Would A Free Ticket to San Francisco Interest You?

If there’s one thing both sides in the nasty Arizona immigration debate can agree on, it ought to be this:  If the federal government had not been so monumentally incompetent, if it had done its job in the first place, no one in Arizona would have dreamed of coming up with a state law to try to control illegal immigration.  And with no law, there would have been no threats of boycotts to punish Arizonans. No talk about yanking next year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game from Phoenix.  And most of all, no shameful comparisons between Arizona and Nazi Germany.

In the United States of America – a country where anybody can say or do just about anything – it’s probably not a good idea to make comparisons between what goes on here and what went on in Germany under Hitler.  It’s not just tiresome, it’s stupid.

Liberals crossed a very bright line when they routinely compared President Bush to Hitler.  And some conservative Tea Party people have crossed the same line when they hold up signs showing President Obama with a Hitler mustache.

And now we have more dumb Nazi comparisons.  The new Arizona immigration law is dubbed the “show me your papers law” by opponents.  Get it?  Arizona in 2010 is Germany in 1939.

The fake newsman on Saturday Night Live wants to know, “Can we all agree that there’s nothing more Nazi than ‘Show me your papers?’”

But Linda Greenhouse, who covered the U.S. Supreme Court for the New York Times, wasn’t going for cheap laughs when she wrote an op-ed for the paper, in which she called Arizona a “police state.”  From there, it was an easy step across the line, right into Arizona is reminiscent of Germany under Hitler.

“Everyone remembers the wartime Danish king who drove through Copenhagen wearing a Star of David in support of his Jewish subjects,” Ms. Greenhouse wrote.  “It’s an apocryphal story, actually, but an inspiring one. Let the good people of Arizona — and anyone passing through — walk the streets of Tucson and Phoenix wearing buttons that say: I Could Be Illegal.”

And before you can say, Sieg Heil, everybody was seeing Nazis in Arizona.  Lillian Rodriguez Lopez, the president of the Hispanic Federation said, “When I heard about it [the new law] it reminded me of Nazi Germany.”

Liberal icon Phil Donahue said, “The last administration turned its back on the entire Bill of Rights and now we’re walking up to people and say, ‘Oh let me see your papers.’”

Seth MacFarlane, who created the Family Guy TV show said, “Nobody but the Nazis ever asked anybody for their papers,”

Political scientist and historian Joy Behar said on the View, “Doesn’t it feel like sort of Nazism, a little bit?”

Conservative Republican Congressman Connie Mack issued a statement saying the law “is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause.”

And liberal Democratic Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado told Politico that, “It is absolutely reminiscent of second class status of Jews in Germany prior to World War II when they had to have their papers with them at all times and were subject to routine inspections at the suspicion of being Jewish.” Polis, by the way, is Jewish.

Now, you would think that a Jewish congressman with a degree from Princeton would understand that when a cop in Tucson stops somebody for running a red light and asks for his driver’s license and (maybe) his green card, it’s not the same as when a stormtrooper in Berlin stopped a Jew and asked for his “papers.”  The worst that could happen to an illegal immigrant under the Arizona law is that he would be turned over to federal authorities and sent back to his homeland. The worst that happened to Jews in Nazi Germany is that they got a one-way ticket to Auschwitz.

Reasonable people may disagree on the wisdom of the new Arizona law.  But does it turn Arizona into a “police state” reminiscent of Germany under Hitler?  No serious person would answer yes.

So what to do?  Here’s an idea:  Until the federal government decides to get serious about protecting our borders, let’s make Arizona’s illegal aliens (or undocumented immigrants, if you prefer) an offer they can’t refuse.  Let’s give them free transportation to San Francisco.  And New York.  And to all the other places where sensitive folks think those poor undocumented immigrants are being treated like victims in Nazi Germany.   Let them live there.  Let them put their kids in school there.  Let them go to hospitals there.  Let them commit their crimes there and if they get caught let them be put in jail there.

Talk is cheap.  All that other stuff, not so much.  It’s easy to be compassionate.  From a distance.

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  • Miguel

    Everywhere you look socialism is failing. The Golden State is now the beholden State. I am from California. People here are very disgruntled, but they have not a clue what to do about it. People are leaving not that I blame them and the state just cannot support the overwhelming number of idiots. California a once great, proud state ravaged so bad that the Feds do not want to go near it.

    Californians are over-taxed already and is loosing businesses all the time. You would think the Democrats would learn, but they are still trying to raid everyone’s bank accounts.

  • http://www.manilatop10.com/manila-charities.html Eric


    I will get in line to visit the U.S. this year & if I need to get a chip implant, so be it, anything to help 😉

    What do you think of this idea? … any merit?


  • ME

    1. Why don’t we toughen up on the businesses that are hiring the illegals.
    2. Quit teaching their children.
    3. Stop giving them food stamps and health care.

    Then maybe they would go home on their own.

    • paul

      Right on, you hit the nail on the head.The people who employ the illegals should have a extra tax on there business. Call it the ” Anti American Tax”
      Children can’t enter school until they are “Potty Trained” they shouldn’t be accepted until they can speak English.
      There are a lot of ways to solve the order problem, these are just a few.

  • CCNV

    Did anyone hear about this immigration hate speech (“Viva La Raza”) today at UCLA? A call for a Mexican Revolution in the US? I highly doubt this scumbag could spew this type of hatred in Mexico and live to tell about it.


    In an except from the American Bar Assocation, here’s another reason why Obama won’t do anything about illegal immigration. Notice the connection to “La Raza”. (You can read the bio in the link following the paragraph.)

    “In addition to her work on the bench, Judge Sotomayor is an adjunct professor at New York University School of Law and a lecturer-in-law at Columbia Law School. She is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York Women’s Bar Association, the Puerto Rican Bar Association, the Hispanic National Bar Association, the Association of Judges of Hispanic Heritage, and the National Council of La Raza. She has received many honors including, most recently, an award from the National Association of Women Lawyers.”


  • Perry

    Bernie, Bernie, Man can you stir the pot. I know the Nazi Germany comments really upset you a lot and I understand. I do. But people will say most anything these days to stop, anything they don’t want, health care, abortion, gay rights, and of course now Immigration. We have had this problem for twenty years ,and nothing has been done about it. The government has failed to act on it, and will continue to let it go on.
    The reason Arizona is a hot bed of this is because most of the population is Hispanic.
    They have taken over local government, state government, and congress and senate seats. they want these illegals there so they can get them to vote. If you give them amnesty they will take over the whole state.
    As for the moving them to San Francisco or New York, open your eyes, their already there. Even in Georgia, where I live, they are everywhere.
    And what about all the Islam terrorists moving in New England states, are we going to wait until they number in the millions before we do anything about that?

  • Mark Dannreuther

    Announce that in 10 days, U.S. soldiers with shoot-to-kill orders will be posted on the borders of all states bordering Mexico. After that warning period, any illegal immigrants will be shot dead as soon as their feet come down on the U.S. side of the fence. Illegal immigration drops to zero: either people stop coming across illegally OR they’re SHOT DEAD.

    Next, use federal stimulus money to buy buses and hire drivers to round up all illegal immigrants and ship them back to Mexico. Thats–ALL OF THE ILLEGALS, however many millions of them there are. Force them south across the U.S. border at gunpoint. They can then form a line to come in legally. If they try to come back illegally, see Paragraph 1 above: shoot them dead.

    Case closed.

    • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

      That sounds a little harsh.

      • Mark Dannreuther

        Simple choices: 1) Stay out; 2) Come in legally; 3) Get shot dead as an invader.

        Illegal immigration dries up. Illegal immigrants get deported. Problem solved.

        • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

          It’s simple, alright, but perhaps we should try to come up with solutions that have a snowball’s chance in hell to be implemented in the real world, not merely in Markland.

          • Mark Dannreuther

            Might as well go for the gusto, Cyberquill.

            In Cyberquill Land, there’s a lot of hand-wringing, wailing and gnashing of teeth all of which wind up as a big, fat, ineffectual zero.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            In Cyberquill City (sounds better than Cyberquill Land), the borders would be sealed, and those who already live here and work here can stay, because no one’s ever going to deport millions of people. You can scream and yell and jump up and down all day long, as the Factor guy tends to put it when someone presents a quixotic theory.

          • Mark Dannreuther

            So…you’re a proponent of back-door amnesty. Hey, lawbreakers! You can stay, even though you’re here illegally.

            Instead, use stimulus money to buy buses, hire drivers, purchase victuals, staff up ICE and other law enforcement agencies and, yes, deport EVERY illegal immigrant you find.

            BTW, how are you going to “seal the border”? Have you not seen illegal immigrants scaling whatever walls now have in place to “seal the border”?

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            Yes, for better or worse, I’m a proponent of backdoor amnesty, because the United States, as Mr. Goldberg has aptly pointed out, is complicit in the situation and has failed to send a clear message to illegal immigrants as to whether the country, as a whole, wanted them here or did not want them here. You can’t really fault people for not understanding a mixed signal. I’d be confused, too.

            How would I “seal” the border?

            I’d use the very troops you want to use in your brilliant proposal, except instead of shooting people on sight, I’d just position them at the border and instruct them to not let people through, and I’d combine that with physical barriers, such as walls and fences.

            You know, like doormen at nightclubs. They don’t shoot folks who want in. They simply don’t let them pass.

          • Mark Dannreuther

            Shame on you for misquoting me.

            If you scroll up, you’ll see that I wrote: “…shot dead as soon as their feet come down on the U.S. side of the fence.” Illegal immigrants can look all they want. No need to engage in “shooting people ‘on sight.'” I proposed shooting them dead as soon as their feet come down on the U.S. side of the fence.

            That’s a BIG difference.

            Might be more effective to use land mines, though. After a few illegal immigrants get blown up, well…you can do the math on how antipersonnel devices would chill illegal immigration.

            Funny, but somewhere along the way I got the idea that being here illegally is against the law. I guess that’s where we differ. You want amnesty for people who have “gotten away with it.” I want them thrown the hell out.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            As soon as their feet come down on the U.S. side of the fence. I stand corrected. How about those that can walk on their hands?

            Being here illegally is against the law, alright. Unfortunately, there are no good solutions to this mess. Only bad solutions, and worse solutions.

            You can’t “throw out” millions of people, because you’d have no manpower left to watch the border.

