In Their Own Words …

The following comes from our friends at the Media Research Center.

“Am I angry? You bet I am. I am an American citizen, and my leaders have taken my money to fund mass murder. And now my friends have paid the price with their lives.
“Keep crying, Mr. Bush. Keep running to Omaha or wherever it is you go while others die, just as you ran during Vietnam while claiming to be ‘on duty’ in the Air National Guard. Nine boys from my high school died in that miserable war. And now you are asking for ‘unity’ so you can start another one? Do not insult me or my country like this!
“Yes, I, too, will be in church at noon today, on this national day of mourning. I will pray for you, and us, and the children of New York, and the children of this sad and ugly world .”
 —Message posted by left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore on his Web site, September 14, 2001.

“We have been the cowards. Lobbing cruise missiles from 2,000 miles away, that’s cowardly. Staying in the airplane when it hits the building, say what you want about it, not cowardly.”
— ABC’s Bill Maher on Politically Incorrect, September 17, 2001.

“Where is the acknowledgment that this was not a ‘cowardly’ attack on ‘civilization’ or ‘liberty’ or ‘humanity’ or ‘the free world’ but an attack on the world’s self-proclaimed superpower, undertaken as a consequence of specific American alliances and actions? How many citizens are aware of the ongoing American bombing of Iraq? And if the word ‘cowardly’ is to be used, it might be more aptly applied to those who kill from beyond the range of retaliation, high in the sky, than to those willing to die themselves in order to kill others. In the matter of courage (a morally neutral virtue): whatever may be said of the perpetrators of Tuesday’s slaughter, they were not cowards.”
— Novelist and playwright Susan Sontag writing for the “Talk of the Town” section of the Sept. 24, 2001 New Yorker.

 “I despise him [President George W. Bush]. I despise his administration and everything they stand for….There has to be a movement now to really oppose what he is proposing because it’s unconstitutional, it’s immoral and basically illegal….It is an embarrassing time to be an American. It really is. It’s humiliating.”
— Actress Jessica Lange at a September 25, 2002 press conference at an international film festival in San Sebastian, Spain where she was given a lifetime achievement award. Her remarks were shown in the U.S. on the syndicated show Inside Edition on October 4, 2002.

“This is a racist and imperialist war. The warmongers who stole the White House (you call them ‘hawks’, but I would never disparage such a fine bird) have hijacked a nation’s grief and turned it into a perpetual war on any non-white country they choose to describe as terrorist.”
— Former Cheers star Woody Harrelson in an op-ed headlined “I’m an American tired of American lies” published Oct. 17, 2002 in London’s The Guardian newspaper.


Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore: “What happened to the search for Osama bin Laden?…You don’t think they [the U.S. government] know where he is?”
  Bob Costas (astonished): “You think they know where Osama bin Laden is and it’s hands off?”
  Moore: “Absolutely, absolutely.”
  Costas: “Why?”
  Moore: “Because he’s funded by their friends in Saudi Arabia! He’s back living with his sponsors, his benefactors. Do you think that Osama bin Laden planned 9/11 from a cave in Afghanistan? I can’t get a cell signal from here to Queens! I mean, come on, let’s get real about this….I think the United States, I think our government knows where he is and I don’t think we’re going to be capturing him or killing him any time soon.”
— Exchange on HBO’s On the Record with Bob Costas, May 9, 2003.

“I wondered to myself during ‘Shock and Awe,’ I wondered which of the megaton bombs Jesus, our President’s personal savior, would have personally dropped on the sleeping families of Baghdad?”
— Actress Meryl Streep at a July 8, 2004 Kerry-Edwards fundraiser held at Radio City Music Hall, as quoted by the Boston Globe the next day.

“I worry that some people are entertained by the idea of this war. They don’t know anything about the Iraqis, but they’re angry and frustrated in their own lives. It’s like Germany, before Hitler took over. The economy was bad and people felt kicked around. They looked for a scapegoat. Now we’ve got a new bunch of Hitlers.”
— Singer Linda Ronstadt, as quoted by USA Today reporter Elysa Gardner in a November 17, 2004 profile.

“No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we’re here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people, millions support your revolution, support your ideas and we are expressing our solidarity with you.”
— Singer Harry Belafonte to Venezuela’s left-wing President Hugo Chavez during a televised rally on January 8, 2006 in a clip shown on FNC’s Hannity & Colmes the next day.

“Unless you are willing to accept torture as part of a normal American political lexicon, unless you are willing to accept that leaving the Geneva Convention is fine and dandy, if you accept the expression [expansion?] of wiretapping as business as usual, the only way to express this now is to embrace the difficult and perhaps embarrassing process of impeachment.”
— Actor Richard Dreyfuss in a February 16, 2006 speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

“In my country, we seem to be sanctioning renditioning of innocent people without trial…put them in jail without telling anyone…and torture them out of suspicion of what we think they might do….This is exactly what [George] Orwell was talking about when he spoke of thought crimes.”
— Actor/left-wing activist Tim Robbins, who was in Athens, Greece, performing in a stage version of Orwell’s 1984, as quoted in a May 2, 2006 Agence-France Press dispatch.

“As a result of the [9/11] attack and the killing of nearly 3,000 innocent people, we invaded two countries and killed innocent people in their countries….Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”
— Rosie O’Donnell on ABC’s The View, September 12, 2006.

“You have two choices in life, Elisabeth. Faith or fear. Faith or fear, that’s your choice. You can walk through life believing in the goodness of the world or walk through life afraid of anyone who thinks different than you and trying to convert them to your way of thinking….Get away from the fear. Don’t fear the terrorists. They’re mothers and fathers.”
— Rosie O’Donnell to co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on ABC’s The View, November 9, 2006.


“It is the first time in history that fire has ever melted steel. I do believe that it defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower Seven, building seven, which collapsed in on itself — it is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives being involved…World Trade Center One and Two got hit by planes. Seven, miraculously, the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible.”
— Rosie O’Donnell discussing 9/11 on The View, March 29, 2007. 

“I just want to say something: 655,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Who are the terrorists?…If you were in Iraq, and the other country, the United States, the richest in the world, invaded your country and killed 655,000 of your citizens, what would you call us?”
— Co-host Rosie O’Donnell on ABC’s The View, May 17, 2007.

“Over the past six years we’ve had to add to the American picture: rendition, illegal wiretapping, voter suppression, no habeas corpus, the neglect of our great city New Orleans and the people, an attack on the Constitution and the loss of our best young men and women in a tragic war. And this is a song about things that shouldn’t happen here, happening here. And so right now we plan to do something about it — we plan to sing about it.”
— Bruce Springsteen introducing his song “Living in the Future” before a live concert on NBC’s Today, September 28, 2007.

“We’ve been redefined for seven years now as a war-mongering, far-right, intolerant nation who’s raping our own atmosphere and demonizing the poor and letting the banks rob us blind. I think if — any incremental move away from that would be a godsend. And I think Obama will, at the very least, put the brakes on this madness and in some ways heal it….I think the rest of the world, if they see that America elects a man of color, I think they’ll breathe a big sigh of relief and not think that we’re this war-mongering, rich white guy country.”
— Actor/comedian Richard Belzer on FNC’s Geraldo At Large, March 2, 2008.

“Is Cheney a goon? I don’t mean that to be like a smart ass, but he seems like he might be a goon….My feeling about Cheney — and also Bush, but especially Cheney — is that he just couldn’t care less about Americans. And the same is true of George Bush. And all they really want to do is somehow kiss up to the oil people….Is there any humanity in either of these guys?”
— CBS Late Show host David Letterman interviewing former White House press secretary Scott McClellan, June 11, 2008.

