Jodi Arias, Cable TV, and a Nation Fascinated by Shiny Objects

Jodi AriasThere are times, not many thankfully, when I get depressed, brought down by the sorry evidence that we live in a country fixated on shiny objects.  This is one of those times.

A jury in Phoenix has found Jodi Arias guilty of first-degree murder.  That’s not what gets me down.  What I find so depressing is our collective fascination with trivia, with anything that we can follow without having to actually think.

No one ever heard of Jodi Arias until cable TV made her famous.  No one ever heard of the boyfriend she killed, you know, what’s his name. The Arias murder trial tells us nothing about anything bigger than Jodi Arias.  She wasn’t famous like O.J. Simpson before she was arrested.  This wasn’t Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial.  Those trials had implications.  The Arias trial had none.

When it became known that the jury had reached a verdict, cable news went wall-to-wall with Jodi Arias.  It would be 90 minutes before the verdict was announced in court, so anchors and pundits spent the time saying nothing – nothing that mattered anyway.  But this is a small point.  Saying nothing about Jodi Arias gets you more viewers than saying something about the national debt.

But you can’t blame cable TV news, not entirely anyway, because television is a business that gives the people what they want.  And if they want Jodi, TV executives will give them Jodi for hours on end.  Hell, if she had been found not guilty they might have even given her a show.

In Phoenix, hundreds of locals dropped whatever they were doing when they heard the verdict would soon be coming down and raced to the courthouse so they could be close by when the verdict, which had no effect on them or their families, was read out loud inside the courtroom.

Why the interest?  Sex. That’s it.  The trial was filled with tidbits about the sex life of Ms. Arias and the boyfriend she killed by stabbing him 27 times and cutting his throat.  Sorry, I’m wrong — it was about more than sex.  It was about sex and violence.  Of course if Jodi Arias weighed 350 pounds and had crooked teeth, we wouldn’t be nearly as interested (which is another way of saying we wouldn’t be interested at all, and neither would cable TV).

The Arias verdict came down on the same day the House held hearings to determine what really happened last September 11 in Benghazi and to try to find out why four Americans were killed at the U.S. consulate there.  Did then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will likely run for president in 2016, make big mistakes that led to their deaths?  Hey, who cares about insignificant crap like that?

Mike Huckabee, the Fox News host, said that the Benghazi hearings would lead to the downfall of Barack Obama, that when the facts came out Mr. Obama would not be able to finish his presidency.  That is nothing but wishful thinking masquerading as political analysis. Americans don’t care about Benghazi.  Not all Americans, of course, just most Americans.

But they care about Jodi Arias because shallow people like shiny objects.  That’s why they love to follow car chases on TV, even when the culprit is only some doofus who stole a piece of gum from a 7-11.  The chase can go on for hours.  They’ll keep watching.  Car chases are more interesting than real news any day.

So is the life and death drama of a woman who dressed up like the librarian in glasses who lets her hair down and goes wild on New Year’s Eve.  The national debt is a crisis that may some day take us all down.  But until then, we can have a grand old time following shiny objects.

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  • Cowboysurfer65

    Our media has been relegated to mere infotainment by a doltish public

  • TarHeel456

    You’re on the money, Bernie. It breaks my heart that this great nation has become so full of sheeple, concerned only with the most vacuous. They don’t believe what they have (our liberty) can be lost, and haven’t even noticed that it is already disappearing at a rapid rate. God help us.

  • John2John

    I thought that hack Nancy Grace person was the only one watching this thing. I honestly don’t know another soul who paid any attention to this one.

    • Earl Hickey

      Nancy DisGrace is the worst hack ever. She stirred up the passions of the many people who stayed hooked on the Jody trial.

  • Dolores Evans

    I think you’re wrong about this. I think the people get what they get and they get what the media wants them to. The media could have made the Benghazi headlines and made the people interested but that is not what they choose to do of course, not unless it’s their political opponents, conservatives.
    Maybe I’m wrong and have to much faith in the people but I sure wasn’t interested in the lying, murdering Arias. Just enough to see if she got convicted and either death or the whole rest of her life in prison with no chance of parole.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bob: Glad to finally see this, good to see some balance. Agree Iraq and Benghazi different, it’s Mr. 127 who seems to think they’re tied together. One similarity is the defensive “crouch” when these folks cover up malfeasance. You saw it in Rove, but he didn’t get indicted; Libby lied, and was convicted, after thorough investigation, one of many to which ARJ has blinded himself. Thanks for letting us know someone on your side who is not a liberal on Fox smells the stink from Libya.

    • Bob Hadley

      I think ARJ’s point, though perhaps inartfully stated, is that Bernie is playing favorites in that he didn’t criticize the Bush Administration for their misconduct in garnering support for the invasion of Iraq. I actually don’t know what, if anything, Bernie said about this.

      After the invasion, Bernie’s buddy O’Reilly was highly critical of Bush and his administration for not going after his critics with more vengeance.

      I don’t think Bernie criticized the MSM for its kowtowing during the propaganda campaign for war in Iraq. That nasty liberal rag the NY Times was effectively used by the Bush administration. (And didn’t Phil Donahue lose his highly rated show at MSNBC because he opposed the invasion?)

      Even those who think that the invasion of Iraq was a good thing should be appalled by the Bush administration’s propaganda campaign. Our nation was founded on the primacy of process. Even If the end result is good, if the process was corrupt, that corruption must be squarely addressed.

      Brutal dictatorships function on the idea that the ends justify the means.

      We should all withhold our fire until the facts about Benghazi, the IRS, etc. come out. With an atmosphere so highly partisan, facts are casualties – even on O’Reilly’s show. Important facts are often de-emphasized or omitted if they contradict a desired narrative. All the pertinent facts usually come out eventually, but it takes a while.

      For example, I heard that in the month before the Benghazi attack the general in charge of North Africa twice asked Ambassador Stevens if he wanted fortifications and that Ambassador Stevens declined the offer. Sooner or later we should learn if this is true.

  • Tim Ned

    So AR what is your epilogue for Iraq? Mine is quite clear. Saddam Hussein will never murder 500,000 of his own again. He will never invade another country. His maniac sons will never inherit his kingdom to continue his murderous madness. Al-Qaeda lost thousands transported in to fight US forces. And as fragile as it is, Iraq has democracy and their economy is growing 10-11 % per year.

    I’m sure I know what your epilogue is. And it has nothing to do with the facts. It’s ideological.

    • ARJ127


      So you think that it was worth thousands of American lives and a trillion dollars to get rid of some tin pot dictator who, admittedly, brutalized his people. So did so many other dictators. Augusto Pinochet, and Anastasio Somoza are two examples. America helped to bring Pinochet to power. America supported Somoza in Nicaragua instead of find a non-marxist reform candidate to free Nicaraguans from their tyrants.

      Currently, there’s Bashir al Assad bombing his own people in Syria. Are you leading the charge to get America involved in Syria right now? No? Then, maybe, we should invade North Korea. How about the genocides in Africa? No? So what made Saddam so special? Saddam was bottled up in such a way that he couldn’t wage an effective war against anyone and there were no weapons of mass destruction found there. The exercise was a trumped up excuse with twisted intelligence to make the case for a pre-emptive war. Until Bernie calls for an investigation of that war, he looks pretty lame going after the Obama Administration for what was, admittedly, a screw-up that cost lives and possibly misled Congress. The scale of the Benghazi screw-up isn’t anywhere near the scale of the Iraqi war.

      • tim ned

        And no one died in the Watergate break-in but it brought down a president. But in Benghazi four were murdered. But what’s your point? Yours are Ideologues simply for the purpose to confuse the facts by drawing illogical comparisons to very different situations.

        There is an Epilogue to Iraq. What’s yours?

        • ARJ127


          WHo mentioned Watergate? Please stay on topic. I haven’t seen you acknowledge that the Bush Administration was as guilty as the Obama Administration (perhaps more so) in misleading the American public and Congress. If you investigate Obama (I’m OK with that) you should have also done a thorough investigation of the Bush Administration. That Bernie gave Bush a free pass, means he’s a lame hypocrite in calling for an investigation of Obama.

  • Bob Hadley

    I couldn’t resist but to jump in. My comment is awaiting “moderation,” whatever that means.
    It reminds me of a joke told by William Bennett of an Irish man walking by and seeing two Irish men fighting. The first Irish man said, “May I jump in or is this a private fight.” :)

    • Paul Courtney

      Bob: OK by me if you leap, so long as you can take losing. Sometimes these passionate matters need moderation, me included. Been watching Mr. 127 run this non sequitur to infinity and beyond. Lost most readers long ago, I imagine, when they saw “Bush lied, never investigated” and they moved on. “Never investigated”? Still chuckling. Remember Richard Clarke? Joe Wilson? Weren’t they key figures in “investigations” by the dozen? Did Bush folks hold these guys back, from Congress or press, like Obama and Hillary are doing with survivors of Benghazi?

      • Bob Hadley

        I’m a moderate kind of guy. So much so that many of my liberal friends think I’m conservative. When viewing from a distance, you don’t see as much distinction. In addition, those who tend to have an either/or mentality tend to see anyone who opposes them in any substantial way on any substantial issue as being one of “them.”

        Pres. Bush could not have held back Clarke and Wilson even if he wanted to. But Pres. Bush’s minions dragged Wilson’s wife through the mud.

        There was a lot of noise about Pres. Bush and his minions doing a sell-job to get us to support invading Iraq. But the noise was mainly scattered. The right is much more effective at sounding the drumbeats.
        Wasn’t it Condi Rice who went on Meet the Press and used an anonymous source quoted in that liberal NY Times to support her point and the source turned out to be her?
        You might keep your powder dry until you see my original post.

