Conservatives Behaving Like Liberals

Culture WarsThere was a time when I was invited by a well-known conservative magazine to speak on cruises that the magazine organized.  Conservatives from all over America paid good money to visit far away places and listen to the likes of me talk about how corrupt the liberal media had become. But one evening, while cruising the Caribbean, I said there was also a problem with conservative bias in the media.  The crowd literally hissed and booed and I was never invited on another cruise.

There was also a time when I was a regular at a yearly conference of conservatives at a fancy hotel in Florida.  When I talked about the excesses of liberalism the crowd cheered.  But one time I talked about the insanity of the “Birthers,” those geniuses who think Barack Obama was born someplace outside the United States.  Turns out a “Birther,” who was a big contributor to this conservative conclave, was in the audience.  I never got invited back.

When I’m on the O’Reilly show I get two kinds of reaction from my conservative friends:  love emails and hate emails.  When I talk about liberal dopiness I get the love kind.  When I say conservatives at times can be just as bad as the lefties, I get hate mail.

Let me be very clear … conservative groups can invite anyone they want to be part of their events.  I have no constitutional right to speak to people who don’t want to hear what I have to say.  And truth be told, I was never comfortable being in the same place at the same time with so many like-minded people.  And people who watch Fox can like me or hate me.  That comes with the territory.

Conservatives complain about liberal orthodoxy all the time.  When liberals call some black conservative an Uncle Tom, we bristle and say liberals can’t stand it when a black man “strays from the liberal plantation.”  We talk about how close-minded liberals can be.

Well, my friends, conservatives can be, and too often are, just as orthodox — and it’s starting to really annoy me.

As some of you may know I used to be a liberal Democrat.  I grew up in a blue-collar family so the Democrat part was a given.  The liberal part came with age.  Most young people are liberals.

Then when I got older I realized how crazy liberals had gotten.  Being for civil rights wasn’t good enough.  You had to also be for affirmative action, even if the kid getting the advantage was the son or daughter of a well-to-do black professional.  How was that fair to poor white kids, I wondered.  Did a white coal miner’s kid have more advantages that the son of a black lawyer?

And being a supporter of women’s rights wasn’t enough, either.  You also had to support a woman’s right to be a firefighter even if she wasn’t strong enough to carry a man out of a burning building.

And abortion?  Being pro-choice is one thing; supporting late term abortion in the name of “choice” is something else all together.

So I moved right.  Or more accurately, the left moved so far left that they left me, not the other way around.

Now I find myself more and more uncomfortable on the other side.  I don’t like conservative orthodoxy any more than I like liberal orthodoxy. I’m no fan of President Obama, but the constant, non-stop bashing from conservatives in the media is getting downright boring.  I’ve never been a fan of one-note sambas.

I mean, is Mr. Obama really responsible for what some left-wing minister says about social conservatives on Easter Sunday … just because the president was in his church at the time?

There are those on the Right, as Peter Wehner describes them in a piece for Commentary magazine, who seem “to be in a near-constant state of agitation, ever alert to identify and excommunicate from the ranks those they perceive as apostates. One day it is Chris Christie; the next day it is Bob McDonnell, or Jeb Bush, or Mitch Daniels, or Eric Cantor, or Lindsay Graham, or Mitch McConnell, or someone somewhere who has gone crosswise of those who view themselves as prefects of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”

That kind of conservatism leaves me cold. But if I sit home on Election Day because I’ve had it with the right-wing purists, I’m in effect voting for the Democrats … and I can’t do that, not as long as they think we don’t have a spending problem and taxing the “rich” is a sensible policy.

So what to do?  I’m not sure at this point.  But if conservatives demand purity, if they don’t want to hear from anyone who doesn’t toe the conservative line, if they see social moderates as wimps or sell-outs, they will lose election after election and they will have only themselves to blame.

That’s one more thing the purists on the right don’t want to hear.

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  • Adrian Vance

    All to get votes, but they are destroying the Republican party. I am dropping out.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • racokev


  • unclebarry

    Jeez for a second there I thought I wrote this piece. I almost totally agree with Bernie. Here’s where I disagree. I do not believe Obuma was born in the US at all. I don’t believe that his birth certificate, draft card and social security number belong to him. I believe all these documents are false. And that’s how this conservative calls it.

  • Adrian Vance

    Hey imitate the guys that gave us this depression! Now there’s a plan.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • sheila0405

    I’m a Democrat because some of the orthodoxy on the Right infuriates me to no end. I voted for Gov Romney, however, because I am what is referred to as a “blue dog” Democrat. I am pro-life, but I’m not frothing at the mouth over gay marriage. I am concerned about the way our food is manufactured (yes, manufactured, as in factory farms) and I am very concerned about the loss of open space and the proliferation of pollution. I have grave concerns about the long term effects of fracking. I end up not fitting in anywhere. I consider myself a moderate Democrat; conservative on some issues, and liberal on others.

  • Judy

    Tha’ts why I’m libertarian, and make that a small l. Biig L Libertarians can be just as impossible if one doesn’t agree with their every belief.

  • Russ Oasis

    We all get wound up with “hating” this guy or that guy….BUT….what causes the visceral dislike for the “other party” is their philosophical overview. For liberals, it’s one of dependence and victimization. That is the exact opposite of what propelled the US to its pinnacle. We need to get back to a philosophy of self reliance and “can do” spirit. One other note: until we can change the political campaigning system (and perhaps term limits) in the US, the government will be rife with corruption from the money that special interests are lining the pockets of politicians with. What Jack Abramoff said is exactly correct.

  • DOOM161

    Obama published in his bio that he was born in Kenya. How is it crazy to believe him?

  • CentralScruntinizer

    I appreciate your tacit if angry concession.

  • KataKimbe

    Could not have said it better and I know conservative friends of mine will not agree… but I guess they like losing elections then. Good people can disagree and think differently… and this piece shows how a ‘party’ can leave people behind by going too far. I personally think that the majority of people are more in the middle than the very left or very right and just like an eagle… in order to fly straight you need both wings to function.

  • Nancy A Jones

    I’m of the same mindset. A Republican all my life (I’m now 80), but never before have I been so tempted to sign up as an Independent. The only thing that stops me is I want to be able to vote in the primary elections. We all need to be more tolerant of each others opinions and have an open mind without being so judgmental. Vote your conscience, yes, but have respect for others who think differently and keep your eye on what issues are really really important to the future of our amazing country. The same thing applies to Democrats. Nobody is 100% right all the time.

  • George P Burdell

    Bernie, I don’t see what is wrong with a conservative Republican speaking out against another Republican who holds moderate views. It sounds like what you’re trying to do is stifle criticism of Republicans who hold views unpopular with most conservatives. That’s no different than what the Democrats do. When they can’t win an argument, they attempt to stifle debate.

  • Stephen Boone

    I have an outline for a book on this problem actually. I don’t bother to go past that because publisher’s won’t even look at a book by an ordinary person they never heard of before. Even children’s books they prefer be by Mrs. Obama or Madonna since that gives them a couple hundred thousand copy guaranteed. I had one that three publishers sent nice comments on, but said they had their list for the next three years already. Books on politics? Ask Bernie how many copies they sell even when a known name writes them. Can’t blame the publisher’s who want to make money after all.

  • Jay Bergman

    Bernie, your claims that some conservatives are as closed-minded as liberals is most assuredly correct. Ideologues of any kind can easily become dogmatic and as a result want to excommunicate anyone who dares to question the Party Line. I myself don’t agree with you on SSM — at this point we really know very little about its effects on childrearing, so in the absence of evidence I remain agnostic on the issue. But your conservative bona fides should not be challenged because on this issue, and perhaps others, you deviate from conservative orthodoxy.
    I hope you keep expressing your opinions regardless of whom they offend. Yours is a refreshing voice of reason in a media cacophony of ad hominem vitriol. What’s more, you seem to be an genuinely decent human being. You have my respect and admiration. With best wishes, Jay Bergman, Professor of History, Central CT State University, New Britain CT P.S. I hope you don’t mind the informality of the salutation.

  • DaveW


    I understand and support you position completely! The “middle” right conservatives of the Republican Party have a lot to offer. In the last Presidential election Romney had better ideas and a better understanding of economics and foreign affairs but could not overcome the damage caused by the social policies of the far right Republicans. The Republicans are on the wrong side of women’s rights, gay rights, gun control and religious issues. The have been tagged by young people as being “out of date”. Their social policies prevent them from getting much support from blacks, gays, non-Christians, immigrants, academics, and young people so, despite the obvious overlap, it is tough to get elected nationally. Add to this the fact that people needing public assistance are seldom going to vote Republican and you have a Party in trouble.

  • ClaudeinSocal

    Bernie Goldberg “The Judas Jew”!

  • T

    Bernie and Bill O’Reilly are pure leftists…. can’t wait to battle you boyz… you said it tonight that you aren’t conservative on some issues. You also said to screw us and you don’t want us to win the argument…

    • Phil Silverman

      If Bernie and Billy are lefties then their mantras against the “nanny-state” and Barack Obama’s big toe are very misleading.

  • NotADividerAndNotANotAUniter

    So the Dems can demand ‘purity’ among their ranks, for example, show one jackass who is not for killing babies and calls it ‘choice’, and suggest pre-kindergarten, but the GOP can’t preach to it’s own choir?

  • It’s almost over

    The koolaid is that you said you’re neither. And that’s actually what the left loves to hear. Most independents vote liberal. Just look at Bloomtard.

    You are right about the left though, they’re just giving away our money for a vote.

  • JmThms

    Well, do this: tell us your positions on some major issues and WE WILL LABEL YOU. I bet a label can be validly applied to you. I know a lot of people don’t want to be labeled, or don’t like labels at all. But labeling can and usually is valid.

  • NotaDividerAndNotANotAUniter

    Both Republicans AND Democrats fight about what policy should be, e.g, Harry Reid the leader of the Radical Left Democrat controlled Senate won’t put in the AWBII most dems want. Welcome to America!

  • Don39

    Conservatives ARE NOT ACTING like liberals, liberals calling themselves conservative, often like Goldburg and his pal O’Reilly of Fox, act like liberals! Well maybe a little harsh, they are probably just moderates and do not really know what they stand for, or what conservatives really are and what they really stand for!.

    • JmThms

      Neither Bernie nor O’Reilly are liberals. At least across the board. Especially O’Reilly.

      • Don39

        Like I said probably moderates. Both can come down on either side of the fence, especially O’Reilly where it concerns religious issues. And in my opinion Goldberg is just to the left side of moderate on a lot of issues. I call neither a conservative.

  • Luis Fernando Linares

    Same sentiment here, but in reverse. I grew up conservative, but have been completely turned off by obnoxious social conservatism and anti-intellectual right-wing populism. I became politically independent when my presidential choices were Bush and Gore.

