His Silence Makes Him Complicit

If you’ve been paying attention to Barack Obama’s campaign for re-election you may have noticed a recurring theme.  While he  hits the campaign trail, flashing his million-dollar smile and waving to the adoring crowds, his political hit men are engaged in one of the dirtiest campaigns in recent American history – a campaign where decency is no virtue and moral atrocities are no vice.  Not if they help Barack Obama win re-election.

First it was Harry Reid’s indecent act on the floor of the United States Senate about Mitt Romney not paying taxes in 10 years – an allegation made without so much as a scintilla of evidence to back it up.

It’s one thing if a drunk in a bar makes some crazy, unsubstantiated accusation.  But this was the leader of the U.S. Senate telling the American people “The word’s out he (Mitt Romney) hasn’t paid any taxes in 10 years.  Let him prove he has paid taxes.  Because he hasn’t.”

When asked how he knows this, Reid said he got the tip from a confidential source who had worked at Bain Capital.  When asked who it was, Reid wouldn’t say.  And if a reporter asked Reid, how a confidential source – assuming one even existed — could possibly know anything about Mitt Romney’s personal income tax returns, I missed it.

Decent people protested Reid’s low blow.  But the President of the United States wasn’t among the decent people.  He could have denounced Reid’s slimy tactic.  But he didn’t say a word.  And that’s makes him complicit.

And when the president’s friends were asked what they thought, they simply changed the subject to Romney’s taxes.  The president’s press spokesman, Jay Carney, said this was a matter between Harry Reid and Mitt Romney.

Except that no one believes that Harry Reid was freelancing, that he woke up one day and said I think I’ll go on the floor of the Senate and say that Romney hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years.  “The word’s out” that the president’s re-election team was pulling the strings on the back of their willing puppet.

At the time I thought this was as low as it would get during this campaign.  But then came The Ad, produced and paid for by Priorities USA, a Super Pac supporting Barack Obama – and run by a former press spokesman for the president.

The ad — casually and incredibly — linked Mitt Romney to the death of a woman who had cancer.

In the video, 62-year old Joe Soptic looks right into the camera and says that Bain Capital shut down the Missouri steel mill where he had been working.  He lost his job, his insurance … and his wife died.

The implication is clear:  If Romney hadn’t shut down the plant his wife might still be alive today.

This is not simply nonsense.  It’s despicable.

First, Mr. Soptic had been offered a buy-out; he wasn’t simply told one day that he was fired.  That’s not in the ad.

Second, his wife was still working and had insurance with her job when her husband lost his.  That’s not in the ad, either.

Third, Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999, the plant closed in 2001, the woman was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 — when Romney was in his fourth year as Governor of Massachusetts.  None of that is in the ad.

So how is Mitt Romney even vaguely responsible for this woman’s death?

It is the dirtiest political commercial I have seen in a very long time.  But again the president remained silent.  And again, his silence makes him complicit in this moral outrage.

It’s important to remember that Barack Obama rode into Washington four years ago on a magic carpet made up of hopes and dreams and promises to make the national conversation less partisan and more civil.

It’s tempting to believe that Mr. Obama has thrown his principles out the window in order to win.  But it’s becoming more and more clear that he never had the principles he sold us on.  It’s becoming more and more clear that Barack Obama is just one more crummy Chicago politician who will do whatever he has to in order to win.  Somebody needs to tell the president that the White House isn’t City Hall.

Mr. Obama’s tactics, of course, may work.  But if he wins re-election, he will be the president of a nation more divided than when he walked into the Oval Office four years ago.  With his class warfare strategy, he has managed to turn Americans against each other.  With his ally’s dirty campaign ad, he has managed to make us more cynical than we were before he promised to make things better.

Barack Obama and the American people will have paid a high price for victory, if he wins.  It’s a price he’s obviously willing to pay.

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  • Polekeep

     Which collective do you mean. One of the majority, the numerically superior, which consists of the economic have nots ?  I Don’t think so.
     The present collectivistic handlers or overlords of this country are big national/international corporations and the individual rich.   
     Both Dems & Repubes are their lackeys.
     Do you really think a wealthy individual, or small group of wealthy individuals, or corporation(s) could be be as effective concieving,  planning and implementing variety of massive projects as had been done by FDR  and the feds?
    Anything is possible,but probable… not.
     The good thing about FDR was that he was willing to work with big industry both before, and after WW II. Remember Kaiser Corp. producing the liberty ships from the west coast, as well as them working on the Grand Coulee dam project.
     Partnership… not subversion of  the gov’t by corporations, which in essence is the reality today.
      Now where does one get money on a large scale like that to do ‘big’ type projects that’d benefit the many?  One way, is thru taxes.
     When gov’t does it, there’s at least a realistic expectation that the ‘public good’, that supposed nebulous feel good term,  will be enhanced for the numerically superior. 
     I’m referring to physcial/infrastructure items, as well as quality of life issues that benefit again the numerical majority, and specifically those who can, and are able to use these. 
     It’d be the proverbial cold day in hell when you’d get a corporation or a mega rich individual to pony up funds for anything like that at all, no less on a constant basis.
     That the gov’t does, or at least it’s supposed to do.
     So, if there’s no chance of turning a profit, whether it’s a  ‘decent’  profit,  as defined by whatever method they use, why do it.  Which, if that’s you mission statment seem reasonable, but only to a point.
     Profit by the way, is legally the sole responsibility of a corporation, if you hadn’t thought about it.  
     Then how would all the supposed large scale ‘perks’ of living in this advanced country,  examples, the interstate highway system, home electrification,  increased life expectancy from food grown in abundance, on demand potable water out of the tap for millions, which,  if you haven’t figured out have turned into necessities, could be realistically conceived and produced. By corporations ? Don’t think so…
     Your response would be laissiez-faire, which by your definition,  is  ‘the answer’  to it all.
     There’s little if anything actually shown by a corporation that’d show concern for society.   
     Whether or not you like it, that responsibility, by default,  falls on the gov’t. 
     Now that could be considerd a  hypothetical positive, given what the  ‘real’  reality is that faces us today. Which is a planned and serriptious manipulation of gov’t,  by corporations, to the detrement of the public good.
      If there’s any sort of elevation, either emotionally or physcially of the mass of consumers, also known a long time ago as citzens, that”s NOT by design. It’s an after thought. 
     The meme of,  ‘everybody else be damned’ that borders on the  ‘horray for me and fuck you’  is  operative.  Just look at the energy companies who think nothing of extracting all mineral resources, no matter what it does to the planet, which inturn many times negatively affects the local population by polluting the air, water  leaving nothing  safely habital, who gives a shit. We made our profit last quarter.
     How much money as a percentage do you really think gets put into philanthropy versus how much gets put into running the business to make for money and, least we forget,  all those wonderful high priced perks for the CEO’s, COO’s and other board members get.  Hmmm… I’d venture one doesn’t come anywhere near the other as an appropriate percentage that effectively could over the long run help the lot of the astronomical number of ‘little people’ that make up the bulk of the population. That pesky number of citizens, or also known as bodies they’d rather not consider as part of their financial calculations.
      Would you like that kind of philosophy operating when it comes to the conception, planning, implementation and upkeep of all the things that make life more liveable for us  as compared to a third world country?  Or are you so stuck on an individual or corporation can do that safely and effectively as the as gov’t has. 
     Like it or not, for most of us, life is like a hoover. It sucks on one end, and blows on the other.
     We all see things that could be done better one way or another, yet don’t have any authority or power to change whatever it is. Get used to it… !!  It’s been that way for the majority of us since time and memorial.
     Your pissin’ and moanin’ about it with the objectivist bent you’re on, in a perferct world might be better than the present reality. But there ain’t no such thing as ideas being objective. Everything is subjective because it comes from the mass of contradictions,  which is what we are as human beings.
     Some rise above the purely animal instincts to the next steps up, to higher levels of consciousness. But to consider that there’s an objective reality gets me to chucklin’ because deep inside , you know it ain’t true. Never has, never will. To kinda borrow a sentiment from Mark Twain.
     Throughout history the few have ruled the many, which unfortunately still is the way things are, minus royalty, clergy, and despots of every stripe. All we’ve done is to substitute unfettered capitalists, hedge fund managers, and sundry other non-productive leeches to take their place. I’d of thought, since we’re so modern and supposedly advanced, that we’d have gotten beyond all that. 
     Unfettered capitalistism is one of the basest forms of humanly  created organizations, and is no better than any other idea and organization, taken to an extreme.  
     I don’t want them/it, however you want to name it,  not being able to be effectively checked when they/it perpetuate inhumane acts on the being(s) that created it, and the planet.  And who might you ask would do this checking since they don’t police themselves, who else, but the gov’t which you obviously distain at all costs.
     Leaving unfettered capitalism to it’s own devices thru laissie-faire is immoral. Which is in essence is roughly the situation that exists today.
     LF is just as immoral as the unfettered capitalists it gives immunity to.
     For me, unless you can come up with something or someone to effectively curb the monumental abuses of todays capitalism, and can help it sustain the vital energy it produces, keep  your hackneyed ideology to yourself. 

