hatchet job–that I determined from transcripts–but they had no facts to promulgate the “Bush went AWOL” theory. That’s why they had to concoct a fake document. Anyone who thinks a fighter pilot in training just shows up once a month should think again; and no one who went AWOL from 72 to 74 (your timeline) gets an honorable discharge. I noted in an earlier post that the 147th had a very important role in protecting the CONUS during a time when Soviets in Cuba were routinely scrambling our jets, probing for weaknesses in our domestic defense.

          What I meant by escalation is obvious to everyone but you: You’ve gone from the usual left charge against Bush to impugning the honor of everyone who served in the 147th. It was in your words “THE way to avoid the draft and Vietnam.” You think that calling everyone in that unit a draft dodger is a value-neutral statement because you seem to approve of draft dodging. I’ll let other readers judge whether you intended to insult all those men.

          I made no comment about your attacking Mr. Goldberg on his service record; I resent your allegation that he is a “true believer” because he still cares about the loss of our nation’s journalistic integrity.

          Lastly, I certainly mean you no personal animus by pointing out your preference for anonymity. I just wonder what kind of man cowers behind a screen name while trying to steal the honor of other men.

          • Eddie G

            Your extrapolations, syllogisms are irrational. And, I’ve read the articles you referred to. You should try reading some by authors you don’t agree with. I’ll toss you a bone: The CBS piece was not soundly documented, although I do not believe Rather “manufactured” evidence, and I do believe that it is a fundamentally true tale. You’re also overly dramatic. I mean a real drama queen. I am not “trying to steal the honor of other men”. I’ve actually seen Bernie on O’Reilly show some limits to his obsession, by occasionally challenging O’Reilly’s excesses. You, on the other hand, are a True Believer, although you sound as if you weren’t even of draft age back in the late 1960s.

    • steveH

      Eddie G.;

      That would surely explain the TxANG pilots who volunteered for, and rotated out to Viet Nam in the Palace Cobra program. Including some from the 147th. FG.

      Oh, wait…

    • Tom Brosz

      Eddie G-

      Let me restate the point that Mr. Goldberg is trying to make, so maybe you won’t miss it by so far next time.

      CBS believed that Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam. Whether this is actually true, is irrelevant to Mr. Goldberg’s point. CBS left this out of the story. It is relevant and should have been included in the story, or at least, investigated further. Bush’s last 2 years of service, and whether or not the 147th TANG unit was the way to avoid service in Vietnam is irrelevant. How many points you need to accumulate for an honorable discharge in the Guard is irrelevant. Your service in the National Guard is irrelevant. Dick Cheney is irrelevant.

      CBS news either put out a deliberate hit piece designed to influence a presidential election, or their journalistic standards of proof are a travesty. Either way, they jumped the shark and ceased to be a credible news organization in 2004.

      • Gregory Solman

        Well, Eddie G., at this point we’re so far down on the string it’s between you and me. Everyone else has packed up and gone home. So one more before moving on…

        As Ann Coulter says, you can tell what a liberal is up to by what they accuse conservatives of. I didn’t construct an “irrational syllogism;” that’s what I was alleging you did.” A) “The 147th ANG was THE way to avoid the draft and Vietnam” B) GWB joined the 147th ANG, therefore C) GWB was avoiding the draft. I reject both the premise and conclusion. The premise insults all those who joined the Guard in general and the 147th in particular; the conclusion is simply prejudicial. If he was after a cushy slot, a guy with political connections and a Yale degree could land a lot safer job than flying F-102s in a unit being scrambled by Soviets in Cuba and slotted to rotate into Vietnam (i.e. Palace Cobra–in other words, it was indeed an “active branch,” regardless of how you mischaracterize it.), e.g., when he got kicked out of Harvard for cheating during the Korean War, Ted Kennedy (RIP) got himself on the honor guard in Washington.) Moreover, GWB wasn’t known to brag about his service which makes it all the more befuddling and meanspirited that the left has been at such pains to discredit him.

        On the issue of credible sources, I can see I will not persuade you. I believe the government documents that show LT Bush served honorably, amply and even above the call. I believe his service records and his honorable discharge. You choose to believe that these records were forged, altered or incomplete, or in any case not accurate to the your gut feeling that Bush was some sort of scoundrel; instead, you place your faith a document that emerged out of nowhere two months before an election in an impossible typeface to produce with typewriters of the day–in other words, not even a very good forgery.

        Finally, on the ad hominem attack, I would simply point out that calling me a drama queen is, again, ironic projection coming from one who writes that he must remain anonymous “for fear of violent reaction from right-wing zealots…” Anyway, that was beneath you.

        So, as O’Reilly says, I’ll give you the last word. I’m going on to other verbal battles.

  • Nosmo King

    Bernie, Will you please do a piece on Rather’s military background? During his reporting in Vietnam he claimed had military experience.

  • Miriam Feldstein Case

    Thank you for your very interesting report. I appreciate your efforts and think you are a gentleman.

  • Pete

    God bless you sir.

  • Gregory Solman

    Thanks for staying on this, Mr. Goldberg. These were never credible stories, always filled with what in court would be called prejudicial rather than probative evidence. Many of the news outlets at a loss to explain his last two years of service in the TexasANG simply didn’t understand, and refused to consider, the points system that clearly showed then Lt. Bush more than fulfilled his obligation.

    Below, originally posted 1 August 2004 (thus available to CBS if they were really interested) was from the extremely knowledgeable Aerospaceweb. Most people in media today haven’t a clue about how the Soviet Union was launching planes from Cuba constantly to test US air defense readiness. That’s one of the combat missions the 147th fulfilled. Easy for aging hippies at CBS to criticize those who served from their east side armchairs. Let’s face it: It is the MEDIA that dishonored itself here, not President Bush.

    I have to say, though, there is something of a “birther” logic in even suggesting that President Bush only volunteered for Vietnam because he knew he wouldn’t draw the assignment. To what end would he do such a thing? For a future political resume he was already scheming about? That’s like suggesting that he chose F-102s because he knew their useful life in combat was going to be limited. I don’t find that a credible, much less logical, suggestion.

