The Mainstream Media Have Made the Conservative Media Prophets

carsonI’ve long thought of conservative-leaning news outlets as being only small counterbalances to the dominant liberal slant that exists in the mainstream media.

Fox News is a perfect example. Though the network fares well against its national news competitors on an individual basis, it is merely a lone conservative voice in an industry that is overwhelmingly liberal. In a country of roughly 300 million people, the highest rated shows on Fox News average around 3 million viewers a night. That number may make for a strong cable rating, but it also demonstrates that the network has relatively little influence on public opinion – directly anyway.

For that reason, I always find it kind of humorous when the Obama administration and other liberals try to blame public opposition to their policies and ideology on the clout of people like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and now Megyn Kelly. As a conservative, I wish that certain Fox News personalities, such as Charles Krauthammer, drove public opinion, but that simply isn’t the case.

There’s no better evidence of this deficit in public influence than the altered behavior we’ve seen within the mainstream media ever since the re-election of their guy, President Obama.

As someone who watches Fox News with some frequency, it is absolutely stunning to witness the rest of the media suddenly reporting on stories, as if they were breaking news items, that Fox had been reporting on for several months, and in some cases, even years.

When ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, earlier this year, began heavily scrutinizing the Obama administration for their handling of the Benghazi attack, he was largely seen by his peers and much of the public as the leading force on the story. The reality, however, is that many journalists at Fox News – perhaps most notably Stephen Hayes from the Weekly Standard – were uncovering and reporting many of the same facts as far back as the 2012 campaign.

When the mainstream media began reporting on the IRS’s targeted harassment of conservative groups, the story absolutely shocked a lot of people. Not among those were Fox News viewers like myself, who watched a number of representatives from these very groups tell their stories of harassment on several of the network’s shows back in 2012.

There are plenty of examples of this, but the biggest, of course, is how the mainstream media chose to report on the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) until just the past couple of months. It is nothing short of breathtaking to watch all of these supposed journalists, who essentially campaigned for the law, suddenly come to the realization that it is a completely illogical system, propped up and marketed to the public on a plethora of lies and painfully naive assumptions.

I listen to liberal media personalities like Dylan Ratigan (a longtime supporter of Obamacare) admit that their own health plans either got dumped or became far more expensive because of Obamacare, and my mind is boggled that this actually took them by surprise. Even Kirsten Powers, a level-headed liberal who actually works at Fox News, was rudely awakened with this revelation.

How was this a surprise to anyone?

Fox News and the rest of the conservative media had been reporting on these inevitable outcomes for years  – outcomes projected by an abundance of legitimate sources based on irrefutable facts, and in some cases, mathematical certainties. Yet, it’s as if reporters and analysts outside of the conservative media just recently realized that two plus two doesn’t equal three, and they’re pretending as if they were somehow duped into believing that it did.

The explanation is far more than just liberal bias. There’s a heck of a lot of stupidity involved as well. And unfortunately, it’s the American public that is being harmed because of that stupidity.

I have to wonder if, to the casual media observer, Fox News is starting to come across like some kind of prophet, blessed with the uncanny ability of being able to identify news stories well before everyone else does.  That’s certainly how the rest of the media are inadvertently portraying the network.

The politically-savvy among us, however, understand that the conservative media are by no means made up of fortunetellers. They much more resemble whistle-blowers, who are exposing truths that their peers just aren’t comfortable with, and often hold them in contempt for revealing.

And that is precisely why Fox News and conservative New Media outlets do play an important role in our society, even with relatively little direct influence on the public. They cover legitimate news stories that the mainstream media don’t want to. They give an open platform to conservative voices that the rest of the media would rather marginalize. They scrutinize the actions of our leaders on the left when the others’ instincts are to trust them with the power they’ve been given. Sure, the conservative media are not infallible. They’ve been known to turn mountains into molehills just like the rest of the media, but they work to provide that desperately needed counterbalance.

Sometimes – just sometimes – the conservative media relentlessly drive home stories so effectively that the mainstream media can no longer ignore them. We’ve seen this with Monica Lewinsky, Rathergate, ACCORN, and more. They mainstream media have to follow suit in order to preserve what little credibility they have left. And when there’s a media consensus, only then is public perception is changed.