  • Jbubs

    Based on his autobiography that young Obama felt was warranted because he had accopmplished so much, it is clear that he was “crummy” long before he became a Chicago politician. Obama was recruited by Chicagoland precisely because he was a racially self conscious punk who has developed into a politically conscious thug.   

    • James King

      Listen, I don’t like Obama either, and I think it can be shown that he is a full fledged Commie. But those of you who are dissing him in thought and language are very, very wrong. This man has accomplished his mission to down size America, and if he wins re-election will complete his mission.

      Our Constitution has been nothing more than an old piece of paper for more than 100 years. This has been caused by an American electorate that holds entertainment greater than political knowledge. It is that missing interest and knowledge that has allowed president’s, starting with TR and now ending with BO and the many editions of congress to defile and put obeying the Constitution in the center of their toilet paper. What else could anyone with a working brain expect from politicians.

      If you are continually re-elected for many, many years and terms while you routinely violate our Constitution, who could blame you if you thought, gee, they really must like it? Why else would they keep re-electing me? And now, we have a committed Commie in the Oval Office who is routinely dissed as someone with no brain power or commitment. He is committed. He is dangerous, and America will not survive his re-election. He is much more dangerous than a thug. Frank Nitti didn’t have the awesome power of the White House but BO does.

      I just think he should be taken much more seriously. He has many, many useful idiots at his beck and call. Not just those who work in unions and the White House, but also those who work on Main St. and live on Elm St. who are uninterested or who think it doesn’t matter. It does.

      • Polekeep

          A full fledged commie ? … yikes.  Didn’t know they still existed after the USSR disintergrated and became defunct years ago. 
         Not all the electorate has been conditioned by the media and their handlers to hold entertainment greater than political knowledge.  Unfortunately there are plenty around who do, many to most of them republican and republican  wanns be types. They’re also ripe for the picking by the rich and powerful of any stripe.
         Lumping a republican, TR and BO a democrat in the same catagory.  Very interesting to say the least. Any reason for that ?
         After FDR was re-elected for his 4th term, term limits were debated and eventually enacted.  Debated passed  3/1/47, and ratified on 2/21/51  as the 22nd amendment.
         That doesn’t apply to Obama. He’s prohibited from from that so how can he be lumped in the same catagory ?

        • James King

          The link of TR to BO is this. Both support the downsizing of America with the collective of the moment in charge. TR was as much of a Marxist as BO, and that designation applies to most of them elected since 1913. Both political parties are anti freedom.

          Don’t know what you mean in the “that doesn’t apply to Obama. Yes, he can’t run again, but he is as much of a Statist as FDR. I invite you to look up a web site. I am not affiliated with it in any way other than I am a scriber. Just Google The Objective Standard if you have not heard of it and spend some time reading those parts you can access without a subscription.

          In closing let me also say that it is not just Republican’s who sell entertainment over political knowledge. This is what both Repubs and Dems do because it is what keeps them in power. They have learned that much of the populace are just as immoral as they in terms of lining up for goodies taken from others. This was not what our founders wanted though some predicted it would happen. If the federal government were downsized to the place our “original” Constitution created we would once again be the standard of the world.

          And to answer the charge, yes, some would not do as well as others because it can never be that way in reality, either in a free country or a Marxist country, though you will probably never admit that the two major political parties  really do want citizens to be beholden to government.

  • kegan05

    Governor Romney is right.  What this “president” is doing and saying, or NOT saying, is reducing the Office of the President to a whole new low in American politics!  What a guy!  Pfft!

    Every time I watch this Amateur Hour Communist, or any of his Useful Idiots in the Lame Stream Media, I have to go take a hot soapy shower!

    Come on, November!  The best revenge is WINNING the election and throwing these smarmy bums OUT!

  • Deny916

    It’s only going to get worse.  I know politics are nasty but obammy and his minions are sludge.

  • Concernedmimi

    I still say the Romney campaign needs to come out with a rebuttal AD pushing grandma over the cliff; showing the back of Obama’s head and him doing the pushing since he is the one that has already gutted medicare of $500 billion dollars for Obamacare. It would leave the masses howling and rolling in the aisles. This idea from a FLORIDA MEDICARE SENIOR!!!!!

  • rlpincus

    Typical whiny tripe from the Right.  You guys used to l0ve blackening eyes and breaking knees.  Now, with two wimps at the top, all you can do is cry about all the mean despicable stuff ol’ million dollar smile is doing to you.  Man up or go to sleep.

    • Jeffreydan

        Yeah, when BO’s opponents from his primary and his U.S. Senate run had his sealed, private records opened up, that was dirty, rotten thuggery. Oh, wait… 

    • Drew Page

      pincus  —  You are confused.   The eye blackening and knee breaking you are referring to are the tactics of your union friends.    What do you really mean when you say “man up”?  Are you suggesting we on the Right resort to violence?

      • James King

        Drew, get used to it. Union heads and other supporters of unions ape the BO administration in making untrue remarks and then deny they made them. They are allowed to do this by leftists in the press.

    • theneighborhoodguy01

      Wimps?  Have you seen Choombaya throw a friggin’ baseball or ride a bicycle?  The man just might be the most effeminate man to inhabit the White house…after all, isn’t he now the first gay president?  And Pincus?  He didn’t pay for that million dollar smile…somebody else did. 

  • Kmacdoula

    Absolutely the TRUTH here.. Anyone that doesn’t believe that Obama is behind and therefore COMPLICIT, is just plain Ignorant!
    Open your eyes …your bleeding liberalism has made you blind!

  • Concernedmimi

    Here’s how to make the masses howl; and turn the table on a vicious AD!! Show the back of Obama’s head, pushing grandma over the cliff. Since he is the one that took $500 billion out of medicare to pay for OBAMACARE!!!

  • SouConBelle

    Do you want to know what would have the masses howling?! (except the libs and dems); update the dumping grandma off the cliff AD and show the back of OBAMA’s head; doing the pushing. Since his plan has already gutted medicare half a trillion dollars!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wally

    I agree totally.

  • Superduper12

    Your book Bias was influential to me as a young journalist. Your bias is strikingly opaque in this article as you ignore the content of Romney ads and this article serves as nothing more than a hit piece to be forwarded by large numbers of people who already want to believe what you’ve written. You should stand for something better than that.

    • http://twitter.com/timarm1964 Tim Armstrong

      Peddle your crap somewhere else. Prove it’s wrong or just go away.

    • DanCap

      All you Obama supporters are lemmings – you’d follow that guy right off the cliff!

      • Brian_Bayless

        This poster writes about Bernie ignoring Romney ads and your first response is to call him an Obama supporter and then you take another dig at Obama by calling his supporters lemmings. How about this, try commenting on the guys response instead of your political beliefs.

        • sfcmac

          So, like “superduper12”, you ignore Obama’s outrageous ads and convienient omission of facts. Congratulations sweetpea. You’re a full-fledged tool. If wrenches ever became sentient, they’d be jealous.

          • Parker

            Reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

        • Paul Courtney

          Well, Brian, I tried your suggestion, and superduper12 decided to superduck.  I’m no psychologist, but there’s something Freudian about his “hit piece”, projecting?

    • Paul Courtney

      The point is that this ad goes so much lower than any Romney ad (or Nixon ad, for that matter), it tells us something important about Obama.  At worst, Romney can be accused of spinning to show that Obama policies are wrong- this ad spins into “Romney killed my wife”!  Since there is no comparison, there is no reason to include any analysis of the content of a Romney ad.  I can’t imagine Bernie complaining if it gets forwarded, but the article is not a “hit piece”.  If you can’t see that,  you have the same affliction as too many young journalists.  Here’s your chance, tell us which Romney ad even compares to this?

    • sfcmac

      Oh yeah, the Obamabots are such independent thinkers.  Your proctologist called. He found your head.

    • Lonesome George

      Duper you could not have read “Bias”.  You should know the book was written about you! Geez!

    • theneighborhoodguy01

      Dupe:  “You should stand for something better than that.”  What?  You’re kidding…right?  The “fourth estate” should stand for something better…but it won’t. 

      It has intentionally, transparently, and forever aligned itself with the Socialists and Communists by adhering to the  “New Journalism”; Advocacy journalism…

      Here is the new journalism, in a nutshell…in its own words, no less!!

      “Classic tenets of journalism call for objectivity and neutrality. 
      These are antiquated principles no longer universally observed…. We must absolutely not feel bound by them. If we are ever to create meaningful change, advocacy journalism will be the single most crucial element to enable the necessary organizing.”

      I’ll bet you’re REALLY proud, Dupe.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UCERO6GCUP5MI3FDOAISYQ3IY4 yahoo-UCERO6GCUP5MI3FDOAISYQ3IY4

    Romney release an ad saying, “Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check.” We all know that is a lie. President Obama is not interested in voiding out one of the accomplishments of a Democratic icon. Hours after the ad was released Newt Gingrich admitted the commercial was a hoax.  Gingrich said, “We have no proof today, but …I believe that totally.”

    Romney routinely takes clips of Obama speeches, edits out the heart of the message, and makes a commercial with some dope saying, “Why are you trying to demonize us?”

    Romney is shooting for the gullible voter.

    Goldberg won’t write anything negative about Romney because he is a racist punk.

