Even If He Wins, Obama Will Lose

The latest Wall Street Journal poll can’t be good news for Mitt Romney’s chances of sending Barack Obama packing.

“With few voters still on the fence, President Barack Obama holds leads over Mitt Romney in new polls of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, three of the states likely to determine who wins the White House in November,” is how the story unfolded.

“Among likely voters,” the Journal story said, “Mr. Obama leads Mr. Romney by seven percentage points in Ohio and by five points in both Florida and Virginia, the polls found. The polls, conducted Sept. 9-11, carry a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points for those voters.”

Unless something changes – and yes, there are four debates between now and Election Day – things are not looking good for the Romney campaign.

But there were also some rays of hope in the poll for Romney.  According to the Journal, he “edged the president among independents in both Ohio and Virginia. In all three states, Mr. Obama’s job approval hovered at or below 50%. And the polls found a sharp drop from 2008 in likely first-time voters, a group that went strongly for Mr. Obama in the last election. Mr. Romney is also getting a larger share of the white vote than Sen. John McCain did in 2008.”

The Romney people say the poll is only a snapshot, and one taken at right after the Democratic National Convention, a time most favorable to the president.  They may be right.  And with the election still more than a month away, anything is possible.

But I’m pretty sure about this:  If Barack Obama wins he will not only be saddled with high unemployment, an enormous debt, and an all-around economic mess, much of it of his own doing, but a mess of a different kind altogether.

Let me re-visit a theme I’ve written about before.

If he wins, President Obama will have succeeded in pitting Americans against each other – never a good thing.  Once politicians divided us based on race.  Mr. Obama divides us based on money.  He plays the envy card and turns us against each other based on how much we have in the bank.

If he wins, he will have convinced Americans that Mitt Romney is the kind of guy who callously shuts down steel mills, fires its workers to line his pockets, and doesn’t care if their wives die of cancer, supposedly for lack of medical insurance.

If he wins, he will have convinced them, too, that Mitt Romney is a tax cheat and possibly a felon.

If he wins, he will have successfully conveyed a nasty message that Republicans are racists.  Remember Mr. Obama’s sidekick, Joe Biden, telling a mostly African-American audience that “they’re gonna put y’all back in chains.”

Barack Obama is the man who won the trust of a majority of American voters four years ago not just with his promises to fix the economy.  He was going to heal the divisions in America, the nasty, never-ending partisan arguments that had become poisonous.

Four years later, the unemployment rate is still high, the national debt is $5 trillion more than when he took office, the overall economy is still a mess, and we’re more polarized today than when he was elected.

The Wall Street Journal poll may indeed only be a snapshot, but it isn’t encouraging for Mitt Romney, not at the moment anyway.  But it isn’t encouraging for Barack Obama, either.

If he wins, the man who told us that there is no Red State or Blue State America, only a United States of America, will learn how hollow that line really was.  He will be president of a deeply divided and angry nation.

No, hard line liberals would not be happy if Romney wins.  We would still be divided and angry. But Mitt Romney has done nothing to tear this country apart.  Decent people who didn’t vote for him, I hope, would wish him well – just as many Republicans four years ago wished Mr. Obama well.

But Barack Obama has done great harm to this country.  Take away the smile and he’s David Axelrod, just one more politician who would do just about anything to win.


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  • http://profiles.google.com/tbfh1955 tb thomas

    Mr. Goldberg, when you say he’ll be “saddled” with unemployment and a bad economy, it reminds me that the vast majority of Americans don’t realize that the damage Mr. Obama has done to this nation since taking office was not an unfortunate consequence of his inexperience, or his misguided ideology. What he has done since taking office has been on purpose.

    Obama recognizes that the politics of victimhood and entitlement (cloyingly built up by the Democrats over the last four decades) have failed, and are now on permanent life-support, using permanently revolving credit, and more recently, an indefinite commitment by the Fed to print whatever money is needed to prop up the Obama government. While this may be politically sustainable (to be determined on Nov. 6th), it is economically unsustainable, and will lead to an economic collapse (and crisis) far sooner than any of the mainstream pundits is willing to admit.

    Mr. Obama realizes that there is no middle ground for him to stand on. The only way to save this nation from economic disaster is to completely discard the principle of “entitlement”, and embrace the notion of “contingent spending”, meaning: we prioritize our social-justice spending based on funds available, and devise a triage system for allocating them amongst legitimate beneficiaries. As a practical matter, that means fully embracing open-markets and free-enterprise, because enabling the private-sector to grow, is the only way we will come close to meeting the fatuous promises currently regarded as sacred.

    If we do that, we also in-effect put the Democrat party and people like Mr. Obama out of a job, and they know it. In my view, Mr. Obama has tacitly accepted the notion that it is better to serve in hell, than be relegated to book-signing tours and spending the rest of his life in a posh Chicago neighborhood. Unless we turn him out of office, we will find ourselves living in hell with him. That, and nothing less, is what is at stake on November 6th.

  • Susan Pillsbury

    Hang in there Mr. Golberg, I still have faith in people and their ability to eventually see the truth. Last election was won largely based on a hope for change, but it wasn’t supposed to change for the worse. We didn’t know what we know now. And not having a job is a big negative no matter what the unemployment graph says, it’s what is happening at home that counts. Don’t give up yet.  

    • Counselorchick

      Hahahahahahahaha! Not having a job. That’s priceless coming from you. Thanks for the great laugh.

  • AmericaninMoscow

    I’m an American Expat who lives in Moscow where I own a small business. I arrived in Russia in the 1990s as a journalist for one of the mainstream U.S. newspapers. As a Soviet Studies grad, I had also visited during the Communist period. I saw first hand the farce of Soviet central planning, and participated with pride in its collapse. I find it incredible that 20 years ago, Americans like myself came to Eastern Europe to teach young people here about free markets, small business, civil society … and today we’re in danger of losing these things back home. Take a poll some time of Russian (particularly Soviet) immigrants in the U.S. and you’ll find them overwhelmingly Republican. They lived the reality of what Obama is peddling and they’re not interested. A Russian friend of mine who lives in Moscow but travels frequently to the U.S. on business told me that while watching TV news in her hotel room, she “smelled something very familiar” and it stank. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DMDTWDODCOEGWS66ZUIBMYPQDI Aelfgyva

    The very possibility that Obama, arguably the worst president in the history of the republic, could win reelection, speaks to the fact that the Republicans are running one of the most tepid and unfocused campaigns since the Bob Dole debacle.  This election was handed to them on a gold plated platter and they have squandered, not only the advantage, but the last chance to save this country from some form of Marxist centralism. I find myself shaking my head in numbed chagrin, well past the point of tears for our country.  Four more years of this unqualified disaster and the U.S., as we knew it, will be only a memory. 

         The original meaning of the word “tragedy” has been lost in modern usage.  If a child is killed by a falling tree limb on his/her way to school, we call that a “tragedy”.  In the classical sense, however, as defined by the ancient Greeks, a tragedy is the accumulated consequences of an action that was chosen by the one who suffers those consequences.  In other words, “tragedy” does not destroy a “victim”, it destroys, justly, the one, or the group, who chose the path that inevitably led to its own downfall.  I fear we are choosing a terminal tragedy, all of our own doing, made all the more painful by its being completely avoidable.    

    • James King

      Man are you sure right. The end is here. And if you are able, try to find a place to move to protect what you now have. I don’t know if that is possible for many, certainly not me because I am too old. But as I have said before–America is dead!

  • potemkin_village_usa

    Obama will lose because the US has come to the end of its borrowing binge. We have lost our triple A rating, China et.al. foreign and domestic Treasury bond and bill purchesers are shying away and consequently the cost of borrowing will soon skyrocket. If we do not take the prudent monetary and fiscal policies of balancing the budget by cutting spending and also reorganizing entitlement programs which include the repeal of baseline budgeting, we will se 50% unemployment and 100% inflation reminiscent of thirties Germany, thus, enter the tyrant!

    • James King

      I hope you are right, but I don’t think so. There are far too many Americans who do not even know the names of extremely famous people, including politician’s, and I think the why of it is that they just don’t care. They have been educated by union teacher whose only goal is self-enrichment. The reason this is true is that they have technically been given rights as a group (collective bargaining), and that is completely upside down and the people are too ignorant to see it.

      Rights only belong to the individual. The creation of unions has always been a Marxist idea to make the collective more powerful than the individual. When that took place with the full approval of the American people, the end of America began.

      And even if Romney wins, what’s the point? He is also a liberal and in bed with other Republican’s who have worked with Democrats to enact a system of government that is completely immoral, but beneficial for politician’s to keep getting re-elected time after time. American’s don’t want what our founders created and have increasingly said so at the polls.