          • Mark Dannreuther

            Cyberquill…for every illegal immigrant who can cross the border only by walking on their hands…without their feet touching the ground…okay: They get a green card and lifetime employment with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. BUT ONLY if they can get over the fence ONLY by walking on their hands.

            Of course that’s hyperbole, but that’s where your argument leads; you brought hand-walking into play.

            Why CAN’T you throw out millions of illegal immigrants? You write: “You’d have no manpower left to watch the border.” Sure you would: Land mines and troops on the border = illegal immigration zeroed out OR reduced drastically. Stimulus money spent to buy buses. Stimulus money spent to hire bus drivers, for whom you waive the requirement to have a chauffeur’s license. Stimulus money to pay for food, water and other transportation costs.

            Send the illegals home–NOW.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            You mentioned the troops on the border and the bus drivers. And now millions of people just hop into the busses? You seem to have left out those agents that are to chase down all the illegals, cuff them, and drag them into the busses.

            How much manpower do you think it takes to grab millions of people who’ll try every trick in the book to evade capture?

            “Send” the illegals home sounds easy in theory, but this isn’t like sending postcards. In practice, it would be a looong and bloody process that would tie up too many resources that could be more wisely spent elsewhere.

            I’d rather they used all the manpower required to do that and put them on the border to back up your troops who would NOT have orders to shoot people.

            Landmines. Come on. You wanna draw the ire of Heather Mills?

          • Mark Dannreuther

            As the Chinese say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You argue against the logistics and morality of sending millions home, as if one million or 10 million or 16 million illegal immigrants are to be rounded up all at once, by the day after tomorrow.

            This is not an all-at-once proposition. But you need to make the commitment to spend more money…stimulus money…to send illegal immigrants back home to Mexico or wherever they’ve come from.

            The hole in your argument is that you right away talk in millions…tracking down millions…cuffing millions…putting millions on buses.

            You hide behind the exaggeration of sending millions home tomorrow. You won’t make the commitment to start the process. That’s where your argument fails. You won’t take that first step on that journey of a thousand miles.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            I didn’t say anything about tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. On the contrary, I called it a “lengthy and bloody” process that would tie up lots of manpower for a very long time.

          • Mark Dannreuther

            One at a time, Cyberquill. Lengthy, yes. Bloody, no. Just a redirection of stimulus money to get the job done…but a COMMITMENT to do the job.

            Now here’s the deal I’ll make with you. I’ll withdraw my shooting/land-mining strategy if you come out for the deportation of EVERY illegal immigrant, HOWEVER long it takes, ONE at a time. And then we can seal the border your way.

            How about it? Do we have a deal?

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            That would be an uneven bargain, as your shooting and landmining proposal blatantly violates at least two constitutional amendments, namely the 8th—killing people, including little kids, for illegally crossing the border is certainly cruel and unusual punishment by every conceivable definition of the term—and the 14th—the moment an individual sets foot on U.S. soil, equal protection under the law applies to that person (yes, it says PERSON in the 14th, not “citizen” nor “legal resident”) and hence you can’t just summarily execute people without even a trial.

            Simply abstaining from deporting those who committed the misdemeanor of entering the country illigally and living/working here without a permit is doesn’t even come is a relatively minor disregard for the rule of U.S. law as compared to your original suggestion, so your “deal” would be an extremely lopsided compromise.

            The other reason why I’m not going to compromise any more is because my own position already IS a compromise in itself: seal the borders, throw out the criminals, and let the other stay.

            I don’t like it either, but in my personal judgment that’s the only solution that might actually work.

            Just look at the flaring tempers just because Arizona passed a law that allows checking people’s immigration status. You start a mass deportation, you’re gonna have a civil war.


          • Mark Dannreuther

            Gad, so now you’re going constitutional on me, eh? All sorts of protections for illegals. And all sorts of protections for terrorists, too. Hopefully you’ll never experience a loved one shot in the face by an illegal immigrant…or a loved one murdered by a terrorist.

            Guess we don’t have a deal, Cyberquill. Enjoyed the chat, but you can have the field. Try living in Arizona for a while. As Bernie said, it’s easy to be compassionate from a distance.


          • Mark Dannreuther

            Cyberquill, something for you to read after you unwrap yourself from the Constitution.


          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            Funny, but somewhere along the way I got the idea that being here illegally is against the law.

            Funny, but somewhere along the way I got the idea that violating constitutional clauses was against the law, too.
            On the one hand you’re condemning others for breaking one law, and then you enthusiastically advocate breaking another, and the supreme law of the land at that.

            According to your own logic, you’d have to deport yourself. Do you have any friends or relatives abroad that you could stay with?

            The killing of the police officer is tragic, of course. I think we’re all trying to fix the same problem here, albeit we may differ on the most effective method. Your Endlösung doesn’t strike me as particularly effective, because I think it would result in far more law enforcment agents being killed. I could be wrong, but that’s what I believe.

            This line in the article you provided caught my eye:

            Various reports suggest that some of the 500,000 illegal immigrants in Arizona and 12 million illegals in the U.S. are part of organized gangs, smuggling rings and drug cartels.

            Twelve million (!) illegals in the U.S. are part of organized crime? That would be close to 100%.

            I’d love to see some of these “various reports.”

    • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

      Mark, Your post are really the kind of ramblings you’d expect to find written in feces on a padded wall… If your name is not on a watch list, it should be!

      • Mark Dannreuther

        LOL, Wil…you’re a real bleeding-heart liberal, as long as it’s on someone else’s dime. As Bernie said, it’s easy to be compassionate from a distance.

        Do you live in Arizona? No. Come on out to the great southwest, boy. Then we’ll see what you’re made of.

        As far as my “ramblings,” at least I don’t willfully misrepresent, i.e., *LIE* about what people say in here…unlike you. Remember that time-out Bernie put you on? I’ll match the cogency of my posts against your drivel any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

      • Abort Liberal Fetuses

        Wil – I thought your mother exercised her constitutional rights to abort you. I guess I was wrong. I am perplexed though. Please explain to me how liberals can argue that we should treat illegal aliens as citizens but don’t afford the same protection to unborn babies, even in cases where it does not involve rape and/or incest. Is one life more or less important that the other? I guess murdered babies don’t count since they can’t vote.

    • Ron Kean

      Sorry, no shooting people dead for crossing an invisible line in the desert.

      Mommys bringing over their 13 year old girls? Would you pull the trigger?

      I hope not. It’s murder in anybody’s book.

      • Mark Dannreuther

        A physical wall isn’t “an invisible line in the desert.” You kill them, they stop coming over. Yes, I’d pull the trigger. It’s an invasion, after all.

  • AnthonyFerreira

    The Nazis meticulous documentation of their atrocities was second to none. Before a person cavalierly uses the term Hitler, Nazi or Storm trooper, I humble suggest they reference the terms along with Blitzkrieg. If by chance their attitudes remain unchanged and feel the terms are a mere fairytale by all means ingest more Kool-Aid. Some people will drink Kool-Aid regardless of the taste, alot depends on thirst quotient. I have never understood why we as Americans can never work out our differences. Of course being a whiz kid never appealed to me being a survivor has. Thank you Mr. Goldberg for another thought provoking article.

  • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

    Bernie, The Republicans don’t really want to stop the immigration problem. They need this issue to rally their base. They do it every election year, sometimes it’s illegal immigration, or abortion or gay marriage, maybe gun control. When republicans were in power they did nothing about the borders. Why would they? Big business needs the cheap labor. But, it’s an election year. It’s the same tactics republicans use year after year.

    • Ron Kean

      I found this on Google:

      In signing the Secure Fence Act 2006 into law, Mr Bush said that his government would tackle illegal immigration by means of increased funding and numbers of immigration officials.

      You say:

      When republicans were in power they did nothing about the borders.

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

        There may be a difference between doing something with a sense of urgency and a genuine desire to fix a problem, versus doing something mainly so one can say that one did something.

        • Kathie Ampela

          I don’t think the Bush Administration spent almost a billion dollars on building a virtual fence at the border just so “they could say they did something.” However, it is classic government ineptitude throwing money at a problem and just expecting it to fix itself.

          With respect to securing the border, as far as I can see it, the only options are:

          1) virtual fence, which Janet Napolitano has said she is cutting off funding to.
          2) more border agents, which means hiring and training more agents that takes time and money
          3) Calling out the National Guard

          • CCNV

            Can you imagine the jobs that would be created IF the Administration would fund building the fence between the borders? (That is, of course, as long as the unions stay out of it.) But alas, this Administration is too focused on alienating friendly countries, and playing ‘nice’ with radical Muslims.

          • Marine


            We don’t agree on everything to do with this issue (amnesty vs. deportation) but we DO agree that the border needs to be sealed before anything else can be effective. I agree with you there. I think it would probably take a combination of a fence, training additional Border agents, and using the national guard until both the fence and the Border Patrol could do the job. Until then, no matter what is done, more people will simply come into this country illegally. It’s good to be able to disagree with someone, in part, and not have any name-calling or hate speech thrown around. I appreciate your ability to reason even though we do not agree on everything.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            I’m not so much against deportation per se. I’m only against sudden deportation after people have been allowed to stay here and establish their lives for many years in plain view of the authorities. It’s the in plain view part that bothers me.

            Of course, there shouldn’t be a statute of limitations on drug dealing and violent crimes, but basically nice and hard-working people who simply broke a few immigration laws … I don’t know, it jars my personal sense of fairness.

            My personal sense of fairness aside, I believe that chasing after non-violent illegals simply takes too much focus off securing the borders. Apparently, our government can’t even do one of these effectively. Forget about doing both.

          • Kathie Ampela


            I don’t think building an actual fence would work, because if people are desperate enough, and there are no security cameras or border agents to stop them, they will climb right over a fence. I think a virtual fence combined with more border agents is the right way to go, even though there were technical problems with the virtual system. And as I said before, Homeland Security has said they are stopping funding which I think is a stupid move.

            By the way, I agree that the current adminstration is spending too much time appeasing our enemies while alienating our friends. Another stupid move.

          • Marine

            I agree. I believe a fence would not do the trick alone. However, it could slow down the number of illegal imigrants to a manageable level so that our Border Patrol could do their jobs.

          • CCNV

            Only takes one jolt of an electric fence to teach cattle… Okay, okay. I’m just kidding!

          • ranchhand

            Actually not completely a bad idea. The electric fence doesn’t kill the cow just makes them think twice about trying to push the fence over. Thus you don’t need voltage to kill the illegal border crosser just enough to keep him off the fence.