Other times, like in the examples I listed above, the warnings of the conservative media go virtually ignored by most people precisely because they’re a lone voice. It’s incredibly frustrating, when this happens, to see hugely consequential facts blown off like the rhetoric of a palm-reader massaging a crystal ball at a carnival, merely because the rest of the media won’t do their jobs.From a Dead Sleep by John A. Daly

Unfortunately, that’s the environment we live in. We’re reliant on a media consensus to take hold before the majority of us pay any attention to a story. And because a majority of the media is content (often deliberate) in holding off on reporting legitimate stories until their time-relevance has already expired, our country suffers greatly.

Such neglect hurts democracy, and we’re very much paying the price for that neglect right now.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series. His first novel, "From a Dead Sleep," is available at all major retailers. His second novel, "Blood Trade" is available for pre-order and will be released in Sept. 2015. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • D Parri

    One of the unfortunate outcomes of the ACA has already begun, and the rolls of the Medicaid insured will end up being enormously bloated and unable to handle the additional loads, as currently conceived.

    In addition to the Medicaid problems that are now on the very near horizon, there will be more efforts by democrat leaders to alleviate the budgetary crises by tapping into Medicare resources which are already in trouble. Seniors and disabled Medicare beneficiaries will be seen as having less voice with the D.C. crowd, and the predictable future state of affairs for this historically protected group of voters is in jeopardy.

    The assault on high-risk pools is just another facet of one of the worst legislative initiatives come-to-life that our nation has ever seen. Yes, Betsy, it gets more and more curious by the day, and I’ll be darned if it isn’t still looking like the democratic leadership just doesn’t give a damn.

    Perhaps the MSM will open their eyes to reality…soon.

  • D Parri

    Although the tides turn, there are many who will remain beached upon the shores as public sentiment flows back out to sea for storm-weary democrats. Obama loyalists are among the most staunch examples of ‘holding their ground’, even as the ground beneath them is collapsing.

    These enemies of the conservative right–committed opponents for life–will need to sharpen their tools in preparation for attacking the GOP, George Bush, any GOP potential 2016 presidential candidate, and a plethora of possibilities for assigning blame and diverting attention from their own accountability.
    It promises to be a very interesting and colorful three+ years leading up to the next change of hands in the Whitehouse. Expect to see a considerable amount of colors in the crimson-to-maroon spectrum as enemy and foe come together on the political battleground.

    • kayakbob

      D, what about the Benjamin Moore ‘Warm Sienna’ people?

      • D Parri

        Hey KYB, that’s interesting because I just recently heard news about that. It was a political initiative that the N Young people were planning and it seems to fit in with what I had mentioned in my previous comment.

        They have given the strategy and plans the nickname of ‘Cinnamon Girl’. 😉

        • kayakbob

          Sorry. I am not following you. (internet connection issues, and busy with life-stuff has left me completely out of this loop for over 2 weeks.) Can you tell me exactly which “previous comment” you are referring to?

          • D Parri

            Sorry, KYB, but I was referring to the nexus between your B Moore/’Warm Sienna’ and my “crimson-to-maroon” phrasing.

            I think we both had colors in mind. However, as in true KYB/DP stylistic form we also were injecting a little humor via tongue-in-cheek. The origin of thought had to do with the changes in public opinion for Obama, the 2014 elections, and an expected nasty fight in the political arena.

            The colors I chose were the colors that I felt most represented a ‘bloody battle’–crimson and maroon. The colors you asked about–“Warm Sienna”–were a play on my reference, or at least I thought so.

            Then, I followed up with a reference to “N Young” (Neal Young) people and one of his songs which was popular in the 70’s, Cinnamon Girl. That was because I think that “Warm Sienna” is a shade fairly close to the color of cinnamon.

            So, KYB, there you have it, and I apologize for the obfuscation without a proper lead-in. However, it did give me a chance to employ the use of two words that I don’t use often enough, i.e., “nexus” and “obfuscation”.

          • kayakbob

            Oh duhhh (to me). Yes, the ‘warm sienna’ was my smartass retort to your ‘crimson’. I didn’t get the “N Young” at all. I vaguely remember Cinammon Girl, and didn’t realize it was a Neal Young song. I was never a fan, so throwing an old, over-the-hill cokehead singer from the 70’s was way off my radar screen.