    • Don39

      You mean Bush OR Gore?

    • JmThms

      You know, I think in general right-wingers are not ‘anti-intellectual’. However, the ‘intellectual’ establishment is for the most part too liberal. Lets get this straight.

  • Kansan

    Were you wrong? Be serious.

    I’d say about 5% of the media is “left.” The perfect exposition of that was all the bullcrap we were deluged with in the runup to Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. That included those organs whom you probably feel are “left,” such as the NY Times and the WaPost, who enthusiastically, dutifully and stenographically reported the administration’s lies to support the notion of a “consensus” or necessity for that genocidal enterprise. Bush killed over 100,000 people and destroyed a country to save face over his cluelessness and pervasive inaction that led to 9/11 and has damn near bankrupted the country to pay for it.

    • JmThms

      “5% of the media is “left.””
      You are in as much denial, then, as the vast majority of liberals. The MSM is liberal-dominated, period. That is much, much more than a mere 5%.

      • Kansan

        It’s so because you say it’s so?

  • PastorEd

    As a Conservative Evangelical Pastor for over 40 years, I’ve had my best experiences in life with other conservatives (Christian or not). By the same token, I have had my worst personal experiences in life from conservatives who disagreed with me and maliciously attacked my family and me. I read in U.S. News and World Report in 1999 an interview with a Jewish businessman in NYC, who was highly successful and extremely wealthy. When asked what he thought was the reason for his success, he replied, “I followed the rule from Micah 6:8 ‘to do justly, to love mercy, and to be humble’.”

    In this ‘age of castigation’ everyone of any persuasion should follow that rule.

    Obviously, Mr. Goldberg lives that same example.

  • FloridaJim

    I like to hear Bernie with O’Reilly because you a reasoned answer to whatever the question may be. Conservatives drive nuts me as well but for the reason they can’t seem to articulate a position that doesn’t offend many people. Newt, Boehner, McConnell, Romney, Cain, Christie, Carson, they can’t seem to stop spewing out half-baked platitudes instead of a well thought response well articulated. Conservatives have a great message of low taxes, freedom, follow the Constitution, balance the budget, get out of debt, oil and gas as our energy and forsake the Mideast oil and the strings that they bring, lower regulations and give everyone the same opportunity and no one guaranteed success. Practice and refine the message and preserve the nation.

    • Don39

      Of all those you mentioned above only one is a true conservative and I would bet you do not even know which one!

      • FloridaJim

        They all waffle and change with the polls. Caving in to Obama is not a Conservative tactic it is a political tactic to save themselves. Even today I can’t say whom I prefer. It seems to be between weak and weaker.

  • I Hate Fascists

    All due respect Sir, you need look no further than this very website. Michelle Malkin castigating journalists who dare not adhere to her stringent linguisitc standards on illegal/undocumented immigrants. John Daly castigating those who dare not accept Laffer and Moore’s blue/red state migration statistics, and by extension trickledown economics, as gospel (this after lamenting how out of touch the right wing is perceived). Bill O’Reilly’s “revelation” of the War on the Easter Bunny and by extension Christianity. There’s a certain one note here, and that is to push the hot buttons of those low on intellect and looking for a cult to follow. Perhaps it is time to inject a few more harmonious notes into the music?

  • John Daly

    They should fight policy battles, and issues related to his leadership (aka the things he actually does or neglects). They shouldn’t waste another breath talking about his birth certificate, questioning the election results, or demanding to see his college transcript.

    The Republican leadership has been good about sticking to the policies, but each time they’re asked to address conspiracy theories or trivial nonsense by their conservative constituents, it just makes us all look like a bunch of fools (without any help from the lamestream media).

    I understand the anger… believe me. I’ve been as critical of this administration as anyone. But we’ve got to be smart in our opposition.

    Conservatives also need to drop the purity tests that Bernie described in his column. Ace24 got it right. There is plenty of room in the conservative movement for social libertarians. There is plenty of room for both foreign policy hawks and foreign policy doves. There are many conservative issues that practically all of us are in agreement on – fiscal matters being the biggest of them.

    You and I probably agree with each other on 90% of the issues (a point that Ace24 brought up), yet because I don’t agree with you on EVERYTHING, you want me ‘out’.

    Think about that for a few minutes and try and determine if that makes any sense at all.

    • sheila0405

      I’m a moderate Democrat who supported the GOP in 2012 because of economic issues. I also support the Second Amendment rights of Americans, even though I personally do not own a gun. There are Democrats out there who need to stop being afraid of offending Harry Reid and/or Nancy Pelosi, and start speaking up on the most pressing concern: our precarious financial status. Everyone should see the danger of continued deficit spending. I wonder why the whole country isn’t up in arms about how this government confiscates our money and also how that money is spent. It’s immoral. My children will be saddled with this debt. They aren’t having children because of the economy. It’s terrible.

  • the Hankster

    Bernie, if you’re thinking of flip-flopping again, then your article is disturbing. On the other hand, if you want to become a flaming independent like me, and enlighten us why both parties are a complete waste of time, I’m behind you 100%!

  • mcweijun

    Good thoughts again Bernie. They are why I left the Republican party and am now registered Independent. I consider myself a conservative, but I just finished reading Robert Reich’s book Beyond Outrage. Although I disagree with much of what he says, I also found myself in agreement with a great deal of it. 50 plus staffers from capitol hill and 2 retired congressmen working as lobbyists for Lockheed to get more government contracts. Also the startling concentration of wealth at the very top when 50 million people are hurting in this country. There is common ground if we can just learn how to focus on it there may be hope.

  • Gloria

    Don’t leave us Bernie! You are the voice of sanity in a media world gone insane. The truth is that radical positions either left or right are never the correct ones. Not saying that down the middle is the way to go, just saying that nutty conspiracy theories on the right or ridiculously way out liberal orthodoxies on the left are turn offs that get us nowhere. Mr. Obama thinks he was crowned king of this country due to the adoration and non-threatening and non-inquisitive attitudes and actions of the media these days. He MUST be scrutinized and criticized for those legitimate policy flaws and actions and inactions that are abundant now….forget the birth certificate stuff, and all the rest. concentrate on the crap that is being handed out NOW. Benghazi, health care, circumventing the constitution, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. We NEED YOU to talk about this stuff cause no one else with a lick of sense and balance and fairness is!!!

  • Frederick Theobald

    Sir Winston Churchill said, “In your twenties, if you are not a Liberal, you have no heart. In your thirties, and beyond, if you are still a Liberal, you have no brain”.

  • Beth

    Thoughtful article! You have pulled a number of different threads together in one article that don’t seem to quite go together. I think different dynamics are at work over different issues in the article. When the different dynamics are understood, there is no reason to jump ship. Rather, we need to deal with the different dynamics in different ways–for the good of the country.

  • kcinco

    Bernie, I am a conservative, but a smart conservative, and I agree with your statements. The way some conservative talking heads and politicians are behaving these days makes them (and the rest of us) look like fools! They are puffing their chests and saying all kinds of stupid things because the repubs lost the presidential election. Let’s face it..some of them made bold predictions and they did not come true so their pride is wounded. Don’t get me wrong..I do not like obama and what he stands for and I will fight against him and his organizations that are destroying my country and taking away my liberties. But, it is my belief that “establishment” republicans and some conservatives are completely ignorant or simply ignoring the fact that obama is using documented, radical tactics to undermine the Constitution and free market capitalism. If those I speak of were smart, they would realize they are playing right into the hands of the radical president and they (we) will lose again.

  • Clutch Cargo

    Bernie. Just because someone is unsure whether or not Obama was born in Hawaii does NOT make them a birther-right-wing nut, as you imply. The fact remains that Obama has never — emphasize NEVER — allowed any neutral party to physically inspect his birth paperwork …. other than his trusted Democrat aids and liberal staff. An online picture proves nothing. As someone who worked at several newspapers, I can say definitively that we did not always demand proof when someone called and asked us to print a birth announcement in the classified section. All we wanted was the money. It is very possible that Obama’s mom did exactly that because she wanted her son to be considered an American citizen. Bottom line: no one can say for certain.

  • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    So what’s the point, Bernie? Political parties are made up of people, and ALL people are a composite of good and bad, right and wrong. I was a Democrat in my youth also. Myself and Mrs. MCGovern voted for George! But my Dad was a Democrat who worked at the polls, and taught me that the Democratic Party was the “Working Man’s party, and represented poor and Middle Class people. We both loved Jack Kennedy and were together when he was assassinated and watched Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald.
    I changed when I went to College as a freshman most of the Profs were Liberal Democrats, former hippy revolutionists, and Atheists, who were convincing, indoctrinating me to hate my own country, be intelligent, hip, slick and cool like them and forget all that God stuff.
    After many years of jumping on that bandwagon, and seeing the emptiness and destructionn it wroght in my life, I became a Christian and a Conservative, afer sobering up in AA. In other words, I grew up, late, but I grew up.
    Lots of people “sat out” the 2012 Presidential election for different reasons. But the ACORN, now OFA, Chicago Machine didn’t, and many voters voted for Obama for NO reason except one. I believe the entire Country and Culture would be better off if we voted for what is good for the Country, not just “what is good for ME?” That attitude used to be
    one maintained by children and teenagers, but then they mature. Not now.

  • Ronald Wieck

    Right on, Bernie! The left hates America and wants to transform it into a Western European nanny state. The right years for a utopian past that never was. I vote Republican because the Democrats are so loathsome. I don’t deceive myself into thinking that everyone on the right is a lover of individual freedom.

  • Ronald Wieck

    Right on, Bernie! The left hates America and wants to transform into a Western European nanny state. The right years for a past that never was. I vote Republican because the Democrats are so loathsome. I don’t deceive myself into thinking that everyone on the right is a lover of individual freedom.

    • Don39

      It was worth saying twice.

    • JmThms

      “The right years for a past that never was”.

      I don’t get that statement. We yearn for a past that never was? What past is that? Why did it never exist?

  • Brian Gutherman

    If this group of ideological purists takes over the party, the GOP will not win another national election until at least 2024. If the economy gets even a little bit better and HC runs for POTUS in 2016, she wins and the eating of our own will continue.

    • Don39

      Can’t get much more wrong than backwards!

  • tb thomas

    This is why (after voting for Romney and mailing in my ballot here in The Peoples Republic of Oregon), I re-registered as an independent after 40 years as a Republican voter.

    The syndrome you’re describing is all too familiar:

    I don’t want evangelical Christians requiring candidates to toe the line on their faith-based ideology. That’s no different than the politically correct fascism practised by the Left.

    Here’s another one: I’ve studied “hydrofracking” quite thoroughly, and it is apparent to me that there are regulations needed to insure that “the hydrofrackers next door” (to my 2000 acre Alfalfa farm) don’t accidentally contaminate the aquifer that my entire business depends upon. I believe in private-enterprise, and I believe we need a government which sets standards and practices that protect private-enterprise. As I see it: allowing one industry to destroy the environment on which another industry depends is not good business, and it has nothing to do with ‘conservatism’.