      America is dead. The Evil Empire won even after they imploded. I recommend that all of you start reading Craig Biddle at The Objective Standard and have all of your friends do so too. Perhaps if he could get 100 million subscribers for 10 or more years America might be saved. But that won’t happen. America is dead.

      • potemkin_village_usa

        Romney understands the financial crisis we are presently in……the debt to GDP ratio, the debt to spending ratio, the unrealistic growth of federal programs through baseline budgeting, which includes more specifically the entitlement programs; the tax structure which is stifling job creation in conjunction with the onerous regulations.  The  cost of compliance of these regulations is over a trillion dollars per year.  This cost dwarfs the total corpoarate tax collected at $340 billion per year illustrates the heavy burden of out of control regulations. Our Credit rating again has been downgraded to AA minus with the interest presently quite low. When the interest rates rise……………………..

        • James King

          I have no doubt Romney understands these things, but they didn’t get the way they are solely because of BO. Both political parties have worked for more than 100 years to create this mess and the election of a liberal Republican like Romney or a conservative one like Reagan will not fix it. What might happen is that Romney would slow the slide over the cliff, but he won’t stop it even if there is a Reagan-like resurgence. Republican and Democrat pols are in the game for themselves and voters have essentially told them to bring home the bacon and violate the Constitution on a regular basis, and they have, and will.

          American citizen’s would not stand for what really needs to happen. If politician’s decided to return to a constitutional government there would be nothing left of most of the departments of government and regulations and voters would vote them out of office–and the pol’s know it.

          No, it’s too late. America, the idea of individual liberty that early citizens fought and died for is gone. It will not return. If even half of what is needed was accomplished, those pol’s would also be voted out. American’s have clearly announced that what they want is redistribution of wealth. We’ve had it for at least 100-years and it ain’t going away.

  • Sally

    Republicans and Independents, take heart.Don’t just look at WSJ, which usually pairs up with CBS, CNN or some other left-leaning news organization, or most of the polls. We know how their polling methodologies are purposely inaccurate in demographics included in their polls (e.g., underrepresenting Republicans and Independents, overrepresenting Democrats). These polls can’t help but be wrong. Rasmussen, with historically the most accurate polls and polling methodology, shows the races a lot closer than the other polls.

  • Jim Palmer

    President Obama “has done great harm to the country”? Compared to Bush and Cheney? You must be joking or are completely delusional…

    • Craig Brockman

      Jim – Bush/Chaney harm? Right – because attacks on the country and a warning to the dem congress that there was a housing bubble to burst was met with resistance from the left. Wow – you’re a typically uneducated lib regurgitating crap from Rachel Maddow. Hush and let the grown ups discuss politics.

      Bernie – watch the Rasmussen Poll and come November, thr Bradley Effect.

      • Parker

        Bush inherited a surplus and turned it into a massive deficit by increasing military spending and cutting taxes. He de-regulated businesses. None of that has helped the country so stop it with the token Bernard Goldberg MB insults and educate yourself.

  • Jim Palmer

    Well, apparently Willard Romney IS a tax cheat and a felon, is he not?

  • ogdenlane

    You forget, many people are too stupid to know this. How do you think Obama gets elected?

  • John Aust

    You and just about everone else are forgetting one thing. If Obama wins, he gets to pick, most likely, two or more Supreme Court Justices. That scares me to death.

    • Wheels55


  • floridahank

    There are two forms of terrorists working against the USA.  First are the stupid, immature emtional,  Mulims who go ballistic whenever anything negative is mentioned about their Quoran (sp?).   I would wager that most of them don’t even know how to read, and all they do is repeat phrases (do they even know what they mean?) and bow 5 times a day toward Allah (how do they know in which direction he  actually is?).
    The second for terrorists are our own politicians (incld. both parties).  I would say 80% of them are greedy, selfish, not bright, and only vote in the way to benefit themselves for reelection.  A huge majority have never worked in a profitmaking sector of industry where they had to produce or be fired.  They are leeches living on a sophisticated form of welfare where they do nothing to earn their $$$, except  give the opposite party a hard time to make anything worthwhile for the average American who is stuggling to keep their family in a living standard.
    The only way to get rid of these worthless bums is term limits, because if it’s up to them,
    they’ll stay on forever if possible.  It would be great to see their tax returns for the past 10 yrs.  They’re getting our taxmoney to live an easy life.  Wish I could do the same.

  • Wheels55

    WHEN Romney wins, it will be interesting if he can break the mold for blaming the other guy and playing the US and THEM game.
    If Obama wins, we already know what he will do: play golf, go on late night TV and say he will need four more years (which he will try to allow via Executive Privilege).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KVUXFANKQOTN33GFTHNN4GCFCA CS

    Community organizers don’t know anything about foreign policy and neither to Illinois state senators.  Frenshmen in either chamber of congress are given token assignments and not prestigious seats on committess such as defense or foreign affairs so the community organizer in the White House, the peacock making noise didn’t learn anything there either.  It shows and he owns it.  He couldn’t do a balance sheet for a McDonald’s franchise and he’s where he is because of the public, indoctrinated in govenment schools which also produce teachers such as those in Chicago.  We should send Obama back to 87th and Stony Island.  The Chicago community needs organizing and that’s where he should be as soon as possible.

  • Mjakeb123

    Thank you Bernie for your fair and balanced view of our up-coming election. I will support Romney and hope many other Americans will see tthe truth before it is too late!

    • James King

      I agree and second the thanks. And because my “link to comment” didn’t work to Perry de Haviland I am posting here and hoping he will see it. You are absolutely right in your comment about freedom of speech and I was wrong. This is a simple declaration that more people should make when it fits, including our pols.

  • Ghostwriter1745

    What flavor of Fox News cool aid are you drinking?  Many Republicans wished the president well four years ago? The first statement out of Mitch McConnell’s mouth was that the most important thing was to see that he was a one term president. It’s Congress that has thrown this economy under the bus not the president. The only good Republican now is one that does not hold elected office. Romney would be a disaster to the 99%.  

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    If Barack Hussein Obama finds a way to win we can blame it on the silence of folks like Bernie Goldberg and his buddies at Fox News.  We have very, very reputable people like Lord Charles Monckton,  Diana West, Frank Gaffney, Jack Cashill, Major General Paul Vallely,  Navy Commander Charles Kerchner,  Sheriff Joe Arpaio and many career law enforcement police officers and highly respected career document experts, Judicial Watch Founder Larry Klayman and many other reputable attorneys who know that Barack Hussein Obama has been flaunting fraudulent documents.  Those documents include a forged birth certificate, a forged selective service registration and a E-Verify flagged fraudulent SS# and folks like Bernie and Fox News for the sake of their jobs and their worship of money remain silent about the crime of the century.  We have more than a MILLION brave soldiers who are willing to take a bullet for their county and folks like Bernie and Fox Journalists are not willing to speak out against something that Americans deserve to know about.  Obama could NEVER win if his fraudulent activity was made known to the electorate.  

    I and millions of others have lost respect for these betrayers.  They are shameless!!

    Many of the Conservative columnists and radio talking heads are just as shameless.  They will do anything to secure their positions in the sunlight and maintain their connection to the pundits in Washington, DC.  

    • James King

      Well, if what you say is true, I agree with you. And I do understand that the greater the conspiracy the easier it is to make it seem to be something else. But I hope you are wrong about Mr. B and Fox. Can some of the people you mention come out and make a splash? I should think they would and could. Ask them. If you are right it needs to be exposed. So don’t you think you could get coverage in some kind of way?

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        Mr. King, your comments force me to believe that you haven’t been paying attention to all the activity that is going on under the radar.  I say “under the radar” because that is where it is force to exist as a result of folks like Bernie and his buddy the Bill O’Reilly.  I think it is a safe bet that Bernie gets a nice buck for appearing on Billy Boys show. I hope it isn’t the money Bernie that keeps you SILENT!  

        Many, many true patriots have been beating the bushes trying to find people to expose this scandal for what it is, the usurping of the office of the POTUS.  Every now and then they find a brave soul.  For example, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and many of his retired career law enforcement officers/investigators/attorneys and document experts.  Diana West examined the evidence along with Frank Gaffney and they concluded there are fraudulent documents (plural).  Lord Charles Monckton has filed a 20 page brief (it can be found on line, how did Bernie miss it?) and sent it to the Brits to warn them of what is to come.  An Israeli scientist has examined the April 27th document and determined that it is a forgery.  Many retired Military OFFICERS had experts examine the documents and determined them to be forgeries and fraudulent (where is Bernie and his buddy Billy Bob on this?).  
        Our many brave soldiers are willing to take a bullet for their country and weasels like Fox journalists and guests want you to think they support and praise them but their failure to expose this most criminal and fraudulent Commander in Chief is blatant cowardly.  They worship the pay check more than their country.  The truth hurts sometimes but it still remains the truth. 