          • Kathie Ampela

            I think it’s good idea in theory, but you know what the ACLU and the lefty media would say-cruel and inhuman treatment. Remember enhanced interrogation techniques- that’s off the table. But showing pictures of CIA agents to Gitmo detainees is OK.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Actually dimwit, it’s small business that utilizes the cheap labor of illegal immigrants. See, you really don’t know anything. You’re an idiot.

      • Jack Davis

        LOL, EddieD! :-)

      • Bruce A.

        Not just small businesses using illegals, knowingly or not. Ever see some of the fake paperwork? Fake drivers licences etc? That can fool even the professionals at staffing services.

  • Lev

    Nice article, but I would like to offer some correction/additions.
    1. Obama portraits with Nazi mustaches does not belong to Tea Party. They are the signature of the La’Roshelle group (hope I spell it correctly). They often demonstrate along with Tea Party, but have nothing to do with the Tea Party movement. Tea Party people often compare Obama with Stalin or Mao, but not Hitler.
    2. Before Nazi made the first shot they had ideology. That ideology eventually lead them to mass atrocities. So, one can be called Nazi if his/her ideology is essentially similar to the Nazi ideology even if he/she have not done anything wrong yet. It is not name calling it is warning. But that cannot be done lightly.
    3. Obama cannot be called Nazi because his ideology lacks the main ingredient of the Nazi ideology – nationalism. But he can be called communist (Stalin, Mao, Castro) because his ideology bears striking resemblance with the Marxists ideology:
    — goverment control in a name of greater good for working poor,
    — international reach,
    — cult of personality, created and maintained by controlled mass media.
    Again, it is not name calling, it is warning.
    4. Arizona law has nothing in common with Nazi laws.
    Nazi targeted people who lawfully lived in the country for centuries. People that were part of its population. And they were killing those people. Arizona law target people who entered the country illegally and as such should not be in the country in the first place. And those people are not supposed to be killed, just deported back to the country of origin. This law is inconvenient for lawful citizens especially for those, who looks like illegals, and under normal circumstances should not be used. But now we have anything but normal circumstances. However calling it Nazi is a big outstretch that can be only explain by a hidden (or explicit) sympathy to illegals.
    Again, illegals are humans and should be dealt with humanly, but they entered the country without permission, created a chaos in the bordering states, and have to pay the price for that even those who did not commit any additional crime.

  • http://captdave55monhegan.blogspot.com/ dave boegel

    The solution to all our problems is simple.Open the borders,make all drugs legal and all the smuggling and drug dealing would disappear.We would benefit from the tax revenues as all the new workers would be legal and accounted for.The drugs would be sold and taxed.The violence would end,and all the world will be at peace.
    Not to mention saving billions of dollars on drug interdiction and enforcement.How does the song go?”Freedoms just another word for ‘Nothing left to lose’.”

    I am not a sarcastic person.much

  • joedee1969

    We are paying all this attention to Mexicans and look what these Muslims are doing. This is a shocking link. Everyone needs to know this:


  • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

    We all know what “comprehensive immigration reform” really means. Amnesty!!!

    Finally the people of Arizona have wised up, and the governor has signed an immigration law, in an effort aimed at identifying, prosecuting, and deporting illegals. Why? Because the Federal government isn’t doing anything about illegals; except protect them!

    The president said he had instructed his administration “to closely monitor the situation” in Arizona and “examine the civil rights and other implications” of the Arizona legislation. It points to the need for federal legislation, the president said.

    Maybe someone should tell the him if the Feds were doing there f—— job securing the border we wouldn’t have this problem! Obama called the bill in Arizona a “misguided effort”. Why is this kind of terminology used? Throw in “racial profiling” and my favorite “Sanctuary Cities”. It seems illegals are like eggs. They have to be coddled and handled with care so we don’t hurt their little feelings.

    With the passage of Immigration bill SB1070 in Arizona, it is now a crime under state law to be in the country illegally, and requires local law enforcement to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s office said in a statement Saturday that “the Mexican government condemns the approval of the law” and “the criminalization of migration, far from contributing to collaboration and cooperation between Mexico and the state of Arizona, represents an obstacle to solving the shared problems of the border region.”

    Migration….??? He speaks as if were like the movement of caribou through the Tundra of northern Alaska. I mean…It’s only natural not to respect our border or laws… right? Let me shed some light on your situation President Calderon. Since the drug cartels have taken over your country you should be the last one giving advice about law enforcement in this country!

    We have adopted a posture in this country to serve and protect illegals first and foremost. The American citizen is but an afterthought.

    We owe these people nothing but a one way ticket out of the country. As for Obama I can’t wait until 2012 when he is issued his “one way ticket”.

    Next step for Arizona.

    Get rid of McCain.

    • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

      A country as powerful as the U.S. cannot simply stand back and watch millions of “these people” pour into the country, allow them to stay here for years and establish lives and have families, and then suddenly throw them out. This is just wrong.

      Because the U.S. government is complicit in the situation by having done nothing to prevent it, it owes “these people” a path to citizenship IN CONJUNCTION WITH sealing up the border. I’m not sure why this concept is so difficult to grasp.

      Aside from the sheer inhumanity of it, issuing and enforcing twelve million “one-way tickets out of the country” seems highly unfeasible logistically.

      • Marine


        1) If a thief or even a trespasser broke into my home, ate my food, slept in my bed, wore my clothes, took my money, trashed the place, brought his friends and family along, and I chose to let him, forcing him to leave whenever I finally wised up and decided to enforce my rights as a homeowner, then I would be perfectly in the right to do so. Stating that the government has done nothing to enforce our immigration laws does not negate the fact that something needs to be done to secure our borders. It is not inhumane to make people go back home. They knew they were breaking the law and chose to do so. Your argument is illogical. Using your logic, if I stole from a specific store for three years and was not stopped by the store owner, I would not be able to use that as an excuse if he finally decided to stop my thievery.

        History shows that many illegals self-deport (decide to go back to their HOME countries) once a nation, including the good ole’ USA, begins to enforce its immigration laws. What’s inhumane is the amount of taxpayer money being spent on noncitizens. THat, in and of itself, constitutes thievery. Sure the government is somewhat accountable. However, they are in collusion with the illegal immigrants who are not blameless. Our government needs to cease its partnership with illegals, protect our borders, and begin to serve its CITIZENS.

        • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

          If you stole from a specific store for three years in plain view and with full knowledge of the store owner, I believe you could very well use that as an mitigating circumstance if he suddenly decided to stop you, although I’m not sure as to the extent of such mitigation, for theft is a criminal offense.

          Crossing the border illegally for the first time, overstaying one’s visa, or working without a permit are misdemeanors.

          I mentioned this earlier somewhere, but in law there’s a thing called an easement. I’m not a lawyer, but I took some classes in real estate law:

          Here in New York City, for instance, if your lease says that pets are not allowed in the building, but you get a dog anyway (an “illegal” dog, so to speak), and day after day you walk in and out of the building with your pooch on a leash in plain view of everybody, and neither doorman nor landlord take action, after six months you’ve established the legality of your dog.

          So I’m not pulling my logic out of my hat here.

          And I agree that the borders must be sealed, but you simply can’t deport twelve million people. At some point, emotion must give way to pragmatism.

          Seal the borders, deport the criminals, and put the rest on the famous “path to citizenship.” As far as I can tell, that’s the only solution to this mess that may actually work in the real world.

          • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

            “the famous “path to citizenship.”… Is your real name John McCain? We don’t have the guts to get rid of them so make them citizens! Thats the solution? For your information we tried that already.

            Do you remember Senate Bill 1200, the failed amnesty legislation of 1986.

            President Ronald Reagan signed that bill into law with great fanfare amid promises that it would grant legal status to illegal immigrants, crack down on employers who hired illegal workers and secure the border once and for all.

            We all know how that worked out. What’s that line about history repeating itself?

            Heres a telling little tidbit. When salsa replaces ketchup as the number condiment if thats not a wake call I don’t know what is.

          • CCNV


            Great comment! Remember the Vietnamese ‘boat people’? Remember how a lot of those who wanted to immigrate to other countries were told to return to Vietnam while an ‘assessment/deemed eligible’ (under good ol’ Jimmy Carter, if I remember correctly) was conducted? In college I had to do a paper about the Vietnam conflict and how afterward, the US allowed ‘X’ amount of Vietnamese ‘boat people’ into the US legally. During my research, I discovered that over half of those allowed in were the NORTH Vietnamese! How’s that for screening the immigrants we allow to become citizens?

            There has to be an answer, but amnesty definitely isn’t it. Maybe at the next immigration rally/protest in Arizona, we could drop a net over the crowd, pull up a few semi trailers, and let ICE do the sorting…

          • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom


            You hit the nail on the head when you said “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear”.

            Lets assume you’re driving down the road. A cop pulls you over because you didn’t make a complete stop at the stop sign. You don’t like it but it is what it is. He ask’s for your license, registration, and insurance. You show it to him then he either gives you a ticket, or a warning, and you are on your merry way.

            This same scenario happens in Arizona. However, the driver can’t produce a license, registration, or insurance. Furthermore he can’t speak English. After further investigation the police officer discovers he is here illegally. Now what is he supposed to do? Arrest him? Or let him go? It’s a no brainer.

            Why do Liberals chastise this as something akin to colon cancer? Because there is no such thing as illegal. Liberals see them as 12 million “undocumented Democrats”.

            Conservatives don’t want illegals here. Liberals do. Watch what happens with “immigration reform”. It means Amnesty for undocumented Democrats.

            Remember when illegal aliens were just that. Then they became undocumented workers. Now they are referred to as immigrants. But wait a minute, yet another strange metamorphosis has taken place!

            Harry Reid not long ago took it a step further when he said this:

            “This week we are going to complete this legislation and we will hopefully complete the final passage that will strengthen our border security and bring 12 million Undocumented Americans out of the shadows.”

            Isn’t this an oxymoron? How in the hell can one be “undocumented” and a “American” at the same time!

            And when they are granted amnesty who do you think they’re going to vote for? Not those “mean spirited” Conservatives! They’ll vote for the party who would sell the own mother down the river.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            We don’t have the guts to get rid of them so make them citizens! Thats the solution? For your information we tried that already.

            First of all, it isn’t just about having the guts to get rid of them. It’s also about the logistics and manpower of rounding up millions of people.