            As to your basic point: it will be a bloody battle in 2014, I agree. It will become nastier than 2012 because the left can’t argue policy with Obamacare in the news. So they will change the subject from policy to personal. When they think they have policy on their side, the left says, “can we all be nice and talk about policy?” But when their policies inevitably fail, they get nasty and personal-nasty.

            FYI: I read until my jaw gets tired…from sounding out all the big words, like ‘obfuscation’. OK? :-)

          • D Parri

            ¡Si Señor!

  • D Parri

    John, one observation that I made some time ago, it has been backed up by further actions by Obama (move the calendar date for mandatory employer compliance with implementation–again), and now your comments reading the MSM eyes opening regarding the ACA.

    Political timing strategy pure and simple…that was the purpose in setting the implementation date by one year for corporate (large) employers. Think about the MSM employers who are in this group. Think election 2014, and then think about the effect of not having chaos and turmoil within a large sector of employers for one year–i.e., MSM employers won’t implement until 2014.

    But, UH OH…the implementation date is BEFORE the election! Oh…easy! Move that date until AFTER the election. Solved!

    Now, the icing on the cake, so to speak, is to hear folks start discussing how the MSM is beginning to open their eyes and realize that the ACA is not a dream come true. Moreover, as the time gets nearer and the pipes get louder, the ones in the MSM who will be required to face reality with their bank accounts will be less inclined to maintain their euphoric dream state embodied within the Obamacare fantasy and the Obama lies.

    The MSM may have inadvertently created prophets out of Fox News ‘class’ services, but don’t be too surprised if they ‘discover’ these stunning revelations about the truth of Obamacare ‘on their own’–such diligence.

  • plsilverman

    really? I thought MSM ended with the Internet and Talk Radio? OR..MSM now incl. Leftist TV, the Internet (neutral), and Talk Radio, which is now, mostly rightwing.

    • John Daly

      >>really? I thought MSM ended with the Internet and Talk Radio?

      I know you thought that. And it makes me laugh every time you repeat it because the claim is completely indefensible.

      • plsilverman

        how so?

        • John Daly

          Good lord. Did you even read my column? I explained in it exactly ‘how so’: Pure numbers and the cultural influence that comes with a media industry that is overwhelming liberal.

          Your argument is the equivalent of saying that diarrhea ceased to exist once Pepto Bismol was invented. The best that chalky, pink liquid can do is curb the problem in some cases.

          • plsilverman

            what is a 2013 “media Industry”? TV? or is it the same as 1954? “pure numbers”??

  • Sheila Warner

    I was in high school during Watergate, and my memory of the MSM is that they went for the jugular when covering the scandal. It’s very annoying that journalists today do not fulfill their stated purpose of being watchdogs of democracy.

    • therealguyfaux

      Not right away they didn’t. I remember the post-election fall of 1972/winter of 1973 their being far more concerned with the winding-down of the Vietnam War than being concerned with, as the Press Sec’y called it, a third-rate burglary. It was as winter turned to spring that they really got going on it, as W & B started “following the money.” After the Irvin Hearings, it started taking on a life of its own– a year after the fact of the crime itself. Just in the interest of keeping things in correct historical perspective.

      • Sheila Warner

        You’re right about all of that. But once the story broke, all hell broke loose over it.

    • plsilverman

      Fox are watchfoxes of secondary half truths defined as news by Murdoch.

  • VermontAmerican

    If MSM liberals held to any standard of truth, they would have reported Benghazi like intrepid investigative journalists if it had happened under Bush, instead of the waterboys for Obama they are. Don’t worry, next Republican president they’ll go back to their Abu Graihb, Valerie Plame, Enron, and Cindy Sheehan ways.

    • plsilverman

      Valerie Plame was a victim of slam dunker behavior. her husband did not deliver the needed lie that an ingredient of WMDS was being manufactured in an African nation. the same people who manufactured a war for one of their own, Dick Cheney. How does Rightwing radio report the “truth”? ever listen to R. Limbaugh’s “reign of error” or Foxnews’ trash since 2008? read THE FOX EFFECT and O’REILLY – OH REALLY?

