‘Accidental Racist’ Feels Like a Symptom of Munchausen Syndrome

racistI’m not going to waste any time critiquing the lyrics of “Accidental Racist”, the controversial new song performed by singers Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. The mainstream media clearly has a fascination with the duo’s awkward attempt to begin another national dialogue on racism, but I honestly find stuff like this to be sophomoric and pointless.

What does interest me, however, is the reason that people like Paisley and LL  feel compelled to engage in such a project. It seems to stem from something similar to Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP), a psychiatric disorder in which sufferers cause, fabricate, or exaggerate health symptoms in someone else (usually a child) in order to draw attention or sympathy to themselves.

In the case of “Accidental Racist”, a song about racial awareness, the disease in question is racism.

Now, before anyone gets worked up over what I just wrote, let me assure you that I’m not saying that racism isn’t real. Of course it’s real. It’s real, it’s ugly, it’s a nasty part of our country’s history, and it still exists in our country today.

What isn’t real is the popular notion spread by the media that racism has gotten worse in reaction to the country’s first black president. It hasn’t. The only thing that’s gotten worse – and it’s gotten much worse – is the race-baiting.

There has been a cultural effect created by the liberal media’s obsessive use of race, both as a mechanism for marginalizing opposition to far left policies, and as a method for re-fighting a civil-rights movement that they missed the first time around. It has spawned a belief by the less politically-sophisticated among us that we really do have a growing problem with racism in this country.

People like Chris Matthews and the other nuts in the media who regularly engage in racial slander are like the people who suffer from MSbP. They’re diagnosing the American public with a phony epidemic, and people like Brad Paisley and LL Cool J are the well-intentioned believers of that epidemic. I guess they think a song will help with our racial healing.

For those of us who see through the nonsense and want real racism to continue its steady disintegration from our society, the perpetuation of this false diagnosis is incredibly frustrating. It prolongs racial tension in our society.

In fact, I would argue that at this point in time, the single most hindering element of true racial progress in this country is modern-day liberal activism. I’m talking about the people who viewed the election of President Obama as a historically-significant testimonial to how far we’ve come as a nation… for about five minutes. After that, they eagerly began using our president’s skin color as a political weapon to silence dissent.

It’s also discouraging to observe the people I used to admire, in part due to their mature views on race, now throw in with hysterical liberals on the topic.

Actor Morgan Freeman is one of those people. In 2009, he voiced irritation, in an interview with Mike Wallace, with society’s habit of identifying individuals by their race. When Wallace asked him, “How are we going to get rid of racism?” Freeman pointedly answered, “We stop talking about it.”

Is that what we’ve done? Stopped talking about it? Clearly not. For many in the media, that’s all they talk about. And in 2011 (just two years after the Wallace interview), Freeman seemed to join in with their chorus. In an interview with Piers Morgan, he lobbed baseless accusations of racism at the Tea Party, Mitch McConnell, and pretty much everyone anyone else who stood in opposition to President Obama’s policies.

It was a very sad thing to listen to, and over the past year, Bill Cosby and Colin Powell have followed suit.

The truth is that when it comes to race relations, America hasn’t regressed. The media has. The American public has just become the true victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy: The sick little child who don’t realize that they’re being poisoned.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • PC DC

    If you think there are no racists who will quickly call the president racial names, you have not been talking to the man in the street, particularly in the south and you must be un-aware of the “Southern Strategy” and it’s modern code words.

  • plsilverman

    Baseless criticism of the Tea Party? who allowed posters with Barack Obama in jungle gear to be brought in?

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.silverman.9 Phil Silverman

    RACE BAITING FROM THE GOP? Yes: From Newt Gingrich; Coulter; Ingraham; Bernie; Limbaugh; Palin. Want some quotes from these people?
    Hey Bern’ – there’s plenty of race baiting in these commentaries and blog replies and you and John D. should know it. Looks like he now joins that list. No?

    • John Daly

      Such a tool.

      Phil, explain to me exactly how I am race-baiting. By writing about racism? Is that your definition?

      Please… share with me your brilliant observations.