            Besides, and I’m sticking to my guns here, the U.S.—the most powerful military nation in history—just stood back and let unarmed civilians walk across the border, and then allowed them to stay for years and watched how many of them established their lives here. That’s not good, but that’s obviously what happened.

            This unfortunate circumstance now creates an awkward situation, to say the least, because there is no ideal solution to this mess. Throwing all illegal aliens out of the country is (a) logistically unfeasible, at least in my opinion (I could be wrong) and (b) any attempts to do so would cause more violence and damage to the country than it would solve.

            Second, the path to citizenship has been tried, but alas, as we all know, the government ingeniously left the borders wide open, so the whole amnesty deal worked as an incentive for more people to flood in here.

            You’re right in that history often repeats itself. But sometimes people actually wise up. Another round of amnesty WITHOUT sealing the borders would bespeak a level of incompetence that would be beyond belief.

            Besides, if there’s no will on the part of a government to seal the borders, then there certainly is no will to conduct large-scale deportations, either. It is simply absurd to expect our government to be able and willing to deport millions of people while at the same time being UNable and UNwilling to seal the border.

            And no, my name is not John McCain. My name is Cyberquill 😉

      • John Fitty

        Cyberquill, your opinion is what’s wrong with this country today.

        Yes the federal government was derelict in it’s duty, but it does not now follow that the government (which is the American citizens’ representative) owes illegal immigrants anything. That is your opinion, it’s not based on law, and it doesn’t make sense.

        Take a trip to a Mexican neighborhood North of the Mexican American border. You need to see the reality firsthand before you decide what the best course of action is for this country.

        There will be losers in this situation. It’s not a given that it should be us.

        • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

          What’s wrong with this country today is not my opinion, but the fact that the borders are porous, and if I were in charge, the borders would be sealed such that an undocumented mouse couldn’t get through.

          I think we can all agree that if there’s no will on the part of the government to seal the borders, then there certainly won’t be any will to deport millions of people.

          Properly sealing the borders, however, takes a lot of resources, and I’d rather they’d use all available manpower to prevent more people from flooding into the country than splitting the available manpower and have half of it chasing after illegal immigrants, because this would inevitably entail taking eyeballs of the border.

          And sure my opinion is based on legal principle. Easement by prescription. “Google it,” as Rosie O’Donnell would say 😉

          • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

            “Google it,” as Rosie O’Donnell would say”!

            She said the exact same thing about 911. It was an inside job. Bush did it!

            Why don’t you take a long walk off a short cliff.

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            Many reasons, among them the fact that aren’t any cliffs in my neighborhood, neither short nor long.

            I know she said the exact same thing. Golf of Tonkin. That’s what I meant by “as Rosie O’Donnell would say.”

          • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

            Unlike you I’m not in bed with the government looking under every rock to produce obstacles to sealing the border and deporting illegals. I’m not throwing in the towel. At one time we had the guts to do something about.


            So let me put this to rest once and for all.

            Step 1

            The original question was about the shameful comparisons between Arizona and Nazi Germany. In other words the “perceived” persecution of illegals by producing papers. Remember papers.

            Step 2

            Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s office said in a statement that “the Mexican government condemns the approval of the law” and “the criminalization of migration, far from contributing to collaboration and cooperation between Mexico and the state of Arizona, represents an obstacle to solving the shared problems of the border region.”

            Remember “the Mexican government condemns the approval of the law”

            Step 3


            ARTICLE 67


            The hypocrisy and sanctimonious b——- makes me sick. Case closed

          • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

            I’m not opposed to the Arizona law. I might be after I read the minutia, but quite frankly, I haven’t read it. Simply checking papers sounds fine with me. After all, papers are being checked at airports and other legitimate point of entry all day every day and no one seems to advocate the abolition of that practice.

            And I’m also not opposed to sealing the border.

            Someone once said that the true test of a first-rate mind is to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time. Closing the border while refraining from attempting mass deportations may seem like a contradiction to many, but it doesn’t to me.

  • John

    I live and work in Mexico City where the Arizona law is a hot discussion topic. Mexicans obviously don´t like the new law, and generally cite the following reasons:

    1. It treats undocumented aliens as though they were criminals. They are stunned when I note that, in fact, undocumented aliens are violating the law.

    2. The law singles out Mexicans and other Latinos. I note that the undocumented aliens crossing our southern border are predominantly Latino, though there have been groups of Asians from time to time.

    3. It is a draconian law which is unconstitutional. My understanding of the law is that law enforcement personnel in Arizona must have an unrelated and reasonable motive for stopping a suspect prior to verifying his/her immigration status – i.e. a traffic stop or reason to believe that the suspect has committed an unrelated crime. This doesn´t seem to be in excess of the requirements for lawful detention.

    Also, Mexican immigration law mandates a two year prison sentence for any foreigner caught in Mexico without the correct immigration papers (I have a resident visa that has to be renewed every year – failure to do so would result in my arrest). A second offense can result in a ten year sentence. How is our law, which merely requires the offender to be returned to his home country, more Draconian than Mexican law?

    Also, I travel regularly to Chiapas, near the border with Guatemala. The roads between Commitan, the city where our office is located, and the Guatemalan border are riddled with checkpoints manned by both police and military. They search all vehicles, require presentation of identity documents, and generally question all occupants in eachvehicle. There is no pretense of “probable cause” for such searches and inquiries.

    Yet Mexicans feel that WE are somehow turning into a Gestapo state? When I ask about this inconsistency, the standard reply is, “Yes, but those people coming into Mexico are Guatemalans, andhave no right to be here.”

    However, in their minds, e apparently have no right to secure OUR southern border.

    • Bruce A.

      Excellent points. It appears to me that The USA is always held to a higher standard & expected to pull the load for everyone else.

  • http://www.manilatop10.com Eric

    I saw a part of your guest appearance on the FACTOR … Bill said the Arizona Bill focuses on the “problem” … I thought that a follow-up point to ask would have been … since the ‘problem’ is one south of the border, we should ‘identify’ the demographic of those that are illegally entering the USA. If this demographic is mostly Hispanic, then how can any reasonable person think that it would not be targeting Hispanics?

    Are we going to round-up Asians and Indians and Europeans to go to Mexico and illegally enter this country? I am trying to say that if you have 90-100 white elephants in your zoo and you are going to check to see which ones are pregnant, it is simply a numbers game that you will be “profiling” whitish elephants diba?

    I want to comment on a related idea in the near future … thanks for sharing!

  • Marissa

    I’m planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health, and I would like to ask you to assist me. We’re planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. Into Mexico, and we’ll need your help to make a few arrangements. We plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I’m sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Calderon, that I’m on my way over?

    Please let him know that I will be expecting the following:

    1. Free medical care for my entire family.

    2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not.

    3. Please print all Mexican government forms in English.

    4. I want my kids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking (bi-lingual) teachers.

    5. Tell their schools they need to include classes on American culture and history.

    6. I want my kids to see the American flag on one of the flag poles at their school.

    7. Please plan to feed my kids at school for both breakfast and lunch.

    8. I will need a local Mexican driver’s license so I can get easy access to government services.

    9. I do plan to get a car and drive in Mexico, but, I don’t plan to purchase car insurance, and I probably won’t make any special effort to learn local traffic laws.

    10. In case one of the Mexican police officers does not get the memo from their president to leave me alone, please be sure that every patrol car has at least one English-speaking officer.

    11. I plan to fly the U.S. Flag from my house top, put U S. Flag decals on my car, and have a gigantic celebration on July 4th. I do not want any complaints or negative comments from the locals.

    12. I would also like to have a nice job without paying any taxes, or have any labor or tax laws enforced on any business I may start.

    13. Please have the president tell all the Mexican people to be extremely nice and never say critical things about me or my family, or about the strain we might place on their economy.

    14. I want to receive free food stamps.

    15. Naturally, I’ll expect free rent subsidies.

    16. I’ll need Income tax credits so that although I don’t pay Mexican Taxes, I’ll receive money from the government.

    17. Please arrange it so that the Mexican Gov’t pays $4,500 to help me buy a new car.

    18. Oh yes, I almost forgot, please enroll me free into the Mexican Social Security program so that I’ll get a monthly income in retirement.

    I know this is an easy request because we already do all these things for all your people who walk over to the U.S. from Mexico. I am sure that President Calderon won’t mind returning the favor if you ask him nicely. Thank you so much for your kind help. Viva America!

    • Kevin Trelease

      Thank you, Marissa, think I will join you, will bring my wife and six kids

      • Marissa

        GREAT!! We can make sure to celebrate the 4th together 😀

    • joel

      Well said!! I agree 100 percent! But i think “maybe” your discontent is misplaced……its not the mexican peoples fault that the U.S. government is so incompetent. But hey!! What the heck!! Viva Norte America!!! hahahah!!

    • Ron Kean

      Take what you can get but unlike the USA, expect Montezuma’s revenge.

  • joel

    let me just start by saying i looooovvvveeee mexican food!! And their language sounds soooo sweet in song and verse! I wish i knew more mexicans. I would rather mexicans roof my home than white meth-heads. Im all for immigration!! We need more of their culture mixed with ours!! It would make a good gumbo ya ya!

    I dont usually side with the Bernard clones….and since Congress and the Senate has failed us completely….somthing has to be done…..

    I dont really see much change from what power the police had previously to the power they get from this new law……

    I will say that you cant travel in any other country in the world and not carry your visa and passport with you….

    That being said…. VIVA LA MEXICO!!!!

    • Marissa

      WoW Joel that was a very nice way of calling me an idiot simply because I agree with Bernie. Why thank you for that ever so polite way of calling me stupid and an inability to have an original thought. I know my day is never complete until I am kindly insulted.

      In the interest of education the phrase is “Viva Mexico” there is no “la” in that phrase. Then again what would I know, as you have pointed out I am too feeble minded to understand much of anything. 😉

      • Marissa

        Unless you were attempting to say “Viva la revolucion” FYI “la” means THE.
        But I’m just a clone what would I know 😀

        • joel

          Marissa, unless you consider yourself a clone of Bernard Gold”berg,” the jew, who is for racial profiling…..see blog “Just Asking,” then i dont know why you are offended. If you are not one of his clones then clearly im not talking to you. Lighten up Marissa!

  • Brian

    Why can’t we crack down on the companies that hire illegal immigrants. They are not just being employed by fast food-restaurants and manual labor. If they have no incentive to come over here (jobs) then there will be less immigrants. We need to target those who hire illegal immigrants, for far less money than an American would work for, in order to stop this. This is a reason why the middle-class is shrinknig, because those like to chase cheap labor, no matter if they hire legal citizens or not.