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  • Cleo Crouch

    Thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we forget all that has been said from the left.

  • thinkwell

    P.G. and C.A.A.,

    It is obvious that Bernie cares more about maintaining his income stream and his social standing among his self anointed circle of “elites” than he does about the pursuit of truth or the protection of the Constitution and the rule of law.

    Regardless of whether or not Obama qualifies as a natural born Citizen, by posting that PDF to his official website and claiming it to be a direct copy of his original long form birth certificate, he is directly responsible for attempting to pass off an indisputably fraudulent document as a legitimate one – a major federal crime. Even if Bernie has zero intellectual curiosity as to why Obama would be motivated to do such a thing, if Bernie were a true professional investigational journalist dedicated to exposing the truth, he would be all over this in a heartbeat. This single, isolated act of Obama-fraud is much worse and more damning than the Clinton’s blue dress fiasco – and that lead to impeachment.

    P.G., I think there are a lot of people who appreciate your persistence on this issue. Please do keep hammering away. Thank you.

    • Proe Graphique


      Thank you. Please go to
      the activist site
      The evidence repository.

      You need not join up or give personal info – not even an e-mail – to comment and become active. You can help without seeing a donate button – this is non-profit. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think it was important. Thanks.

      In the Gentlemanly Proper Credit Department, while I appreciate the extra kudos, Chester A. Arthur was here before I was, and his posts are just as important on this issue as mine. I write more, but any voice that shouts out even the single word “truth” on this issue is equally important to everyone else. Thanks very much again.

      • Chester A. Arthur

        Well, I’m typically despised by, well, practically everyone. I believe Obama was born in Hawaii. There goes my points with the “birthers.” I also believe Obama has committed crimes and is more than likely not eligible to be president. There goes my points with the anti-birthers.

        I believe the long form is “real” but was purposely “screwed with” for various reasons. The long form we have seen is more than likely his “original” birth certificate. We just haven’t gotten to see the amended birth certificate.

        Keep in mind, how did Obama get his birth certificate? Why did he have to get “special” permission to obtain a copy? The answer is simple: The record actually requested was protected by privacy laws. And that record was the original long form birth certificate.

        Please don’t report me to Attack Watch!

        • Proe Graphique


          Get active at ObamaFake – you are not the one who believes what you do.

          Personally I’m split on where Obama was born; my gut tells me that he was born in Hawaii and his birth certificate probably recognizes Obama’s citizenship the way the law would have prescribed since his mother was too young to confer US citizenship; that of the British Crown, as was his father, as the law would have demanded. The only reason I don’t feel 100% certain is that you have everyone on video from Michelle Obama to the Prime Minister of Kenya, to Obama suggesting himself, to newspapers from all over and other sources at the time Obama was running for senate – including NPR’s website – saying Obama was born in Kenya, and that adds up in a way that’s tough for any intellectually honest person to dismiss.

          I don’t know where you get the idea that all birthers hate you for the way you see the issue. If that’s your experience, then you’ve been hanging around with the wrong crowd. Go to ObamaFake and get active. We’re smart about it over there, and no personal info is collected, ever (I have even deleted, meaning did not allow to be posted, well-meaning posts by people who were accidentally giving away, IMO, too much of their own personal info).

          • Chester A. Arthur

            “I don’t know where you get the idea that all birthers hate you for the way you see the issue. If that’s your experience, then you’ve been hanging around with the wrong crowd.”

            Not all “birthers,” but a whole lot of them. As soon as I mention I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, most “birthers” take that to mean I’m an “idiot” or “don’t know what I’m talking about.” But, this usually only happens at the “pure” “birther” sites. There are sites out there that are far more accepting of varying viewpoints and ideas.

            Also, if Obama really was born in Kenya, I’m one to believe that means Obama was probably born months before the date listed on the “birth certificate.”


            Why are you listed on Attack Watch!? Is it because of those youtube nights you’ve been hosting!?

          • Proe Graphique

            Do they have a list and is ObamaFake on it? I wouldn’t read anything into that – they have a little brownshirt button where smarmy little Obots can report “attackers” (a new term for average citizens disagreeing with their government – imagine what the left would have said if George Bush set up such a site!) so I assume every birther site will be listed before long if not already – anyone can ‘report” the “offense”.

            That site, right down to its black screen and intended-to-frighten red and white letters on black, is about intimidation, and will be gone by Feb of 2013 if not long before. Besides, if ObamaFake is listed next to Corsi and Trump, that’s damn good advertising! We’re non-profit, but I’ll take it just the same. What lame-ass jerks those Che Rivera dictator wannabes in Obama’s camp are. Seriously.

            That site and its very obvious horrific impression will bite Obama on his skinny ass when the American people get a peek at that thing. Basically, the message Obama is sending is, “Re-elect an intimidating and meant-to-frighten dictator.” Good. that’s just exactly the kind of message I want them to send as they gear up for the 2012 election; I can start planning the GOP victory celebration early. 😉

    • Paul Courtney

      Well, at least the insults are getting lighter. But if Bernie cared about income and social standing, wouldn’t he still be at CBS? Others attack media bias, but Bernie had the courage to leave a cushy network job to do so. You’ve got too much venom built up to respect that? PG’s latest post indicates he’s not milking this for profit, and I respect that. So I’ll say, keep hammering away, just don’t get so caught up you forget to vote in Nov’ 12. And try to keep in mind, conservative journalists with any profile have no social standing with 90% of people in that business (won’t call ’em journalists).

      • Proe Graphique

        Look, Paul, I don’t hate Bernie. He’s a conservative, I’m a conservative. We both hate the mainstream media. We’re both from the east and work in vaguely connected industries. I bet we have walked in each others’ footsteps in midtown Manhattan a million times. I’m a Christian, He’s a Jew, but we both honor the same God in our own ways. I can easily imagine sitting down with Bernie and Jackie Mason, with whom I have spoken personally, and share an extended Friday afternoon lunch at Sardi’s and basically have a cathartic gab fest about how the country is going to hell in hand basket under the democrats. I’ve had lunch with celebrities. It isn’t common but it’s nothing new.

        But Bernie is driving me absolutely out of my mind with his mockery and then silence, back and forth, on the birther issue. It’s making me and millions of people like me nuts.

        The evidence is manifest and the expert testimony about it is in: the birth certificate on the White House website is a criminal forgery. So in everyday internet parlance, WTF, Bernie?

        Bernie mocked the birther issue and those connected with it mercilessly. It was unfair and it was wrong. Now he needs to do equal justice to the people involved and the issue itself by being as brave as Trump who is NOT a journalist was while he was nice enough to do Bernie’s job while Bernie was doing the wrong thing: Bernie needs to ask the right questions and press hard. I was under the impression that Bernie prided himself professionally on doing exactly that while mocking the left for not doing what he, himself, is now doing on the birther issue: ignoring a now-important issue that hurts a democrat.

        And I hate to say it, but we’re going to keep pressing, and more and more people are going to come here as they are spreading out everywhere: if the top-flight expert testimony is correct, then Obama’s birth certificate is a fake and putting it on the White House website is a criminal act. Period. The only mysteries left is why the forgery and why the media silence from guys like Bernie who should be all over this.

        • Chester A. Arthur

          Hey, for all we know Bernie is going about this in an unbiased matter and is currently putting together all of the evidence! Maybe he’s finally willing to admit there is indeed validity to some of the “birther” claims. And hey, maybe Bernie will become famous because he was THE ONE who outed Obama!

