When It Comes to Clueless, Pelosi is A Real Star

You remember the movie Sleepless in Seattle with Meg Ryan in the female lead. Well, now there’s a new one out in the same genre. This one is called Clueless in San Francisco, currently playing in Washington D.C, and starring Nancy Pelosi.

How clueless is Ms. Pelosi? Well, look at it this way: In the midterm elections, 50 incumbent Democratic members of Congress lost their seats while only two incumbent House Republicans lost. Politico called it a “bloodbath of a night for Democrats.” So what does the Democratic leader of the House do? She throws a party, what else!

The theme of the shebang was a celebration of the “accomplishments of the 111th Congress” while she was Speaker. Yes, my friends, you read that right.

But you may be wondering, just what accomplishments they might be? Well, there was healthcare reform, better known as Obamacare, which a majority of Americans never wanted. According to a recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation only 25 percent of Americans think their families will be better off under Obamacare.

Good one, Speaker Pelosi.

Then there was that stimulus legislation that Speaker Pelosi muscled through the House; the one that cost nearly a trillion dollars, was filled with lots and lots of liberal Democratic goodies, but didn’t stimulate very much in the way of jobs. According to a CBS News exit poll, 65 percent of Americans think “stimulus” either hurt the economy or made no difference.

Strike two.

How about cap and trade? Pelosi pushed that one through the House, too. Most Americans don’t want that, either.

Strike three and you’re out – as Speaker of the House.

And right after the election, Ms. Pelosi sat down with Diane Sawyer on ABC demonstrated why she got the lead in Clueless. She told Ms. Sawyer that “this election wasn’t about me.” Really? Then why did so many Repbublicans run on the “Fire Pelosi” plank – and win?

And now Nancy Pelosi wants her fellow Democrats – those who are still left, that is – to confirm her as House minority leader when the Republicans take over.

Every Republican I know hopes they do.

No, you can’t blame the election night debacle entirely on Nancy Pelosi. But who are we kidding? Nancy Pelosi is one of, if not the most polarizing politicians in America. She is the Democrats’ answer to Dick Cheney, without the charm.

But don’t tell that to the gods on Olympus who write editorials at the New York Times. One of those post-election editorials praised Ms. Pelosi for being “an extremely effective speaker,” but then said her only problem was in getting the message out about how great she was. “If Ms. Pelosi had been a more persuasive communicator,” the Times reasoned, “she could have batted away the ludicrous caricature of her painted by Republicans across the country as some kind of fur-hatted commissar jamming her diktats down the public’s throat.”

What am I missing here? Okay, maybe she didn’t wear a fur hat on the floor of the House, but she did behave like a commissar jamming her diktats down the public’s throat, didn’t she?

Nancy Pelosi, like President Obama, have become disconnected from a majority of the American people. They shove legislation down our throats and are shocked when we don’t say “Thank you, may I have more, please.” They think they know better. In Ms. Pelosi’s case, the disconnect stems from the fact that she represents a touchy-feely district in San Francisco that is so liberal they think Denis Kucinich is a fascist. In Mr. Obama’s case it’s because of his elitism. He’s smarter than the rest of us, more sophisticated, and knows better. And if you don’t believe me, just ask him or the sycophants who surround him.

But at least the president had the good sense not to throw a party after the Democrats took a “shellacking.” He may also be clueless, but he’s not nearly as clueless as the soon-to-be former Speaker of the House. When it comes to clueless, she’s a real star.

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  • David

    Unfortunately, ….. Nancy Pelosi was very, very successful. She pushed through every giant liberal progressive program she could. Remember “we’ll jump over the fence” or “parachute in” to get healthcare passed. What fence was she speaking of ? The will of the American people perhaps? Since becoming the speaker of the house in the beginning of 2007 Nancy has added almost 7 trillion dollars to our deficit ! Of course with the help of Harry Reid. Now thats a progressive accomplishment ! With a 14 trillion dollar debt, our president is wanting to invest in America ? Doesn’t he mean spend, spend , spend ? I do believe this is the most corrupt government in the almost 50 years I’ve been on the planet, but, then again, no one had this kind of help from the media in the past. Right?

