Let’s Play the Race Card — Just for Fun Of Course

In case you have a life and don’t follow such things, I’m here to inform you that CBS News will soon have a new Chief White House correspondent.  Her name is Norah O’Donnell, who until now has been a news correspondent at NBC and MSNBC in Washington.

This may not exactly be earth shattering news, but it is interesting that CBS would hire such a blatantly liberal journalist.  Interesting but not all that surprising — because in the world of network news, Ms. O’Donnell isn’t even seen as a liberal.  Just as a fish doesn’t know he’s wet, because fish have no frame of reference, network journalists don’t know they’re liberals. They don’t have a frame of reference, either.  Fish are surrounded by water.  Liberal journalists are surrounded by liberal journalists.  In their world, everything to the right of center is conservative – which it is.  But everything to the left is middle of the road, which it most certainly is not.

A while ago, Newt Gingrich took a pot shot at President Obama, telling a Republican gathering that “shooting three-point shots may be clever, but it doesn’t put anybody to work.”  He was commenting on the president’s televised shoot-out with CBS sports analyst and former basketball star Clark Kellogg during the network’s coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

No big deal, right?  Wrong!

A day later, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Ms. O’Donnell, who was MSNBC’s chief Washington correspondent, told the other guests the following:

“But I’m not sure what he [Gingrich] means by this particular sound bite and I think it’s open to some criticism because it suggests that the President is an athlete and some people may suggest, you know, because all black people are good athletes.  I mean that’s what it sort of sounds like to me.”

I’m sure it does – and for one simple reason:  Norah O’Donnell is a liberal.  And an elite media liberal at that.  These are people who see racism in particular and bigotry in general all over the place.

Take Frank Rich.  PLEASE!  When he wrote for the Sunday New York Times he was the darling of the paper’s liberal readers who hung on his every word.  In one column he wrote that it wasn’t President Obama’s politics that got conservatives riled up, it was his race – and their all-around bigotry.  “The conjunction of a black president and a female speaker of the House — topped off by a wise Latina on the Supreme Court and a powerful gay Congressional committee chairman — would sow fears of disenfranchisement among a dwindling and threatened minority in the country no matter what policies were in play.”

Then there’s Eugene Robinson, the Pulitizer Prize-winning columnist at the Washington Post who wrote that, “I can’t help believing that the tea party’s rise was partly due to circumstances beyond his [President Obama’s] control — that he’s different from other presidents, and that the difference is his race.”

Tavis Smiley, who anchors a program on PBS, went on MSNBC and said the 2012 presidential campaign will be “the ugliest, the nastiest, the most divisive, and the most racist in the history of this Republic.”

Even the once rock solid just-the-facts Associated Press has gotten into the act.  In a story during the last presidential campaign, an AP writer said Sarah Palin was using “racially tinged” words because she told a rally that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists” –  a reference to his association with Bill Ayers, the domestic terrorist who launched a campaign to bomb the Capitol and Pentagon in his Weatherman Underground days.

This is part of the liberal routine.  If you’re against ObamaCare, it’s probably because you’re a racist.  If you think the president wasted nearly a trillion dollars on so-called stimulus, you’re a bigot, if you criticize him for just about anything you run the risk of having some liberal elite smearing you as someone who hates black people,

This got me wondering:  What if the tables were turned.

What if Herman Cain, the businessman who founded Godfather’s pizza, somehow won the Republican nomination for president.  I know it’s a million to one shot, but what if, by some political miracle, he did?

Well, it’s a safe bet liberals would do everything they could to make sure he wasn’t elected.  They certainly wouldn’t vote for him.  And they’d trash him every chance they got.

But why? Herman Cain is smart.  He’s successful.  He comes off as strong and competent.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot:  he’s black.

So if we played the game that liberals are always playing we would come to only one conclusion: Liberals don’t like Herman Cain because they’re racists.  What else could it be? It couldn’t possibly be because he’s conservative, could it?

Well, of course it could.  In fact, that’s precisely why liberals – black and white – wouldn’t support him.  Yet liberals don’t see it that way when the shoe is on the other foot.  They can’t believe that conservatives don’t like President Obama because of his liberal politics.  All they see are conservative racists.