  • Wheels55

    CBS waited to drop the hammer on their 60 Minutes folks who stupidly reported on Benghazi – waited until it was a fact that Obama lies and treats the public as stupid sheep. The liberal media isn’t changing their DNA – they just respect the dollar and ratings means money. It’s like the liberal media learns from public opinion when they try so hard to form public opinion.

    • plsilverman

      did you do any research into that CBS fabrication…and the firing that ensued?

    • plsilverman

      Liberal Media? TV? fine? ever hear of the neutral Internet and the rightwing Talk Radio?

  • Tommy Ivison

    Good job John. If I may, let me add my two cents. As a conservative who works in a mostly liberal profession (social work/mental health) I have a lot of liberal friends. They are, for the most part good, well intended people. The problem I encounter with them most is that they tend to be low information consumers. They tend to latch on to catchy, easy to remember slogans and talking points. But, they don’t take time to thing through and reason out their beliefs. They all hate to debate me on political topics because after spouting the democrat talking point of the day, they have nothing else, no reasoning to support their point, so they resort to name calling and blaming others.
    I think the mainstream media are much the same way.

    • John Daly

      Thanks Tommy.

      Truth be told, some of my best friends are liberals. Like you said, it by no means makes them bad people.

      But yes, they tend to be prone to bumper-sticker messaging, and don’t seem to do a lot of big-picture, critical thinking. They even seem to mind admitting that either.

    • Sheila Warner

      Your experience mirrors mine. It seems to me that logic and common sense are difficult to find in hard core Leftist liberals. The ability to take one’s argument and extrapolate where it will end is a critical thinking skill that is no longer being taught in schools. Thank God I have a father who always had debates at the dinner table, and who taught us how to defend our positions.

      • CentralScruntinizer

        As an avid political junkie who is center left at least, I’d point out that my experience is that there are plenty of bumper sticker left wingers (exemplified in Celebrity ranks by Rosie O’Donnell and scores of others) but given the influence of extreme right wing partisan media on the Tea Party (Rush, Levin & the Talk Radio brigade; Breitbart, Malkin, Twitchy, Drudge, Daily Caller & all the Blogs along with Beck and the Fox Opinion shows of AM and PM) there is an even greater chance of running into low info hard right wingers in political debates. The Obama is: a commie; a kenyan; hates America; hates the rich and so forth responses are far more common than any reasoned response.

        That said, looking at your comment history, you do seem to be an independent and reasonable person. I’m sure we disagree on many issues, but I get the gist that you are not doctrine right-wing.

        Can I ask, as a self-proclaimed libertarian Catholic how you are liking the new Pope? Predictably, I am a cautious admirer.

        • Sheila Warner

          I’m a moderate Libertarian, if that is even possible. I’m for fiscal responsibility, and neither party is being responsible. I’m also for trimming the fat in government, starting with the GAO. I love the new Pope! He’s shaking up the status quo, and that is a good thing. When we live in the world of “but we’ve always done it this way”, we are unable to grow and improve ourselves. I am very liberal when it comes to healthcare, though: I want single payer. As a nurse, I had enough hassles dealing with insurance companies to end up hating the industry. Send it packing!

  • Brian Fr Langley

    Just yesterday I knew the right,
    plain it was, in my sight,
    but media tempted,
    has ethics pre-empted,
    so now we choose, only delight.
    The unhappy truth is, the liberal media has far more self full filling prophecies than conservative media. I mean, what conservative 20-30 years ago would have agreed with state sanctioned same gender sexual unions? Condoms in schools? Explicit sex ed? Partial birth abortions? Amnesty for felons, (illegal immigrants, as one example) Untenable debts and deficits? Or central planning the economy, (Soviet style) by diluting the dollar (by excess money printing), or suppressing interest rates? Yet now, everyone of these issues has at least some mainstream conservative support??? Why? Incessant media normalizing and even rewarding ignominous behavior. Worse, they still screech their success to the skies. Choice, now trumps killing babies as a higher ethic. Choosing unfettered consensual sex, with it’s commensurate, tens of millions of abandoned children, now trump chastity as a higher ethic. Adding sawdust to the wheat, (money printing, which is theft, pure and simple) now trumps honest trade as a higher ethic. Severely penalizing virtuous savers (mostly elderly) by state suppressed interest rates, while rewarding profligate spenders now trumps, frugal living within one’s means as the higher ethic. How does ignominious, unethical behavior change over the course of just a few short years? How does evil, suddenly become normal or even good? It’s not just liberals who are being brainwashed. It’s all of us. America was founded on the belief in a Providence. Rights and laws which were (are) by definition, transendant. If that’s still true, then what was ignoble, remains ignoble, no matter how much lipstick this pig gets.