  • Tony Geloso

    1/16/11 @ 12:35p est

    Yikes, more right wing nut jobs on the side of truth, justice and the American way (supposedly)…
    The republican party is now more than ever the party of “no”, and has been for a time. It’s this “no”ing that Pelosi has had to deal with during her reign as Speaker, which is no small feat.
    What a pair of brass ones some of you people have to call her clueless as to “what Americans really want”.
    The alternate reality is that Obama sold out on the single payer option because it was expedient for him to give the people who kinda “jerk his chain” politically = financially and give them more of what they want, but yet be able to come back to the electorate and say, “look what I got for you”. Which isn’t anywhere near what’s needed given the financial abusiveness of the way the present health insurnace system is now.
    Many of us wanted that single payer system, period. And the reisitance you rightys feel is that Obama didn’t go far enough, not that it went too far.
    Grow the hell up will you, and not try and spin it, and other situations to your myopic advantage. You’re just tools of the rich and powerful. Just like the fools in the Tea Party, who are financed by the Koch bros.
    Now that the party of “no” is in the drivers seat in Congress, let’s see what, if anything they’ll do for the people in their districts, i.e. the geographic constituency, not the financial consistency that gives them the lifestyle they’re accustomed to living.
    Just think of the new Speaker Boehner, who’s like the proberbial financial doper. He’s got his arm out, and his leg up, lookin’ for the next financial fix that’ll keep his coffers full for his next election, and on the golf course NOT doing the job he was elected to do.
    If they run true to form, as with immediately trying to repeal Obamacare, then they’re useless as farts in a space suit, when it comes to doing the will of the geographic consituency. But, what would you expect, they’re republicans, bought and sold. Just like the blue dog democrats.

  • Alan

    When a republican initiative fails, it’s because the people didn’t want it. When a democratic initiative fails, it’s because its arbiters didn’t do a good enough job explaining to the rubes (that’s us) just how great the initiative is. Like Obamacare and the “stimulus”.

  • Shirl

    This woman is one piece of work! She needs to pull her head out of the bubble and take off the blinders but it seems to be working for her and her party. Seems she is trying to spend as much of the tax payers money as possible cause time is running out. Gee, I’m confused; is she running the country, or is POTUS?

  • stmichrick

    But Bernie…
    ..if you are a committed progressive (socialist) those 3 things ARE accomplishments to the extent that they hold and damage free market capitalism.
    All the talk about bi-partisanship only comes up when these people are OUT of power.

  • Bruce A.

    Add on Clueless Inside the Beltway. Nancy is now the new minority leader.
    Talk about a disconnect from reality.

  • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

    Bernie, The reason the Bush Tax Cuts have a sunset is that the Repugs used reconciliation to push it past the senate with a simple majority 10 years ago.

    Yes, that evil parliamentary maneuver that the Repugs were so against during health care debate!!

  • http://www.bigbureaucracy.com/ Ellie Velinska

    Good one on Pelosi!
    BTW, did you notice the slobbering love affair of Sean Hannity with George W Bush. I like Bush, but I think Sean had tingles up his leg.

    • EddieD_Boston

      The difference is Bush isn’t running for president and Hannity doesn’t insult our intelligence claiming he’s an objective journalist.

  • EddieD_Boston

    She’s clueless no doubt. But right up there along with her is Obama and his “green jobs” will get us out of our economic downturn foolishness. And toss in his
    “failure to communicate” silliness and you have one clueless community organizer (whom liberals claim is brilliant).








  • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

    I too was a life-long democRAT. Until Pelosi, Reid and Obama.

    Mama mia, heaven help us! I left them and am now Independent!

    I’m just glad I don’t live in Chicago and have to deal with “Dead Fish”.

  • John Hazeltine

    Remember Bernie, You told us that they live in their own world. She is in her own little bubble inside of the other bubble and cannot see out. I also feel she is mentally ill and should not be leading anything let alone a National Political Party.

    • CCNV

      Look at it this way: It’s the blind leading the stupid.

  • craig walker

    she really is the Marie Antoinette of american politics someone should get her to leave the Washington and California bubble she lives in and drop her of in Garry Indiana to show her the reality

  • Andy

    And the media pokes fun of Sarah Palin? Listen to Nancy Pelosi speak and tell me she doesn’t remind you of Aunt Clara from Bewitched.

    • Bruce A.