So here’s my suggestion on how to end this slander:  Every time liberals disagrees with Herman Cain’s position on the economy, the budget, the debt crisis, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, or anything else, conservatives should call them racists.  They’ll say that’s dumb, but conservatives shouldn’t back down.  Keep calling liberals racists over and over and over — until they finally get it.

That, of course, could be a long time.  Norah O’Donnell, for instance, was called MSNBC’s “resident deep thinker” – but it wasn’t meant as a compliment if you know what I mean.  She doesn’t like Sarah Palin or the tea party and once told Bill Maher that Barack Obama is a “pragmatic centrist.”  Sure!

So you can expect the slobbering love affair between journalists and President Obama to continue when Ms. O’Donnell shows up at the White House.  She’s been on the love train from Day One.

And permit me this one fantasy:  Herman Cain wins and is our next president.  You think Norah O’Donnell – or any of the other White House correspondents – will see racism when liberals attack him?  Sorry I asked.

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  • Bradly Wynn

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  • ph16

    I know this is about five months old, but I would like to say to Ron Kean’s last post, definitely. Liberals dominate just about everything except talk radio and corporations although I’m sure there are liberal corporations too. Basically though, you can avoid conservative viewpoints by staying off of one channel on the remote and a few on the dial, but conservatives can not avoid liberal viewpoints.

  • R. B. Gaines

    As a big fan of Larry Elder, I was recently reading his book, “10 Things That You Can’t Say in America”. At the beginning of one chapter, I came across the following quote, which I found to be incredibly profound, considering who said it, and the times that America was living through when it was said (1911):

    “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do do not want to lose their jobs.”

    — Booker T. Washington

    Pretty much simplifies the analysis of this issue, does it not?

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  • Stephen Kent Ehat

    I’m no Bernie Goldberg but my humble position notwithstanding, I’m calling on all Americans (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, whites, blacks, hispanics, males, females, ALL Americans) to reject — utterly reject — the divisive, offensive, and morally vacuous call to incivility promulgated by Mr. Goldberg. What we need — what all Americans need — is what the Repulican presidential candidates (until now) and indeed many Democratic leaders have so far given us, and that is a dialogue devoid of reference to race. I have not heard Mr. Romney or Ms. Bachmann or Mr. Speaker Gingrich yet use even the word “race” or “racist” or “black” or other reference to racial identity (or gender identity, for that matter). That’s as it should be, Mr. Goldberg’s urgings to the contrary notwithstanding. To recall Candidate Obama’s commendable goal (unfortunately elusive to him as President), who did not want to preside over a blue America or a red America but over the United States of America, the same goes with all other other colors of the spectrum, black, white, brown and mixed. Mr. Goldberg gave this same advice on television on June 27th — but in even stronger terms, and without any “just-for-fun-of-course” disclaimer — doing so on Bill O”Reilly’s show on the Fox News channel, with Juan Williams serving as the host. But Mr. Goldberg well knows, in his heart of hearts, or at least should know — and Juan Williams should have called him on this — that one true measure of the greatness of America is its ability to govern itself, and to elect its leaders and representatives, without regard to color (or any other personal attribute, such as religion or creed) and without resort to name calling, incivility, or divisiveness. So I call upon all Americans (and candidates) to simply ignore Mr. Goldberg’s advice; he’ll likely apologize (or at least apologize that his words were “misunderstood”).

    • Joe

      You seem to have missed the point. Many liberals, including the President, accuse anyone who disagrees with the President as being “racist” (admittedly Obama is more subtle than others, but the innuendos are still there. Bernie is merely calling for a fairness doctrine. Let us be guided by the Liberal Media since they have set themselves up as the arbiters of what goes and doesn’t. Since many people disagreeing with Obama are called “racist,”it is only fair that those disagreeing with Mr Cain be called racist. After all that is the standard set by the dominant media.

  • Scott

    I’ve thought about this very concept of Herman Cain winning the GOP nomination and wondering how liberals would be branded if they criticized him. I don’t think that attacks on Herman Cain would be perceived as being racist because of one reason, he’s a Conservative.