          I can dream can’t I?

          • Proe Graphique

            Bernie will have to get in line behind Corsi unless he breaks with something big, because it really has been Corsi and Farah at WND, along with Trump working independently, that really broke this. The rest of us are just cheerleading…. loudly.

        • Paul Courtney

          Can’t speak for Bernie, but if you’re really interested in why someone is still skeptical to the point of mockery, listen to Al Gore. He’ll say “ALL the experts, EHHvery scientist [can you hear his voice?] ALL the evidence is in, the discussion is OVER….” And I know he’s not only lying, he’s flying…on a private jet. Also vying…for world’s worst hypocrite (post vacated by T. Kennedy). No, Chet, not saying PG’s experts are lying, just saying it’s not at all persuasive. ‘Course, I’ve already made clear it doesn’t matter, this issue isn’t gonna move too many people, gonna cause most to stop listening. Did those NYC voters swing to the R after 90 yrs of Ds because of your issue? If I’m standing losing ground on principle, it’ll be pro life, not anti-forgery.

          • Chester A. Arthur

            Rhetorical questions:

            How many journalists have said the “birthers” might be right? How many journalists have investigated the “birther” issue? Did Donald Trump get all his support from no where? Are you really sure this issue hasn’t “moved people?” Why did O’Reilly stake his career on this issue? Why has Fox committed libel on this issue? Why did so many people believe Obama was born in a different country a matter of months ago (not that I personally believe it)?

            What I will say at this point is that I now understand your viewpoint a lot better. I humbly disagree, but where you’re coming from is quite understandable to a degree.

            I believe Obama has committed a crime. I also believe journalists are letting him get away with his crime. Anyone else would be put in jail. Omar should be in jail (for Pete sake, he was born TWICE!). I do not agree with the notion that there is “more important matters to discuss.” I think living in a dictatorship ruled by a British monarch (this is how it feels anyway) is a very important issue to discuss.

            After all,

            “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

            -Edmund Burke

            The media is letting evil triumph.

            Why can’t we focus on this issue AND others? When will journalists finally get back their balls back that Obama is currently using on the golf course?

          • Proe Graphique


            Chester has really knocked your argument off it’s game by citing a fact that people forget: Trump made the birther issue his central issue – while denying he was making it his central issue – and he was the ahead of everyone else in the polls while making it his central issue. Anti-birthers will say Trump’s surge is due to his media personality. That’s PART of it. Put to say that embracing the issue hurts republicans is absolute BS. This experiment has been tried practically: Trump was the subject, and he got tons of support focusing almost exclusively on the birther issue. Period. End of the fear that it hurts the GOP. Trump carries the issue better because he’s a media mogul, but the sooner the GOP embraces this issue, the sooner the mockery by the left will only add to the suspicion from the public, – JUST LIKE TRUMP (I said that extra-emphasis in the hope that Bernie will get with the program). The trick is to get EVERY GOP candidate, or most of them, not talking about Kenya, but the analysis of the fake birth certificate, and tie that into how people can trust Obama. The fear people have of this issue is stupid, cowardly and irrational: Trump proved it. Absolutely.

            I would be interested in hearing what part of the analysis presented on did not convince you, and did it have anything to do with the analysis from the top three experts who are beyond reproach, Newcomer, Zebest and Ecomp Consultanbts (all three at the pinnicle of their individual expertise)?

            The fact that Al Gore is a blowhard about global warming does not mean that birthers are when it comes to the fake birth certificate. Just because a rooster crows at dawn does not mean the rooster causes the sun to come up.

            What is it about the evidence/analysis by the top three people that you feel is unconvincing?

          • Chester A. Arthur

            “The trick is to get EVERY GOP candidate, or most of them, not talking about Kenya, but the analysis of the fake birth certificate, and tie that into how people can trust Obama. The fear people have of this issue is stupid, cowardly and irrational: Trump proved it. Absolutely.”

            This is the core. This needs to be the focus. This needs to be emphasized. This is FACT.

            Someone tampered with the long form, even if the information on it is correct. Also, we have never seen the amended birth certificate or Obama’s college records (the records aren’t important for seeing the GRADES, like some media outlets try to spin it).

            Journalists and politicians can more easily embrace these issues if they go about it in the CORRECT manner. You don’t need to be a “birther” to believe Obama has committed crimes or is not eligible to be president.

          • Proe Graphique

            “Someone tampered with the long form, even if the information on it is correct…. Journalists and politicians can more easily embrace these issues if they go about it in the CORRECT manner.”

            This cannot be said enough.

            To repeat, this is not about Kenya. Or Hawaii. Or Obama’s parents. Or even where he was born (don’t say, “So what’s the point,”, anti-birthers, because mindlessness is painful to watch).

            On April 28, 2011, another issue came into being that only APPEARS to be a central birther issue, but isn’t: on that date Obama released a document using government resources shown by top expert analysis to be a forgery. THAT is the issue. Will aspects of the story emerge that will interest birthers? Probably. But that doesn’t cheapen the motives of pursuing the forgery.

            This fake document goes to issues of history and truthfulness and trust. Consequently, it amounts to Obama’s credibility heading into 2012. There is still plenty of time for guys like Bernie make it clear they don’t care about Kenya – they care about how a now-certain forgery reflects on Obama as President and how it qualifies as a felony.

            Bernie has had a link with plenty of expert analysis and evidence in an easy-to-read fashion put before him. Once a week Bernie goes on O’Reilly and gives this website out to millions and many of those people come here and read these comments. Trump made the broader birth certificate issue legit – a forgery is certainly seriously newsworthy, not tabloid journalism. I contend that if Bernie and O’Reilly cannot pull it together on the political story of the last 20 years at least and simply *cover it*, then IMO their best days are behind them, and they need to move out of the way, because they’re the sucking air out of the room with comparative nonsense while Obama laughs at them – and shakes his head in bemusement at how he has frightened them with smoke and mirrors as he moves neck and neck into an election the media will almost certainly otherwise swing in his favor by election day.

  • rider237

    back OT, i hope. :-)

    the problem is less with the quoted folks, and more with the fact that we have forgotten how to make war. the pacifist crowd has always existed. complaints have never changed. what has changed is that we have tailored our war-making to fit their complaints.

    war should never be undertaken lightly. it is a serious and costly business. when a country has a legitimate reason to go to war, it needs to shut it’s ears to the dissenters, and execute war as efficiently as possible.

    to be efficient in war making, you need to remember the purpose of battle. it is: to kill people and break things until the other side is either demoralized and quits, or is dead.

    if you follow this guideline you will not have any more Vietnams, or Afghanistans.

    i’ll dig out my submission on Afghanistan and re-submit. i don’t want to be guilty here of giving a lecture on….clocks :-)

  • Lonesome George

    Bernie, I’ve read all your books except “Slobbering…,” and I admire your truthfulness and backbone. Keep saying what you believe. Thats all you can do.

  • KayakBob

    alas, I realized some years ago the most small minded, bitter, petty and vindictive (sp?)people I have ever known (personally) were THE folk that could never pass up an opportunity to lament the lack of “tolerance for other views”. oh well.

