Al Gore is No Run of the Mill Hypocrite

Now that we’re done chuckling over Al Gore’s breathtaking hypocrisy regarding the sale of his Current TV to Al Jazeera — a news outfit owned by Qatar, a country that gets its money from the same oil that Al Gore tells us will destroy the planet – and now that we’ve stopped rolling our eyes over the fact that Gore publicly says the rich need to pay higher taxes then tries to avoid paying higher capital gains taxes by closing the deal by midnight December 31, let’s move on to the really ugly stuff.

You may recall that Gore wouldn’t even sit down with Glenn Beck who wanted to buy Current TV because Gore’s values were way out of whack with Beck’s.  Gore and his business partner Joel Hyatt, a Democratic fundraiser, wanted to sell to an organization that shared their journalistic values.

So they sold to Al Jazeera.  Okay, so what should we make of these inconvenient truths that we learned about in a Wall Street Journal column by Gordon Crovitz:

In 2008, Al Jazeera threw an on-air party for a Palestinian terrorist who had just been released from an Israeli prison.  In 1979 he kidnapped an Israeli family and killed their 4-year old daughter by smashing her head on some rocks.  They even gave him a cake.

In 2009, the host of Al Jazeera’s most popular Arabic language show says, on the air, that he wants Allah to count the numbers of every Jew … and kill them “down to the very last one.”

Are these the journalistic values that Al Gore holds so sacred?

Of course, Gore and Hyatt – and their supporters – will say there’s a difference between Al Jazeera Arabic and Al Jazeera English.  And they’re right.  But what is the difference?  Does Al Jazeera save the vile bigotry for its Arab audiences because it knows that kind of venom will be received well in the Arab world?  Do they tone it down when they report in English because they know that cake parties for people who kill little girls and praise for people who want to kill every last Jew on the planet wouldn’t play so well in the more civilized world?

Can you imagine if George W. Bush, in retirement, sold some business to people who said they wanted to kill every last Muslim.  Or if Mitt Romney sold a business to someone who threw a party for the man who killed a 4-year old girl by smashing her head on a rock – because he hates Jews.

The so-called mainstream media that hyperventilated when Romney said he had “binders full of women” would rightly be outraged if Romney or Bush did anything even remotely as reprehensible as what Gore did.  They  wouldn’t let the story go away.

But with Al Gore they couldn’t muster even a little outrage. By and large all they did was cover the business story — Al Gore sells to Al Jazeera.  The Wall Street Journal did more and so did CNN and Fox.  But that’s about it.

The so-called mainstream media’s sin used to involve bias.  These days it involves out and out corruption.

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  • gene

    The most idiotic compilation of lies and mis statements of fact that I have ever seen in my entire life. They next time I sell a used car I guess I better call this f.. and ask him if it is ok. I wouldn’t sell Glenn Beck a gun, if he promised to put it to his head and….; well anyway. Who the f.. is this guy to tell anyone who they can sell what to… oh and by the way Al Jezzera English gets it more right than Fox News, Glenn Beck, Hannity, and Fat Ass Pill Pooping Poopy Pants Rush Limpballs ever did combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan Nichols

      Lol. What a loser you are. But carry on, I’m sure some republicans may or may not have closed a bridge down. Better dig in, that calls for your attention for say the next two months.

  • Jerzeyboy

    Gee Phil, a bit testy eh? I get it, I’m totally pissed too, at the politicians that are in for their own power and ideology, not what’s best for the country. BTW, Goebbels way, the BHO way, the left’s controlled media; “tell a lie often enough and people will believe it” I’m a fan of the USA, not self serving politicians.

  • fkocheraus

    What new lows will Mr. Gore come up with next. I can’t imagine.

  • Kevin

    That they so blithely dismiss the dust up because the Arab and English versions are different, proves how truly valueless they are. It should be taken as expected that they would support two different (although how different, I really don’t know) editorial points of view based upon two different audiences. That would be like Fox News broadcasting with a socialist editorial slant in Cuba. To know Al Gore’s global warming agenda for the fraud that it is, is to know Al Gore. It should be no surprise he would sell to a valueless network because it shares his values.

  • Bob Almighty

    Vile maggots.

  • Dave O’Connor, Boston

    I hope you’re ahead of the Dianna West commentary regarding Gore/al Jazeera and Fox/Prince Alaweed.