    As some may well know, black Conservatives are not “true” black people in the liberal mindset. They are labeled as “Uncle Toms” and other racist phrases indicating subservience to white people. Condoleeza Rice was one person who comes to my mind when a cartoon was drawn of her with overly large lips and buck teeth. Images portraying black Conservatives like that are acceptable in liberal circles. Today if a cartoon emphasizing the size of Obama’s ears is drawn, it’s immediately smacked down as being racist.

    The point being here is what I’ve felt all along: That the true racists in this country are those who constantly decry racism, liberals. I honestly believe that they do this in order to gloss over their latent racism and to also make themselves “feel better” over the racist past of their beloved Democratic party.


      The true racism is evident every day by the progressive or liberal supporters of President Obama…It does not matter what he does or says – if you disagree you must be racist…this is because to the liberals and progressives, the only thing President Obama has going for him is that he is a black man…which, according to them, means that because he is a black man, he is incapable of any proposal worthy of any reasonable disagreement…that is the long and short of it…he makes a proposal…you disagree with said proposal, ipso facto you must be a racist..because according to the liberals and progressives, he, as a black man, is incapable of of formulating a thought worthy of any effort to analyze, let alone consider seriously enough to argue against.

      • CCNV

        Saw this on a bumper sticker:

        If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist,
        You’d better vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.

  • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

    Hey Bernie,

    Rochester, NY Police Arrest Woman Videotaping From Her Front Yard


    If this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will!

    Wil Burns

    • Tim Ned

      Didn’t make me mad. Seems like the lady was trying to harass the police and I’m not a lawyer but I would guess she has the right to do so in this instance. But here’s the issue.

      I would label her a typical liberal whinny crybaby just as I label the democrats from Wisconsin who went and hid in Illinois to avoid the vote on the teacher union. If they were true to their belief and activism, why didn’t they join the protesters in Madison and face arrest which they certainly would have?

      I’ll tell you why Wil, because they are whinny crybaby liberals. They didn’t have the courage as a Martin Luther King who faced arrest and life at every protest. MLK didn’t run from the consequences of his historic actions, he faced them head on to change the country which meant several arrests and eventually his life.

      Although I disagree with the politics of the Wisconsin Democrats, I could have sympathized and respected them had they joined the demonstrators and faced arrest. But to my they are just a bunch of whinny crybabies. They cry for their wacky liberal positions and rights but are never willing to face the consequences of their actions.

      Now back to your video; on a scale from one to ten of importance, this is a minus fifteen. With our soldiers facing real consequences in Iraq and Afghanistan, this video is political dribble that only a liberal could love.

      • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

        Emily Good, 28, was recording a traffic stop where police had a man handcuffed on May 12th. The video was uploaded to Blip TV today.

        The cop who arrested her has been identified as Mario Masic, according to the Rochester Indy Media.

        A man named Mario Masic who happens to be a police officer in western New York also runs a business called Harvest Moon Malamutes.

        Mario Masic apparrently treats dogs better than he does camera-toting citizens

        You can friend him on Facebook here. Or you can email him through his business email address at harvestmoonmalamutes@live.com.

        The video, which has since gone viral, shows Masic hassling Good with absurd notions after he notices her recording.

        “I don’t feel safe with you standing behind me, so I’m going to ask you to go into your house,”

        “You seem very anti-police … due to what you said to me before you started taping me.”

        It is not clear what Good said before she started recording, but if she said anything threatening, they would have arrested her at that moment.

        She ended up getting handcuffed and taken away after she refused to walk into her house, even though she was clearly on her own property.

        A friend or relative ended up taking the camera and we see her being led away.

        Neighbors who witnessed the interaction confirmed she had done nothing wrong.

        Meanwhile, the man they had originally handcuffed was released.

        Mickey H. Osterreicher, attorney for the National Press Photographers Association, fired off a letter to Rochester Police Chief James Sheppard demanding that Good’s charges be dropped.

        Sheppard told Osterreicher and the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper that he has ordered an investigation, which normally is police talk for sweeping it under the carpet until the media attention dies down.

        • Tim Ned

          Ok, based upon your feedback I’ll raise the relevance of this from a minus fifteen to a minus fourteen!


      I watched this and it is just so wrong…The gal making the tape was not being confrontational…just standing on the lawn taping the incident…the cops just bullied her ..for what? what was going to happen as they did their job that they would not be proud of? it’s just so wrong.