  • ARJ127

    The Bush Administration claimed “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq even though there weren’t any. Bad intel? Maybe. But there’s evidence that the Administration torqued the truth there. You’re getting huffy over Benghazi without the same anger over Iraq tells me that you’re a Fox News dupe. Man up and demand a real investigation of Bush’s Administration, and I’ll demand that the Obama Administration has to come clean on Benghazi.

    • Paul Courtney

      I recall plenty of investigating, no evidence ever found of torquing. I also recall you folks moving on (there it is again) to the claim, “well, those intel folks knew what Cheney wanted”, sure you’re getting there. But you say there IS evidence, where’d you get that? Some investigation or other, I suppose. Must Bernie now investigate, so he can find this “evidence” of which you speak? Maybe he’s heard your song before, drawn conclusions about Bush and Iraq you can’t tolerate, and put you where you belong, with the birthers.

  • ARJ127


    What part of my post you couldn’t understand? I want to know about both. How about you? You’re having trouble with basic comprehension, or so it seems. I’m calling Goldberg on his hypocrisy. If you can’t see that, there’s no talking to you.

  • DTM

    You mean the voters of a “shiny object” like an Obama who gets elected and re-elected?

    Well said Mr. Goldberg – but you can be very confident none of those people will ever see, let alone read a word of your column. Even if any of them could read. They tune into Jon Stewart for their “news.”

    America? Done.

  • John Burtis

    Yup, shiny objects on a pretty body with a heart driven to kill.
    How very sad.

  • pupster40

    This makes me wonder, who is better at entertainment Hollywood or the so called justice system. A screen writer could not have done better than this fiasco.
    I think when we get, and I hope we do, our Country back to a Republic that adheres to the Constitution. The next thing on the agenda should be the legal system, it was never meant to be a soap opera.

  • Wayne Millsap

    Yeah, but Jodi Arias lies better than Obama.

  • Kitcrsn

    Dumb downed masses, a.k.a. low information voters.

  • chas615

    So true and so sad. My daughter passed the bar exam and gets her news from John Stewart on The Daily Show.

  • Hatman

    “bernie” was saying the media had gone to the dogs BEFORE he was booted….

    He was “booted” because he said the media had crawled up the liberal dog butt……

  • Hatman

    The New face of America think Saturday Night Live is an Award winning news program.

    That’s where they go for their news.

  • Roxanne Yannul

    You are right on the money here. I have been noticing for years how Americans do not seem to care about anything that matters these days. It’s no wonder our once amazing country is going down the tubes.
    I look forward to seeing you on The O’Reilly Factor Monday!

  • D Parri

    Mr. G, I have another theory to posit regarding the issue of priorities placed upon the news items of the day. Without an ability to trust in the testimonies given by govt officials–including the POTUS, Congress, etc., and no faith to be allowed in the coverage given by ‘lamestream’ media, maybe it’s just a safer path to follow in keeping up with stories such as Jody ARIAS, and ARIEL Castro. At least you don’t have the constant conflict of “news reporting agencies” calling out one another. It’s not meant to sound as an excuse, but rather some small explanation for an otherwise illogical situation.

  • D Parri

    Mr. G, all I can help with is to pass along the typical response that I get from someone when I mention the Benghazi story and the Congressional hearings that have been taking place. It’s almost a “What difference does it make…” type of response–just a slight twist. It seems that most people feel like there will be nothing done with the information, no one will be held accountable, and when all is said and done, it will only have the collective effects of becoming another bottomless pit in which to throw money at, and the American spirit will take a further slide downward in the eyes of the American people and the eyes of the rest of the world. Still, it matters to me because I care about the truth, and I know that “as the head goes, so shall the body follow.” Good leadership is extremely valuable in both the present and the future. To sacrifice that asset in the name of political ambition is a disgrace and should not be easily swept aside from the nation’s interest.

  • Judith LaMontagne

    All you responders who are arguing over Bush and Iraq, Colin Powell and such are missing the point of this article–the fact that Americans have lost the ability or desire to decide what is really important and then put serious thought into it. When really SIGNIFICANT news for all Americans can be displaced by news that is relative significant only to those directly involved and not to Americans as a whole, are they to be trusted to make a difference or even to vote? We have serious responsibilities as citizens of this country and should not be constantly distracted by the news media by prurient news stories calculated to distract us from receiving real news about issues that ought to concern us. For this sad state of affairs we have to blame the media partially, but even more to blame are our homes and schools where serious matters are often not discussed or considered. It is a sad state of affairs when POTUS lies to us our citizens about his negligence in saving the lives of four men, but it is even sadder when he is able to get away with it because of the news media focusing on much less important matters.

    • John Daly

      Well said, Judith.

  • Pat Comstock

    Bernie, I’m so glad you said it. The whole time this trial was being followed by cable news, every time it came on TV I kept asking my husband, Why is this news?! Who cares about this, and if they do, why, for God’s sake when we have truly urgent issues in our national life that need to be addressed! Does the word “prurient ” come to mind? Alfred Hitchcock, call your office! I think there could be a movie in this! But, “news”?! Shiny things are mesmerizing…and lend themselves to self-hypnosis…a way of escaping so that we don’t have to face up to anything that might cause us to have to actually “think” and respond responsibly. But, then that would mean we would be acting like grown ups. What a bore!!

  • Craig1748

    Benghazi is a national disgrace and dishonor. the President and Ms. Clinton perpetrated a cover-up that is worse than the Watergate cover-up by far…….people, Americans, died here at the hands of Muslim hordes! And Obama and Clinton let it happen and did absolutely nothing to try and save the lives of the four brave and courageous Americans who were slaughtered in Benghazi on 9/11/2012. Is obama or Clinton the “Butcher of Benghazi”???

  • ARJ127

    This isn’t anything new about the media being as shallow as rain puddle in a parking lot. However, when Goldberg starts off on the mantra about the Benghazi fiasco, he’s yapping about old news. If he wants to dig that up, why doesn’t he also decry the spin and outright lies that got thousands of American troops killed in Iraq? There weren’t any “weapons of mass destruction” and history has shown that. However, Goldberg as a shill for the failed policies of the previous Administration whines about Benghazi. True, the Obama people screwed up and the Ambassador was killed. Let’s move on, sad as it was.

    • supie

      Good read on this issue ARJ. Poor Bernie has become such a shill for Fox News and as a result is easily predictable. Bernie is not so much told what to say when he’s on Fox as much as he is told “what he CAN’T

      say..” when he’s carrying the Fox water, O’rielly lets Bernie ramble on.. and when he “strays” Bill-O jumps all over him. It’s fun to watch him and listen to his analysis as he scrambles to be relevant. Keep in mind that Bernie was NO heavyweight when he was at CBS and thus was booted !

    • Paul Courtney

      I get it-Benghazi 2012, old news; Iraq 2003, hot and fresh. Move on, has a great ring to it, you should start a web site with such an original idea. You could start with all the evidence Bush-Cheney directed the intel folks what to say. That’ll suit your attention span, ’cause there is none (don’t take my word for it, ask Pat Leahy). Dems were determined for six yrs to prove Cheney drove the intel, came up blank. Your silly post (and your Millhouse below) crossed the wire as the story is finally getting sparks from reporters angry with the lies from Barry and Hill. Such mendacity doesn’t make you angry, or even curious-just makes you want to move on. I wonder why?

      • ARJ127


        You can live in denial if you wish. The facts are that the Bush Administration misled (consciously or not) the American public with regard to weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The cost? A trillion dollars and thousands of American lives. Since these soldiers are still dead, I don’t see it as old news.

        BTW, your insulting tone tells me that you either have no manners or my post hit close to home. Which is it?

        • Paul Courtney

          You can only conceive of two? Before positing others, like to thank Cindy above and assure her- I’m not getting riled up, just warmed up. This one is no strain.
          A, there are many facts on the subject of Iraq, but you never will move on to those. Fine. Why should your obsession blind you to Benghazi? Aren’t you good gov’t types interested in fixing the problems identified in the report you keep waiving around? I don’t have to look through the archives to state that Bernie covered one or two Bush Admin screw ups in Iraq, don’t recall him ever suggesting we “move on”. Glad to see you are not blinded to my insulting tone, it is not due to my manners or your aim, it is simply merited.
          Bernie, real quick, thanks for calling out the AP, Chas Babington piece I read this A.M. was low ebb even for AP. Studiously avoided the damaging points to Obama and Clinton while describing it as GOP witch hunt. Never mentions atmosphere in press room (hope that brightened your mood like it did mine!)

          • ARJ127

            I already said that the Obama folks screwed up. Their screw-up cost lives. There’s no evidence that they deliberately set up these people to be killed. If you think that there was, we can trade conspiracy stories all night. No, thank you. Let’s just remember that Administration screw-ups cost lives – the GW Bush Administration, in particular. More American soldiers were killed after he declared victory on that aircraft carrier than during the war itself. Focussing on this screw-up while giving Bush a free pass is fundamentally wrong.

          • Hatman


            what you’re saying is obama/clinton should get a free pass because bush got a free pass….

            your concern seems to be allowing wrongs to continue because it wasn’t addressed in the past…

            with this line of reasoning…..there would never be a point at which people would be held accountable ….

            because __________ (fill in the blank) got a free pass.

            you can try as hard as you can….but, there is NO reasoning for obama/clinton to escape accountability on this issue.

          • ARJ127

            That’s not what I’m saying at all. If you go after Obama/Clinton, you should by the same measure, go after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. Goldberg gave them a free pass. Therefore, he’s being hypocritical in his commentary.