    • Jeffreydan

        Your disgust is palpable, and you deserve better than to put up with such reckless inaction. If you quit visiting this site, rest assured you will be spared this unpleasantness, and it’ll sure send a strong message.      

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Great Article.  It sums up the the Truth of the matter rather well:   …Barack Obama has done great harm to this country.  Take away the smile and he’s David Axelrod (avowed Communist), just one more politician who would do just about anything to win.

    We must stop Obama from causing further harm to America and her People.  

  • Itsmyopinion

    For those antisemitic assholes here, there is no hope, but for others who can appreciate intelligent discourse I would like to explain something.

    Whether you’re a liberal or conservative it all boils down to one thing: the Constitution.

    Our government does not have the right to change a single word without a constitutional amendment. Our President has no right under any circumstance.

    This President has ignored the Constitution, which is the law of our country ( for those too stupid to know that).

    He ignored it on immigration, attacking Libya, The Affordable Care Act ( Obamacare ), Judgeships, and maybe others not reported on mainstream news.

    Whatever party you affiliate yourself with, whatever excuse you wish to use for people who hate this President, the bottom line is…. This President is acting unlawfully. He is a traitor to this country, because he does not abide by its laws.

  • Jolly

    Why has this fake been allowed in office?  The fake even got a different name and a nose job before running.  He is strictly male model material, just air whistling through his ears.
    He had fake grades, fake jobs, fake religion, and he has a fake marriage.  

  • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

    I’m noticing you guys don’t like opinions you don’t agree with….
    bernard has been playing the part of an angry jew for so long he’s become one…

    • Bob

       I always thought of Jewish folk as being passive.  I think if you looked up the term passive in the dictionary you would even find a picture of Bernie right beside the definition.

      • http://www.facebook.com/udohn.evenome Udohn Evenome

        Et tu Bobby?  Telling us what “Jewish folk” are?  

    • http://www.facebook.com/udohn.evenome Udohn Evenome

      Thanks for the antisemitic diatribe Bilie.  You’ve really added a lot to the discussion.   You’re quite the intellectual.

      • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

        grow up udohn….   bernard has been pissed off since he left CBS…..
        reduced to fox news and the internet…     he needs some time off,
        like a seacruise with another pissed off one – charles kraut….

        • Jeffreydan

            “Reduced” to Fox News, eh? I know what you mean. Not long ago I had an older car that regularly gave me problems, and what a pain in the neck it was to be reduced to replacing it with a newer and more mechanically sound one.   

    • Susan Pillsbury

      Sir, why do you bring in hateful language to your comments? You disqualify yourself from the conversation. 

  • IJustHaveAQuestion

    Huh? You make class warfare out to be immoral.  It’s just politics, Bernie.

    Sincerely, IJHAQ

    • joer1

       As Americans, we embrace all of our “classes” … the rich, the poor, and those of us who struggle in the “middle”.  I was poor but, I was NEVER at war with successful people.  I wanted to join them.  I am 70 yrs. old and I never quite joined the “wealthy class” but, I am ok and I celebrate the success of others.  You are right, “class warfare” has become … just Politics.  I prefer American Unity. 

      • IJustHaveAQuestion

         I prefer American Unity myself, but http://reaganandracism.blogspot.com/  others unfortunately have and still do see it differently.

        • joer1

          Sir, I deeply respect you…. however, please know that in a society like ours there will ALWAYS be “others” who see things differently. We do not cut off their heads. Reasonable, thoughtful, educated, & intelligent people simply listen to everyone and then discard views that are empty and then we move forward. We do not give these folks more attention than their thoughts deserve. We are a great but, imperfect country. I have had the opportunity in my life to visit just about everywhere in this world … all are far from perfect. I prefer the “imperfections” of the country I love and I have never found a reason to belabor our imperfections because we will NEVER be perfect! I feel very fortunate to have been born an American.

  • Mike

    While Romney personally has done nothing to alienate Americans, the ilk of the Tea Party, with McConnell and Boehner, has!

    Do you think we have suddenly forgotten that GOP congessmen put the nation on the brink of default, didn’t want to renew unemployment insurance, and have held Obama hostage since he was elected the first time?

    • joer1

      B.S. … You guys want to blame the Republicans for all of his failures.  This President takes responsibility for NOTHING.  He had a Democrat House  and a Democrat Senate for two years.  He got everything he wanted and he showed NO LEADERSHIP.   Sadly, he doesn’t know what to do and he is surrounded by people who espouse “theories” but, they don’t know what to do either.  Check out any of them … Romer, Goolsby, Emmanuel, Napolitano, Sebelius … any of them … all unaccomplished political bullshiters!  Pres. Obama is the most unqualified and unaccomplished President in American history.   He ran for the Presidency on the strength of 140 days in the U.S. Senate  and you can be sure he wasn’t there that many days.  He has NEVER had a real job!  He never had a “legal practice”, he never ran a business, he never owned anything, he never “managed anything”,   his “teaching job” was part-time AND when he was offered a real teaching job at the Univ. of Chicago … he declined … preferring instead to be “a Community Organizer” – whatever that is.  The reason he doesn’t show up for National Security Briefings is that they occur at 7 am and he isn’t up yet.  People voted for him for whatever reason and they simply made a mistake … face it and move on!  We all owe the “ilk” of the Tea Party a debt of gratitude … 90%  are just ordinary people who have had enough!  McConnell and Boehner need to get out but, on their worse days … they are better than Obama!

    • Jeffreydan

      “Do you think we have suddenly forgotten that GOP congessmen put the nation on the brink of default, didn’t want to renew unemployment insurance, and have held Obama hostage since he was elected the first time?”

      I dunno. Do you think posting your dishonest little comment here will fool or impress anyone?

  • KE21e6J7

    The “envy card” is just more reflexive junk from the RNC Workshop, enthusiastically embraced by BG. Envy? by for a return to 39.6% 18 instances of tax relief for the small employer? Did Obama “envy” the rich by extending the Bush II tax credit plan? By offering heavy cuts to the Big Three, rejected by the Kochettes in the House? Bernie, got a reply? Or should I take it…you’ve been checked and balanced?? :)

    • joer1

      All you “kool-aid” drinkers are “Terminal” !  I just hope you will take RESPONSIBILITY for the wreckage this country is becoming.  Sadly, I know you never will because you have lined up a bevy of “others” to blame.  You guys are all like the Bammer … blame everyone and everything and NEVER accept any responsibility.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I3W44PGXL7LAOMGJXO4MX36GOE Gerald

    If the current  occupant of the White House is re-elected the country is in deep, deep trouble.  What do people who plan to support BO not understand about the current dismal state of affairs of the country? In 2011 the U.S. Treasury received $2.4 trillion taxpayer dollars while the Democrats and Obama spent $3.4 trillion of our dollars. Why do they not understand simple math? The U.S. debt has risen over $5 trillion since BO ‘s
    inaugration.  The number of families receiving food stamps have risen to 47 million under BO. Household income has declined to the lowest level since 1995. There are over 23 million Americans unemployed at this time. Forget the 8% number, Romney and Ryan should remind Americans every day that families are suffering as a resul of BO’s lack of leadership. Based on his horrible record he should be down at least ten points. But he is being buttressed by the most socialist (not social) mainstream media ever.  

    • KE21e6J7

      Right! Deep trouble because we won’t go to War in Syria and Iran and we will ensure that Americans do not have to pay 1,000 dollars a yr. extra to pay for their pseudo Libertarian neighbors who refuse to buy healthcare. GM and Chrysler will continue to sell and hire like mad! Because we won’t do a 25% top tax rate to be covered by the middle, again?

      • joer1

        Yes. You are afraid of War and that’s why you made Obama President! I love my country and evidently the thousands who die everyday to come here do to. This world is an evil place … people envy us for who and what we are and many are all invested in bringing us down. War and violence are terrible things and I hate them as much as you but, if we won’t stand up for ourselves and our way of life … we are going to lose.  Not you or I, of course … I’m 70 yrs. old, I don’t want to be around to live the life your grandchildren will live.  If we don’t stand up for ourselves, Obama will be right … we are not “exceptional”.  I don’t know about you, but I think it is significant that the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES has brought into question our supremacy and the exceptional nature of our people. Very strange indeed.

    • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

      Hey Gerald:   have you been paying attention to the stock market…  it’s more
      than doubled since Barack took office….   the fat cats millionaires have been
      turned into billionaires…   and you are talking like you know whats going on…
      get real man – ordinary folk are getting left in the dust…
      and if you think those food stamp people are living high on the hog, go
      trade places with one for a month or two….  

