It’s Not the Lie… It’s That the Media Suddenly Cares

obamaWhat exactly constitutes a scandal?

I see that question debated on the Internet from time to time, as well as on the news networks. Many people impulsively associate the term with an illegal activity, but the textbook definition of it is actually quite broad and thus fairly subjective: A disgraceful or discreditable action. Thus, what some people would consider a scandal, many others might not.

In the realm of politics, however, I’ve come to realize (especially over the past few years) that the term “scandal” has a much different meaning – one that is quite narrow, actually.

A political scandal is whatever the media wants to be a political scandal.

And when I’m referring to “the media,” I’m not just talking about a group of outliers like a single cable news network and a handful of other journalists. I’m talking about a media consensus in which most of the major outlets have identified the action and recognize that action as being disgraceful and discreditable.

For nearly five years, the media largely overlooked the disreputable (and sometimes reprehensible) activities that the Obama administration was involved in – ones that they would have assuredly obsessed over had George W. Bush still been in office.

They treated Fast and Furious as a joke. They ran interference on Benghazi, showing painfully little curiosity in what actually happened that night, and then bending over backwards to try and rationalize the falsehoods repeatedly told by the administration as a mere communication problem. They were more intent on distancing the president from the IRS’s illegal harassment of conservative groups than investigating the White House’s possible links to that harassment. The wire-tapping of reporter James Rosen, on the grounds that he may have been a co-conspirator with North Korea, has all but been forgotten. They shrugged their shoulders at Obama’s incoherent (yet highly consequential) policy on Syria, and later bolstered the ridiculous argument that Vladimir Putin’s diffusion of the situation was somehow part of our president’s master plan.

One could make the case that the media’s handling of these stories was every bit as scandalous as the stories themselves.

With the roll-out of Obamacare, however, the landscape seems to have suddenly changed. The media is actually scrutinizing the debacle and asking tough questions about who knew what and when. Journalists, in large numbers, are actually calling out the president’s repeated false statements in his selling of Obamacare, and are holding him accountable not only for those statements, but for his latest, mind-boggling assertion that he never made such statements in the first place.

Yes folks, journalists seem to finally be doing their jobs!

Why now? I think a lot of it’s because President Obama isn’t going anywhere. The guy the media invested so much energy into getting elected twice won’t be running for office again. He’s locked in for the next three years so their mission to achieve the greater good has already been accomplished. In that sense, these journalists might be feeling less pressure to show up to the games and cheer-lead his path to victory.

But part of me also wonders if they feel betrayed. The dream of government healthcare had been burning in the hearts of liberals for decades – long before their love affair with Barack Obama ever began. And despite all of the examples of where government intrusion into healthcare has failed across the world, many on the left (including the vast majority of journalists) believe such a system is beneficial to society and will make life better for everyone.

I don’t think that most liberals in the media acted as advocates for the Affordable Care Act simply because they adored President Obama. While that was certainly part of it, I think they really did believe in the cause, serving as activists instead of journalists and further sacrificing their legitimacy with the American public in the process.

They did it because they were true believers. They viewed Obamacare the same way Joe Biden viewed it: As a big f’n deal.

Imagine how people in the media felt, then, when they discovered that the administration approached their dream’s roll-out with inexplicable, jaw-dropping incompetence in the form of an untested, total dud of a website. It probably felt to them as if they had been stood-up on prom-night, left alone on a front-porch, decked out in fancy clothes and hairdos with nowhere to go.

And just like a love-struck school girl who ignored all of her friends’ warnings about her dream guy’s repeated false promises, the media had to witness the blatant deception first-hand before finally realizing that many Americans, in fact, do not get to keep their current doctors and health plans.From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly

In other words, this is now a big deal because the media’s emotions were toyed with. They’re feeling scorned, thus they’ve finally managed to recognize a scandal.

Unfortunately, as we can see by the president’s plummeting approval ratings, the public only seems to see a problem when the media sees a problem. Conservatives like myself would love to believe that the mainstream media has marginalized itself beyond influence because of their biases, but that just isn’t true. They’re still quite relevant because their collective narratives usually do sink into mainstream America, one way or another.

Will the media continue to challenge the administration with this degree of vigor for the next three years? No. Of course not. They’ll patch things up with the president, as is the fate of many bad relationships.