    From Aerospaceweb: “As he was completing training and being certified as a qualified F-102 pilot, Bush’s squadron was a likely candidate to be rotated to Vietnam. However, the F-102 was built for a type of air combat that wasn’t seen during that conflict, and the plane was withdrawn from southeast Asia in December 1969. The F-102 was instead returned to its primary role of providing air defense for the United States. In addition, the mission of Ellington AFB, where Bush was stationed, was also changing from air defense alert to training all F-102 pilots in the US for Air National Guard duty. Lt. Bush remained in the ANG as a certified F-102 pilot who participated in frequent drills and alerts through April of 1972.

    By this time, the 147th Fighter Wing was also beginning to transition from the F-102 to the F-101F, an updated version of the F-101B used primarily for air defense patrols. Furthermore, the war in Vietnam was nearing its end and the US was withdrawing its forces from the theater. Air Force personnel returning to the US created a glut of active-duty pilots, and there were not enough aircraft available to accommodate all of the qualified USAF and ANG pilots. Since USAF personnel had priority for the billets available, many of the Air National Guard pilots whose enlistments were nearly complete requested early release. The ANG was eager to fulfill these requests because there was not enough time to retrain F-102 pilots to operate new aircraft before their enlistments were up anyway.”

    CBS might want to consider basing future stories on facts.

  • John H. Wambough, Jr.

    Dear Bernie Reference A “Lost” Fact in the “Rathergate” Mess — Part 1 — This is just the tip of an iceberg – if anyone cares to look!

    Heard You On Bill O’Reilly August 25, 2009 — My article in 2004 addressed what you reference on Bill O’Reilly’s Show. One other point. The 147th Fighter Interceptor Group [FIG]) the National Guard Unit President Bush applied – had F-102s deployed to Vietnam at the time of his application – so Lt. Bush knew being a member of this unit could eventually lead to flying in Vietnam.

    In the event I can be of further assistance to you, feel free to contact me at 850-315-4662 or by email: j-bwambough@cox.net

    Myths, Memos and Dan Rather

    A Nation Remembers

    By Col. John H. Wambough, Jr. USAF (Ret.)

    Dan Rather and Mary Mapes are still embracing the veracity of content of their 60 Minutes fraudulent memos aired on September 8, 2004. They need to re-read the Report of the Independent Review Panel “Concerning President Bush’s Air National Guard Service” by Dick Thornburgh and Louis D. Boccardi. For a fair perspective of President Bush’s Air National Guard (ANG) Service, suggest reading “Bush and I were lieutenants” by Col. William Campenni (retired), my article: Bush and Uncommon Valor and “Bush’s Air National Guard Years” by Byron York. For a better understanding of the Dan Rather scandal, suggest reading: “Rather Biased” by Charles Krauthammer; “Political Bias? What Political Bias?” by John Podhoretz; “Exposing CBS” by William Campenni; “What the CBS Report Actually Admits” by Clarice Feldman; “Rather’s Career Put in Harsh Light” by David Zurawik; “Inferring the Obvious” by Paul Mirengoff; “Rather Troubled: Scandal Tarnishes Anchor’s Retirement” by Randy Hall and “Rather Departing This Week On Rather Low Note” by Cliff Kincaid.

    Far more troubling than Dan Rather’s CBS fraudulent memos are the maliciously contrived myths embedded in those fraudulent memos. The hoax exposé (below) demostrates that the content of Dan Rather’s memos was fraudulent. Left-Wing Media (LWM) treachery, deception and distortion laid a solid foundation for Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minutes fabricated story and fraudulent memos. Prior to Election 2004, communications generated by “credentialed media” misled the American people about GWB’s ANG record. As you read the hoaxes perpetrated by LWM against the American people, appreciate that these hoaxes were contrived from interwoven myths forged via repetition (by LWM, Democrat National Committee [Terry McAuliffe], Kerry’s Campaign, Left-Wing 527s and finally, Dan Rather’s 60 Minutes). The purpose of these hoaxes was to defeat President Bush in Election 2004 and restore the Democrat Party to power.

    It is incomprehensible that investigative journalists could get so much wrong about a story without a malicious intent to deceive the American people. How is it possible that LWM investigative journalists didn’t inform the American people that there was “no waiting list” to get into the Texas Air National Guard (147th Fighter Interceptor Group [FIG]) as a pilot in May 1968? (p.46 -47) How is it possible that the American people weren’t informed that F-102 pilots from GWB’s unit were flying combat missions in Vietnam at the very time George W Bush (GWB) applied for pilot duty and that President Bush (while in the ANG) volunteered for service in Vietnam? (p.130) As you review the LWM hoaxes below, you should appreciate that Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minutes was just the tip of iceberg of the fraud perpetrated by media on the American people in an effort to defeat a sitting President of the United States.

    “Leapfrogged Hundreds Hoax” Left-Wing Media (LWM) asserted (prior to the election) that GWB was leapfrogged over hundreds of Texas Air National Guard (TANG) applicants to protect him from the draft and avoid Vietnam. There was no truth to this assertion; there was “no waiting list” for “qualified pilot applicants” in May 1968 when GWB applied to the TANG (147th Fighter Interceptor Group [FIG]). In mid 1968, the 147th FIG (the unit GWB signed up with) was under manned by 156 military personnel (130 enlisted and 26 officer positions). Pilots, on occasion, had to be recruited outside Texas to fill vacant pilot positions. A coveted pilot slot in the ANG in 1968 was a LWM myth. So called “credentialed main stream media” couldn’t help but know this (in their vigorous search for the “truth” about GWB’s ANG service) (p.46) but for some reason (I wonder what that would be?) they chose to deceive the American people (media fraud?).

    There were reasons why the TANG was short of pilots. At the time GWB applied for a pilot slot, the 147th FIG was routinely deploying F-102 pilots to Vietnam to fly combat missions. These deployments came at a time when squadron pilot positions were not fully manned. In May 1968, the 147th FIG found it challenging to find qualified pilots due to: (1) stringent educational, security clearance and physical requirements to qualify for an ANG pilot slot and United States Air Force (USAF) pilot training; (2) a six-year service commitment; and (3) the “danger factor” (70 pilots were killed flying the F-102). A six-year commitment, stringent requirements and risky training (versus the alternative – serve 2 years of enlisted time) made pilot training a very uninviting option – if anyone were trying to avoid Vietnam.