    • James King

      It’s very interesting to me that a “racist punk” would create a place to have a dialog about anything, because it just wouldn’t happen. Maybe you are the racist punk, because I know that Bernard Goldberg isn’t. You are like many political illiterats who just make accusactions because your skull does not encase a brain. You are also like many liberals, I think, who attempt to use what I call feel-good/feel-bad language to make a point because you cannot make one intelligently.

      • polekeep

         I don’t think Bernie is necessarily a ‘racist punk’, but I do think he like most republicans is emotionally shortsided and closed, thus he’s  intellectually limited, and add to that being self righteous, thinking that they’ve got ‘the answers(s)’  to ‘the problem(s). That’s a lethal combination because it plays into the hands of the small percentage of the wealthy individuals and corporations who  manipulate the many to keep their wealth, position and power. 
         This manipulation of the masses was perfected and consequently used by Bernays [who was an American nephew of Sigmund Freud] and influenced by Freuds world view on humanity in the first half of the 20th century, with devestating effects on democracy eventually turning people who considerd themselves citizens, and had a grip on the politics of their day,  into consumers who were fodder for the rich and powerful business/gov’t interests.
          Check out the you tube videos by the BBC.   
          These people aren’t discriminate enough figure out what kind of ‘game’ they’re playing on them.
         As part of this mindset, they, like you unconsciously project their own ignorance and shortcommings, [among other negatives] and accuse the others of what they think they see in others.
         Your assertion that the feel good/bad language and being political illerate, and are thusly unable to a point unintelligble, is base, and off the mark assertion lowering the conversation to the lowest common denominator which further polarizes discourse.
          The ads being put out on both sides aren’t getting to the real nub of the problems, which are that the contoling politics of the rich few, are more important than the negative and devistating ripple effect of influence from them, on the many which are the bulk of this countrys population.

        • James King

          A small part of your statement says, “devastating effects on democracy,” which indicates that you think America “is” a democracy. It isn’t.

          A democracy is majority rule. The first of portions that forbid a democracy in America in the Constitution is the Electoral College. America was founded on an idea. That idea was individual liberty. This cannot exist in a democracy, which is why there are other parts of the Constitution that are “undemocratic.”

          The idea of individual liberty is in our founding documents. Now, I know that many, many people, including some of our founders, used the word, democracy. But a reading of the Constitution clearly shows that it is an anti-democracy document.

          I have tried to show many people the error of their ways on the democracy issue, but it is clear that facts and evidence do not matter on many, many issues. When the Constitution was violated in 1913 with the 17th Amendment, America became a “technical” democracy, majority rule. This showed one of many “mistakes” in the drafting of the Constitution.

          Majority rule can be linked to unions and the “collective.” When collective bargaining was given “rights,” this violated the Constitution and individual rights. The correct statement is that only individuals have rights. The majority or the collective or the union do not have rights but this fact was put down by an ill-informed electorate in 1913, a very bad year for freedom.

          Perhaps we will get it back, but I think not, and those of you who support collectivism will have won the day. That does not make you right or moral. Hoodlums are never right.

          • Polekeep

             Your assertion that I think this are devestating  effects on democracy is off. I was referring to what would be a common perception by many others.
             You mentioning that, with your ending statement about majority rule as something negative and thusly characterizing those who do as ‘hoodlums’ is tripe.
             Doesn’t matter where you go on the planet, that human beings have both individual and collective components. How they are dealt with is critical.
             Throughout human history the few have had an inordinate amount of power, and authority over the many, which has manifest itself destructively. Examples are many all you have to do is read history.
             Modern collectivism, unions etc., had their origins in the guild system in Medival Europe, and that was the only counterbalancing effect on often abusive monarchy. Try and find benevolent despots of any kind throughout history, and you’ll find they’re few and far between. 
            That general situation replays itself out to this day with the concentration of wealth and power in Wash. DC which is fuled by the individual super rich and corporations.
             The sorry reality is that those with money, be they individuals or corporations,  have  been officially sanctioned by the supreme court decision, Citizens United case  in 2010, now can legally, and unduly influence elections by literally buying off of candidates one way or another.
             The implication that individuals colalescing to gather thru collective barging counterbalance the abuses mentiond, in essence is totally shortsided.
             The gov’t in it’s various departments doesn’t give them their due by enforcing existing laws and in redressing new abuses that would counterbalance the corrosive effects of unlimited money and power of the super rich and corporations.
             You, both individually and collectively have been duped into thinking, by a meme that has had its origins with the economic overlords that the one thing that’ll give you say in situations isn’t in your own best interest.
              For somebody who can site minaeuta, you’ve been duped into looking at the situation with your opressors best interests at heart  and working against your own self interest.
             Yours is a smug belief that history is on your side because of what you’ve been handed by them.

          • James King

            Polekeep, the first thing you need to do is proofread your copy. After that go to school to learn that you do not understand the concept of rights and seem to say that rights reside with the collective. Wrong. Rights are for individuals, not collectives.

            America is not a democracy because democracy is majority rule, an immoral concept. Your attitude toward wealth is consistent with others who also do not understand rights. Your ideas have failed around the world just as they are now failing in America, and if you are not currently at the top of the collective food chain, if Obama wins in November, you will not make it to the top because when you are at the bottom you can only go to the top in a laissez-faire economy, not a mixed economy as has been established in America.

            I recommend that you read, Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand. If you can understand it, the book will lead you to others. On second thought, the Rand book should be your second book. The first one should be, Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer. Read them and get back to me, because if you don’t you can’t fully discuss the subject of rights and economics. But go back to your copy and proof read.

          • Polekeep

             One of the other replys I received focused on technical aspects of writing, you at least are willing to discuss content. I give you credit for that, but I find some to many of your assertions so  ‘off the mark’  as to the commonality that many of us deal with, that it frightens me to no end.
              The collective can, and many times is the only vehicle available for the political disenfranchised individual, the aggregate poor, among others, to have their say in the political process and system. I’ve used the medeval guild as an example of this.
             No governmental system has presentley, or historically, balanced the rights of the individual, and the needs of a collective, no matter what type of collective it is, outside its own collective. If there is, I’d like to know.
             There’s always going to be tension between the two or more actors. How that friction and outcome is handeled, is as much a concern as whatever equitable resolution there is between all actors. 
             Another part of this equation is the distribution of wealth, which has affected whatever balance of power that could be had in the time period and place that these forces coalesce.
             Presently it is being handeld poorly, no better than it has been historically in many cases.
             As long as there has been money as a medium of exchange there have been those, who for whatever reason, use it as a weapon for power and control. Not a tool.
              I won’t go into a minutely detailed analysis of the psyco-social dynamics because it problally would take an inordinate amount of space. But I’ll say that many use it (money), at its basest to try either make themselves feel better about themselves using conspicous consumption, by filling up the emotional pit that is their existence,  or using wealth to keep themselves and others of their economic class in the same position of power and control they’re accustomed to.  There might be other facets, but these will suffice for now. And at present, this is done with disasterous results to the less well off.,  i.e., those which are on a wide spectrum below these people and institutions.
             Historically individual rich and corporations have abused those who they employ, no less others that they define as impediments to their ultimate aims. The accural of money, which is the sole legal reason for a corporation.
             The railroad(s) in this country during the last part of the 19th into the early 20th century is an example. No less other corporations. Later the meat packing companies/conglomerates written about by Upton Sinclair.
             When it comes to outright warring between these factions,  which is  documented, and has been in the collective recent memory. The only outside mediating  option or entity for the aggrieved, is the government. Your dismissing that as an realistic and viable option to remedy the abuses is astoundingly myopic.
             Government can have positive influence. It’s obvious you don’t believe that at all, and to a certain point we agree, given the present government . Yet if it is a mediator for the non-rich, which many of us were lead to believe by the educational system as we went through it. Then and only then is there a positive benifit.  Here I specifically mean both individuals and well as a collection of individuals. Then there’s at least a much higher percentage of there being an more equitable outcome to a disputed situation.
             I don’t believe that you are smart enough emotionally to develop a intergrated view on complex subjects. Cutting a fine line of distinction at a deep level of consciousness isn’t in your emotional dna at the moment.
             Presently the rich and powerful have bought off politicans of both parties, and other government officials of different varieties, to a unbelieveable degree, whether you want to admit it or not. And the voice of the disenfranchised has been squelched and more abuse has developed.
             It’s not the outright physcial domination of the not long ago past, but economic manipulation that’s designed to legally steal via having the laws written in their favor. 
             Join that, with the effect of the Supreme Courts Citizens United decision, of money equaling free speech. These effectively curtails and moreover stops any effective opposition.
             When it comes to wealth distribution in this country at present, numerically there are more of the ‘have nots’ then there are of the ‘haves’.  And, in the last three decades that distribution has been becomming more and more inequitable. 
             I don’t need any toxic information, not matter what form, that comes from a dysfunctional ideology, which would have me work against my own best interest.
             Why don’t you, or are you unable to define your own self enlightend interest as separate from the rich and powerful that manipulate you.  
             Inquiring minds want to know.

