A Liberal Mantra: Blame Conservatives

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  • Van

    I echo Juliet V’s remarks above including some family members who just don’t get it. Yikes. You and I had a very brief handshake on the November cruise – which was a true highlight for 2010 for me and my wife. I look forward to more of you on O’Reilly and NR cruises. Bernie, don’t quit – keep up what you’re doing in the very same professional manner in which you keep delivering the goods for the conservative cause. Cheers……..

  • Juliet V.

    Mr. Goldberg– I know this is late- but you are so spot-on about some liberals.( Not generalizing, for any libs who may be lurking here.) My husband and I are middle-of-the-road cons, and we have both noticed that there seems to be an inordinate amount of true viciousness in most of the liberals we know. Some of those include people in our families, including an in-law who made a very strange, inappropriate remark about my father- a man he never knew- after he’d passed away. I’d really like to know why they seem to be so full of venom and anger. Thanks for your continued columns and remarks on O’Reilly, and I again say I’m looking forward to your next book…!