And to the country’s detriment, when the media no longer sees a problem, neither will many Americans.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series. His first novel, "From a Dead Sleep," is available at all major retailers. His second novel, "Blood Trade" is available for pre-order and will be released in Sept. 2015. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • George Williams

    To Leagaleagle, who often posts in this forum: I told you so. You’ve been defending Obama for five years now. I suggest that you get help in an Obama rehab center. I believe that it will be covered under Obamacare. Meanwhile, stay away from sharp objects.

  • Bob Olden

    The president may have been lying through his teeth when he made his promises about ObamaCare, but the media is far worse when It comes to lack of credibility. Just think of the thousands of opportunities they have had to report the truth, and instead they chose to actively support the cover-up. Those decisions to distort or ignore the news stories that made the Obama administration look bad we’re driven by a leftist political agenda that had nothing to do with journalism.

    The main stream media journalists are nothing but unprincipled cowards who won’t expose the hypocrisy and lying that they see every day in their own organizations. There should be hundreds of Bernie Goldbergs stepping up to the plate to condemn the rotten practices that have been tolerated or years.

    Thank God at least Bernie had the guts to call them out.

    • D Parri

      And lying through his teeth, he was. It didn’t take long for the MSM to swallow his regurgitation, though, and I would classify what they did as being much worse than dishonest.

  • D Parri

    Could it be that the media has finally seen the handwriting on the wall? You don’t suppose the corporate employer mandate delay had anything at all to do with the 2014 elections do you? I suspect that–based upon Obama’s claim that he is making his latest announcement to ‘reinstate the canceled policies’ in order to help democrats who have supported him in his push for Obamacare, and the one year delay for the individual mandates–Obama is no more concerned for the individual consumer now than he was before all those policy cancellation letters. You can bet that once the 2014 elections are over it will be ‘Katy, bar the door!’ all over again.

    • kayakbob

      …so, it’s my ‘grandfathers’ fault now?

      I knew it!

      • D Parri

        Maybe he shouldn’t have pushed Granny off the cliff!

  • kayakbob

    True John. Since when do most of these so-called journalist care?

    I suspect that is a big part of why the President is in the predicament he is in tonight. The President, and indeed the entire WH, believed they would get any and all cover from 90% of the media to foist..well..pretty much anything on the American people. Why? Because they have been carrying the water for him for 5 years. (Ok, 6 years if you count his campaign starting sometime in 2007.) So why would he expect them to do anything different now?

    It is the Pete Rose syndrome. His downfall wasn’t gambling, per se. His downfall was that he had come to believe the rules didn’t apply to him. He had been covered for, and pandered to, for perhaps his entire life. So when he was suddenly held accountable for his actions, he didn’t know how to react. But why would he? He had never been held accountable before.

  • D Parri

    Just curious, but who out there feels ‘sorry’ for President Obama ‘finding himself’ in the present mess that he’s facing?

    RU Democrat?…

  • D Parri


    Today Obama announced his plans to implement a follow-up to the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, and stated that the ACA-II is coming on the heels of the ACA-I (Obamacare) as a result of the tremendous success of the healthcare reform bill that was passed three years ago.

    The ACA-II, or Affordable Car Act, will be modeled upon ACA-I, and it will also contain government mandates similar to the now-popular requirement for all persons to be covered by insurance. Likewise, the ACA-II will require all cars to contain specific options in order to meet the requirements of the law. Those automobiles which are currently permitted but do not comply with the strict criteria set forth in the law and its accompanying regulations will no longer be licensed and must be scrapped. Federal subsidies will be available to help with the purchase of new, compliant vehicles, and these subsidies will be made available to those who currently do not own an automobile. It is anticipated that participation in the “ObamaCar” program will be near 100% and, owing to this high rate of response, costs for individual consumers will be cut by 75%, meaning that most people will be able to purchase a Cadillac with all the options for about $2,500.

    As President Obama stated, “I wish they had this program when I was growing up. I certainly don’t mind paying more and getting less…even if I have to pay for things that I don’t want or need.”

    • D Parri

      Isn’t it about time that ALL Americans become the owner of a new car? Think of the boost to the economy!

      • kayakbob

        Hmm…I don’t see fuel injected wheel covers on the list of features for my ObamaCar. And you call this better?

        And I can order it in any color I long as the color is green. right?