  • Terry Walbert


    I concur with your observations last night on O’Reilly on the drive by media and their “coverage” of the Arizona immigration law. You shouldn’t be surprised at Linda Greenhouse. She is just carrying on the tradition of Walter Duranty at the New York Times.

    (Walter Duranty was the Times reporter in Moscow in the 1930s and ignored the mass starvation of millions of people in the Ukraine caused by Stalin. Duranty also won a Pulitzer Prize and wrote a book entitled “I Write As I Please.” That was true because exposing the truth wasn’t one of his goals.)

    Perhaps you should institute an annual “Walter Duranty I Write As I Please” award to the journalistic hack who best exemplifies this spirit. Then at least MSNBC’s evening crew might win an award or two or ten.

  • Stephen Shields

    While I am in support of immigration reform and stricter laws for illegal immigrants, I have one major problem with this law. It is done by a state. This law will most likely be rescinded by the US Supreme Court, as it should be, but atleast some one is finally taking a stand. The governor of AZ just threw a huge wrench right in the middle of the Obama/Pelosi immigration reform, the corner stone of which was amnesty. The process to become nationalize or receive a US visa should be reformed. Individuals should be given more of an opportunity, but once they are given an opportunity, the background checks should be rigorous. I’m a huge fan of smaller government, but this is one area that the US government has continued to sweep under the rug for far too long.

    • joel

      Stephen…..are you feeling well?? What happend to you man?? This sounds so much like an independent thought……i……i……i dont know what to say……i’m so proud of you!! You sound so much like a human being! Keep it go’n man!! Keep it go’n!!

      • Stephen Shields

        I think you should stop.

  • Mike Jeffries

    Wil doesn’t understand the law, as written…nor how the law will be enforced, per the mandate of Gov. Brewer. Instead, Wil is the embodiment of the following.

    “A little learning is a dangerous thing; Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, And drinking largely sobers us again.” (An Essay on Criticism) – Alexander Pope

    Get a grip, Wil. Drink deeply. Relax…good boy.

  • Jack Davis

    Clearly, Wil doesn’t live in Arizona and has no grasp of the problems faced by Arizona. He’s not offered to accept any illegal immigrants into his home, nor to pay for any costs generated by illegal immigration.

    I think he should offer to pay his fair share of costs incurred by taxpayers living in Arizona.

    I mean, he COULD make out his check to Governor Jan Brewer and designate the money to help Arizona deal with illegal immigration. I mean, he COULD contribute to Arizona’s treasury to help with the problem, instead of running his mouth off here.

    So Wil, as a tax-paying resident of Arizona, I’m asking you: “How much money are you willing to kick in to solve this problem?” In other words, put your money where your mouth is. I’m already paying my fair share, though taxes.

    Are you?

    As Bernie so aptly put it, “It’s easy to be compassionate. From a distance.”

  • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

    Bernie, Here’s an interesting take that anyone on the fence about the Arizona immigration law should take into account.


    Here, now is Section 2, Paragraph B. of the above law, in its entirety:


    Now, study that clause. Digest it. Let it melt in your mouth a little.

    Remember that a police officer may be in “lawful contact” with you if you come to the station to report a crime, or if you are walking down the street passing a cop on the beat, or if you are stopped to be given a “sniff test” during the holiday season. Hell, a police officer may be in “lawful contact” with you if he’s sitting on the bench next to you at a sporting event!

    Then there is that “shall be made” clause. The officer has no ability to use his judgement — if a man is taking his wife to the hospital to deliver a baby and is stopped by the police, and the police believe that the wife doesn’t speak English, then the policeman MUST make a reasonable attempt to determine the immigration status of the wife!

    Is that REALLY what we want in America??

    • CCNV

      If you’re not here ILLEGALLY, what is there to fear?

      • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom


        If you’re not here ILLEGALLY, what is there to fear?

        Short, Concise, and you hit the nail on the head.

        Liberals can’t understand because its too simple. There has to be a hypothetical and theoretical dimension to the imagined problem.

        This is funny but addresses exactly what I mean from an email I received.

        Are you a Liberal, or Conservative ?

        Here is a little test that will help you decide.
        The answer can be found by posing the following question:

        You’re walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children.

        Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife in one hand and a pistol in the other comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, points the gun and charges at you.

        You are carrying a Glock cal 40, and you are an expert shot.
        You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family.

        What do you do?

        Liberal’s Answer:

        Well, that’s not enough information to answer the question!

        Does the man look poor! Or oppressed?

        Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack me?

        Could we run away?

        What does my wife think?

        What about the kids?

        What does the law say about this situation?

        Why am I carrying a loaded gun anyway, and what kind of message does this send to society and to my children?

        Does he definitely want to kill me, or would he be content just to wound me?

        Should I call 9-1-1?

        Why is this street so deserted?

        We need to raise taxes, have paint and weed day and make this a happier, healthier street that would discourage such behavior.

        Conservative’s Answer:


        If I could take a national poll and ask one question:

        Are you opposed to people coming to America and living here illegally?

        Yes or No? Simple right? The overwhelming majority of Americans would say yes.

        What should be the first order of business? Establish Sanctuary Cities???

        Sanctuary from what? The persecution of being here illegally? And that my friend is exactly the way Liberals look at.

      • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

        Ask John Demjanjuk?

    • Stephen Shields

      You are conveniently leaving out the two most important words/phrases, “reasonable suspicion” and “when practicable”. So, if someone is driving their laboring wife to the hospital, the situation isn’t practicable. If the law enforcement official were to perform a search, he or she would be in direct violation and they would be punished. To answer your quesiton, no, that isn’t want we want in America. That is why the law is written the way it is.

      • CCNV

        Stephen Shields, you are 100% correct! EVERY person who is pulled over for broken taillight, speeding, running a stop sign, etc., or is involved in a car accident MUST produce a valid drivers license to a police officer – that is the LAW. If that person can’t produce a valid driver’s license, then they probably can’t produce a valid registration and car insurance either. An alarm would go off in MY head no matter WHAT nationality they are!

    • EddieD_Boston

      As my mother often told me “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide” Real simple isn’t it? This issue defines liberalism in that it’s a completely illogical and emotional (read: kneejerk) reaction to take offense to something so clear and reasonable. If you’re here legally everything is cool. If you’re here illegally we have a right to ask you to leave, anchor baby and all. What’s the problem again?

      • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

        As my mother often told me “if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide” Real simple isn’t it?>>

        Yep, and you would have no problem having a TV monitor in every room of your home, watching your every move. Right?

        • EddieD_Boston

          What the hell kind of stupid response was that? You really don’t get how foolish you come across here do you? You’ve become a pathetic joke. The country is ovewhelmingly behind Arizona’s new law. It’s only the looney fringe that is killing itself trying find reasons to oppose it. Talk about lame.

          • CCNV

            According to Wil and his Liberal cohorts, what they think would happen would be the closest thing to the Rapture that we’ll probably see in our lifetime. Imagine the countless numbers of rusty clunkers with broken windshields and at least 2 donut tires, abandoned and strewn alongside the Arizona roads and highways…a scrap collectors’ dream. “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

          • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

            CCNV, I wish you people would get raptured away, so that the rest of us can get on with living and progressing.

          • CCNV

            Hi, Wil! Didn’t want you to think I’d forgotten about you! I’ve been working all day so I can support your lazy butt for another month (you do remember what WORK is, right?). I know you’re busy ‘living and progressing’, but did you get your monthly entitlement check yet? Hope you didn’t spend it all in one place! Oh, by the way, you’re welcome!

            And how’s the favorite community organizer of yours? What did that silly socialist do today? He leaked the info about the NYC bomber? Are you sure that wasn’t an ‘accident’ so his Pakistani buddy could get out of the country before getting caught? Sure hope he didn’t have to show his papers when he was arrested – that could be considered racist, huh?

            Goodnight, Wil. You take care and remember to pray to your community organizer before you go to bed.

          • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

            CCNV, You say you have been working all day, so you can support my lazy butt for another month. That’s crazy talk! BTW, Your guy never captured Bin Laden, now did he!

          • CCNV

            Neither did Clinton. Guess he was too busy with extra-curricular activities.

          • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

            Remember, 9-11 happened on your guys (Bush) watch!

          • CCNV

            1993 – The first World Trade Center bombing
            1995 – Attempted crashing of plane on White House
            1995 – Oklahoma City bombing
            1996 – Khobar Towers bombing – Saudi Arabia
            1998 – U.S. Embassy bombings Kenya/Tanzania
            2000 – USS Cole Bombing – Yemen

            How about SUPPORTING America for a change, you liberal moron?

          • Stephen Shields

            Why do you assume that anyone who disagrees with Obama or his wacky leftist agenda loved bush?

          • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

            Steve, I’ll bet you voted for Bush, two times!

          • Stephen Shields

            I’d take that bet, because you would be wrong. They don’t let 13 (2000) or 17(2004) year olds vote. Even if I was eligible to vote, I probably would have only voted for him in 2000. I would have voted independent or third party in 2004. I couldn’t help continue the mess, and voting Kerry would have been like drinking cyanide. See, Wil, you aren’t as smart as you think you are. I guess all those preconceived notions you have about people are just biased prejudices that you are constantly raving about other people having without giving any type of evidence. And you call yourself open minded. It’s also hilarious that you are still complaining about someone who has been out of office for over a year and is 10 times smarter than you will ever dream of being. It took longer than 8 years to cause a financial collapse, and now it’s President Obama’s problem, no matter how you spin it. Your regressive liberalism makes you sound even more uninformed than you have proven yourself to be time and time again.

          • Stephen Shields

            For future reference, its pronounced REgressing.

          • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

            Steve, I don’t know how old you are, but do you remember the year 2001? When Bush assumed power, America’s biggest problems were: How do we best spend the Clinton budget surplus?

            Clinton had Saddam contained.
            Clinton had North Korea contained and Iran was not a threat.
            We had one attack on the homeland and those people were caught and sent to prison.
            Plus, Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn’t come home alive.

            We also had the best economy in our history, but somehow, you areconvinced that Bush did a great job. Madness!

          • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

            I agree. A fine example of what I was talking about. This a work…. We should have Town Hall meetings across the country and ask everyone who is illegal to raise their hand so we could deport them. Better still, if we hope and pray really hard, maybe they’ll just voluntarily leave the country.