          • James King

            You are absolutely right that money has a serious effect on our politics, but wrong about the distribution and the value of money. In the event you have not read Atlas Shrugged or read it many years ago and do not remember it, Google Francisco’s Money Speech to learn the true value of money.

            As for we, our country, have handled things, they actually worked pretty well until 1913 when the value of our money began to dramatically lose value. I believe, and apparently you do not, that America was founded on individual rights, not collective rights. I also believe that those on the lower end of the economic ladder can only be lifted with a laissez faire economy and a return to ORIGINAL constitutional principles. One way to do that would be to scrap the Federal Reserve and return to a Gold Standard.

            No collective can ever make “moral” policies and decisions for individuals. This seems self-evident to me. Individuals have rights. Collective’s, unions, do not have rights though that was upset when unions won collective bargaining. This was the start of America’s full downfall. I also think you will find that union membership is a Trojan Horse inserted into the Affordable Health Care Act to eventually unionize the entire nation.

            I think collectivist people like yourself believe that collectivism is good. But some of you “know” it isn’t but want it anyway through a deep seated desire for power. Obama is one of those, though I think his IQ is not as high as he would have us think it is.

            The freedom that was created when America was created has made the lives of billions of people worldwide better. If we lose it through collectivism, we will not get it back because there are no more people left like the founders. While most of the world is gripped with believing in God, some Christian partisans, like Islamists, will not allow freedom to reappear. When it is fully lost in America, it will be lost in the world.

            Those in the lower rungs of the economic ladder will stay there. Those in the middle will become fewer and fewer as most of them will move downward, while those in the upper strata will run the show even though their numbers will decline. Sad.

    • http://twitter.com/timarm1964 Tim Armstrong

      Your mother is calling, she wants you to take the trash out and get off her computer.

    • Jeffreydan

      Oooh, I was about to engage in a little debate here, but then you had to pull out the race card and lose the argument in no time flat.

        Feel free to talk about the issues, as long as you stick the card back where it belongs first. 

    • sfcmac

      American Express called. Your Race Card is overdrawn.

      • Urai45

        Barry and his guilt ridden white enablers in the MSM have been playing the race-card canard with reckless abandon.  If Barry loses in November, look for the race card to pop up.  Barry’s loss will be racist. :)

    • Brett in Pomona

      Did he/she actually write that…..Goldberg is a racist punk? Who are these people who believe the gangsta who is President, and his lies and his Chicago,  gutter politics. He can not run on his deplorable record and so he tries to slander and misinform. If there are any racists out there you want to talk about, let’s begin with Hussein Obama, Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Now you have someone to direct your racist comments, rants and slants toward.

    • Drew Page

      I don’t need Republican sound bites and edited film clips of Obama speeches to convince me this economy is terrible, or who is responsible.   I heard what Obama promised over and over again when he ran for office in 2008 and I can see what he has and hasn’t done in the nearly four years he has been in office.   All he has done is blame the former administration, spend even more taxpayer money and demand higher taxes, which won’t come near paying for runaway government spending.   He uses the taxes paid by 50% of wage earners to buy votes from the other 50% who don’t pay any federal incomes taxes.  Unemployment remains at 8.3% officially (15% in reality), government spending  continues to produce annual trillion dollar deficits, gas prices are again in excess of $4.00 a gallon and Obama still refuses to allow drilling and exploration for oil and gas on public land or offshore, refuses to allow new refineries to be built and refuses to allow coal fired and/or nuclear power plants to be built.   I’m not gullible; I am observant.

  • Wallaceflint

       How right you are, as usual. The  scary and sad part is , that Obama could win. This will be the death of our nation as we know it. Holy cow! 4 More years of Obama! If this is what Americans want, what dooes this say about our country as a whole? Mitt Romney ought to go after Obama “tooth and nail”, as  a matter of speaking. Why can’t people see this clown prince,Obama< for what he really is?
       I have a feeling that the liberal media will be in there decieving their readers and listeners on all matters re the election. I do think, tho, that Paul Ryan is a defiate plus for Mitt Romney. He will be in there fighting those lying bastards.
       In my 60 years of voting, I have never seen a president who lies like Obama. I can't stand listening to him, not knowing when he is telling the truth or lying.

                                            In God We Trust!
                                             Wally Flint- Boonville, NY

    • James King

      Hey Wally, I agree with you but I do not trust in God because that is just one of many mystic creations by humans. But in your sentence that starts with “I do think, tho,” you have a word I am not familiar with the word, defiate, or did you mean, definite?  And you’re 8 years up on me. I’ve only been voting for 52 years. I hope you won’t take my comment about God in a defensive way, for I mean to harm in expressing my opinion.

      Paul Ryan is only a plus for Romney if both men begin to tell things as they really are and not worry about offending to so-called independents, which include me.

    • Drew Page

      Wally  —  Let me give you a hint, if his lips are moving, he’s lying.  The only comment I have heard Obama make that came close to the truth was when he was talking to ‘Joe the Plumber’ during the 2008 campaign and inadvertently said his goal was to redistribute the wealth.  Everything else he said turned out to be pure B.S.  

      Where would Democrats be if they didn’t have “victims” to protect?   Without victims there would be no one to blame for their victimhood.  And without having someone to blame how could they possibly mount a campaign?  Democrats have become quite adept at creating “victims” be they union workers, or women, or minorities, or the poor, or illegal immigrants, or homosexuals.  And who are to blame for the victimization of the “victims”?   The Democrats will tell you who is to blame, it is anyone who doesn’t fit into one of these categories.  The Democrat solution?  To punish by taxation any who do not fall into the above categories.  

  • Unhipcat

    i guess the real question is, “how much income tax did mitt pay?”

    • James King

      It really is not your business or the business of anyone else. This is one of the reasons it is not required, and probably the biggest reason tax returns were not provided by FDR and JFK. So I guess the REAL question is, “why do you want to know?” Just a thought.

    • http://twitter.com/timarm1964 Tim Armstrong

      The real question is why did Obama spend 4 million dollars and an EO to hide his records, ALL of them. Romney should show nothing till Obama shows his.

    • Drew Page

      I am quite content to let the IRS figure out if Romney paid his taxes or owes any.   So far the IRS has been silent on Romney’s taxes and it’s not like them to look the other way if wealthy people are taking illegal or inappropriate deductions.  They also take a dim view of not filing your tax returns.   I am far more concerned with how Obama spends my tax money than how Romney spends his.

  • James King

    Bernie, the most important part of Dirty Harry’s rant and the vile ad is that is the subject of conversation for a time period that makes the economy “not” the subject and you willingly complied.

    Whatever nasty things the Obama campaign and others supporting him do should not surprise anyone. Obama is a thug from Chicago. Thugs do disgusting things, so get it through your head that they do disgusting things. They should be quickly responded to and followed up immediately with economy straight economy language that will turn out to highlight disgusting actions by Barack and company.

    You do not have to get down in the sewer with them. Simply showcasing what he has done should be enough, if it is constantly done. But it may be too late. The country gave Woodrow a second term, 100 years have passed and Obama is Woodrow’s third term, FDR’s fifth term, LBJ’s second and one half term, and Carter’s second term. And don’t forget. TR is on Mt. Rushmore.

    If voters continue to not hold all politician’s accountable for unconstitutional actions then the country is dead. Just throw the dirt over the grave, stop elections, and maybe even install a Russian as president since that is what we are adopting.

    So-called “good guys” for example, Republicans, will almost surely not mention the commie part of Obama and company because they fear upsetting the “independents.” But that is precisely what they need to do and if the independents go with Obama so be it. At least we will have gone down with a fight instead of the opposite of that.

  • Brian Montgomery

    The lid was taken off the box during Bush/Kerry by the Swiftboat crowd and now the Republicans want to put Pandora’s fates back in the box because they are on the receiving end. In some distant Halcyon past we apparently had civilized elections, now we are down to scorched earth and despite the cries of foul from both sides neither side is going to reject attack ads because they are clearly effective. Get used to it, the partisans are going to lie, the public is going to believe what it wants to believe, the best liars win. Sorry to break this to you, I wish it was not so but there is no point in either side calling for a clean campaign while they themselves continue to lie. It is no good trying to say that my side does not lie but their’s does – that is a patent lie.

    • polekeep

      Very good Brian.
      Sad but true, that most everybody politically has gone for the lowest common denominator.
       Would be nice that this could stop pronto, but given the arc of political history, I don’t think so.

    • Mcdonalg

      First of all, the old adage here applies “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”  I.e. if you think the Swift Boat Veterans acted in a despicable manner don’t use their actions to justify your own behavior.  Rise above it.  Second of all, the Swift Boat veterans weren’t proven to be liars. How could have Bush said, “That attack ad is without foundation and filled with lies!”?  The best he could have done is say, “I would rather not win by defaming another man’s character.”  Third of all, what makes this ad more atrocious is the fact that the Obama campaign denied any knowledge of the story etc. when they have now been proven to have full knowledge of it prior to its release.

    • Drew Page

      Well the ‘best liar’ certainly won in 2008.   What strikes me as amazing is that even though people were lied to repeatedly by this fraud of a president, they will continue to vote for him.    The Stockholm Syndrome must be highly contagious. 