          • Paul Courtney

            Which Obama folks? Don’t you want to know? Let’s say that all your steamiest theories about Bush-Cheney were true-Was it good enough then to say, “Bush folks screwed up, we’ve investigated enough, let’s move on”? If D. Cheney actually DID juice the intel folks to come across, you wouldn’t want that discovered and thoroughly investigated? Sure, us right wingers gave ’em a free pass, but we couldn’t have done it without our allies in the press who refused to look into it, and friends like you calling for Dems to move on from ’04 until we ran out the clock in ’09.

          • ARJ127

            I want to know who was responsible for both screw-ups and I would like to see them all held to account. You and Bernie have given the people who created the biggest screw-up (Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, et al) a free pass. You never want to have an investigation into that incident. That screw-up cost a $trillion and cost many thousands of American lives. Who was held to account? Nobody. Yet you keep screaming for Democrat heads for a screw-up that was arguably less severe in terms of loss of life and money. Your position is so patently bogus that it is laughable. Americans are smart enough to see it. You aren’t.

        • Harry Abolini

          Let’s be clear: it was Colin Powell who told the world Iraq had WMDs. You are criticizing Colin and, as we have been taught by MSNBC, we know what that makes you.

          • ARJ127

            Wasn’t Powell, Bush’s Secretary of State? Wasn’t that part of the Administration? He didn’t do that on his own.

      • CindyCFlorida

        Paul – Hillary and Ted Kennedy (and many others) signed on to the weapons of mass destruction belief well. It was bi-partisan and it was not done out of deceit or malice. I appreciate what you wrote and wanted to lend my support, for what it’s worth. Don’t get riled up by the automatons. I do not address them directly anymore. Not worth it. Their indoctrination is too ingrained.

  • Wheels55

    When cable news showed up, competition for ratings became a much bigger thing than it was in, say, the 60s. Then ratings became the bigger concern in many news shows over such trivial concerns such as solid news reporting. Then, shiny people and stories became the ratings winner. I think FOX does a great job bringing all important news to us, but it is no mistake that there are so many pretty blonde woman doing the news on FOX. Shiny happens everywhere.

    • Pat Comstock

      Those blonds on Fox News may qualify as “shiny”, but in every single case, there is substance under all that hair! These are smart, qualified women. In their case, I’ll take “shiny” over slimy (MSNBC) any day!

      • Wheels55


  • Wheels55

    It’s the people who watch the Arias drama that re-elected Obama and would elect Hillary in 2016 (unless a shinier candidate shows up). A solid track record means nothing these days, not when Mr. or Mrs. popular can be on TV everyday.

    I still say Hillary comes out of the closet in early 2016 so the people who felt guilty if they did not vote for the first black guy to be President can be proud to say they elected someone from the Lesbian/Gay community. By then, Benghazi will sound like Ben Gay and no one will care.

    • Paul Courtney

      Wheels: Well, yes and no. In the Dem configuration, she’s got the victim qualification as a straight woman. I say she runs as straight, wins two terms, then comes “out” and claims she can still run, the Hillary that served two terms, was living a lie, “queer” Hillary (she can say that word if she’s gay) is not limited. Woah, I scared myself there.

  • Stimpy

    Someone mentioned that a poll was taken recently. 42% of those polled didn’t know what ‘ObamaCare’ was. The sad thing is that these were the fools who voted for the guy who signed that bill into law. It is frustrating to be at least somewhat informed and to look around at the sea of morons whose most intelletual activity is to read the latest copy of People magazine. Oops, maybe I’m being sexist there.

  • Auntie Willow

    We now live in a country where everyone can tell you who Jodi Arias is, but when asked what they think about Benghazi, those who think they know will say “Ben who? Wasn’t he that guy on American Idol?” Meantime they have the ear buds plugged in and are on a soma vacation somewhere in iPod land. I just finished rereading Brave New World. I read that in High School in 1958 and had nightmares for weeks. Now it’s the “new normal” as Governor Cuomo would call it. These folks are sometimes interrupted by someone telling them who to vote for and will do as they are told. The conservatives had better come up with a shiny object pronto!

  • Johnny Deadline

    Many of us are seriously frustrated by our countrymen’s fascination with shiny objects like Jodi Arias, “hot news” topics like who’s judging American Idol next season, and those that think Jon Stewart is a legitimate news anchor. But heads-up people! That drip-drip-drip you hear isn’t your water faucet, and despite failing to make the ESPN highlight reel, Issa’s committee did score some major truth points Wed. Issa’s committee has subpoena power and Stephen Hayes (Weekly Standard, Fox News contributor like Uncle Bernie) has an excellent post on today’s Weekly Standard website. (See p. 3 for encouraging mental nourishment)

    Bernie, I sense your depression and compelling desire to assume the fetal position for the next three three-and-a-half years, but cheer up, my friend – truth, justice and the American way will prevail over these forces of darkness and insipid stupidity. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but the house of cards known as the Obama Administration will come crashing down before the next election.

    It’s in the cards – so to speak.

  • Okie Jay

    I too find it extremely sad that so many Americans have been duped into electing officials who promise more “stuff” if you just agree to bigger government. What happened to being self-reliable? Just because you are an American doesn’t mean that you should get free housing, free food, free phones (including mobile), free money (that you can use for entertainment or to eat better than others), or free health care.

    My husband is retired Army and we have lived overseas. I understand that the turmoil in the middle-east and Africa are hard to understand. These people have hated each other since Biblical times. Our eroding morals surely does not give them any incentive to tolerate us, much less like us. Our elected officials are demonstrating that they surely don’t have to respect or fear us either.

    Americans will spend hours voting for their favorite couple on Dancing With the Stars or American Idol, yet not spend 15 minutes trying to understand the problem with immigration, pot smoking, the right to kill babies, or how our government ignored the Americans under attack in Benghazi. Yes… whether or not “help” could have reached Benghazi in time to prevent the deaths of the Americans is not the issue at hand — it is the fact that the administration chose NOT to send help at all, lied about the terrorist attack, offended the Libyan officials that were trying to admit it was a terrorist attack, and then pretend that it wasn’t any big deal — all in order to get re-elected.

    I fear that BIG government is using our fascination with “shiny” objects to erode our freedoms and make us less secure. Sadly, we have the President that the majority of us deserve… time to get educated and stop believing everything they say and start looking at the facts.

  • WaronWomen

    It’s time to stop beating the dead Benghazi! horse.

    • Rock River

      You really should pull your head out of the sand. You clearly are not concerned about being lied to by your government.

      • Let the chips fall

        Beat a dead horse??? You’ve got to be kidding. Most news media would NOT even cover this story during the election. News coverage has only just begun – Thanks to the 3 brave Americans (whistle-blowers) who have testified recently.

    • Wheels55

      I would agree if that horse were dead. It is very much alive. You just trust our “transparent” President so much that you think this issue is dead.

    • Pat Comstock

      Watergate happened in June of 1972. It didn’t become a big story until April of 1973. There were those in. The media who told Woodward and Bernstein to stop beating the Watergate dead horse in the interim. Thank God they didn’t. We need to know the truth about this for the sake of our country. Our supposedly “transparent” president is stonewalling information about Benghazi. The question is, “why”? This is a serious matter that should not be swept under the rug.

  • fevur

    I think this speaks about the relationship and/or trust we (the everyday average Joe) have in our government and politicians. I think many of us see that part of our world as a seperate, untouchable and untrusted power system (much like Wall Street) whose truth belongs to the most powerful. We (the average Joe) are reminded to remember our place. A perfect example of this is the statement a representative of Tennessee made in response to Carrie Underwood’s opposition to their Ag-Gag Bill, that she should stick to singing, and leave law-making to them!?? See the problem here folks? So yes, I think it’s understandable why we (tax payers) become invested in shiny things, we are constantly being dismissed by those that we elect to represent us, reminded to remember our place and not question the powers that be. So does it really surprise anyone we become part of something we believe is at our level.

  • Mrs. Treasure

    I am so frustrated about Benghazi. I didn’t even know about this Arias thing, which I still have no idea about except what you wrote here. These people we put into office in good faith are LYING to us. People died, and we as their countrymen deserve the TRUTH!!! I’m ashamed to be an American for the first time in my life not because people in the government are lying, again, but because my fellow countrymen would rather be lied to than to face the TRUTH!!

  • Debdeb

    Bernie, loved your description of MSNBC on the show last night. It was concise, articulate and accurate. I was frustrated this week with the trash news. There are several interesting developments going on regarding Syria recently and I couldn’t find any news stations here carrying details. Had to get my details from the internet by hitting various news sites from around the world.

  • Patrick H.

    What I think is most saddening is that even if you didn’t think Benghazi was worth the time that many conservatives thought it was, it certainly deserved more time than Jodi Arias did that’s for sure.

  • Drew Page

    Bernie, would you consider President Obama to be a ‘shiny object’? It seems to me he is and that 51% of voters thought so too.

    • Mrs. Treasure

      Then it’s ok that he lied to us and is still lying to us just because we put him in office?! I’ll tell you the truth: I married my husband, but if he allowed four people to die by abandoning them and then lied to me about it, I’d divorce him in a minute. The fact that 51% of voters picked him in good faith and trust is the VERY reason you should be WORRIED about this! REALLY! That’s your answer. We picked him, so he should be allowed to lie. Go back to watching the Arias trial. I’m sure it’s more educational for you. Crikey.