    How about financial regulations? I was raised to believe the financial services industry was there to assist investors in making the most intelligent investments they can, and make sure the trading practices used to execute trades are scrupulously honest. Unfortunately for the folks on Wall Street, the Internet and personal computers made their traditional business models obsolete, and now they’ve come up with a new one, which is even more lucrative.

    Under the new regime, it seems Wall Street considers Mainstreet Investors to be their inventory of stooges (Muppets) — sheep there for the shearing as they leverage their insider information in order to keep skimming 1-2% off the top of GDP every year (with the complicity of their cronies in government). It’s not a free-market, it’s a government maintained monopoly (racket), and I want the crony capitalists and the government out of that racket entirely. Does that make me a Liberal?

    I happen to believe the odds of this country surviving the remaining four-years of our Marxist-in-Chief are slim. And while the immediate cause is clearly the personality disorder commonly referred to as ‘Liberalism’ (clinical name: Ideological Narcissism), they have been aided and abetted over four decades by evangelical so-called “social conservatives”, and a cadre of cynical opportunists in the Republican ranks who have exploited their public authorities just as aggressively as their brethren Democrats.

    I’m thankful for the intellectual honesty of people like Bernie Goldberg and Charles Krauthammer and Bob Woodward. As for those who can’t handle the truth when they hear it: “I welcome their hatred.”

    • CentralScruntinizer

      I think we have a very different definition of Marxist (Obama qualifies more as a very pro-corporate cynical moderate) and think the POTUS is about a C+ following an F in the experiment in extremism that was Cheney-Bush.

      That said, you offer a very clear assessment of problems with Wall Street over the past 30 years, and corporate freedom to destroy the enviroment via fracking or strip mining… You do realize that the dems offer a tepid resistance to those trends while the GOP offer only a heavy foot on the accelerator, right?

      • JmThms

        “Obama qualifies more as a very pro-corporate cynical moderate”


        • CentralScruntinizer

          Lessee, the 4 year extension of the Bush Tax Cuts; the steadfast refusal to allow any investigation into Wall Street malfeasance in the wake of the 2008 crash; the backroom deal with Healthcare and Insurance giants at the outset of the HCR debates where Emmanual and Obama promised if the big health care, Pharma and Insurance giants didn’t pump millions into opposition, Obama would pledge that a public option would not be in the final bill; The Monsanto protection act; the 8-16 trillion pumped by the Fed via the overnight lending window to the big banks in ADDITION to what was handed out via TARP; the refusal to re-regulate Wall Street in any meaninful way. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Got any facts that would prove otherwise?

  • Paul Vasek

    Obama invites the kind of things the minister spewed on Easter, Bernie. It seems Christians and Catholics and yes, Jews, are targeted in this country and we are just suppose to sit back and take it. Some of us are tired of having immorality shoved down our throats. O’Reilly using the term “Bible Thumper” doesn’t help the problem.

  • machtyn

    Your column describes exactly why the R party is in trouble. The Left can lie about a guy like Romney, the far Right picks up on it and declares him impure, and they’ve just lost an election with the worst POTUS in history.

  • Robert Blum

    At this point, it is Libertarians and Tea Party patriots vs all others.

  • Brhurdle

    Are there conservatives who are irrational when it comes to Obama/Pelosi/Reed/Schumer – definitely yes. Given that the vast majority of broadcast and print media push a liberal agenda, I for one can understand how a portion of the people can become conditioned to react negatively towards the opposition and lose all objectivity. Mr. Goldberg should understand that political discourse with logical arguments disappeared long ago and was replaced by political spin that bears no resemblance to truth. Given a steady diet of propaganda, it seems that a tolerance of guttural reaction would be appropriate. Mr. Goldberg’s intolerance of the extremes is just as egregious as the intolerance on issues that he decries. I also believe that if you’re invited to address groups of self described conservatives, you shouldn’t be surprised if they’re offended when you gore some of their sacred cows.

  • Phil

    You make some good points, Bernie. I get tired of conservative commentators always ripping “the establishment,” only furthering the civil war in the Republican Party. If we insist on ideological purity, if we can’t agree to disagree on a few issues and still remain committed conservatives, we cede the country to the liberals. It’s time to end the civil war!

    • Don39

      I agree, as soon as we purge the RINOs that 40 years of complacency have allowed to become established!

  • Paul Rush

    Thank you Bernie, We need to get our house together or otherwise the Democrats will keep the W.H. and get control of the HofR in future elections. We have become our own worst enemy.

    • Don39

      No we have allowed our worst enemies to become established in the Republican Senate and the House leadership!

  • Deborah Cote-Deitz

    Great article, Bernie. I’m with you on this! I call myself a fiscal conservative. Now if gay people want to get married, who am I to stop them? I’m not the judge of the world, nor should I be. If people on the right don’t like that…well, heck, so what?

    • tb thomas

      Unless I’m mistaken, the whole ‘issue’ is a tempest in a teapot over the meaning of the word ‘marriage’ — anyone who wants to can form a ‘civil-union’, and get all the ‘rights’ (entitlements) that heterosexual couples get. Frankly, I couldn’t care less. Let the gays use the term ‘marriage’ if they want to.

      But, that said, I’ve listened to the arguments in favor of ‘gay marriage’, and while they all sound quite reasonable and humane, if you follow their logic out to it’s reasonable conclusion, why not allow three people to ‘get married’, or four, or five… ? I mean, if they all ‘love each other’, who are we to say they can’t get married?

    • Don39

      You also lack good sense and morals!

  • #Sudasfinder

    BTW, I also believe in civil unions for gay people and heterosexuals who do not believe in marriage. To not offer both to both sexual orientations is actually a violation of Church and State. To offer both would actually help define marriage for those who do not understand that it is a contract you make with God. If you don’t believe in God, but want to get the civil brakes as any other committed family you should have that civil right. Just thought I’d add some more “color” to the argument against or for gay marriage. LOL!

  • Melvin Udall

    “I mean, is Mr. Obama really responsible for what some left-wing minister
    says about social conservatives on Easter Sunday … just because the
    president was in his church at the time?”
    Not necessarily.
    Is he responsible for not heartily denouncing a divisive, deceitful, hate filled sermon (that coincidentally fits the Democrat Party narrative)? You bet. (Were this a Republican POTUS no one, including GOP, would question that).

    Will this get your notice, let alone consideration? Nope. This must be hate mail.

    • CentralScruntinizer

      Hate filled sermon by a personal family friend of the Bush’s who sat by the family for Bush 43’s inaugurations? Ok….

      • Melvin Udall

        How does who the man knows or knew alter the content of his comments?

        A: It doesn’t. So are you deceitful or delusional?

        Address what I said, which means addressing what the minister said. Spare us the poorly thought out distractions.

        • CentralScruntinizer

          Pointing out that a longtime friend and ally of the Bush family is unlikely to give a ‘hate’ speech aimed at the right. But if you want to address the passage in question specifically, here you go. Lets review:

          “It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back … for blacks to be back in the back of the bus … for women to be back in the kitchen … for immigrants to be back on their side of the border,”

          Where exactly is the hate? It’s factual that the Religious right has been very vocal about the damage they feel has been wrought by women in the workplace, some have even lamented that women have the vote! And calls for border fences and against any path to citizenship pretty clearly support his comment about immigrants. The blacks on the back of the bus is the only area where you have a leg to stand on. The right is a touch less overt, but attacks on affirmative action, social welfare, rants about the Obama phone from the social conservatives come pretty close without reaching the back of the bus level.

  • #Sudasfinder

    Woah! I can’t believe you used the example about the firefighter women and the ladder argument. I feel it is a PERFECT example of the strict orthodoxy in feminism. I use that example all the time in my writing. I am a woman who is anti-choice (pro-life) because as a woman I know to have an abortion or not to have an abortion is not really a choice when it comes to the actual health of your body and mind. Truth is I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for an abortion, but I still feel the way I do and know what I know. No political party I am affiliated with will ever change that. I am a Republican that is for gay marriage and a Christian who believes Jesus would never cast a stone at two gay people that nurtured and cared for a loving family. I don’t understand why Atheists don’t believe or understand why educated people would believe in the bizarre of the Bible, but they are willing to believe in the most mysterious miracles of science and think the two are mutually exclusive’. I’m brave enough to tell people their orthodoxy or refusal to see things in color keeps them angry and ignorant. Of course, now I have no friends…just like you. But, the truth is, there is a hidden agenda by those who have to keep the strictest code of what is popular amongst them. When that happens you know Pseudos (Sudas) is involved for sure. Unfortunately, the Dems seem to be the only one’s gaining any ground by using this method. We can’t fight demonism with demonism, so I think maybe if we break the strict orthodoxy, not “Go Liberal” but do something refreshing like Rand Paul and do something right, things might start looking up for us truth tellers. Like take simple poignant actions in Congress that call out the opposition’s actual thoughts on the important matters in that forum. Take the media out of the picture somehow. Get the Dems out in the open, so to speak.

  • James

    Thanks Mr. Goldberg; I enjoyed today’s column. This comes about as close to my own political/social evolution as I’ve ever read.

  • Bet1946

    All this is about is Conservatives who want to give in to the pressures of the left. A bad, sad sign.

  • Kansan

    You’re exactly the sort of numb nuts whom Goldberg is writing about.

    “95% of the media is left?”

    You’re only a notch above the mouth breathers who leave grunting feedback: “Nobama! Marxist! Muslim!”

    • It’s almost over

      Sorry, did I insult you with my 95%? Then what is it?

      Bernie has also called Nobama a Marxist, a Muslim. I guess he’s also a numb nut. Kansan, go back to your move on web site and come back when the truth doesn’t insult you.

      • Kansan

        So I just spent 15 minutes I won’t be able to get back looking up your contention.

        Did Bernie say Obama was a Marxist?

        Nope. It appears you’re lying. I’m not surprised, of course.

        I expect I would have gotten the same results if I had looked up “Obama” “Muslim” and “Bernard Goldberg.”

        • New Class Traitor

          As Insty once quipped, the main reason he does not believe 0bama is a Muslim is that this would imply Narcissus Rex worships somebody other than himself.

      • Phil Silverman

        “called him a Muslim”. where’s the NUMBNESS there?