    Can it be validated that there was “no waiting list for qualified pilot applicants in May 1968” when GWB applied for the TANG? Yes it can. Four separate entities can confirm no waiting list: First, the pilots that were flying in the 147th FIG (111th Tactical Interceptor Squadron) in May 1968; Second, the ANG senior officers that were in the 147th FIG in May 1968; Third, the Director of Operations for the TANG (when GWB was in the ANG) Colonel Earl Lively says: there was no waiting list for qualified pilot applicants to get in the TANG as a pilot in 1968; and Fourth, the TANG history indicates no waiting list for qualified pilot applicants in May 1968. Even later, when there were waiting lists, practically all applicants were applying for ANG enlisted positions; not for officer pilot training.

    Pre-election strategy was to malign President Bush’s military service and undermine the peoples’ trust in GWB as Commander-In-Chief. At the same time, Kerry was promoted as a war hero in a calculated effort to offset Kerry’s anti-war activities and extreme anti-national security voting record. Promoters of the Leapfrogged Hundreds Hoax were LWM, the DNC, Terry McAuliffe, the Kerry Campaign, Left-Wing 527 Groups, Left-Wing supporters and Dan Rather’ CBS 60 Minutes program.

    The leapfrogged hundreds hoax was a progressive hoax. Once Left-Wing “credentialed” media duped the American people into “erroneously” believing that GWB was leapfrogged over hundreds of applicants, then the hoax was embellished with an assertion: that the only way GWB could have been leapfrogged over hundreds of applicants would be through the use of political influence, family intervention, favoritism and special treatment. Then the hoax manufacturers went in for the kill with Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minute interview with Ben Barnes. In this interview, Ben asserted how troubling it was for him to admit that it was he who got GWB leapfrogged over hundreds of ANG applicants. Ben, answer one question, how did you get GWB leapfrogged over hundreds of applicants if there was no waiting list (in the 147th Fighter Interceptor Group) for qualified pilot applicants in May 1968? This is a question that needs to be answered by Ben Barnes, Dan Rather, Mary Mapes and credentialed LWM. The Report of the Independent Review Panel validates my commentary. See pages 130 and 131.

    The progressive hoax doesn’t stop here. The hoaxers further duped the American people into believing that not only had GWB used political influence to leapfrog hundreds of ANG applicants but that he did so to avoid going to Vietnam; see my article Coward/Draft Dogger Hoax. Also, the “Leapfrogging Hundreds Hoax” gave credence to charges of political influence and favoritism which propped up Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minute fabricated story and fraudulent memos and the Ben Barnes’ fabricated story of political influence. Note: Colonel William Campenni (retired), U.S. Air Force/Air National Guard served in the same fighter squadron as GWB. See his articles: “Bush and I were Lieutenants” and “Answering Kerry’s Questions”. See my article: Left-Wingers’ Attacks on Bush Are Slap in Face to Servicemen.

    “Political Influence/Favoritism Hoax” Dan Rather and Left-Wing Media (LWM) asserted that political influence, family intervention, favoritism and special treatment were used to get GWB into the ANG. Their assertions were false. The truth is GWB got into the Guard based on his own merit. (p.47)

    President George Herbert Walker Bush stated publicly that the Bush family played no part, whatsoever, in getting GWB in the ANG. President George W. Bush stated publicly that he had no help from anyone in getting into the Guard. For arguments sake, let’s disregard what both Presidents said on this issue.

    A serendipity benefit of the CBS 60 Minutes fraudulent memo scandal was that the public got to hear directly from retired ANG senior officers about GWB’s ANG service (unfiltered by LWM). What these officers had to say was quite different from what LWM had been telling the American people. Retired Colonel Walter B. “Buck” Staudt (who conducted the interview that resulted in GWB being selected by the ANG) stated in an ABC Special Interview that: “He recalled Bush as a standout candidate”; “No one called me about taking George Bush into the Air National Guard. It was my decision. I swore him in. I never heard anything from anybody.”; “He didn’t use political influence to get into the Air National Guard”; “He was highly qualified. He passed all the scrutiny and tests he was given” “He was a well-educated, bright-eyed young man, just the kind of guy we were looking for.” “He presented himself well. He more than met the requirements for pilot training. I’d say he was in the upper 10 percent or 5 percent or whatever we ever talked to about going to pilot training. We were pretty particular because when he came back (from training); we had to fly with him.”

    Any investigative journalist searching for the truth on how GWB was selected for the ANG would have asked himself simple logical questions. First, why wouldn’t the ANG want GWB? Bush was a Yale graduate and potentially a great asset to the Guard. Second, why wouldn’t the Guard select a young man who had already met stringent educational, security clearance and physical requirements for pilot training and held the attributes Staudt stated in the ABC Special Interview? (These attributes were well known by many people). Third, there was “no waiting list” for “qualified pilot applicants” in May 1968 (when GWB applied for pilot training) so why would political influence be needed? Fourth, GWB’s pilot instructor in the F-102 (Major Maurice Udell) pegged GWB in the top 5 percent of pilots he instructed; GWB was known to be a top notch fighter pilot by the pilots that flew with him and knew him. Given due consideration to the above and positive information about the flying skills of GWB, a fair minded journalist would have concluded that the ANG made the right decision when they selected GWB for a pilot training.

    Journalists, having done their homework, would have known that GWB got into the Guard based on his own merit. Their problem was that this wasn’t the story LWM wanted told, so LWM fabricated a different story: one of political influence, family influence and favoritism and sold that story to the American people. They perpetrated a hoax on the American people every bit as malicious as the fabricated story and fraudulent memos used in Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minute hit piece. Where is the outrage? It’s a fascinating story – how is it that LWM hoaxes became embedded in Dan Rather’s fraudulent memos. Whatever happened to fair and balanced journalism, seeking the truth, ethical standards and independence of the press? Apparently, when a national election is at stake these principles do not apply to LWM. There must be a special dispensation given media during the national election cycle that allows Party affiliation and activism to trump ethics and fair play. Fortunately, the Blogoshpere, Radio Talk Shows and FOX News have now made it risky for LWM to continue its fraudulent and partisan reporting.