  • RecknHavic

    The Left would ruthlessly attack Cain if he were to get the nomination because he represents a threat to their base.

    • Nancye

      Gee Reck – wouldn’t that be racist? Oh I see – not if the left does it! Again, Herm’s my man.

  • Kathie Ampela

    The line between reporting and opinion continues to be blurred. Norah O’Donnell offered an opinion on Morning Joe…is that what correspondents are supposed to do? Can a reporter keep crossing the line between reporting and opining and be a trusted news source? Why can’t we take a look at this through a non partisan lens? We are approaching an election year…CBS has hired a correspondent that has a long history of crossing the line between reporting and opining..and opining in favor of one political candidate. Now we are expected to trust this reporter to deliver us fair and objective reporting in an upcoming election?

  • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

    Hey Joe, What it boils down to is this: the liberals dragged you Republicans (Conservatives) whatever, into the 20th century scratching and screaming with your heels in the mud, fighting anything that’s progressive, everything that’s made this country great. You Republicans have never understood that the spending power of blue-collar workers, obtained through Democrats and unions, is what really made this country great. You really believe “The Good Life” was obtained from your own endeavors. You cloak your greed in religion and patriotism, railing against any form of tax, never comprehending that these programs have benefited all of us and our country.” How do you people live with yourselves!

    • joe from louisiana

      Au contraire, Wil. The success of this nation cannot be simplified into one group or act. It was the result of checks and balances in every tier of our American history. When one group overreached the common sensical nature of our people and government brought the pendulum back. The power of the blue collar workers(which I have been one) was balanced by the capitalistic freedom of people to seek excess. I don’t mean “excess” in a purely negative connotation as you libs do. As the corporate barons went too far in the early days of our industrailization they were brought in check. Much like the socialists of today are going too far and driving the right further right. We have enjoyed “The good life” for so long, like spoiled children we have lost our perspective– much like Bernie’s fish not realizing they are wet.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Your incoherent rantings are getting tired. Seriously, you don’t make any sense.

    • Tim Ned

      Wil, even at my age today I still work 50 – 70 hours a week. Much less than the 80 hour work weeks I used to work in my own business. My brother and sister are retired teachers at the age of 55. Yes, I have more than them! But never the free time they had. They chose their direction and I chose mine. Because I make much more then them, explain to me why you expect me to pay a higher tax percentage than I am already paying!

      Keep in mind a pay a ton more in taxes. The fact is you can’t justify it. Because it is a simple fact you want people like me to pay your WAY!!!

      • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

        Tim, I am a liberal and no one pays anything for me. I have never collected unemployment, disability, or any other entitlement program. I work hard. I pay my taxes. I make a very good amount of money. However, I recognize that I and others benefit from public transportation, public education, and a host of other things my tax dollars pay for. I pay 40 percent of my income in taxes, if you add up federal, state, and city. I am not happy about that. But, I don’t think it is the end of America if they inch it up a percent or two in order to pay for healthcare for everyone. But then again, I am not a crazy tea bagging idiot.

        • Bruce A.

          Sorry Wil, if you think the income tax will inch up only 1 or 2% to pay for healthcare you just may be crazy. When has the US government delivered what was promised? Aside from that we are broke.

        • Tim Ned

          Wil, you’re lucky at 40 percent. So you listen to a government that if we increase just a couple percent, not you of course, but me than our problems will be solved. If the government wanted to increase my tax by 2 percent and apply it to the national debt, I am all for it. But here’s the deal, it never works that way! And here’s why:

          I am sick of government workers retiring well before 65. Why don’t they work until 65 like the rest of us. If they can retire at 55 because of personal investments, good for them. But when they retire at 55 because I pay for that through my taxes. BULL! I am sick of bus drivers in MN that retire with pay and benefits that exceeds six figures. Again, I pay that retirement! I am sick of the department of energy created by the worst president in history Jimmy Carter that employs over one hundred thousand. Kick that number down to 5,000. I am sick of my state with one of the highest state income taxes receiving the least back in federal funding. If these other states need money, let them raise their own taxes!! I am sick of subsidies and kickbacks. I am sick of some companies that get exclusions on the new health care but my small company has to pay it.