    • sheltiemom2007

      I like the insight. I actually agree. He is in fact a shiny object. He’s got his Hollywood friends. He has his fancy vacations and his games of basketball. He has his quick smile and his glib personality that appeals to the rich and famous celebrity types. How many times was he on “The View” talking about his favorite color? Then there was “Pimp with a Limp” extoling the virtues of Rap music? If those aren’t examples of shiny objects I do not know what are. Add to that the “candy” he dishes out. You know, free cash, free housing, free food, free cell phones, free medical care, free child care, free education, etc. all paid by people he on one hand despices and on the other hand goes hat in hand to when HE WANTS CASH. Gotta love it. Yep, shiny object president.

  • Cabo Rob

    Sadly, I believe that the fascination with Arias speaks more about a shift in societal norms than it does about the impact of cable or other news sources. There ought to be public outrage about having been lied to by the Obama regime on the matter of Benghazi. It’s truly disappointing … this fascination with “shiny objects”.

  • FloridaJim

    This case shows why television doesn’t interest me anymore. It is shallow and pointless other than to attract viewers who might buy the products offered. Something important like Benghazi and Immigration slips past with small viewership outside of Fox. It may be too late for me but our beloved country is being taken over by the failed 60’s radicals led by a fraud himself. Shame on us.

  • Lisa Clarke Cline

    Spot on — I have wondered about this myself. It is indeed crap. Who is and who cares about Arias — I haven’t followed it for a nano-second. Now you have made me more depressed.

  • Khartoum Malik

    Anyone looking for a reason why Obama did nothing while the firestorm was raging need look no further than Jimmy Carter: prior to the 1980 election, Carter sent the military into Iran to free the hostages; the choppers crashed in the desert and Carter came off looking inept and incompetent. Reagan, of course, went on to beat him soundly. Most Marxists are students of history. Obama (who was already presiding as Carter II) would have undoubtedly been aware of this and couldn’t risk the same thing happening to him. The bottom line: you cannot trust Democrats with national security and defense.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Bernie, Bill O’Reilly did you a disservice on his show last night. Many left-leaning people in the media have, indeed, been helping Barack Obama for over eight years. Once they fell in love with him after his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention, they set their sights on getting him elected President in 2008.

    • Debdeb

      Patrick, I am not getting your point. What disservice? Are you saying news is about being in love with someone? Are you saying news is about emotions of the past? How is this relating to trash like the Arias story?

      • Drew Page

        I don’t get Patrick’s point either.

    • Mrs. Treasure

      Really? So because he was voted in by us, it’s ok for him to LIE to us? Is that what you are saying? REALLY!? Screw that. We did this, we need to take accountability and undo it.

  • Bobbie Wilson

    Thank you for your commentary and reporting. I heard you on The Factor, and I am also concerned and depressed about what has happened to our country. There seems to be no lengths to which the media will not go to protect this administration, and I am afraid that the public is too unengaged to see what is so apparent. God help us!

  • Pat A

    Good article. Thank you Mr. Goldberg. I’ve never felt as hopeless as I do now about the future of this country. The media is corrupt for the most part and there are far too many that simply aren’t engaged in important issues that will affect this nation profoundly in the future. What is particularly disturbing is that a majority of Democrats apparently believe that Ms. Clinton would make a good president. I don’t want someone in charge of the security of our entire country who could not even keep 4 people in Benghazi safe. It’s a chilling thought how vulnerable this kind of thinking is making our country. We will pay for it.

  • Fortunetelling

    Your question is a good one why do people go for something with no substance verses the contamination of our government and its inability to function in a crisis. I think is goes back to the 60’s that generation produced a number of idiots and every generation since we have been compounding our idiots until we reach a saturation point of 52% and that put them in power. The uninformed voter is killing us. They’ll know the latest download of music but can’t tell you who’s the first President or the current vice-president (although he’s not really worth remembering any way). But seriously we have corrupted our school system filled it with people who have agendas that aren’t good for the country, ran right off the cliff on welfare and the handout and now they are looking at the illegal aliens as new Democrat Party members. It’s like shoveling sand against the tide with a pitchfork. With a media that is as you explained are nothing more than PR firms for the incumbent. The only hope is companies like Fox News and politicians with a backbone (maybe we could get those that look encouraging an implant of backbone). Some one has to stand up to those that are trying to wreck the country with socialism/communism. Reagan said it best that “communism/socialism failed and is on the ash-heap of history” we got to keep them from dragging stuff out of the ash-heap and trying to pretend its something that will work. The 52% er’s don’t know that. Because they were all brainwashed in college. Keep up the good work of pointing out that the “emperor has no clothes”, that will help stem the tidal wave of idiocy sweeping the country.

    • CindyCFlorida

      That was so explicitly on-point all the way around. Thanks for an excellent post!

    • Pat Comstock

      Compounding our idiots…yes! And we’re still compounding them with the focus on Jody Arias! If idiots could fly, the entire liberal media would be declared an airport!

  • Judy R

    Mr. Goldberg…I regretfully have to agree with you about the probable lack of consequences for Hilary or President Obama (who I believe should have been ultimately held responsible for not sending help for the Benghazi victims. Where was he when special ops needed the “GO”? ) I frankly do not know how they can look themselves in the mirror at night. Keep up the good work…you are one of my favorite guests on The Factor.

  • Jon Fullerton

    Bernie I agree with your being sickened by the state of things in our country now. One area I might disagree with is what the Arias trial teaches us. It might also teach us that if the press on every network will devote large amount of time to a story even something as clear cut as this trial will find an audience.

    Had the press personalized Bengahzi. Told us about the families left behind, the children without parent and more background on the victims. Maybe then an audience that wants to know how the story ends would tune in.

  • Laverne

    First, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Jodi Arias and did not waste my time watching the trial. I am sorry for the young man who lost his life at the hands of this evil witch. Secondly, I am enraged over the lack of coverage, importance and compassion concerning the Benghazi attack on 9-11-12. Four Americans were brutally killed in this tragedy and their families were left devastated. The families still do not know the facts and truth with this horrendous attack that occurred 7 1/2 months ago. What is disgraceful and deplorable is the manner in which the Obama Adm. has handled the attack in Benghazi from the very beginning. Additional security had been requested months before the attack which was denied and no one wants to take responsibility. After the 9-11 attack, the Obama Adm. stated this was an act of terror caused by an offensive video. Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Jay Carney all made the same claim or rather excuse. Old Joey Biden didn’t have a clue as usual. Obama considered flying to Vegas more important than staying on top of this terrorist attack.. A true Comm.-in-Chief should never show such a lack of concern as Obama exhibited for the four Americans who were killed and for the United States. The blames, excuses, cover-ups and hypocrisy by the Obama Adm. is inexcusable and beyond shameful. They all deserve to be exposed for their failures and have their sorry asses raked over the fire. This is truly a depressing situation because more than likely the Benghazi attack will continue to be swept under the rug and no one will be held accountable. Barry, Hillary and the others who are guilty unfortunately will be given a free pass. When will the Obama Adm. ever be held responsible for the corrupt and hypocritical scum that they are? UNFAIR!

  • Georga Collins

    Bernie, thanks for your commentaries. Tonight on oReilly you spoke the truth again. It seems the Obama’s and the Clinton’s are above the law and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it. Very depressing. Very oppressive. Very un-American. Feeling screwed by our elected officials is not where we should be as a nation. I find it hard to believe that so many are so shallow and clueless as to reelect the SOB.

  • CindyB

    Nothing you said on O’Reilly surprises me, and I agree wholeheartedly. I heard on a radio show yesterday that Reader’s Digest ran an article naming the most respected people in America. I assume they ran some kind of poll to come up with these names. As I recall, the top two were Hollywood actors, and the third was Maya Angelou. I can understand respecting an author to a certain degree, but what is wrong with our country when the MOST respected people are some of the idiots in Hollywood? It’s the same kind of mindset that puts Jodie Arias above Benghazi in importance. I am thoroughly disgusted with most of the American people.

  • Ken

    The problem, Mr. Goldberg, is that far too many “Americans”, aren’t. 50 years of unrestricted 3rd-world immigration, plus 50 years of letting socialists “educate” our kids into mindless, mewling 1-world muppets, have (probably) mutated our culture beyond repair.

  • Hillclimber

    I will read your book “Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News”. But my question Bernie, is why, oh why does the media distort the news? What for heaven’s sake do they believe is ultimately in all of this for them?

  • daltonzgang

    I was tuned into Benghazi hearings on TV and streaming on my laptop when commercials or change of subject came on the TV. I turned my phone off. Jodi Arias, convicted narcissist, next; My focus is justice for Benghazi and the murders perpetrated by Hillary, Obama-there is no object more “shiny” for me than impeaching Obama and seeing Hillary in prison stripes.

  • Kevin Nelson

    You know, I’ve never heard of this woman until yesterday

    • John Daly

      Lucky you.

  • north of 49

    Where have sense & sensibility gone? They’re missing along with rhyme & reason.

  • s. in DC

    I not only watched the Benghazi hearings, I taped Fox the entire day. I also called my 24 year old son and told him to do the same.
    While watching the hearings I would occassionally flip to the other channels. I was shocked when I saw one channel with the subtitle “top news stories of the day” and they were interviewing women at a mall to see who was in charge of the family money. Really? Really? I could barely contain myself.
    But then I remembered dear (well educated!) friends of mine who blew off Benghazi as “that kind of thing happens all the time – what’s the big deal?” As my husband said (who served for 25 years in very dangerous posts), “how many dead Americans does it take to become a big deal?”.

    • sam1

      Vey smart comments!

    • 3dogs58

      Never confuse “well educated” with “wise”.

    • supie

      Apparently it takes more than the 4,000 plus that Bush / Cheney
      killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • B Kelemen

    You nailed it on this one Bernie!

  • Steve D

    i knew what I was thinking but Bernie put it in words.