      • Derfallbright

        William …..I don’t know what your financial training or background is, but I will assume that it may be limited.

        The stock market is up and down primarily due to the lack of stability in the Middle East and in European financial markets.  This is not necessarily due to anything Pres. Obama did right or wrong.

        The current interest rate is near zero….the only place for retirees and investors to put their money with any hope of a return greater than the underlying rate of inflation is to invest in the stock market.  That has kept the market generally strong despite the underlying problems with the overall economy. 

        What the Fed just did is likely to kill retirees in a year or so when inflation starts to kick in due to all the money they are printing.  Gas is priced in dollars, the fact that more money is being printed will in and of itself cause the price of gas to go up and will have an inflationary impact  on all consumer goods down the road.    

        You may recall those stories of the Weimar Republic prior to WWII where it took wheelbarrow loads of DM’s just to purchase a loaf of bread.  We can all hope it does not reach that level here.  A lot will depend on our future monetary policies. 

        You may want to consider taking a basic freshman economics class at your local college.  I have grossly over simplified the information here. 

        Good Luck,

        • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

          derfallBRIGHT ?    how nice someone  smart could drop by for a moment…    to. as you say,  GROSSLY over simplify information.  show me, please,  proof of it taking wheelbarrow loads of money to buy a loaf of bread….   food prices are going up because of the drought and natural disasters…   gas prices are lower than they were during the Bush era…   the fear of inflation is that old bogeyman you  pseudo intellectuals like to resurrect when your other logic is sliding backward…       you people STILL think you are smarter than everyone else…   you’re not! 

          • Derfallbright

            William ….Thanks for your response, it’s difficult to have a normal conservation on these kind of forums.
            First let me respond to the ‘wheelbarrow loads of money’   The Weimar Republic in the 20’s is always used as the example of the ‘worst’ case of what can happen to a country when their currency gets out of control.  I attached a little internet write up about the inflation issue in the Weimar Republic. 


            I agree that most of the increase in farm goods today is related to bad weather impacting the corn crops.  It brings into question our Government continuing  practice of using food (corn) to produce gas. 
            Environmentalist seem to be in agreement that this was an idea that seemed good at first that has turned out not to have lived up to expectations. 

            Now for gas prices higher under Bush vs. Obama …this gets so complex with inflation factors and other issues that it is almost  impossible to discuss rationally. 

            Attached is an article about gas prices over time with and without inflation.  Draw what ever conclusions you would like.

            Thanks for a chance to chat

          • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

            Thanks..   you’re probably an all right guy..
            a pot of coffee could lead to an interesting
            conversation..    good luck to you   :)

    • TarHeel456

      Gerald, I believe that the polls we keep hearing are faked, just as much else that comes from our mainstream “news” media.  Most politicians are liars of one sort or another but this administration makes all those who came before them look like pikers!  I’m convinced that they believe if they tell a lie enough times, it becomes the truth.  The sad part for me is that so many Americans have believed them – I am praying that the economy is bad enough at this point that the “lying game” won’t work anymore.

  • venter

    If   Obama is elected again,  who  will he blame  for the  bad economy, bad unemployment, bad security, bad racial and social divide?  I feel so sad because of what has happened to America ,it did start long ago,  however  Obama saw his opportunity !Change America  instead  of loving her.  (a bad marriage) .   Questions to be answered,  are you better off than you were 4 years ago,  are you safer then you were 4 years ago, are you more loved around the world and respected than you were 4 years ago?   Look what just happened all the bombings in the middle east.   I might be dumb but I am not stupid. NO VIDEO SET THE BOMBINGS OFF.  THIS WAS ANOTHER ACT OF TERRORISM AGAINST THE  U.S.A..  IT WAS  VERY  WELL PLANNED AND  OUR LEADERS ALL SLEEPING  AT THE WHEEL.  Another question who is protecting you, the embassies, our great young soldiers.  Where is our leader  ?  Obama has been campaigning for 4 years in airforce #1   WHILE  LADY LIBERTY CRIES.   We  musst answers those few question and pull the RUGHT LEVER! 
    Lets think like the FIRST settlers .  We want a better life for our children and grandchildren.  Lets leave Obamaville and move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      Well, if “blame” is applicable here, he CAN blame the most OBSTRUCTIONIST HOUSE IN HISTORY for rejecting his infrastructure and jobs bills and encouraging Red State governors to decline on infrastructure contracts and to send back stimulus $$$$$.  :)

    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      Really? Did he direct the Seals from the air? implement the Bush II-based TARP? get insurers to stop denying treatment to cancer patients?

      • venter

        It was reported he needed help to make the decision to send the seals in.  Has information on the seals planning and action get out and into a movie? You feel safe?  He used Bush’s tarp.  Maybe he could have come up with something better. He had all the democrates in the house and senate.  It is good that the insurers can’t deny treatment to people who have previous medical problem.  Did you read the whole bill?  Everything in the bill is not necessary or medical.  Washington needs to do better now is the time to clean house.  How save do we feel.  We have a 2000 + page healthcare bill our secret weapon .  We can hit the bad  guys on their heads with the big thick bill!

        • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

          Jesus venter,   you sound like a lunatic……

        • KE2146J7

          I never read that whole bill and neither did any Republicans! :) If Obama had a tough time deciding to send the Seals, I commend him. Remember what happened with Reagan and the 241 Marines in Beirut. “Thick bill”? Ok…that means we go back to denying precondition and paying a grand per yr. covering the uninsured who WANT to pay?

    • TarHeel456

      You can drop the “…more loved around the world” part.  I don’t care if the world loves us, or even likes us, as long as they RESPECT us.

      Other than that, I agree with you.

  • Brushfour

    They did that polling in the wake of the post DNC convention bounce.  They also over-sampled democrats.   Rasmussen’s latest poll done Sept 12th has Obama by 1 point in Virginia, 2 points in Florida, and 1 or 2 points in Ohio.  Lots of undecided voters in all 3 states.  According to the latest Rasmussen, Romney is leading 48-45, and if you added leaners it would probably go 50-46.  Romney (for now), is leading by a substantial margin in the Popular vote and is essentially tied in some swing states, slightly ahead in some others, and slightly behind in few.  He’s doing JUST FINE.

  • genann59

    Now that the Obama foreign affairs program has fallen into complete shambles I am far more interested in any polls done in the future than now. He has not only shown himself in complete incompetence with the economy, his admin’s disregard for live  and limb of the people in his own embassy staff, leaving them guarded by foreigners or by marines with unloaded weapons has blown up in his face. This crap about the riots being caused by a video most of the rioters have never seen, is also falling in his face, as proof is out there the attack against the Libyan embassy, leading to the death of our ambassador was clearly an Al Quaeda attack, and we also found out they are been warned two days in advance that attacks were imminent. And they took NO precautions to guard our personnel. Anyone who still thinks Obama qualified to do anything but campaign is blind, deaf and dumb, and I do not mean traditional use of word dumb in that context, I mean STUPID! And then, after our man is killed, paraded in the streets, the man still goes to Vegas on a fund raiser??!!! How callous does he have to show us he is before people realize we have a monster in the white house. OMG!!!

  • Brett

    I understand the Democrats want to rename the San Andreas Fault in California to…..Bush’s Fault. Oblahblahblah”s incompetence, at every turn, is stunning. I do not understand the media’s inability to see this and to question that incompetence, and his deceit and straight out lies, in trying to ridicule Romney. He desicrates the positionof President every time he opens his mouth. This all culminated by his behavior in trying and failing to deal with the outrage in the Middle East.( I feel lucky, let’s go to Vegas). ‘ They are not protests against the United States, but because of a reprehensible video” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? As I said before, his incompetence is STUNNING!

  • GailWehling

    At the rate Obama is going, the Country may be blown up by Nov.  Can’t we find something to make the Democrats see what a mistake they are making.  More stimulus now, just to make Obama’s burden seem less.

  • Webmaster

    If Obama wins and continues his failed policies, trashing the Democrat’s chance at the White House in 2016, it may not matter for this country’s health in the world.  An Obama win in less than 60 days would be like telling a cancer patient who has 24 months to live not to worry, a new drug is coming in four years.  

  • floridahank

    Romney has to say he will tell the UN to leave the USA and go to another country.
    He has to say he will introduce major changes to the IRS
    He has to say he will definitely not raise taxes and will instead reduce certain Govt.
    There are so many things positive he could say that sits well with the common, hardworking Americans, but it looks like Romney  is very weak in handling the
    major issues.  I hope he wins, but he has to get hard one-on-one with Obama, because
    most intelligent people see Obama as the loser he is.  We need some positive output
    from Romney — what does he have to lose — go for it all Mitt!