          But most of all, I am sick of flaming liberals that blame all of their problems on me. I didn’t push my brother and sister to be teachers. They chose it. I tried one year out of college and I know I could not have the life style I wanted being a teacher. I made the choice and for years the sacrifice. And until I see a government that starts to cut spending, not one more penny from me.

  • Alan

    I’m thankful that the leftists are there to tell me that I don’t like Obama because of his race. Otherwise I would probably continue to think it’s because he broke every campaign promise he made. And that he forced a “health care” bill through without even pretending to listen to public opinion. And that he extended or expanded all of Bush’s bad policies. And that he sent us to war in Libya, which directly contradicts his own words on the matter. And that he keeps calling for “stimulus” bills, immune to all evidence. And that he tripled the deficit that was so terrible until 20 January 2009.

  • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

    Hey Bernie, Lets see, Norah O’Donnell is CBS’s new Chief White House correspondent. And Bernie has a weekly 7 minute gig on the O’Reilly Show. Am I detecting a bit of jealously here? Hmmm?

    • Betty

      wil I didn’t think it was possible but you’re even dumber than I thought. And that is very, very dumb.

  • Nancye

    Obama’s color has nothing to do with my intense dislike for him. His politics have everything to do with it!

    BTW, Herm’s my man for 2012. I hope he wins the nomination.

    • Bruce A.

      A successful business person as President instead of a politician. That should make something hit the fan. I am beginning to think Cain is very able and it would really drive the libs. nuts.

  • EddieD_Boston

    What do you thing Frank Rich’s won/loss record was in the schoolyard? My guess is he’s been traumatized from getting beat up for his lunch money. Poor guy.

  • JDO

    Bernie, we’ve already seen this situation. Clarence Thomas. If he was a liberal choice (granted, he wouldn’t have been nominated by GHW Bush, but bear with me) do you think his nomination would’ve been so contentious? I mean, you can say that the conservatives would’ve strongly opposed and attacked him, but we all know they just roll over and play dead in the same situations that the attack dogs on the Left, well, attack. Were the people that opposed Thomas’ nomination racist? Naw. Just hypocrites.

    • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

      JDO, If Clarence Thomas weren’t black, he would have been impeached, years ago!

      • EddieD_Boston

        And why would that be dimbulb? You don’t make any sense.

  • John In MA

    The behavior of the chattering class left reminds me of my kids. Until they passed into adulthood, they were notorious for crying out names when loosing an argument with a sibling. When one would make a strong point over the other, quite often the label “stupid” would come out in reply. When another might make a winning move in a game, the dreaded “r” word (equivalent to the PC word disadvantaged) would come out soon.

    It seems immature minds all behave the same.

    • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

      John, Read all the posts in Bernies blog and then get back to us, You’ll find out the chattering immature class aren’t the liberals!

  • the dominator

    i have to wonder about morbo. i mean he seems to feel it is totally inappropriate for someone to use a quote from a book they wrote even if it is used in a manner that is completely relevant to the topic at hand.
    morbo- you didn’t have anything useful to contribute.
    if you were trying to show how clever you can be- you have got a great deal of improvement to work on.

  • http://BernardGolderg.com Sal Siciliano

    Bernie, you are Beautiful !

  • Tim Ned

    Norah O’Donnell? I thought the White House was supposed to hire their own press secretary?

  • Morbo

    Hey Bernie, sincere question:

    Do these “please buy my book” articles do much for moving merchandise?

    As I see you actually got a “slobbering love affair” quote in this one, so I’m curious if these types of hack works actually move your mouth-breathing FNC audience to reach for their wallets.

    • Ron Kean

      Hey Morbo,

      Go away.

      • Paul Courtney

        Hey, Morbo, sincere answer: Us mouth breathers mostly reach for our wallets to make sure it’s still there after the gub’mint man stops in to “help”. What is truly pathetic about your post is that Bernie has used more space on this site to sell Axlerod’s book than any of his own product. Even a mouth breather can see that, where’s it leave you?

        • Morbo

          I’m not sure what “gub’mint” means.

          • Paul Courtney

            Nor “pathetic”, apparently, though maybe you got the last bit. But I say, stay, this site is a cure for the ill-informed such as yourself. If you haven’t heard Bernie criticize some of FNC, you haven’t been listening.