  • Unlucky in Kentucky

    Nicely said Mr. Golberg

  • Kevin Hubble

    Not bad. Up to a point. Yet, is the cause of conservatism and smaller government really advanced when we change the definition of conservative to accommodate a George HW Bush who moves his lips and raises taxes like the common democrat would? Is the cause of conservatism advanced when we nominate Bob Dole and try to convince ourselves that he is “conservative enough” or try to convince ourselves that John McCain is “conservative enough” or that Mitt Romney is “conservative enough.” We convinced ourselves that each of these men were truly conservative and possessed also the magic ability to to draw in the coveted and elusive “moderate” (whatever that is?). Well, ask yourselves, how did that work out? How long are we going to beat our head on that rock before we realize how badly that hurts and recognize that only conservatives and conservatism have won for Republicans since Ronald Reagan in 1980. Why do we let people try to tell us that it just won’t work anymore? Just check the record. What kind of Republicans are winning elections around this country?

  • Craven Moorhead

    Great piece Bernie.

    We definitely are kin

  • Ginger Krueger

    Bernie, I appreciate your honesty and also your discomfort with conservatives expecting you to “toe” the line. You should feel free to speak your truths. Please understand, however, that the problem social conservatives have with social moderates is twofold. First, they don’t seem to be able to win elections and, second, they are lukewarm. They are “forever evolving”. Please also recognize that your once beloved liberals have no wiggle room when it comes to abortion, women’s rights and gay rights. They present themselves as robotic in their thinking and stated positions. I am thankful that we have room in the Republican Party for open discourse. I would hope that you would recognize that the social conservatives have been willing to bend as the moderate Republicans have been put forth for highest offices. It’s likely the “breaking point” that you are witnessing from many social conservatives. I for one, would be open to a third party and “come what may”.

  • Edwina

    Bernie, you also appear to be liberal half the time. Why not the rest of us? Don’t be a hypocrite. I think this constitutes being an independent.

  • phileaux

    Wait until conservative Congressmen agree that the US Constitution is outdated and needs to be “reformed.” Then we’ll know for sure that reelection is more important than principles, if they ever had any. Being “PC” today is a wildfire burning across America leaving nothing in its wake.

  • Daker Beat

    Bravo. As a libertarian conservative who doesn’t feel at home in either major party, I feel your pain. Thanks for putting it into words!

  • joe jones

    bernie goldberg is the most sensible commentator on television and in the print media. i would vote for him, president, tomorrow.

  • lemonfemale

    The thing about birthers is it does not matter where he was born as long as his Mom was an American citizen. You’d hve to show she adopted him and he came to Hawaii on the week’s worth of immigration flights that are missing. I don’t buy it.
    The hying about conservatives is there are a lot of them. So a movement to purge any one conservative from the ranks will have a large number but still not be the Voice of Conservatism. Just a large number of a large group. Bernie Goldberg is right though: we need to decide what is important and what we can let slide.

  • Pollyanna Taylor

    Bernie, I have liked you since I started watching O’Reilly years ago. I like that you aren’t always a diehard conservative and that you can call a spade a spade. I sometimes bristle when friends call me a diehard Republican because I think that implies that I blindly agree with Republicans and refuse to see the other side when in fact, I have voted on both sides of the aisle (but am way more inclined to support Republicans than Dems).

    I think conservatives DO get upset when someone who they think is on their “team” speaks out against them because conservatives (myself included) have been ridiculed and picked on for the past 30 years. I know, I know–get over it! But it gets annoying when TV shows, news, movies and music just get a free pass to bash good people (when they are clearly narcisistic and insecure hypocrites).

    I know that when I listen to Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill Whittle (who I LOVE)–they will be hard-nosed conservatives, so I take them with a grain of salt (and usually do agree with them). But give conservatives a teensy little break–after all, we got our butts kicked last November and sometimes we just need to vent and jeer at the bad guys. People respect you and don’t want to lose you as an ally. Because of your background and because you don’t always tout conservative views–it gives you credibility.

    I remember last summer, I was really annoyed with Peggy Noonan, Bill O’Reilly and Bill Kristol because they were giving Romney a hard time. On one side–I understood why they were criticizing him, but on the other–I was mad because Romney was getting beat up enough by Obama and his thugs and could use support from Republicans no matter if they agreed 100% with him or not. After all, there was no other option for ousting Obama, so why not support the heck out of the Republican nominee???

    Thanks for your columns and please don’t lump all conservatives into one category where none of us can take criticism. I think conservatives are more introspective and critical of their party than democrats are by far.

    • oldgraymary

      Thank you for voicing my views so well. Let me just add that learning from the past, my view on gay marriage is negative for these reasons: we are opening Pandora’s box with this thing and where does it stop? We already have the tangle of transgenders and bisexuals to sort out ( What about the polyamorists or polygamists? men and boys? a bunch of siblings living together? We need to keep marriage as one husband, one wife, and change the tax laws to accommodate civil unions or whatever else you want to call them.

  • Lucky 3511

    Sorry but taking on the real patriots and putting them down, because they believe that the president should be a Natural Born American is very wrong. If I need to identify myself, I show my birth certificate, my drivers license, and various other items. Why shouldn’t true patriots question when a man who tours the world at our expense apologizing for America, then tries to prove he is a real American with a photocopy of a forged modified birth certificate. Now he may have been born here. But I have to show an original document (Birth certificate etc) not photocopy and definitely not hand written in a manner not permitted in those years. Gee! Bernie, is it surprising when your authenticity is challenged.

  • John Havlicek

    It sounds like you’ve arrived at the same philosophical/ideological crossroads as I have Mr Goldberg…and having taken much the same route through liberal-Democrat-to-conservative-Republican land. I wondered also about where to go from here and then it dawned on me that it’s all very simple. Once you lose the concern over not being able to identify as a strict Republican (or Democrat for that matter), you can just be…rational. This isn’t quite so easy for you as it is has been for me, since I don’t need to earn my living by commenting on current events, but you’ve always been a voice of reason and honesty…dare I even say it…journalistic integrity! I guarantee you that there are many who fall into the same category and don’t really care how you or others label your thoughts. Build it and they will come.

    sincerely, John Havlicek (no…not THAT John Havlicek)

  • KSP48

    “So I moved right. Or more accurately, the left moved so far left that they left me, not the other way around.”


  • Ace24

    You write like the supporter of a cult (e.g., Jonestown). I’m as conservative as they come, but you have to include and support people who support at least 90% of what you do. Demanding 100% concurrence is the sure way to political oblivion, and is the best support and aid you can give to your political opposition.

    • It’s almost over

      So what you’re saying is, lets keep redefining the Republican party, or moving the line in the sand, to get reelected. Unfortunately Ace, the line is moving further left. What Bernie said was the Left is winning and (we) need to learn from them! Or become more moderate. Ace, do you see what’s going on in this country? The Repubs have given and given to the point that we can’t agree on what it is that we should believe in. Too conservative and you loose these people and not conservative enough and we loose these people.

      My point is, we need to take a stand and quit wavering. Hannity said it best, “I’ll rather lose holding to me beliefs then giving in to win.”

      The Left is getting further left and it seems we have to lessen our message in order to win…!

      • Ace24

        No, not at all what I am saying. You are misinterpreting what I wrote, perhaps intentionally, to avoid addressing what I did, in fact say. Supporting folks – and demanding that they support you in return – when you agree on 90% of issues, is the way to get what you want. I did not say anything about Republicans. I like Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Allen West, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul,but I don’t agree 100% with any of them. I don’t like the Bushes, McCain, or Graham. Is there any politician you agree with 100%? If so, are there enough of them to constitute the majority in the House and Senate? Ever heard of a pyrrhic victory? That seem to be what you want.

        • It’s almost over

          If you read Daly’s post you would understand why I posted my comment. He said, conservatives are hung up on petty issues and it lessens their message. I work with a lot of Dems and that comment is what they say to me all the time. Ace, where do you think they, Dems, learn that from? The Liberal news outlets. And now we have people on the right saying the same thing. Maybe I should’ve commented better, but its me frustration with people on the right that seem to have the same talking points as the Left.

          P.S. I’m in complete agreement with your support of the folks in your above post and with those you do not support. I live in Texas and I voted for Cruz…he’s doing a great job.

          • sheila0405

            Petty issues–with whom the President golfs, questions about his birth certificate, demanding his college transcripts, condemning his White House budget, taking “you didn’t build that” out of context, how many baskets he made when shooting balls, and on and on. We need to focus on the economy, the budget, the deficit, the debt, and the implementation of Obamacare.

      • sheila0405

        Then, Hannity will be experiencing loss for some time to come.

  • Mr.D

    Kudos to Bernie. I knew there was some common sense in you. I’d noticed flashes of reason from time to time and admired you for it.

    May both parties edge to the center so reasonable people can get something done again. Well said sir.

  • BrianFruman

    When are we going to have priorities in place in this country. That needs to be the messaging. In my opinion 1 economy and debt 2 immigration 3 foreign policy national security. I feel this is the core of the republicans. All the other social things are really just a muse for not dealing with priorities. Try to run anything without properly understanding priorities and it is bound to fail.

  • Paratisi

    That’s fine. They need to lose those elections. The failure has been & will continue to be, due to rinos acting like libs. The only thing you find in the middle of the road, are “Road Pizzas”!The people are tired of the rinos covering for the Dems, in all manner of ILLEGAL Activities & then the GOP gets the blame for Lib/Dem actions. rinos like Scott Brown, have been giving cover to the Dems for. far too long. It’s long since been time for the Dems/Socialists/Marxists/Progressives(Or whatever they’re calling themselves this week), to have all the credit for all their failures! There are millions of Americans who have had enough of the rino “Dog & Pony Show”! Myself & Millions of American Conservatives, Libertarians & Evangelicals, WILL NOT VOTE FOR rinos! So make sure you middle of the road(Squishes) folks in the GOP understand that

    “No rinos get Conservative Votes!!!!

    rinos out or Election Losses belong to rinos!

    God Bless America!

  • El Infidel

    Is the truth ever extreme? You would think that it was the way the media avoids it.

  • Spokane Dan

    gee…..sure hate to bore you Bernie

  • E. Jay Nilsson

    Hey Bernie, am I a purist if I object when PUBLIC schools use PUBLIC time and PUBLIC facilities and PUBLIC money to tell my grandchildren that homosexual behavior should be considered as normal and morally acceptable? Why is it okay for liberals to use the awesome power of government to impose their morality on me? (After all, it’s supposedly a capital offense, according to liberals, for social conservatives to try to impose their values on everybody else.)

    • CentralScruntinizer

      Or, to paraphrase what you are saying: You’re angry that liberalism advocates for tolerance of others lifestyles and beliefs. The morality that you feel is being pushed on you happens to be the curtailing of your right to deny rights to homosexuals to marry, which impacts you not at all. So, the only thing being ‘imposed’ on you is tolerance of others and the extension to them of rights equal to yours. How awful.

      • JmThms

        “You’re angry that liberalism advocates for tolerance of others lifestyles and beliefs.”

        LOL!!!! And what do you call your intolerance of the opinions of those who don’t want their institution – of marriage – to be only between one male and one female (all of age)? Liberalism, at least in practice in 2013 in the U.S., certainly DOES NOT advocate for tolerance. They advocate for their ideology. Just check out the universities. Check out the product from the MSM! LOL!!!