    • cmacrider

      Well stated

    • John Daly

      I think “media normalizing” truly is the crust of many of our problems. It has allowed the most radically liberal president in our history to present himself and his policies as being moderate when they’re anything but.

      • Brian Fr Langley

        It’s interesting how what we call “political correctness” (the language promoted by mainstream media) slowly moves us left. In a major Canadian metropolis, the local “Women’s Health Clinic” (Abortion Mill) were actually routinely meeting with the Daily News Paper’s editorial board. One leak actually revealed they had repeatedly bullied the board, to only call Pro-Lifer’s, “Anti-Choice” in all published stories. (to be fair the board demurred) All across western democracies, leftist organizations routinely get face time with editorial boards. Worse these organization frequently are given even the opportunity of revision. A documented case out of Britain recently, revealed a reporter bullied to the point he re-wrote his entire story. (it was an actual inconvenient truth he’d found out about a local groups global warming propaganda). The media is NOT moderate, nor are they dispassionate observers. They are hard core leftists acolytes, or their totally duped allies.

  • gold7406

    Fox News is for people that like to think and be intellectually challenged. MSM is for folks that just go with the flow and bend with the wind.

    • CentralScruntinizer

      I’m spitting into the wind by posting this, but the MSM isn’t liberal, its profit and sensationalist based. The broadcast media that represent the bulk of the MSM (along with the NYT, WaPo, and a few magazines) are owned by 6 huge multi-national conglomerates – Disney, Comcast, Viacom, NewsCorp,Time Warner & Clear Channel. These companies reap Billions more in a republican tax and deregulatory environment. As such, the news and entertainment divisions of these companies are on a fairly short leash when it comes to doing anything that will negatively impact the bottom line. When is the last time you saw a corporate expose’ produced and aired on a major network? There are dozens just ripe for the picking, starting with Monsanto and its corporate malfeasance toward farmers and against the consumer knowing anything about what they are putting in their mouth.

      After a quarter century in the media, I can tell you that the MSM’s first bias is toward anything idiotic and sensational that will draw eyeballs – like the Jodi Arias trial or any car chase. That draws easy profit. The only overt political filtering I’ve encountered has been in certain networks and cable networks (ABC, A&E, History for example) making sure that there is nothing that will offend the activist conservative groups who might find something to protest in certain depictions of homosexuals, biblical references, abortion discussion, etc. I have never encountered concern about offending the left even with very pro-war or other story lines that could touch a comparable nerve.

      However, where the MSM turns a blind eye on much corruption and wrong doing on the part of corporations, Fox goes in the opposite direction. Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes has no counterpart in any other quarter of media: He is a hardcore partisan political operative ( –having cut his teeth in media for Nixon, run media for Bush 41’s presidential campaigns, worked shoulder to shoulder with infamous dirty trick artist Lee Atwater and at one time struggled to get funding for an enterprise called ‘GOP-TV’ to get conservative stories inserted into local news under the guise of impartial reporting –) who has been given absolute control of a 24 hour news network. Every day an early morning memo dictated by Ailes to a sr VP – it used to be John Moody, hence the google-able term The Moody Memo – goes around to all on-air talent, producers, editors and writers, stipulating the stories to be given extended focus during the day, along with the Fox conservative spin to be put on them.