        • Morbo

          No, I am aware of the definition of “pathetic”. But it is that “gub’mint” word that has me stumped.

          So can you define that one for me so I can address the remainder of your concerns?

          • Paul Courtney

            As you like. Gub’mint is phonetic (mouth breather, remember) for “government”. I see why you couldn’t get it, though, you’ve been on a long strange trip here. You began by calling all of us mouth breathers, and end by decrying these attacks. I’ll save you some time- the only response of interest is why you accuse Bernie of a marketing ploy (one too thin to be perceived by anyone else, even after you “exposed” it), when his site is promoting someone else’s book? Just like when you guys (or is Wil Burns you) say FNC doesn’t present any opposing view, it’s demonstrably false and makes you look ridiculous. Are you “a man who [can] afford to be made to look ridiculous?” The Godfather, 1972.

      • Morbo

        I truly wish I could, but Bernie is a check-cashing FNC employee who spends his day pointing out bias everywhere, but somehow he doesn’t notice the insanely obvious bias at FNC… and that is just a laughable fail.

        So, here we are. Hiya.

        • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

          Morbo, You should watch the O’Reilly show, when Bernie is on it. It’s funny watching Bernie do a ‘tap dance’ around O’Reilly’s bullcrap. Bernie is a is a check-cashing FNC employee and he has to be careful what he says. Bernie is a smart guy and he almost always ends up agreeing with O’Reilly.

    • Tim Ned

      Hey Morbo,

      The answer to your question is yes. I buy Bernie’s books. But seldom watch FNC since I don’t have the time as I work for a living! And for your information I happen to read across multiple political opinions. But your snide remark clearly points out your read and watch list.

      Why don’t you come back when you have an intelligent opinion or at least your own!!

      • Morbo

        Congrats on working for a living!

        You should give FNC a try when you have some free time as I have a feeling that you will like it.

        > “Why don’t you come back when you have an intelligent opinion or at least your own!!”

        Well that isn’t very nice. But now I am certain that you will simply love FNC!

        It is a place where ideology of a neoconservativeisraeljesusy bent is king and anything that dares to dissent is ridiculed and/or simply ignored. (It is your apparent preference for not being subjected to a dissenting opinion is where I think you and FNC may find common ground.)

        • Tim Ned

          So the opinion you bring to the table is you hate FNC and you can combine words without spaces? Great discussion point! So if you really want to enter a discussion, why don’t you explain how Norah O’Donnell will be a great White House correspondent? O’Donnell is free to be as opinionated as she wants, and guess what, she is opinionated to the far left.

          So how would you feel Morbo if FNC appointed Sean Hannity as their White House Correspondent? Would you defend having a conservative pundit serving as a political correspondent? Yeah I bet you would!

          This is the difference between you and me. I don’t want the opinionated on either side hiding under the title of reporter. I want reporting. But it’s clear that’s not what you want. You’re Ok with CBS picking their White House correspondent as long as it’s a liberal.

          • Morbo

            > So the opinion you bring to the table is you hate FNC and you can combine words without spaces?

            I don’t hate FNC; I pointed out how you and they share an apparent preference for not wanting to address differing points of view. And the “neoconservativeisraeljesusy” description is rather spot-on. You would recognize this if you had more time and could watch their programming.

            > why don’t you explain how Norah O’Donnell will be a great White House correspondent?

            I don’t think she would make a great dog house correspondent, let along a great White House correspondent.

            > how would you feel Morbo if FNC appointed Sean Hannity as their White House Correspondent?

            They wouldn’t do this as it would kill their “fair and balanced” cover. Even the most neoconservativeisraeljesusy FNC viewer prefers the appearance of impartiality even when none exists.

            > This is the difference between you and me. I don’t want the opinionated on either side hiding under the title of reporter. I want reporting. But it’s clear that’s not what you want.

            This is the difference between you and I… I recognize that everyone involved has an opinion and biases and that it is impossible to produce content completely free of these items. I also prefer that all parties own-up to their biases. While FNC, on the other hand, fights tooth-and-nail to assert that they aren’t biased.

            Conversely, it appears that you only respect the reporting that confirms your biases, which is why I believe you would be a fan of FNC (and the like) as that is exactly what they do.