      • Tim Ned

        Please tell me the lie.  You guys keep talking about the lying but always to specify.

        • soundnfury

          OK, for starters, let’s start with one of the most recent. “Romney & Ryan are going to gut Medicare”, even as Obama cut $700 bil from Medicare to divert it to his entitlement program. Just ignore the man behind the curtain, right Ned?

        • Paul Courtney

          Well, start with “Hope & Change” (hard to imagine such a piece of ambiguous fluff being a lie, but there it is); ending divisive politics; ending politics of personal destruction; transparency; close Gitmo; stopping drone war crimes; health care reform with a strong public option; stop the seas from rising….  Tell the truth, now, you know he lied to the left, too.  How about we find something he said that’s true?  Like, “if we haven’t fixed the economy in three years, …”  You know the rest.

          • Tim Ned

            Couldn’t agree more with you.  

    • soundnfury

      Have to give you credit for a fertile imagination, but the Swift Boaters simply pointed out Kerry’s grade inflation when it came to his Vietnam service. They resented a guy who claimed Purple Hearts for cutting himself while shaving, while subsequently promoting the popular myth among liberals at home that his fellow servicemen were baby killers. Say what you will about the Swifties, but karma’s a jealous bitch.

  • Phil Silverman

    Bernie, The BIG POINT of the ad, is that when a Corporate raid occurs, there is serious “human” fallout”, people lose their healthcare. If you want to freak out on this, and build a cathedral around the fact that Romney is associated with that action: raiding a struggling – not failing company – making it impossible for them to “regroup”, then do so for $$$$. Go on Foxnews and kick up your heels.
    Your bias toward, and hatred of, a man named Barack Obama, is sickening. You are in that group which would not concede to him if he found a way to eradicate all illness in the world.

    • soundnfury

      As I heard last week, Bain was approached by the company because it was struggling & looking for a lifeline. Bain did not acquire the company in order to disassemble it & sell it off, as many Dems have suggested. It took a risk on the company, gave its employees a couple more years of work than they would have gotten without Bain, then offered them a buyout when it became apparent that it could not be saved.

      Your “corporate raider” spin is dead wrong, but that won’t stop you from using it to attack Romney because your bias & hatred toward Mr. Romney is indeed sickening.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GE7RQIWYBNBPNPK2BD3GEUDCQE ph16

      Phil, what makes you think he hates Obama? Just because he disagrees with his policies? And no, I don’t think Bernie’s a member of the “group which would not concede to him if he found a way to eradicate all illness in the world.” In fact, here’s one example of him defending Obama against conservatives who wouldn’t in fact give him credit for anything. Now the person who Bernie is talking to (Sean Hannity) is one of those conservatives that wouldn’t do that.


      And also, did you read the article? Specifically this part. Basically, by leaving out the time line and how much time passed between each event as well as the facts listed below, the ad made it look like Romney was responsible for Soptic’s wife’s death and somewhat imply that he’s a murderer.

      First, Mr. Soptic had been offered a buy-out; he wasn’t simply told one day that he was fired.  That’s not in the ad.

      Second, his wife was still working and had insurance with her job when her husband lost his.  That’s not in the ad, either.

      Third, Mitt Romney left Bain in 1999, the plant closed in 2001, the
      woman was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 — when Romney was in his fourth
      year as Governor of Massachusetts.  None of that is in the ad.

      So how is Mitt Romney even vaguely responsible for this woman’s death?”

      Look I understand your frustrations with some conservatives not giving credit to Obama for anything which is funny seeing how they felt when liberals did exactly the same thing to Bush. But still, I think this ad is disgraceful and honestly I know Republicans and Democrats are both capable of running negative attack ads which aren’t true, but I never thought someone would stoop this low. Shame.

    • theneighborhoodguy01

      Phil:  I want him to do what he promised the country, and I’d be damn happy to have the scientists focus on disease.  Nowhere in his promises were the wholesale eradication of trillions of dollars in so many American’s personal wealth, or the mad dash toward a Socialist/Statist government.  The man is a rabid Marxist and your bias and self-delusion are sickening.  You schmucky lemming.  And hey, Phil?  You were never funny.

    • acobb

      So if that was the point why did they include Romney killed my wife.  I think you need to examine what the point of the ad is.  Many of the democrats have been implying the republicans are killing people.  Remember the floor of the house with the rep from Florida?  Or that republicans are killing Seniors examine Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Harry Reid and several others.  It is a tactic to scare people and you know it.  Otherwise no other reason to mention that.  Especially since we know she always had insurance.  An especially good example right???  Use someone where the facts don’t match the ad.

      • asl3676

        Republican policies on health insurance are killing people….talk to people with chronic ilness who do not have or cannot afford insurance….

        • http://twitter.com/timarm1964 Tim Armstrong

          And death panels are better? Get real.

          • asl3676

            What’s a death panel? Sounds like another GOP talking point similar to the one about free market solutions to healthcare…What a bunch of nonsense…

          • Jeffreydan

            “What’s a death panel?”

              It’s an aptly nicknamed bureau established by Obama’s “healthcare” law, comprised of
            appointed, unaccountable bureaucrats who decide whether or not an elderly patient
            should receive treatment.  

          • asl3676

            and who would you like to decide these issues?

          • Jeffreydan

              Important decisions re: when/what care is given should be left to people with a better track record in the private sector, who know making the wrong decision could cost them their jobs.

              In other words, NOT a gov’t bureaucrat.

          • asl3676

            Well you have a far more favorable view of the insurance industry than most people…obviously you’ve never had to deal with them….Let me know when an insurance executive has been fired for denying coverage…What alternative universe do you live in?

          • Jeffreydan

              And you’re clearly as ignorant and naive as a human being can get.

              If you think for a second that government is in any way better at managing a medical or insurance operation, or most anything else for that matter, you haven’t had much practice at thinking.

              Key rule in the private sector: execs who harm a company’s reputation don’t represent that company for long. Unseen govt bureaucrats, OTOH, have little chance of being fired no matter what they do.    

          • asl3676

            Your hate is showing and as someone who has been involved for the past 35 years in the world of wall street as well as the legal world I am hardly naive or ignorant…Unfortunately, it would appear you would rather recite talking points tan reality so i will have to bid you adieu

    • Tim Ned

      Phil, If President Obama eradicated all illness in the world, I would be actively involved in his reelection campaign.  But he hasn’t fulfilled your illogical fantasy.

      You missed the BIG POINT in the ad!  A man blamed Romney for the death of his wife when the facts are not so.

      It is your bias that is the problem.  You accept the lie because it supports your candidate.  You are in a group that will concede him even when he takes your money and puts it into Solendra.

    • Drew Page

      Some businesses succeed and some fail.  When businesses/corporations fail employees lose their jobs and benefits, including health insurance.    The difference between a ‘struggling’ company and a ‘failing’ one is usually just a matter of time, unless there is an intervention from the outside.   I notice that all those so ready to crucify Romney for the failure of one steel company, bought up by Bain Capital, have nothing to say about his intervention in Staples, that now employee over 9,000 people who are now able to support their families. 

      Neither Mitt Romney nor Bain Capital put a gun to the head of the owner(s) of the steel company they purchased (which you say was ‘corporatly raided’).    Why didn’t that struggling (not failing company) go to a bank to get they money they needed to keep the doors open and save the health insurance of the employees?   Are the owners who sold out to Bain not responsible for the death of the wife of their former employee?

      Believe it or not, a business’s or corporation’s reason for being is not to hire employees.  It’s to make money for the owners.   Businesses come and go.  When they go former employees must find other employment, which often times (like these) is difficult.  Such is life.

  • rbblum

    Could be worse . . . . Hillary could be the VP choice. . . . which would result in an election based not on sound ideals but strictly on the popular vote.

  • Rgbrunkard

    I am hoping that he moves to one of the other 57 states! lol

    • Phil Silverman

      “57 states”…do you believe that Barack Obama really believes that there are not 50, but 57 states?

      • soundnfury

        Of course not. The point that conservatives are making is that the President is just as gaffe-prone as conservative candidates that liberals love painting as Neanderthals. Turn-about is fair play. We’re just enjoying the moment.

      • Drew Page

        But does he know the difference between a ‘corpsman’ and a ‘corpseman’?

      • Jeffreydan

          Do you believe there is a language called “Austrian”?

  • lemonfemale

    What almost makes that hilarious is the people working for Delphi in the GM bailout.  The union workers had their pensions propped up by government money but not the nonunion workers.  So that was not collateral damage, that was a “kill list” deliberately signed off on by either the President or someone at his direction.

    • soundnfury

      But of course, we won’t hear about that because it doesn’t serve the purposes of the MSM.

  • genann59

    Wanted to add one more thing, if I may. I am reading now more and more often in conservative blogs and articles that people seem to be feeling the need for more showers now after watching this political campaign roll out. People if you think it is nasty now, by Nov. we are all going to be needing 3-4 showers a day. I am hoping Obama loses and that the Democratic party learns a lesson out of this, which I hope will be that the American public will not tolerate such nasty, vicious, behavior out of the “leaders” of our nation. I have read that at the Obama campaign headquarters the motto is “Whatever it takes!” Well,  lies hopefully won’t cut it for most Americans. And I hope we all remember this Nov – Do we ever want to go through this again? Because if he is reelected, this might become the norm, and that would be a disaster for our country.