  • Bolden6

    I’m sick and tired of news editors deciding what is news worthy of reporting and what isn’t. Why aren’t these editors held accountable for what they repress? Isn’t there a single mainstream journalist that is ashamed of this who will blow the whistle on what they are told to report or not report? Isn’t there somebody with the guts to condemn the shameful bias of the main stream media executives?

    • Jim Overway

      Freedom of the press has something to do with editors’ selections of the stories they select, as does capitalism. These guys will provide coverage of any story that gains readers, viewers and advertisers. If there was a market for “real” news editors would be busting their collective butts to provide it. Collectively Americans are getting exactly what they ask for. We have come to value entertanment over enlightenment, comfort over creativity and “pragmatism” over principle. We have made it easy to be lazy and indifferent about such preferences.
      “We have seen the enemy and the enemy is us.”

  • Franny Brill

    Benghazi was a travesty. The bias by the news media and moronic celebrities towards Obama is a travesty. Hilary is a travesty. What is happening to this country is a travesty. Washington lies and coverups are a travesty. Obama should be impeached. Hilary should be banned from any political office. Everyone involved in this horrendous coverup should do jail time. My heart hurts for the damage done to this country since Obama and his greedy wife came to the White House.

  • Tony Powers

    That could have been the monologue on my radio program today. Great insight tonight on O’Reilly. Yours is always my favorite segment. I would love to have you on one afternoon as a guest on “Powers to the People” at http://www.iTalkUS,com (TalkRadio1230 AM Augusta, GA) 3-6 PM ET
    Tony Powers

  • brian

    mr. goldberg i agree mostly with what you say or said about the shiny objects or train wrecks etc. what ever you wnat to call it, but what is our answer, i will stand in line with you to try to correct to stigmas, anyway let me know i have the shoes waiting to take out of the closet…..brian

  • joer1

    You are alarmingly correct about a very large number of Americans. It is the saddest possible commentary about the state of American education. I am 70 years old and I grew up in the Bronx as you did. I don’t recognize the public schools today. I am a retired university professor and was never a part of the public school system … my job took me to the public schools several times a week for 35 years and I saw the collapse of the schools as our society moved to the brink. Many of my friends are “teachers”. The education system has collapsed as the society has collapsed. I am as sad as you are … I don’t think we can recover, because very few will acknowledge the chaos and the fall of our society. I want my Liberal friends to relax – my comments are non-political and not aimed at any party and certainly not about Mr. Obama. We are a society in free fall and we are all complicit.

  • Redball6

    If you and O’Reilly are correct, I’ll give it 2 more election cycles before I go to the man cave in the mountains

    • CindyCFlorida

      I admire your bravery. I’m giving it one more.

  • Bill Frogue


  • Bill g.

    Mr. Goldberg, I am sorry to say you have hit the proverbial nail right on the head. We are the Roman Empire going from Republic to Imperial rule to the slow but steady erosion of our society. It will not happen overnight, not even within the next decade, but unless drastic changes are made within society, it will more than likely happen within the next century. Sad

  • dejected

    SOOOO true! I am sick of hearing about Jody Arias et al. I was watching the Benghazi hearings online until they ended it abruptly to switch waiting for the verdict of this killer. I listened to the whole hearing, and only stopped watching it because the news online switched. Some people care about our country, but when the media covers stories of no value, no wonder we are dumbed down. I would also like to draw attention to the person who made the video, that BO and HRC blamed for the terror attack, WHO IS STILL IN JAIL!!! This man’s life is now in danger when he gets out. He will have to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life all because his video, that no one would have probably seen, was falsely blamed for Benghazi. Who is going to protect him? Isn’t Pres O and HRC responsible for his safety now? They made him a marked man. Has anyone in the media concerned for him? Are any of the congressmen or senators concerned for him?

  • gayle p

    I watched you tonight also, and my heart just went out to you, as I can see the sincerity and concerns in your statements. Gosh….I wish you were wrong, but unfortunatly, I believe you are right. More of america is watching Jodi and that makes me as sad as it does you. I took it upon myself today to ask anyone and everybody I talked to if they were following Benghazi, and was shocked at the responses. Some people didnt even know what it was about, others said it was too depressing, others said they stay out of politics, one woman said all military personel are brainwashed soldiers that are killing innocent people then complain when we are killed. My father is a WWII vet, and was watching Fox news with me on the very first night Benghazi news was aired. He sat in my living room and couldnt catch his breath because he was crying uncontrollably at the fact that those men were left to fend for themselves. He could NOT believe what he was watching. He could not believe we had turned our backs on them. I have never seen my father cry. So me, I personally, knew more about Benghazi than the Jodi news, and only learned about her when her “crap” interrupted the Benghazi reports. I am embarrassed that our country is comfortable sticking their heads in the sand and dont care that our government turned their backs on the ones who are defending us. I am embarrassed that Jodi won and got the attentions she demanded. Where are we headed? Scares me , dont know about the rest of America. You are right, it is very depressing. Thanks for all you do, and your very accurate reports and opinions. Keep on keeping on….we need you.

  • CutTheCable

    The core values that built this country have fallen off of a cliff. I too, get depressed thinking about it.

  • dktrdktr

    Anyone who has followed the Benghazi story with even a moderate degree of interest has already realized that there is only one open question remaining — whether President Obama allowed our Ambassador to die because he didn’t care or because he was afraid to act. We are never going to get the answer to this unless someone in his inner circle writes memoirs years from now attesting to President OBama’s paralysis when confronting foreign enemies and/or lack of concern for anybody outside his immediate circle. We already know that the media will cover up anything he does. We already know that the Democrats in Congress will protect him no matter what and excuse any conduct on his part – no matter how outrageous. There’s nothing here to hold anyone’s interest, it’s all easily predictable, it’s all the same old, same old that we’ve seen for the last 9 years – ever since he gave the key note speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. Is there really any sentient being who doesn’t realize that President Obama lies with every breath and that Hillary Ridham Clinton is a professional perjurer? There is more news value in reports that that Alaric and the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410 AD. On the other hand, you never know what Jodi Arias is going to do.

  • Tom Riggio

    Mr Goldberg, I agree in part, with your take on the american viewing public. I believe that they had about as much interest in Watergate. The difference is, the news media hammered the story until they became interested.

  • Bill F

    Bernie: I saw your comments on the O’Reilly show tonight and share your despair with a thought that is not even mentioned in the discussion of Benghazi coverage compared to other news of the day — the unabashed lying to the mother of one of the victims upon the return of her son’s remains to the States on 9/14 by three persons: the President, the Secretary of State, and the Ambassador to the United Nations that this was caused by a Y-Tube video, when all three knew otherwise. This is a prime example of the lack of integrity of the Administration which Mr. Obama promised when seeking this high office. This event on American soil and the continued follow-up with the Y-Tube story-line for several weeks thereafter. It is sad to ponder that there are those who vote for our nation’s leaders without informing themselves of these truths.

  • larryl212

    Hey Darrell… Pal… either play big… and play savage… and play ruthless… or go home. You should have opened the hearings with a very clear statement… “We will prove the President and/or the Secretary of State managed the security of our Benghazi facility, and the resulting slaughter of four Americans, for political expediency during a Presidential election. It was not managed as an act of war against the USA. Your administration has lied. You’ve lied to the nation. And worst yet… you’ve callously lied to the parents of four dead Americans. We have documents to prove that fact. We have electronic transmissions. We’ve subpoena the recalled Admiral on the scene at the time. We’ve subpoena the recalled ranking General on the scene at the time. And one more fact. We will subpoena executive producers in the MSM that sat on this story of needless slaughter. We will call Mitt Romney and ask why he did not press the Benghazi slaughter during his debate. In short… this hearing is the beginning of an effort that will match the “all-in” energy displayed in the hearings held by the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1948. Let there be no doubt. You’ve been caught red-handed. And this time… Enough is enough!” Now Darrell… if you’ve got the cards and balls… play’em. And play’em hard. If you don’t have the cards… Pal… fold and stop wasting everybody’s time.

    • Carla Cox

      I agree. IF they do indeed have what they need to get this done, then let’s go “balls to the wall” and be done with this. Once and for all give the grieving families the truth and the courageous men the justice they deserve. And the punishment that the guilty deserve.

  • Corky Asbury

    The media is only detached when the culprits are democrats. That kind of undermines your main point.

  • jb

    bread and circuses worked for various roman emperors.

  • Leah Brooks

    Bernie, just watched your piece on O’Reilly and I feel the same way you do, depressed. I can’t understand what is happening to people in this country. You had to be an idiot not to see Benghazi was a terrorist attack. To watch the President and Sec. Clinton lying to the families of the murdered men and the press defending them and singing the praises of Clinton and wanting her to run for President it is scary very scary. Thank you for all that you do for us by covering the news truthfully.

  • Butch in Virginia

    Bernie, just watched your piece on O’Rielly and I felt exactly the way you did about President Obama, Hilary and Susan Rice standing face to face with the mother of the 34-year old killed in Bengazi… can they stand nose to nose as Ms. Smith stated….and tell a grieving mother a BLATANT LIE about how and why her son was killed!!
    This gives me cold chills…and it proves that our leadership (lol)…we have none…can treat Americans this way without even blinking an eye.
    You’re right Bernie…no one cares anymore…this has become the “norm” from Washington DC….May God have mercy on America!

    And to make matters even worse…this “Secretary of State”…shamefully, will probably be our next President!

  • Barancy Peloma

    don henley said it best “we all know that crap is king- give us dirty laundry”

  • Baker_Rules

    I think this is backwards. The people are not interested because the mainstream press is not leading with it – let alone reporting it the sense of outrage it deserves. Remember the outrage for weeks on end because Clarence Thomas “allegedly” told an off color joke? If not for the press, that would have been a non issue. Remember the outrage for years over Watergate? Or how about the outrage over Jodi Arias? The press decides what they think should be news… and the robots fall in line. We are in really big trouble.