        • CentralScruntinizer

          Funny how you cite no facts in your posts. Liberalism has and does advocate for equal rights for minorites, women, and the LGBT community. That would be the very definition of tolerance.

          If you want the definition of intolerance, it would be a statement like “…those who don’t want their institution – of marriage – to be only between one male and one female (all of age)?” First off, THEIR instition? Really? You try to make the case that Conservative Christians have sole providence over marriage one sentence after accusing others of intolerance? You’re one ironic guy.

          • JmThms

            minorites, women, and the LGBT community are the only demographics worthy of ‘equal rights’? Really? That is essentially what you are saying. And even there it goes overboard. Affirmative Action, etc. I never said that conservative christians have sole providence over marriage – and you know it. Typical strawman argument by you. You’re one fallacy-laden guy.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            No one said that those groups are the only ones worth of equal rights, but LGBT, ethnic minorities and women are among the most discriminated against (this would be where you would interject your argument that Christians like me and presumably you are discriminated against in this country, using the diminishing ability to use religion as a justification to deny others rights as proof of discrimination itself…)

            Conversely, your use of the phrase ” those who don’t want THEIR institution – of marriage – ” indicates your belief that one group has claim to the right to marry.

            Not sure how there is a strawman when I’m citing your words.

  • Patty

    Bernie, seems there’s this extreme in all things, always has been. I don’t court groups or extreme thinking. That ‘common sense’ has long been extracted and buried.
    All things are broken and dispensable; they’re grasping for the ‘ideal’. The ideal is changing. I sense conservatives are afraid of being chided for that change by you and others that notice. Left ‘ideal’ is a very strong force. It uses ‘common sense’ to steal conservative thinking. Their engineering is brilliant. We have to see it to recognize what you have seen and have tried balancing. We older children don’t like being corrected or shown the real picture. I agree with what you try to teach…
    and you are a very good teacher. Like I said to God this morning…Thanks for being there.

  • Susan Heller-Somerville

    Mr. Goldberg,

    I appreciate your article. I understand the points that you are making, and I agree with you.

    So many of us share the shifting political paradigm – moving along the spectrum from left to right, especially as the line has stretched further to the left. Then we end up on the right and hear insults about being “fascist,” which I think is an excuse for not thinking and acting the left party line. What I have found abominable is listening with great enthusiasm to some right wing radio commentators, only to find out that they slam the poor leftist individual who wants to make his voice heard, They do this so horribly that it can be a real embarrassment. Tis conduct does not suit my idea of democracy and freedom of speech; besides the fact, that it is just plain rude, and boorish.

    One other item upon which I want to comment is that both extremes can be too charged with ideology and see no other way than their own agendas. There is just no give and take. In the long run, I think it wisest to reiterate my parents’ advice and to stick to the “healthy middle ground.”

  • richard

    Bernie – you are my favorite commentator because you always seem to have the words to get it just right. I completely agree with you and I share your concern.

  • k962

    Bernie, The conservatives are frustrated that their message is always trashed by the media. In response many have decided to trash any and all liberal sympathy!

  • Libertarian Ish

    The last thing I want to become is the Chris Matthews of the right. Every day I try to see the opposing point of view and find some kind of merit in it. It would be easier if the left would call their own out of line from time to time, like Kirsten Powers does. The problem is that most leftists stick to the party line no matter how ridiculouis some of their statements are. And so it goes that the right rebels and sticks to their point of view as well. So nothing gets resolved, and honest debate is sacrificed.

    I remember when Scott McClelland left the Bush press office and publicly criticized people in the administration. Voila, he became the darling of the left. Each side loves it when someone on the other side abdicates for just one second. But maybe if more people on both sides abdicated their ideology for the sake of the truth every so often, things would get better.

  • It’s almost over

    Lets keep moving the line in the sand further left so we can win elections. What a great idea! And we wonder why this once great country is where it is today.

  • Bill

    The main question is–what is extremism? As you said, the Democrats moved away from you so you are now considered a conservative. A conservative today seems to be anyone who believes whole-hardheartedly in the Constitution while a liberal thinks that it can be whatever is popular at the moment. I would think that the conservative is not an extremist while the same cannot be said for the liberals. As Pelosi recently said she doesn’t care if legislation is Constitutional since that is the purpose of the Supreme Court.

  • Dave M

    Maybe it is mostly that we conservatives are just digging in our heals to keep trying to prevent our once very fine Country from continuing down the path toward the left. I think we have good justification to be stubbornly, if not blindly, determined. Compromise with the left always loses ground.

  • digitalPimple

    Too bad so sad Bernie. Those are the breaks my friend.
    Mr. Clown, is not responsible for the Pastors remarks, he is responsible for creating this nasty tenor within the country that allows this type dialog to continue unchecked. I believe Bill touched on this and I agree. Kid Clown has no obligation to respond to some pastors sermon, but his silence on it can be perceived in all sorts of ways by some.

    I would bet you generally agree with the pastors comments therefore you can’t see the forest through the trees my friend.

  • woulddragon

    An excellent article, Mr. Goldberg. I, too, found/find myself becoming more than just a little queasy with “Conservatives” who broker no opinions other than the constant sniping at President Obama and his “fellow travellers”. That is usually why, whenever I find myself in conversation with folks from either side, I keep my yap shut when politics is the “topic du jour”.

  • chet

    Being liberal or conservative does not prevent you from being a total idiot. Although I find fewer off the wall conservatives than their just as off the wall liberal brothers (off the wall knows no bounds as far as I am concerned) the fact that some conservatives do what they do is simply embarrassing. Conservatism fosters thought processes that should prevent most of its believers from acting like what we see from the liberal side. Too bad this concept does not always apply.

  • Joel

    I think that the demands for orthodoxy on the left are stronger. Perhaps someone should ask Joe Lieberman.

    Jonah Goldberg has written a lot about orthodoxy and tactics. He posits that the right does have genuine debates about principles and policies. He also suggests that the left’s orthodoxy is pretty well fixed, that they only discuss tactics now.

    In any case, I am sorry that you’ve been excluded from a few conversations. Those conversations will be weaker and less informed as a result.

  • Ken Heyl

    Bernie: I agree with you, as often occurs. When I voted in my first presidential election, it was a Democratic vote. I just couldn’t bring myself to vote for that “radical” conservative, Barry Goldwater. Today my words ring bells in my mind–oh, for the chance to vote for Goldwater today!
    Yes, I find myself voting Republican and agreeing with conservatives most of the time. But there are some ideas espoused by conservatives that I can’t agree with (and, thankfully, probably never will become law).
    We should all appreciate the different views that make up our nation–that’s the way it started and hopefully it’ll always be that way. And we should all welcome change–we’re going to see change, so why not welcome it?

  • It’s almost over

    What Bernie said is this…, if a conservative opens their mouth and questions something be sure it’s important to the country, not to the party or its ideals. And where did he learn this from, The Left. Bernie has basically said that we have to learn from the left because they’re winning. So, if they’re winning we have to learn they’re play book and take some notes. Bul***t. That’s what the rights been going on for decades now. The right keeps moving the line in the sand, further left, so we can win elections. While the left keeps moving further left. (Even Bernie acknowledged that was the reason he left the Dems)

    So in conclusion, lets give up our identity and what make us different from the left so we can win elections. Great idea!

  • It’s almost over

    What Bernie said is this…, if a conservative opens their mouth and questions something be sure it’s important to the country, not to the party or its ideals. And where did he learn this from, The Left. Bernie has basically said that we have to learn from the left because they’re winning. So, if they’re winning we have to learn they’re play book and take some notes. Bul***t. That’s what the rights been going on for decades now. The right keeps moving the line in the sand, further left, so we can win elections. While the left keeps moving further left. (Even Bernie acknowledged that was the reason he left the Dems)

    So in conclusion, lets give up our identity and what make us different from the left so we can win elections. Great idea! But it’s proving to be bad for America

  • Carlos E. Vargas

    Bernie: PLEASE do not fuel the ignorance of so many. There is plenty evidence Obama was not born in the USA. It will be proved some time in the future. ALSO, When your father is Muslim, your stepfather is Muslim, you got the first high core education in a Muslim school etc… etc…YOU are MUSLIM. If it walks as a duck…………………… Period!

  • hillery70

    Well said, Mr. Goldberg.

    And of course, the “big picture” problems get overlooked by the MSM when they can focus on the right-side frenzy over small-ball issues.

  • bmorgens

    I am a “Conservative” who believes that Obama does no service to our great country but I have to agree that extremism and craziness on either side is wrong and does not aid our country or our civilization.

  • Dennis

    Well written Bernie. I too bristle when I hear conservatives use terms like RINO as if someone put them in charge of deciding who is and who is not a ‘true’ Republican. It is every bit as intolerant, self-destructive and just plain stupid as anything their counterparts on the left come up with. If you do not toe the line and believe what I say you should believe, so they think, than you are not one of us. Does this not sound like liberal group think and you’re right, it is just as prevalent on the right as the left?

    These same ‘if I can’t have it my way I’ll stay home and pout on election day’ true conservatives may have resulted in four more years of the Chicago Con Man in the White House. They are like petulant children and look at the damage they did. And, if they insist on believing the reason Romney lost is because he wasn’t conservative enough for the majority of the electorate, these true conservatives will spend election after election whining and wondering why Democrats keep kicking their butts. This is no more a far right country than it is a far left country.

  • Tim in California

    Bernie: 100% on-the-nose-correct. I’m a few years younger than you, but my journey from left to right was similar. Now, as a 54 year old conservative, I find myself wondering why the Republican’s can’t find more what the AGREE on, than what they DISAGREE on. You’re right. Ridged conservatism-idealogily will lead us to one thing in the future that will not change… more victories for the Democrats. There needs to be a big welcome sign in the Republican tent that encourages anyone NON-LIBERAL.

  • MHS

    That is why most folks should be independents and make these jokers earn your vote. Way too many people are just voting the party line.

  • falcon7204

    Truth is non-denominational, non-partisan, and unorthodox. Must be why so many people hate it. And people who speak the truth are oftentimes scorned, derided, ridiculed, hated, and even strung up and/or crucified.

    But truth is truth. Nobody can ignore it for long. Even so-called conservatives tend to bump their heads against the truth and walk on, hoping nobody noticed. This is why the RNC tends to trot out the same old tired, worn candidates spouting the same old tired, worn platitudes, instead of finding a way to refute the bat-guano crazy attacks coming from the left.

    After all, the truth is a powerful weapon. All ya gotta do is aim and fire. Keep telling the truth, Bernie.