  • genann59

    Right on again, Mr. Goldberg. I really enjoying reading your articles because almost always I agree with everything you have to say. Not quite always but closer than with most writers. You are frank and blunt and honest, I enjoy all those qualities, even if I don’t agree with what you have said.

  • Elaine Coyle

    I agree with every word that Bernie wrote but I believe it will not stop & Romney has to step up to the plate & handle this in a forceful way. He needs to shut them up as Christie would.
    Whoever is on his team should be fired. They are doing him no service.
    Every attack should be met with a counter-attack. If they want to harp on the 750 jobs lost in the Steel Co., have a barrage of ads decrying the 2000 closed dealerships & 184,000 people fired. Get some of those people in ads.
    Get Obamacare back in the conversation. List specifically every one of the taxes
    & prove where the information came from.List all the IRS agents & what kind of training they are getting.
    Get the difference between Romney care & Obamacare, out there. The liberal people of MA wanted it & Americans  never have & never will .
    And for heaven’s sake, Romney knew for 8 years that he would be running for office
    his taxes should have been put out there from Day one.
    That is where I think he is getting bad advice.
    He has to handle every attack as if it was an attack on this country. If he can’t handle Obama, how will he handle Putin
    That is not to say that he can’t ridicule, in a humerous way some of the vile ads.
    Get him a joke writer  & have zingers ready for the debate.
    Republicans should have paid schills commenting in columns as the Democrats do.
    Democrats have decended into the sewers & you can’t fight them from a
    noble mountain & we just have to be smarter than they are, which should not be too difficult.

    • Phil Silverman

      Yes, the non-Mass. Americans who don’t want it amount to many. 99.2% of that group already have Healthcare.

      • Jeffreydan

          And 100% of the people who like it don’t care that it goes against the American ideal, and is one gigantic broken promise by people who made sure they never have to experience its consequences.

      • acobb

        Know we are just the people who realize the way this plan was put together was not meant to save cost or fix the system at all.  The motivation was to have socialized health care ultimately. The 
        Simpson-Bowles Bi-partisan committee that Obama put together came up with great ideas how to fix many of our hard problems.  But Obama didn’t listen to any of the recomendations.  It just rammed this 2000 page bill full of all sorts of problems that no one read.  Remember Nancy Pelosis famous quote “We have to pass the bill to see whats in it”  That is exactly what we pay them for right???  You wouldn’t operate a business like that but now we have to accept that is how government works?  We the people pay them and we the people can FIRE THEM!  Republicans or Democrats—The lifers get too much power.

    • Drew Page

      I agree.  Romney has got to drop the Mr. Nice Guy approach.  He has got to get rid of his current campaign spokes people, especially that Andrea Saul.   Her response to the attack on Romney by the ex-steel worker was pathetic.  Instead of calling that attack another damned lie, Saul tells her interviewer  that if the dead woman would have lived in Mass. she would have had Romneycare.   What a baboon.  Get some of Chris Christie’s campaign workers and let them tear into these false attacks.    As for Romney’s tax returns, it is a known fact that he released his 2010 returns and a summary of his 2011 returns, which automatically makes Harry Reid a liar.   As for the rest of his returns, let’s leave that in the hands of the IRS; they are a better judge of Romney’s tax returns than the Democrat party or its super PAC.

      Mitt, millions of us are counting on you.  Fight fire with fire, kick the other guy in the nuts.  He’s doing it to you.

  • RevJames

    *partisan…damn you autofil!

  • RevJames

    More of Bernards’ patinas pablum…always entertaning though.

  • bobemakk

    When they have no substantial evidence, they lie as usual.

    • Phil Silverman

      Which party? The onethat just “lied” about Obama rescionding the WElfare work requirement? about denying off shore Military a fair chance to vote? The party which says Obama has not created any jobs?

      • Jeffreydan

          You were challenged before to name the false statements in those ads, and didn’t respond.

          You were called out for your baseless accusaton of racism, and didn’t respond.

          You’re a typical liberal.

          You support BO, and more power to you, but your claims that he is an honest, competent leader (especially compared to Governor Romney) are pathetic and insulting.     

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GE7RQIWYBNBPNPK2BD3GEUDCQE ph16

     Politics aside, can you at least agree that this Prioties USA ad is a disgusting move and honestly shows how bad political discourse has become on BOTH sides, Republicans and Democrats. Stop the madness and yes that means you too Romney supporters especially considering the ads you put out about Newt Gingrich.

  • floridahank

    There is something very suspicious about this Soptic ad.  I think it needs to be investigated thoroughly.  When you just think about the whole thing — the event is years old and totally incorrect about events and timing.  There’s little doubt in my mind that the Dem’s did something dirty in getting Soptic involved in the ad.  I think if you go back and dig deeply you’ll find something very unethical and perhaps bordering on some sort of benefit given to this man.  To come up with something so unusual just doesn’t sit well with me.  I have a gut feeling that shows up Obama’s corrupt involvement in creating this lying ad.
    I wish some independent investigative reporter would look into this and find out the origin of it.  Something really stinks!

    • Elaine Coyle

      They are striving  for a “Swift Boat” result & they don’t care if  they have to lie to achieve it.

  • Roadmaster

    Change “million dollar smile” to “5 trillion dollar smile.”

    • Phil Silverman

      “5 trillion” as how much Obama has spent on Bush II’s 11+ trillion $$$ debt interest??

      • soundnfury

        You are wrong. Bush did not run up $11 tril. in debt. Check your facts, sir.

  • Virgilrenfroe

    I lived for a long time in Waukegan Ill , next door to Chicago , There is NOTHING these people wouldn’t do to win another term , to spread their socialist/ communist beliefs. with Chicago no holds barred methods . Remember how they said Romney’s Dad was turning in his grave about him not showing years of tax returns ? I can assure you that Obama’s communist Dad is proud of him,

  • Brett in Pomona

    Obama, you are an abject disappointment to anyone with a modicum of decency and sense of love for this country. Where is your pride and sense of  values? When did you lose your sense of ethics and doing the right thing? (Methinks you never had any) You obviously have NO conscience and your win at any cost behavior is despicable and you shame the office of the President, no end. Don’t you care what your daughters will think of you as they mature and realize how your deceit, lying, and ego were the cornerstones of what drove you and who you were? 

  • Windylmp

    Just remember, anyone that has a sleazy smile like Obama, you know something is dishonest behind it. He doesn’t have a honest bone in his body and neither does Harry Reid nor Nancy Pelosi. One message for the later two , ” go sit on the back of the bus and just shut up because no one really gives a damn about what you think or say…..

    Oh Nancy looked like the last time I saw you on TV you needed another Botox injection….. that I guess we the tax payers are paying for.

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    It’s a pregnant silence; He’s smoldering inside.  Like the stategist suggested; if you enemy is sensitive, just irritate him he’s do the rest.
    But, well said:  a campaign where decency is no virtue and moral atrocities are no vice.

  • polekeep

    Both side are about as vulgar as the other, consequently they’re both whores.
    Rmoney is nothin’ but a rich bitch hoping to hoodwink enough of the voting public to elect him to carry on more of the bogus trickle down economic theory that Ronnie Raygun started and that’s become the meme, mantra of the rich and super rich.
    Obama is better than that, but not by a hell of alot.
    At least Obamam talks a good game for the mass of the disaffectd, where as Rmoney is SSDD.

    • Elaine Coyle

      I would prefer a man who is used to money & doesn’t run around the globe on the taxpayer’s dime, taking everybody & his brother with him as the Obamas do. I don’t care whatRomney does with his money, I care what Obama
      does with ours.
      Obama is a snake oil salesman & only suckers fall into his trap, but there is one born every minute..

      • polekeep

         Why do I get the feeling that you’re referring to his supposed expensive trip not to long ago ?  Well, that was disproved long time ago.
         If that, and other republican talkin’ points is all you go by, then you and others like you are fucking brain dead,  like Bachman.
         Jeez, can’t you figure most anybody NOT in, or dealing with the gov’t is gettin’ screwed royally by both the individual rich and corporations thru the gov’t !
         The gov’t has been corrupted by big money, which goes to both parties. In essence they’re both ‘on the take’ so much so that they’re part of the rich to start with. How many ‘po’ people can even think of running for elected office, especially for the congress or senate.
         Also remember the Citizens United decision a couple of years ago that put the whole idea of money=free speech on steroids ! Didn’t I allude to that when I initally posted honeybunch ?
         No not by your calculus.  People like you want to use Obama as a scapegoat and string him up by whatever orifice or appendage is most readily available, and want to put in that Mormon moron who has no idea what it is to live like the majority of the country that struggles to make ends meet.
         You’re a tool of the .001% of individuals that buy off the politicos, and it’s unfriggin’ believeable that you gladly want to vote aginst your own self interest.
         Get real will ya …. 
         Try removing your head from your posterior.

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GE7RQIWYBNBPNPK2BD3GEUDCQE ph16

           I don’t know which is more disconcerting: your bad grammar, your lack of paragraph spaces, or your bad manners.