  • Proe Graphique

    As a conservative “birther” and a Christian, the mockery that comes both from the left on the latter and now the right on the former is particularly distressing. There is an article by a Mr. Burt Prelutsky about “Goofballs to the Left of me, nutjobs to the right” here at Bernie’s site:

    The author chose not to post my – if I may say so – much more educated response, which of course makes this blog a one-way mockery street. Bernie is more open-minded, so I’ll post the response to Burt Prelutsky here, in tribute to my fellow “nutjobs” who feel that education should continue past the 6th grade. Perhaps even into high school.

    In his article, Burt Prelutsky mocks non-evolutionists and young earth believers. That’s fine if he could back it up. However, he only shows his ignorance, and that must be rebutted.


    Okay, “Goofball”, get read for some tough love.

    The way you write this shows you know little if anything more than you were taught in grade school, since you mention “radio carbon dating” in relation to the age of the earth, since as every science junior knows, radio carbon dating tops out at 50,000 years (c-14 has a half life of 5,000 years, so in 50,000 years there is not enough c-14 left in the sample to measure for an accurate dating assessment). Duh. Check it out on any secular university site, as that aspect was predicted correctly by the very inventor of the process, Dr. William Libby. So you are mocking young earthers but mention radio carbon dating in the process. Right, dufus.

    Let me clue you in and yes, I’m also a birther guy, so here is your chance to lump birthers in with young-earthers in one, smooth, intellectually dishonest swoop.

    First, my own armchair opinion, to clarify my opinion which is clearly more educated on the subject than your own: We do not know the earth is billions of years old. We do not know that the earth is thousands of years old. Keeping it real when you look at the larger facts, IMO we know nothing. The questions are so vast that we probably never will know anything substantial on this matter for sure – and secular scientists who say they do are either looking for money or on ego trips or both – before God destroys the earth by fire or we blow ourselves up because as people like you are proving, people, in the aggregate, tend to talk – and believe – way past where their knowledge tops out.

    Here are a couple of scintillating facts put forth by young earth/universe creations that, IMO, does not prove their point, but disproves old earth-favoring science, hence my opinion that we know nothing:

    1. A comet is made of ice, and we see the tail as the ice ball swings around in a usually elliptical orbit (in the case of Halley’s, 76 years) and as it gets closer to the sun, and as the heat and solar winds burn off a significant portion of its icy bulk, that burning off vapor is what we see as the tail. So who is making the ice balls that burn off and show as comet tails, because if the universe is billions of years old, those ice-ball comets should have been spent to nothing long, long ago – in only several thousand years. Even a small overall proportion of loss should drive it off its orbit as its mass shrinks and gravity affects it differently, anyway. So who has been making those ice balls for billions of years? There is nothing whatsoever to suggest they they are just drifting into the solar system willy-nilly. Secular since has some fanciful suggestions, but itself admits it has not a clue based on fact.

    2. When the first astronauts landed on the moon they expected to find a few feet of dust on the surface. This is because the earth and moon, as they orbit the sun, every year go through dust clouds in space. On earth those clouds are responsible for the several meteor showers we see every year (we go through them, they do not come to us), as the larger particles hit the atmosphere at an angle at incredible speed and show as bright streaks in the sky. What doesn’t burn up is otherwise absorbed into the soil, etc. However, there is no atmosphere with which to burn the particles and and no rain to muddy the dust on the moon. Gently, imperceptibly falling year after year on the airless moon, that dust remains as dust, hence their expectation at the time of a few feet of dust based on their understanding of how much we catch in each orbit around the sun each year and an assumption of an earth and moon a couple of billion years old . When they got there the moon had only a couple of INCHES of dust, dramatically suggesting a much, much younger moon at least. Why was more not found? They have some interesting math which is clearly based on wishful thinking, but unfortunately, as they themselves often acknowledge, after over 40 years they don’t have a clue. Nobody knows.

    3. The orbital imbalances of the planets, including earth, should have long since played out by now, unless such imbalances were so large billions of years ago that our solar system could not possibly look the way it does now. The imbalances are still there and so are we. Explanation? Nobody knows.

    4. One of the great cases for an old universe is that the speed of light is a constant – if not acted upon by gravity, and therefore we see from measurements that the light from stars and galaxies, pulsars, etc, is coming from many light-years distant, supposedly proving the universe is billions of years old.

    Einstein mathematically predicted that time and matter/gravity were indivisible and scientists have proved it in actuality with a tool Einstein did not have: atomic clocks. Two such clocks are synchronized and one is left on the surface and one goes up in a plane. The difference in that little amount of gravity changes the rate in which actually time operated and the clocks fell out of sync – by only the smallest of atomic-clock measurements, but out of sync nevertheless; the one higher up was running slower while in the air, proving Einstein’s theory in practice. Afterwards, atomic clocks were eventually found to run at a different rates of speed only between the height of a table. In lab tests light has been slowed down to a slow pulse. Einstein was right. It’s been proven practically that time and space are indivisible.

    However, the idea that light traveling through such enormous distances would be unaffected by the passage past black holes and a billion island galaxies, the gravitational influence even mathematical astrophysicists can only barely shrug at – and this does not count the biggie: the utterly unknown geometry of the boundaries of the universe – is a preposterous and simple-minded secular daydream. OF COURSE distant starlight is affected by gravity as it passes through such dense gravitational forces multiplied by the billions that are certain to bend time. However, without a second and ideally third point of reference for triangulation – since our only current vantage point is earth – we have no idea how those gravitational forces effect the light that is traveling toward us. It is certainly effected – it is mathematically impossible for that light/time to NOT be effected as Einstein predicted. How much? Once again, nobody knows, and scientists I have spoken to about it don’t like to talk about it. My guess from the emotions involved is that it frightens them to think they don’t know the basics, and that fear angers them. But their hostility to the questions they can not answer does not change the fact that they can not answer them. We – don’t – know.

    We know nothing. Go to the 4th day alliance for some balance in your education and if you meet the two points of view halfway, secular and creationist, as the facts demand, you’ll realize we know nothing. So the mockers are getting a bit too big for their britches.

    In terms of evolution, that silly supposition – not “theory” as a theory demands a predicted outcome under controlled conditions – is falling apart by the day, and secular evolutionists struggle with evermore absurdest ideas. For example, did you know that according to them, turkeys were cold-blooded – then warm blooded, and then became cold blooded again – back and forth? Oh yes, they believe that without a shred of actual evidence to support it: the Discovery Channel devoted a whole hour to it a few years ago, complete with lots of animated dinosaurs.

    I could go on for hours, but this should be enough to suggest you get your act together before shooting your mouth off. Secular science knows as little about these larger issues in actual fact than they did in the middle ages, because despite all the instruments and communication of this “enlightened age” – as they used to say in the Victorian times – secular science continually skips over the tough questions and chooses to ignore them, undermining our general understanding completely. Most of what you are being told is a supposition fantasy.

    On the issue of evolution, for one of many examples, I assume also you never heard of Professor Michael Behe’s famous and revolutionary book, Darwin’s Black Box; Behe is professor of microbiology at Lehigh University, no small accomplishment. Read it, and learn how evolution is – literally, it seems – impossible on a microbiological level, as the very things necessary for evolution as a mechanism could not have evolved without them: the ultimate catch 22/ chicken or the egg scenario, and makes absolute mincemeat of little naturalist Darwin’s absurdly simplistic notions based on superficial observation that he mostly ripped off from Greek and Roman scholars two thousand years before his time, anyway.

    So anyway, “Goofball”, when you get your act together why don’t you write another entirely different article where you prove that you actually did it?

    Thanks for allowing me to rebut that simplistic and insulting article, here, since he would not let me do it there.