    • KE21e6J7

      won’t raise taxes but wants to cover a 25%top tax rate. I guess that means gutting Medicare and medicaid, losing the post office, sending social security to tyhe speculators on wall street; oh, yeah, he wants to double military spending (for wars in Syria and Iran?). yes, and no more regular mamograms for very poor women. Go ahead, vote for him. He’ll even end AHCA…even though his team helped write it.

      • James King

        Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are just three things that are not part of the legitimate function of a moral government. And yes, regular mamograms for any women who do not take care of the cost themselves.

        Why don’t you libs want a constitutional government? And for that matter I can ask the same question to conservatives. The left use feel-good/feel-bad language to make people who do not support an unconstitutional government feel guilty, and there are many people who are well-off who are also guilt-riden over their wealth who join them. Then the conservatives use fear tactics to justify unconstitutional.

        Most of what government currently does is unconstitutional and should be ended immediately. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme but because government used force to enact it and force to make people pay for it they make it legal. Same in states with lottery. Government makes these things illegal for American citizens but legal for government.

        America will never truly be America until the Republican and Democrat Parties no longer have influence, and that will be never. But with the current candidates for pres. the current  one should lose because he is getting us closer to a full Marxist nation than anyone who tried this crap before, including Woodrow and TR and FDR. Sad.

      • Jeffreydan

          Please point out the specific aspects of Romney’s policies that will deprive the poor women of those mammograms, eliminate the post office, and create those wars you claim.

          I don’t need you to discuss the others. Raising taxes would be insane, Wall Street is a far safer place for SS than a gov’t bureaucracy, and it makes no difference who helped with Obamacare, it is bad law.  

  • joer1

    If Obama gets re-elected it is likely the House & Senate will be Republican …  He will still be in over his dead and his failures will continue but in addition to George W. Bush, he will have a Republican Congress to blame … and the media will support this narrative.  This will pave the way for Hillary in 2016.  Evidently, the Republicans do not know how to play this game.  Sorry to say …..

    I don’t believe the polls.

  • jlwneo

    “The Romney people say the poll is only a snapshot, and one taken at right after the Democratic National Convention, a time most favorable to the president. They may be right.” If “they may be right” then of what value is this article or your opinion? I don’t get it! Either the whole continuous polling thing is a complete and worthless joke or we’re screwed because there are too many stupid voters in America. How can a majority look around at ANYTHING and think Obama should be reelected? There should  be a current events and American history litmus test to qualify to vote.

  • http://twitter.com/RROKC Robbie

    No, Mr. Goldberg, America will lose.

    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      having lost with a recovered auto industry, al caeda’s top leaders taken away, credit card reform, no longer having to pay an extra 1,000 dollars a yr. to cover your drunken neighbors’ saturday night emergency room visits? I’m sure the returning troops are upset about leaving the War for Halliburton (Cheney’s ex-employer)>>>>>I guess you look forward to ending Obama and Romneycare and starting 2 new wars!! :)

      • RED2

        only my firtst vidit to this site, but Phiol Silverman seems to be an idiot.

      • Montana

        Okay Phil, since you are obviously in bed with Obama- at least go down (yes, I said it!) with some truth.

        The Auto Bail Out has not worked- GM has slipped to 3rd and is losing ground fast! Why? because the unions were not dealt with through the proper bankruptcy chgannels as Romney suggested- If Romney had his way- Gm would have file Chapter 11 protection- then arbitrators would have restructured all the contracts and bought time for the vendors to pay the bills. As it stands now- 100’s of dealerships went out of business because Obama went in reverse order instead of lettin g the process work! Good for the unions- bad for everyone else- the the taxpayers will lose billions on this deal!

        Al Queda has been more active since binLaden death0 as seen by the 9/11 activity. Obama caused a vacuum in the Middle East by taking down the dictators, b ut putting no one else in place- so the extremists take over and we wonder why they don’t love freedom like we do! They don’t- they want CONTROL- and we just handed it to them on a silver platter and apologized for taking so long and gettin g in the way of all those bullets.

        Credit Card reform is a joke! The CC companies just raise the rates and minimum payments and charge extra swipe fees. Who pays for it? Business does! To the tune of 2-4% per transaction! Think for one minute they will pay for it? Nope, just another “value added” increase on the price of goods to cover the costs.

        You obviously do not have HC insurance of haven’t looked at the bill lately- most of us are already paying more this year to cover the impending doom of ObamaCare

        • KE21e6J7

          Al Caeda is not stronger now…”bailout not worked” …your opinion based upon…what? Yes, mom and pops went out of business. Who ever said this implementation of TARP was perfect, or even pretty good. There was NO PRIVATE INTEREST at the time. GM went back to #1, hiring and selling like mad. Europe is down now but soon we will be selling millions of cars in China and India.

        • BeauzeeKE21e6UJ7

          Politically speaking, if you meant the first sentemnce, you are one lowclass punk slob who has violated the Netiquette of this blog field. Obama got BL and many of his top thug buddies PLUS his computer system. If Romney had his way…GM goes down..permananetly. there was NO private interest at the time and jobs were needed so Obama leaned Right and implemented Bush II’s plan. GM and Chrysler will be selling alot of cars in the USA ,China , and India, esp. in 2013. They are hiring like mad.

          • James King

            If you were speaking to Montana, he’s right and you are wrong. Dead wrong, and you do not know what you are talking about. Also, you should proof read your copy. But socialism doesn’t work, has never worked, and will never work, unless you think America is in good shape. For more than 100-years we have been an increasingly failing socialist nation. And, yes, we are a socialist nation with socialist programs out the wang wang. The first of which that should be eliminated is Social Security, an immoral confiscation of wealth and the largest Ponzi scheme ever.

            Politicians do not believe in freedom. They believe in getting elected and re-elected, and nothing else. That is why we became a socialist country. We didn’t start out that way, but with TR and Woodrow, we quickly devolved to a country Jefferson and Washington would not recognize.

            But GM and Chrysler should have gone through a private managed bankruptcy, not a government managed bankruptcy. Then the unions would have probably been gotten rid of, as they should everywhere. Unions are one of the most immoral concepts ever.

  • Drew Page

    Sounds like you are throwing in the towel Bernie.   The only poll that matters is the last one on election day.   

    Yeah, we know that Obama can win.  Half the wage earners in the country paying no federal income taxes; a third of the country is on government assistance (excluding Medicare and Social Security); and vast majority of the union, black and the Hispanic vote seems to be lock in for Obama.   Seems like all Obama has to do is to keep promising his constituents that the government (the 50% of us that do pay taxes) will provide everyone else everything they want.   Maybe Bill Maher was right, maybe the majority of American voters are stupid enough to vote this B.S. artist back in for another four years and let him finish the job of ruining the country.

    But just maybe, enough American voters will come to realize that Obama can’t be trusted to do what he says he will do.  We will see in a couple of months.  

    • joer1

       Amen Drew, I totally agree.  The American public cannot be so dumb.

    • floridahank

      There are a large number of voters who have they attitude that “Govt. should take
      care of us from birth to grave.”  We cannot do anything to change their small mentality and they will vote for whomever will say, “I’ll take care of you, just vote for me.”(Obama)
      But there is a growing number of people who can see where Obama is leading this country down the road to socialism and loss of freedoms.
      I do believe there are a growing number of common type folks who will definitely vote this loser out of of office.  I do hope that the Tea Party and Independents can come to the conclusion that the main thing is to get rid of this anti-patriotic President at all costs.  Even if Romney doesn’t hold all the principles and beliefs
      that Ron Paul people wanted — the most important thing is to get rid of the biggest threat of the pro-American way of doing things — get rid of  Obama and we can deal with Romney later.

      • James King

        Therein lies the problem. Since TR, America has slid from a constitutional republic to a democracy, and that is not what the founders had in mind. We keep going with the mentality of: It’s more important to get rid of this one and then we can deal with his replacement later. But later never comes in terms of dealing with them. We do not deal with them, we just keep going from one to the other with the same idea–we’ll deal with the replacement later, and later never comes.

        Instead of later, if we had elected Ron Paul when he first ran (I don’t remember the year) we may not have been in the same bad place we are in now. I would replace the word, may, with would, if, at the same time, we had elected like-minded people like Ron Paul to the Congress.

        It’s not just the immoral liberals. It includes the immoral conservatives. People inspired to “bring home the bacon” rather than pass legislation that is truly American. Until we do, it will always be, “we’ll deal with the replacement later.”

        • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

          yeah, everyone’s gaga over Paul. Until he wipes out Military funding and Civil Rights legislation. Also privatizes all of government so the Koch Bros. can dump toxic waste literally in our backyards and our favorite restaurant can inspect itself.

      • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

        “birth to grave” “cradle to grave” “anti-patriotic” “loser” “biggest threat”>>>>thanks for the non-subjective, fact-filled post.

      • KE21e6J7

        loss of FREEDOMMZZZZ? tell that to the returning troops and new hires at GM and Chrysler; and cancer patients NOW ABLE to pay for care, out of their own pockets.

    • KE21e6J7

      Ruining the countrty by having all positive job growth since 2010 despite the War on the Workforce by the Kochettes in the House and GOP. Likewise, a terrible job nailing BL and his thug buddies after W. gave up in 2006; getting thru a BIPARTISAN healthcare plan, 65 years in the making; do you dislike the idea he got us out of Iraq ahead of schedule? 1/3 of us on assistance? wonder if the GOP mission statement to decline on anything Obama proposes, figures in that? jobs bill, infrastructure bills, even a budget reduction package almost guaranteed to give him a loss in 2012, was also laughed at. Ya want Romney? fine. then you can smile when we go to war in Syria and Iran, privatize social security, and medicare; oh yeah, and end AHCA…and Romneycare shortly after.

      • Jeffreydan

          Given the reality of the Obamacare debate/vote, do you even know what “bipartisan” means?
          Would you want a democrat legislator to go along with a Republican president no matter what?
          Looking at the big picture, does positive job growth reflect well on a president when the # is below the necessary standard, and a very substantial # of jobs continues to be lost at the same time?
          It is impossible to prove Obama’s claim that things would’ve gotten worse if not for his policies, and the promises he made were far loftier to begin with. Would you consider a Republican president as competent if he did the same thing?

  • Montana

    Herein lies the problem- ALL the polls with the exception or Rasmussen are rigged (even Gallup!)- they are skewed by the producers of the polls or networks toward the liberal side! We have seen story after story of polls that have been revealed to be upwards of 15% to the liberal side when asked about who they contacted! Yeah, that would skew the poll- then the real tinkering comes in- they can play within the margin of error and get away with it.

    So, let’s say that I did a poll but my objective was to get my candidate elected (let’s say Obama- I’m NOT mind you!). I poll 1000 people. more than likely, I have now interviewed 550 liberals and 450 conservatives- because there is NOTHIING random in who they call. Let’s say the end result was 48% for Obama and 45% for Romney (we’ve seen this all summer). the MOE is 3%- which means I can manipulate the numbers up to a few percentage points one way or the other! So let’s say I want to move the dial a bit more for my guy- so now the poll reads Obama 51%- Romney 42%. And I am STILL within the MOE!!

    Suffice it to say- I don’t trust ANY of the polls except Rasmussen- and even then, I take it for what it’s worth- and that isn’t much. In 1980- Carter was still ahead of Reagan at this point in the game. Gallup is in a different boat though- they are just getting relentless pressure from the State Dept to skew the results.

    Wait until the debates start! Romney/Obama will be good ones- but Romney should come out on top. The Biden/Ryan debates- I would pay good money to see that one!! Poor Joe doesn’t stand a chance!

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    And, as all narcissists, he will blame the American voter for not realizing his greatness (like that guy who shot himself in a bunker in 1945). He’ll go off (pouting) but secure and comfortable. And the country will endure decades – yes, decades – to recover.
    We know already he’s a poor winner, he’ll be a hateful winner if re-elected.

  • pov247

    Regardless of who wins, American will lose. If Obama wins, thanks to an insipid MSM, this country will enter free fall into third world status, class warfare and violence between the haves and the have nots. No foreign revolutionary or extremist will be needed to bring the US to her knees. It will come from within. If Romney wins, we can thank MSM, Obama and his acolytes for the race war that will ensue. This President with tacit approval has allowed racially charged invective to permeate public discourse for months now.  America is in terrible trouble regardless of the outcome of this election.

    • floridahank

      I totally disagree.  I think this election is a defining point in our Republic.  We have seen an evil President almost totally destory what American stands for and many Americans see it too and are disgusted.
      There is a certain segment of the voters (you know who they are) who will vote
      for Obama for the most superficial reason, along with the majority of media who have a deficient political, patriotic mentality.  We have to write off those people.
      But there is a huge bloc of commonsense, hardworking Americans who are being
      ripped off in every way (too numerous to mention) and they  want to get rid of
      this present loser at all costs, so they will indeed vote for Romney & Ryan who are
      smart, pro-American candidates and will get things moving in the right direction
      for our country.  Maybe not in every way you or I would like but in the right
      About all those people yelling about Romney’s low tax payments, I’d like to pose this question.
      With all the Govt’s waste, corruption, duplication, worthless projects that amount to billions of $$$$ every year,  do you think it’s smart or stupid for Romney to
      put his $$$ in a place where it will grow, rather than to give it to the IRS and it will go into the wastebasket of money spent for junk, pocketing  politicians, buying
      military hammers for $150.00 each, etc.  — you know the story.
      If I had earned $$$, I would not let the IRS,  and Govt. waste it as they do every year.  That would be stupid, and Romney is smart, not stupic.

      • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

        Destroy What America stands for? By getting out of the manufactured-by-Cheney War in Iraq, ahead of schedule? Getting Bin Laden and his 22 thug buddies after W. cancelled the plan in ’06? Restoring the auto. indus.? reforming credit card practices; getting thru a bipartisan, 65 years in the making, healthcare bill to require Americans to buy healthcare so you and I do not have to buy it for them? and so cancer patients cannot be denied coverage? what America are you talking about? Do you live in a Confederate state?>>>ROMNEY AND RYAN WILL GET US INTO WAR WITH IRAN AND SYRIA, end Obamacare and Romneycare, privatize Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. also go for a top tax rate of 25% off the shoulders of the middle.

        • Porkbevr

          Man, you’re just flat ate up………

          • KE21e6J7

            not understandin’ “flat ate up…”

  • Iragoldberg

    If anyone wants to see the biggest loser if Obama wins….simply look in the mirror. We all would be the biggest losers

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joe-Chernicoff/1384187940 Joe Chernicoff

    There are really only two results in the coming election:
    1 – Romney wins and we begin to regain our most important position as that of the world’s leading power
    2 – Obama wins, and he continues to downgrade us, and our allies, as colonial powers, as exemplified from his father’s anti-colonial dreams. so that we exist as just another struggling society

  • Berryraymond

    Saying that Obama will not win even if he wins, is assuming he defines winning as we do.  If by winning he is capable of reducing America’s influence in the world, he wins. If by redistributing wealth both in America and around the world, away from the capitalist to the socialist, he wins.  If by giving more media power to the poor, women, anti-religious, in America, then he wins. If by weaving a coalition of blacks against whites, gays against straights, poor against rich, the religious against atheist, he wins.  You see to look at the true left this is what one sees.  America the evil country needs to be taught a lesson, thus Barak Hussain Obama.  He wins

  • Faitgar

    Bernie is a senile MF

    • asl3676

      I’m not sure about senile….just old and bitter like his readers….

      • Drew Page

        Apparently, you are one of the ‘old and bitter’ because you certainly read all of his articles and spew your bile here on a regular basis.

        • asl3676

          I’m not bitter.. I’m puzzled as to why older people are so easily fooled by the Republicans…

      • ronk1957

        Why do you consider yourself ”
        just old and bitter” ? Or did you have someone else read this page to you.

        • asl3676

          I consider myself older, happy and glad for what I have and what I’ve accomplished….I don’t understand those who believe that the President is the source of how well one does or doesn’t do? The country is run by the corporations not by politicians….Romney is Corporate America…If that’s what you want then vote for him….He’s going to lose anyway…

          • James King

            I agree except that the country is run by corporations. If that were true we would be in better shape. It is run by corrupt Republican and Democrat pols. They have run the country into the ground with the permission of the American people. I also agree that Romney will lose.

          • asl3676

            Who do you think owns the politicians? They are corrupt because they owe their jobs to corporate interests…..If you don’t believe it check out the effective corpoarate tax rate in the US….it’s the lowest in U.S. history and they’re still whining…

    • TerranasaurusRex

      I’d say YOU are  PENILE sufferer of ED!! Go get a BLOWUP THINGY!! TRex

  • R. Allen

    Beautiful piece; not being a deeply religious man I hold hope that thhe God of Abraham who gave us the his Son would not allow this man Obama to continue to lead? this country.  I fear that there will be civil unrest and harm more destructful to this country than was wrough in the last civil conflict.  I can  only hope that prudence and restrint remain the order of the day.

    • asl3676

      If you fear civil unrest then lock your door, get a gun and keep Fox News on…..Be afraid, be very afraid…….