        • D Parri

          Why, as a matter of fact, I heard that one of the upper-scale models will come standard with the fuel-injected wheel covers. Of course, there will be four models to choose from, i.e., Brass, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and the down payments will vary among models. A variety of colors may be chosen…well, you’ve got that one down already!

          • kayakbob

            wut? No Rusted Tin plan?

            I wanna Ferrari….at Yugo prices.

          • D Parri

            Well, heck yeah! The new ObamaCar law will reduce new car prices–on average–by $2,500 per family each year for the first five years of their purchase contract. Why…that’s $12,500 off of a new car!

            Unfortunately, though, you have to sign the contract to read about the hidden clauses. You know, little things like down payments tripling, annual maintenance fees increased by 70-400%.

            But hey, you’ll be getting a much better car than that old junk Ferrari, and you’ll be able to just go to the government website and pick out the one you want. Easy as 1-2-3!

          • kayakbob

            hey! I went to that, Govt. Car-and-Healthcare website. First, I didn’t have the correct floppy disk. All I had were old 3-1/2″ fixed disks. It asked for my 5-1/4″ start-up floppy. The green c-prompt just sat there blinking at me…c:………..c:…….. jeezzz.

            Then when it finally connected I knocked my gin-n-tonic over on the desk reaching for the volume control on my speakers – cause the dial-up squeal was reverberating all through the damn house!

            But at least I am on the site now.

            Wait!..holy commadore64 batman. I have to navigate with DOS prompts? (Good think I have streaming Hulu+ through my Sony Blu-ray, so I remember how to do that.)

            But then…when I tried to add (1) Red Ferrari to my cart (setting aside the image of a Ferrari in a “cart” for a second) the damn purchase failed because the mandatory maternity leave coverage that I didn’t want or need in the first place(!) was:

            “inconsistent with a Ferrari purchase because it is a 2-seat vehicle. Perhaps we could interest you in a 4 door, 2004 Honda Element?”.

            Eventually it timed out.

            But, then…about 3 minutes later the website called ME back…(ala Matthew Broderick in the 1984 classic “Wargames”).

            All in all it was a wasted evening.

          • D Parri

            That was hilarious! Or was it Hil-lary…us? Oh well, you nailed it, KYB! It is so refreshing to see someone with a sense of ironic humor.

            Now, if we could just spend time working on the auto manufac’s CEO’s so that they would be willing to roll back the mandatory requirements for one more year, then we could all be zoomin’ around in an illegal vehicle next year at this time. Come to think of it…King Obama could issue a dictate at any time regardless of the law. I guess I’m a little confused now just what the phrase “It’s the law of the land” actually means. Does that include Executive decrees? Past and present?

            I think that they will need another three years to work on the ObamaCar program. King Obama should still be around for another 10-15 years it looks like. He’s got a LOT of wealth to redistribute.

          • kayakbob

            Thanks. (And thanks for not mentioning my one glaring gaff. Clearly, if I knew anything about the internet I would have known the easypeezy website would have been .gov, not .com.)

          • D Parri

            Hey…what’s a few gaff’s among friends?

          • Bob Olden

            Wow, you guys should team up and do one of those Bill O’Reilly/Dennis Miller shows. You would crack people up with your sarcasm!

          • D Parri

            Thanks, Bob. We might need an agent, are you in the market? Great benefits…government subsidized health insurance…government subsidized new car….

            We’re waiting on more information about the very latest program to be announced…a government subsidized homebuyer’s plan…ObamaLair!

          • kayakbob

            Thanks Bob.

          • kayakbob

            Thanks again Bob. I posted the AHA program back to D Parri. Hope it gives you a laugh. We can all use one right now.

          • D Parri

            KYB, can you tell Bob (below) any more info regarding the new ObamaLair Affordable Homes Act? You know, the AHA program?

          • kayakbob

            Oh yes. the AHA is a thing of beauty. I will send out the marketing..oops.. I mean “branding” literature this evening.

          • D Parri

            Thank you, my friend. I’m looking forward to the day when we hear more and more people exclaim “AHA!” when discussing our president.

          • kayakbob

            Ok, here ya go.