  • rlpincus

    Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch. He also controls 20% of Rotana, an anti-Israel, anti-American Arab media group owned by Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal. Do you geniuses understand that? Your heroes at Fox are brought to you courtesy of a guy who is promoting anti-Americanism in the Arab world.

  • Wheels55

    Since liberals hypocrites control most of the media, only those of us who read this website and ones like it and listen to Fox News will know they are hypocrites. To most Americans, Gore is just a fat rich guy.

  • Jena-Luc Picard

    Phil Silverman – didn’t you play “Sergeant Bilko” on TV??

  • FloridaJim

    The hypocrites in the Democratic party number are far more than non-hypocrites.. Seriously, I do not know of any Democrats who are not hypocrites, sadly, few Republicans either.Our world is declining in upright people who say what they mean and mean what they say more often they say what they think the listener wants to hear led by the chief Hypocrite Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • Lsal

    What do really expect from the Government Media System. You get only what the Government wants you to get. Even that CNN covered it is a surprise. But then again maybe they want to get the Muslim side of things out to the American people. Maybe that won’t make them look so bed..

  • Switchlight13

    Same subject; different hypocrite. NRA Ad Calls Obama ‘Elitist Hypocrite’ for Daughters’ Security Detail. Armed Protection at school for his two spoiled brats is Ok but not for our kids.

  • arj127


    You’re holding Gore to a higher standard than you would accept for yourself. That makes you the hypocrite. Just because he has sold his TV rights to al Jazeera, does’t mean that he’s lost his creds as an environmentalist. That was a stretch that only the most gullible could accept.n

    • Paul Courtney

      Gullible is continuing to believe in Gore when he sat quietly in VP chair while american car companies became almost exclusively SUV in the 90’s, or when he flew private jets to climate change picnics (back when they were called global warming conferences). Gore lost “enviro creds” long ago except for the exceptionally gullible enviros like, apparently, you. Now he’s lost his cred as human being for the STAFF AT CURRENT TV!! That leaves you in a class of gullible all to yourself, arj.

  • Scott

    AlGore(tm) is a whore.

    I cannot believe I am the firs to post that on this thread.

    • arj127

      You aren’t. How would you know what a whore is?

  • catholicvoter

    If people new what liberals were really all about, they’d never win an election.

  • rlpincus

    btw, if Al-Jazeera is so terrible because they broadcast OBL’s communiques, why did Fox rebroadcast them constantly? You think if OBL had delivered them to Fox first, the heroes there would have shelved them?

  • rlpincus

    Yeah, and Bernie stokes the Fox machine for Rupert Murdoch, the 20% owner of the anti-Israel, anti-American Arab media conglomerate called Rotana. Al Gore may be irrelevant, but Murdoch shovels horse manure on both sides of the fence. Just givin’ the audience what they want….

  • Shane

    So Gore’s values are closer to the values of the propaganda arm for Islamic Jihad, Al Jazerra, than they are to a patriotic libertarian guy, Beck? Thanks for proving to everyone that you are one of the fanatical, America-hating Left, Mr. Gore!

  • jazzdrums

    al gore is irrelevant…

  • Phil Silverman

    This is what you choose to write about? You guys are still hung up on the fact that an ex-VP does not take the bus to events. Give it up, Bern’. Go to Ailes for some fresh material.

  • Allen Joyner

    Right on target as usual, Bernie.
    Al Gore is the poster boy for word Hypocrite, no doubt about it. An educated low life. Even his wife couldn’t stand him anymore.

  • Paul Courtney

    Robert Zubrin has a fantastic article at NRO on the Gore legacy of treachery. Some people think Qatar overpaid for this but read the article, Gore is getting paid for services rendered.

  • Lucky3511

    Save a little of the chastising to another leftie loon “Joy Behar” of the view. She has a new show on Al Jazear’s network. When asked about what she thought about the change of ownership. I believe her comment was “Al Gore, Al Jazear, what’s the difference.” I guess she is far enough to the left to realise they are all birds of a feather, happily flocking together to destroy our country.

  • Curt Parker

    Liberal Americans will just love it when fanatical Muslims are in control. Except for the swords, bombs and Shariah Law.