    President Bush is the 19th President of the United States to have served in the National Guard. Colonel Staudt’s 36 year-old decision to select GWB for pilot training (based on his assessment of GWB’s character and qualifications) has stood the test of time. The ANG got it right! LWM got it wrong!

    LWM’s “Political Influence / Favoritism Hoax” was propped up by Dan Rather’s CBS 60 Minute Ben Barnes’ story. Should LWM want to use Ben Barnes to defend their accusation of political influence, they should be reminded that Ben Barnes’ daughter stated that Ben Barnes had nothing to do with getting GWB in the Guard and that her father told her (during the 2000 election cycle) that he had nothing to do with getting Bush into the Guard. Also, remind LWM that Ben Barnes was a big fund raiser ($100,000) and supporter of John Kerry and was “likely” in line for a position in government had Kerry been elected President. This is the “reliable source” Dan Rather used to attack President Bush and help validate the content of CBS’ fraudulent memos. Ben Barnes (p.130) is the type of “reliable source” CBS goes to when they want to attack President Bush. He is the “reliable source” that swears he got GWB leapfrogged over hundreds of ANG applicants even though there was “no waiting list” for “qualified pilot applicants” in May 1968 when GWB applied to the TANG. LWM pointed this out, right?


    The President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief of our Armed Forces served honorably in the ANG. The LWM hoaxes covered above are just a small sampling of what LWM did to assassinate the character of GWB for the purpose of getting a Left-Wing Liberal Democrat elected President. Articles written about the President’s service in the Guard were seldom written from a politically neutral perspective. When LWM went back 30 plus years to “explore” GWB’s ANG record, they were on a search and destroy mission. They were not looking to find the good. They were looking to find bad. When they they didn’t find bad, then they speculated, conjured up, fabricated and manufactured it. LWM used fraud and deception each time they attacked GWB’s ANG service. Many Americans were duped by LWM. Fortunately Bloggers saved the day and exposed CBS’ fraudulent reporting, and in so doing, discredited the reporting ethics of the, so-called, “credentialed” media. People should realize that LWM is as culpable as Dan Rather. It was LWM that manufactured and promulgated the myths which provided the fraudulent content supporting Dan Rather’s fraudulent memos. It should be noted that while the American people heard the steady drum beat of attacks on GWB’s service in the ANG, LWM refused to methodically scrutinize Kerry’s service history. There were no LWM lawsuits for the release of Kerry’s records as there were for GWB and there was no LWM drumbeat for Kerry to sign form 180 – which would have released all of Kerry’s military records.

    It should be noted that CBS’ attempts to sabotage GWB didn’t stop with Dan Rather’s Memogate. On October 31, 2004, CBS’s 60 Minutes had planned to take another shot at influencing the outcome of our national election. See “Big media drops the mask” It was reported that the New York Times and CBS 60 Minutes were engaged in a collaborative effort to manufacture a story with the following underlying theme “380 Tons of RDX and HMX went missing under Bush’s Watch”; therefore, Bush is incompetent and the military was incompetent in performing its duties to safeguard each of the 10,000 munition storage facilities in Iraq. This story was ideal for an October election surprise because it would inflame the passions of the American people with conjured up stories of how the 380 tons could be used to attack our population and soldiers; also, the hoax would require time to debunk and therefore perfect for influencing a national election. Back to back efforts (by CBS’s 60 Minutes) to influence Election 2004 tells us that there are virtually no sacred media boundaries when it comes to getting a Left-Wing Democrat in the White House. Lessons Learned: Fraudulent LWM stories should be expected on the broadcast networks and in mainstream media prior to National Elections.

    My recent articles are: Exit-Poll Disinformation Hoax Backfires?, 380 Tons of RDX and HMX Missing Hoax and Sugarcoated Officer Efficiency Report Hoax.

    John Wambough is a retired Air Force colonel with 28 years of service. During his career in the Air Force, Colonel Wambough flew F-105 and F-111 tactical fighter aircraft. His combat tour in Southeast Asia was in the F-105 and F-111 tactical fighter aircraft. His combat tour in Southeast Asia was in the F-105s with the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Also, he served in Current Operations at 7th Air Force Headquarters, TanSon Nhut Air Base, RVN. He was a Fighter Squadron Commander (F-111E aircraft, 55TFS, Royal Air Force, Upper Heyford, United Kingdom) and later Group Commander at the same base. He served on the Air Staff and Joint Staff in the Pentagon – and attended the National War College. He was head of the Joint Studies Group at Tactical Command Headquarters, Langley AFN, Virginia and completed his service in the Air Force as Commander of the 4442nd Tactical Control Group and Commandant of the United States Air Force Air Ground Operations School, Hurlburt Field, Florida. He retired in March 1990 – having served 28 years in the Air Force. Contact info: j-bwambough@cox.net Visit Site: http://www.nsar.us

    • Chris

      This thread needs a limit on comment length.

      • Marcus Bressler

        Why? That is up to the blogger/website. The reader can choose to read the whole comment or scroll past it. I found it very interesting and, while I admit a link (if possible) would have been appropriate, I may or may not have had the inclination to go to. The longer article, I began to scan and then, interested, reread it for comprehension. BTW, I have purchased all of Mr. Goldberg’s books for their topics and to support him.