            AHA: The Affordable HOUSING Act of 2014

            This new free market opportunity with….errr…”guidance” from the Gup’ment. Yes, the Fed’ral Gup’ment will finally provide a cheaper, better, safer and healthier …better , home buying experience…period. It will revolutionize delivery of affordable healthcare …I mean, housingggg… to the vast majority of people seeking a new home. You
            know – that ‘pent up demand’…thing.

            The AHA will provide more choice (within the structure of 3 fabulous home choices) than ever before – in the history of fabulous stuff. The AHA will,
            at the same time, save millions of Americans over $10,000 in mortgage payments every year, so they can use that money for college, their kids’ education, or a new iPhone5 on a no-contract plan. And the money you save will help fund your retirement.

            House #1: We call this one “The Adobe”. Not because of the color, but because it is an Adobe hut.
            (It’s the basic one, OK?) 3BR; 2 Full Bath, wood (Bamboo) floors throughout. All for the low, low price of $2,000/month – before the subsidy. But!…the subsidy will drop your mortgage payment to just over $1,500/month. More on those subsidies later.

            House #2: We call this one “The Bunker”. Yes, concrete walls throughout, with the latest features. 3 BR; 2 full bath also. ‘The Bunker’ sports Bamboo floors as well. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Bamboo scratches easy and will dent if you so much as look at it wrong. But bamboo grows so fast making it renewable. Don’t you wanna save the planet? All this for the very affordable price of $1,500/month – after the subsidy. Again, more on that later.

            House #3: “The Marble”. No, it isn’t round. It has marble countertops, marble floors, and the newest thing in functional homes – marble baseboards. 3BR; 2 full (marble) baths. All for the very affordable price of $1,500/month – after the subsidy.

            Sounds like a lotta’ house for less money that your old plan – I mean, old mortgage. Yep. That’s because of the subsidy each of you NEW homeowners will get from those already paying a mortgage of their own. That’s right. Your friends and neighbors will be helping you get into a home at a reduced rate
            mortgage. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. When everybody has the affordable housing provided to them by the AHA, everybody wins. You win and your friends and neighbors…OK, taxpayers that don’t know you, win by contributing. We call
            it a “win-win”.

            I know what you are thinkin’. So here are few FAQ’s from a previous home buyer:

            Buyer: I can afford my current mortgage, but not much more. And I am OK with it, so why would I pay more for something I already have in my current
            house and mortgage?
            AHA Rep: We aren’t just selling houses here. We are selling dreams…of the Amurican variety.

            Buyer: That “Marble” house sure seems expensive. How can I buy that at the same price as the “Adobe”?
            AHA Rep: Because we’re bending the cost curve down. That’s right. Those corporate home builders – big drywall – don’t want you to be happy with your purchase. So we step in and bring them to the table with fair and honest pricing.

            Buyer: Wait. You just said it would be cheaper. Why is it more than I am paying now?
            AHA Rep: No, I said it would be cheaper for “the vast majority”. Ya gotta be flexible. And remember buying one of these houses – is the right thing to do, because it helps fund other buyers like yourself.

            Buyer: Huh?

            Buyer: Wait. “Big drywall”? What about those small, independent contractors that lay flooring and tile?
            AHA Rep: We got Bin Ladin. Now let’s move on. Shall we?

            Buyer: You said there would be more choice. Why are there only 3 houses to pick from?
            AHA Rep: Efficiency. We have come up with these 3 focus-grouped houses, that meet the needs of 85% of the home buying public. And really…do you want to spend your valuable time looking at tons of houses, with tons of different floor plans and amenities? No. Your time is valuable and we understand that. We here at the AHA are learning
            that: A.) home buying is complicated, and B.) home buying can stress you out big time, dude. The AHA takes care of all that.

            Buyer: It will cost me more than I currently pay, yet you say it will help fund my retirement. How?
            AHA Rep: Dude! Are you racist? Isn’t it obvious? “Win-win” here. Come on.

            Buyer: I didn’t see a garage with any of these houses. Why not?
            AHA Rep: Really? You want to own a car? Air pollution is killing the planet. And Americans are fat., should all want to walk or ride a bike.

            AHA Rep: Now comes the best part. Let me tell you about our website!

          • D Parri

            AHA! What a plan…how did we ever get by without it?

            Just think about it, we’ll improve our own personal health for all Americans, we’ll save the planet, and everyone will be able to live in their dream home. Awesome!