            This is the dream land they live in. If you can’t ask someone whether or not their in the country legally… how in the hell are you supposed to find out? Last time I checked their not walking around with “Illegal” stamped on their forehead!

    • Marissa

      Wil, It is my understanding that “lawful contact” has been changed to “Lawful stop”

      I am LATINA, live on the border and have NO problem with the law. This is not a race issue it is a Legal and Security issue. I am neither fearful or angry because of the law. I too Wil have read the legislation passed.


      Section B Page 1 line 20 *Lawful contact has been changed to “lawful stop”
      Lawful stop: Stop and frisk is when police temporarily detain somebody and pat down their outer clothing when there are specific articulable facts leading a reasonable police officer to believe a person is armed and dangerous. It is not necessary for the officer to articulate or identify a specific crime they think is being committed, only that a set of factual circumstances exist that would lead a reasonable officer to have a reasonable suspicion that criminal activity is occurring. Reasonable suspicion is one step below probable cause

      Section B Page 1 line 26: TITLE 8 CHAPTER 12 SUBCHAPTER II Part IX § 1373
      § 1373. Communication between government agencies and the Immigration and Naturalization Service
      (a) In general
      Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, a Federal, State, or local government entity or official may not prohibit, or in any way restrict, any government entity or official from sending to, or receiving from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual.
      (b) Additional authority of government entities
      Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no person or agency may prohibit, or in any way restrict, a Federal, State, or local government entity from doing any of the following with respect to information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual:
      (1) Sending such information to, or requesting or receiving such information from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
      (2) Maintaining such information.
      (3) Exchanging such information with any other Federal, State, or local government entity.
      (c) Obligation to respond to inquiries
      The Immigration and Naturalization Service shall respond to an inquiry by a Federal, State, or local government agency, seeking to verify or ascertain the citizenship or immigration status of any individual within the jurisdiction of the agency for any purpose authorized by law, by providing the requested verification or status information.

      Section E Page 1 line 28: PROBABLE CAUSE: A reasonable belief that a person has committed a crime. The test the court of appeals employs to determine whether probable cause existed for purposes of arrest is whether facts and circumstances within the officer’s knowledge are sufficient to warrant a prudent person to believe a suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. U.S. v. Puerta, 982 F.2d 1297, 1300 (9th Cir. 1992). In terms of seizure of items, probable cause merely requires that the facts available to the officer warrants a “man of reasonable caution” to conclude that certain items may be contraband or stolen property or useful as evidence of a crime. U.S. v. Dunn, 946 F.2d 615, 619 (9th Cir. 1991), cert. Denied, 112 S. Ct. 401 (1992).
      It is undisputed that the Fourth Amendment, applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment, prohibits an officer from making an arrest without probable cause. McKenzie v. Lamb, 738 F.2d 1005, 1007 (9th Cir. 1984). Probable cause exists when “the facts and circumstances within the arresting officer’s knowledge are sufficient to warrant a prudent person to believe that a suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime.” United States v. Hoyos, 892 F.2d 1387, 1392 (9th Cir. 1989), cert. denied, 489 U.S. 825 (1990) (citing United States v. Greene, 783 F.2d 1364, 1367 (9th Cir. 1986), cert. denied, 476 U.S. 1185 (1986)).
      Section E Page 1line 39: Public Offence: A crime. Compare to private or civil wrongs that violate “private laws,” for example, a contract between two parties. The difference between civil/private and criminal/public wrongs is that public offenses focus on the behavior of the offender while the law of civil wrongs focuses on making an injured person whole. (See also crime.)

      Section F Page 1 line 40-45: Is the exact definition listed above Section B line 26

      Section F #4 Page 2 line 10: TITLE II, CHAPTER 7 OF THE FEDERAL IMMIGRATION AND NATIONALITY ACT.: Title II: Outlawed discrimination in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private.”

      The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub.L. 88-352, 78 Stat. 241, enacted July 2, 1964) was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public (“public accommodations.”) Once the Act was implemented, its effects were far-reaching and had tremendous long-term impacts on the whole country. It prohibited discrimination in public facilities, in government, and in employment, invalidating the Jim Crow laws in the southern U.S. It became illegal to compel segregation of the races in schools, housing, or hiring.
      Section I Page 2 line 33: BAD FAITH : Dishonesty or fraud in a transaction, such as entering into an agreement with no intention of ever living up to its terms, or knowingly misrepresenting the quality of something that is being bought or sold.
      Intent to deceive. A person who intentionally tries to deceive or mislead another in order to gain some advantage.

      37 CITIZENS.

      Section 3 A2 Page 2 line 45: UNITED STATES CODE SECTION 1304(e) OR 1306(a):
      1304 (e): Personal possession of registration or receipt card; penalties Every alien, eighteen years of age and over, shall at all times carry with him and have in his personal possession any certificate of alien registration or alien registration receipt card issued to him pursuant to subsection

      1306(a): Willful failure to register Any alien required to apply for registration and to be fingerprinted in the United States who willfully fails or refuses to make such application or to be fingerprinted, and any parent or legal guardian required to apply for the registration of any alien who willfully fails or refuses to file application for the registration of such alien shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined not to exceed $1,000 or be imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

      Section B 2 Page 4 line 7: TITLE 8 CHAPTER 12 SUBCHAPTER II Part IX § 1373
      § 1373. Communication between government agencies and the Immigration and Naturalization Service (c) Obligation to respond to inquiries
      The Immigration and Naturalization Service shall respond to an inquiry by a Federal, State, or local government agency, seeking to verify or ascertain the citizenship or immigration status of any individual within the jurisdiction of the agency for any purpose authorized by law, by providing the requested verification or status information.

      Section G 1(a) page 3 line 31: (a) A DANGEROUS DRUG AS DEFINED IN SECTION 13-3401 {Definitions Arizona describes as dangerous drugs} http://www.azleg.state.az.us/ars/13/03401.htm

      Section G 1(d) page 3 line 36-37: SECTION 13-2308.01 {Arizona’s definition of Terrorism} http://law.onecle.com/arizona/criminal-code/13-2308.01.html

      Section G 2(b) page 3 line 41-43: 8 UNITED STATES CODE SECTION 1229a & 8 UNITED
      § 1229a. Removal proceedings (a) Proceeding (1) In general An immigration judge shall conduct proceedings for deciding the inadmissibility or deportability of an alien.
      § 1229c. Voluntary departure (C) Waiver limitations (i) Waivers under subparagraph (B) may be granted only upon a request submitted by a Service district office to Service headquarters. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/8/usc_sec_08_00001229—a000-.html

      Section 4 B page 5 line 5: Class 4 felony: A. Notwithstanding section 13-702, subsection A, if a person is convicted of a felony without having previously been convicted of any felony and if at least two aggravating factors listed in section 13-702, subsection C apply, the court may increase the maximum term of imprisonment otherwise authorized for that offense up to the following maximum terms: http://law.justia.com/arizona/codes/title13/00702-01.html

  • Walter Klock

    I live in Maricopa County, Arizona. Each year for about the last four years, approximately 100 people have been killed in Maricopa County by illegal immigrants. Local news people have tried to obscure this fact. A year ago, when I asked Mr. Lovely (editor of the Arizona Republic) whether the 100 number (quoted by some radio personalities) was correct, Mr. Lovely told me that the Republic had never made an attempt to check out the number because “nobody wants to know” this number. According to the radio people, the number includes shootings, stabbings, people beaten to death, DUI’s and other automobile accidents. From my own reading of the Republic and watching local TV telecasts, I believe that the 100 deaths is reasonably plausible.
    Since these deaths are a significant part of the local anguish over the illegals, I find it strange that no reporter has ever commented on these deaths–even on Fox News where presumeably curiosity and news reporting should overcome the “nobody wants to know” attitude of traditional media.

    Also, much ado has been made over the question of “suspicious behavior”–how suspicious would it be in our eastern states if a group of men carrying AK-47’s walked across people’s back yards? This happens fairly often in rural southern Arizona. Would this behavior be suspicious enough in New York for local police to want to investigate? As versus the ABC, NBC and CBS networks, I have expected Fox to do a better job of having reporters and producers seek out and talk to local people who are living in Arizona, and not just collect soundbites from “open border and amnest activists”. How often in New York City does a policeman get shot with and AK-47?
    I thought that reporting the news was suppose to be based on “shoe-leather” direct talking to participants reporting, not just calling up the usual list of Al Sharpton activists. I have been disappointed that Fox has not distinguished itself from the lame-stream press in its reporting of Arizona’s new law. Only Bret Hume seems to have taken the time to actually read the law–and he is an analyst, not a news reporter. I have yet to see any national reporting (press or TV) point out that the “Nazi papers” requirement comes “word for word” from the existing federal law. I am appalled at how little actual fact gathering goes into the reporting on a relatively short and simple law–no wonder the national press performed so badly when commenting on Obama Care–it seems like that no news reporter ever read a 2,000 page law.

    • Stephen Shields

      I spend about a month out of every year in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and I can spot the illegal immigrants from a mile away. They all line up on the side of the road or loiter in front of the gas stations to get picked up for day work. It absolutely kills me that people are calling this a racist bill. Believe it or not, not all hispanics look the same, just like not all white, black, Asian or Indian people look the same. For a group of people playing the race card, opponents of this bill sure are short sited and doing a lot of profiling themselves.

    • Marissa

      I support AZ for attempting to protect Arizonians. I have long purchased merchandise from CA. Since CA has decided to speak out against AZ I have chosen to take my business to AZ and purchase from there instead.

      I live on a Southern border as well and understand the circumstance. For weeks without end we too were subject to fear and asking why there was so much violence spilling over to our city in the US. The Mexican president denied anything was happening while US reporters taped the violence seen and heard from the US side. Our congressman refused to address the issue until recently when he met with Calderon to discuss the matter.

      These Johnny come lately’s are quick to jump on the band wagon and others quick to judge when they fail to understand what Southern states are having to deal with. I have had ILLEGAL aliens cross my ranch while I was alone and fearful for my life.

      Now you have other states asking for an economic embargo. I find that absolutely disgusting. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with all of these issue while NO ONE is willing to admit they are occurring then to add insult to injury- I am punished simply for asking the laws be upheld.

      I honestly do not understand what is happening in our country. When did it become a SIN to strive for success and be AMERICAN? God help us all!!

    • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

      Walter Klock:

      Neil Cavuto of FOX News did do a report on it.