        • Ron Kean

          At least you’re honest about your distain for Christians and Jews. No wonder you don’t like Fox. Hannity, Goldberg and some, not all, admit to being conservative. I’m a conservative. I tolerate the many liberals on Fox like Williams, Guevera, Colmes, and more.

          The point is, and it was made clear by Jon Stewart on Fox with Chris Wallace, that the MSM say they’re not liberal. Conservatives on Fox are honest enough to admit it like you’re honest enough to display your dislike and ridicule of Christians and Jews.

          You’re honest enough to tell us who you are even though you’re afraid to use your real name and hide behind a silly name unlike Bernie and others here. You must be very afraid of people finding out who you really are – what you think. You realize that they might think you’re unbalanced.

          You realize they will dislike you as much as we do.

          • Morbo

            I have no disdain for any faith. Quit projecting. It is unbecoming.

            You apparently have an issue with my “neoconservativeisraeljesusy” description of FNC, so allow me to address it: It is factual to state that FNC has many neocons on staff, that FNC supports all of our war efforts (and even cheer-leads said war efforts), supports a strong Israel and supports the evangelical Christian love for Israel; it is factual to state that opinions that differ from these are often ridiculed and/or ignored throughout FNC’s programming.

            Given the context of the above, for you to suggest that I have a “distain [sic] for Christians and Jews” is laughable as I am simply pointing out how FNC operates.

            If you don’t like it, take it up with them (and Bernie, as he cashes their checks).

            Note: I am aware that “proper context” isn’t a big thing with the typical FNC viewer. Please let me know if I need to clarify on that point.

            > You must be very afraid of people finding out who you really are – what you think.

            You first. Post your full name, address and a direct contact phone number and I will follow suit.

            > You realize they will dislike you as much as we do.

            Ah, the mark of a true FNC fan. When a differing opinion enters the fray, hate the person expressing it.

            What a noble soul you are, sir.

          • Ron Kean

            I’m not projecting and you aren’t simply pointing out something. C’mon. Admit it. “neoconservativeisraeljesusy” is a term you’re having fun with. It’s a jab. Christian love and a free democratic Israel are under attack and you seem to be siding with those who are against them by deriding a group that is sympathetic to them.

            People don’t like war. People believe it’s right to depose tyrants and at least try to free people who suffer. Not everybody and not every case. It’s a big world. But leaders make a decision and some of us choose to agree or disagree case by case.

            The fact of the matter is that Christianity and Jewish Israel are the object of people’s anger and people like me don’t really understand why. These are positive forces in the world. Many of us believe that they’re the best two belief systems ever and they should be defended promoted and not denigrated. But we’re free to say anything we want so give it your worst.

            You know my name and I would be nuts to post anything else at the request of some morbo. I’m sure you understand. So what is it? Pete? Mike? Steve? Mustafa? Boris? Juan? What’s your name?

            The difference between us conservatives and liberals is that we wouldn’t go to Daily Kos or those places to act contrary. We don’t need to. We don’t need to provoke anybody. We feel we’re right and that’s that. And that aggravates people like you. But when our beliefs are denigrated and I still believe your name-calling stunt is to that effect, we’ll argue.

          • Morbo

            For you to keep insisting that I’m a “they” (i.e., a liberal) shows that this discussion shan’t continue, for my disagreements with the way FNC does business are substantive and correct and my political opinions haven’t a thing to do with it.

            FNC does indeed push a narrative and this narrative is palpable to anyone who has watched the channel for any decent length of time. This is no longer something to question.

            And your continued attempts to suggest that I am somehow against Christians or Jews or Israel is, again, wishful thinking on behalf of someone (you) who has to pigeonhole a dissenting point-of-view instead of trying to recognize that there is nuance to everything.

            You assume that because I point out the FNC narrative (with my colorful way of expressing it), that I am immediately against the goals of said narrative. But do note that, no, I don’t wish ill-will upon the people of Israel… but nor do I think the Palestinians deserve to be shat upon either. But unfortunately, such a viewpoint receives zero consideration from the likes of you and FNC. And that is a shame.

            That said, the difference between your type of Conservative and your stereotypical boogie-man liberal aren’t as substantive as you suggest as you both are champions of big government … it is just different parts of the government that you want to be big.