    • Bet1946

      Apparently denial is more powerful than truth these days, as well as lying deceit and idolization. The left’s vices far exceed the right’s. Conservatives are realists, have standards, value righteousness, work ethic, logic, all of which mean little to liberals who seem to even despise such traits. You can’t defeat such decadence by being mild and passive. The country was indoctrinated away from what made us great and no effort to reverse that trend within the law is excessive.

      • It’s almost over

        Well said….!

      • CentralScruntinizer

        “Realists” who reject science and higher education, in favor of a dogmatic literal reading of bible? “Righteous” people who cling to bias and bigotry by claiming tradition and seeking cover in the bible where none exists? Logical leaders who apply supply side economic in spite of the fact that 30 years have shown that it only aids in the destruction of the middle class?

        Keep peddling your wares, Bet1946….

        • JmThms

          Disagree with your ‘supply side economic’ and destruction of the middle class statement. I think you are trying to compare conservative vs. liberal economics. Compare EU states economies with that of the United States. Also, its interesting that your hatred, contempt, and intolerance of religious people that think homosexuality is a sin is, by definition, just as bigoted against religious people as they are against homosexuals. Oh wait, except they are less so because they don’t hate or have contempt of homosexuals. They just are not tolerant of the attempts to legitimize it.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Which EU states do you want to compare? Our economic growth against that of Germany (an Uber Nanny state by the way) doesn’t look too good.

            Also, not sure how you are framing my pointing out that Conservative Christians can no longer deny rights to homosexuals as “hatred, contempt and intolerance of religious people.” First, extending equal rights over the resistance of bigots isn’t itself bigotry, sorry. They can call homosexuality a sin all they want, but they can’t base public policy on their beliefs. And one other problems with your attempt: I’m a church going christian myself, and my sister is an ordained Episcopal minister. There’s a gulf of difference between mainline Christians and the hate-cult on the right that bend Christianity to fit their hatred and fears.

  • Seattle Sam

    Bernie, you’re kind of doing the same thing you criticize. You say you’re uncomfortable voting GOP because the party has players who are a bit much for you? You’re looking for a “purity” (in your case, a more “moderate conservatism”) that doesn’t exist. How do you think Barack Obama got 51% of the vote with people like Nancy Pelosi and Al Franken in the background? Democrats have the same fringe elements that Republicans do. They just don’t have so many people inside the party telling them to shut up and go away.

  • Mitch Beck

    Bernie – Extremists on either side of the fence leave no room for communication. I am a hard right person myself, although as an Atheist I get my share of kicks to the head from the right even though my stance on religion is, “live and let live, but keep all religion to yourself.” Bottom line is though, you have to have some principles that you stand by and that you’re willing to take a last breath on. For me that’s abortion. I think it should be illegal except in the most extreme cases. Some other things there needs to be room for compromise. Somethings that liberals have put their last breath policies on you can live with and vise-versa. What we’ve lost the ability to do more than anything else is LISTENING! The second thing would be give-and-take compromising. Okay, I’ll give you say gay marriage, if you make serious cuts to entitlements… granted that’s silly and would never happen, but that’s what I’m talking about. The day that comes back the fever pitch that our nation is at MIGHT subside… We also need to have POTUS’s who aren’t extremists and who understand, as Donald Trump would call it, “The Art of the Deal.” We don’t have that now and we desperately need it.

  • Ken Espenschied

    “Well, my friends, conservatives can be, and too often are, just as orthodox — and it’s starting to really annoy me.”

    I absolutely agree. I’ve seen this for a long time. It could make conservatism as dangerous, in it’s own way, as liberalism, i.e., myopic, inflexible, unable to cope with the truth of a given situation, and condemnatory toward those who bring up inconvenient facts, or think about a given situation. Truth, as much as possible, should be sought in politics, not party. When we fall into orthodoxies, even conservative ones, truth will be the first thing sacrificed. Compassion will be second. I believe conservatives have the best ideas, because their ideas, in many cases comport with reality. That doesn’t mean conservatives are righteous. Sometimes, the worst fate that can befall a person, or a group, is being on the right side of an argument.

  • JohnInMA

    The poster ‘chachi’ shows what motivates the increasing purity drive. Ironicly, they try to describe it as NOT intolerant, just fed up and feeling sufficiently persecuted already. In other words, there is some difference (??) between having no more patience, choosing to exclude talk, and intolerance. They seem identical to most people.

    Personally, I find most of my anonymous attackers on blogs and the like to usually not be willing or able to engage. They are one note (post) wonders who are simply seeking their own personal outrage and seeking to outrage another as a reaction. Often those quick hit comments have remarkable semblance to particular ‘outrage’ personalities on radio and TV. It’s as if we are becoming a society of tribes whose main goals are to define their uniqueness from the other tribes. Part of that seems to be the push to isolate and separate.

  • Grits Burgh

    Bernie, when you are right, I agree with you. When you are wrong, I disagree – and I make up my own mind. I’m no sheep and I follow no conservative shepherd. In this case, you are right. It is tedious to listen to reflexive picking of Obama’s nits. Politically, it is also counter productive. But it’s a free country. You can always change the channel.

    • Bet1946

      This society managed to transform smoking into practically the lowest form of behavior aside from pedophilia by harping on it through the media incessantly and blaming every ailment in the world on tobacco. It transformed homosexuality from a private personal act, a perverted, pathological condition, to something to laud and proliferate through public brainwashing and overexposure. It transformed Christianity which was a cornerstone of America and a stabilizing institution into a farce and object of ridicule and hatred in the minds of the majority of this country. Apparently repetition and ridicule is what influences public opinion. If decency and moderation sufficed, Mitt Romney would be president. I say give it all we’ve got to save the USA; never cease efforts to create or expose whatever might defeat the enemy of the integrity of America. Fight fire with fire if need be.

      • It’s almost over

        Bet, we need you to continue fighting with these moderates Repubs with your comments. They seem to have no idea who they’re fighting or what they’re fighting for. That’s why we lost in 2012, a very moderate republican (Romney) going up against an extreme liberal.

        • CentralScruntinizer

          An “extreme liberal” who was to the right of Eisenhower on virtually every significant domestic and foreign policy issue save gay marriage? To the right of Nixon on most, to the right of Reagan and Bush 41 on many? That one?

          • It’s almost over

            Yeah, the one that never had a real job. The one that never punched a time clock. The one that made April the month for all Americans to be more financially responsible. Yeah, the right winger you call Odumbo!

            Right of Reagan, please! I guess you heard that on the Chris Matthews show. Another right winger I suppose..!

          • CentralScruntinizer

            In most ways Obama is tougher on foreign policy (Reagan traded Arms with Iran, essentially created Al Qaeda via funding the Mujahadeen – His biggest foreign move was keeping defense spending at historic highs to force the Soviets to spend themselves into collapse) Domestically he was for amnesty for immigrants, raised taxes 11 times and kept a top marginal rate above Obama’s TMR, he was solidly against private ownership of assault weapons…

            And I guess you’ve worked as a community organizer to know that it’s easy advocating in the poorest neighborhoods for housing and necessities on behalf of the least fortunate? And I’m certain that an adult who enjoys terms like “Odumbo” probably would never be able to find work as a professor of constitutional law.

            Got any other gems from the Daily Caller with which you’d like to dazzle us?

      • CentralScruntinizer

        Yes, Romney, a skilled practitioner of vulture capitalism who reaped 100s of millions in personal profit more by shutting companies after he loaded them with debt than by turning them around – A who also profited massively by dumping pensions of companies he shut down on the US taxpayer, is an avatar of decency. Keep telling yourself that.

        • Jen

          Pretty harsh accusations there of Romney.”Yes, Romney, a skilled practitioner of vulture capitalism who reaped 100s of millions in personal profit more by shutting companies after he loaded them with debt than by turning them around – A who also profited massively by dumping pensions of companies he shut down on the US taxpayer, is an avatar of decency. Keep telling yourself that.”
          Do you have any facts to back that up? Or do you just look at Left blogs for your info? Or maybe you believe the presidential ads from last fall that said Romney was a murderer, hated dogs, and had foreign bank accounts?

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Bain’s track record is pretty well documented, and when those companies foundered and went bankrupt the pensions fall to a taxpayer funded pool.

            For what it’s worth, I hated the murder ad, it was out of the Lee Atwater / Roger Ailes playbook and sad to see that both sides are now knee deep in that slime. The dog thing was stupid, but even Romney would never deny he has plenty of money offshore. There are funds jointly held by Bains partnership offshore that are public record. The only question for Romney is how much money does he have offshore. The fact that he was the first presidential candidate in 40 years not to show his returns was what fueled that.

          • Jen

            Bain’s records according to liberal blogs are pretty well documented and pure fiction! The fact is Romney provided many jobs to people and saved multiple corporations. But for some strange reason being successful in the USA is frowned upon now. Welfare recipients are praised instead.
            Do you think Romney is the only politician with offshore accounts? When American’s are taxed at 40% or more, I don’t blame them for trying to reduce their taxable income.
            By the way, thank you for replying so nicely. I am usually called names and told how stupid I am. It is refreshing to blog with someone who doesn’t have to resort to those tactics.

          • CentralScruntinizer

            Forget liberal blogs, go check mainstream records. Look under KB Toys, Stage Stores as a couple of the worst. Also probably a good idea to scan this from Bloomberg:

            Offshore accounts are fine up to the point that they assist in outright tax evasion, which shifts the burden of funding the infrastructure of the country from the top 1-2% down disproportionately onto the middle class. Over the past 35 years, the campaign finance system has allowed a capture of all 3 branches of the federal government, which in turn has led to a revision of tax and regulatory legislation that fueled a massive shift of wealth and income upward, mostly at the expense of the middle class. Romney & Bain Capital’s business tactics and offshoring of both jobs and assets are just one symptom of all of this.

            And don’t thank me for normal civility. We need to try remember that we’re ultimately all in this together, we just have different policy views. It doesn’t always need to be a blood sport.

        • It’s almost over

          At least he worked for a living. What did Odumbo do…take handouts from everyone.

  • potemkin_village_usa

    Bernie, you should know better! When in Rome, eat spaghetti, not borsht.
    When cruising with the weekly Standard people, talk about the slobbering love affair the press has with the left and when you’re on the Huffington Post’s People’s conference blast the birthers as kooks.
    Do this young man and you’ll be a hit across the political spectrum drinking mai tais with Arianna Huffington, Chris Matthews on the left, and Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg on the right. It would be wonderful if everyone across the political spactrum were as enlightened as we are; but, alas, they are not!

  • John Daly

    Great column. Believe me, I empathize.

    There are many truly outrageous things going on in our country right now, so it drives me nuts when my fellow conservatives get hung up on the petty stuff and make mountains out of molehills. It makes the whole conservative movement harder to take seriously.

    There are many bad things that our president legitimately deserves blame for. When we get hung up on birth certificates, and comments from non-associates that he’s merely sitting in the same room with, we’ve jumped the shark.