      He said this:

      To illustrate the problem compare the crime rate of NYC and Phoenix in 2009.

      Phoenix Pop 1.4 million Crime Rate 90,000

      NYC Pop 8.3 million Crime Rate 106,000

      They have similar crime rates even though NYC has almost 8 times the population!
      Is this 100% the fault of illegals? No. Is it due in large part to illegals? Yes.

  • Ken Besig Israel

    In Egypt the Border Police have the difficult job of keeping illegal immigrants out of their country and often use their rifles to kill on sight non Egyptians crossing illegally into Egypt. True the Egyptians sometimes just kick the illegal border crossers out of Egypt immediately, but if there are too many, they round up what they can and lock them up in rather large holding pens in the desert with minimum food and water until the illegals pretty much beg to be allowed to return to Ethiopia, the Sudan, or where ever they came from.
    Although almost no one publicizes this, all of the countries to the North and West of Egypt are grateful that Egypt is willing to bear the brunt of criticism of it’s human rights record because Egyptian toughness on it’s borders protects all of the other countries from massive illegal immigration.
    I suppose there are many who are aghast that a modern country like Egypt would seek to protect itself so brutally from invasion by poor, illiterate, usually sick, and often violent illegal aliens, but Egypt, like many other sane countries see an invasion by groups like this as no different from a military invasion by another country.
    It looks like Arizona is beginning to wake up from it’s coma as well, and trying to protect itself while it still can.

  • Terry Walbert


    I think the preferred term for illegal aliens is “forbidden strangers.”

    Actually, this meltdown of the main stream media might be a good theme for a new book. They don’t even pretend to reporting the facts anymore. They have finally been flushed out for the hacks that they are.

    Yes, they do remind me of Nazi Germany, at least Dr. Goebbels’s propaganda machine.

  • CCNV

    This will undoubtedly rile a few Liberal feathers, but something seriously needs to be done to curb illegal immigrants from coming and staying here illegally – using anchor-babies as a means to stay. Let’s build that fence sky-high…and electrify it if need be.

    Deporting illegal alien criminals does NOT work. Last Mother’s Day we had an illegal alien kill a 17-year-old boy by jumping in this kids’ car. This scumbag forced the kid to drive for a few miles, made the kid pull over to the side of the road, and then shot the kid point-blank in the head. A Good Samaritan pulled over because he thought this guy was having car trouble, and the Good Samaritan was shot also. The family of the Good Samaritan (in the car), phoned the police. The KILLER then sped off, wrecked the car and took off on foot from the police. They caught him, naked, in the bushes. Found out he had been deported several times previously. Did you know that if/when a Mexican is put in prison, the family moves to where that family member is incarcerated? And so the cycle begins.

    I’ve heard people say, “Oh, the Mexicans are helping our economy.” That’s BS because you can go into any Walmart and see the sign “Send your money to Mexico here.” No wonder Mexico is yelling about the US deporting illegal aliens…Mexico is making billions from the illegals sending tax-free money back to their families Mexico!

    On another note, have you ever heard of any illegal Canadian gang-bangers selling dope and doing drive-by shootings, yet we strive to enforce strict protection on our Northern border?

  • http://none Bruce A.

    I have never forgotten the fact that my grandparents & a few great grandparents came through Ellis Island from various parts of Eastern Europe. Like thousands of others they came here expecting to live, work hard, raise families & hopefully become successful. They wanted nothing from the government except freedom and expected nothing but that. They valued, respected this country & obeyed its laws.
    They all learned English & earned their citizenship papers which we still have & treasure. Furthermore they never spoke their native language to their children because they wanted all of them to become Americans.
    I am sure they would find the mainstraem media Nazi comparision to Arizona completly off base if they were still here.

    • Artie

      This is what multiculturalism and diversity have brought us to.

    • EddieD_Boston

      I feel the same way. My grandmother came through Ellis Island in 1912. What upsets me the most is how these people, who have no right to be here, are demanding we let them in and also how entitled they feel to leech from the taxpayers. Think about Obama’s aunt living in the projects in Southie. Add the cost of food stamps, her healthcare and her taxpayer funded legal help to the cost of the apartment and she’s taking us for some big bucks. All this while appealing her denial of citizenship. This goes on in EVERY city all across the country EVERYDAY. And it’s 100 times worse in Arizona than Massachusetts.

      True story: I have a friend from Costa Rica (a citizen) and she once told me that in Latin America “everyone knows they can come her and have a baby and get welfare”. Her exact words, verbatim. That happens in EVERY city EVER day. The people in Arizona have had enough and Texas will be following close behind. California will get it someday when EVERY single illegal from Texas and Arizona ends up there. And they think they have budget issues now?

  • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

    I was hoping you would address the Arizona situation. I would like to touch on the crux of the problem.

    Arizona is being invaded by illegals; not to mention the rest of the country. Our government suffers from some form of paralysis. They can’t stop them at the border and can’t deport them once their here. Oh, but they can support Sanctuary Cities. Illegals are used as a fashion accessory touted by Liberals who want illegals here in some warped sense of compassion. I too, saw a newspaper article where the reporter actually had the gall to compare the Arizona situation with what the Nazi’s did to the jews!

    Unfortunately by the time this country wakes up it may well be fundamentally to late. Our country simply cannot survive by allowing everyone and their brother to “put down roots” in a country where they don’t belong.

    The Democrats as usual took the double standard route. They came squirming out of the woodwork espousing the virtues of the Constitution as it relates to Arizona. Yet, they didn’t give two s—-in-the-wind about the Constitution when they passed the healthcare bill.

    The common sense of my father’s generation has all but evaporated.

    If you want to read something that is actually a part of our history and really open your eyes click this:

    Click this:

    To illustrate the problem further compare the crime rate of NYC and Phoenix in 2009.

    Phoenix Pop 1.4 million Crime Rate 90,000

    NYC Pop 8.3 million Crime Rate 106,000

    They have similar crime rates even though NYC has almost 8 times the population!
    Is this 100% the fault of illegals? No. Is it due in large part to illegals? Yes.

    When is it illegal to be illegal?

  • Dan in Phx

    I’m sadden by how little of the “news” and chatter about this law has been about the actual law itself. Our almost nonexistent collective demand for the distinction between facts, opinion, interpretation and prediction pretty much ensures suppliers will never bother to make the distinction, ever again. And we wonder why big problems resist solution. Sad.

  • http://www.bigbureaucracy.com/ Ellie

    Instead of fixing the border – the feds are making cars.
    Instead of working on the oil spill – the feds are choosing the teacher of the year.

  • LGV

    Its sad. We fought 4 1/2 years, and the world lost what 30 to 40 million killed defeating the Nazi’s and the Japanese. Yet today; its OK to generalize and use the absolute worst kind of analogy to just score political points. The Nazi’s; jack-boots and all represented the truest form of evil ever personified by a regime on this Earth.

    We’d all be better served, if in our criticism; we remember what THEY really did. No one conservative thinks we should eviscerate our ideals, but given the sorry state of affairs I do begin to believe that the guys in charge right now don’t have a clue. And push come to shove; they’re gutless.

    The time is coming when a National course correction will be applied, come on November. I never thought a whole lot of Bill Clinton, but at least he had the sense to steer his Ship of State to the center.

    • Artie

      That’s the problem with liberals. They know no history, they have no idea who Hitler was, what he stood for or what he did. It just sounds good on the evening news to say “(Fill in the blank) is Hitler/Nazi/Fascist)”. Besides, Stalin made Hitler look like a second rate piker. So did the left’s hero, Mao.

      • http://www.eschatonblog.com/ Wil Burns

        Artie, Two liberals (FDR & Truman) defeated fascistism and fought Stalin & Mao. You know nothing about history!

  • Bear

    I have immigrants that have been working for me for many years, They came here legally, went to night school, became citizens, speak English well and work very hard. Why do illegal immigrants think they can come here refuse to show their papers and still be able to live here. It’s a slap in the face to those that complied with our laws. I have to carry a driver’s license, proof of auto insurance, proof of health insurance, business sales tax permit, etc. Why all the fuss about their having to show their ID? They either get with the program or get out!!

    • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

      Why do illegal immigrants think they can come here refuse to show their papers and still be able to live here?

      They think they can do it because they’ve been able to do it for decades with the most powerful nation on earth standing back and allowing it.

      The law is a funny thing. I’m not a lawyer, but I got a real estate license once, and for that purpose I had to take a few hours of real estate law:

      For instance, if pets are not allowed in a particular building here in NYC, i.e., pets are “illegal,” so to speak, and I have a dog anyway, and I walk in and out of the building with my pooch in plain view of landlord and doorman, and no serious attempts are made to evict me if I refuse to comply with the no-pets policy, after six months I’ve established the “legality” of my dog, simply because I broke the rules “in plain view” and no one moved a finger to stop me.

      Having had all these undocumented aliens living and working here “in plain view” without any serious attempts by the U.S. government to remove them or at least to seal the borders, this situation comes dangerously close to the definition of “easement by prescription,” an example of which I gave above.

      A country, like the U.S., simply can’t send mixed messages to illegal immegrants for years and years, and then blame them for getting confused about what’s right or wrong.

      • Artie

        I sort of see the present state of America like Samson in his blindness and captivity. The strongest man/nation in the world utterly helpless. But Samson eventually turned back to God.

  • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

    Bernie, Yes, lets ship those brown people to San Francisco and New York. Didn’t Nazi Germany ship million of people to other places too. Not a bright idea!

    How about those white people with English and foreign accents, in our country? Are they citizens and will they be stopped and questioned about it? If not, why not?

    BTW, How does an immigrant legally immigrate to the US? Does anyone know?

    • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

      Yes, I know. I came here on a student visa, then I had a bunch of different visas, and then I won a Green Card in the diversity lottery (lucky for me, my country—Austria—is eligible, for there aren’t too many Austrians over here), and after five years of permanent residency status I was eligible for U.S. citizenship.

      Unless one is lucky enough to win a Green Card, one can either immigrate via marrying a U.S. citizen (hence all those phony Green Card marriages), or one may be eligible for being an exceptional person of some sort who, for whatever reason, may enrich the fabric of American society (Nobel Prize laureate, Oscar winner, Mick Jagger, etc.).

      I believe there’s also a way to invest a large sum of money in the U.S. economy, and you could buy your way in, so to speak.

      As to employment, the only offical way to get a work visa is to possess a particular skill set that is hard to find, i.e., before a company can hire a foreigner, they must prove that they tried—and failed—to fill the position with a citizen.