    • Bea Hall

      And wearing of the burqa. Wonder how Pelosi will like that.

      • Curt Parker

        Actually, a burqa would enhance her looks. (That was cruel, but I’ll let it stand.)

  • Drew Page

    And to think that baboon was nearly elected president. You can’t say the Democrats didn’t learn their lesson from Gore’s failure to win the election. they decided to find themselves a bigger hypocrite and liar than Gore — and it worked.

  • nono524

    Algore is a smarmy hypocrite of the first order.

  • Ken

    I keep hearing that the OWNERS of media outlets are conservatives. Why don’t we ask THEM why their people are so anti-American ? Why they don,t FIRE these people and hire con. editors, reporters, etc. ?

  • Joer1

    Thank you, Bernie. You are a consistently observant professional. I have to say though … After the 2012 election, I cannot seem to shake a sense of disinterest, dismay and apathy. I hope “the passage of time” will help me re-engage.

    • nickshaw

      I hear ya’, Joe.

  • Buz

    Anybody who didn’t already know that Al Gore is a lowlife POS must have been living on another planet. Just looking at him has always made me sick.

  • ksp48

    Scum. Simply scum.

    • Phil Silverman

      shucks…he got screwed out of a Presidency by the Supreme Court illegally stopping a recount in 2000.

  • G Schultz

    I’m so sick and tired of these bozo’s like Owebama and Gore! I’m to the point that I’m considering civil disobedience – like not paying my taxes; not abiding by their unconstitutional laws; etc. People tell me “you’ll lose everything”. To which I ponder – I’ve lost it already.

  • gbandy

    Well for all those Global Warming fanatics here is a little pearl. Now besides the point Gore has amassed a fortune of $1billion catering to the Global Warming crazies, just remember where he bought his mansion. Well according to Gore the world was going to flood. All cities and towns close to the oceans would be flooded. So Gore who does not believe his own tripe spent $15million on a house in Los Angeles right smack dab in the middle of the proposed flood plain. Now CA has lost millions of jobs due to all the Global Warming panic and the corresponding new Regulations yet UC Davis’ study showed 70% comes from China. Do you think China is caught up in this myth? I think they are just laughing at us as every new regulation just creates more jobs in China.

    • nickshaw

      Though I believe Algore’s Kalifornia digs are constructed high on a cliff overlooking the ocean and not on the floodplain he expects, you’re right about China chuckling over every new regulation that makes it harder to manufacture in America.

  • potvin

    I don’t see anyone outraged enough to do anything about it. Obama and his liberal minions commit some new outrage everyday…where’s the push back?

  • rlpincus

    As usual, the irony is delicious. Saudi Prince Waleed bin Talal started a media group called Rotana, an anti-Israel, anti-American hotbed just like Al-Jazeera. Rubert Murdoch, who pays for Bernard Goldberg to get on Fox and stump for the corporations, owns 20% of Rotana. So I guess all the heroes at Fox work for a conspirator with the Saudi propagandist machine. Kind of like Al Gore.

    • nickshaw

      I have to admit, I am uncomfortable with this arrangement and would like to hear Bernie’s thoughts on the matter. Particularly since there has been a subtle change in reportage on muslims since the buy-in. Not much but, subtle.

      However, there is a huge difference between a complete sellout to an organization driven by the profits gained by the sale of oil, a supposed anathema to Algore, at odds with Western civilization and the practical advantage of attracting investment money that doesn’t include turning over control to the investor.

      • rlpincus

        Murdoch bought into Rotana in 2009.

        Everyone on Fox works for a guy who make big money selling an anti-Israel, anti-American message in one part of the world while peddling a pro-Israel, pro-corporation view in another. Debating the level of hypocrisy or the size of the difference between Fox and Gore does nothing to change the sordid nature of Murdoch’s empire and the compliance with it by the Fox heroes.

        • nickshaw

          “an anti-Israel, anti-American message in one part of the world while peddling a pro-Israel, pro-corporation view in another.”
          Huh, it sounds exactly like All Jizzera!

          Again, Waleed does not control Fox News. He made an investment because Fox makes money and the goal of some companies is to attract investment for expansion.
          How do you feel about Soros’ investments in the media?

