Donald Trump Is the Greatest; Just Ask Him (updated with new information)

So Donald Trump is at it again, saying that he may run for president after all.  Given the current Republican field, Trump says, “I would certainly think about running as an independent.”

Let me say this as delicately as I can:  Donald Trump is full of it.  There is not one chance in a hundred billion that he will run.  If he did, he’d not only lose, he’d look like a loser — a pathetic, cartoon character, clown of a  LOSER, who wouldn’t win a single electoral vote and not many of the other kind of votes, either.  This is something Donald Trump, who can’t utter a sentence without announcing how wonderful he is or how great his ratings are, could never tolerate.  He’s the one who fires people.  He rejects youYou don’t reject him.

The French philosopher Descartes famously said “I think therefore I am.”  In Trump’s case the line would be, “I’m on television therefore I am.”  I have never met anybody who needs publicity the way Trump does, and who uses it to tell the world that he’s the greatest.  Ali may have believed it when he said he was the greatest, but he was also having fun.  Trump is dead serious.  Airtime to Donald Trump, is air itself; it’s oxygen. Without oxygen we die.  Without airtime Trump dies; maybe not literally, but close enough.

It wasn’t long ago that he told us he might run for president as a Republican. But then he had to make a choice:  A TV show on the one hand … or possibly being the leader of the free world on the other.  Let’s see, he figured: I could make a lot of money to add to the lots of money I already have and host a dopey television show where I get to fire people … or I can convey my ideas to the American people and, given the field I have no respect for, given that I am THE DONALD TRUMP, who knows, maybe I have a chance to be President of the United States.

And he chose the television show.  I can think of two other Americans who would have made the same decision if there was TV in their day:  Barnum and Bailey.

Donald Trump can be a very nice guy.  I have done several stories about him over the years. After I did a piece about his controversial new golf course along the North Sea in Scotland — a golf course that environmentalists didn’t want him to build — he told somebody I know that “Bernie didn’t do me any favors with the story, but he was fair.”  That’s all a reporter can ask of anybody he covers.  Trump can be charming in person. He can be funny and generous.  But he’s still full of it.

He may (or may not) soon be hosting yet another GOP debate on television.  Almost all of the candidates have either declined to show up or haven’t committed.  Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist, said on Twitter that “GOP candidates would be foolish to show up at Trump’s clown circus/ debate. Walk away.”  Karl Rove, President George W. Bush’s longtime adviser, added on Fox News: “What the heck are the Republican candidates doing showing up at a debate with a guy who says, ‘I may run for president next year as an independent’?”  Now, even Trump says he may not show up.  Why?  He’s still peddling the story that he’s thinking about running for president, which is precisely what someone who craves attention would say.

Whether or not Trump hosts the debate, for some crazy reason, candidates feel they have to kiss Trump’s ring.  Newt Gingrich has met with him, and so have Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Michelle Bachmann.  Herman Cain, who was in the race, and Sarah Palin, who was toying with the idea of running, have also paid homage to The Donald.

Ron Paul, one of the candidates who will skip the Trump-hosted debate, told CNN that he doesn’t understand why so many candidates are seeking Trump’s support.

“I didn’t know he had the ability to lay on hands and anoint people,” Paul said.

He doesn’t.  But don’t tell that to Donald Trump.  He wouldn’t believe it if you did.


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  • Sunnyr

    Right on, Bernie! I have said all along that The Donald will not risk being humiliated, as he surely would be if he ran, because his ego would be on Life Support for the next 30 years.
    He’s a bloviating, braggadocious self-promoter and even more of a narcissist than Comrade Obozo. No thank you! He needs to shut the hell up and stop trying to throw a monkey wrench into the GOP electoral process. When all is said and done, we will have a candidate who will beat the LOSER in the White House by double digits. We don’t need Donald Trump mucking it up!