            You know, I’m kinda’ taken with the “Bunker” model…it just has that certain catchy style. Also, depending on the rate of development of the Iranian nuclear missile program…it may come in handy and the demand could shoot up very quickly. I think that it would be a great investment for the future.

            I really love the variety of floor plans and layouts…so many designs…provided they are 3BR/2B, of course.

            Just think, all of that time that people used to waste on looking at and evaluating needless options, colors, amenities, etc.

            Now all we will need to say is…AHA!

          • kayakbob

            Thanks. You are welcome.

    • kayakbob

      Hey…wait a minute. When did the President ‘grow up’? I must have missed that speech.

      • D Parri

        Well, let’s just say that he’s still got some growin’ up to do.

  • Thewryobservator

    The website – and other associated bits, may, therefore, constitute BOB’s Monica.

  • Big Truck Joe

    If a scandal happens in a Democrat Administration and the press doesn’t report it, did it really happen???? things that make you go hmmmm.

    • John Daly

      Unfortunately, the answer is no.

  • Big Truck Joe

    Bernie is right – the MSM are sycophant stenographers. nothing more.

  • Royalsfan67

    The media is supposed to be skeptical, which would make them trust nothing they were told and investigate everything. The problem with many is that if the politician they want to win says something, they take it as gospel. Why bothering investigating all those ridiculous claims that a third grader could see was not possible, Obama said it so it must be true. Hopefully there will at least be some shred of doubt about claims made by the White House from here until the end of his term.

    In a perfect world, realizing just how dishonest he can be, the media would revisit all these past scandals.Not holding my breath on that one. But hey, a guy can hope.

    • John Daly

      They really have given Obama the benefit of the doubt far more often than not, which, as you said, is the opposite of what they’re supposed to be doing.

      It would be nice to think the Obamacare roll-out revelations would motivate them to start going back to past issues and seriously investigate them, but like you, I’m not holding my breath.

  • John Daly

    A little note to our good friend “I Hate Fascists” who keeps trying to post here under different names, while apparently now having his wife send me angry emails (pretty gutless by the way, man):

    Once you made the decision to impersonate writers on this website and defame them by posting racist rhetoric in their names, you lost free rein to continue commenting here. If I find you doing it, I’m gonna delete it. Simple as that. I hope that clarifies things for you once and for all.

  • VermontAmerican

    Excellently penned! John has concisely captured in a few words what I try to sputter out!

    • John Daly

      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the column!

  • Fat Finger

    How dare the mainstream decide what is a scandal? Everyone knows that is your job

    • John Daly

      Not sure why you wrote that in the form of a question… but what I want is consistency in the media. If they turn the legal firing of judges by the Bush administration into a scandal, they sure as heck had better find a scandal in the Obama administration making up a story about a mob and a YouTube video to cover up their neglect in the the death of four American patriots in Lybia.

      • Fat Finger

        Like your previous bogus article just more hogwash that you do not and can not back up. You and your media bias are becoming a tired act. Judges fired? Too much drugs? Maybe you are referring to US Attorneys?

  • G. Daylan

    I guess what bothers me most about the media’s love of Obama is its complete failure to examine his explanation of how Obamacare was supposed to work. When he proposed that a plan that would provide health care for millions with enhanced coverage (such as letting grown up children be covered under their parent’s policies up to age 26 and demanding that those with pre-existing conditions be covered) and mandating other coverage that heretofore had been optional (abortion, birth control) could be accomplished with no increases in premiums, somebody should have smelled a rat. Then he said that these enhanced coverages could be done without increased costs to employers. His proposal further projected that million of people without health insurance would be covered with no enhanced taxes and an actual decrease in the deficit. None of this added up but anyone who questioned his numbers was branded a racist bigot by the media. Joe Wilson was pilloried by the press for suggesting that the President was telling a lie.

    • John Daly

      I agree with your thoughts on the media. I honestly think they were swept off their feet by the fairytale of Obamacare, so they turned their back on the things that are supposed to make them journalists. That is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS problem. And it’s a big reason why Obamacare is now law.

      • George Williams

        Being swept off your feet, as infatuation, may be excusable for children, but is considered the equivalent to a criminal offense when when judged by those who have often gone to jail to protect the freedom of the press. Real journalism today lies in the emergency room on a recessitator.

  • Vince Ricardo

    Who watches the Watchmen?