    Conservatives need to be smarter about which battles they fight.

    • Mario Goveia

      Bernie needs to use better examples as well. Very few conservatives thought Obama was born in a foreign country. It was Obama who was responsible for the so-called “birthers” by trying to hide his birth records reportedly spending thousands in legal fees to do so. Then The Donald beat it out of him by attacking him in the media. Why would someone wanting to be President of the US even THINK about hiding his birth records? The same goes for Obama’s college records. What kind of MORON, whose supporters claim is BRILLIANT, fights tooth and nail to hide his college records if he is actually brilliant? We are seeing for ourselves that he is anything but brilliant. The reason Obama got away with such stunts previously was that he never had a job in the private sector.

      • It’s almost over

        The birther thing came from the Clinton’s during the 2008 elections. (And I think they would know). And Not from the right. Obama’s first executive order was to close ALL his records…his reason, for security reasons! He lost his law license because he used an alias name, Berry. When you take the oath to be a lawyer, you swear that you never used an alias name….he said no and they find out about it. He’s a fake and the majority of Americans don’t even care!

        • sheila0405

          Look it up. President Obama did not lose his lawyer’s license. This is a lie that has been perpetuated by the far Right. and have the real story about both the President and First Lady’s licenses to practice law. I feel like throwing up every time I read this stuff. A lie gets started, then the far Right happily jumps on the bandwagon without bothering to fact check.

          • Kansan

            They’re too stupid to figure out that if they get an e-mail that urges them to “SEND THIS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW” that it’s almost certainly bullcrap.

      • Kansan

        Obama has no obligation to supply anything to you morons and lunatics.

        He produced his birth certificate. There were contemporaneous birth announcements in the Honolulu papers. The Hawaiian Secretary of State affirmed that his birth record as on file.

        The notion that anyone at the time of his birth over 50 years ago would fake his birth details because he was going to be a presidential contender in 2008 is beyond ludicrous.

        Orly Taitz is obviously nuts, Trump isn’t completely crazy but was a compulsive media hound able to capture media attention as tabloid and TV personalities pretending to be journalists are given an undeserved platform.

        • It’s almost over

          Kansan, Obama works for us. We dont work for him. If we the people ask for information we should be able to see it. Obama birth record was on the site until it was confirmed that it was a fake. Then it was taken down! Why was it taken off the web site? If it was a copy, a true copy, then why remove it…. Because it was fake. His SSN is from

          • It’s almost over

            Connecticut, he never lived there….need I say more!

          • CentralScruntinizer

            I’m sure you were just as outraged when Cheney refused for 8 years to reveal the attendees at the energy producers summit he held at the white house to ask what regulation they wanted repealed, in spite of repeated congressional subpoenas (which was just the start of thousands of non-national security related issues denied the press and congress by the Bush-Cheney) – If we just scroll back in your comments, I feel certain we will find your angry demand that Cheney release any and all subpeona’d information, right? Otherwise that would be highly selective outrage, which I’m certain you don’t practice…

          • Kansan

            It was only confirmed as a “fake” because you suffer from delusions.
            I don’t know how pervasive they are. Are you getting messages through the fillings in your teeth? Do you wear a tinfoil hat to ward off the rays that you believe direct your behavior? In your belief, has a computer chip been planted in you to control your actions?

          • It’s almost over

            Don’t make fun of me tinfoil…I had it specially made

          • Kansan

            Looks lovely on you. Don’t ever change.

          • Phil Silverman

            He receieved the soc. sec. # erroneously given to a Connecticut resident – he received TWO numbers. Barack Obama got the second one. And that means to you, what? RE. the birth cert. – even if it WAS fake, is that EVIDENCE he was not born in Hawaii? Do you think the two newspapers who announced his birth in Hawaii had time traveler writers? I am friends with an approx. 85 year old Lady who was friends with Sr. Obama and was THERE when he got the message he was a Father of a son born in Hawaii named Barack.

        • JmThms

          I don’t believe Obama was born in a foreign country. I don’t believe that Obama is a muslim. I do believe that Obama is at least a social-welfare statist (EU level). I would, however, like to see Obama’s college transcripts. I am sure that he was not qualified for the academic advancement he received. Affirmative Action anyone?

          • It’s almost over

            Jm, it’s amazing to me how much info you know about Obama. But it’s not that you know, you said that you “believe”. And why do you believe this: because you still believe in this corrupt system we call government. Surely it wouldn’t lie to us, right?
            Yes Jm it has, again. Just to get one thing out there and I hope you can digest it. Ready? Obama college transcripts, I could only wish that affirmative action was the reason. No, it’s because he put down that he was a foreign exchange student. And where from, Kenya! His place of birth.

            And the ring that he uses as his wedding band. He’s had it since he was a teenager. On the inside it read, “Allah, the one true God.” If he were a Christian it should read, Jesus Christ.

          • JmThms

            Again, where is the evidence? I don’t know that much about Obama, but a lot of what I do know is bad enough. But place of birth is not one of those things I’m in doubt about.

          • It’s almost over

            Jm, it was the Clinton’s in 2008 that first mouthed the birther thing. And I think they would know! They were about to come out with the evidence but decided not to….for what ever reason. The Clinton’s said they would never say something so ridiculous without the proof to back it up. Obamas birth certificate was removed from the White House web site after it was found to have 8 layers fo digitally produced writing that haver existed in the 60’s.

            It’s all over the web. Just look it up.

          • Kansan

            Where do you get your “evidence” for such ridiculous claims? Out of your butt? Out of Rush’s butt?

          • Jen

            If you are going to make comments like this, please don’t waste our time.

          • Kansan

            You don’t do anything but waste the time of others.
            Parroting slogans is not actual thought.

          • sheila0405
          • Kansan

            Thanks for supplying that link, but the Teatards we’re dealing with here don’t recognize anything as a fact that conflicts with their delusional worldviews.
            I should also tell you that the rightwingnuts consider Snopes to be a mendacious source, with no evidence at all for their odd notions. In their minds, such as they are, Snope, Urban Legends, FactCheck, Politifact, etc., are all part of the plot to promote the conspiracy that only they can detect.
            A poll was just released that found 7% of Americans think there is a plot by the Lizard People to take over the world. I never even heard of the LP before this poss, but one of fourteen Americans think that this paranoid hallucination is the real thing.
            The ring story is bogus of course. But all of their craziness is bogus too. Goldberg is trying to tell them that if they persist in these easily debunkable fantasies, that they’re discrediting conservatives who might otherwise have something useful to contribute to the debate.
            Their response is to ignore Goldberg and blame the messenger.

          • hypocrite

            Teatards? Nice. I thought you liberals banned the use of the word, retard? Hypocrite.

          • Kansan

            I didn’t ban anything, Teatard.

            It’s a portmanteau word. I didn’t invent it. But it seems to fulfill its purpose.

          • hypocrite

            And the use of it makes you a hypocrite. QED.

          • Kansan

            Only in your wildly delusional mind, Teatard.

            I can see why you’ve chosen such a fitting “handle.”

          • Kansan

            Did you ask to see that moron Dubya’s transcripts? You do know that he, a “legacy admission” was a “C” student at best. His extracurricular activities were cheerleading and getting arrested, twice, for disorderly conduct and theft.

          • Jen

            Well at least the media had access to Bush’s grades. Obama’s were never released. I would bet that he would have loved to had a couple “C” ‘s on his report card. Obama’s extracurricular activites included lots of beer, pot and snorts of cocaine. Read his book, he brags about his drug use and sleeping with women.

          • Kansan

            What about Sarah Palin’s coke abuse and dope smoking? What about her one-nighter with Glenn Rice when he was a Michigan junior? What about her conviction for a serious fish and game violation?

            What about Dubya’s year AWOL? What about his DUI in Maine?
            Just wondering.

          • Jen

            Did Sarah Palin write a book about boasting about her own coke abuse and one nighters? Is she the president right now?
            George W. Bush AWOL? You mean Dan Rather forging documents and reporting on nation news as though they were fact? I couldn’t care less about a DWI. Is George Bush president now?
            This is too easy.

          • Kansan

            She never denied her coke abuse. Dubya never denied his coke abuse, but said he didn’t want to talk about it.
            Sarah let her buds know about Glenn Rice, but she was covering him in the Alaska Shootout, his junior year. There was conflict of interest since she was reading sports from teleprompters on Anchorage TV at the time, in her early 20s.

            Dan Rather got snookered. He didn’t forge anything. He was given forged documents and a source and believed it. He was exposed immediately and it buried the story of Bush’s year AWOL. I suspect a setup by Karl Rove and/or Bob Perry, but we may never know.
            Bush was given forged documents about Saddam supposedly getting “yellowcake from Niger.” He was warned they were B.S., but promoted them as true. He used the bogus documents to invade Iraq, and Colin Powell used them in his Security Council speech.
            Afterward the documents were provided to the IAEA. Muhammad el Baradei debunked them in 24 hours.
            Which do you think was worse?

          • Jen

            if there was hard and fast evidence of Bush being AWOL it would still be headline news. Sorry to burst your bubble.

            Also, I have never heard of Palin’s drug abuse. Again, it there was evidence we never would have heard the end of it.

            Can you answer an honest question? Why do people like you attack conservatives like Palin, Clarence Thomas, Dr Carson?
            Which do I think is worse you ask? Bengazi is the worst.

          • Kansan

            There has been a book about Palin that mentioned it. It was noted in national press as well. Look it up.

            I knew about it 12 years ago. It happened 28 years ago. I’ve known Palin family for 26 years.

            Clarence Thomas is up there on massa’s porch. He and Scalia have met secretly with the Koch brothers.

            I knew about his sexual problems at the time he was at the EEOC, long before he was appointed to the bench.

            Bengazi was worse than Beirut? You must be using the “New Math?”

            Try this: 241 + 67 = 308

            Benghazi = 4 Much smaller number.

            85. Your I.Q.?

          • Jen

            Pretty sure the book you are talking about wasn’t written by Palin right? I can write a book about you and say you admit to abusing coke too. Obama authored this himself.

            How do you know all this personally?

            massa’s porch? Racist comments is all you have against Clarence Thomas? I asked you a serious question.

            I have met with the Koch brothers too. They are fantastic business men.

            I wasn’t using any math. Your Beirut example may be different in result but innocent loss of life that could have been prevented and an administration coverup and lying is pretty serious if you ask me.

            So you think Obama is the Messiah? does he send tingles up your leg too? has he done anything wrong in your eyes?
            Way to go on the insulting. I knew it wouldn’t take long to go there with you.

          • Phil Silverman

            The facts about Benghazi? It’s a fact that the tragedy was – sadly – something to be expected in that region – is nothing new. Wanna look up W.’s timeline on such events? >>>The CIA was on the scene in 25 minutes. By the way, the GOP were the cheerleaders on reducing embassy security.