    • Chester A. Arthur

      I’m a libertarian who use to be a Republican. After seeing way too much hypocrisy from the left AND the right, I started to open my eyes.

      It’s too bad your comment was “censored” in that article Proe. Don’t you know dissenting opinions will be squelched? I’m surprised your e-mail address wasn’t blocked. It happened to a poster in the “Devil” thread.

    • joe from louisiana

      I rarely read a response that lengthy but very interesting. Every generation of epistemologists arrogantly believes they have a lock on the mysteries of the universe and the mind. Today we have much confusion between knowledge, truth and belief. If we still exist millennia from now I believe they will look back(and laugh) at us as we do the “flat earthers”.

      • Proe Graphique


        In reading only the two responses with which I am familiar with your writing, this and the other to me, I have to say I’m appreciative of your deep thought and superb expression. Thank you.

        I don’t know if the issue interests you – or if you agree with it – but please take a look at our two sister sites,
        the activist site
        The evidence repository.

        Please go to the former at least and check it out. You need not join up or give personal info – not even an e-mail – to comment and become active. The fact is that you are making it clear that you’re an uncommon intellect – the author of this post should be so gifted. Our group is small, hopefully similarly comprised and we desperately need more thinkers like you to fully realize the strategies you’ll find there. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t think it was important.


  • Terry Walbert

    Ah yes, civility was the rule of the day back then in the good old days.

    But really, four quotes from Rosie O’Donnell.

  • Wil Burns

    The “liberal media bias” mantra is classic misdirecti­on on the part of the conservati­ves. It was nonsense when it began over thirty years ago and is absolutely laughable now. Liberal media bias in corporate owned media? Yeah, right!

    • Glen Stambaugh

      Like the fish in water, oblivious to the environment.

    • joe from louisiana

      Even though I can’t say anything you ever written could be mistaken for thoughts in my brain, I pictured you as one of the many hapless, harmless leftists I’ve met in my 50 years. Educated but naive. I actually challenge you on your statement. There is no way an educated person could be alive in the US today and not be intellectually honest to agree in the left bias in media. The soft degrees at universities are filled with young baby Marxists taught by old curmudgeonly Marxists. They carry these beliefs into their professional lives. No argument.

      • Wil Burns

        Do you have conservatives constantly yammering at you about the media’s liberal bias? Well next time throw a little of this at them: Yes, Joe! What can I say to Joe…

        Mention that the very liberal Fox News Channel has more viewers than CNN.

        Mention that the longest running show on PBS was that liberal show Firing Line with that liberal William F. Buckley.

        Mention that the Sunday PBS pundit show The McGlauglin Group is named and orchestrated by that liberal John McGlauglin with a panel of three conservatives (including Mr. McGlauglin), one moderate and one liberal.

        Mention that the second largest media organization is America is owned and controlled by that liberal Rupert Murdoch.

        Mention that the most listened to talk radio show in America is from that liberal Rush Limbaugh.

        Mention that the most listened to political commentary on radio in America for the past 50 years is that liberal Paul Harvey.

        Mention that the magazine with the largest circulation in America, TV Guide, is owned and controlled by that liberal Rupert Murdoch.

        Mention that the daily newspaper with highest circulation other than USA Cheeze Whiz, is the liberal Wall Street Journal.

        Mention that Newsweek’s back page editorial 3 out of 4 times is from that liberal George Will.

        Mention that ABC, CBS, NBC and their owners; Disney, Westinghouse and General Electric are liberal corporations.

        Mention that over 90% of the daily newspapers over the past 16 years endorsed such liberals as Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole and Bush for President.

        Mention that you can’t even turn a radio on the AM dial without hearing such liberals as Bob Grant, Ollie North, Rush Limbaugh, Gordon Liddy, Ken Hamblin, Michael Reagan, Armstrong Williams, Bill O’Reily, Sean Hannity and Laura Schlessinger pushing their liberal propaganda.

        And when you are done mentioning all that, look them squarely in the eye and ask what the problem is? Is it that they think you are stupid, or more likely, is it that they are stupid.

  • Tim Ned

    Good reasons we should never elect people from entertainment into politics. But God how I miss Ronald Reagan!

  • robin in fl

    Bernie, though I hate to admit it now, some of those people you quoted I use to actually enjoy.(thankfully rosey O’d was NEVER one of them)
    back when michael M did ‘Rodger and me” I thought he did a good job and enjoyed it,now he seems to me to be just way over the top..I laughed at some of bill mahrs stuff years ago he seems like a snarky arrogant mean guy. I could go on with ones just like them ,but you get the point…ones like them just over did it.

    people have a right to their opinions ,BUT..if your trying to get people to see it another way,their style is actually turning people against their cause.

    BUT..I see some on the other side that are doing the same exact thing now..I call them the ‘think police’..they resort to telling people like me if I do not think and believe and agree with EVERY word they they say or opinion “they” have ,then of course I must be an could I be anything else.???/..soooo they turn people off to their causes just as much by doing that.

    I for one am the type of person who can not and will not be told what I must think..yes ,I have been known to change my mind about things after thinking and finding out more about a subject,BUt it won’t happen if a person uses force or put downs (with me anyway).

    I listened to you speak for sometime before I ever joined your site or replied to you .when I did it was because I like most of what you said and your style of saying it.and I still do.

    keep up the good work bernie.I may not have been familiar with all your previous works,but you have a fan here in FL now,I just have a bit of catching up to do.and please just keep on doing it in the same style you do it…many could learn from it.even if I find myself disagreeing with something you may say,the way you say it shows class.

    • John J

      So, you’re a four year old who writes well?

  • Proe Graphique

    How about these “own words” from Bernard Goldberg:

    “At the risk of sounding cynical, I think some of this is birther nonsense, just the latest lame attempt to make a case that Barack Obama is not a legitimate president. ”

    Well, that’s interesting, because all the best graphics experts – and I’m a professional of twenty-plus years so I know they rank at the top – say the birth certificate is a fake. I also say it’s a fake because anyone can view the very construction of the document embedded in the layers, and that is the smoking gun evidence that the document is a construction, not a simple scan.

    Here is a repository of all the non-crazy, non-lunatic, non-conspiracy-theory evidence. TAKE AN HOUR AND LEARN IT EVEN IF IT ANGERS YOU TO BE PROVEN WRONG, BERNIE, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT GROWN-UPS DO.

    The fact is that no matter where Obama was born or what his eligibility is, the birth certificate is a forgery – for sure – and the last time I looked, that was a crime. So if you don’t want to report on the eligibility, then for crying out loud, report on the crime. Then we might find out the reason the crime was committed. Or don’t you think that’s important?

    • Jeffreydan


      Nice attempt at changing the subject, but either find something Bernie said that comes anywhere close to the venom he quoted, or post a comment related to the topic. Find another forum to promote your nonsense in any event.

      • Proe Graphique

        Everything is relative. For Bernie to bash fellow conservatives the way he bashed the birthers, even if not matching the linguistic acidity of the liberals he quoted, is, in my opinion, many times worse of an offense because, 1. It gives fresh and rosy-sweet ammo to the opposition and 2. It is entirely intellectually dishonest if he but studied the facts behind the top-flight analysis of the birth certificate forgery.

        I am completely stumped by Bernie’s continued silence/mockery of the fake birth certificate, since the facts are in in terms of the forgery of the document. Is he afraid of mockery? Is he too angry about the issue, still, to admit being at least partially wrong and follow the legit aspects of the issue? Please don’t say, “It won’t go anywhere” because those are the words of defeatism and make no sense anyway – where will *this* article go by feeding red meat to conservatives? – it’s far less politically worthwhile than following the clear evidence of the Obama birth certificate fake.