  • Frank25

    I served 26 years 18 days in AF, enlisting 13 Oct 50. Found I liked my job, saw future open to me, and retired 1 Nov 76, Honorable Retirement. 1st 9 years I worked in Personnel and Administration. Then retrained into Avionics in F102A at Lowry AFB 1959-1960. 1960-1961 was at Travis AFB, CA where we modified our squadron aircraft to more advanced weapons system. 1961-1963 was at Goose AB, Lab when Pres. John Kennedy had face-to-face with Russia over missiles in Cuba. 1963-65 I instructed at Lowry AFB, CO, then taught Greeks and Turks on Armament Systems at Perrin AFB, TX. We turned those aircraft over to Greece and Turkey. Nan, Paul, and rasheri touched on parts of story, but F102 was first of the delta wing aircraft, from which F101, F106, and subsequent delta wing aircraft followed. First planes had wrong body shape, later took on coke bottle shape, engines were replaced with stronger replacements, and techniques had to be learned. Plane was designed to be high-flying Fighter-Interceptor, to fly lead collision armanent attacks against higher-flying bombers expected over the North Pole carrying nuclear weapons. A few F102A were sent to Vietnam since plane could take off and land under lousy weather conditions, while MIGs that did scramble crashed when trying to land at thier bases. But North Vietnamese were not known to have many bombers, or nuclear weapons either. MIGs, regardless of who pilots were, could be handled much easier by other aircraft used by US and allies. And those planes could be bombers, air to ground support, or had other capabilities. F102 was air to air interceptor, and had limited flight time on fuel load. George W. Bush accumulated over 600 hours in the 2 years flying Air Protection over Continental US, which was quite an accomplishment when those missions were normally 45 minutes duration. That was after first having to attend basic, OCS, pilot training, then familiarization in F102 during the first 2 years. Remember lag time between each training course, waiting for quota and that training beind done by Air Training Command, not the Air National Guard. Records therefore are in ATC training files archive, while flying hours and pilot records would be in ANG until he was released. So it long time past to get the truth out. Every flight in F102 was an adventure, and having been MG10 Armament technician-supervisor-instructor the plane was designed for 1,000 flying hours. 1 hour flight time led to 8-9 hours ground testing and aligning time. Every plane US turned over to Greece or Turkey had 2500 plus hours of flight time, plus all the test -repair time. By time George left ANG, Regular AF was releasing many pilots with fighting ending. Thanks Bernie Goldberg. You are a Reporters – Reporter. (Just wish Bill O’Reilly would not interrupt you)J

  • P. Calvert

    Thanks for the good reporting, Mr. Goldberg. You are a beacon of hope for the profession of journalism.

  • Tim Hunter

    I was a Vietnam veteran and later joined the Reserves and the National Guard. I was promoted to Captain from Sergeant. In my Indiana National Guard Infantry unit (38th Infantry Division) it seemed like everyone was eager to go into combat when Reagan became President. However, during the years Lyndon Johnson and Nixon were presidents people in the mililtary generally did not have confidence in the White House leadership. The Vietnam was a period of turmoil for many right-wing people who knew that the Democrats would eventually lose the war in Vietnam. That’s what happened – the Democrat gang in Congress turned off the faucet of military aid to South Vietnam and that country’s military completed collapsed. Cnogress turned off the faucet on airplane fuel for South Vietnam. It started with the generals bugging out first, then the colonels, then everybody else was running to get away from a Congressional disaster.

    The disaster in Vietnam was started by the Democrat president Harry Truman who went to the aid of the French colonial army in Indochina. Eisenhower, being led around the nose by the CIA, continued aiding – but a new state- the Republic of Vietnam was now in play. Kennedy increased the US military presence and had the Diem family massacred. Then LBJ took over the hand-off and the war was really on. Then he started to chicken out. Finally, he collapsed and died soon after leaving the White House. Nixon took over and had no idea what was going on but tried to pry Communist China away from the USSR, hoping that would help win the war. Of course, that was absurd – none told Nixon that the war was coming from Vietnamese nationalism, not the Communist leadership. So, then Nixon was fighting in a civil war. Which is a really bad place for a foreign army to get into. Everyone then knew these facts. Including Lt. Bush, TXAIRNG. Why the hell would anyone -especially a Republican – want to jump into a losing war that was a Democrat mess to start with? I actually faced a similiar decision during my active duty service (1968-71) and I was a volunteer three times the first year of my service but after that, when my buddies were coming back and describing how screwed up the war was – I stopped volunteering. Ultimately they sent me to Vietnam for three days and then they sent me home. That’s how screwed up the Army was under Democrat leadership. I never volunteered to go back. Would you?

  • http://iconicfreedom.blogspot.com/ ICONIC FREEDOM

    It is so disingenuous of ANY American to call any person who signs up for our military, a slacker. If we really support the idea that all components of a system within the military play an important role, then that includes those on the front line and those who are left behind to keep those on the front line going.

    I’m glad this finally came to light. With this and so many other “conspiracies” debunked by solid investigation, it makes you wonder why people denigrate those who question.

    It’s not a conspiracy when facts & evidence exist to resolve whatever the accusation.

    Contempt prior to investigation ought to be something only the loons on the left imbibe in, not the rest of America.

    • Gregory Solman

      A note in support of your point: Fully 47 percent of our deployed forces today are National Guard or Ready Reserve. But the left gets its history from movies and an increasingly unreliably leftist media, not from books, so we cannot shake the damnable lie that National Guard is some sort of coward’s hideout.

  • TedN

    I’m amazed that apparently nobody read a prominent Newsweek cover story from Feb 2004 “War Stories” by Evan Thomas.

    It seems to have expired off of msnbc, but here is the archived version, and the key quote


    “The standard rap against Bush is that he was ducking combat by joining the Guard. Actually, the Texas Air Guard had a program called Palace Alert that allowed pilots to volunteer for flight time in Vietnam. Three of Bush’s fellow pilots—Udell, Woodfin and Fred Bradley—recalled to NEWSWEEK that Bush inquired with the base commander about signing up for Palace Alert. He was told no; he had too few flying hours at the time and his plane, the F-102, was by then deemed obsolete for air combat.”

  • Charles in small town Texas

    Thank you Bernie. I never wanted to believe this would come from the desk of Murrow or Cronkite, but there it is.

  • Julius Goldfinger

    Bernie, About Dan Rather. Doesn’t anybody remember what he did during the 2000 late, late Florida count that determinned the winner of the race for president. Knowing that Western Florida, the Panhandle, was an hour earlier and the polls would be open later, and, importantly, that part of Florida was mostly Republican, he said on national tV, despite being warned not to by his staff, that Bush was declared the winner of Florida by his Network, thus causing many Floridians in the Panhandle, deciding to go home instead of to the polling booth He was the first to call the race and then the other networks had to do the same. This is a fact – check it out. Why did he do this? Because he wanted the heavy Republican vote in the Panhandle to be minimilized, of course.
    I sent an e-mail to O’Reilly years ago – completely ignored. Please check it out and respond to me. OK?
    Julius Goldfinger

    • wcorey2

      The networks had a hard time predicting the winner in Florida. The state election was called at one time or another for Bush or for Gore.