      Other than fulfilling a very specific set of criteria, the popular expression “they should go to the back of the line” is meaningless, as there is no “line” per se. Either you’re eligible, or you aren’t.

      So if you show up at the U.S. consulate in your home country and tell them you simply “want” to move to the U.S., unless you fulfill any of the above criteria, there IS NO LINE for you.

      This whole “line” business is driving me crazy.

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

        PS: Oh, and you can request political asylum, of course, if you suffer some form of persecution in your native country.

        Mere “economic asylum” is not on the list, I’m afraid.

    • Ron Kean

      I know…I thought everyone knew. You go to the American embassy and fill out papers. There are quotas so you might have to wait.

      You can get permission rather than sneaking, cheating, and hiding. And yes, white people sneak, cheat, and hide too. For sure.

      Think about showing your driver’s license when you get stopped by the police. Why should anybody be exempt? White or brown?

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

        You can get permission rather than sneaking, cheating, and hiding.

        No, you can’t. Unless you fulfill any of a set of specific critera that make you eligible to immigrate, there’s no “quota” where you can simply stand in line and wait your turn. Poor workers from Mexico or South America are very unlikely to meet any of these criteria, so the ONLY way for them to get in here is to sneak and cheat.

        Once again, the “line” that many commentators suggest all undocumented immigrants should “go to the back of” is a myth.

        Until the U.S. government deigns to implement some sort of guest worker program, there IS NO LINE to go to the back of.

    • Ron Kean

      C’mon Wil. Please don’t compare Bergen Belson, Treblinka, etc. to Fisherman’s Wharf, Haight Ashbury, Carmel, Marin County, etc.

      • Jack Davis

        Asking Wil Burns to make sense is like asking to fly to the moon on gossamer wings, Ron. It ain’t gonna happen.

    • Richard


      I don’t mean to be cruel, but I know of no other way to say this: You are a dolt! By now we get it: You are incapable of agreeing with anything Bernie Goldberg says. Goody for you. But when Bernie says that Arizona’s illegal aliens should get free transportation to sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, and you compare that to sending Jews off to death camps, well then one can only conclude that you are a fool.

      • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

        Richard, The Nazi analogy is all over Bernie latest diatribe about the immigration problem. Don’t you people actually read his columns.

        • Marissa

          Wil your comments are a farce. Your comments mirrors those of liberals purposely creating pandemonium. Whispering in the ears of minorities simply to score points politically.

          It’s a good thing this Latin woman reads, researches and comprehends. I do not need my president (use the term loosely) to “educate” me on matters.

          I honestly pray that all minorities wake up and realize they are pandering to fears and being talked at. The race card is being played to keep control and people are failing to see that. I know that racism exists as does bigotry you just don’t have to be white to be guilty of either one. It does NOT discriminate. Ignorance is ignorance regardless of color.

    • Henry

      Wil, I know you’re far more than intelligent to understand Bernie’s point regarding shipping “those brown people to San Francisco and New York”. And while it is possible that some of “those white people with English and foreign accents” may be illegal, at the risk of sounding politically incorrect, it is far more probable that an illegal may be someone who happens to be of brown color. Does that mean that every person of brown color is an illegal? Of course not! All I’m saying is that the main source of illegal immigration comes from a certain country south of the border, that’s all.

      • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

        Henry, And many illlegal immigrants are white and from other countries. Why is it only the brown people that are targeted? How about we send all illlegal immigrants back to wherever they came from?

        • The Patriot

          Sounds good to me. I don’t recall anyone ever saying that we should concentrate solely on the South Americans.

          Do you?

  • Berg

    These illegal immigrants, and their supporters, are mocking legal ones. Does anybody cares about the effort people are putting to stay legally in this country?

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com Cyberquill

    I happen to be an immigrant myself. Every time I entered the country through JFK some Nazi behind a counter always checked my papers. Not only mine—they even checked the papers of U.S. citizens!!!

    Instead of passport and visa checks at airports, why not simply punish hotels who accomodate undocumented tourists?

    Bottom line, unless Joy Behart and her ilk start screaming fascism with regard to the practice of checking the documents of those who enter via legitimate ports, these people make no sense whatsoever.

  • Fred Christoffer

    It’s just more demagoguery and desperation on the part of the liberals. Another attempt to squash conservatives and regain their losses in the political arena.

    You’re right Bernie, if the government had an effective policy on illegal immigration we wouldn’t have to question the constitutionality of a law AZ was desperate to enact. I believe however Arizona is just the tip of the iceberg. Other states would like to enact similar legislation but are waiting for the outcome of the AZ law in the courts.

    By the way, an illegal alien scaling a fence to enter Nazi Germany would have been shot on sight. IF the illegal actually made it to the German side, his body would be thrown into a ditch with the others. For Nazis, “show me your papers” would have been a wast of time and laughable. Ask Mr. Polis to compare THAT to Arizona’s new law.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Bernie is absolutely correct in his analysis. If the federal government had been doing it’s job, there would have been no need for a state law to passed in the first place. It is grossly irresponsible for anyone in the public eye to compare this law to Nazi Germany. Karl Rove gave the most comprehensive analysis of the new AZ law the other night on the The O’Reilly Factor. It is possible that the law is unconstitutional on the grounds that the state may not have the right to override the federal gov’t. That’s for the courts to decide. But to inject racial profiling into the debate, stirring up anger when there is nothing in the law that says a person can be stopped for “looking latino” is really disgraceful.

    My great-grandparents were immigrants from Aberdeen, Scotland. They came to this country through Ellis Island. Why is it so much to ask that people come here through proper channels and carry their documentation with them? THAT constitutes Nazism? I don’t get it.

    • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

      Karl Rove gave the most comprehensive analysis of the new AZ law the other night on the The O’Reilly Factor.>>

      Kathie, When Rove and Bush were in power, what did he and Bush do about illlegal immigrants coming to our country? NOTHING!

      • Kathie Ampela


        I didn’t ask for your opinion, but since you gave it, I’ll give you mine. I wanted to understand the actual AZ law itself and Karl Rove explained it in a way that I understood. I said NOTHING about what the Bush Administration did or didn’t do about illegal immigrants coming to the country. Bernie’s column has nothing to do with what the Bush Administration DID or DIDN’T DO. And it is disgraceful for any public figure to compare the horrors of Nazi Germany to the new law in AZ. Illegal immigrants are not being rounded up and sent off to death camps and shoved into big gas ovens as were done to Jews in Nazi Germany. THAT was the point of Bernie’s column, not a pissing contest over which administration screwed up more.

        • Jack Davis

          Excellent post, Kathie.

        • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

          Kathie, You reported on what Karl Rove had to say about the immigrat problem. All I did was point out when he and his ilk was in power they did nothing about it! And, about bring Nazi Germany to the new law in AZ. Isn’t that the theme of Bernie’s column!

  • Bob

    Bernie, I couldn’t agree more with your suggestion of sending illegals to so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities. The only problem is they don’t want them. I wonder why.

  • CCNV

    Ironic, isn’t it? When Conservatives were saying that shoving healthcare through without anyone knowing what the bill contained was wrong, the Liberal’s response was “You haven’t read it. You don’t know what you’re afraid of.”

    Now that the shoe is on the other foot, (no one has bothered to COMPARE the Arizona bill to the Federal bill), it’s entirely acceptable (and expected) to be mad as hell.

    Yeah, right…

  • Andrew

    The final paragraph of this column is so wonderfully brilliant. I wish it could be put in place.

  • http://billdonaldsworld.blogspot.com/ Bill Donald

    The Nazi Government was dedicated to the idea of racial superiority. Hitler and the Nazis wanted to restructure Germany along racial lines. This involved sex laws (who would be permitted to have sex with who); selective breeding; and compulsory sterilizations. To compare the Arizona law (or the tea baggers) to those concepts is insulting and moronic. The Nazi Government wanted to “evacuate” all of those races deemed to be inferior. The Arizona government seeks to insure that illegals are not welcome. There is a tremendous difference. All many of us ask is for the “illegals” to legally enter the country. Why is it “Nazi” to demand that everyone follow the same laws?

  • Stacy Alder

    I couldn’t agree more with this column. I would hope every newspaper runs this and everyone forwards this to all their friends. Well thought out and written. Common sense seems to have been lost in this country. We need strong leadership with ethics and strong morals to lead us. Thanks Mr. Goldberg!

  • http://www.pantanoforcongress.com/ Ilario Pantano

    Thank you for your insights, Mr. Goldberg!

    We need to fix our broken borders and protect our homeland. We show our ID at every police traffic stop, airport security line, and voting booth.

    Here’s what I think on these issues:

    o Illegal immigration undermines our economy and lack of boarder security invites easy access for those that would do us harm. We must secure our borders.

    o Past generations of immigrants came to this country worked hard and assimilated in the melting pot that has made us a great nation. Their work and their capital remained here and was reinvested because they became Americans and this was their home. Today, millions of illegal immigrants do not assimilate and the billions of dollars that they send back to their homes has artificially supported the GDP of many Latin American countries.

    o Illegal immigrants pay no taxes, drive without licenses, and they impose billion dollar burdens on the civic infrastructure paid for by you and me, while facing no consequences.

    Very truly yours,
    Ilario Pantano
    Republican Candidate, NC-7

    • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

      With a name like Ilario Pantano, what are you going to do when you people are added to the list of illegal immigrants who can be stopped in the street for no reason and are asked to prove they are legal?

      How would YOU prove to a policeman that you are American?

      I mean that question. I’m not being facetious. How would YOU prove you are American?

      • Ron Kean

        ‘You people’? Stopped for NO reason?

        Who’s profiling now? And when will you learn that the Arizona law doesn’t include stopping for NO reason? You’ve been lied to and you’ve fallen for the lie. Don’t feel alone.

        • http://dailyhowler.com/ Wil Burns

          Ron, Are you familiar with DWB? It happens all the time!

          • Ron Kean

            You’re obviously as cynical about law inforcement officers as you are about us, Bernie, and the Right in general…I believe.

            Driving While Black is a myth or an exception.

  • Zoltanne

    None of those speaking out to compare AZ’s new Bill to Hitler’s regime have any factual information or experiences whatsoever with Nazi Germany.

    Their feeble attempts with the shock-factor are ludicrous. But predictable.

    No problem with one way tickets to SF or NYC. No problem whatsoever.