Special: 48 Hours On Crack Street– The Third and Final Segment

This was groundbreaking TV Journalism that first aired in 1986 by CBS News

And it was my first major reporting assignment on prime time television …

None of us who reported this story — the introduction of crack cocaine into our culture — wrote a script. There were no voice overs, also known as narration. Just real life action unfolding before our eyes, and the viewers’ eyes — in some scary places around New York City.

Hope you enjoy.


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  • Back Offat

    What a hit job on us Blacks…Do you know that Meth the Drug of millions of whites is a problem 20 times bigger than crack, Google it.So why no story on Myth street?Heroin abuse has long been a problem in Israel and Cocaine abuse is increasing .About 70,000 youths, constituting 10 percent of Israelis aged 12 to 17, use drugs, the Israel Anti-Drug Authority revealed. a former Israeli Energy Minister, Gonen Segev, who is awaiting trial accused of trying to smuggle 32,000 ecstasy tablets disguised as M&M chocolates into Israel . ]. According to a report by the Israel Police, drug trafficking, trafficking of women for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation, illicit gambling, pirate filling stations and real estate are the major forms of crime in the country[2].Violence against minors is also a problem in Israel. In 2010, approximately 17,000 cases of crimes against minors were documented which included physical assault (54%), molestation (37%)..About 70,000 youths, constituting 10 percent of Israelis aged 12 to 17, use drugs, the Israel Anti-Drug Authority revealed. …According to Jonathan Feldstein, executive director of the Israel Anti-Drug Abuse Foundation and the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, 300,000 people in Israel use drugs. Of those, about 20,000 to 30,000 are addicts.”The American  Jewish community is very comfortable in making a sweeping generalization,and likes to keep its head in the sand and not think that we really have a drug problem……: According to Jewish Law, it is a Mitzva, a religious obligation, to provide this information to every Jew in the world, in order to protect Jewish children..So Bernard  Goldberg what are doing on crack street,get your ass over to Tel Aviv’s bohemian Schenken Street and “Florentine” neighborhoods…..

  • Ellie Velinska

    Watching the kids involved and turned into a collateral victims of this mess is always the hardest part.
    Evergreen piece of reporting.
    Hope you had great holidays.

  • Ron Kean

    Have a peaceful Thanksgiving.

  • Brian

    Excellent job, Bernie. I love watching gritty, hard-nosed reporting. This is how to do a reporting piece for television.

  • Kenneth Taylor

    Talk about Art imitating life! Television and films portray this tragic blemish on modern society but it is still scary watching the real thing.