        Bernie has asked for this by his mockery in the past and lack of apology today. Fair is fair and enough is enough. It’s time to raise or call.

        Here are the facts of the Obama birth certificate forgery in all their ghastly and non-conspiracy-theorist glory.

        Bernie, don’t throw away a whole career and legion of fans over ignoring an issue that is gigantic in its implication just because you don’t happen to care for it. Get with the program, or risk the market forces giving you a one-way media ticket following Glenn Beck to Nowheresville – he isn’t on his own “internet TV station” because that’s some kind of reward for losing 35% of your core television audience by mocking them, the way he did.

        • Chester A. Arthur


          It’s politics as usual.

      • Chester A. Arthur

        “either find something Bernie said that comes anywhere close to the venom he quoted, or post a comment related to the topic. Find another forum to promote your nonsense in any event.”

        Is this where Proe is suppose to say, “Okay mom”?

        How about this:
        Either you support us in upholding journalistic integrity, or, you can expect the same dribble you’ve always been hearing on the news.

        You don’t like that do you?

        Stop telling people what to do. Be a supporter of the Constitution instead of just dismissing other people’s viewpoints.

        • Proe Graphique

          “Is this where Proe is suppose to say, “Okay mom”?”


          The rest is very astute.

          The brand-new “evidence vault” about Obama’s fake birth certificate has gotten several deleted Obot-troll responses along of the lines of suggesting that the experts’ testimony would never be allowed in court, even though that is what Ivan Zatkovich does for a living specifically – his company, ecomp consultants, provides expert technical testimony in high-end legal action, and I do mean high-end, with clients such as McGraw-Hill, Houghton-Mifflin, Citicorp and ZATKOVICH’S CONCLUSION about Obama’s long form birth certificate posted on the White House website:

          “The content clearly indicates that the document was knowingly and explicitly edited and modified before it was placed on the web.”

          But I guess ecomp consultants are just a bunch of “crazy birthers” to Bernie, also.

          Obviously, having all the fake birth certificate evidence on one site in an easy-to-read form is not something the Obots like. I am disappointed, however, that Bernie, too, would turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the evidence, wherever he gets it.

          • Chester A. Arthur

            Obot 101:
            Attack the messenger instead of the factual message.

            Wait, isn’t that part of Alinsky tactics 101? What’s this about an Alinsky relative supporting the anti-birthers? He’s registered to a site by the name of “fogbow?”

            No, I see no reason why anti-birthers shouldn’t be able to B.S. by using catch 22’s and telling others that “birthers” only have “incompetent evidence” or experts who “aren’t really experts.”

            Why is it the only thing anti-birthers tend to rely on is catch-22’s? It couldn’t be because they’re afraid right? And if you don’t agree with their B.S., hey, you must be a “racist” with “Obama derangement syndrome.”

            I guess relying on feelings instead of facts and logic helps them sleep at night.

        • Tim Ned

          Proe Graphique,

          The only dribble here is the continuous reference to a fake birth certificate and a link to a blogger website with a google friends list equaling “Two”. How about you take Jeffery’s advise?

          • Chester A. Arthur

            “The only dribble here is the continuous reference to a fake birth certificate.”

            How is that dribble?



            Don’t fall for this old liberal trick. They’re just trying to bait you. They can deal with me. I enjoy pointing out when people’s ignorance is showing.

          • Proe Graphique


            I’m good, it’s an old Alinski trick, again: mock the content without addressing the specifics and mock the size of the site with only two people signed on, even though it has only been up and mostly unadvertised for 24 hours.

            People should go to the site and see for themselves. Then they can make up their own minds. Simple. I think that’s a good idea.


          • Proe Graphique

            By the way, I answered the blog writer here about evolution but found my comment was “awaiting moderation”. Somehow I don;t think this place is the bastion of free speech people think it is when even evolution is off-limits as a free discussion (I don’t doubt it, but the supposition of evolution has some real problems, as does an old universe (my own humbling view is that we know nothing based on fact). I hope the author has the intellectual honesty to let it through)

            You know, you wouldn’t know it from these posts but I really do like Bernie, unlike Beck who I could never stand, ever. But Bernie’s mockery of the birther issue has caused a really emotional problem for me when it comes to liking him, because the facts are in, and the fact is that Obama’s birth certificate appears to certainly be a fake. You know, if this had been about Bush the left would have torn the right to shreds. Why, I wonder, Bernie, since you write about the unfair left, do guys like you keep doing the left a favor on this issue? What’s in it for you to keep their lousy little secret?

          • Paul Courtney

            Proe, you folks get points for persistence, but nothing else. To say Bernie is worse than the goofballs quoted in the article because he mocks your position is reprehensible. Concluding that Obama was born in HI and moving on to criticize his awful presidency (and the media’s refusal to report his mendacity) may actually help change the mind of a voter in ’12, while you getting emotional will not. I realize this will not change your mind on where Obama was born, but do try to put your emotions aside and stop attacking fellow conservatives.

          • Chester A. Arthur

            “To say Bernie is worse than the goofballs quoted in the article because he mocks your position is reprehensible.”

            It’s way more than that.
            Nice try though.
            Let’s not forget how Bernie was saying people should be locked up in a mental institution, or how he has implied how “birthers” are of a lower intelligence compared to his “true fans.” Why did he write that “Devil” article again?

            “Concluding that Obama was born in HI and moving on to criticize his awful presidency (and the media’s refusal to report his mendacity) may actually help change the mind of a voter in ’12,”

            Yes! Let’s ignore the Constitution!
            Oh, and it’s more than just a matter of where Obama was born. He didn’t have two citizen parents, and he may have given up his citizenship for college (where are the college records for Barry Soetoro!?) and had multiple identities which he used to get his Connecticut social security number.

            “but do try to put your emotions aside and stop attacking fellow conservatives.”

            This is the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Proe Graphique


            I’m always up for a good discussion.

            1. “To say Bernie is worse than the goofballs quoted in the article because he mocks your position is reprehensible.”

            Perhaps, but not AS reprehensible as the mockery itself because it;s degrading to a large percentage of conservatives, according to polls, and the facts are in: the issue he mocks is legit and has legs. For a journalist to mock that – especially one who calls out the left for the same journalistic methods, is reprehensible. Remember, he has a post going back to July where he mocked the issue, asking for answers and promising a followup. Okay, he got answers. Where the hell is the followup?

            2. “Concluding that Obama was born in HI and moving on to criticize his awful presidency (and the media’s refusal to report his mendacity) may actually help change the mind of a voter in ’12, while you getting emotional will not.”

            IMO you win today’s “Most Concise Bullsh*t Award”. The only thing about where Obama was born that has to do with the fake birth certificate is that it’s related to the fake. Granted, the suspicious aspects such as Michelle calling Kenya Obama’s home country repeatedly early in the race bears examination, but that’s not my point. This has now moved into an area any journalist can feel comfortable engaging: experts like Newcomer whose Killian document analysis got Dan Rather fired from CBS News are essentially certain Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, and the fact that it was posted on a government website makes that a crime. The REASON for the forgery will doubtless prove to be interesting, but a huge deception has been committed. When Clinton had sex with Lewinski, it was a personal matter until perjury was committed. The lying was bad politically but the perjury got Clinton impeached (he should have been removed) and he lost his law license forever. The forgery moves this Obama issue out of “where was he born” and into “who committed the crime’ and that’s much different. As far as me being emotional, Bernie gets emotional and so do all his pals at Fox News – when they have the facts on their side, and even when they don’t. I reserve the right to follow their example on the former.