          • polekeep

             More of the usual from the vapid amongst the population.
             You won’t say anything about the content of my reply because you have nothing to come back with.
             So you sidestep the content issue and blame my supposed lack of facility with the written langauge, and ‘bad’ manners.
             This country is ‘goin’ down the tubes’ economically, politically, morally and problally in a few more areas that I can’t think of at the moment. The few are runnin’ the show for the many and they’re abusing us in the process. I’m NOT gonna shut up when I see that I’m being manipulated and consequently screwed by people who have no right to do so.  And, I’m NOT going to let you scapegoat me because you feel threatened by different ideas that don’t match up with your severly limited outlook. 
             When you can come up with something substantive, then you can talk to me.
             Till then, I don’t want to deal with somebody that has nothing to offer.

  • Haroldpjaffe

    I want Romney to  bet Reid. If you have proof from the IRS that I paid no taxes for ten years, I will dropo out. But if their is no proof than you resign your senate seat. Deal.

    • asl3676

      Romney would rather lose the election than show his returns….doesn’t that tell you something?

      • Jeffreydan

          You would rather re-elect a shallow, America-hating crook than an honest, experienced, proven leader. That speaks volumes about you.   

  • Jim Austin

    Democrats run sleazy campaigns. Democrats lie. What a shocker.

    • Phil Silverman

      Name one Obama “lie”. Please don’t refer to your Roger Ailes memo card collection.

      • Jeffreydan

        One Obama lie? You got it: what he said about his mother’s health insurance situation before she died.

    • Brian_Bayless

      And Republicans don’t? They all do so why call out one side for their actions. If this was sports instead of politics, you woul dbe called a “homer” for that comment. Read into the Sununu/Shaheen race in 08. A republcian and democrat engaged in the most nauseating attacks ads ever seen.

  • Dirsppro

    If anyone thinks that any black who voted for Obama in 2008 will NOT vote for him in 2012… he is sadly mistaken.  Obama is an example of the “we must vote for XXXX because he is one of us” rather than weighing in on ideas/philosophy.  We all remember, “We are 5 days away from fundamentally changing the United States.”  Remember? Is he kidding?  He wasn’t born in Hawaii, he was born in Tammany Hall.

    • iraqvet

      and if anyone thinks that any whites who didn’t vote for obama in 2008 will not vote for him in 2012…..he is sadly mistaken

  • Plainasday

    come on bernie….    talk about dirt,  flash back to what the bush people did to John McCain back in the 2000 campaign,  saying he had a black child…  what bush did to John Kerry with the swiftboaters….   this crap goes on all the time under the guise of “this ain’t beanbag…”   grow up and quite being so angry.   You, Krauthammer, Levin, Savage..
    there is a commonality here with you guys,  and you are SO angry you guys can’t
    see straight, no less think.   It’s really showing !

    • asl3676

      Part of the conservatives playbook is never ending whining…If they are’nt whining about the Dems they are whining about MSM….They are like the bully who comes home and tells his parents that the kids in school are picking on him…

      • Jeffreydan

          Projection again, A*s**l*?

          You clearly believe throwing the word “whine” around is a great way to belittle and/or silence BO’s critics. You’re mistaken.
          When he behaves like the pathetic, hypocritical little punk he is, he will get called out for it, and your small-minded objections will continue to impress nobody.       

        • asl3676

          The last thing I want to do is silence Obama’s critics…..I’m always fascinated to see why older white folks will vote against their own financial interests and for corporate interests by voting Republican….

          • Jeffreydan

              You’re almost as promiscuous with the “voting against their interests” tripe as the word “whine”.

              Please detail how older folks of ANY color have benefited financially, and would still benefit, with BO in office. Leave out the fat loads of tax dollars BO uses to scratch the backs of tycoons like George Kaiser and George Soros.    

          • asl3676

            Its a little difficult to reason with an idealogue like yourself….If you liked the Bush years vote for Romney….have yourself never ending wars and an economy that tanks….be my guest…

          • Jeffreydan

              Yeah, you think your little swipes and cliches sound impressive until you are asked to back them up with substance.

              You’re wrong and YOU KNOW IT.


    • Ahalbert

      The discussion is now headed back to the economy. Best of luck convincing voters that Dem ideas are working.

    • Ahalbert

       As for the MSM, they’ve bet the farm on promoting Obama and his arrogant class warfare. The MSM will soon have to find relevance in a different world. Bye bye Newsweek. Who’s next? Step right up.

  • Tommymay

    Free at Last, Free at Last, we will have a Catholic Christian in the White Hast!!
    A note for you Pro-Choicers and GAYS, American Rights come from Nature and God, not Government!! What a Proclamation of Devotion. It will be R & R time from here on in America. Free at Last from the yoke of Reparations. Go’in back Home, you know with Hopelessness and No-Change. Our Day has arrived, bless it be God!! Thank you Mister Romney.

  • Ted

    What’s the problem?  “It’s the president, stupid.”

  • FloridaJim

    The truth is not necessary when Saul Alinsky is your mentor in fact it is not welcomed.Obama taught the Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” in the 80’s to his community organizing students in Chicago and his campaigns have used this extensively to smear every opponent since Obama began running. It has always worked except when he ran against Bobby Rush, a Chicago black panther, who defeated Obama. Obama never forgot this defeat and has raked his opponents over every coal he, and Axelrod/Jarrett/Emanuel could find or make up as needed for victory.

    • EddieD_Boston

      It turns out Hannity and Beck were right about Obama. He is out on the looney fringe.


    I love what Obama is saying now, That Romney is getting all these campaign donations and they have all this money. Remember 4 yrs. ago when the shoe was on the other foot? This is  and will be the dirtiest campaign in history, it will be Chicago
    style that’s for sure!! Obama is so thin skinned, he can’t see the dirt they throw, or maybe they do and don’t care. Romney has more integrity in one finger, than Obama has in his whole body. That’s goes for Reid, Pelosi and Wasserman-Shultz.

    • asl3676

      I didn’t hear Gingrich or Santorum praise Romney for his integrity….Did he have an injection of integrity after the primaries?

    • Ahalbert

       I didn’t hear Hillary praise Obama for his integrity.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GX6IS3CUXZKIEMD6LWHZ5ZBWWU John

    It is/was for reasons very much similar to this that I re-registered AWAY FROM the Democratic Party after the tenure of that callously conniving anti-American peanut farmer from Plains, GA. And to think of the ireony: were a Republican or a conservative to pull stunts like this, they would be merciLESSly vilified and demonized.

    Heaven help us all if Mr. Obama be re-elected!

  • Roger

    I love how Obama’s campaign calls everyone “radical” including, now, Paul Ryan. There’s nothing more radical than a socialist in the White House. How dumb are the voters in this country? The voters who vote for him. His base is the dumbest…ever.

  • Brhurdle

    I applaud the willingingness to state the obvious – Obama has never been principled and these sleazy tactics are completely in character with his lack of integrity. Obama is the consummate con man. What makes it doubly bad is that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have the same lack of principles. We can only hope that the damage by these people is reversible before time removes them from Washington.

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    Romney needs to get trusted staffers to watch the pundits on Fox, pick up their revelations and talking points and make good use of them. The Obama attack ads are analyzed immediately and untruths (lies, if you will) immediately exposed. Likewise, the “omissions” and untruths from ABC, NBC, PMSNBC, CBS, CNN et al.

  • Dan Gallo

    You’re right, Bernie.  If re-elected, Obama will be the president of a nation more divided than when he was elected.  That’s his intention.  Divide and conquer.  What might be worth looking into would be the individuals who are now being groomed to take over after Obama leaves at the conclusion of his second term, assuming he has a second term.  I’m sure that George Soros has a few names on his lips.

  • Jamal

    Everyone understands why Penn State leadership is complicit in the Sandusky atrocity. They knew and said nothing.

    Well, as Mr. Goldberg observes, horrible lies are told about a decent man, one who contributes mightily to society and to charity. These lies are told for the benefit of the president’s campaign. Our Chicago president knows and says nothing.

    It’s time for the media to choose–actual principles or “you got to break a few eggs…”

  • Deanwankel

    Ray, when Kennedy died BO lost his greatest and most liberal supporter. Then he found new, old blood to work with that has turned him into the most despicable person in the world. 

  • http://twitter.com/St_Louis_Ray Ray Raney

    You dont get it Bernie. Obama is the puppet, the front man, whatever, for a larger kabol. You can see he is not the leader. He is simply the pitchman.  Do some digging to learn who really is the marionette.

    • User34602

      Ray… a very good point. And watching the Joel Gilbert ‘Dreams From My REAL Father’ DVD will explain most all of it.  It’s previewed on YouTube as well. It cannot be coincidence that Obama and Frank Marshall Davis stood 6’2″ and  have the same teeth, eyes, eyebrows, age spots, voice and manner of speaking.  And Obama looks nothing at all like the Kenyan Obama who is ostensibly the father.

    • Shrinque

      Cannot agree. Obama is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Yes, there is a huge cabal backing him, and the dhimmi-cRAT party is corrupt to its very core, but Obama is its leader. He’s the Boss. The Top Dog. The Head Honcho. Number One. The Man In Charge. The Big Kahuna. The Big Guy. Der Fuhrer. El Caudillo. Dear Leader. Il Duce. The Godfa–well, I digress.