  • CindyCFlorida

    I certainly understand your depressed status. I saw you mention this on the O’Reilly show and I am glad you articulated here. I don’t know that it will do any good per se, but for what it’s worth it makes me feel better that there are people out there who actually understand this. The mentality of far too many people fixating on nonsense in this country is alarming and I fear it will not get any better as the younger people have been dumbed down to the point of apathy, or indoctrinated to the point of no-reversal. I don’t know what the answer is, or if there is one. Personally, I am losing patience and have a growing disdain for these popular culture automatons.

    • keith wren

      You “don’t know what the answer is”… Sorry, Cindy it is far to complicated to have a workable solution…

  • Kingtut57

    It is a shame.I am 75 and nothing like this seemed to happen.

  • Charlie

    You eloquently nailed it Mr. Goldberg. How sad. Like everything in this life its a matter of follow the money and that is exactly what the cable heads do in their programming. The remote control device is a wonder for it makes so easy to go elsewhere from money grubbers shows.

  • Sue Reed

    Bernie, I felt your sadness on Bill O’Reilly today and agree 100%. Thanks for all you do to keep us focused.

  • TAB

    Bernie, I am depressed, too. You are right, Obama is not going to be impeached. Nobody seems to give a damn about Benghazi except a few of us who are really disturbed about the cover-up and the media complicity in keeping this story out of the headlines.

  • Blu

    I don’t need the so-called media to tell me what is important. I knew Cspan would carry the Benghazi hearings without Commentators throwing their opinions in every 5 minutes. Knowing what the elected people are doing is very important & it is my responsibility to keep myself informed. I get sick & tired of hearing the same crap hour upon hour on all the stations. New media has much broader coverage & stories about things that actually affect my life.

  • Jocko

    Somehow I am not surprised when I am aware of where people focus their attention, especially where it comes to the media and concern for the important issues facing our country. I don’t think the average American has a clue about what has happened regarding not only the terrorists attacks but the financial collapse and who really started the ball rolling. If most Americans really studied the facts, there would be outrage. It is just sad and I completely agree with Bernie.

  • SSherbin

    Good analysis. Too bad we can’t test people before they vote…nothing complicated; maybe just having to name the current sitting president or identifying the 3 branches of government would suffice.

  • Linda J

    I agree with you Bernie – it is depressing what is going on in this once great country. Too many people don’t care or even want to know what is happening today. They would rather watch Honey Bo Bo while America sucumbs to the awful decisions of our politician and this admininstration in the White House – just a bunch of liars it appears as the Bengazi facts slowly come out – finally
    It’s a shame and hard to watch! Open your eyes people and watch FOX NEWS to get the truth!

  • LAPhil

    Methinks you doth protest too much. I happen to be interested in both Benghazi and the Jodi Arias trial, as I’m sure a lot of others are. Can’t one be into more than one thing at a time? Please don’t make generalizations about people like that, because it only shows your own prejudices about those who appear to be superficial in your eyes but may not actually be. I don’t think I need apologize for being a crime trial junkie and also a very avid follower of political issues.

  • Ron Fritzemeier

    Fix the stupid ads placement on your website so they don’t cover up the article! (Browsing on iPad) – thanks. As for the article, I probably agree with you, but since I can’t read it all … Holding opinion!

  • ShellyM2006

    I care about Benghazi, have since it started. I am encouraged by yesterday’s hearing but am saddened by the lack of “journalists” covering this. That was what journalists were for, to keep our government accountable, but that time seems to be over and we citizens are suffering for it as is the country in whole.

  • Thomas Blaine

    Excellent analysis…sadly I concur

  • ohjoyhappyday

    It is mass manipulation pure and simple. America is told what they should care about. We are told what music artists are to be celebrated, we are told who to hate, and who to celebrate, what’s cool and what’s bigoted or narrow-minded. We are told what we should think, and to keep our mouths shut if we think differently, why our religion is evil and judgmental, why white American people are to blame for every injustice, that white men are stupid and inept, and that we are terrible nation with a disgraceful past. The messages are overwhelming and destructive, but one day even the powerful pushers of this agenda will have children and grandchildren who have to live with the sad consequences.

    • lovelife

      Excellent post, ohjoyhappyday: I agree with you 100%. It is the media that determine exactly which shiny objects they flash before our eyes, in this mass behavior modification agenda they are foisting upon us, in order to separate us from our morals and God. Only then can the Progressive Transformation be fully implemented.

    • CindyCFlorida

      I hear what you are saying, OhJoy — but the end result might very well be that our children and grandchildren don’t understand the sad consequences. They will grow up in an atmosphere where they are bombarded with this nonsense until it is seared into their brains. In other words, the entire society morphs into group-think of the liberal variety. That’s what I fear we are up against.

  • Bruce A.

    Jodi who?

  • Monika Clauberg

    Lack of patriotism, entitled society with superficial value system. Bombed out buildings (see Syria) as I have experienced in WWII will set you straight and kiss the ground of freedom you walk on. I am a proud (legal) citizen.

  • EddieD_Boston

    I agree to a point Bernie. However, could it be the media force fed us this murder trial and anything else that’ll keep the country’s eyes away from Obama’s failings. Benghazi is worse than Watergate and the MSM is making sure Jerry Springer Nation remains oblivious.

    • Brian_Bayless

      The repubs need to let go of the Benghazi cover up accusations. They have proven nothing at this point. This is also part of the reason that no one wants to hear about Benghazi.

      • Kandee

        I care about Benghazi & am offended anytime I read or hear anyone suggest we shouldn’t care. Does it have to become personal before you care? Where is your compassion? Perhaps you should pay attention to what is going on in your manipulated White House and the master manipulators who govern this great land. Bottom line, you need to care…

        • Brian_Bayless

          I never said I didn’t care, you did. Just don’t see any cover up here. Instead of cover up acquisitions, how about use that energy for trying to comes with ways to improve communication and safety between our government and embassy’s.

      • EddieD_Boston

        Did you happen to listen to any of the testimonies?

  • Michael Vazquez

    Right on!!!!
    You are always hitting the bullseye.

  • Carter Peterson

    Right you are, Bernie; we become preoccupied with trivia all the time. (Of course, it wasn’t trivial to Ms. Arias, but who gives a rat’s a**?) But four murdered Americans in Benghazi; if the MSM doesn’t cover it, it can’t be news, right?

  • Shane

    It appears that America gets the lousy press and President that we deserve. Americans should demand more coverage of the Benghazi hearings. Only Fox News gave the hearing the time it warranted. We are talking about a major foregn policy fiasco and a cover-up. Apparently the liberal MSM only cares about exposing a scandal when Republicans are involved.

  • Kansan

    Hey, Bernie,
    You were fascinated by the Casey Anthony trial.
    I heard zero about that on PBS. But you covered it endlessly on your blog, had your tiff with Heraldo Rivera about it on Fox “News,” etc.
    So what’s your excuse?

    • Patrick H.

      I don’t believe he covered it endlessly on his blog, after going through the archive of his article, I believe he only wrote about it once and that was after the verdict was delivered and he spoke about it once on the O’ Reilly Factor on the same subject.

      • Kansan

        He was talking about it in March 2010 with Bill O’Reilly when he had been brought on to talk about Obamacare.

        He was talking about it in the three weeks following the trial around July 5, 2011 first when he appeared on O’Reilly, and wrote about it in the Jewish World review late that month. Leona Salazar did a column on Bernie’s blog right after the trial. Bernie has brought it up regularly since, in 2012 and 2013.

        • Patrick H.

          1. I already acknowledged the column he wrote about it and the O’ Reilly Factor appearance around then.

          2. What makes you think he wasn’t brought onto talk about both? Bernie and Bill generally talk more than one subject about a segment.

          3. So if he talked about it twice within a two year period, he still has less of a fascination with it than many pundits and newspeople did and his point was that this type of coverage is not nearly as important as things like Benghazi and Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

          4. He’s hardly mentioned Casey Anthony at all, not what I would call regularly in 2012 and 2013.

    • Sue Reed

      Benghazi had not happened then – or he would have been after that. Bernie Goldberg does not pursue the inane.

  • docww

    Bernie—Yes it is quite depressing. As a physician with an
    interest in neuroscience, we know that it is human nature to become accustomed to our surroundings. If we are constantly exposed to meaningless drivel like the Arias trial, our brain absorbs the information as an important part of our environment.

    Eons ago it made sense for our brains to do this. We needed to pay close attention to what was going on around us in order to survive. With TV and the Internet our brains start to lose the ability to differentiate important things from drivel.

    The same is true when it comes to our diet. Most of the food people eat today is really “fake food”—highly processed garbage that is driving many of our chronic health problems. The average person fails to connect these dots because they are constantly surrounded by fake food and their brain assimilates as “food”.

    The only way around this dilemma is to use your conscious brain—in other words do some serious study and thinking. When you do so it certainly makes no sense to waste a second of your time with a doofus like Jodi Arias.

  • Moppie

    Bernie, just to reassure you we watched the entire hearing streaming on my computer. It must have been too boring for most people to listen watch, as you said, because none of the channels carried it. Apathy, but who cares. My Dear God, what will become of us if we don’t wake up and smell the coffee? Thank you for your ongoing critique of us, BUT some of us are watching, listening and calling our congress people! Bravo to Trey Gowdy! Call his office and give him Kudos even if you aren’t a constituent of his. Our very lives are dependent on them getting to the bottom of this Benghazi debacle.