      Those who still claim that the U.S. Supreme Court gave the Florida election to Bush should read a N.Y. Times article published Nov. 12, 2001.

      It says “A comprehensive review of the uncounted Florida ballots from last year’s presidential election reveals that George W. Bush would have won even if the United States Supreme Court had allowed the statewide manual recount of the votes that the Florida Supreme Court had ordered to go forward.”

      The complete N.Y. Times story can be seen by googling N.Y. Times Florida recount.

  • Dr. T

    Here’s a good link to an article from National Review about former President Bush’s service, and his attempt to join Operation Palace Alert to go to Vietnam.


  • Mark H

    Mr. Goldberg, you are the gold standard in trustworthy journalism, a professional in the old-school tradition. Please have yourself cloned and distribute the copies worldwide as a public service.

  • http://entre_nous.typepad.com Former Belgian

    Today’s so-called journalists see themselves not as objective reporters or analysts, but as crusaders for what they call “social justice” first. And some consider distorting and lying in the service of their “higher truth” to be not merely permissible, but commendable. Like the Walter Durantys of yesteryear.

    Of course, today’s “social justice” is like yesterday’s “people’s democracy” (not of the people, and not a democracy) and like the historical “Holy Roman Empire” (not holy, not Roman, and not an empire).

  • myna

    That’s why I lost the confidence with MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC. You almost think that DNC paid them to promote lies. I guess, these so called fake journalists looking jobs from government.

  • Nosmo King

    I saw an interview with one of Bush’s squadron buddies. He said that Bush had twice submitted written requests for combat duty in Vietnam. He said that Bush was one of the best pilots in the squadron and that the reason he was turned down was because the aircraft he was flying at the time (F102) was being phased out of combat service in Viet Nam. It was not because he didn’t have enough flight time.

  • Kathi Trent

    Thank you for all your expert research and honest reporting, Mr. Goldberg. I enjoy your cameo appearances on TOF and any other Fox program. God bless you.

  • Joyce

    You have done a great job exposing this journalistic atrocity. As a journalist (BS in Journalism as well as a MS in Mass Communication) I have become increasingly repelled by the “journalism” that is being practiced by those who call themselves journalists today. I hope this revelation wipes the smug right off of Dan Rather’s face. I wonder how long the mainstream media can keep this swept under the rug. It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to pick up on the story. I think they will be forced to do it because eventually they will have no choice. But, as you know, if this were something that was detrimental to Bush, they would be all over it like flies on rice. I think you are a great journalist, author and commentator. I have a couple of your books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. You sir, are the epitome of what a great journalist should be.

  • L. Cummings

    Thank you, Mr. Goldberg, for exposing this deception. I admire President Bush for not seeking to defend himself, but I do wish sometimes he would. My husband joined the National Guard and jumped out of airplanes to avoid being drafted, as did thousands of young men. It was no picnic, and the threat of being called up was constant during those six years. No one who did what Mr. Bush did had any reason to be called a slacker. Thank you for revealing the truth. When will the main stream media realize that eventually the American people will find out what really happened? Keep up the good work. You are a credit to your profession.

  • Nan

    This was posted on a website on Aug.6, 2004. How is it that the whole country can say they didn’t know?

    “…Nevertheless, we have established that the F-102 was serving in combat in Vietnam at the time Bush
    enlisted to become an F-102 pilot. In fact, pilots from the 147th FIG of the Texas ANG were
    routinely rotated to Vietnam for combat duty under a program called “Palace Alert” from 1968 to 1970.
    Palace Alert was an Air Force program that sent qualified F-102 pilots from the ANG to bases in Europe
    or southeast Asia for periods of three to six months for frontline duty.
    Fred Bradley, a friend of Bush’s who was also serving in the Texas ANG, reported that he and Bush
    inquired about participating in the Palace Alert program. However, the two were told by a superior,
    MAJ Maurice Udell, that they were not yet qualified since they were still in training
    and did not have the 500 hours of flight experience required. Furthermore, ANG veteran
    COL William Campenni, who was a fellow pilot in the 111th FIS at the time,
    told the Washington Times that Palace Alert was winding down and not accepting new applicants…. “

  • Paul B

    Thanks Bernie, for putting another nail in the coffin of agenda driven news media. You da man!

  • Dan Ashcraft

    Bernie, I saw you on The Factor tonight, and as usual, you were great! Kudos to you for your efforts and for your results. And to the folks who wrote the posts that I have read, it is a breath of fresh air to read comments written by intelligent, literate people. That is a rare find in most discussion forums these days.

  • Richard

    What I want to know is, if George Bush REALLY wanted to go to Vietnam, why didn’t his father pull strings to get him there? If an issue was that Bush didn’t have enough flying hours, surely, again, his father could have easily pulled strings to get those flight hours in.

    Something isn’t right with that story.

    • http://WindowsInternetExplorer JustUs

      More than likely his Dad stayed out of it and used common sense. Good for him. President Johnson stuck his nose out for a person dating one of his daughters not to go to service. That made a big ruckus.

    • Shaugnh

      Oh, what then instead you guys get to say, “Well his dad pulled strings for him to go to vietnam, even though he did not have the hours to go. And it “could” be proven that it directly lead to other soilders deaths blah…blah…blah?” Listen up liberal frack face, this is why as a black man I am just fumming to no end. It really pisses me the frack off that you so called liberals are fighting for the black community. Thank GOD(hope you have no problem with that word GOD…GOD…GOD) I am a republican and really see that you guys are just a bunch of socialist fools who don’t care beyond the nose on your faces. The fact that you can’t even admit you are wrong regarding an issue that has facts staring you in the face, leads me to know there is no way that you all have anyones best interest at heart BUT YOUR OWN!! Get over you arrogant pedestal NOW, because when it gets knocked down through the arrogance of you party, it will be too late. Dear GOD, though I am a proud CITIZEN of this Great REPUBLIC, I’m not even originally from this country. And before you even think it….I’m Originally from AFRICA. And though my heart breaks for the injustice that was done to my fellow race in the past, and what we do still see in todays society atimes, this breaks my heart even more. To see this country that I have adopted, and so love with all my heart being lead down a path that detracts from the very reason that makes my heart sing when I think of it, SICKENS ME!! HOW DARE YOU ALL??!! And I will DARE say this…I FIND THAT I LOVE THIS COUNTRY MORE THAN YOU WACKO LIBERALS EVER DID OR DO….OUT!!