          The two situations are totally different though, like I say, I am a bit uncomfortable with Fox’s.
          It’s interesting that you refer to Murdoch’s “empire” as sordid. Do you refer to any other news organization as sordid or is that term confined to those you disagree with?
          Besides, who is to say Murdoch isn’t playing the same game as All Jizzera by buying into Rotana?

          • rlpincus

            Let’s get this straight. Murdoch owns 20% of Rotana, which means Fox is owned by a guy who also owns a clone of, as you put it, Al Jizzera. Which mean Fox is owned by someone who is peddling an anti-Israel, anti-American message to a large part of the world.

            Perhaps you don’t regard this as sordid. Perhaps you think of Murdoch’s shenanigans in Britain as child’s play. I guess they just make you a bit uncomfortable.

            I’m sure you don’t grasp the logic of your last paragraph. Given that Murdoch is paying for anti-Israel, anti-American programming on Rotana–and profiting handsomely–do you think Prince Waleed is going to program pro-Israel shows for American consumption?

          • nickshaw

            You really do have a comprehension problem.
            You think Waleed has some enormous influence on Fox programming yet, I see a network that is decidedly pro-Israel.
            Now you go as far as to say Fox is owned by Waleed.

            With a 20% stake in Rotana you don’t think Murdoch is exercising any influence at all?
            As I don’t watch Rotana (and neither do you, I suspect) how would we know if any of their rhetoric has been toned down to any extent since the purchase?
            I note you do not find the activities of any other news source “sordid”. Piers Morgan or Richard Quest of CNN should fit the bill handily.

            And since you are going to continue to be obtuse, I shall ignore you regarding this subject.

          • rlpincus

            What a lame response. Where did I say the Prince has any influence on Fox? Gee, I never did. I asked you, through your own twisted logic, if you thought the Prince did. Obtuse? Only to children.

            You note nothing. Comparing a talking head with a one hour gabfest to Murdoch is near insane. But if that’s all you have, I guess you must play it.

            I do love that you “shall ignore” me because you can’t understand me. Typical response when you have no response.

            The simple fact remains that the Fox Heroes work for a guy who owns 20% of a media group that is virulently anti-Israel and anti-American. Dance around that all you want.

  • Maximus

    Who are the rest of the investors who profited by the sale ?

  • SeattleSam

    How is this different than in the 1930s when Communist sympathizers in the US extolled the virtues of the Soviet Union while Stalin killed millions?

    • nickshaw

      And still do today in much of the Dim party, Sam. Extolling virtues I mean.

  • Charles Davenport

    According to a report in the Daily Rash, Al Gore became a priest and is building an ark.

  • @TerryOfromCA

    Powell is a disgrace

  • Switchlight13

    Gore and liberal opportunist Colin Powell, two of the biggest hypocrites. Powell, who made 4 star General only because of the military’s racist Affirmative Action Program. If he was white he wouldn’t have made Captain. Later foolishly appointed Sec of State who became notorious for lying before the UN about Iraq’s non existent WMD. Powell is now using the “race card” to defend his Black cult leader Obama.

    • nickshaw

      I might disagree that Powell made grade because of affirmative action and “lying” about Iraq’s WMDs (Iraq did indeed use WMDs on it’s own and the Iranians. There was no reason to believe Saddam did not have them still, particularly since he did not allow inspection), Switch but, I do agree with the rest.

    • Gradivus

      Unfounded, unsupported hyperbole like “if he was white he wouldn’t have made Captain” [sic] weakens your case for asserting that Colin Powell is a hypocrite. You’re also perpetuating the “Bush lied” myth by characterizing Powell’s speech before the UN, in which he (like Bush) said what he believed to be true at the time, as lying.

    • Phil Silverman

      “Black cult leader Obama” is racially charged and will be reported and tweeted. What a disgraceful phrase to use. The man got 51% of voters twice in a row; got Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida. R U kidding? Powell was ok with you when he made his speech based upon erroneous info., to get America behind the manufactured war in Iraq. No “race card”, just TRUTH, esp. about real racists like Newt, Rush, Coulter, InGaham, Beck, hannity, O’Reilly, and several others in the far religious Right at the Capitol.

  • Billy

    In 2001, Al-Waleed bin Talal donated 10 million dollars to Rudy Gulliani and blamed America’s foreign policy for the root cause of 9/11.