  • CentralScruntinizer

    Its tragic that 4 Americans were killed at Benghazi and equally sad that Americans were killed in the 11 attacks on US embassies and consulates during the previous Administration although those attacks weren’t turned into political footballs.

    But before you exhaust yourself with the hair tearing over the idiocy of the Jodi Arias case, remember that this was the 9th hearing on Benghazi, there has been no credible evidence of any White House or Sr. State Department malfeasance or cover-up, even if they were remarkably ham handed in the handling of the attack after the fact.

    Finally, the other big issue, the 2010 GOP gutting of the budget for State Department security overseas is getting increasing focus, so the more Fox drives this, the more they will accidentally be injuring their own constituency.

    • Moppie

      The 9 hearings showed nothing because they NEVER interviewed the people on the ground or closely involved! Did you hear that numerous times yesterday? Do you blame them for not coming forward….look what happened to Mr. Hide (sorry I may have his name wrong) with his significant downgrade in his position. Nobody threatened him…HA…he lost his post!!!

    • Carla Cox

      The difference in those attacks on the US embassies you mention is that help was sent by the USA immediately, there was no “Stand Down” order given, leaving those people helpless. Hence, no need for lies to be told afterward, demoted employees, etc.. This administration immediately concocted a story and had the nerve to stand before the caskets, the widows and children of these brave men and boldly lie to them and the rest of the world.

      • CentralScruntinizer

        Help was sent immediately? Where do you get that? And I am curious to see any confirmation that there was a Stand Down order given beyond Special Operations Command Africa.

    • CindyB

      If you’d paid attention to O’Reilly, most of the previous attacks occured in Iraq during the war. There was no attempt to place blame on anything other than the actual cause. Big difference.

      • CentralScruntinizer

        Most of those attacks did not occur in Iraq. And the most deadly was was in Pakistan.

      • CentralScruntinizer

        Just scanned by this again after reviewing the info on the attacks during Bush. Your response was “If you’d paid attention to O’Reilly, most of the previous attacks occurred in Iraq during the war” – In fact it was 8 out of 54. O’Reilly defines “most” as 15%. That’s the kind of factual reality you get when you pay attention to Fox.

  • Paul

    Bernie so true, and her deeds will be replaced by someone elses’ criminal deeds. Shes’ had her 15 minutes of fame and she will fade into the sunset. The democrats are hoping that all of us pay attention to others’ acts and not their debacles and of course the lame stream media will give them a pass as usual.

  • 633

    Accurate but incomplete. The public also didn’t care about Watergate, until Woodward and Bernstein doggedly pursued and the Post ultimately promoted the story. Of course Nixon bugging himself helped considerably. I am not assuming a parallel, but I am postulating that the story isn’t necessarily dead-if the media efforts can identify a champion for truth within the government. We still don’t know as an example who created the talking points and instructed Rice to deliver them. The public has never been distinguished by its intellectual appraisal of public issues-see H.L. Menckin’s famous observation.

  • KSE

    Bernard, I don’t think I could care any less about Jodi Arias. But even Hannity was covering this last night. I had to turn him off out of refusal to watch! Now, its become the Cleveland kidnappings, that’s next on deck. A horror for the victims to have lived through, no doubt, but its not nightly drama. And it will be.

    As one other person stated: anything but Benghazi or something reflecting poorly on the imposter in chief.

  • brushfour

    Well written Bernie….and totally true!!

  • Bill

    The press could make people care about Benghazi, but it is their mission to ensure that it get as little coverage as possible. That is a big part of the motivation for the focus on Jodi Arias; it fills a lot of time which might otherwise be spent on Benghazi (or the Gosnell trial).

  • greatsnowman

    I think we are doomed as a people when I see how shallow we have become. It’s like we have been reduced to getting our news from the magazine headlines at the supermarket checkout. I believe more people believe Barack Obama is frm Mars than that he is a failure as a leader

    • T

      How shallow we’ve “become”? We’ve always BEEN a shallow species.
      In the past people were burned at the stake because they were thought to be allied with the occult; the evidence provided might have been local gossip or what we call basic science today. Today, if you drive a BMW or Mercedes, and live in the correct neighborhood and are a member of the prescribed organization then you are considered “wealthy,” no matter that your might be in debt up to your eyeballs.
      The secret to control has always been educating those shallow low-information individuals when possible and how to motivate those one can not educate. The left has excelled at this latter skill.

  • Linda Scher

    Spot on as usual, Bernie.

  • jones.barry

    The people fascinated by Jodi Arias-style news are the same people who buy magazines at the grocery store checkout counter. It’s titillating tabloid trash for people who aren’t very smart or curious. So watching Court TV is like chewing gum for their brains.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie: Like paranoid people who have enemies, you have cause to feel depressed. I agree that tv gives us what we want, evidently alot of us want stupid and useless. Not every stupid and useless show is successful (MSNBC proves that), but enough are, enough to make drinking seem like a good option. Bernie, any truth to the rumors that this work is actually John Daly using Bernie Goldberg as a nom de plume? And that old guy on O’Reilly is a paid professional actor who worked the Borscht belt as an Andy Rooney impersonator? Sorry, couldn’t resist, hope John laughs.

  • Pam Arcand

    This silly woman Jodi Arias is just another “diversion” from the real tragedies happening in DC! We’ve been lied to about Benghazi, O’Care, Spending, Policies, Regulations etc.! There is NOT 1 word of truth coming out of DC BUT the dishonest Lame Stream Media in their constant protective mode of Obama “needs” shiny objects to distract the “low information voter” in America with! The media in this country would fit in great in China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba etc. They are “state run” & DISHONEST to the point of Treason!!!

  • Phillip McAllister

    With Arias they can “safely” show their righteous indignation. With Benghazi, they risk offending the muzzies & their apologists at the highest levels of the American government.

  • Momoffive

    The key word to your analysis is “shallow”. You are right on, the masses don’t want to have to think. Our education system today teaches the students “what to think”, not, “how to think”.

  • Kevin Hubble

    I couldn’t agree more. The media could run any story whatever and claim that it is news if the public insisted on it. Thousands and thousands of murders occur every year in cities, big and small, all over the country. These are never covered except in local newspapers. What is it with Jodi Arias, Amanda Knox, Laci Peterson and others who were otherwise unknown and should have been local stories but, became national sensations and sources of continuous national media coverage? They are pretty!! Where do we get “Foxy Knoxie”? Is Jodi Arias attractive or ugly? Where do we get these Glamor Shot photos of the victims? From the media, of course! Why? To make us watch, that’s why! How many of us would watch a trial on television about a 350 lb. woman with stringy hair, chipped teeth, and a glass eye accused of murdering her 300 lb. boyfriend who was so hideously ugly he made the elephant man look like Brad Pitt? Or, vice versa. Keep your eyes peeled for that ugly-person kills ugly-person trial coming to your TV screen real soon. But, not the Benghazi hearings.

  • k962

    Hours and hours of Jody Arias, while the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia got hardly a notice! Obama discussing declassifying our missile defense with the Russians, nobody even notices! Really says something about the American dufus!

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    ….TV ratings…. which are little more than opinion polls really, should make us worry about opinion polls as well as television ratings.

  • dodgergirl88

    Sadly, this is so true. Bernie hits the nail on the head.

  • DKirk

    The American public (outside of Phoenix) only knew of Arias after being forced fed by the cable TV folks. That does not excuse the major newspapers and network television news for virtually ignoring the Benghazi story. Big newspaper and newtwork news didn’t seem to have any trouble putting a full court “press” on the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson or the U.S. Attornies “scandals” during the Bush years. I don’t recall the Plame/Wilson story being characterized as “political” or a Democrat witch-hunt. Let’s face it: “real” American journalism is DEAD. I hate it; I think it’s bad for the country. But there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The American media landscape can be boiled down to this: If it’s covered heavily by Fox News and conservative outlets, it will be virtually ignored by the rest of the media (e.g.: Gosnell trial, Benghazi, Fort Hood shooter, political correctess, etc.). It is what it is.

    • Kevin L

      Real American journalism is dead… until a Republican occupies the White House again.

  • 1389AD

    Ordinary, non-political murder isn’t national news. It happens every day. Maybe it’d be newsworthy if we had a day with no murders anywhere in the US.

    Perjury in a criminal case – that’s not news either. If a whole day went by without anybody in the US telling lies under oath – yeah, riiiiight…

  • Thomas A. Hennigan

    Isn’t this sort the thing the basis of “Roxie Hart” (and “Chicago”)? Back then it was the papers and radio that pandered to this lowest common denominator. “No one in this world has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby.” — H. L. Mencken

    • Paul Courtney

      A Roxie Hart reference, excellent. I was thinking of it when I heard this trial lasted 4 mos! Was the Judge jumping into the photos on this one too?

  • Scooterscum

    I posted on FB yesterterday that Obama & Hillary are very lucky people.
    The Arias conviction and Cleveland kidnapping details come out the same day allowing the Lame Stream Media to virtually ignore the Benghazi hearings. NBC Radio News didn’t even mention the hearings at 6 PM. Shiny objects indeed.

    • 4hhtype

      Sadly, they would have deliberately ignored the Benghazi hearings anyway. At midnight last night, Piers Morgan opened the show by saying it had been a very busy news day…Cleveland and Jodi Arias. Not a single mention of the hearings. I can’t stand Piers Morgan, CNN, or any of the LSM, as Sarah Palin so rightly refers to them.

      • Brian_Bayless

        Then why do you watch him?

    • CindyCFlorida

      Yes, I noticed this as well. It’s almost like some evil interference syndrome….as was the Sandy Super Storm just prior to the election.