      I remember Aunt Clara. Not really delusional, but out to lunch.

      • CCNV

        Aunt Clara had a ‘good side’; Pelosi doesn’t have a ‘good side’, not even when a camera is nearby.

  • http://anotherwritewingconspirator.wordpress.com/ Jim Seeber


    An excellent commentary (as usual). Like many, I also question whether Queen Nancy has lost touch with reality. I’ve recently developed another thought, though.

    Hitler proved two things about human nature: First, that people will believe a big lie before they’ll accept a little lie. Second, that it one tells the same lie often enough, people come to accept that lie as established truth.

    I submit that this may account for many of Pelosi’s actions—and might also explain much of the palaver we hear from Obama and Reid, as well.

    Just a thought.

  • Nancy

    Great column as usual! Somehow though, I think the word clueless is too dignified for this woman. An elderly person with Alzheimers could be clueless as to their name or whereabouts. A toddler trying to figure out where the toy under the blanket is is similarly clueless. Or me on any given day trying to figure out directions without my Nuvi. You get the point. This woman however ,I suggest, is not clueless but rather ruthless. She does things not because she doesn’t know how others feel about it, she does them because she doesn’t care. Kind of a Marie Antoinette type, without the beauty part.

  • Jay Thompson

    Of course, my reference to “central committee” refers to the San Francisco Politburo. They sure don’t believe in anything remotely considered a free market.

  • Jay Thompson

    She is definitely the headliner, Bernie. Her utter disconnect with reality gives me pause to consider something that is, perhaps, more important to her than even her commitment to denial. Do you think she is saddened by her city’s central committee choice to ban toys from Happy Meals? Or, did she power broker that juicy bit of legislation behind the scenes?
    Anything more substantive than that and she is even more clueless.

  • Elias

    Good morning Mr. Goldberg!

    Thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

    The truth is that this government is a total fiasco.
    What we have as a result of the so called “change” that President Obama announced in his campaign, are hopes turned to despair and broken promises. It is sad to say, but the word of President Obama has lost merit.

    And as for Ms. Pelosi is concerned, I think the word “dignity” does not exist in her vocabulary.

    But nothing has been lost while we believe in our selves and love our country. As Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Then, let’s “change” all negative criticism into positive action. We can still make a difference.





  • KrisL

    As a female who’s part Italian, I regret that Ms. Pelosi is doing such a terrible job of representing what a female Italian-American can be. Why are some powerful women so unpleasant?

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman


      Don’t take it personal. We all know Mrs. Pelosi is a Rare Breed!

  • http://www.lillian-davis.blogspot.com Lily

    The Emperor has no clothes…but Pelosi believes if she says “what a great outfit”, long enough and loud enough eventually everyone will believe her.

    • http://mommabee Lucy Guzman

      Only in Cali-Mex will they believe that!

  • Bruce A.

    She did a great job. In their infinite wisdom I hope & pray that the remaining Democrats reward her with the House Minority Leader position. Thats our way of saying thank you & keep up the great work.

    • Abort Liberal Fetuses

      Bruce, are you serious?! D.C. Democrats and praying, now that’s an oxymoron if I have ever heard one unless you are praying to the global warming god. Some normal Democrats are starting to see the new Democrat party for what it has become. I never thought my father-in-law would vote for a republican, but Pelosi changed that. Today’s Democrat party is simply not the party that it once was. John F. Kennedy would now be considered a right-wing extremist. I am not overly happy with the Republican party either, but at least they seem like they might be able to correct their course. I suggest that we raise taxes on liberals to alleviate some of their guilt.

      • Bruce A.

        No I am not serious. But I think 2 more years of Nancy Pelosi in the spotlight will create more conservatives and wake more people up. She did do a great job for he opposition. In it’s own way, I think having the far left in charge for 2 years was great. It’s has forced people to wake up & become more engaged in current affairs. 3 cheers for Nancy Pelosi, lets hope she repeats her 60 seat loss in 2012.

  • J. Miller

    Ms. Pelosi is not, I believe, clueless. I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. If she pretends that nothing changed on Nov. 2 and has the support of the mainstream liberal media, this lie repeated enough could eventually become “reality” to a lot of the electorate. I just hope the American people don’t forget what she and her cronies “accomplished” in the next election.