  • Wallace Flint

    The one thing that Donald Trump will do if he runs for president- is to insure that that “empty suit” in the White House will win! By splitting the right of center vote between him and the Republican nominee That clown Obama could really lean back and watch his opponents “take on” each other. We do need a change in the White House, that’s for sure. Let’s do it right and stick together! My God-4 more years of him?

    In God We Trust!
    Wally flint- Boonville, NY

  • fred marler

    Oh, Bernie. You may mistake the man. I heard him speak — he made a comparison of ancient Athens and Obama’s America: I wrote his words down —
    “Yet I also saw that in pursuit of power and domination, Philip, our opponent in the struggle, had his eye knocked out, his collarbone broken, his hand and leg maimed, in fact that he readily sacrificed any part of his body that fortune might take so that afterwards he might live in honor and glory. Indeed, no one would have dared assert that a man raised in Pella, a small, obscure place at the time, would become so bold as to desire rule over the Greeks and to make that his purpose, or that you ___Athenians!___who every day behold reminders of the valor of your forebears in all manner of speeches and monuments, would be so cowardly as to surrender your freedom to Philip voluntarily.”

    The Donald

    (He had Demosthenes, a Greek, translate it for today’s Greece that they might receive his wisdom.) Now, do you not think he would fight the battle as Philip did his. I would not cross the man Bernie! You are a trying man. He might bring down his heavy hammer of justice upon you.

  • Rick Johnson

    You’re too kind, Mr. Goldberg. I think Trump is a buffoon. Never did understand all the people who jumped on the bandwagon, when he first said he’d run. His tariff nonsense tapped into the ‘hate China – bring the jobs home’ idea, I guess. Just what we need right now, tariffs to increase prices and make goods unavailable.

  • Sunnyr

    I totally agree with this article. The Donald’s ego would be on life support after a devastating DEFEAT in a presidential election. He couldn’t handle it. This man is a mega blow-hard and as much of a Narcissist as Comrade Obozo. No thank you. Donald, please go away. You are mucking up a serious presidential race with your nonsense.

  • Gena Taylor

    I think Trump is a blowhard, cannot see why people pay so much attention to anything the guy has to say, especially since most of what he says is, as stated in this article, how wonderful Trump thinks he is.
    As my late mom used to say – He thinks his shit don’t stink.
    And I have no idea why Fox has him on so often, since most of what he says is repetition of the same – I’m great, if I don’t like the choice I will run for President (deluional fool for reasons given in this article – ice berg’s chance in hell of being elected). He is getting as irritating as a rash that won’t go away.

    • ginger

      Trump redefines the word narcissist…don’t know why he said millions were waiting to see whom he would endorse,,,I could not care less whom he is for (other than himself). I know my principles and they are not predicated on how much money one has.

  • Wil Burns

    Hey Bernie, Did you notice the Liberal Media bias lineup on the Sunday morning political shows?

    ABC THIS WEEK–Excepts from the GOP debate in Iowa; GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman

    FACE THE NATION–GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann; Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)

    MEET THE PRESS–GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul; Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.); Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.); Gov. Terry Branstad (R-Iowa)

    FOX NEWS SUNDAY–Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas); Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.)

    One Democrat and eight Republicans plus debate excerpts . . . okay, that’s fair and balanced. (sarcasm)

  • Drew Page

    On his worst day, during the worst four years of his life, Donald Trump would not have done the damage to this country that Barack Obama has done. I have never heard Donald Trump apologize for America to the rest of the world. Donald Trump may be a blow hard, but he knows how to run a business, he has had to meet payrolls and he has actually had to work for a living. The money he spends on his lavish lifestyle isn’t taxpayer money. If and when he retires, he won’t be living off a taxpayer provided pension. Donald may tell everyone he’s the smartest guy in the world, but a lot of people will believe it. Barack Obama has other people say he is the the smartest guy in the world and nobody believes it.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I’ve never been a Trump fan. He’s a blow-hard and is convinced everyone cares what he thinks.
    That said, he has great insight into how our government drives manufacturing out of the county and what Obama’s policies are doing to the economy.
    People should listen to him. Republicans should listen to him. He’s right about some things (regulation & taxes) that make China attractive to US manufactures. He says the Chi-Coms are laughing at us as they take away our good paying jobs and property tax base. People should know this. They’re not going to hear it on CNN or NBC.