            But instead of recognizing those differences and working to address them, we must instead batter each other like rams on a mountainside… with no one giving an inch and no one getting anywhere… and that is truly a pathetic state-of-affairs for all of us.

    • Homer

      Do you have any real question?

  • http://Lillian-davis.blogspot.com Lily

    I’m a racist because I disagree with his policies? By this logic that made me anti-Texas because I disagreed with some of Bush’s policies, it made me anti-Californian because I didn’t think Reagan walked on water. Am I anti-Semitic because I disagree with Al Franken? Oh anti-female because I think Hilary Clinton is from outer space? Am I anti-Italian American because I refuse to watch any TV show with Janeane Garofalo or maybe anti-Irish (she is supposedly Italian and Irish)

    I take strong issue with some of the policies of all of the above, though there are some people in that list that I greatly admire. (Reagan being on the top of the list). If I cannot share my opinion because of the color of a man or woman’s melanin than we haven’t come very far despite the fact that a Black man holds the highest office in our country.

    The liberal lame stream media need to come out of their ivory towers in NY and join the rest of humanity to see that we can all disagree and race has little if anything to do with the disagreement.

    If you disagree with me than you are anti-woman, anti-Irish, anti-Christian oh, and anti-Jewish. (Please read this sentence with a heavy dose of sarcasm).

  • Ron Kean

    And on top of that, Jon Stewart in a recent interview with Chris Wallace said that the New York Times wasn’t liberal. He said the MSM wasn’t liberal – just lazy and sensationalist. I almost couldn’t believe he said that.

    • Bruce A.

      Believe it. Same old story, liberals surrounded by liberals.

    • Paul Courtney

      What surprised me is that Wallace had him at that moment, but let him off the hook. Wallace could have picked a couple of stories that were clearly not “sensational” as an example, like compare NYT treatment of Tea Party protest (astroturf) with WI teacher/union thugs (grassroots), and asked Stewart 1) was there a difference (can he deny that?!) and 2) what can explain the difference. At least Wallace was able to push him into a position (“NYT not driven by lib agenda) funnier than most of his material.

      • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

        The majority of fox watchers do not want the whole story. That is why they watch fox. They want affirmatio­n of their biases and basest desires. They want outrage at all the wrongs in the world. Fox’s primary sales product is not news, it is outrage!

        • Paul Courtney

          Wil, that’s just outrageous. Hey, that did feel good! You seem to know so much about us, how do we feel when we come across someone who believes he knows much, but insists on demonstrating, again and again, his chronic ignorance?

          • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

            Paul, The only people (and you) who believe Fox News is -not- the propaganda arm of the GOP, and who deny that it is, are those who watch it religiously and deliberately avoid watching or listening to anyone or anything else.

        • Bruce A.

          Wil, I don’t know where you get your ideas from but we can always count on you to be complety out of touch & way off base.

        • joe from louisiana

          WB, I thought liberals don’t like having people tell tehm why they behave a certain way. I watch Fox(carefully) because there are stories there that will only be reported days later if enough interest is generated. They are far from perfect but tell me where to get something resembling the truth. The MSM ignores certain stories and exaggerate others. Would you care to Google how many times news outlets have been exposed in this country filing false sources, lies and manufactured stories? It’s quite extensive, so continue with your hard-headed arrogant ideas and close your mind to learning anything. That’s the leftist American way and don’t forget to call into question a person’s intelligence if they disagree with you. I watched Stewart’s interview of Nagin and now understand his stance. Jon Stewart is so misguided but does have a heart. His opinions are so far from what is real but I will give him the compliment of seeming to be sincere in his ignorance.

          • http://foknewschannel.com/ Wil Burns

            Joe, Fox News will always score high ratings as long as it continues to tell a significant segment of the population exactly what it wants to hear, over and over again, and nothing else. High ratings tell us only that people are buying what they’re selling. More people go to NASCAR races than museums; doesn’t mean the former is a better place to learn.

          • Ron Kean

            Fox viewers don’t live in a cave. We can’t avoid the opinion of all the other media. It’s too big. We choose FNC over the rest because it makes the most sense to us after being exposed to the mass-media, the mainstream media, hollywood, academia, and most of all, our liberal friends like you.