    In 2002, Al-Waleed bin Talal donated money to the families of Palestinian Martyrs.

    Did you know that Al-Waleed bin Talal owns 7% of Newscorp which owns Fox News which owns Bernard Goldberg?

    Now you do.

    The bias and hypocrisy isn’t only liberal.

    • bob

      in 2001 Rudy Gulliani refused to accept that check. Don’t claim bias and hypocrisy when you only chose to mention the partial information you want gullible people to believe,

      • G Schultz

        Rudy? Another Republican joke.

      • nickshaw

        Though I believe it to be true, Bob, do you have a link for that?
        It is just like a liberal to only tell part of a story.

      • fitzsimmons Photography

        Bravo. Good research….
        These same tactics were used by the Dems in the election and re election of Barack Obama. Bold faced lies, disinformation, and partial information scattered all over the country from George Soros’ Media Matters to Hollywood. Lies,lies and more lies to an electorate that gets their political news from Entertainment tonight!!! How pathetic.

      • Billy

        I did forget to mention that but it only helps re-enforce my point. If Al-Waleed is only a business tycoon, why wouldn’t Rudy accept his donation?

    • Patrick H.

      The funniest part of this post is when you said, “Fox News who owns Bernard Goldberg”. I guess you didn’t get the memo that owning people in this country was outlawed in 1865. 😉

      • Patrick H.

        Oh Al-Waleed bin Talal is a business tycoon,not a news channel, so your comparison is not really a good one since I believe you may have missed the point of this article. Here it is:

        “In 2008, Al Jazeera threw an on-air party for a Palestinian
        terrorist who had just been released from an Israeli prison. In 1979 he kidnapped an Israeli family and killed their 4-year old daughter by smashing her head on some rocks. They even gave him a cake.In 2009, the host of Al Jazeera’s most popular Arabic language show says, on the air, that he wants Allah to count the numbers of every Jew …and kill them “down to the very last one.”

        “Can you imagine if George W. Bush, in retirement, sold some business to people who said they wanted to kill every last Muslim. Or if Mitt Romney sold a business to someone who threw a party for the man who killed a 4-year old girl by smashing her head on a rock – because he hates Jews.”

        There you have it, the two important paragraphs that’s essential in understanding this article.

        • Billy

          Call him whatever you want. I already cited a situtation comparable to your example. You chose to ignore it. The man donated money to a 2002 telethon for the families of Palestinian Martyrs. That money can buy plenty of cake, parties off air.

    • G Schultz

      Yes, I agree. I’m a conservative and ex-Republican. Nowadays, I’m a republican (small ‘r’). The left vs right paradigm is a joke. Both sides play us like a cheap guitar. They ALL need to go IMHO. America threw away it’s last hope at redemption in Ron Paul. We got/get what we deserve.

      • nickshaw

        You’re right, George(?).
        If only Ron was a little bit toned down he might have made a difference.
        He has many good ideas that really should be adopted by the Republicans in general.

    • fitzsimmons Photography

      Typical Lib retort…..When your guys are caught with their hands in the cookie jar, you ALWAYS come back with “Everybody does it”.
      Funny how the Conservatives end up leaving their offices and positions but Librals grow into heroes for non heroic behavior. Bill Clinton (Mr Mysoginist) Al Gore (Greedy Gore)John Edwards,the Kennedys on and on and on……….

      • Billy

        Typical conservative… thinks everyone else is a liberal. Everyone doesn’t do it. Rupert Murdoch did it like Al Gore does it.

        Funny how you only care about what the liberals do/don’t do.

  • Debdeb

    Bernie, NPR covered the story first and to some extent. I heard it when I was driving home from a late swim. What a surprise! It was a long interview with someone from Al Jazeera. No mention of Al Gore or of Glen Beck. It was quite positive. Al Jazeera stated that the plan was to modify their style to be more agreeable to the North American audience. They also stated that they planned to hire well known news personalities from North America. [This I find interesting. Please update us when you know who is being hired.] My theory is NPR introduces the agenda.

    • G Schultz

      You listen to NPR? That says tonnes about you!

      • Paul Courtney

        Won’t speak for Deb, but I listen to NPR. “Know thine enemy.” Furthermore, if you don’t listen then complain about ’em, you’ll look as foolish as that Hawiian congresswoman on Bill O’ a few days ago, caught with her grass skirt down.