  • Chuck

    Very intuitive premise. It is interesting that you use MSbP. I have always thought of the liberal’s use of race as a defense mechanism called “Reaction Formation” (RF). RF is when a person reacts in an exaggerated opposite way in order to avoid and mask their true feelings, which cause them tremendous anxiety. In regard to liberal race issues, the reality is that liberals have racist feelings and beliefs. This causes them stress since they do not like having these feelings. In order to defend themselves against their true feelings they over-react in an opposing manner by calling others racist. This over-reaction can be obsessive and done with a tremendous amount of excess. An example may be an ardent pro-abortion feminist protester who really would rather be a stay at home wife and raise a bunch of children and give money to the local orphanage. Liberals who harbor racist feelings will never admit to it. If they ever believed that others (conservatives) were not racist, they would have to confront their own issues and feelings. As we all know, liberals lack a lot of insight and awareness so I wouldn’t expect that to happen anytime soon. It would be helpful for conservatives to learn about MSbP and Reaction Formation as a defense mechanism in order to provide a politically therapeutic answer to their pathology. Thanks for your article.

  • Shane

    Why do so many people assume that only white people can be racist. I consider that idea to be anti-white racism.

  • wally12

    The use of racism is use by the left is part of their agenda. It doesn’t matter to them that racism in the US has continued to decline. That really is not their concern. They are not interested in the truth. They see the use of continuing the racist chants as a means of promoting their agenda that they are for the little guy and the oppressed. It is all about votes and power nothing more or nothing less. They really have no intention of really helping the oppressed because they typically place the blame on others and continue their mantra. The media is in lock step to that agenda since they are socialists or worst.

  • Dave O’Connor, Boston

    Doesn’t anyone get it ” but I honestly find stuff like this to be sophomoric…” Most of the country doesn’t rate as hish as “sophomoric”. Just because their Sophomore-in-Chief can address the Faculty Club, the rest don’t inflate with him. (Frankly, his contempt for his fellow citizens is as low as mine.

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    “It prolongs racial tension in our society”. Exactly what I’ve been thinking for a while, now. Thanks for putting it into print.
    I agree.. and there is still money in the business of doing so.

    • plsilverman

      Limbaugh and Coulter and Gingrich and Ingraham and others are the champs of race baiting.

  • nepakandy

    “It prolongs racial tension in our society”. Exactly what I’ve been thinking for a while, now. Thanks for putting it into print.

  • DanB_Tiffin

    Racism has not gotten worse, but race-baiting has. Led by the liberals.
    So true, John, and I have not seen it put so succinctly.

    • John Daly

      Thanks Dan

  • Bob

    Interesting article. I had to go listen to the song. Funny, I had a hard time finding it on YouTube, could only find Paisley and LL discussing the ramifications. After listening I think that Brad and Mr. Cool J are more on your side of the issue than the popular media. We make such a big deal about the rebel flag or the gangster colors and call everything racist.

    I agree completely with you that racism is being played as a political card against everyone, but I would take it a step further. It seems that the populist agenda is to wipe out every bit of creativity and individualism any group possesses in the name of ‘fairness and equality’. Slowly everything is becoming racist or sexist or homophobic or religious or anti-religious or whatever. Is our goal really to stamp out every expression of culture? Shall we outlaw cowboy hats and yarmulkes and burkas and trucker caps just so we can all be the same and boring? I wish some of these liberals would take their tolerance message to heart and just leave people alone.

    • filmklassik

      “It seems that the populist agenda is to wipe out every bit of creativity and individualism any group possesses in the name of ‘fairness and equality’. Slowly everything is becoming racist or sexist or homophobic or religious or anti-religious or whatever. Is our goal really to stamp out every expression of culture?”

      This is patently not true. If it was, Kwanza would not exist, and the self-segregation that prevails among the Muslims of Western Europe woudln’t exist either.

      One of the unfortunate byproducts of multi-culturalism is that differences between various cultures and races are encouraged, and inflamed… and inclusion and homogeneity are not.

      In other words, the melting-pot is quickly cooling.

  • cmacrider

    John: excellent article. As a Canadian I find the American Left’s pre-occupation with racism nothing short of incredulous. Anyone who even has even a passing acquaintance with American history knows perfectly well that the racism that exists today in America is a mere shadow of what existed prior to the Sixties. What is being ignored by the media and apparently be the American people is their amazing ability to recognize a problem and proceed to solve it through good old fashioned American pragmatism. America was not pressured by foreign countries to address the race problem, they did a self diagnosis and proceeded slowly and surely to remedy the problem. My point is that Republicans and Fox and other people who don’t buy into the race baiting should be openly celebrating the progress that America has made on this issue. It is proof of a vibrant democracy in action.

    • John Daly

      Thanks. I very much agree. I don’t know how the civil rights heroes from the sixties can have any respect for the racially obsessed dopes of today.