      Anyway, Bernie is right. Obama is ultimately, completely, fully, and personally responsible for this criminal defamation. He has proven himself to be a completely disgusting and contemptible man.

    • asl3676

      Whats a kabol? Do you mean a kabob?…LOL

    • Ahalbert

       I disagree. A guy with that much ego can’t work for anyone.

    • Brian_Bayless

      Agree about Obama being a puppet. He is a lightweight and painting him as anti-American or a socialist is foolish. He essentially gave the ball to the health insurance companies for his health plan and I don’t think that is socialist. Obama doesnt have the capacity to pull the country out of its current state, IMO, but I feel the same about Romney.

  • Bruce A.

    Personally, I think these ads are catering to the weak minds.   Anybody with an ounce of common sense may take these ads with a grain of salt & ask a few qusetions such as.  What is the real truth behind the story?

    • Pastorjimmie

       There are a lot of weak minds out there … that’s a big problem.

  • Kathie Ampela

    The pundits have been hammering Romney’s press secretary and the Etch-a-Sketch guy among others on his staff…but surely Romney picks his own people, doesn’t he? Let’s us certainly hope that he chooses his VP more carefully than he chooses his own staff.

    • GlenFS

      Seems he has plenty of room for improvement with those two.  It’s early, lets hope he gets some better political talent.

  • Socalsd55

    Prince of Evil. Lures you with promises and secretly demands the opposite!

  • Brendan Horn

    Typical Chicago sleazy politics. These people think they are Machiavellian with “the ends justify the means.” Sadly, the ends are so bad that none of Obama’s supporters can possibly really believe their means are justifiable on this basis. They are basically a pack of vicious sociopaths. The Soptic ads are beyond pathetic, especially when one considers how many dead civilians can be directly attributed to Obama’s drone warfare. I would not accuse Obama of murder for the drones – but it should be obvious to anyone that the hypocrisy of Obama’s supporters is beyond belief when their insanity would allow them to give any credence to the Soptic (or perhaps Septic) ads. 

  • GlenFS

    Maybe it’s hollywood that taught us that the good guy is supposed to have situations and drama before prevailing in the last few minutes of the movie.  Sometimes art imitates life, and the villain who’s earned his terrible fate all along, finally gets his just desserts.  The viler his deeds the more the audience enjoys witnessing his sorry demise.

  • venter

    You said it all .  The ads that are coming out for Obama (with his approval!) are so   sickening.  I never remember our past presidents stoop so low.  Romney should respond with  SHORT POWERFUL STATEMENTS   than immediately return to  his speaches.   We are seeing Obama very clearly now .  Romney’s needs to let others speaks to the stupid stuff. Stay focused. I hope  Mitt is giving Obama enough rope to hang himself  in this dirty campaign

  • Kathie Ampela

    If Romney doesn’t ramp up his campaign and let the sleeping masses know that he’s here we can sit back and watch the fundamental transformation of America that Obama promised us 4 years ago, but didn’t have the chance to complete his first term. I’m not surprised that Romney is wimping out…I predicted it would happen.

  • JohnInMA

    Sometimes politics can be reduced to a few simple observations or a few simple facts.  That no one associated in any way with this administration has said ANYTHING negative or even expressed hope for it not to happen again tells me everything I need to know.   Whether it was coordinated or not, the fact that they willingly allow it to stand means they both want to take advantage of it and don’t want to remove such attacks from their quivers in the near future.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I believe strongly that this will hurt Obama more than it’ll hurt Romney. Obama is coming across as more desperate by the day and fair-minded people are getting turned off. Even some liberals are starting to get it! Well, maybe not.

    The good news is middle-of-the-road people are rolling their eyes and Obama is becoming more of a cartoon character by the day.

    Remember what the Wellstone memorial service did to the democrats in ’06? It’s gonna happen again. Democrats are a deranged lot and are unable to grasp how looney they are.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Oooops…it was the ’02 mid-terms….

    • CentralScruntinizer

      Yes! And these dirty dirty attack ads, which defined Kerry as unfit in 2004, and all of Romney’s primary opponents as insane, unhinged or unelectable, never work.   And they won’t work this time either!  Just look at how Obama lead in the polls is accelerating upward.  That’s cause we’ve tricked him…into…flying into.. the sun?

  • Orejon54

    Great column! 

    Having read about Obama’s tactics in the 2004 Illinois Senatorial campaign, I’m hardly surprised by recent events.   What is really distressing is that our political process has adopted standards normally associated with third world banana republics. 

    • polekeep

       Not really.
      They’re much more honest in the supposed bannana republics.
      You problally don’t know, or care to know that it was Bernays public relations company (a nephew of Sigmund Freud, who was an American) who manipulated the US electorate into believeing it was the communists that were taking over that Guatemala.
      When it reality, it was the United Fruit trying to overthrow the president that said he wanted to nationalize that corporation.

  • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

    What’s worse then Obama’s silence?… Mitt Romney’s. 

    This was his initial limp-wristed, timid, response to both attacks: 

    “These ads simply aren’t true”…

    STANDBACK…don’t get in the line of fire from that dynamic, assertive response! Then to top that off Romney’s campaign manger goes off on a dissertation on how Romneycare could have saved the life of Soptic’s wife…WHAT??? 

    If you listen closely you can almost hear Don Meredith…Turn off the lights… the party’s over..  He better shift his campaign into high gear. Otherwise he’s going to be on the sideline with the rest of us watching Barry finish the job of destroying the country.

    Maybe I could arrange a deal with the Red Cross. Gingrich could meet Romney there and give him a blood transfusion. Look, I want Romney to win but if he expects to win he is going to have to come up with a Ronald Reagan like moment. 


    Get going Mitt!

    • EddieD_Boston

      Romney just doesn’t seem to have it in him to get angry. It may be his demise. He needs to be less a businesssman and more a fighter.

      • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

        You got it Eddie. To make matters worse I think he’s going to select Pawlenty for the VP spot. I hope I’m wrong.

        • JohnInMA

          Even if the ticket becomes the milque-toast ticket of the century, there are still some pit bulls available if allowed to speak.  I’m thinking that loud voices like Gov. Christie or even Donald Trump can do some of the dirty work.  I might be wrong, but it’s my impression that the Romney campaign has adopted McCains no-personal-attacks kind of philosophy.  Who knows, in the end if the GOP Pres/VP candidates look to be above the fray, acting “appropriately” while the dogs fight in the background, it might work to the advantage of the ticket.  After all, many independents are independent simply because they cannot stand to choose sides and do battle for “their team.”

          • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

            Excellent point. He damn sure is going to need help somewhere. People like Christie and Trump as you point out would certainly help. Although those two, along with possibly Rubio, I don’t believe will be in the VP running. I think Romney feels they will overshadow him and steal the spotlight.

            I also think no invitation for Palin is a mistake although I believe she endorsed Newt.

            Can’t wait to hear Pocahontas at the DNC.

        • User34602

          I’m glad you are wrong… On Saturday we know a milquetoast was NOT selected for VP.  Paul Ryan has a steel spine and you will see him be the ‘Cheney to Bush’ role for Romney.

          • Plainasday

            God help us…

    • Virgilrenfroe

      The only way to ever answer the liberal attacks is with an attack, to reply directly is to go defensive and you loose , With the media today thats the world conservatives live in ,,

      • http://hemingwayreport.blogspot.com/ MerchantofVenom

        Virg…Take another sip of moonshine… SLOOOWLY this time.

  • talonspoint

    Great article except for the suggest that Barrack Obama will pay a price. What price Bernie? He will leave (assuming he does) far richer than when he came in with the adulation of the twisted left. Despite his unconstitutional acts it seems the only way he will pay is in his old age when he faces the ultimate Judge who cannot be tricked or bought.

  • montanachick

    I wish that everyone would read this. Yes, Obama is complicit, but I would go a step further. The atmosphere that he and his allies have created makes him not just complicit, but responsible.

    • User34602

      He is a radical leftist raised by Frank Marshall Davis (his true father) and tutored by him to hate America. Obama spent his entire young life (of which no details are released) adhereing to Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, Davis, Bill Ayers.
      Why is is so preposterous to look at the clear evidence and conclude that Obama is a communist who was handled every step of the way and is supported by a broad network of communists that have been in America since back before WWII ? America is not immune to being fooled and Obama is the proof of a tragic mistake by ignorant voters.  

      • Plainasday

        yes = the country really needs another cheney…
        God help us………

      • CentralScruntinizer

         Exactly Sir!  A communist whose most aggressive acts in a term marked by overall timidity to act was to aggressively protect Wall Street from prosecution, a serious round of re-regulation, and to expand and accelerate the bail outs via the Fed overnight window.   This wily commie 5th columnist thinks he’s fooling is with his pro-corporate agenda, but thanks to wiley types like you, User34602, we’re on to this dirty red diaper baby!  Good work, G-man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.hogan.10 Gary Hogan

    Obama sunk to a new low, and these super pacts are out of control, and both sides need to reel them in!!