        • nickshaw

          I agree, Paul. It does us no good to have liberal thought piped to us by conservative organs. We should experience it ourselves directly.

    • nickshaw

      “They plan to modify their style”? You see nothing wrong with that statement?
      A news organization that has to modify their style to a particular geographic audience is no more than a propaganda outlet. They will present one point of view as opposed to another within the same organization. Think about that.
      And, frankly, we can expect nothing more from the apologists of NPR.

  • Tim Ned

    Gore had the opportunity to prove he’s not the evil empire builder and profiteering elite as the progressives label the republican party. He proved he and his liberal elites are worse.

    • nickshaw

      Blatantly much worse, Tim!
      And it’s the blatantly that bothers me most!
      Like Bernie says, if a prominent Republican had engaged in this behavior, the LSM would be all over it for months! The alphabets would have prime time specials!

  • Paul Courtney

    “Journalistic values”? Can’t stop laughing. One of Diane Reems’ (sp?) panelists last Fri “corrected” another who referred to Bill Kristol as a journalist. “He’s not a journalist, he’s a political operative” said the learned journalist. Major Garrett didn’t bother to defend Kristol, very disappointing. I wondered how many dozen times that fellow made the same point about K. Olberman, C Matthews, G Stephanopolous….. Took a few days after your last column for the light bulb to blink on for me. Al Gore is like the “deep mole” character in Matt Damon’s anti-frack screed! He’s been working for Big Oil all along!! Taking outrageously false pro-enviro positions to discredit the Greenies!!! How else to explain making a movie about the rising sea swamping 20% of US land mass, and using the cash to buy a beach house? It’s all so clear, how could we have been so blind?! Think the progressive press would follow that angle?

    • nickshaw

      Ha! Not on your life, Paul!
      Give it twenty years though. Libs always discredit their own eventually.

      • Lucky3511

        What makes you think we will still have an America in 20 years.

        • nickshaw

          I trust us and we outnumber them, Lucky.

        • Phil Silverman

          Because the 1% will never allow it to go down.

  • GlenFS

    The media are awful, but we came within a whisker of Al Gore bringing his values to Commander-in Chief. Well, we dodged that bullet, but did get a double dose the perhaps more principled leftist, BHO. He may not sell the farm to Al Jazeera, but we are arming the Muslim Brotherhood.

    • nickshaw

      Gotta’ agree, Glen.

      The LSM sure knows how to pick ’em.

    • ARJ127

      Glen – He won the popular vote. Given what won the electoral college vote, I wonder if he would have been a worse pick. GWB got us into two wars and an economic meltdown. Not a great legacy from my standpoint.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Liberals defend Al Jazeera and AlGore now.
    Will they continue if they find out about AJ Arabic’s horrible actions?
    I’d like to say no, but they’ll probably find a way to justify it.

  • Oliver

    Why did Al Jazeera overpay for Current TV?

    “American shale gas resources stand to both reduce carbon emissions … and displace the Middle East oil producing economic and political advantage. Only stupid constraints our politicians place on the exploitation of these resources can stop that. Buying up politically connected Democratic advocates and celebrities to stand in as Arab proxies to this end is a useful Arab strategy.”

    Full article here:

  • Jerzeyboy

    Given the Goebbelisk liberal media does anyone over 50 really feel this downward spiral the USA is on with the libs in control can be stopped? I hope so, but doubt it so children hold on to your butts as this country’s bills come due.

    • fitzsimmons Photography

      So right!

    • Brian H

      Well, one possibility I hold onto: check out . It has the potential to generate so much national and global wealth (via energy) that the scarcity narrative that the left depends on will be rendered moot, and ridiculous. It could begin distributing mfrs’ licenses in about 4-5 yrs for its design, enabling power generation without waste world-wide, even in fairly remote locales. At capital and production costs around 1/10 of current best pricing.

      There would be an affluence explosion that would wipe debt and deprivation from the map.

    • Maxine Kreider

      The bills are going to come due faster than anyone thought. Obamacare and the increased welfare programs will erase any meaningful tries at reducing the deficit. We have had decades of liberal indoctrination in our so called school systems. Our children cannot compete globally but they sure know about diversity.