            If the public gets wind of this from reliable media sources – which is now LONG overdue – Obama is toast in 2012. Don’t you want that? Doesn’t Bernie? It doesn’t matter where Obama was born. The reason for the fake is interesting but not the focus. The focus needs to be on the fake itself, because it’s a giant deception certain to hurt him politically if people feel they cannot EVER believe him and by being on the White House website the forgery is a criminal offense. Bernie must know all this. How can he not? So why the silence, Bernie? Have you been threatened? Will your contract with Fox that is clearly in Obama’s pocket on this one not allow you to report it? Has some idiotic genius decided it’s best used as an “October surprise”? Are people afraid of media backlash if there are race riots (that one is by far the dumbest, if true). What’s the deal? You have a president whose a close association – Ayres – is on record as saying he used to create false identities for his operatives at the weather underground, and Obama posted a proven fake birth certificate. Jesus, Bernie, start from there. What do you need, a road map?

            Once again, a gigantic, easy-to-understand repository of all the CONCRETE EVIDENCE AND ANALYSIS (no “internet conspiracy theory”) is here


          • Chester A. Arthur


            You bring up a core point I forgot to mention.

            The long form, the short form, and the eligibility question are THREE DIFFERENT ISSUES! Anti-birthers like to intertwine all the issues to try and confuse the populace.

          • Paul Courtney

            Thanks for recognizing my response as concise. Try it sometime. It’s alot easier on the fingers than going on and on and…About what? A fake birth certificate, though it really doesn’t matter where he was born?! Oh, because that’s a crime, any journalist can see that, and if only one would carry that story forward, then Obama will lose in ’12. And Fox is part of the coverup. Well, there’s a few people on Fox who hate Obama, and talk radio simply gushes with them, but they won’t touch this. Why not? Because it goes nowhere, regardless of your “IMO” about its legs. If it’s a crime, call 911, see where that goes. What you don’t get, you and the dead President, is that nobody is buying what you’re selling, outside of a very small circle. Your circle is not growing, and even those of us who badly want Obama out are thoroughly put off by a tendentiousness that makes Paul Krugman jealous. You guys are closer to the left than you perceive.

          • Chester A. Arthur


            Are you calling Mr. Newcomer, Albert Renshaw, Mr. Irey, and General Vallely liars?

            Bill O’Reilly said he is staking his professional career on the “birther” controversy. Just thought you should know.

          • Proe Graphique

            Okay, Paul. I’ll be concise.

            Go here

            Read it. All of it. Every word.

            Explain in simple terms why what is explained and shown is not newsworthy given the state of journalism today and as it has always existed.

            I’m not interested in anything else. Be concise.

          • Paul Courtney

            To be concise, I’ll concede it’s a forgery. Not calling them liars, but the obsession makes them seem kooky to me. O’Rielly’s prof. rep. not important to me, but he does cover issues no one else covers. I agree with him on this because it’s too far-fetched. It’s not below hard left to fabricate docs, or press to give ’em a pass, but why go to such lengths for a guy who would have lost his ’06 Senate race if another R could just keep his pants up? Hillary wasn’t “Alinsky” enough for them? The Dan Rather deal is very telling. When Drudge reported it, press dismissed it, but within days it blew up and Dan’s world quickly crumbled. Your claims have been out for months now, beginning the day the doc was released, but nothing is blowing up. Even more telling, Obama has not governed with Ayers and Dorn on his shoulder or things would be even worse. He’d have pulled troops home, laid them off and put them on food stamps in a public option. Stimulus would’ve been everything Paul Krugman wanted and then some, paid with defense cuts gutting military. Even if he wanted these things and more (Ayers and Dorn, and Pelosi do), he has been too ineffective (thankfully for us all). Finally, as I’ve posted before, it goes nowhere. Sorry, not very concise, and mostly my opinion based on my observations, and you’re entitled to yours. But, getting back to where this started, people who conclude BHO born in HI and birth cert is real who mock you are NOT to be compared to people like Michael Moore, who think our support of Israel and troop presence in defense of Kuwaitis justifies flying plane loads of innocents into buildings full of innocents, or slaughtering innocent muslims when they can’t kill us.

        • John J

          Drivel, not dribble.

  • Shirl

    Seems to me that all these people have been brainwashed by communists. They have all forgotten the true meaning of Americanism or was never taught the meaning; they are literaly biting the hand that feeds them. Such idiots. I think secretly, alot of people are boycotting the anti-American hollywood crowd, therefore they have to bring attention to themselves for fear of standing in the un-employment lines for lack of work.

  • EddieD_Boston

    Hate to keep beating the same old drum but this is a mental disorder. Liberals see things as they aren’t.

    The frightening thing is they’re deadly serious.

  • stmichrick

    The ignorance of those ‘luminaries’ is breathtaking. Whether intentional or not, the idea they share that spewing that nonsense portrays them as being wise, knowing and on a higher moral plane is as incredible as the jihadi notion of being rewarded with 72 virgins for their efforts.

  • Brendan Horn

    What I find most annoying about a lot of these very nasty liberals is that they are shamelessly inconsistent in their interpretation of the world. They are completely silent when Obama drops thousands of bombs on Libya. There are no wild conspiracy theories. They just completely buy into the idea that Obama is once again performing miracles and saving those that cannot save themselves. Michael Moore(on) has proven himself to be one of the world’s biggest phonies. He just wanted to make himself a lot of money and he thinks the way he has made money is okay but that businesses making money is not okay. Moore(on) is the king of self-righteous indignation. David Letterman is the king of having sex with teenage interns. He has surpassed Clinton. David Letterman has never told a funny joke. The only funny thing about him is that he is paid to be funny but is not funny at all. He is very similar to Bill Maher in this respect.

    • Chester A. Arthur

      “There are no wild conspiracy theories.”

      Correct. Although, there is the theory Obama was not born in Hawaii. That’s far from “wild” when you consider the evidence.

      • Brendan Horn

        I sort of don’t even care if Obama was born in Hawaii. He is the president. He is an incompetent president no matter where he was born.
        Are you descended from the great president Chester Arthur?

        • Chester A. Arthur

          “I sort of don’t even care if Obama was born in Hawaii.”

          There’s this cool thing called the Constitution. Read it some time.

          “He is the president.”

          Are you sure?

          • Brendan Horn

            I have read the Constitution. There is no law in the Constitution dictating that people must care about the minutiae of the Constitution.

  • Proe Graphique


    Per your mockery of the “birther” issue even after the birth certificate was released, as promised, in grand ObamaFake fashion, here is a comprehensive “Reader’s Digest”-style repository of some of the very best analysis of the document by the most esteemed professionals best-placed to make the case. (It wasn’t made for you, it was made to replace the one Obots hacked and took down)The technicalities have been reduced down to common English – anyone can understand it. PLEASE GO THERE AND UNDERSTAND IT, BERNIE. THIS IS NO JOKE.

    • Ron Kean

      Normally I’m with you but we’ve made our point. Insistence and demands are inappropriate now.

      • Chester A. Arthur

        “Insistence and demands are inappropriate now.”
        Demands are inappropriate, however, insistence is not. Bernie has ignored his viewers. This seems to be a one-sided street where Bernie feels he can ridicule and condemn people who are more knowledgeable of the subject than he is. He has been intellectually dishonest with his fans, and I truly do think he owes everyone an apology.