  • Jackoujo

    Bernie-I am confused. I read the Daily Rasmussen poll that shows Romney up a couple of points nationally and being within one point in Ohio and Florida. He is pretty accurate and these other polls seem biased.

    • asl3676

      Rasmussen is the only poll that has Romney ahead….Rasmussen has Romney ahead because Fox News needs to keep the troops encouraged….Romney is finished…He’d rather lose than show his tax returns…. 

      • Wseminole99

        O cant even show his college transcripts! What the hell difference does it make.  The man is rich as hell and who really cares. We have a communist in the White House and you are worried about a tax return???

        • asl3676

           A black commie in the White House……Outrageous….

          • Jan

            You are so lame.

          • asl3676

            Compared to whom? Bernie Goldberg or Mitt Romney?

        • asl3676

          Amazing …you hate Obama so much you’d vote for a draft dodging tax cheat…..so sad..

        • Berryraymond

          Wseminole99 , that is a good post.  A communist in the white house and we fret over a tax return.  Kind of shows you where the real powers have taken us, the media. I kinda prefer to kill the cancer all at once rather than drag it out.  Let the communist have everything they want.  Once the asl3676 of the world are waiting in line on Wednesdays for bread, that is a better time to call for an end to this kind of communisim.

      • Mqualia

        Just stop it…

        • asl3676

          It’s OK…we survived Nixon and the Bushes …..don’t fret..

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NFY76ZLF3EWV6UNTVVUTL7LP74 Dennis

            Doofus…Rasmussen is the ONLY poll, other then the Pew Research folks (they came in at #2), that had the 08 elections right on the money.  When they oversample Democraps, the other polls are just a waste of time and phone calls.

          • asl3676

            Believe whatever keeps you going…..Rasmussen wasn’t even close last time regarding the electoral vote. You probably also believe that Romney doesn’t want to lower his own taxes…

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NFY76ZLF3EWV6UNTVVUTL7LP74 Dennis

            I believe the truth, not what keeps me going.  If you think Nobama will win, fine but don’t go telling me the polls you’re quoting aren’t skewered towards Democrats when everyone knows they are (except you maybe).  I also don’t give a rats petooie what Romney makes or what he’s paid in taxes.  Everybody that’s normal will try to avoid paying taxes, esp to this bloated government that funds cronies of Nobama like Solyndra and the stupid stimulus of his that the majority of the $$ went to keep public sector employees and their stupid unions in the black for a while longer.  We’re 16 trillion in the hole.  Why would I want to keep throwing $$ down this US Govt rathole?? 

          • asl3676

            If you’re religious preference is hating the government that’s your choice….keep whining…I guess deficits only matter when the Dems are in office?

          • asl3676

            Former Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, addressing attendees at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday, said that, “We will never have the media on our side, ever, in this country. We will never have the elite, smart people on our side.”……This about sums up Romney’s voters…

      • Drew Page

        I trust the IRS to do their job.   If Romney hasn’t paid all the taxes he was required to pay, you can bet the IRS would be administering a financial colonosopy.   They aren’t shy about this sort of thing, but then again you would have to pay federal income taxes to know that.    I am concerned about how Obama spends my tax money, not about how Romney spends his.

        • asl3676

          Do you know what IRS’ job is?  To collect money…How do you know Romney wasn’t audited and made to pay additional taxes? How do you know Romney hasn’t taken illegal deductions which the IRS disallowed?
          This is who you want as the leader of the country a draft dodger and someone who avoids taxes?
          Did you know that not a single member of Romney’s family has ever served in the military? His father, his grandfather, his children etc?
          This is who you want as President?

          • CCNV


          • asl3676

            Well being Romney will lose you’ll have to settle for four more years of whining ….. 

      • floridahank

        Do you realize how many billions of $$$ the Govt. wastes each year, through stupid projects, corruption, overspending on military equip., duplication of jobs, etc.  — the list goes on forever.
        Why would Romney not take all legal outlets to save his good $$$, rather than give it to the IRS,  Govt. who simply don’t know how to spend it
        Romney would be stupid to pay more than legally necesarry — use the loopholes just like all politicians.  And don’t give your tax returns to the
        biased media,  inept politicians and Obama, who would certainly use the negativity that politicians find — never a fair assessment, just a one-sided, biased view.  Romney, keep your returns private and tell them  to go to

      • http://twitter.com/supiebill William J

        foxs news pays rasmussen big money to keep romeny  leading……

        asl3676 is right on jaackoujo

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  We can see one group that appears to prefer the house divided.  Watching video of a Romney Q&A, I didn’t recognize the group of people in the room, peppering him with questions.  Then it came to me-it’s the press corps!  I thought, any second, one of ’em is gonna throw a shoe at poor Mitt!  Haven’t seen aggression like that since Sarah Palin was running for VP.  I wonder if these folks have fully considered the choice before them-letting their inner savage emerge with a Pres. Romney vs. 4 more yrs of “no access” Pres. Obama?  Probably not, today’s press has about as much self-insight as a middle east mob rushing an embassy.  By the way, as of last evening, NPR was still focused on the BIG story of the week.  NO, not the harvest of the Arab spring, not burning consulates while White House fiddles, they were still covering the propriety of Mitt’s statement, into fourth day.  Very sad indeed. 

    • Berryraymond

      I agree, I kept waiting for the press to ask Romney why Obama wanted to kill the ambasador and the others.  You know like Romney killed that woman who lost her job years ago when Bain Capital reorganized her company and she lost her job.  Guess that is like when Obama did nothing when the security report said there may be violence in Libia.  Guess that didn’t get asked.  Media just forgot to make that connection.  Obama does nothing after warning, Americans die.  Well, Well, it’s really Bush’s fault.

  • Jeff

    Even though your thoughts here (reading between your lines) are to get conservative voters off their butts to vote, I do agree.  Obama will win…….no doubt.  For these simple reasons.  It will be the first step toward single payer healthcare……putting the insurance companies (commission whores) out of business……it will be the slingshot that Hilary needs to take over in 2016 and those things together will give us a 6-3 liberal supreme court by the end of her first term.  Oh yes, the third thing is that The United States will continue to have Presidents in the White House who can simply read and write.  No more Republican Conservative “fly over” morons.

    • Tec

      You really are that dim. Thanks for those very enlightening points, now back to your basement!

    • Mqualia

      Jeff, your hysterical bias is apparent..There is absolutely nothing, nothing and I mean nothing that this current President has done correctly. He has made the economic woes worse, not better. He has a disasterous foreign policy, as shown these last few days. Hillary is now looking like the very worst Sec. of State in modern history.  The current Pres. would rather go to a fund raiser in Vegas (of course you would be calling for impeachment if it were GW) than stay home and take care of the Middle East disaster..why?  because he simply does not know what in the H–l to do. He is inept, clueless, unqualified and not too bright. He is clearly in over his head as is his entire admin. You voted for him out of emotion and nothing more substantial than that.  It is time to take a long look in the mirror Jeff..It is time to admit that you have been duped and it is time to vote for the good of the country and not FEELINGS…

    • KW64

      I am sure you will deny this, but there is no evidence that IQ’s in the “fly over” Midwest are lower than on the east and west coast; so there is no factual basis for your bigoted regional bias. Grow up and stop hating it just harms yourself.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NFY76ZLF3EWV6UNTVVUTL7LP74 Dennis

      “to get conservative voters off their butts to vote” 
      you’re kidding me right?? Are you that dense??  Let me tell you something Jeff, Conservative voters are biting at the bit to get in the voting booth.  THEY will be there and so will mainstream Repubs.  It’s guys like you… your OWS crowd and 50% that don’t pay taxes that will have a problem even finding where they’re supposed to vote, much less voting.  Over half of them could care anyway about election day.  They’re more worried about their next govt check.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cyndee.hill.3 Cyndee Hill

    Do you know anyone who did not vote for Obama in 2008 who is voting for him this time?  I don’t.  But I know quite a few who voted for him in 2008 who are NOT voting for him now.  I still think the polls are skewed.  We are in New Mexico and I have had pollsters hang up on me when I said I was voting for Romney.  Several of my friends have had the same experience.  Factor in the people who are afraid of being called a racist if they say they aren’t voting for Obama and you have polls which are not accurate.

    • http://twitter.com/Frederickxx Frederick A Theobald

      The problem is, of course, that the people who voted for Obama last time and who will not do so this time, is that they simply will not vote for anyone.  This scenario will probably not swing it for Romney.  We can only hope that I’m wrong.

  • James King

    None of you seem to get it. They don’t care. They don’t care about a polarized America. They don’t care about all the other things because these are their (liberals and many conservatives) constant goal–divide, conquer, and retain power.