      • Miriam Feldstein Case

        You hit the nail on the head! Great comment.

      • Jac Okie

        Very well said, sir. We are fortunate to have you in the American ranks.

        BTW, if you haven’t had the occasion to read Lincoln’s “electric cord” speech, here is a link to the relevant part:


  • John

    Good Work Bernie.

  • Chuck

    Mr Goldberg,
    I flew Army helicopers in Viet Nam and it was no walk in the park. I was wounded and lost two of my crew members on Aug 30, 1967. Flying or humping wasn’t easy.

  • Lynda

    Nearly 5 years later the truth finally comes out. Thank you.

    Some of us have known all these “new” facts for 5 years. Is there a particular reason this story could not be written before President George W. Bush left office? Gee, perhaps it would have given him a little vindication while he could still enjoy it. Guess that could not be allowed to happen.

    As others here have said, the facts were out there, but received little ink from the Enemedia!

  • Allen


    Thanks for the update and hard nosed reporting. I always enjoy your spots on Fox News. Dan Rather has a long history of deceptive reporting. I think now he is done.

    I can attest to GWB intention to join the Air force over Infantry. My Brother served in the Airborne in Nam(’66-’67) and when I told him I was enlisting in ’74 he said he would kick my %#$ if did the same. Thats why I went Naval Aviation.


  • Me

    He deserves every damn penny.

  • Nino Russo

    Bernie, do you mean they lied?

    • Roberta PA

      ‘Shocking – Shocking’ That the media would lie to us. (pun intended)

  • http://missmarcyii@webtv.net Marcy Meeuwes

    Shalom Mr Bernie,
    Blessings! Thanks so much for the good report. I remember and like others considered the source. It is good to know Mary lost her job and two others let go. Mr Rather will not get very far either.
    George W Bush was an answer to prayer for many, he and Laura were so refreshing and gave back the integrity to the US of America President Office. He kept us safe and we knew it. I thank GOD for Fox News and journalist like yourself that stand for truth!!!
    Again Blessings to you and yours,

  • rasheri

    George Bush knew when he joined that the President could have sent the Guard to Vietnam with the stroke of a pen. Also, most miss the fact that the Air Guard was tasked with defending the Continental United States against the Russians. Paul points out rightly that the 102 was a hard plane to fly.

  • Ralph Rivera

    Thank you, and may God bless you.

  • Jim Payne

    Only on Fox News and from a reporter like Bernie Goldberg can we get truly fair and balanced reporting like this. I’m amazed that the other networks can actually survive with their biased reporting.

  • Paul

    Slacker – right. Flying in the TANG was no way to avoid danger. Of the 873 F102s produced, 259 were lost in accidents. Those were the days of the Century series of fighters. Their accident rates were much higher than the modern jets. For example, the F102’s Class A accident rate was 13.69 (per 100,000 hours). The F15, first produced in the 1970s and still flying today, has a Class A rate of 2.06. It was more than 6 times as dangerous to fly the F102 than to be an F15 pilot today.

  • Roberta PA

    Great reporting Mr. Goldberg. I hope this information sinks Dan Rathers lawsuit against CBS

  • MobGolfer

    Thanks for putting this information out there. Not sure why Bush never defended himself. Surely, there was something in writing that he was a Vietnam volunteer. As I recall, we all had to declare one way or the other back then. Also, I doubt Rather knew this beforehand, but I’m sure he was predisposed to believe whatever Mapes put in front of him. So his bias did him in one way or the other.

  • Bob Johnson

    Thank You Mr Goldberg,

    Isn’t it interesting that another person associated with the FOX network does homework and reports the facts.

  • Jerry

    Thanks for finding this (or thank your “deep throat”). I served in the Army during Vietnam and almost no one ‘wanted’ to go to Nam. However ALL knew they could be sent there and would go withoutcomplaining because that’s what armies do, fight wars. I doubt Pres. Bush was much different than the average “Joe” during that period even though the media made it seem like everyone objected. If I had the chance (or the pull) to become a fighter pilot I would have loved to do it and would have volunteered for combat. After all, what red-blooded American back then didn’t want to be a fighter pilot? Very few in my opinion.

    While the ‘Bama crowd keeps trying to blame everything on Pres. Bush from their roach infestation in the garage to out of day mayo in the fridge the people are tiring of it. I saw a bumper sticker today that said, “And on the 6th day He took over the auto industry.” While I’m worried what He (Obama the Blessed) has done in 6 months the thought of Him having 3 1/2 years left leaves me so depressed I don’t even want to watch or read the news. But new like this is uplifting. Thanks again.

  • Bob D.

    Great job Bernie! Go get ’em!

  • Steve in VA


    Thank you for bringing this to light.

    I am so impressed with Pres. Bush for his restraint and maturity to let history defend him. It is not presidential to wee wee over every attack. Pres. Bush has again shown how a real President conducts himself.

  • Kurtis Baker

    Charlatans be damned! Keep the bright light of truth illuminating the nooks and crannies of deceit.

  • Bruce

    State run media aka Pravda.

    I will also boycott any NFL games on NBC with Keith Olberman.

    He, Bill Maher,Rachel Madow, Laur, and ilk are totally out of control.

  • charles k. nixon

    Bernie, I watched you on O’reilly tonight, reveal the full story about
    President George Bush, then Lt. Bush joining the Texas NG to prevent going to Vietnam. I never believed Dan Rather’s story when he gave it on CBS, he was merely wanting to help John Kerry Dem. get elected.
    Bernie, you have my vote for the most “trusted Journalist in Broadcasting” I appalud you for your dedication and hard work that you did to get the true facts out to 99.99999% of the people that thought Lt. Bush was a slacker.