    • wally

      I agree with you Ed. I wouldn’t vote for Trump but he might be good at getting more specifics out of the candidates in a debate format. I prefer that any debate be designed to allow the candidate at least 5 minutes or possibly longer to elaborate on a specific topic and to limit the number of topics to avoid too lengthy debates. When candidates have only a short time to sell their idea, the idea becomes too generalized to be of any value.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I’ve never been a Trump fan. He’s a blow-hard and is convinced everyone cares what he thinks.
    That said, he has great insight into how our government drives manufacturing out of the county and what Obama’s policies are doing to the economy.
    People should listen to him. Republicans should listen to him. He’s right about some things (regulation & taxes) that make China attractive to US manufactures. He says the Chi-Coms are laughing at us as they steal our good paying jobs and property tax base. People should know this. They’re not going to hear it on CNN or NBC.

  • chuck.tatum

    Not since Rosie O’Donnell’s spot on impression mocking Trump a few years back has someone dumped on Trump so well.

    Which is why I’m for a guy like Ron Paul to actually show up at Trump’s egofest. Think about it; Trump would not be in control for the first time. Trump would not be in the editing room to make himself the center of attention and appearing to be the smartest guy in the room.
    Imagine Cong. Paul being able to take up his alloted 10- 2 minute response times as a time to blast Trump. Cong. Paul could completely ignore any question and deliver Bernie Goldberg and Steven Colbert written material. Who wouldn’t love to hear the most funny, humiliating and embarassing truths delivered on live TV at Trump’s expense. Heck, just showing up in an orange thinning toupe’ would be newsworthy enough to clinch Iowa.

  • Neal Angel

    Bernie, thanks for trumping Trump. The Donald reminds me of PT Barnum, only with hair.

  • Barker

    Trump’s ego is bigger than his fortune, but he did call it right when he said that Obama is the worst president in history .

    Some of the other Republican candidates could use his fearless way of exposing Obama for the fraud that he is.

    The problem with Trump is that he keeps harping on the one topic that he knows best which is a shrewd business sense. His ideas on foreign policy are too extreme and I don’t really think he’s serious about giving up his fun show on TV.

    • Bob Hadley

      Trump also said that President G W Bush will go down as our worst president.

      • ph16

        Was that before or after the 2008 presidential election, Bob?

        • Bob Hadley

          He said that in March of ’07. If he gets a wild hair or three about our next president (whether in ’13 or ’17), he’ll probably relegate President GW Bush to the third worst president. :)

  • David Carls

    Bernie, you are correct as regards The Donald. I think the man is full of himself as well as “IT.” However, he is good for a laugh now and then.
    I enjoy your website and comments. You are a very astute and honest man.

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    Donald Trump is a rich guy who believes that he is infallible because he is rich. This is unfortunate because he does have some good ideas and is largely a likeable fellow.
    But like too many wealthy people, Mr. Trump belives that his acumen making money has somehow blessed him with the cachet of infallibility. That because he is rich his judgement, taste, ideas, and he himself is better than anybody else’s.
    Well, it doesn’t.

  • Nancye

    So Trump is “full of himself”, so what? In my opinion he would be more fair hosting a debate with conservative GOP candidates than the bleeding heart, leftist, bias, moderators, so-called journalists, or whatever these people with the gotcha questions are.

    It gave me great pleasure when Newt put that jerk Scott Pelley in his place a few weeks ago during a debate. I wish all the GOP candidates would do likewise and then maybe they’d get some conservative person to host a debate with conservative candidates.

  • Jeannette

    I’d take “the Donald” over pumpkin-head any day. Please. Allow me. Please do not leave me with stylus aloft, wondering whether to punch out G or O.