    Stop believing that they really do give a damn about America and our founding documents. They don’t! The goal was to completely (transform) change America to the Marxist plan. That is what they want. Divide and conquer is the plan to achieve this (“We will bury you”) goal, and they have. Liberals and conservatives alike.

    Ryan was right when he said that America was founded on an idea. But for more than 100 years the libs and conservatives alike discovered that the populace is so ignorant that they will accept a different kind of America–one that feel/good/feel/bad language will allow them the ability to create.

    Get it straight. America is gone, and it has been gone for more than 100-year. And yes, that even includes the Reagan years, for he also violated the Constitution, now just a worthless old piece of paper the citizenry hasn’t read, doesn’t read or even care about except in a token way. America is sure as hell gone, and millions of Americans have had a hand in its destruction, so look in the mirror. And I leave with just one example.

    Our Constitution declares that the Congress shall declare war. That has not happened since World War ll. Instead, various administrations have used a RESOLUTION to go to war except with the current administration violating the Constitution and killing American people with drones.

    The Constitution does not authorize a resolution to go to war. But various administrations have used the resolution to enter into unconstitutional wars to kill and maime our sons and daughters. Over many years people became used to this being the norm, while developing the attitude of “no politics, no religion” at the dinner table, setting these two up as being not nice in nice American families.

    So there it is and here we are. America is not being destroyed by one “Commie” in the White House. If citizens were involved in government as they are in electronic devices to look at and speak with, this would never have taken place, and the “Commie” would never have won an election. So much for entertainment. I’m glad I’m old.

  • Dan

     Rasmunsen! Not Wall Street. But for the sake of the article…………

  • Superamerican

    Obama cannot win. The people – even with a terribly-obvious biased media – even with a terribly-obvious biased educational system – even with a terribly- obvious biased union system – even with the entire United States federal (and some state) government using all its people and assets – The People know that their Hope and Change president is a sham. That he only cares about himself. He is inexperienced and proving incompetent and indecisive.

    He will have one term”

  • Trash10ac

    scary senario

  • http://twitter.com/omajean Jean Randolph

    Bernie, I hope you are wrong.  I just can’t believe that Americans have lost all sanity and no longer believe in the American dream.  Where I live, far East Texas, usually democrat, you can find few people that will admit anyway, that they would vote for Obama again.  I am going to chose to have faith in the American people and pray, yes pray, that God helps us to restore this nation and remove Obama from office.

    • asl3676

      Americans have lost all unity? When did America have unity…Another myth for those londing for the good old days..

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/TQX5Y5KIRE54DQR7VIALIEWTCM yahoo-TQX5Y5KIRE54DQR7VIALIEWTCM

    Mr. Goldberg, Sorry to differ with you…these polls are B.S.  Rasmunsen is the most reliable poll organization and they always have Romney ahead by 5 or 6 points…The MSM and the poll organizations skewer their polls to give Obama the edge so as to show that he is leading…Nothing could be further from the truth…I speak to people and those who voted for Obama are so upset at the last four years that they feel like they were duped…so your theory doesn’t hold water…I recall that in the 70’s, Carter was ahead of Reagan by 10 points, and one debate changed the course of history…and you know what happened to that election…a landslide of enormous proportions…Also remember 2010..Obama got a shellacking!  Are you in la la land?  The economy is worse now!  God forbid if he wins…my question:  Who will he blame then?  I have faith in our system, and the public to make the right decision…they are well aware of the fact that our nation is at a crossroad…the left road or the right road…one of a third world nation and one a restored super power nation with all Constitutional rights restored..and our economy back on the road to recovery.

  • Kermit29

    I pick this: ”
    He will be president of a deeply divided and angry nation”  and . . .  ”
     an all-around economic mess, much of it of his own doing” as the gist of your piece.  Agreed!

    I consider Obama’s win a tragic certainty and I’m not sure BHO will get much backlash the jackass will get, not with the activist media press continuing to run interference.     
    “Even If Obama Wins, He Will Lose” 
    I don’t think so.  
    My Q is will the Republican party begin examining & then reforming itself, which is what I wish had been you topic.  Obama did not win.  We lost.  

  • EddieD_Boston

    I have faith in the sanity of Americans. I live in the bluest of blue states and I know only a few people that are still convinced Obama knows what he’s doing.
    I know an older couple, my parent’s best friends from childhood, who have never voted republican and they’re voting for Romney. They can’t be the only democrats who have given up on Obama.
    Here’s my prediction: every republican will vote for Romney, 65-75% of indpendants will also vote Romney and less than 75% of democrats will vote for Obama.
    And a bunch of unemployed staunch democrat union guys, once they’re get behind the curtain, will vote for Romney too.

    • Aliciagreene999

      I live in Boston, and I can tell you that after practically running Governor Romney out on a rail (he knew he stood NO chance of re-election here), I know absolutely nobody who is will to vote for Romney here.  We have experienced his pathological lies first hand in Massachusetts.

      • soxfan4life

         Are you okay with Obama’s lies? We have experienced his pathological lies, narcissism, and pettiness first hand in the USA.

      • deny916

        And you think obozo is telling you anthing close to the truth?????  Give me a break.  As I said earlier Mitt may not be Ronald Regan but he sure as hell is better than the door knob we have in office now.

        Wait a minute.  Did I just insult door knobs?????

      • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

        But, Alicia, the Commonwealth exists beyond parochial Boston. And look at who the opposition in to any Republican in Massachusetts is comprised. Avenging Amazons, covorting capons and the social climbers Alpine Club. The anti-Republican spirit is so toxic, that Disneyland seems like a frontier town.  From the “Athens of America” to the “Athens of Alienating Attitude”.

      • KW64

        I visit the Boston suburbs frequently and that is not what I find. There are lots of people who have soured on Obama and find Elizabeth Warren to be a joke. They will  vote for their opponents.

      • EddieD_Boston

        Do you live in JP? Or maybe Arlington? Or some other bastion of Moonbat America? Obama is below 50% in EVERY poll. If an incumbent is below 50% he's toast.

  • Patrick

    Frankly if Barack Obama is re-elected and doesn’t turn things around by 2016, it could be the death knell of the Democratic Party. Look what happened to the Republicans in 2006 and 2008 respectively after they threw away their principles and spent money like drunken sailors. Honestly though, I do think it’ll be hard to tell where the election is going until the debates in which both candidates will have to cut out the negative attacks and lay it on the line where they plan on taking America. Then I think we will see definitely where this election is going.

  • Budsson2

    Is Romney still running? If he’s waiting for favorable media coverage to show his face it ain’t going to happen. Surely there is some marketing guy or gal out there that is smart enough to make the negative coverage work for him.

    • CCNV

      I agree. McCain rolled over and played dead and look what we got. Romney needs to go on the offensive. It’s not like there’s not plenty of material out there.

  • Bruce A.

    Less than 2 months to go & the President is still polling within the margin of error.
    Shouldn’t a sitting President have a wider margin at this point in time?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000929193078 Dan Farfan

    If POTUS wins in 2012. there may be no stopping him on his path to Sec. General. 

    Romney/Ryan have created zero traction or even buzz around the (unmemorable) “5 points” from Romney’s campaign speech. No one outside the campaigns knows what they are w/o reading them off the web site. This is no good, but fixable. 

    I’ve created an acronym/slogan/call to action (all in one) out of the “5 points.”  so far, it seems all the top campaign folks only use twitter to transmit. They don’t read tweets from the general public. 

    Bernie, know anyone who knows any of the inner circle of campaign folks? They need what I have. 

    Can anyone here (w/o looking) even quote the main Romney/Ryan campaign slogan, much less the “5 points?” I can’t.  


  • Ramydawn

    Poor Obama. If he gets elected again look at the mess he will inherit!

    • CCNV

      Hmmmm. You must think like I do. I just posted this comment in Bernie’s previous article. I still think the comment is funny though.

    • http://twitter.com/omajean Jean Randolph

       His mess!!

    • KW64

      Yes, no doubt Lincoln just complained about how the mess he inherited was something no one could fix. I’ll bet Washington just complained how he inherited the financial mess from the Revolutionary War bonds and inflated continental currency and said no one could fix that. And I imagine Reagan just complained about the 17% interest rates and 11% inflation he inherited and said no one could fix that. That is why we consider them great presidents just like Obama because they recognized the nation’s limitations and were willing to settle for just being place holder presidents that waited for time to fix our problems while they played golf and whatever. 

  • Sheryl

    Really? If Barack Obama wins another term, the entire nation loses…for decades to come. Who care what Mr. Obama loses if he wins.

  • another guest

    I don’t even see it as disappointing — having read Rasmussen’s polls to the contrary.

  • Bcreech