  • John K. Lowe Jr. USN, RET

    Great story, Mr Goldberg, sure vindicates us that supported Mr. Bush all those years.

  • Ragnar Liljequist

    History will also show that our satellites photographed a convoy of Russian trucks leaving Iraq for Syria several days before the war broke out. They delivered Saddam’s WMD to the Baqaa Valley in Lebanon, where it was buried in a 30-meter deep trench in a poppy field, and guarded by several thousand Syrian troops. I predict that history will be kind to President George W. Bush.

  • Ron Karron

    Good job, Mr. Goldberg! You have finally nailed that Liberal phony. He must have known what he was doing and I wonder how his lawsuit will proceed now.

  • John… Hermitage

    Thanks Bernie. Now, how can we get the American Idol crowd learn of this media deception?

  • Janie Glassett

    This is almost as bad as the day I found out there was no Santa! Take this leftymorons.

  • Tim Martin

    Bernie, I had heard this story before but the MSM did all they could to bury it. I served in Viet Nam as a drafted infantry squad leader and after pounding the jungles, rice paddies and mountains of the Central Highlands I could have kicked my tush for not joining the Air Force. I would rather fly any day to being a dog soldier again. I wouldn’t trade my experiences but I sure wouldn’t want to repeat them. Only one thing was worse and that was being a Marine Grunt! Thanks Bernie for FINALLY shining some light on this LIBERAL LIE!

  • Mark_in_Ypsi

    Liberal bias? What liberal bias?

  • http://fittoprintnews.com Ge0ffrey

    It must be cathartic for you to be able to stick it to Dan Rather. God bless you.

  • Dottie

    I had known, somehow, that Bush volunteered, but for some reason his unit didn’t deploy. He flew a very old fighter that was being phased out, and I thought that was the reason he didn’t go. Anyway, I was so happy to see Bernie on O’Reilly tonight, reporting that Mapes knew all along, but omitted it from the 60 Minutes story. BTW, I think flying units from all four branches had the most POWs and MIAs. In Vietnam, flying wasn’t necessarily safer. Tonight, Bernie and that sharp-eyed blogger who spotted the type font problems are my heroes.

  • Marie

    What a shame this didn’t come to light sooner!!

  • http://berniegoldberg.com David_Sartin

    Just caught the story on OReilly and had to go to the website and check it out. Another great story, thanks for not letting this slip by

  • Fred

    That’s great that this info came out. One problem though, The communists are in control, election intimidation is now allowed in Obamanation.

  • http://geighty@live.com Glenn Alan Tubbs

    I had heard that Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam. I find no cause to fault him for joining the Air National guard to avoid the infantry. I knew many guys who joined the Air Force for the same reason as Bush, no few of whom lucked out and avoided Vietnam completely. But there were others who did serve, and were in or near firefights. I, too, had to register for the draft around my eighteenth birthday. That I wasn’t drafted was pure luck. And if drafted, I would have had to go and fight in a war I didn’t believe in. My disbelieve was founded in our failure to fight the war wisely, not in fighting to halt communism, for I believe in that. I agree, Mapes should have mentioned that Bush had volunteered to go. It was a clear attempt to undermine his reelection. A dirty trick by a supposedly credible news agency. August 25, 2009, at 8:15pm central

  • Ann

    When my husband and I were dating (early 80s) he spoke of possibly joining the military service. I asked him which branch he would join. He said he would NEVER join the infantry or army as we called it. I asked him why? He had a number of reasons some centered around the quality of treatment of the service members in each division. However, mostly he said he would love to fly for the Navy. Had my husband run for the presidency would he have been called a slacker by Mary Mapes and Dan Rather just because he chose to serve in one area over another? Sorry sorry reporting. I’m disgusted and I just hope that President Bush knows that I appreciate his service to our country as I appreciate the service of ALL service members of EVERY branch of the service.

    BTW my 8th grade American History teacher, said he joined the National Guard to avoid going to Viet Nam. I always felt he served our country because he had to spend so many years after the war still serving.

    Gambrills, Maryland

  • Monica

    Bernie Goldberg, you are a national treasure!! Anyone who doesn’t see Liberal bias in the media is in major denial!!


    I have known three generations of the Bush family and they are not slackers, especially when it comes to public service. Glad this correction has been made public. Thank you.

  • Joel

    Dear Mr. Goldberg,

    God bless you. Thanks for your work at setting the record straight. Hopefully, history will be truthful.

    All the best.

  • Lisa

    Bravo to Bernie Goldburg and Bill O’Reilly for bringing this to our attention.

  • G8rtodd

    The truth is only a lie that goes undiscovered.

    It always amazed me that a guy choosing to fly fighters of that era being called a coward. Seems like a whole lot of cowards died just training in those jets they were flying back then. I bet Dan and Mary drive motorcycles to work.

    Wait till we find out who doctored the documtens with the type writer in 2004. Only the over 40 crowed used them back then.

    Great story exposing some interesting facts.

  • Recon

    Good work, Bernie. Thank you.

  • Phil – Chicago

    This disclosure may actually make the Rather/CBS law suit interesting rather than just another waste of taxpayer dollars.

  • Mike_Redmond_WA

    If anyone is still surprised at the degree liberals in the MSM will go to help the left, this story, along with MSNBC’s recent editing of the black rifle carrier at the Obama speech should pretty much clear up the confusion. It is absolutely despicable the way liberals have taken such a vital communication medium we call media and turned it into state-run Pravda for Democrats.

    Thanks Bernard for putting your politics behind your professionalism. You’re a rare breed of journalist.

  • gary springer

    Mr.Goldberg is a true American hero. He has had the courage to tell the truth about
    the liberal media and its insane desire to smear anyone with whom they disagree.
    The MSM will someday be a thing of the past, destroyed from within by their own

  • Jacques

    Another disgusting example of the liberal press – hypocrites, liars that tell lies to lying liars – repulsive in every way. It is why Katie Couric, MSNBC, and CNN are last in ratings, and why Glenn Beck beats out NBC in prime time now.

  • Greg Tobin

    It pays to read the documentation! Thanks for this reporting on something that seemingly everyone else in the world missed. Look forward to Part 2 of your report.

  • Barbara_Summerville

    Damn good reporting.