  • Leningradcowboy

    Shinny objects and “squirrels” are the loony left’s secret weapon when combined with a massively corrupt media. I witnessed the politics of Distraction, Obfuscation and Distortion (DOD) for most of my life in California and found it absolutely disgusting.

    • CindyCFlorida

      God bless you for surviving and living to talk about it cogently. I can’t imagine living there. I might have lost my mind completely.

  • I Hate Fascists

    Wow you are brilliant Bernie! THERE IS NO JODI ARIAS!!! She is a left wing plot to by Obama and (of course) the left wing media to distract from his incompetence and criminal acts! This is HUGE! This is bigger than O’Reilly and his Easter Bunny conspiracy! You deserve a Pulitzer Prize for sure!

    • Patrick H.

      Wow! I didn’t think you could be any crazier, but you just exceeded my expectations!

      • Ted Crawford

        NEVER under estimate the utter inanity, of the Progressive Cretins!

  • Fiffles

    After more than 40 years as a journalist haven’t you yet learned the difference between “affect” and “effect?” And yes, accuracy does make a difference.

    • Ted Crawford

      Out of the entire article, this is all you can find to comment on?
      “Education is the crutch with which the Foolish attack the Wise to prove that they are not idiots” Karl Kraus

    • Florida cracker

      Nothing better than an internet grammar “expert” who gets it wrong.

    • CindyCFlorida

      I do believe he used it correctly. “…had no effect”, meaning an end result.

  • Stephen Luftschein

    It would be easy to say “huzzah. Of course I agree” but more and more, the ‘news’ gives us not what we want to see, but what it feels it can sell.
    It’s much easier to get a panel of 3rd rate defense attorneys (really good ones don’t need to go on TV nor have time to) talking about a murder case, than to get people who ACTUALLY understand economics (I’ve yet to see one anywhere but the a very few on the biz networks) discussing the debt, for example, or the philosophical underpinning of Progressivism and why Barack Obama is not incompetent but rather the most accomplished Progressive since Woodrow Wilson and what that means.
    Those things require patience of the producers and networks, something they are not known for.
    The success of “reality shows” is as much about the Networks wanting to save money on scripted shows as it is about what the public wants. The same is true in this case.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      but more and more, the ‘news’ gives us not what we want to see, but what it feels it can sell.
      I think Stephen is right. I think the Fox News Team is the exception in that it is tied to rational observations, but most other news organizations, including television, have deviated from the .. The News, the Whole News, and Nothing But the News. That includes the Voice of America.
      But are they fighting for ratings as they present sensationalism? Or.. is the sensationalism the news. Think about the number of years that sensationalism Grocery Store Paper Publication lasted as we were moving ..down.. from the.. strictly news broadcasting.

  • John Daly

    You stole my column idea! lol.

  • Kathie Ampela
  • Kathie Ampela

    I am sorry to say you hit it dead on, Bernie. I watched the Benghazi hearings from 11:30 until 1:00 (of course on Fox, where else?) and then went in and out for the rest of the afternoon. Then during Neil Cavuto shortly after 4, they teased that a verdict was being announced in the Arias trial. Prior to that the focus for most of the day was Benghazi. I know they have to compete, but I was royally pissed about the sudden shift. I could give a flying crap about Jodi Arias and barely know who she is or what she did. The Benghazi testimony was riveting and heart wrenching, anyone who tries to inject politics into it either didn’t see the testimony or is drinking from the fever swamp. These 3 brave men care deeply for their country and for those who died on 9/11. The government makes me ashamed, but the government are merely snapshots of ourselves. When people care more about Jodi Arias or some lurid murder case than about Benghazi and it’s implications, how do you expect better from the government? You get the government you deserve. It was a sickening day all the way around, if people don’t care about this I don’t know where we go from here as a country.

    • CindyCFlorida

      Yes, Kathie, I feel your pain. I was totally p.o.’d as well. I don’t know how these decisions are made, but I *imagine* the majority of Fox viewers would certainly prefer the Benghazi hearings over the Arias trial. Fox is the best choice out there, but it goes a bit wobbly and superficial at times – especially during the past year or so. Perhaps Ailes should start a more erudite spin-off station…they can call it “Fox-Serious” or something similar. I get the feeling the regular Fox is dumbing down to appeal to the growing “light-hearted” (euphemism) population.

  • Patrick H.

    Right on Bernie. It reminds me of your comments after the Casey Anthony verdict on the O’ Reilly Factor: “Here you have a case where the American case are watching a reality TV show…with real characters and the possibility at the end of the show, that the star, may get sentenced to death.” Sadly, I think you could apply those words to this case as well as your words that if Casey Anthony (in this case Jodi Arias) was black with a black two year old, no one would give this story 10 minutes. I think you could say the same if Jodi Arias was a young black woman with a young black boyfriend. Lots of parallels in public reaction if you ask me. Well written column.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      If you look at this case in the light of the crime rates in our communities, you discover what this young lady did was an exception in her community. If you look at this case as a case in the black community, you discover it is an everyday case. In addition, folks very decidedly move toward their own cultural group for everything and the vast majority of the people of this country are white. I know almost nothing about the case or what would prompt anyone to do what she did, but I seriously doubt we will ever know the real reasons for such conduct.
      I cannot deal with all the trash being thrown at me by the news. I don’t want to. I WON’T watch it. I am pretty standard in fact. It is reasonable, …..or….. it should be reasonable for me to assume the black community will deal with that sort of psychological spin dizzy news trash in their community while mostly ALL of us deal with the white spin dizzy news trash.
      I think the reality sits, in part, with this feature of our lives also. We go to great extremes to make sure the juries are composed of your racial/ethnic peer groups. Black, brown, gold or white, we try and do that. I think that idea of what is interesting moves over into the general cultural reaction to these things based on money, race and ethnicity. So be it.. but notice of the (I am ill doing this) ‘news worthyness’ of an item should be presented as normal rather than a deep ‘white bias’ out there.

      • Patrick H.

        I’m not saying it’s racism, I’m just saying that news stories about people of color don’t get the ratings that white people (Bernie’s written about this before as well in Bias), so that’s why I said if Jodi was a woman of color with a boyfriend of a color, it would get little attention for that reason.

  • Snorpheus

    Mr. Goldberg, I respect your opinion and like it when you’re on the
    O’Reilly Factor. I read your book, “Bias,” which is excellent. Sadly,
    you are correct about what interests the general public. Even more
    sadly, I find myself one of those who has been following this case
    closely. I don’t know why, but it’s addictive. I despise reality shows
    and most of what passes for entertainment these days. I am aware of and
    am deeply concerned about the state of the nation, and the Benghazi
    cover up hearings.

    I think one reason that many are
    interested in this trial is that many people are desperate to see our
    jury system work as it should, especially after some very famous cases
    where many feel justice was denied (OJ, Casey Anthony, Robert Blake) the
    victims and their families. Furthermore, there is a hunger for eternal
    truth, and that is found in the moral element of these stories. In other
    words, the wages of sin is indeed death. And I’m referring to the death

    Others are interested in the
    psychological/human behavior element. They want to know why, and they
    also want reassurance that that are not like the accused.

    some of us just like watching good lawyering and following an
    investigation. I’d like to think I’m in this category, but in all
    honesty, I fall into “all of the above.”

    Now, I’ll get back to the news about Benghazi – right after Nancy Grace. 😉

    • Pixie

      Bernie is right and his column illustrates one of the problems with voters in this country: people want a “leader” who will entertain them. The entertainment value is more important to them than the ideas espoused by said “leader.” That is how an incompetent like Barack Obama, who voted “present” during his short stint as a senator, can become president.

      And according to the dictionary, Bernie’s use of “effect” is correct.

      • CindyCFlorida

        I believe it was both entertainment value and their personal quest to “prove their worth” by canceling the oppression of slavery with their vote. As if…..

  • mindypin

    Mr. Goldberg, I respect your opinion and like it when you’re on the O’Reilly Factor. I read your book, “Bias,” which is excellent. Sadly, you are correct about what interests the general public. Even more sadly, I find myself one of those who has been following this case closely. I don’t know why, but it’s addictive. I despise reality shows and most of what passes for entertainment these days. I am aware of and am deeply concerned about the state of the nation, and the Benghazi cover up hearings.

    I think one reason that many are interested in this trial is that many people are desperate to see our jury system work as it should, especially after some very famous cases where many feel justice was denied (OJ, Casey Anthony, Robert Blake) the victims and their families. Furthermore, there is a hunger for eternal truth, and that is found in the moral element of these stories. In other words, the wages of sin is indeed death. And I’m referring to the death penalty.

    Others are interested in the psychological/human behavior element. They want to know why, and they also want reassurance that that are not like the accused.

    Finally, some of us just like watching good lawyering and following an investigation. I’d like to think I’m in this category, but in all honesty, I fall into “all of the above.”

    Now, I’ll get back to the news about Benghazi – right after Nancy Grace. 😉

  • ClaudeinSocal

    Once again: Bernie is in the elite MSM & blames the media for them doing their jobs. I know Bernie Goldberg since Travis Alexander never mattered to you. What is another murderer getting covered by the media matter. Because like all of you stupid elite MSM people. People getting murdered or killed only matters for political gain or ratings. & Travis Alexander didn’t meet your shallow expectations, who does Bernie blame?? Travis Alexander for getting murdered. Once again, stupid Bernie self-centered & self-absorbed with hearing his own voice on the factor & lecturing on his blog. President Barack H. Obama has taught you well Bernie, since they are dead they can’t vote, so they don’t matter, or did Hillary Clinton teach you that?? Who knows? But it is nice to know that you blame Travis Alexander for his murder.