      As ridiculous and feckless as the shouting jackasses at MSNBC are (and outside Maddow and Wagner, they mostly are braying idiots as individually partisan as their Fox Counterparts) there is nothing approximating the institutional control on the product that is put on the air at Fox. Also, as asinine as the MSNBC line-up is (Sharpton, O’Donnell, Matthews and the short-lived Alec Baldwin were all ego bloated idiots) there isn’t any coordination with the Democratic infrastructure to hammer out joint messaging and strategy. Fox started out echoing GOP strategy and as its influence grew, it became a powerful partner in setting the priority and tone for the GOP. During the Bush years, Cheney and Ailes talked constantly and lunched together regularly. I’ve hired many former Fox producers and editors and from what I’m told, during the Bush years Cheney and Rove (now an employee) were regular figures in the Fox offices. I also have heard from more than a few former Fox-ites that only O’Reilly is free to depart from the Ailes script without fear for his job.

      For all their shortcomings, you simply do not have that level of partisan coordination or influence at MSNBC, CNN or any of the Network news operations. End of sermon. Sorry for going on so long.

      • Sheila Warner

        No doubt that Fox is conservative. Ailes’ supposed reason for starting FNC was to “give a voice” to conservatives, who only had talk radio prior to its launch. Right there that tells you that Ailes had an agenda. And, I agree that the media is driven by profits. Just look at Fox the regular channel, not FNC. The line up of shows is mostly godawful. I can’t even stand to watch the Philadelphia local Fox News, for its shallow and silly production standards. That why I read HuffPo and WaPo and Salon and a number of other left leaning blogs. It’s all about balance. If I only relied on msnbc or only on FNC, I’d tilt when I walk.

      • Bob Olden

        If the MSM is not liberal, how could it be so apparent that stories are tilted in favor of the left? I’m not talking about one or two stories here and there. Headlines and story lines are crafted to favor a left wing interpretation; time allocations are set for stories that overemphasize or under emphasize in such a way that a powerful narrative is created — in favor of the left; interviewers don’t ask Obama any tough questions, but they are relentless in trying to make the Tea Party look like a bunch of nut cases. You seem to know a lot about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox News — have you ever been a fly on the wall in any MSM editorial rooms when they discuss how to “play the news”?

        • CentralScruntinizer

          You do realize that everything you wrote there is reflective of your position in relation to the media, right? If you’re far right, a corporate centrist media seems liberal. If you’re far left, the same media seems conservative. From the left, people are furious that there is no reporting on corporate malfeasance, wholesale corporate tax evasion, etc. For a longer laundry list of how the left find the media biased in the other direction:

          For what it’s worth, I agree that Obama, like Bush 1, Bush 2 & Reagan doesn’t get the hard questioning needed. Clinton did only once the affair came out, and the press felt that the aura of deference to the office had been cracked.

    • plsilverman

      that is preposterous. read THE FOX EFFECT, O’REILLY-OH REALLY?, the 24-7 OBAMA HATE MACHINE and several others. you really think that the memo cards from Bill Samman at Fox, which are just summaries of junk sent from the RNC and ALEC, are superior to the copy that Maddow and Hayes put out every nite? Fox is a journalistic disaster since 01-20-09. Great info. from them: Obama was to spend a billion dollars a day in India; the President of Egypt had 71 billion dollars; the head of the IRS went to 1600 157 times, yeah sure: it was ELEVEN times. the Breitbart hoax (edited video of Shirley Sherrod to make her appear racist); the edited video by O’Keefe to make it look like ACORN was in favor f supporting an escort service. the Fox report of “aerial” police in 50,000 dollar outfits for flying over LA. should I go on? at least MSNBC is cordial to their GOP guests…O’Reilly shrieks at his guests. He had Barney Frank on & would not let him respond. Bill wanted to blame Barney for the entire 2008 collapse, which we have learned is far from the truth. It was OVER deregulation and Frank actually tried to change the law (subprime) to apply only to renters. He interviewed the President and interrupted him 90 times. terrific journalism. Would you really like to see an open ended debate between Doocey and Chris Hayes?

      • gold7406

        doing what you can to still justify this administration is hapless.
        you were seduced by an easy going manner, superb oratory skills and a big smile. radical ideas presented in a very smooth’re still in that fog ms.pelosi spoke about within the demospshere.

  • Jeff Webb

    If the any of the reporters were related to Ambassador Stevens, I like to think they might’ve been almost as interested in the Benghazi story as the increase in their insurance costs.

    • Integrity

      I think this is why there is now so much acrimony. It seems ideology has now trumped right and wrong. QED