    In all seriousness, I’d be “punching out” G, but with heavy reluctance.

  • Florida Jim

    Newt feels confident in his knowledge and skills but the others may not so why boost Trump at their potential expense?
    Picture Perry facing trump…..

  • Blakely1

    An incident like this would never happen in the Democratic Party. For all their faults they do not cannabalize their own.
    I am still upset with K. Rove for destroying O’donnel’s chance of victory.
    When will Republicans get it that the worst possible conservative is better than another Obama sycophant.
    Trump is at worst egotistical, but with good reason. He is smart, rich & influential & has a knowledge of foreign countries, unmatched by most candidates,including Obama. Face it,in order to go for that office, a high opinion of yourself is a prerequisite.
    And he’s right about Ron Paul & Huntsman. Paul will have a series of good ideas & then come up with a crazy, like opening the border.
    I have no idea why Huntsman doesn’t have appeal but he just doesn’t. He is good looking, has good experience, talks well but there is some intangible that turns me off his message. Maybe it is that aura of superiority that some elitests bring to Ivy League Schools.
    There are thousands of Democrats attacking our candidates. We should fight them not join them.
    This may be a last chance election.

  • Bruce A.

    Everyone had to see this coming with a publicity hound like Donald.

  • Norm

    Answer: (but not limited to)
    Chuck Schumer
    Al Sharpton
    Jesse Jackson
    Nancy Pelosi
    Donald Trump
    Who never met a TV Camera they didn’t fawn over?

  • Brandt Hardin

    Trump is a windbag and full of hot air… all that fuss and guffaw will drop like his blood pressure after a double-tap shotgun blast to the head. Watch him get his and see if that hair is even real when the guns come out on the Zombie Walk of Fame at

  • Will Swoboda

    Hey Bernie,
    Thanks for snapping back into reality. I think the Donald is a great businessman and a great American but you are right. The next election will be the most important one in my lifetime. let’s all try to keep that first in our political thinking.
    Thanks, Will

  • T Ivison

    Right on Bernie ! I have for a long time now been thinking everything you said. Good to hear I am not the only one who does not have a “Slobbering Love Affair” with the Donald.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: I understand how D. Trump thinks he’s now a mover and shaker in Republican nat’l politics (the “D” is for delusional), but I’m mystified that anyone else thinks it. Oh wait, I forgot, United States of Entertainment. Heard him telling some microphone that someone called HIM with the debate idea, and my immediate thought was, “what a lie!” He’s the only one who could make me vote for Barry, and it hurt to type that (OW!).

  • John Daly

    It’s interesting listening to all of the conservative radio hosts (and also Bill O’Reilly) who think the candidates should actually go to the Trump debate.


    What better way to discount the seriousness of this country’s problems than showing that you’d rather be part of a circus than have an adult conversation about the issues?

    • Paul Courtney

      John: Indeed. If he pulls this off (and it looks like it may fold before the pilot episode is in the can), what’s next, the Mark Cuban Republican debate? Simon Cowell?

    • cmacrider

      John: Your assessment could not be more correct. Does it never enter these candidates heads that if they want to be elected President of the United States, Defender of the Free world, icon of democracy, personification of the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness …. that they have to appear “Presidential” in the eyes of the electorate????? Personally, I think that an “endorsement” by Trump may very well be a liability.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Wow! I guess you and Donald Trump won’t be going to the same cocktail parties :-) But I have to say I agree with you. I thought this debate thing was a bad idea to begin with..we are looking at the election of our lifetime next year. Turning the process into a reality show does not help.

  • Bob Ziegler

    Showing “No Fear”, That’s why I look forward to reading your commentary here, and on O’Reilly. You draw the subject out into the open, and then come back in and dissect it right in front of us to explain your position. It’s often times shocking when you first start out, but it always comes back to sound reasoning once you reach your conclusion. I always have to give you kudos.

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    • Wil Burns

      GOP debate:

      Cut taxes.
      No regulations.
      Love Israel.

      ’nuff said!