          • Phil Silverman

            Palin should be given some space, as she was on the receiving end of a call to run for the second most important job in the world. Any normal person might tend to think, wow, I must have something going. HOWEVER, and people like O’Reilly and Krauthammer and Newt agree, she is not really prime-time material (despite her reality show) – Bill and Charles complained that she NEVER took the initiative to “crack the books” and get more informed. Another big issue is quitting her post. Not good.>>>Yes, and Fox finally did drop her as they did Beck.

          • Phil Silverman

            Did Barack Obama BOAST – BOAST about horrible judgement when he was a teen? He boasted…that’s a good one. I gotta say, this blog, like Fox and Alex Jones and Limbaugh, Coulter, etc., never ceases to amaze me!! :)

          • JmThms

            And don’t you know immediately after being announced as the VP ticket mate, the lefty media rush to Alaska to dig up dirt on her. Meahwhile, a MUCH less qualified Obama gets a pass by the lefty media.

          • Kansan

            The “lefty media” called me about Palin before her nomination was made public. It was the WSJ, as “left” as you get, I guess. They’ve been getting stories from me since 2001.
            I asked why they wanted to know about her. They said they’d heard that McCain was going to nominate her.
            I said, “He’d have to be mad to do that.”
            They were very surprised, asked why. I gave them 30 minutes worth of reasons, starting with Troopergate.
            Half an hour later, McCain released his pick. They called me back. I said they should call Andy Halcro who was a fiscal conservative Republican legislator who ran against her as an independent for governor and gave them Andy’s #. I said they should talk to Sarah’s mentor, Lyda Green, the state senate president, but it was early in the a.m. and I couldn’t be sure she was awake yet, or was willing to
            “talk. So I called a mutual friend to see if she was up and okay with being quoted.
            They were looking for quotes, so I gave them two.
            “McCain needs foreign policy experience and she’s been fishing in Canada.
            “She’s a small town mayor trying to run the state like it’s a small town.”
            The WSJ put those quotes in its first web story, early the afternoon of the announcement. The Anchorage Daily News picked them up the next day.
            After that, the WSJ pulled all three quotes from the story. They’re still in the ADN archives, though. I had a lot more media call me over the next few days about the lies she was telling, like about “the bridge to Nowhere.”
            I don’t know what McCain was thinking about, except a Hail Mary pass to the fundamentalist right.
            He got what he deserved. He sold out his principles.

          • Phil Silverman

            I do defend Palin at times. Wonder if that “Africa is a Country” statement was really made by her? Don’t get me wrong….she is one cliché machine.

          • JmThms

            I’ve seen that ‘moron’ Bush’s transcripts, and they are no doubt better than yours. He had better Ivy League grades than Gore. And his aptitude test scores in the military were better than Kerry’s. Point is, I’ve seen Bush’s transcripts. I have not seen Mr. Affirmative Action’s transcripts. Wonder why.

          • Kansan

            I finished all the work for an AA, a BA and an MS in 4 1/2 years after returning from Viet Nam. I was working 50 hours a week and was on the dean’s list.
            You think “legacy boy” did better than that?
            Guess again.

          • Kansan

            Send us a link for Bush’s transcripts.

        • Phil Silverman

          Yeah, I attended a Tea Party festival in CA, and she was the premier guest: she said e-verify showed that Barack Obama uses a fake soc. sec. card. I asked her why she could not accept the decision of thirty judges when they told her to take a hike with her…”case”.

          • Kansan

            And her response was???

    • Jen

      I am still wondering why Obama gets a free pass on every single issue. Conservatives are supposed to be quiet and accept everything he says and does? Bernie–Republicans have lost the last two presidential elections because the candidates have been moderates not conservatives. You are tired or sick of Fox news or conservatives bashing Obama? What is the alternative? Watch all the other media channels praise his failures? Watch Chris Matthews drool about what a perfect American Obama is? Should we stop criticizing the worst , most disgraceful President this country has ever elected?

      • It’s almost over

        Thank you Jen! Couldn’t said it better. If Romney would have won it would be a skit on every Saturday Night Live show making him look dumb has they did Bush. But Obama gets a pass. And people like Kansan love him and don’t believe there’s any media bias. Unbelievable!

        But want I am starting to believe is that they’re ALL in on it. There’s going to a BIG PARTY one day and none of us are invited. The back door agreements, the hungs and kisses we don’t see, but when they come out its like the hate each other. I’m believing we are the idiots for even caring.

        • Kansan

          You apparently don’t watch much SNL. You
          could try it. It might help you to get back on the planet.
          You are right in believing you’re the idiots. I’m amazed you’ve finally realized what everyone who knows you has recognized for a long time.

          • JmThms

            Kansan, you’re a either a liar or stupid/ignorant. Obama does indeed get a pass.

      • Kansan

        It’s obvious you don’t have a clue.

        Obama is the most disgraceful president? You seem to have entirely missed Dubya, and Nixon..

        Progressives have been leveling legitimate criticisms against Obama since he took office in 2009. While you’ve wasted your time yammering about B.S. non-issues such as birth certificates, golf, vacations, his religion and his grades in college, even Michelle’s haircuts, we have been howling about taxation, health care (we were sold out in the ACA), Guantanamo, drones, Iraq and Afghanistan, oil monitoring failures and resource giveaways, civil rights, redistricting, marijuana prosecutions, immigration oversight, lame appointments (i.e., Holder, Kagan, Geithner, Summers, Hylton, Petraeus) , gutlessness (i.e. Warren, Cordray, Harrington) ad infinitum.

        So if you’re going to be a legitimate opposition, you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

        Somehow, I can’t imagine you have that capacity.

        • Jen

          Typical Liberal you are Kansan. Can you call some more names and tell me how dumb I am? I didn’t say a word about any of your hot topics (birth certificates, golf…) I would debate you any day of the week.
          How about:
          National Debt
          Bankrupting our country
          Turning his back on Israel
          Constant Campaining never governing
          Nationalized health care
          1/2 the population collecting food stamps
          Nuclear threats from North Korea
          Feds printing money
          But all you care about is Homosexual marriage

          • Jen

            I almost forgot…
            What about our murdered Ambassador and 3 dead Marines?
            What about the coverup and the lie this administration used to cover it up. A youtube video ???? on the anniversary of 9/11.
            Did you hear about that?

          • Kansan

            Did you hear about the 241 dead marines at the Beirut airport?

            Did you hear about the 67 who died in the bombing of the Beirut U.S. embassy four months earlier?

            How did Reagan deal with those losses?

            He invaded a Caribbean beach resort.

            Were there any congressional hearings?

            Not yet.

          • Kansan

            I would debate you any day of the week. Nothing I enjoy more than demolishing morons like yourself, unless it’s demolishing well educated people who act like you do.

          • sheila0405

            Half the population on food stamps? The US population is just over 300 million. Food stamp recipients number 46.6 million. Half of 300 million is 150 million. Your math needs some work.

        • JmThms

          …and another thing, the term “Progressives” is the biggest misnomer in American political history. Oh, and by the way, the ‘legitimate criticisms’ you liberals have ‘been leveling against Obama’ all come from your dysfunctional lefty perspective. Not moving the country to the left fast enough is not a ‘legitimate’ criticisms. Its stupid.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Here’s a clip from Sean Hannity from a few years back on the subject. There is a fine line between speaking the truth and bending over backwards to draw a false equivalency. In the case of the clip above, you spoke the truth to Sean Hannity. However, the MSM is controlled by liberals, I believe you yourself would agree to that. I don’t think you could claim “conservative bias” exists in the media when the message is dominated by liberals and the Left. No conservative thought exists in the MSM or if it does, I’ve yet to see it.

    • John Daly

      You’re right in that the media is dominated by liberals, but conservative media bias does exist… even if it’s heavily outweighed by liberal media bias.

      The country would be better off if both were minimized. Opinionated commentary is fine, but news stories should be at least be covered fairly… not in a way that serves as a counter-balance to opposing bias.

      • Kathie Ampela

        “There are those on the Right, as Peter Wehner describes them in a piece for Commentary magazine, who seem “to be in a near-constant state of agitation, ever alert to identify and excommunicate from the ranks those they perceive as apostates. One day it is Chris Christie; the next day it is Bob McDonnell, or Jeb Bush, or Mitch Daniels, or Eric Cantor, or Lindsay Graham, or Mitch McConnell, or someone somewhere who has gone crosswise of those who view themselves as prefects of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.” –
        Agreed. But comparing conservative commentary to mainstream media bias is misleading and unfair. Which has a more damaging and insidious effect on the culture: The AP banning the term “illegal immigrant” or conservative commentators nitpicking Obama or demanding ideological purity. I submit the former rather than the latter because I understand the mindset of Mr. & Mrs. Driveby America, most of whom never listen to Rush Limbaugh or watch Sean Hannity, but DO rely on the AP for their sources of news and information. Partisan political views have been around forever, I remember growing up around it in my family. It’s the technology that magnifies and makes us more aware of it. The drivebys decide general elections and the drivebys still rely on legacy media, although not as much as they used to. I believe Bernie, in his admirable attempt at fairness in his analysis draws a false comparison at times.
        Regarding conservative cruise ships, when in Rome as they say? If you went on a cruise with Arianna Huffington, George Soros and a group of their wealthy followers what do you think that would be like?

  • David Malphurs

    Bernie, I always hated when I was labelled “on the right” or “conservative”. I am neither. Like the great Adam Carolla says, I am not right or left, I’m common sense and leave me the f alone.
    Sounds like both sides need a dose of this so we can all come back down to earth.

    • It’s almost over

      The left will never ever get a dose of common sense….that’s the problem. But we, the right, are always being lectured by the Left to why we were defeated in 2012. Their message, if the right wants to win they have to move even more left to center. That’s the Left’s dose of common sense and the right is now drinking that koolaid. And so are you

  • chachi

    Yes, Bernie, I disagree with your article. They are not booing you because they mind hearing differing opinions. They are booing you because critique of liberals does not always have to be balanced with critique of conservatives when the major spheres of influence in this country (media, academia and pop culture) are so heavily stacked against conservatives. You want to nitpick conservative orthodoxy, fine, that’s your prerogative. However, many conservatives feel that when you do that you only give aid and comfort to those on the Left by giving them another cudgel to hit us over the head with, and we’re a bit tired of that.

    • indi4ever

      Except the cudgel is there–even if Bernie doesn’t mention it to you.

    • theFantom

      If that were the case, he wouldn’t be blacklisted from reappearing.

    • JmThms


      You have a point there. As I have said before, our ‘stupidity’ is not on the level of the liberal’s institutionalized ‘stupidity’. The balance tilts left. However, Bernie does have a point to the extent that conservative stupidity exists. I do think that it undermines our cause when we constantly go after Obama for stupid (or nonexistent, e.g birth certificate) things.