      • Proe Graphique

        If we make our point once and then sit dutifully waiting for a response from people who do not want to respond, we’ll be waiting a long time, because stated differently, the issue will have “gone away”.

        Like the cablecast-late but in my opinion unlamented Glenn Beck, Bernard Goldberg has brought this down on himself: as far as I know, no one asked him to mock the birthers, he volunteered that from his own mouth and keyboard. The other side of the coin is the staggering contradiction of attacking the “lamestream media” (his term) for not following important issues because of their personal bias and prejudice and then not following up on the birther issue now that every graphics professional of esteem who has spoken out has called Obama’s birth certificate a fake, simply Bernie, himself, does not happen to like *that* issue. That’s called one of his favorite words, Ron: “Hypocrisy”. And he did it while mocking millions of Americans whose suspicions about Obama are proving evermore correct with each passing day.

        People will say, “but that issue won’t go anywhere!” in terms of effecting Obama’s re-election chances. That is a perfect self-fulfilling prophecy, and for a journalist, gross: journalists aren’t supposed to effect the world by driving it, they are supposed to report newsworthy stories – something that Bernie says day and night. If Bernie thinks it’s newsworthy enough to mock the birthers, but can’t get his act together enough to also report on the facts that support their point of view as well, then he’s no journalist. As they say, you can live according to the law your whole life, but you need to only commit a crime once. Bernie’s approach to the so-called “birther” issue has become, IMO, a journalistic crime.

        Birthers, if defined as people who have suspicions about Obama’s nativity and eligibility to serve, are now over 50% according to most polls. That puts Bernie in the minority.

        I like Bernard Goldberg. I bought one of his books and enjoyed it. His straightforward approach has always been appealing to me. But his handling of Obama’s citizenship and eligibility simply stinks worse that the Killian affair that got Dan Rather fired, because it reeks of, you guessed it, “hypocrisy”.

        • Proe Graphique


          We were posting at the same time. Well said.

  • Norbit

    That’s a nice recap of quotes to cut/paste for reference when needed.
    Good work!

  • Nancye

    Rosie is incredibly stupid. I live in a steel city – Birmingham, Alabama. Come on down Rosie and see how it’s made.

    From a website:

    How is steel made?
    Steel are made from iron ore which is melted in a very high temperature. Some of the elements are removed from this iron ore to produce steel.
    report this answerAnswered by kgb agent Myrah C on Monday, June 27 2011 at 09:04PM EDT

    Read more

    • EddieD_Boston

      You know it’s a great country when someone as stupid as Rosie can become rich. Amazing.

  • AlanABQ

    Woody Harrelson & Rosie O’Donnell are two of the many examples of why I will not watch a movie or TV program that feature people like them. It is not possible for me to spend money on movie tickets or advertisers and feel good about it. While Woody & Rosie are struggling to reach the B-list of celebrity status (and somehow try to seem relevant), there are scores of actors, writers, producers, and directors that spew some of the most baseless, fact-less, and hateful things out there, and they do it with so much phony moralism. All while proclaiming that they, not the uninformed masses, are the TRUE patriots simply because they believe in a twisted interpretation of Howard Zinn’s essay, where he states that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism”.

    Apparently, that’s the only part of the essay that they read.

    By believing – wrongly, in my opinion – that dissent is the highest form of patriotism (and thereby the only form worth expressing), they can denigrate anyone who dissents from THEIR own policy statements as “dumb Neo-Con Christian flag-wavers”, “jingoists”, and portray us as a bunch of toothless hillbillies waiting to hear Bush preach for a nickel. And God help you if you happen to be a minority with these “evil” conservative views.

    The irony here is that these Hollywood & media loudmouths may have actually (and unwittingly) promoted a cultural expansion by way of the public reading a lot more simply because they cannot stand to see or hear them on their TV and movie screens.
    To be sure, they seem to go through life doing a lot of things unwittingly…

  • Proe Graphique


    Lots of interesting quotes, but the ones I’m most interested came from you about the “birthers”, even AFTER analysis from top experts came out that the birth certificate that Obama released on April 28 of this year is a fake. Joseph Newcomer, whose analysis of the Bush National Guard forgeries resulted in Dan Rather getting sacked after 24 years at CBS News agrees: Obama’s birth certificate is a fake. So where are you on this issue now?

    I’m speaking to you directly as one middle-aged professional to another. My profession is that of graphics and photographic work in various mediums and has been for 25 years and that includes producing. It encompasses a lot. If you go to ObamaFake you can see, as evidence of my skill and consequent knowledgeably, a few politically-themed examples done by me on what little spare time I have for one purpose only: to show I know my way around the programs well enough to speak with some authority on the graphics and program issues involved in the birth certificate without bringing down the unfair mockery you and the mainstream media have leveled upon those of us who smell a rat in Obama’s nativity story.

    I’m telling you this because as a 25-year-plus expert with more than enough knowledge to do the job, I’m not simply looking up to guys like Newcomer as a quotable authority – that’s for journalists like you. I am *confirming that his analysis is accurate*. The birth certificate is a fake, Bernie. I didn’t start a headache like ObamaFake to be the next Drudge or to change careers, and I swore not to make a red cent off it and there is no donate button or advertising on it. I did it because I could bring something extra to the table and add something of substance, not just an argument or opinion. I AM TELLING YOU THAT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS FAKE. IT HAS THE PROGRAM COMMANDS USED TO CREATE THE LAST STEP OF THE FORGERY STILL EMBEDDED IN THE LAYERS EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT. WHOEVER DID IT DID NOT PURGE THE HISTORY AND CLIPBOARD IN THE LAYERS. You probably don’t know what that means, but it plain English it means the birth certificate is a CREATION, not a “scan”. That makes it a fake. NOW – DO – YOU – GET – IT?

    Why is this important? It’s important because Obama’s career started with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, and if he is half as radical as they are (and I hope you aren’t afraid of him for that reason because young kids died by the hundreds of thousands as soldiers so you could be free), he needs to be stopped in any legal way possible. His Achilles heel appears to be his very history. ALMOST CERTAINLY THE 100%-ESTABLISHED FORGERY IS A FELONY. This has Richard Nixon times ten written all over it. SO STOP SCREWING AROUND AND USE IT, BERNIE. The obvious importance of this issue makes everything else you are writing about look like blather and pablum by comparison, so get with the program and put your journalistic priorities in order. This is no joke.

    I am re-establishing a repository of all the evidence – the original site was hacked and taken down – and I’ll post a link here tomorrow. With respect, Bernie, please try to get your act together and read it.

  • Sine Nomine

    Let we forget. 8^(

  • Ron Kean

    So…tell us something we don’t know.

  • Pingback: How 9/11 triggered America’s decline – The Nation, Pakistan()

  • CCNV

    The above-named are washed-up, has-been, blow-hard hypocrites. They ALL DEPEND on sucking money from the American people in order to survive – that awful CAPITALISM that they so detest! Not a stinking one of them is worth a tinkers damn.

    • Will Swoboda

      Hey CCNV, I’m with you, just would like to know what a “tinkers damn” is?
      Thanks, Will

      • Nancye

        From my two-volume World Book Dictionary:

        Tinkers damn: Something worthless or useless.

        But you probably already knew that – Lol :)

  • Chester A. Arthur


    When will you write a follow-up piece on the “birther” article you wrote? It’s not nice to abandon the class.


    Why did Fox News commit libel to help keep the story buried? And what’s up with Vallely?